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Blush for Daddy by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

“Come here, little girl,” he instructed. “Stand in front of me.”

An extreme compulsion to obey him ripped through me and I found it impossible to fight. I pressed my heels into the floor and stood almost without thinking and when I started walking toward him, I finally realized what I was doing. There was something inside of me that wanted to obey him, a part of me that demanded that I answer to his firm dominance despite the even louder part of me that wanted to get away. Right now, that part was screaming at me to run.

It was too late for that now though. I knew that and he knew it too.

As I put one foot in front of the other, I reached him far faster than I wanted to. He reached for me, but he didn’t force me over his knee. Not yet.

Instead, he brushed his fingers down the side of my hip.

“Naughty little girls are spanked on their bare bottoms, aren’t they?” he said firmly, and a shiver of fresh arousal and terror raced down my spine. My pussy clenched tightly with need at the prospect of him seeing my most private of places for the first time and I found that I was frozen as I waited for what would come next.

“Yes, Daddy,” I answered fearfully.

“Unbutton your jeans and push them down for me, little girl,” he instructed as his powerful eyes flicked up to meet mine. Inside them, I saw unequivocal command and before I could even think of turning around and bolting to the door, my fingers were fumbling with the metal button that held my jeans shut. Once it finally popped free, I slowly unzipped my jeans, keenly aware of just how loud it sounded in the silence of the room.

With a quiet hum of fear, I hooked my fingers underneath the waistband of my jeans and pushed them down just a little before my terror made me hesitate. I glanced up at him and there was a certain sense of expectation in his gaze that made me push them down my hips a bit further until they reached the tops of my thighs.

“All the way down, little girl,” he instructed.

I obeyed, pushing my jeans down until they pooled around my ankles. He reached for me and when his fingers brushed against the bareness of my hip, a lightning bolt of desire raced straight down to my clit.

“Hands on the back of your head, little girl. Daddy is going to take your panties down so that he can spank your bare little bottom,” he said firmly, and I tensed for a long moment before my hands nervously lifted and grazed the back of my head. My fingers wove together, and a soft whine escaped my throat.

His fingers slid under the lace of my panties and I panicked for a second as I tried to remember what pair I was wearing, if they were cute or even remotely pretty. I glanced down, catching the lavender color and I sighed almost in relief, knowing that they were simple but at least somewhat attractive. The hem was lined with a thick band of lace and as he ran his fingers beneath them, I sucked in a breath as the raw chemistry of his touch against my skin rattled me senseless.

When he finally began to pull my panties down, he didn’t rush either. He took his time as I stood there in front of him. Inch by painstakingly slow inch, he revealed my most private of places and I shuddered, realizing that his gaze hadn’t left the cusp of my thighs. He didn’t reach for me, but his eyes on my skin felt like he was touching me all the same. My pussy clenched hard and when he’d finally pushed my panties all the way down, his thumbs grazed over my hip once more.

My pussy was bare. I didn’t have any hair down there and he’d be able to see everything.

He reached for the seat of my panties and stared at them for a long moment.

“Your panties are soaked, little girl. You’ve left quite a wet spot for Daddy to find,” he murmured gently, and an embarrassed squeak died in the back of my throat. I chewed on my lower lip and he cleared his throat.

“Look at Daddy, little girl,” he said firmly.

I forced myself to lift my head and meet his eyes, feeling a hot flush pass over my face at his observation. I was so ashamed. He’d probably think there was something wrong with me for reacting like this.

“Good girl,” he murmured, as his gaze searched my face. I didn’t know what he was searching for, but his quiet investigation was making my stomach churn in knots.

“Place your hand in mine, little girl. It’s time for you to go over my knee,” he guided. He held his palm out for me to take it.

All I had to do now was reach for him. Once I did that, I’d be going over a man’s knee for the first time. I was going to get a spanking and my clit was throbbing incessantly at the thought. I was mortified that my arousal had already begun seeping onto my thighs. He’d be able to see that too.

He’d be able to see everything.

Tentatively, I pressed my fingers against his. His hand curled around mine and he gently pulled me forward. With my jeans and panties down around my ankles, there was no fighting what was to come now. As my body moved closer to his lap, my heart began to beat faster until I thought it was going to leap out of my throat.

It was as though his lap had its own gravitational pull and there wasn’t enough left in me to fight it. When my stomach pressed against the tops of his thighs, I almost stopped breathing.

My bottom felt so high up. He’d pitched me forward and when my position felt precarious enough that I might fall, I grasped at his leg so that I might steady myself. He didn’t say anything at all, but I could feel his eyes on my bare skin. My face flushed hot as I imagined his gaze studying my naked flesh.

