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Biker Daddy by Kara Kelley – Extended Preview

Drew plucked the chords of his guitar, singing softly, watching the girl who was once his, the song he sang, once theirs. The melody flowed from the deepest parts of him—he needed to remember, needed her to remember them too.

“Remember yesterday, walking hand in hand…”

He’d sworn he’d never let anyone in his heart again, but Addi had never left and she’d taken up every inch of space inside it. He’d promised himself he’d never hurt another good girl like he’d hurt Addi. But here she was, back in his life, and it had taken every bit of strength inside him to stay away from her earlier.

He’d wanted to hold her, protect her, take her inside him where nothing could hurt her, but more than anything he wanted to bury himself in her… deep inside her soft warmth… and stroke the place within her that would make her call out his name.

God, she was so sweet and beautiful, always, but especially in the firelight among nature. He looked at the strings of the guitar again, breaking their intense stare, and finished the song. There was silence after. Just the sound of snapping firewood, crickets, and tree frogs from the marsh.

He glanced up, wondering if he’d imagined her. But there she was, her hair so dark it was almost black, shimmering in the light. And her eyes, wide, innocent and in awe of him, squeezed his chest. She trusted him. She needed him. But how could he possibly be what she both needed and deserved?

He dropped the guitar. It thrummed hauntingly as it landed. He’d have left, let the lawyer deal with everything, and protected her by being gone, but dammit! Ray had made him promise. And fuck! Ray knew—he knew everything about Drew and his past. He knew about Drew’s feelings for Addi. How the fuck could Ray ask that?

How could anyone trust him with a woman like Addi?

Drew lowered his head into his hands, leaning his elbows on his knees. Maybe this was his punishment. Maybe being everything she needed now to get her through Ray’s death was karma. He’d survived before. He’d fallen in love with her, but he’d taken care of her then, too. It had killed him to walk away, killed her, but he’d have done it all over to protect her, and he’d do it again now—only this time she needed protection from him as well.

He’d be there for her. But no way would he allow her to fall for him again. No fucking way. He’d have to show her she wanted nothing to do with Drew Fitzer as a lover. Hell. He’d have to be an asshole. He was good at that, but with her it wouldn’t be easy. God, the way she looked at him tore him up. That trust and vulnerability—those melted dark chocolate eyes.

Drew stood, his long legs holding him steady as he picked up his coat—a plaid jacket he used for working around the camp when it was chilly—and carried it to her. She held his eyes and stood so he could put it on her. They remained silent as he walked her back through the forest. Would they both wonder if this was a dream in the morning? He caught her when she tripped over a stump, and the force swung her around to face him, so he pulled her against his chest. Her breath on his skin was intoxicating.

“It was beautiful.” Her words were barely audible so he pretended he hadn’t heard them. He turned her back around and started walking again. If he spoke, she’d hear emotion in his voice. If he spoke, she’d turn to face him again. If he spoke, he’d tell her that the song was hers—theirshe’d tell her he loved her.

The crickets still chirped and frogs still sang and it soothed him. It was the music he fell asleep to nightly. He wondered if it would lull her too. How much had she changed? Her hair shined like dark brown silk and her face, although carrying visible stress, was still a golden honey color from her mother’s indigenous heritage. Addi’s almond-shaped eyes flickered to his.

And still neither spoke.

The moon shimmered in those pensive eyes and he knew part of the shine was emotion she refused to unleash. She needed to cry again, but she’d always been so determined to show the world strength and control—she held onto it like armor. How could he show her there was just as much strength in giving in, shedding tears and sharing her vulnerability?

He opened the cabin door and she put a hand on his chest. He almost moaned at her touch. Light spilled out of the door and her eyes were pleading. “I’m sorry for what I said in the office. I should have known better.” Her eyes lowered to the deck. “I feel a connection to you because of Ray, because of this camp, and our past, but we’re nothing but strangers.” Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment. “I’m a good distraction. And Ray asked. And well, I needed something, too.”

