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Bent to His Will: A Dark Billionaire Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview



Oh, hell, no.

He had to be kidding. There was no chance he’d do something so horrible. Or was there? Everything in the room seemed to shift out of focus. The crimson walls. The soft lighting. The horrible apparatuses meant for causing pain. He’d played a card, one I hadn’t seen coming, and he’d called my bluff. I backed away a few inches, staring him straight in the eyes. The bastard wasn’t going to see me sweat.

Fuck. Him.

“I don’t think so, Mr. Dunmore.” Visions of his naked body rolled into my mind, my entire body ready to shut down. I’d seen the way he’d looked at me standing in front of the stage, the hunger in his eyes. I’d noticed the hardness of his cock pushing against his trousers, and the way he’d rubbed his index finger across his mouth in a blatant attempt to terrify me.

Contemplating what he was going to do to me.

Imagining feasting on me once again.

Shuddering, I went through the various scenarios in my mind, trying to figure a way to turn the tables even as a sick series of sensations thrummed throughout my body. I was electrified by his prowess, my pussy aching to have his fingers thrust inside.

I was thrown by his insistence, my heart hammering hard from the look he was giving me alone. Was he serious? I took a deep breath then another, trying to figure out what to do.

“One thing I see that I need to make clear to you. You’re not in charge, Valentina. When you were hired, you were told there were rules that must be followed. You have broken two in an egregious manner. As you might imagine, that’s not fair for the other employees who do follow the regulations without causing problems.”

“You’re crazy.” As soon as I issued the words, I could tell there was nothing I could do to get out of this. Not unless I wanted to blow my cover. He was overwhelming, his entire demeanor riddled with darkness, the bastard undressing me with his eyes.

“Then you’ve made your choice?” he asked in the kind of casual manner that made me want to strike at him, raking my nails down his perfect face.

“No, I…” A lump formed in my throat, the bile preventing me from answering. If I left, there would be no recourse, the assignment failing. If I went through with this, what then? What else could he possibly do to me?

“Four seconds,” he stated, looking away as if bored. “Three. Two.”

“Fine. Fine. Okay? I’ll accept your damn punishment.”

I wasn’t prepared for his vehemence or his predatory actions as he closed the distance, snapping his hand around my throat and lifting me onto my toes. Every heartbeat sounded into my ears, every pulse skipping.

Gregory lowered his head, tilting it until I was able to see the throbbing pulse in his neck. “I suggest you learn manners, Valentina. You will never curse at me again and you will call me sir. Am I very clear or do I need to explain it further?”

The bastard was trying to break me. I managed a slight smile as I stared directly into his eyes. “No. Sir.”

Exhaling, he kept his firm hold for a few seconds, his fingers digging into my skin. Even though I had difficulty breathing, I did nothing but plant my hands on his chest. As he slowly lowered his gaze, I heard the single low-slung growl erupting from his throat. His weakness was his burning desire to have something he couldn’t seem to control. “Much better.”

As quickly as he’d yanked me into his grasp, he let me go, taking deliberate steps toward one of the two cabinets in the room. There were no further instructions, just an assumption that I was prepared to follow his command.

My entire insides were cramped, my legs quivering as I slowly began to remove my costume. I couldn’t believe he’d seen me with the camera. I’d been fucking stupid to think that I could get away with taking pictures so soon. Damn it. Huffing, I closed my eyes as I pulled the dress over my shoulders, fisting the material and bringing it to my face. What else would the monster do? Would he kill me? Would he make me disappear?

I finally opened my eyes, noticing the small table close by. After depositing the dress on the surface, I removed my panties, my entire body shaking. Nothing had prepared me for this. I twisted the special watch, almost considering pressing the panic button. Nope. I wasn’t going to do that. Not yet. Very slowly I unclasped the buckle, fingering the dial before placing it on top of my attire. This I had to do alone.

“Come to me, Valentina.”

His voice seemed to boom in the room, adding to my skipping heartbeat. Turning slowly, I kept one arm over my breasts, the other covering my shorn pussy, attempting to keep my dignity as I walked closer. While he didn’t admonish me or even react, I could see the increased hunger in his eyes. At this point, I’d become his property.