My entire focus was on my bare bottom and the wetness between my thighs. When his fingertips grazed across my skin, I tensed, but then he just massaged me softly for several moments and I was able to relax.

“You’ve got a beautiful bottom, little girl,” he observed, and my blush flamed even hotter. His palm pressed against my bare backside, more thoroughly cupping my fleshy globes and I couldn’t help myself as I pressed back against him. His skin was rough against mine and it ignited a feeling deep inside me that I had never been aware of before.

My core throbbed with need. I was so aroused that it was becoming painful.

His palm lightly slapped my backside, just enough to jiggle it in a way that made my pussy tighten. A single drop of wetness trickled down my inner thigh and I was mortified to realize that it had probably fallen down onto his dark pants. I pressed my legs together, but that only served to make me cognizant of the fact that I was even wetter than I initially realized.

I was so embarrassed.

“Naughty girl. Look at how wet you are for Daddy,” he mused, and I hid my face in the couch cushion. I was thankful for my long hair at that moment because it was hiding my shame. My fingers gripped even more firmly at his leg, even as my hips arched upward in search of his touch. His palm moved down to the backs of my thighs and his fingertips just grazed along my wetness. His inspection sent a very deliberate message. He could see and feel every bit of my arousal and that only added to my ever-deepening shame.

“You lied to me, didn’t you, little girl?” he finally asked.

“Yes, Daddy,” I whispered nervously. My voice was almost nonexistent, and I wondered if he had even heard me at all.

“Naughty little girls who lie to Daddy need to be punished. How is Daddy going to punish you, little girl?” he asked. He never stopped slowly swirling his palm over my bare bottom and I couldn’t stop reacting to it. My spine arched and I pressed back against him, wanting more and more of his touch.

“Daddy, please,” I whimpered.

“Answer me, little girl. How is Daddy going to punish you?” he pushed and there was a definitive firmness to his tone that told me that he would only allow so much hesitation and I needed to answer.

“You’re going to spank me, Daddy,” I finally managed to say, although the tremor in my voice was obvious now. I was scared and he knew it.

“That’s right, little girl. Daddy is going to spank you and it’s going to hurt, isn’t it?” he pressed.

This wasn’t real…

“Yes, Daddy,” I whispered, trying to get used to the foreign word on my tongue. Calling him Daddy was hard, but with each repetition, it felt a little easier and more natural. I never thought I’d call anyone that, but for some reason, with him right now it felt right. With him, I wanted to.

He wanted me to call him Daddy and that made me need to say the word. I couldn’t ignore the pulsing between my legs because of it. I couldn’t ignore the fact that maybe I needed to call him that too.

“Ask Daddy to spank you, little girl. Ask Daddy to make it hurt,” he demanded, and a frisson of fear hurtled through me with wild abandon. His words felt so real, but maybe this was what he liked. Even now, his hard cock pushed against my hip. There was no doubt in my mind that he was just as turned on as I was.

“Please spank me, Daddy. Please make it hurt,” I murmured. My entire body was trembling, and my blush deepened. Being made to ask for my punishment only seemed to heighten my arousal. Not only that, but it also made me focus on exactly what was to come.

His palm smacked my bottom. Twice on either side and I gasped. The sound was like a gunshot, echoing loudly all around me, so much louder than I thought it would be.

“Wait. Please. Someone might hear,” I screeched, but his hand closed on my hip and held me in place just as I was beginning to scramble off his lap.

“My staff are used to the sound of a naughty little girl being properly punished over Daddy’s knee, little girl. Tonight is going to be no different,” he answered, and I squeaked in surprise.

“Please!” I gasped. “Let me up!”

“Do you want me to invite them in the room to watch, little girl?”

“No,” I blurted, biting my lip hard with mortification.

“Answer me properly, little girl,” he warned.

“No, Daddy,” I rushed to say, feeling my face flush much hotter than ever.

He smacked my ass several more times and the resulting sting caught me off guard. To be honest, the first few had been more of a shock and hadn’t actually hurt. My nervousness rattled through me and I couldn’t help but squirm a bit over his lap.

He was simply enjoying his fantasy. That’s all this was, right? Fantasy? He was just getting what he wanted to get his rocks off and then this all would end in his bed.

I told myself that again and again, but it did nothing to quell the fact that this felt like a very real punishment over his knee.

His palm cracked harder against the lower curve of my bottom and I gasped audibly.

“Sometimes Daddy has to be firm with a naughty little girl, doesn’t he?” he said softly.