“What?” His voice was sharp. “Addianna.” Her name both scolded and scalded from his tongue. “Don’t.” His jaw ticked and he pointed a long finger at her.

“Don’t what? Admit the truth?” She looked away, blowing out. “I know this isn’t real. I know you’re being nice because Uncle Ray asked you to, and because it’s easy, but I need some reality to keep me on the ground. And that reality is, outside of this situation, I’m not good enough for you. You’re gorgeous and strong and well, I’m just me.” She looked down at herself.

“Jesus!” He ran a hand roughly through his hair. “Get your ass in that cabin, little girl.” Her not good enough for him? The idea was so ass-backwards he snorted, clenching his hands tightly to keep from shaking some sense into her.

Her eyes widened with a start and she stood frozen to the spot. Couldn’t she see how he struggled not to rip her clothes off and plant himself deep inside her lush body? He needed to show her, first how she turned him to fucking lava and then why she should stay the hell away from him.

“Baby girl, you’d better move it. When Daddy tells you something, you damn well do it.”

She swallowed whatever was on the tip of her tongue and spun, pushing the door open wider. He followed swiftly, making her scramble with a sharp swat to her ass.

When she turned back, mouth agape from his swat, he reached for her, wrapping his hand around the back of her neck, and pushed her with his body against the wall. His eyes went to her mouth. God, he needed to taste her again. Her mouth closed, leaving nothing but a slit between her full lips. He bit the corner of his mouth, trying to hold back but when her tongue darted out to wet those slightly parted lips, he dove for her.

The feel of her lips, so soft and pliable, undid him. The kiss would never be enough. He needed more, but damn, he would take his time with her.

He took her hands from his chest and bound her wrists with one hand, pulling them above her head.

Just you is exactly what I want,” he whispered, leaning down to nuzzle the base of her neck with his nose. He breathed in her scent. “You’re intoxicating.” His mouth closed over her neck and his teeth scraped her collarbone, making her arch toward him before his tongue soothed and she relaxed.

“Those clothes are coming off,” he said in a raspy whisper, pulling her off the wall and releasing her hands. “Unbutton your shirt.” She blinked at his demand, possibly weighing her options. He took a step toward her and she went for the top button. He took her hands.

“You hesitated.” He turned her and put her hands against the wall. “Don’t move unless I give you permission.” She nodded and he smiled behind her back.

He gave her ass a sharp swat and then slowly slid her hair off the back of her neck to expose her nape. Tracing a lazy figure eight down her neck, he felt her shiver. “That smack was just a taste of what Daddy’ll do to you if you hesitate again. Now turn back around, baby girl.”

Her lip quivered as she turned but the flush flaming her cheeks told him it was arousal. She was wet and throbbing over his dominance and it had him rock hard. There was no turning back without breaking her and no going forward without being sent to a deeper level of Dante’s inferno.

Ah, hell.

He took her wrists in his hands again, this time feeling the thumping of her pulse beneath his thumbs a moment before he let her go and held her with just his eyes. “There are many ways to punish, Addi.”

Her breathing changed, coming in smaller pants. His hands cradled her face and he kissed her, hard and unrelenting.

His tongue probed her mouth, to explore and to overtake her before his teeth slid off her bottom lip. “I’m going to make you mine, baby girl, but before I take what’s mine, I need to hear it.”

She whimpered as he grasped a handful of her thick hair and yanked.

“Are you mine, Addi? Say the words or I stop. Say them and I’ll make you forget your name.”

“I’m…I’m yours—for now.” Her lids fluttered and the words all but tumbled from her trembling lips. It was good enough for him. He shoved her back against the wall.

“Damn straight you are.” With that he tore her blouse open, buttons plinking onto the wood floor. His hand found her breast and he kneaded a moment before pinching her nipple just enough to make her call out in pain and when she did, he yanked the silky material of her bra down to allow the injured nipple free. He lowered his head and soothed the ache with his hot mouth. He released and looked her in the eye.

