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Big Bad Daddy by Morganna Williams – Extended Preview

Layla couldn’t believe her pack had called her out. She knew she’d been using Jacob and Luke against Dax. She even conceded it had been unfair to use them that way, but did that mean everyone got to call her out?

In front of Dax? Now her mate thought she was a horrible person.

Dax! She glared at his butt and was tempted to pinch him as hard as she could. That whole scene was his fault! If he hadn’t reacted, no one else would have said anything.

Layla frowned when a little voice in her head reminded her that she’d wanted him to react exactly the way he had. She just hadn’t wanted her pack to gang up on her and air their problems with her at the same time.

She sighed then allowed herself to go limp. Maybe she was a terrible person.

“Don’t fret, little girl. We will deal with your naughtiness, and then it will all be over. No one will hold anything against you.” Dax patted her bottom lightly.

“Are you sure they don’t all hate me?” Layla couldn’t believe how young the question sounded.

“I promise, baby. Everything is going to be okay.”

He carried her down the street and into the cabin he was using and shut the door behind them before letting her slide down the front of his body. She was thankful that Gideon had given him a cabin further away from the heart of the community so he could have time away when he needed it. This was definitely one of those times.

Dax left her standing in the middle of the floor and sat down on the couch. His eyes seemed to burn into her as he watched her, making her fidget. She had no idea what she was supposed to do.

“Strip.” The command was succinct.

Layla felt her face flush as she stared at him. “What?”

“You heard what I said, young lady. Strip. I won’t ask again.”

“But… I can’t just…”

Dax started to stand and she gave a squeal of panic.

“I’ll do it… I’ll do it!”

He sat back down. “Good choice.”

Her face felt so hot, she was sure it was bright red. Taking a deep breath, Layla pulled her t-shirt off over her head and then unfastened her bra.

Dax’s eyes fixed on her breasts and she shivered as she felt her nipples tighten in response. Licking her lips, she unsnapped her jeans and pulled them and her panties down her legs then stepped out of them.

She’d been naked in front of her pack mates many times and, teasing aside, it had never been sexual in any way. This was completely different. Dax, her big bad daddy, watched her as if he could swallow her whole.

Everything about the way he made her feel… the way he looked at her… it was sexual, raw, and carnal in every way.

Her clit leapt to life and began to throb in time with her heartbeat as she stared back at him.

Dax lifted a hand to her. “Come here.”

Taking a deep breath, Layla put her hand in his and sighed when he pulled her face down over his lap. His big hand began to fall hard and fast without any warning. When she began to kick her feet, he simply pulled her in more tightly and clamped one thigh over the back of her legs to hold her still.

“Ooohooo! Daddy, owww!” She felt tears springing to her eyes as the pain in her bottom grew exponentially with every swat.

He used his free hand to stretch the skin of her left bottom cheek and applied several hard swats to the exact same spot, leaving her sit spot feeling like she’d sat on a camp stove. She howled in response and then he immediately did the same thing to the right bottom cheek.

When the last swat fell, he immediately lifted her to stand and pointed toward the corner. “Plant your nose right there, little girl. You stand there and think about what you could have done today instead of teasing other men right in front of me.”

“You can’t be serious!” Layla stomped her foot at him. “I am not a child!”

Both of Dax’s brows shot up as he rose. “Well, it’s for damn sure you aren’t making good decisions today, sweetness.” Taking one of her arms, he turned her and spanked her ass all the way to the corner. Once there, he continued spanking her already sore bottom while she danced in place.

“Okay! Okay, I’ll stand in the corner!” she yelped, tears streaming down her cheeks as she sniffled loudly.

Two sharp swats landed. “Hands on the top of your head.”

Layla immediately placed her hands on top of her head and pressed her nose into the corner. Two more swats landed so hard they practically lifted her on her toes. “I’ll stay, Daddy! I promise!”

He leaned in close to her ear and whispered, “Good girl.”

Layla shivered at the feel of his breath against the tender skin behind her ear. Her clit was throbbing and her pussy was slick with need just from her spanking.

Layla fought the urge to squeeze her thighs together to give her clit the pressure it needed. She knew without a doubt if she gave into the urge she’d get another spanking. Even though every swat made her pussy pulse, she wasn’t ready for more of that kind of attention. As she stood in the corner, she realized she would think twice before provoking her daddy again.

“Come here, Layla. It’s time to finish your punishment.”

Turning from the corner, she saw her daddy was back in the center of the couch, waiting for her.

“You’re going to spank me more?” She swallowed hard as she walked back to his side.

“Punishment comes in many ways, baby. The rest of your punishment is going to fit the crime,” Dax explained enigmatically.

Layla felt her brow pucker in confusion as he pulled her back over his lap but this time positioned her so she straddled one of his thighs, her legs splayed wide. His fingers traced the crack of her ass then moved between her thighs to stroke into her wetness.

