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Big Rig: A Rough Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

Opinionated, arrogant prick.




Shut the hell up.

I rolled my eyes even as my pussy continued to throb. I was actually aching deep within me from this… bastard? Oh, I was furious with my body for betraying me in the dozens of ways it had already. He actually thought I was going to call him sir. The asshole had another think coming.

The fucker was proud of me and he actually thought he was going to fuck me? What? I wanted to snap his neck in two, beat him to a bloody pulp. No one treated me that way. No one.

The big man thought he was all that and a bag of chips with his short cropped blond hair, stunning good looks, and blue eyes that could melt every single icecap. Even his swagger in a pair of tight-fitting jeans that screamed why God had made man in the first place was creamy goodness, leaving no doubt as to the dazzling prize under the well-wrapped package.

And it pissed me off!

Then why was my entire body tingling? Why was my pussy wet?

And why was there so much heat shifting up my neck, burning my cheeks?

I clawed at the desk, trying desperately to kick him in the beautiful bulge he’d worn almost from the second he’d met me. “How dare you!” Fucked in the ass? I heard the ragged pants erupting from my throat and cringed, mortified at the entire experience.

The asshole had actually spanked me. Me! I’d never been spanked in my entire life. Who in the hell did he think he was? My bottom was on fire, blistered from the harshness of the punishment. I had to be in shock. Or maybe in hell. I was a professional doctor, for Christ’s sake, not some little girl who deserved this kind of punishment. So I’d badmouthed him. I’d heard all about his surly attitude. I’d read about his antics while spending time on an offshore rig. Well, I’d heard about his heroic actions anyway.

Hero or no hero, I didn’t like the man one bit.

In fact, I hated him.

I didn’t deserve this.

Maybe you do.

I clenched my fists, trying to control the claws that wanted to surface, ripping out his eyeballs.

“How dare I, sweetheart? How dare you act as if my authority doesn’t matter,” Riley said his husky, velvety tone, the kind most women would fall for in a dead ass heartbeat.

Not this girl. Nope. Nada.

“The truth is, you’re hungered for one hell of a long time for a man to control your bad behavior. You’ve come to the right place,” he continued.

My throat was dry, rendering me speechless. He thought he knew me. He believed he could own me.

I willed my pussy to stop clenching, the juice trickling down both inner thighs. I envisioned my cream staining my employment folder laying smack on his desk and bit back a moan. I had fire in my belly and sizzling heat covering my entire bottom. I wouldn’t be able to sit for a week. Why had I even agreed to the spanking in the first place? Was he kidding about the contract? Damn it. I’d signed the agreement after skimming the details. Tonight, I’d pore over the document, making certain I knew exactly what I’d signed up for.

Was it possible that punishments were allowed?

Oh, holy hell, girl. Get a grip. He’s bluffing and you’re buying his crap.

Maybe the bottle of wine I’d consumed prior to accepting the job offer hadn’t been in my best interest. Even my bestie had pushed me into taking it. Damn her. Now I was stuck here for the duration, likely months of living in a basic trailer with limited contact with other humans.

And Riley Cooper certainly wasn’t good company.

“This isn’t allowed. This isn’t…” I couldn’t even finish the sentence. I wasn’t entirely certain my words were making any sense. I was far too aroused by the scent of his masculinity, a mixture of a hard day’s work and some exotic spices. The combination was deadly. The man was a sexual marvel in a roughhewn package. Even the black eye he wore like some badge of honor suited him.

“This isn’t allowed?” He added a sweeping lilt to his ultra-masculine voice, sending another round of chills straight down the backs of my legs. “I don’t think you understand my position.”

He was all male in every aspect of the word. Broad-shouldered with a carved chest like Adonis, a tight set of abs, and long, muscular legs, the man was far too enticing. Which is exactly why I’d been thrown off my game.

Except this was no game, at least not in my mind. This was blasphemy. This was…


And my nipples had reacted to that fact, remaining hard and aching to have his fingers pluck and twist them. God. What was wrong with me? How could I desire this man on any level?

“Sir,” I hissed with as much venom as possible. “There is no contract in this country that allows this kind of behavior.”

“I think you need to take a better look at your contract.” He issued the words before splitting my legs in two, running his long, rugged fingers down the crack of my ass. “You signed it.”

“You’re crazy. Nuts. I’ll sue you. I’ll have you arrested.”


The hard smack hurt like hell.

“Sir!” I yelled, gulping for air, fighting tears, revulsion, and ridiculous excitement.

“That’s better. Perhaps you can learn.”

The way his hot breath cascaded across my already heated skin was insanely delicious. I clawed at the desk, raking my arm across one side, delighted to watch the group of files as they pitched toward the floor. At least he’d have to spend time cleaning up his office, damn cowboy asshole.