“You’ll never hesitate to obey my instruction again, baby girl, never.” He tore the bra completely down her body, leaving it around her middle so he could torment and pleasure both nipples. She squealed and drove her hands into his hair.

“Hands down,” he said roughly. “You touch only when I give you permission.” He yanked her skirt down, taking her cotton panties with it. She quickly covered her belly and he growled.

“Step out.”

She did and he tossed them aside. She was naked except for the bra around her middle. He had to swallow and clench his teeth to keep from throwing her on the bed and taking her before either of them were ready.

He crooked his finger at her, calling her forward, and then reached behind her to grab her ass and squeeze. He could tell by the wince around her eyes it was punishing. “Never cover yourself from me, you hear?”

She nodded, closing her eyes in a grimace, and slowly moved her hands. His brow cocked. “Baby girl needs training.” She bit her lip, nodding, and he almost broke free from his jeans. Fuck, she was perfect.

“Who am I?” he demanded.

“You’re…” He swatted her ass when she hesitated, diving down to devour her nipple again, tormenting it with nibbles and deep suckling. “Gah, D… Daddy!” she called out.

“That’s it, baby girl, say it again. Louder. I want the world to know it.”

“Daddy!” she hollered, throwing her head back. “Oh, God, I’m yours, Daddy.”

He chuckled darkly as he took her shoulders and walked her backwards, then stopped to boost her up. “Legs around me.”

She did as she was told and once again, he pushed her against the wall, diving for her neck and feeling her weaken against him. His hands clenched her ass cheeks, digging into the flesh as he ground his hard, jean-sheathed cock against her mound.

She mewled at the friction and his mouth found hers so he could swallow her cries of pleasure. Dividing his time between her neck and beasts, her breathing labored. When he couldn’t stand torturing her any longer, he carried her toward the bed and tossed her on it. Her squeal of shock made him burn hotter.

He took his clothes off, slowly so her eyes followed with a suffering heat.

“You like this, baby girl?”

“Y-yes,” she answered, swallowing hard.

“See this?” He looked down at his hard cock. “This is what you do to me.” He moved closer to the bed. “Does my baby girl wanna feel what she’s done to her daddy?”

She pulled her bottom lip through her teeth and he saw insecurity in her face.

“Your body, your curves, drive me wild. I’m so fucking hard for you it hurts. Touch it, babe. Own it like I own the juice dripping down your thighs.”

“Don’t.” Her eyes fluttered closed. “Feet on the ground. I’m no different than any other woman you’ve been with. Please let me keep my feet on the ground, Drew. I won’t survive this otherwise.”

His heart pounded in his chest as her eyes opened wide and glossy, staring straight through him. He wished he could clarify, tell her exactly how real things were for him, but he couldn’t. He needed her to forget him later—when it was time to go home.

“Hey.” He fell on the bed beside her and pulled her chin so she faced him. “Whatever you believe, babe, right now this is all you.” Her eyes fluttered downward, away from his. “I love your body. I like a curvy woman with something to hold. And babe.” He waited until her eyes came back to his. “I’m in charge. Me. Your daddy. For as long as we’re here together and you want it. Got me?”

She nodded, but her eyes were still glassy. “I can’t play like this, Drew. It’s too real—too much of what I want for real. Daddies are forever and this,” she said, pointing between them. “This isn’t forever. It’s for right now.”

Christ.” He scooted forward on the bed. “You need to learn to let go of the control, little girl. I’m not playing around.” He grabbed and yanked her to him, pulling her forward so she fell across his lap.

“Damn, I didn’t want to have to spank you again this soon, Addi, not for this, but God, you need it. You’re wound too damn tight and you need to learn who’s in charge here.”

She was naked and there was nothing to protect her heart-shaped rear, so when he swatted her, a pink print marred her right cheek. She yelped and tried to cover the spot he’d branded.

