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Big Dog: A Rough Romance by Delta James – Extended Preview

He led her into the bath. She resisted a little, but surprised herself with how willing she seemed to be to allow him to dominate her. She’d always played at being submissive, but had never believed she was one. Everything about Wyatt called to that deepest place inside her, making her want to give over to his dominance.

Leading her to the vanity, he turned on the water, taking time to adjust it.

“Wait, you’re not really going to wash my mouth out, are you?”

“Didn’t I tell you that if you cursed at me, you’d get a mouth full of soap?”

“Well, yes, but…”

“You may as well get it through your pretty little head that I don’t make idle threats. If I tell you that a certain action on your part is going to result in a consequence of some kind, you can believe that.”

Wyatt soaped up one of his hands while grasping the nape of her neck with the other. When she tried to back away from the vanity, she realized he had angled his body to prevent her from doing so.

“Open, Makenna,” he commanded quietly.

She shook her head. Mak was not about to let him soap her mouth like she was a misbehaving child. He released her neck. Good. At least she’d put an end to that nonsense… Before she could complete that thought, pain blossomed across her backside when Wyatt swatted her hard three times—one to each cheek and one dead center.

Taking hold of her nape, he said again, “Open. If I have to spank you first, you’ll take a hard ten, get your mouth soaped, and then take the original promised discipline.”

The thing that worried her was that he didn’t seem angry, just determined. She was surprised she wasn’t angry. Instead, she was aroused and oddly content. She was also keenly aware that there was no bluff in Wyatt. He meant what he said… and said what he meant. Mak opened her mouth.

“Good girl,” he crooned.

Wyatt brought his hand up, breaching her mouth and rubbing the suds all along the insides of her cheeks, teeth, and tongue, ensuring they were thoroughly coated. Mak sputtered and tried to spit, the resulting bubbles leaving her mouth and running up her nose.

He was fast and efficient. The whole thing had only taken a few moments, but it had done its work.

“That’s nasty,” she said, reaching for a glass to get some water.

Once again, Wyatt’s hand descended in a short arc, delivering three harsh blows to her bottom and making her yowl.

“If you get to rinse your mouth, I will give you a glass with the amount of water I determine in it,” he said.

“I’m sorry. No one’s ever done that to me before.”

“That’s okay, baby, but you don’t just assume, you either wait for me to provide something or you ask. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Wyatt ran a small amount of water in the glass and handed it to her. “Rinse and spit it out.”

He rinsed his hands, drying them off, and handed the towel to her when she’d finished with the water. Mak wasn’t sure that trying to rinse her mouth out hadn’t made the whole situation worse, but she was fairly certain she wouldn’t get a lot of sympathy from him on that subject.

Wyatt led her back to the bed and sat down, waiting for her to submit.

Taking a deep breath, she placed herself over his hard thighs, feeling his cock jump as she did so. It throbbed against her belly. He was hard… and bigger than she remembered. He laid his callused hand on her ass, caressing it, cupping it as if taking its measure. Why wasn’t he spanking her? Why was he drawing this out? She wanted it over and done with. Why? Oh, that was a question she didn’t want to answer… mainly because she knew it. She wanted it over so maybe he’d fuck her. She really wanted to fuck him.

Wyatt was the only man who’d ever spanked her. But she’d remembered that feeling of anticipation of the strike landing almost immediately after hearing his hand rise before coming down, cracking on her ass, pain flaring and heat blooming. She wondered if she might react the way she did to a flogging. Could being spanked put her in subspace? He’d been adamant that she wouldn’t be able to push him away and go take a cold shower; no, he was going to insist on aftercare. She only hoped it included getting laid.

For the first time since she’d discovered D/s, she could feel a connection of emotion flowing between them. She realized this was what had always been missing from every other dom but him. She understood now, there would be no pushing Wyatt away… if he had his way. If she was to finish the mission she had set for herself, she couldn’t allow those feelings to flourish. That would put them at loggerheads. He wouldn’t allow it and she couldn’t… no matter how much she wanted it with him. Tears pricked her eyes, and she drew a ragged breath.

Wyatt raised his hand and brought it down, smacking her ass with more than a little sting. The first was followed by a second, sending pain burning across her skin. Again and again, he swatted her backside, the heat flaring across her flesh. She didn’t try to count; she trusted that he wouldn’t give her more than he had said was due. He wasn’t holding back; her tears began to flow as he laid into her.

She cried out and then felt the deep peace that only subspace could bring begin to creep over her. Makenna continued to feel the harsh strikes of his hand, but more than that she could feel her brain going into neutral and her libido going into overdrive. Like the flogging, she felt centered and more connected to this world, but more than that, she felt connected to Wyatt.

Finally, after what seemed like forever and no time at all, his hand came down for the last time and he let it rest there for a moment before he caressed lightly, sensuously… every bit as much to arouse as to soothe.