“Oh, God!” Her back arched as his fingers began to tease slowly in and out of her hot core while his thumb stroked over her clit. “Daddy, that feels so good!” she moaned loudly.

He stroked her firmly in and out until she was actively lifting her hips up and down to ride his fingers. She was so close to coming. Then just as she was about to go over the edge, he stopped and completely removed his hands from her body.

She whimpered. “What…”

Dax flipped her body over and rearranged her so that her thighs straddled his, facing forward with her back against his chest. His hands came up to cup her breasts, plucking her nipples rhythmically then twisting them until she moaned.

“Remember I told you this part of your punishment would fit the crime?”

“Ohooh! Mmmmmm…” Her nipples were so hard and his callused fingers felt so good even when he twisted them. Then she turned her head to look at him. “Crime?”

“Teasing me… teasing your pack mates?” Dax looked into her eyes with a raised brow, and then she gasped as she realized what he was telling her.

“No, Daddy… please… I won’t do it again!” she swore vehemently.

He smiled at her. “No, baby girl, you won’t.” Then his fingers slipped between her lips and began to stroke her again until she was whimpering on the edge of another orgasm.

Once more he stopped, holding her close while her body calmed. Then two fingers of his left hand slapped down on her exposed labia, the hot sting immediately morphing into pleasure as he caught the edge of her clit.

“Oh, fuck!” she moaned as he continued to spank her pussy until once again she was about to explode.

Then he stopped.

“Please… please… oh, God… please…”

This time two fingers sank back inside her pussy while his thumb played with the pucker of her ass. Her breath caught in her throat as his thumb slipped past the tight ring of muscle guarding her ass.

He slowly began working the fingers in and out of her pussy in tandem with the thumb working her asshole. Pressure began to build inside of her, and then his palm pressed against her clit. Just as she was about to come, he stopped again.

He didn’t remove his fingers. They were just still inside of her. Dax held her stationary when she would have ground against his hand. Layla let her head fall back against his shoulder as tears of need trickled down her cheeks.

“You’ll remember this next time you’re tempted to provoke Daddy, won’t you?” His fingers and thumb began to stroke in and out of her again.

“Fuck… oh, God… oh, please… please…” she murmured over and over as he worked her to the brink one more time.

This time, he stopped completely and laid her on the couch. He walked out of the room and she heard the water running and figured he was washing his hands. Her whole body ached with unfulfilled need.

When he came back, he moved between her legs on the couch, cupping her hot ass in each hand. “Look at me.”

She looked down her body to where his face was near her aching pussy.

“Watch me.” Then he looked down at her slick folds before he leaned down and ran the tip of his tongue up one side of her labia and down the other. The sight alone was almost erotic enough to make her come. He licked every part of her pussy, all around it without touching the inner folds where her clit waited, throbbing for his touch.

Layla’s head tossed back and forth on the couch cushions as his tongue lapped lightly at the bud of her asshole, teasing against it until she felt her ass clench in response. What was this man doing to her?

Then he was back to lapping lightly at her labia, then sucking each lip into his mouth before finally he used his thumbs to pull her lips open, stretching them wide.

Layla lifted her head to stare down at him again, breathless with anticipation. He just stared down at where her clit seemed to throb visibly in need. She closed her eyes with a moan when he leaned in and sniffed her, inhaling the scent of her arousal. It was so embarrassingly personal, but also so hot that she felt a fresh flood of moisture escape her core.

“They could bottle the way this little pussy smells when it needs attention,” Dax said before he inhaled again deeply. Layla wasn’t sure which was higher—the level of her mortification or her arousal.

“Oh, God…” Her eyes almost rolled back in her head when his tongue began to trace the inner folds of her pussy. He lapped lightly all around her entrance before skirting around her clit again and again without actually touching it. “Please… oh, please…”

Then for just a moment his tongue flicked back and forth across her clit and it felt so good her eyes almost crossed. Then he moved away to lap at her entrance, teasing all around it without giving her any of the pressure she needed. When she tried to lift her hips, Dax pulled back and slapped her sharply on the pussy.

“Be still. Naughty little girls do not get to choose their punishments,” he told her firmly then he stretched her labia wide again and stabbed his tongue inside her, fucking in and out of her hard and fast.

“Shit! Yes!” Layla yelled, about to come when he stopped again. She whimpered and stared down at him.

“Do naughty little girls that tease deserve to come, Layla?” Dax raised a brow at her to let her know he expected an answer.

A tear slipped from one eye to track down her cheek. “No, sir.” She needed to come so badly her belly was cramping up.

“What happens to naughty little girls who tease?”

“They get spanked and punished,” Layla said miserably.

“How do they get punished, Layla?” Dax asked.

“They get teased to the edge over and over again but they aren’t allowed to come,” she whispered. “Oh, fuck!”

Dax slid one long finger into her needy channel as he sucked her clit hard. The finger began fucking in and out of her hard and fast as he sucked and worried her clit. Just as she was about to come once more, everything stopped.