His possession.

His pet.

I noticed the various implements he’d positioned on a cold steel table, the piece of furniture reminding me of something I’d find in a morgue. The thought only added to the apprehension, the sickness furrowing into every cell and muscle. When I’d closed the distance, trying to keep my wits, he pressed both hands on the side of my face, gently rubbing his thumbs back and forth.

As if we were lovers.

As if I could ever give a damn about him.

“Now, I’m going to show you what it feels like to indulge in your darkest fantasy,” he mused as he dropped his head even lower, his breath skipping across my face.

Even breathing in his musky cologne was enough to allow a shiver to skate down my spine, taking its time as it slithered along the back of my legs. Everything about the man reeked of danger, but I had a feeling that the majority was merely for show.

Attempting to keep his customers on a short chain, convincing them that crossing him wasn’t in their best interest.

I’d photographed at least ten individuals on the top ten list of who’s who within Washington, even capturing the image of one stunning female senator. I was shocked to see the collar surrounding her neck, a pompous male dragging her around on a leash. If that’s what the asshole had in store for me, he could go fuck himself.

When his hand wrapped around the base of my throat, pushing me backwards several feet, I held my breath. The second he gazed toward the ceiling, my curiosity got the better of me. Chains. There were four chains positioned on a contraption made of steel, the large beam overhead connected to the ceiling by a series of pulleys. As they dangled down, somehow moving even though I couldn’t detect any breeze in the room, I bit back a cry.

He was going to shackle me like some prisoner. Like some animal. Like a true submissive.

A smile remained on Gregory’s face as he positioned me under the beam, lifting first one of my arms into the air then the other. His lack of words was far more chilling than if he issued a series of instructions.

I tried not to think about anything as he wrapped a thick band of leather around each wrist, snapping a lock in place. My feet remained on the second beam, my arches digging into the cold steel. Another round of shivers pulsed through every muscle, goosebumps appearing along every inch of naked skin.

When he’d strapped my ankles into position, he stood in front of me, inspecting his work, a smile curling on his lip.

Such a coldhearted bastard, devoid of any emotions other than lust. I wanted to hate him, to shove him in the category of a true monster, but a part of me ached for him. I couldn’t understand the sensations or the thoughts drifting through my mind. How could I want anyone who treated me this way? How could I remain so wet, my nipples so damn hard when I knew he was going to cause me pain?

There were no answers that made any sense, no revelation that suddenly came out of the blue. There was only a mixture of apprehension and excitement surging through my body.

And it sickened me to the very core.

He finally took three steps away, the echo of his footsteps on the cold tile floor ringing in my ears. I could also hear his heavy breathing as he reached for some kind of a lever, slowly maneuvering it away from him.

The clanging of metal slamming against steel was horrifying enough. When my arms were stretched as the chains were lifted, I almost panicked, stars floating in front of my eyes. No. No. No… Gasping for air, I peered down as my legs were opened, my feet dragging off the metal bar. When the mechanism stopped, his dark and evil chuckle bolstered my resolve.

You won’t break me. You won’t fucking break me.

Even the mantra seemed foreign as I said it over and over again. The words were foreign given I was completely at his mercy. I struggled to keep my head held high, fisting my hands as I glanced around the room. I still had a job to do. I had to detail every aspect of the room and its contents in my mind.

He walked slowly toward the table, taking his time selecting whatever implement of torment he was going to use. When he finally turned, I could see some kind of black strap in his hand. When I narrowed my eyes, I was able to tell it was a crop with a small striking end. I forced myself to look away for fear of crying out.

For fear of giving in to his tyranny.

Not a chance in hell.

As he approached, I felt his heated gaze and was shocked how explosive a single slice of the implement across my tummy could feel.

“Pain and pleasure,” he finally said, obviously proud of himself. Happy. What kind of monster longed to inflict anguish on anyone?

“Monster,” I huffed before I could stop myself.

His growl sent another shower of tingles dancing in a stimulating wave of sensations, the electricity soaring. “I’ve been called many things, Valentina. None of which bother me. In fact, I take pride in the fact so many are terrified any time I walk into the room.”