Jerk. Creep. Bastard.

Every bad word formed in my mind but for some crazy reason, I couldn’t spout them off. I had a feeling he’d follow through with his promise to soap my mouth. This was already far too much humiliation for my life. I refused to endure any more.

“I’ll be happy to allow you to call your father from my phone,” he retorted just a split second before driving several of his fingers into my pussy.

Ho-ly fuck. I couldn’t hold back a gasp as my muscles clamped around his fingers like flies to honey. Damn it. I was wet and hot all over, my body betraying me in just about every manner possible.

“One bad little girl is hot for Daddy.”

Daddy? Oh, fuck no, I wasn’t going to call him that. Over my dead body.

I hissed several times as I struggled to get out of his grasp, shifting several inches toward the top of the desk.

With one hard yank, he had me back in position, bringing the flat of his hand down against my already bruised bottom. I was shocked at the way my toes curled, my entire body quivering from his barbaric actions.

“I suggest you stop fighting me or I’ll give you another spanking.” He half growled his words this time, the tone ripe with aggravation as well as intense lust.

I took several deep breaths as he thrust his fingers deep inside my wet channel, flexing them open. Stars floated in front of my eyes as a round of pleasure wrapped its bony fingers around my mind. No man had ever been this controlling or brutal, merely taking what he wanted. By all rights, I should have him arrested, tossed in a jail cell to rot.

However, I had a feeling he’d also follow through with his threat to call my father. I’d likely be disowned or worse. I’d accepted the damn job on a whim, angry that my brusque father had made fun of my desire to do something different. He’d even laughed the day I told him I wanted to be a doctor. My father was having none of my antics, as he liked to call them.

As Riley’s fingers worked their way into me, his plunges becoming even more savage, a wave of sheer embarrassment rolled through every cell and muscle.

Along with guilt.

I was actually enjoying this.


“Now, be a good girl and open those plump ass cheeks of yours,” he commanded, his gravelly voice sending another wave of shivers skipping down my spine.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. I was sick to my stomach, my heart racing to the point the hammering was echoing into my ears. Yet every part of me held a crazy kind of excitement, the kinky act he was requiring me to participate in dirtier than any I’d experienced. Gritting my teeth, I obeyed him, easing my arms back and prying open my bottom, exposing my dark hole.

That he was going to fuck.

That he was going to use.

I was in some kind of a nightmare. One day, I would carve out Riley Cooper’s eyes with a spoon. I’d taken the opportunity to check on him prior to his late arrival. A decorated Marine, a hard-edged roughneck supervisor on an offshore rig and a true cowboy, he was the epitome of a bad boy.

Not my type at all.

I preferred my men sophisticated, suave in attire and attitude. I enjoyed being taken out to nice dinners, wined and dined like a lady.

This man would likely mud wrestle a pig just for fun.

My guess was he ate with his fingers, chomping down on food like a real savage.

I bit back a laugh at the vision floating through my mind. Maybe I was being too hard on the man because of my past, but damn, he had some kind of attitude.

“When you’re finally able to learn manners and to follow rules, you’ll be eligible to receive extreme pleasure.”

Eligible? I was thrown into another world, another reminder that he was dead set on taking what he owned.

I wanted to scream another round of obscenities, but as his fingers breached my asshole, sliding inside, I closed my eyes, whimpering softly.

“That’s it, sugar. Relax those pretty little muscles of yours,” he whispered as he pushed them all the way inside, pushing past the tight ring.

Oh, God. Oh, God! I jerked up from the desk, every cell in my body electrified even as the slice of pain rushed through my body. As he pumped in several times, every thrust harder than the one before, I lost all ability to speak or even think clearly. I was lying naked on a cold, hard desk amidst piles of paperwork being fucked by a stranger.

In the ass.

Everything became a blur as he finger fucked my dark hole, twisting and turning his fingers.

“Good girl.” Riley patted me on the ass after removing his fingers, forcing me to hold my breath. I knew what was coming next.

A promise fulfilled.

Taking my virgin asshole.

“Keep your pretty cheeks open for me, sweetheart. We’re not done by a longshot.” His instructions were barely audible, but I heard every word, my mind fighting against obeying him.

But I did.

I’d never been so open, so exposed and even as a chill shifted down the back of my legs, the heat between them continued to build.

He gripped my hip with one hand, his breathing as ragged as mine. When he slipped his cock into my tight channel, I couldn’t hold back the strangled moan. He filled me completely, stretching my pussy walls until I ached, so aroused that my legs were shaking. But he didn’t stop there.