“Hand to the front.” She obeyed slowly. He swatted the left cheek and she whimpered. He didn’t pause then, but continued until the blush on her backside flourished from the top of her cheeks to the tops of her thighs. She twisted her hips slightly at each swat to avoid his hand landing in the same spot but he adjusted his aim each time. He wasn’t spanking her overly hard, it was more to break down her walls, but enough that she felt every burning swat.

“Ow! It hurts! Stop! Please!” she protested on a whimper. He shook his head and smacked her bottom faster, making her bury her face in the bed and squirm more. Her hand came back to her side but she didn’t try to block this time. His baby girl needed support so he grabbed her hand and their fingers entwined. She squeezed and didn’t fight his hold.

“Who’s in charge, Addi?” He swatted slower, waiting for her answer. He instantly felt a change in her. It was as if the tension in her body let go and she relaxed. She needed someone in charge.

“You.” The word flew out of her mouth and her bottom went up to meet his hand. He smiled and increased the tempo of his spanking again, her whimpers turning to little moans.

“Yeah, babe, me. And I’m going to take care of you, give you what you need, no matter if you realize your needs or not. That’s what daddies do. And even if I’m not your daddy forever, that doesn’t make our time here any less real. Understand, babe?”

“Yes—yes, okay.” He continued his rhythm until she added to her answer. “Yes, Daddy.”

He pulled her up and tucked her into him. And she let him, this time without hesitation or resistance. Tugging her face in close to his neck, he rubbed the warmth from her bottom, kneading and caressing until she started to make a noise best described as a purr. He chuckled.

“Baby girl, I want to make love to you, but you’re not ready.” Her purr turned to a disappointed whine. “But Daddy won’t leave you frustrated.” His hand slipped lower and found the crevice between her cheeks, sliding across her rosebud, knowing it would cause a blip of taboo pleasure, and then went lower still to her wet, hot center.

Her moan made his dick twitch. “Lie on the bed, babe. I’m gonna help you sleep.” He moved her onto the bed and she looked up at him, submissive and ready for instruction. “This is exactly what I want to see from my little girl.”

He took her knees, spread them wide and slid his hands beneath her warm ass. Lowering himself to his knees, he took a few minutes to nibble and lick her belly, teasing until he decided she could handle no more and found her slit. His tongue traced it with a whisper of a touch and her hips rose.

“Be a good girl, honey. Have patience.”

He skimmed her sensitive area several times before sliding his tongue firmer between her folds and bathing her clit. “Mm, babe, you taste so fucking good. I’m going to enjoy this.” He sucked and her ass left his hands as she moved rhythmically against his mouth.

“God, your beard. Your tongue. I’ve never… Oh, oh, oh, God!

He paused. “Never, babe?”

She shook her head and clasped the sheets as he continued with his thumb so he could watch her. “Not this… Just… Sex. Unremarkable sex.”

“Aw, baby girl. I’m going to have so much fun with you.” He grinned crookedly at her and then took her hands to position them so she held herself open. He dove back between her thighs.

She twitched, squealed, and pushed herself shamelessly against his face but held fast to her pleasure. She didn’t seem to want to let go, or perhaps she couldn’t. She tensed and stiffened so he flicked faster and suckled harder, running the tip of his tongue along the smooth skin between her lips to flick her nub quickly, and then over again to create a rhythm that caused her breath to huff faster. As he pumped one finger into her tight pussy, a strangled cry passed her lips. He switched his finger for his thumb, stretching her open, circling against her tight wall.

Still she held on. It was part of her need for control, he decided as she was beyond wet and certainly close. Her sweet fluid ran down his hand and into his beard. He found her special spot, stroking and swirling against it with the pad of his thumb until her moisture poured from her down the crack of her ass.

“Babe?” He paused. “You need to relax and enjoy it. You’re fighting it.” Her eyes were squeezed tight and he stopped.