My God. He took glory in being feared, in people cowering at his presence. What kind of man presented himself that way? I dared to lock eyes with his as he trailed the crop along my tummy, moving ever so slowly to my thigh before walking all the way around me, the leather never leaving my skin.

“I suggest you quickly learn your place, Valentina, or this episode is going to be extremely painful.” While his words were frank, there was still a strong sound of desire within them, as if he was going to eat me alive.

“What place is that? Sir?” I spit out as he continued his trail, sliding the damn thing up along my shoulders then down my spine, tapping first one buttock then the other.


There were so many nasty things I wanted to say but I kept my mouth shut, closing my eyes as he brushed the leather along the back of my thighs, shifting from side to side. I wasn’t prepared for the quick snap of his wrist not once but twice as he slapped the crop from one leg to the other. The moment of anguish was biting, stealing my breath.

“Oh…” I was shocked as my body lurched forward involuntarily, the chains rattling.

“As I told you earlier, the sweetest moment of ecstasy comes from an intense heightening of agony. Are you ready to learn more?”

His voice seemed to echo just like his footsteps had done, as if none of this was real. But I answered appropriately. “Yes, sir.”

“Mmm…” he breathed before repeated his actions, only this time snapping the crop three times against both thighs.

I bit back a cry, tears forming in my eyes, but not from any level of pain. They flowed from the humiliation and powerlessness I felt, punished for sins I hadn’t committed.

And for the fact I was elated on some level, my nipples aching to feel the sting of the thin leather. He didn’t coddle me, his strangled breathing quickening as he smacked my bottom several times, the whooshing sound startling every time. When he moved the end between my legs, lightly tapping my pussy, I finally couldn’t hold back a whimper any longer.

I jerked forward, a trickle of real fear shooting through me.

“Relax, sweet Valentina,” he instructed, as if I knew how to do that. “Now, are you going to tell me why you were taking pictures of the members of my club?”

I gritted my teeth, refusing to give in. He wasn’t going to get anything out of me. I hadn’t realized I’d shaken my head until he fisted my hair, yanking with enough force I hissed.

“You’re going to pay for your insolence and your lies. The severity will depend entirely on you. I’ll ask you one more time. Why were you taking pictures of my customers?”

“I was fascinated. Okay? That’s all.” The lie was ridiculous but what the hell was I supposed to say?

When he snapped the crop against my swollen folds four times in succession, I opened my mouth to scream, but there was no sound. He kept his hold on my hair as he leaned forward, whispering into my ear, “Not good enough. We’ll try again later. You’re going to learn that making me your enemy won’t bode well for you.”

When he released his hold on my hair, I hung my head, taking swallow breaths.

The heavy thudding of his shoes as he slowly walked around me in a wide arc thrummed in distinct vibrations in my arms and legs, butterflies crawling in my tummy. The anticipation of what he was going to do next was worse than the tremors of pain.

Using a single finger, he lifted my chin, shaking his head oh-so slowly. “Such a bad little girl. I would have thought a woman of your intelligence would know better. So be it, Valentina. I can only maintain my patience but so long.” He raked the edge of the crop along my neck, sliding it between my breasts. “Pain will become your friend.”

This time, I didn’t hear the snap of his wrist before a bolt of pure anguish jetted through me, stealing my breath. My nipples immediately screamed out from the direct snap of leather against one then the other. But there was more. My God, I was wetter than ever, my pussy juice trickling down the insides of my legs. This was insane. How could I be so aroused? The scent of my feminine wiles wasn’t lost on the asshole.

Gregory took a deep breath, dragging his tongue across his lips as he closed his eyes. What a pig. What a horrible monster to enjoy something like this. His upper lip curling, he traced my nipples with the crop, taking his sweet time, then smacked them both two more times.

I was able to hold back a cry, still struggling to keep my breathing even and tears from forming.

He cupped my breast with one hand, kneading my tender flesh then squeezing as he lowered his head. I turned my face away, refusing to look even as I felt the warmth of his tongue, the tip swirling around my hardened bud. I was even more aroused, my pussy muscles clenching.