This time she began to cry in earnest. Dax rested his head on her belly as her body calmed. Once she was calm again, two fingers slammed into her and he held her clit between his teeth, flicking his tongue back and forth.

This time when he stopped just before she went over the edge, tears ran unchecked down her cheeks as she whispered, “I’ll never tease anyone again. I promise.” Layla had never imagined needing to come could hurt so badly. “I really am sorry.”

Dax picked her up and held her tightly while she cried. “I didn’t enjoy teaching this lesson, baby. Remember if you tease Daddy or anyone else, you’re going to get teased until you ache. This is what it felt like when you teased and walked away. It’s not a very nice feeling, is it, little girl?”

“No, Daddy,” she sniffled against his chest. Layla had never felt so miserable but she felt safe held in his arms while she cried.

Dax held Layla against his chest, gently stroking her back until she calmed. He got up from the couch and scooped her into his arms. It was time for some aftercare. He carried her into the bathroom and sat on the edge of the tub with her in his lap while he ran a hot bath.

Layla rested her head against his chest quietly though he could see her eyes watching as he added a little lavender to the bathwater. Once the tub was full, he turned and set her down in the tub. She gave a soft hiss as the water hit her very well spanked bottom, but then she began to relax and sank into the warmth of the water.

“Lie back, baby, you don’t have to do anything but relax. Daddy has you.”

She smiled at him, a soft look in her eyes.

Dax soaped up a washcloth and lifted one of her arms, gently using a soothing circular motion to wash first it and then the other arm. Sliding to the end of the tub, he picked up her left foot and washed it thoroughly, but he also used the pads of his thumbs to ease the tension she was still holding in her body.

By the time he finished with the second foot, Layla was so relaxed she almost looked drunk. He grinned at the sight of her lopsided smile as he helped her sit up so he could wash her back, and she gave a soft gasp when he gently moved to her breasts, soaping them completely with his hands. He couldn’t resist giving her nipples a pinch before he lifted the cloth to lightly abrade them as he made sure she was clean.

Her breath was coming in soft pants when he moved his hand between her thighs to wash her labia and vaginal area.

Layla gave a soft little whine. “Daddy, please, I can’t take any more teasing. I know I was naughty but…”

“Shhh… baby, your punishment is over. Daddy is going to make you feel better.” Dax pressed a kiss to her damp temple as he slid two fingers deep into her pussy. Layla laid back and spread her legs wide to let him in. “Good girl.”

Wanting her close to him, he leaned over the edge of the tub and pulled her wet torso against his body while he finger-fucked her hard and his thumb ghosted across her clit in a circular motion.

“Daddee… I… I…”

“Let it happen, baby… give me what belongs to me.” Dax scissored his fingers inside her and gave them a little twist as his thumb rubbed her clit harder. Her body tightened down on his fingers and she shuddered against him with a soft sob as she came hard.

He pulled his fingers out, then added a third finger, driving in hard to stretch her tight inner muscles around him. He gave her no quarter, working her pussy hard as he forced her from that orgasm straight into another. She gave a keening wail of pleasure then slumped against him.

Dax kissed her forehead then eased her back against the back rest and finished her bath. Wrapping her in a fluffy towel, he briskly rubbed her dry and noticed she was still sagging against him.

She’d been through a lot this morning—between the scene at breakfast, her punishment, then her orgasms. His little girl needed a nap.

He enjoyed tucking her into his bed and tucking the blankets tight around her. Layla licked her lips and looked up at him sleepily. “Daddy?”

Dax smiled down at her. “Yes, sweetheart.”

“I really am sorry about teasing you and the guys in the pack. I never realized how mean it was… I wouldn’t have done it if I’d realized.” A fat tear rolled down one cheek as she looked up at him.

He used his thumb to wipe away her tear. “All is forgiven, baby. They won’t hold it against you. I know you won’t do it again.”

She shook her head vigorously. “I definitely won’t. I will apologize to the Alpha and the guys. I want them to know I’m sorry.”

Dax felt his chest swell with pride. Not only had his girl learned her lesson with grace, she wanted to own the mistake. “I think they’ll appreciate your apology. It takes a big person to admit to wrongdoing and face it head on. I’m proud of you.”

Layla smiled up at him. “Please don’t leave me.”

He couldn’t resist that sleepy smile. Climbing into the bed with her, Dax spooned her soft naked body. She gave a soft sigh and then he heard a tiny little snuffling that sound suspiciously like a gentle snore.

It was a good thing she’d fallen asleep so quickly, or she’d have asked about the hard dick poking her in the ass. It was a good thing he was fully clothed. His wolf wanted nothing more than to sink balls-deep into his little mate and knot her until she screamed his name, but Layla had to want that enough to ask for it.

It needed to be clear to everyone that she wanted to accept his claim on her, but most important, it needed to be clear to Layla herself. When she was ready, she would beg for his knot, and he would give it to her without reservation.

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