“I’m proud of you, Makenna. You took your punishment really well. You’re gorgeous and your skin is so beautiful,” he said as his hand slipped between her legs and found her soaking wet. “I love seeing how nice and pink your ass is and knowing it’s because you accepted my discipline.”

Mak felt as though they had done this a thousand times before in dozens of previous lifetimes. She had never allowed a dom to speak to her so intimately, so seductively. She wondered if her pussy looked the way it felt—warm, soft, and very wet. She drew a ragged breath as he ran his finger from her slit to her clit and rubbed the lubrication from her pussy into her swollen nub.

She briefly wondered if like in her dream, she’d come for him when he penetrated her with his fingers, stroking her rhythmically. She had a feeling she was going to scream and writhe beneath him. It had been so long since she’d done anything more than fantasize about having sex with a man.

Mak started to push off his lap, reality beginning to intrude. His hand cracked down and she yowled.

“You stay where I put you until I tell you that you have my permission to do otherwise. Understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

He caressed her painful globes. “Good girl,” he crooned.

When she allowed herself to slump back over, he lifted her off his thighs, turned her, and settled her back onto his lap. He had her sitting close to his body so that her head fell naturally onto his shoulder, nestling his neck. She liked the way he smelled as he brushed his lips across her forehead. His cock was still pressed against her now very painful backside.

“I know the contract said sex on demand, but I’d like to think you wanted it.”

She took the hand that had been resting on the top of her thigh and guided it back to her pussy. “I want it, Sir. Please?”

He smiled. Wyatt had a face that looked as though it had been carved from stone. It wasn’t classically pretty but was strong and masculine. The hard planes of his cheeks ended in a square jaw that that had been cut with a straight edge, but when he smiled, everything lost its granite-like quality and his eyes crinkled.

“Well, since you ask so nice…”

He stood up, lifting her as he did. Cradling her against his chest, he drew back the covers on the bed and laid her down. His whole body reacted to seeing her there—sensual, warm, aroused. He felt like someone had used a violet wand all over his body. His skin felt effervescent as though it was champagne in one of those glass pyramids you saw at weddings. Wyatt thought he might like to have one of those either at their collaring ceremony or their wedding… maybe both. It amazed him how easily his thoughts turned to a future with Makenna and how every fiber of his being wanted her.

Yes, she’d signed the contract, but this wasn’t her agreeing to sex because of the language it contained. No, she was offering herself to him. He had topped women for years, but he suddenly knew he’d never truly dominated one… never wanted to. He wanted her to bend to his will, feel her give over to him and recognize he was her dom and she was his sub. She need never submit to anyone else. Oh, he might like to show her off at the club, but she would never kneel for anyone but him… never sit at another man’s feet.

Her nipples had peaked, and her skin was flushed. Her thighs were open and inviting. She was offering him, without words, her submission. He might need to force it from her in the future, but right now, she was giving it to him. Lust—pure, simple, and sweet—washed over him. He would worry about who was after her tomorrow. Today he would focus only on them. Fitzwallace and the rest of them be damned.

“Do you have any idea how stunning you are?”

“I’m not, but…”

Before she could finish, he flipped her over on her belly and swatted her twice… hard… once on each cheek.

“You do not disagree with me when I tell you how truly exquisite you are. No one, not even you, puts down my sub. Are we clear on that?” he growled, enjoying how her body quivered in response.

“Yes, Sir.”

He stood over her, waiting to see if she’d stay put. She was learning quickly.

“Roll back over and spread your legs. I want to see that wet, pink pussy of yours.”

She did as she was told, a slow smile spreading across her face.

“Are you really going to shave my pussy?”

He nodded. “Absolutely. I want a clearer view and when I’m showing you off downstairs, I want all those other poor schmucks to see my sub has the most beautiful pussy in all the world.”

Wyatt stripped and joined her on the bed, stretching out beside her, idly running his hands all over her body, deliberately avoiding her erogenous zones. She squirmed and reached for his hand to direct it where she wanted. All it took was a low snarl for her to let go and just lie back, allowing him to explore her body, watching goosebumps rise everywhere he touched. He slid his hand across her belly and up to cup her breast, circling her areola with his finger before spiraling down to her nipple and squeezing it tight.

She gasped as the pain flared and then sighed his name.

He pinched her again. “Sir or Master, Makenna. Next time, you’ll get spanked.”

“Yes, Sir. I’m sorry.”

He leaned over and kissed her. He wondered if he’d ever get enough of kissing her. He rolled over her, settling between her legs. She was so soft, and nothing had ever felt as right as her thighs opening to allow him better access. Wyatt kissed her, letting his tongue thrust inside, enticing hers to dance with his. They breathed the same air. She wrapped her arms around him, opening herself to him.

Wyatt kissed his way down her neck, nipping and sucking as he went. Each time his teeth grazed her skin, she flinched just a smidge before her eyes widened and darkened in a sensual acceptance of what he was doing and that he would do as he wanted. She was giving over, taking what he offered and allowing her arousal to grow.