A guttural growl pushed past his lips, floating in the air around me as he slid his cockhead to my darkened hole, pushing the tip further inside.

“That’s just a taste of what you’ll get if you follow the rules. This is what happens to bad little girls.” Even though he moved slowly, allowing my muscles to grow used to his thickness and length, my breath was ripped away.

I clawed my fingers up the desk, grasping for anything to hold onto. The pain was blinding at first, much like the harsh whipping had been. Every part of me was on fire, scintillated, goosebumps popping along every inch of naked skin.

“Oh. Oh. Oh.” I was completely incoherent as he continued pushing. Once he was fully seated inside, I tried desperately to control my breathing. The scent of him became more intoxicating than before, filling my nostrils then jetting into every red blood cell. It was as if he was infusing his very being into mine.

Riley held the stance, his cock twitching deep inside of me.

As the anguish began to subside, something amazing happened, the sensations becoming incredible, tingling all over. I fell into a lull, floating on some level of nirvana. How could anything so sinful feel this incredible?

“Fuck. So tight. So damn hot,” he muttered as he used both hands to grip my hips, his fingers digging into my skin.

I pushed up from the desk, arching my back. He was so fucking big, his cock stretching my walls, dragging me into an unusual blast of utter bliss. I was thrown by my body’s reactions, as if it had a mind of its own.

As he began to drive in and out, I bit back a scream. This man was primal, a bad boy with a cavalier attitude. A man refusing to take no for an answer. I could no longer focus, my vision as blurry as my mind. The way he pumped into me was nothing short of brutal, his savage growls matching his harsh actions.

“That’s it, baby girl. Take all of me. Every. Single. Inch.” Even his deep laugh was thrilling, white-hot heat exploding in every tendon and nerve. “Imagine what the others would think if they could see you now.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“As I told you before,” he said gruffly as he slammed his cock into me, the sound of skin slapping against skin a totally filthy, wicked noise. “I will spank you wherever and whenever is required.”

I knew he was trying to scare me, to force me to obey him. I didn’t follow anyone’s rules but my own. He would soon learn. As hard assed as I could be, I was rolling with pleasure, wanting nothing more than him to fuck me harder. I had to be losing it from the desert heat.

“And I’ll fuck you.” He began to pump into my tight hole in earnest, his animalistic growls obviously fueling him. “I’ll shove my cock into every hole, using you in every manner that I desire.”

There was no way to get out of his clutches, no ability to start the day over. He’d labeled me a problem and there wouldn’t be anything I did in the future he wouldn’t scrutinize. As the fucking continued, I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t give a shit about him. This was a one-time thing. I’d never give him another opportunity to get this close.

Fuck that.

Never say never, my little voice reminded me.

My convictions were strong. Riley Cooper wouldn’t have the opportunity to humiliate me again.

“Fuck. Yes. Oh, yes.” He pumped even harder, the force shoving me against the desk, his words almost garbled.

I could tell he was close to coming. What was a bad girl to do? Remind him that he wasn’t really in control of me after all.

The moment I squeezed my muscles, clamping down as tightly as possible, his body began to shake. When he threw his head back, squelching a roar as he erupted inside my dark channel, I could only smile.

The second he pulled out, he immediately stepped away. There were no niceties after just fucking me. There was no bedroom talk or even a pat on the ass. There was simply quiet that settled into the space.

I moved to a standing position, heat rushing up from the very core of my body. I immediately reached for my bra and panties, only to hear the rugged man clear his throat.

“Not so fast, sweetheart.”

“What? I mean, what do you want? Sir?” The look on his face was one of sheer amusement. I had to fist my hand to keep from clawing him. Pretty red scratch marks would look damn good next to his black eye.

He shoved his shirt into his jeans, a smirk crossing his face, taking his time to point to the slew of fallen papers and files. “You made the mess. You clean it up.”

“But…” Inhaling, I held the deep breath, counting to five. “Absolutely. Just as soon as I get dressed. Sir.”

“Nope. Before.”

I stared at him, cursing him out in several languages in my mind. The bastard was serious. “Fine.”

He lifted a single eyebrow as he folded his arms.

“I mean. Yes. Sir.”

This was perhaps the most humiliating moment of the experience. I dropped to the floor, grabbing the papers as quickly as possible, trying to make some sense of their order. When I slammed them on his desk, I heard his deep baritone, his voice sliding across my naked skin like smooth velvet.

“I’m going to make it my mission to train you personally while you’re here and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it. I’m also going to punish you for every single infraction, and I assure you that it will be harsh and in line what whatever rule you break. From now on, your body belongs to me. You will surrender to my every command.”

Hell, no. That wasn’t going to happen.

The big bad Marine had met his match.

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