“Are you wet for me, little girl?” he asked then slathered his tongue before wrapping his voluptuous lips around my nipple, sucking in an exaggerated fashion.

I wasn’t going to answer him, to indulge whatever sick fantasies he had. Fuck, no.

He savored the moment then gave me a harsh glare. “When I ask you a question, you’re going to answer me.”

The man was such an utter prick. I pursed my mouth, refusing to blink or even move.

“Tsk. Tsk.” He shook his head then tapped my pussy lips with the crop several times. While the pain wasn’t significant, the stinging sensations were just enough to keep my legs twitching, my body jerking forward. “If you’re a very good girl, you’re going to learn that true bliss can be achieved, a sublime level of nirvana that few ever experience.”

I wasn’t going to bother asking about if I wasn’t obedient.

Gregory tapped my pussy harder before slipping the leather between my folds, rubbing up and down.

“Oh. Oh… My…” I was shot into the stratosphere of instant pleasure, clenching then opening my hands as the intense pleasure caught me off guard.

Another volley of dark chuckles erupted from his throat as he continued masturbating me, digging the leather as he shifted it up and down in a savage manner.

I strained in my shackles, trying desperately to get more. A wave of embarrassment tried to enter my rational mind, attempting to shut down the excitement but it became impossible.

When he smacked my pussy several more times, one strike coming after the other, I strained even harder, my eyes opening wide as my muscles convulsed.

“Yes, I can tell you enjoy both sides of the darkness.” His voice seemed to float all around me, dragging me further into whatever sick game he was playing.

I suddenly didn’t care, my desires breaking through my own personal chains, almost forcing me to beg for more.

Once again, he slid the crop up and down the length of my pussy, shoving it between my folds until the friction tossed me into the stratosphere. Every cell and tissue was over-sensitized, my entire world turned upside down as a climax rushed into my system. There was no way I could stop it and in truth, I didn’t want to. I bucked and struggled, unable to stop a series of moans.

He smacked me four more times before returning to his task of providing pleasure. Even though a haze had formed around my eyes, I could tell his never left me, his chest heaving as he watched. When the single orgasm turned into an incredible wave, thrashing into me like a raging storm, I could no longer hold back the scream.

Only when the climax began to die down did he remove the crop, inching dangerously close. “You will never be allowed to come again until I give you permission. Understood?”

“Yes… sir.” I was shocked I answered right away, as if I was buying into this… absurd… crap.

“Open your mouth for me. Stick out your tongue.”

His command seemed natural and I did as I was told, blinking several times in an effort to focus.

“Good girl. You can be trained. Enjoy the taste of your freedom because this is your last.” As he rolled the crop back and forth across my tongue, the combined taste of leather and my cum was filthy and delicious, disgusting and amazing.

I felt sick inside but couldn’t stop, flicking my tongue in an effort to lick up every drop.

Gregory seemed pleased, giving me a slight nod before walking away, heading once again for the table of implements.

I couldn’t stand the wait or the fucking anticipation even as I continued to tingle all over. I closed my eyes, stretching and yanking at my bindings, biting back a whimper from the sounds of the metal alone. Even with the concentration, a wave of fear trickled into me, but I hadn’t heard his approach and was shocked as he brushed his fingers from one nipple to the other, pinching and twisting.

“Now, I’m going to spank you.” His statement seemed cathartic, a promise made and nothing more.

I merely held my breath, barely able to notice the strap in his hand. Even as the first strike fell against my bottom, I was still in a wondrous blur, my heart thumping. But as he slapped the strap against me several more times, I was awakened to the harshness of the punishment he was doling out.

The pain became blinding, heat rising from the tips of my toes, shooting all the way to my fingertips.

“Oh, God. Oh. Oh. Oh.” I wasn’t even certain I’d cried out, the sound unlike me.

He rubbed his hand from one side of my bottom to the other then slid his finger down the crack of my ass. I clenched my ass cheeks involuntarily, rewarded with four hard cracks along my upper thighs.

“None of that or we’ll start over,” he warned, once again sliding his fingertip along the cleft of my ass, shifting his finger into my pussy. When he thrust several times, I was reminded of just how much control he had over me.