“Look at me. Now.” His voice was firm.

When her eyes opened, she blinked, looking embarrassed. “I can’t. I should have told you. It’s not you.” She started to rise.

“The hell you can’t.” He held his moist thumb up before licking it off. She blinked again. “Fucking sweet as honey, babe. You’re ready and I’m going to work you as long as it takes because I’ve been thinking about making you come from the moment I pictured you in that damn bikini.”

She bobbed her head but looked unconvinced. He took his hand and wrapped it around the back of her neck, pulling her up and forward to him. “Let me have it, babe.”

He went back to her pussy, and began building her up again, working his thumb on her g-spot as his tongue swirled and flicked. He felt her tense again. He kept working his thumb, but used his free hand to push her higher, closer to his mouth. She called out as he squeezed her ass and went over the edge, screaming his name, her thighs twitching against his face.

“Drew, oh, God, Drew!

She pulsed around his tongue and he flicked a few more times to keep her coming.

She tried to shove him back so he flipped her, pulling her up onto her knees, swatting her ass hard three times before easing back and spanking rhythmically to vibrate her sensitive nub. When one orgasm ended, the next began building as he used his mouth from behind. With his nose nestled between her ass cheeks and his tongue flicking relentlessly, he felt his erection straining for release; his own need to come was fierce.

She screamed out in pleasure and he rolled them to their sides to hold her tenderly as she trembled from her second explosive orgasm. After a few silent minutes, her breathing regulated and she turned to her back. She had tears in her eyes and was spread-eagle and limp before him. She was totally uninhibited now, and he loved it.

“I’ve never,” she said on a whimper. She curled into him and her breasts hanging naturally heavy against his chest made him harder still. “I didn’t know what the fuss was about.” Tears leaked down her face and he swallowed hard at her revelation.

“I’m going to teach you how to let go, little girl.” His firm statement was drowned out with the emotion clogging his voice. This woman deserved so much more than she’d gotten in life. She held onto her control so aggressively she couldn’t even have the most basic of life’s pleasures. How did she release her pent-up stress?

“You need a dominant man to take over, Addi. I know you want more, you want real, but babe, this is real as long as you’re here.”

“Okay.” She tipped her head up and smiled shyly. He gave her a half smirk. The trust she’d just handed over blew his mind. How could one person be so beautiful inside and out?

He chuckled. “Okay?”

“Yes, okay.” She grinned. “If that’s what I’ve been missing, then yes. I feel so light—so free! I’m yours to teach, Daddy.”

“Good girl.” He ran a hand sweetly down her hair. “Get comfy, babe. It’s bedtime.” She opened her mouth and he cocked a brow. “That’s an order, Addianna. It’s not all about sex, honey. Being my baby girl means I’m in charge of everything. Your health and welfare are important to me.” Her mouth closed and he smiled as a flare of heat burned her eyes. Another head bob and she slid that plump bottom lip through her teeth again. “That’s my girl.”

She rolled over, tucking her fist beneath her chin and pulling her legs up so she was curled in an Addi-sized ball. “An order from my daddy,” she said in a small breathy voice. He leaned down and kissed her temple, emotion and tenderness filling him.

What had he done? Could he give her what he’d offered without losing himself? He heard Ray’s voice in his mind, asking, and then his own, promising to give her whatever she needed. Did she need this? He nodded silently and rose from the bed.

Addi needed this more than anything. If she kept going with the world on her shoulders, she’d collapse. She was a natural submissive. She needed someone who’d support her, listen, and reassure her of the decisions she made, someone who’d take responsibility with her if things didn’t go right. She needed both a partner and a leader so she could safely let go and be who she was meant to be.

He looked at her, already breathing deeply in sleep, and shoveled a hand through his hair.

“Even if I’m a broken mess when you leave, I’ll give you everything you deserve while you’re here.” His whisper was raspy with emotion. “You’ve always been my weakness, but I promise you this… I’ll always be your strength.”

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