He cupped her beautiful breasts, so full and natural. There was nothing artificial about Makenna. She was all female—curves, dips, and valleys. Her skin changed textures and colors as he explored. At first it was smooth and ivory, but as he allowed his fingertips to touch her, it blushed with arousal and goosebumps followed in their wake. He loved her hips, maybe even more than her ass. She had hips he could hold when he fucked her long and hard. He could keep her in place while he pounded her pussy.

He tongued her nipples, moving from one to another before nipping the pebbled peaks and then sucking them to soothe the bite. Her gasps, sighs, and moans inflamed him, and he could smell her increasing arousal. God, there was nothing sweeter than the smell of your woman’s desire. He wanted to taste her. Hell, he wanted to feast on her, but the throbbing of his cock reminded him that more than that, he wanted inside her. He wanted to fuck her, and he wanted to do it now. His need to take her, claim her, possess her was riding him hard.

He trailed his hand down between them, playing with the petals of her sex, drawing them apart and rubbing the head of his cock against her, pre-cum weeping from its head. He fingered her clit, knowing that if he pressed down, she’d come, but he was a greedy bastard and he wanted to feel her climax all along his dick. He wanted to feel her clamp down on his shaft, trembling up and down his length while he spilled himself inside her.

Wyatt rocked up onto his knees, staring down at her. She was his and he meant to bind her to him—first with sex, then with his collar, and then with a wedding ring. His cock was visibly throbbing in rhythm to the pounding of his heart. He stared down at her, lining his cock up with the opening to her core. He pushed in, watching as his cock disappeared inside her.

She was tight and he was big. She’d most likely be sore for a while until her body learned to accommodate him, but he meant to make it so good that she would still want him… welcome him each time he pulled her underneath him. He began to sink into her slowly, inexorably, making small thrusts in and out, gaining ground with each.

He pressed into her, inch by inch. He dragged his cock back and sank back in, each time going a little deeper. Makenna’s moan morphed into a sigh as he finally pushed home, balls deep. He cupped her sore ass in his hands to hold her steady, watching her wince and knowing it was his discipline that had caused it.

His own groan of relief and satisfaction was long and low. He dragged his cock back and thrust back in, all the way to the root. This time there was no resistance, just acceptance and accommodation. Wyatt began thrusting deep and sure and reveled in her response. He let loose his control and began to ride her hard, possessed by a savage need to claim her.

He began hammering her pussy, driving into her again and again. Nothing had ever felt even half as good as the stranglehold her wet heat had on his cock. Her body stiffened in anticipation, her cunt trying to keep him deep inside and make him give up his cum. He fought her in the best way possible, loving the friction as he pulled back and pushed back in.

Makenna’s nails dug into his back as her body arched up into his and she came, crying out incoherently. He felt her spiraling out of control and pounded into her to join Makenna in rapturous freefall. She cried out in ecstasy, her pussy spasming as she clamped down hard, her legs trembling as she writhed in his hold. He gave a last savage thrust as he began to spill himself inside her, holding her hard against him. Her pussy greedily milked his cock, and he savored every bit of pleasure he could from her as a profound sense of peace and well-being suffused his system. He held her in his arms, spent and complete, nuzzling her neck before kissing her deeply and reaching behind the headboard of the large bed.

Makenna lay beneath him, her eyes closed, her breathing deep and rhythmic, her body languid. He considered simply rolling off of her, bringing her body next to his and sleeping with her in his arms, but the memory of bullets flying—bullets aimed at her—stiffened his resolve. He wrapped the buttery leather handcuff around her wrist, locking it in place.

Her eyes flew open and she jerked at the restraint.

“You bast—”

He cut off the curse word with a kiss, not wanting to have to discipline her. “Careful, Makenna. I’d prefer not to have to spank you and wash your mouth out again, but you finish that and like it or not, I will.”

“You can’t handcuff me to the bed.”

“You’ll find that not only can I, but I also have. The last time I let you sleep and didn’t ensure you couldn’t leave, you acted out and ended up being shot at. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice…”

“Unlock this thing,” she said, pulling at the tether.

“No, and you watch how you talk to me,” he growled low, enjoying how her body involuntarily shivered in response to his dom voice.

He flipped her over onto her side, facing away from him and spooned up against her back, dropping his arm over her waist, his hand cupping her mons and reaching up with the other, to intertwine his fingers with hers.

Wyatt nuzzled her neck and when she squirmed to put distance between them, he landed several tiny swats to her pussy until she stopped and settled back against him.

“Good girl,” he crooned as he soothed her offended nubbin. “Behave, Makenna. I’ll have them bring us some food later.”

“Planning to keep me here chained to the bed?” she asked archly.

“No, but I do plan to spend at least the rest of the day getting things more settled between us. If I’m awake and with you, you’ll have your freedom. Otherwise, you’ll have to earn that privilege. I suggest, Makenna, that you sleep while you can.”

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