“Yes, sir.”

Another series of hard cracks was sliced against my bottom, each strike harder than the one before. He seemed to take great pride in where every slap of the strap landed, even taking time to stand back as if admiring his work.

I struggled with the anguish even as my pussy muscles clamped down as if longing for another momentary invasion. Panting, I swung my head from side to side, now crazy for savoring the sound of the chains, the tiny squeak of leather as it strained against my pull.

“You will learn to be such a very good girl for me. Won’t you, Valentina?”

“Um… Yes. Yes. Sir.”

When he started again, snapping the strap over and over again, I allowed myself to fall away, accepting the punishment. I was completely unaware when it was over but as he caressed my bottom, sliding several fingers into my aching pussy, I lolled my head, enjoying the round of pleasure.

Even as guilt bit into me.

Even as a portion of my brain realized I couldn’t fall for his bullshit.

Even if I hungered for more.

He pressed his lips against my shoulder. “Now, the fun begins.”

There were no words to express the way my body felt as he slowly lowered the lever, releasing me from the shackles. I was so alive, white-hot heat skipping through every cell and muscle as if I was on fire. I couldn’t feel my legs as he gently guided me into his arms, cradling me as if I needed safety and comfort.

I was cognizant when he lifted my head, brushing the hair from my face.

“Look at me, Valentina,” he commanded, his tone rippling with a husky vibe, skipping another round of vibrations along the back of my body.

I did as I was told, trying to maintain even breaths as I stared into his eyes. I could swear for a few precious and beautiful seconds that I could see straight into his soul.

“I can’t wait to strip you of your internal chains, to take you as mine.” He dragged me closer to some other apparatus, bending me over until my tummy was pressed against smooth wood.

The feeling was beautiful, calming in several ways. I was once against strapped down, my bottom high in the air. I was trying to figure out what he was doing.

Then I knew.

He was fulfilling his promise to fuck me, only the act wasn’t about romance or even heightened lust. It was about forcing me to surrender. Whimpering, I tried to twist my head in order to see what he was doing, only catching a glimpse of his long legs as he moved behind me. I was so vulnerable, wide open in every way. A crippling wave of fear rushed into me, yet a dark craving also surfaced, quieting the anxiety.

No man had ever taken me in such a brutal manner, keeping me restrained while he did what he wanted.

Punishing me.

Pleasuring me.

Fucking me.

As foggy as my mind had become, I tried desperately to pay attention even as I felt his hands prying my bottom apart. Another round of whimpers slipped from my lips, a clear indication of how the inner girl felt.

I wasn’t daring or kinky. I didn’t crave the dark kind of eroticism that he assumed I did.

Or did I?

I had no answers, only a hard realization that this could change me forever.

The second I felt the tip of his cock sliding up and down, teasing my aching folds, I sucked in my breath.

“I can’t wait to be inside your tight little pussy.” Gregory wasted no time nor was there any foreplay. He simply slipped his cock inside, pushing past my aching muscles then driving his shaft deeper.

“Oh…” The single word was all I could manage as my tight channel struggled to accept his thickness, his cock filling me completely. It had been so long since a man had touched me and I was shocked at the dazzling sensations, the way my muscles clamped immediately, pulling him in even further.

“Yes. Fuck. Yes.” I heard his gravelly sounds, his guttural breathing as he pulled out then thrust inside again. And again. Every time he plunged, he pushed me to another plateau, driving my mind to a point of no return.

I tried desperately to think about anything else; my career, the assignment, and the fact that he wasn’t a good man. But the lines had been blurred, the deliciousness of something so sinful shoving hard against my real world.

No. No. No. No!

I couldn’t allow this to happen. I couldn’t enjoy something so nasty and disgusting.

And amazing…

I shoved aside the woman clawing at the surface, shutting down my mind. I could get through this.

“So tight. So damn wet.” His murmurs were almost inaudible, but I couldn’t care less what he had to say.

He gripped my hips, his fingers digging in as he fucked me, driving long and hard, his actions becoming even more brutal.

I had no way of knowing how much time had gone by. I’d lost all ability to think clearly, only able to concentrate on the noise of the creaking bench and his animalistic sounds. Everything about this was so wrong, but for a few beautiful moments I felt free.

“Yes. Oh, fuck…” His words became more guttural, his breathing heavy and I knew he was close to coming.

Even though I was revolted by the thought of the asshole filling me with his seed, I knew there was no way to stop it. At that point, I knew it had to be over. I had to regain my sanity, or I would be lost to this, and to the man forever.

As I clamped down my muscles, I heard his intense roar.

So dominant.

So dangerous.

So savage.

I could only pray I wouldn’t become lost.

When it was over, I could tell he’d stepped away, could hear the rustle of clothing. I took shallow breaths, completely lightheaded and a sickness pooling in my stomach as reality finally came back.

The asshole would pay for attempting to break me down. I would stop at nothing to have him arrested and enjoy every minute of seeing his ass tossed into jail.

When he walked away from me completely, a whine formed in my throat. He wouldn’t dare leave me here. Would he? No way. He wasn’t that kind of a cruel bastard. At least I prayed to God I was right.

I was able to see he’d moved back to the damn cabinet, searching the interior. What more could he do to me? What other form of humiliation would I be forced to endure? I strained in order to see what he was doing. When he turned around, I bit back a moan from seeing what he held in his hand.

A butt plug.

Oh, no fucking way. There was no way he was going to make me wear the damn thing.

As he grabbed what looked like a tube of something and walked forward, I fought as hard as possible to free myself from the bench.

“As I told you before, you need extensive training. This will help.” He said the words in such a matter-of-fact way that my anger rolled into my system all over again. I was nothing but some kind of subject to him. Just a pet.

The horror of what he was about to do made me clench my bottom in some crazy effort to keep him from fulfilling the act.

Gregory tapped on my ass cheek with an angry growl. “I suggest you relax, Valentina, or this will be quite painful.”

“Don’t. I’ve… I’ve never worn one.”

His chuckle pissed me off even more. “There’s always a first time. You will get used to it. Now, breathe for me.”

The moment I felt the cold slather of some lubricant, I finally lost my battle against the tears, several falling, drifting toward the floor as if in slow motion. This was crazy. This was…

Pressure. The way my ass muscles strained to accept the nasty rubber invasion was sick. Horrible. I couldn’t believe this kind of thing was done to another human. I was a good girl. I didn’t deserve this. No!




So many emotions and sensations erupted from deep within, propelling me to something I hadn’t experienced before. Coldness. Blackness. I wasn’t the highly trained law enforcement officer. I’d fully immersed myself into the world of Valentina Foster.

The only difference in the identity that I’d accepted was that in my new world, Valentina was a trained killer. And she would find a way to make good on her training.

His caress on my bottom allowed me to realize that the session of horror was over. Even as he untied me, I built my internal strength, no longer needing him to help me stand. As quickly as he’d untied me, I jerked off the fucking bench, moving quickly toward my clothes, making certain I didn’t take my eyes off him or his captivating smile.

My God, the man was truly arrogant.

And gorgeous.

And sexy.

I twisted my mouth and grabbed at my clothes, making certain to buckle the watch first. He waited, remaining deathly quiet as I dressed. Then he advanced once again, but I refused to budge.

“Valentina. Here’s how we’re going to play this little game of ours. I truly believe you’re here in my club under nefarious purposes. While I’d originally believed you were an officer of the law, now, I’m not so certain. Although quite frankly, it doesn’t matter. I am a dangerous man, capable of doing horrible things. Rest assured that the majority of people who lie and steal from me are not given a second chance. You were given a third.”

His words were damn chilling, leaving my mouth dry and my heart racing. However, I kept my glare intact.

“But there’s something about you that I not only like but enjoy, other than just your body. I will allow you to leave the premises tonight. If I’m correct in that you are an imposter, you will be best advised to stay away. If for some crazy reason I’m wrong and you decide to return, there’s one very important thing that you need to keep in mind.”

“And what’s that, sir?” I said with just as much animosity.

He took two solid strides in my direction, a smile returning to his face. “Then I will own you. Every. Single. Inch.”

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