“Yes, Daddy.” This time, my answer was almost automatic. It was as if the words were meant to fall off my lips. Maybe they were supposed to. I felt so unsure of everything that I began to question the soundness of my own mind.

He spanked me a little bit harder after that, enough to where the mild initial pain began to build into something much more intense. Each strike of his hand was like the sting of a massive bee, except multiplied by a least a hundred and they were only growing even more powerful. I tried to twist from side to side as the ache built, but his hold on my hip was strong and I soon realized that I wasn’t going anywhere even if I wanted to.

“Wait. It hurts,” I pleaded.

“You were naughty, little girl. You’ve earned a hard spanking over Daddy’s knee,” he scolded, and my pussy clenched down hard in response. Even as my fear strengthened, my arousal did too, and I could do nothing to stop it.

I must be crazy. There must be something wrong with me to have wanted this.

“That’s enough. You’ve made your point,” I squealed.

He chuckled and didn’t answer me for several moments. Instead, he used his palm to tell me exactly what he thought of my protests.

“Daddy is going to spank this bare little bottom bright red, little girl. You are being punished and Daddy is going to decide when you’ve had enough. Not you,” he finally replied.


If this was role play, he was really fucking good at it and that was terrifying. I felt as though I’d jumped off the edge of a cliff and the bottom was nowhere in sight. The sensation of fear was overwhelming, but his palm branded my backside a little harder and I forgot my sheer confusion over what this actually was. All I knew was how much it hurt.

“Please, Daddy,” I begged, trying to play along with him. Only it didn’t feel like I was playing anymore. It felt like the real thing.

“Your pretty little bottom is only pink, little girl,” he chided, and I keened with anxiety. For several long moments, his hand peppered my backside, and I did everything I could to keep quiet so that he didn’t know how much he was affecting me. He paused after that, edging his fingers along my thighs in a silent maneuver that indicated how much he was aware of the terrible way my body was betraying me.

“You’re soaking wet, little girl,” he observed, and a quiet sound of mortified desperation escaped my lips. A single rough fingertip grazed against the outer edges of my pussy and I had to stifle a gasp of arousal at his boldness.

“If you’re a good girl for the rest of your spanking, Daddy might just let you come over his knee, little girl,” he murmured, and my hips arched back just as his palm smacked my bottom hard. I whimpered loudly and it was at that moment that I realized that he had been holding back before.

This was real…

This was a very real spanking, and it hurt quite a lot more than I expected it to.

I squirmed and I cried out as his hand painted my backside red. It felt as though he didn’t leave a single square inch unpunished in the entirety of my bottom and even the tops of my thighs. Those stung the most. I tried to crawl forward and escape his harsh smacks, but his hold on me was firm.

I wasn’t going anywhere.

“I’ve learned my lesson, Daddy! I’m sorry I lied. I won’t do it again,” I promised, trying to play on his fantasy even more in hopes that he might stop, but it didn’t work. The spanking continued, just as hard as before and I soon feared how much longer this might go on for. Did he intend to make me cry? Did he truly mean to punish me?

“Please stop, Daddy,” I begged.

He still didn’t listen. The spanking went on and on and I didn’t know how to process the fact that it hurt, and I couldn’t make it stop.

A very real cry fell off of my lips and he spanked me at least two dozen more times before he paused once again. By the time he finished I was gasping for breath and I had lost control of my ability to hold in my cries. I begged and pleaded for him to stop, but it soon became clear that he was going to stop when he wanted and not a moment before.

“Your bare bottom is so beautiful when it is bright red and properly punished, little girl,” he mused and for some reason, that made me mad.

I hadn’t wanted this to be real.

I bit my lip, not wanting to say anything that would make him start spanking me again and not knowing how to handle the multitude of emotions flowing through me now that it appeared my punishment had ended. Anger. Desire. Raw need more powerful than anything I’d ever felt before.

I closed my eyes. My bottom was burning so hot that it ached. It stung far more than I expected, and I didn’t know how long it would take for it to stop hurting. He’d spanked me hard enough that I’d probably be sitting fairly gingerly tomorrow and that only added fuel to my ever-growing internal fire.

I couldn’t understand why, but that made me even angrier. I hated that even though he spanked me far harder than I had wanted, my body was reacting with an extreme sense of arousal. Even now, I was certain that my wetness was dripping down onto his thighs and leaving an unmistakable wet spot on his slacks.

His fingers edged along my pussy again and I couldn’t stop myself from arching into his touch. I wanted his fingers on me. I wanted the orgasm he promised and the fury inside me grew stronger and more intense with every passing moment at my wayward and entirely too sordid thoughts.

Why was I like this? A man had spanked me fucking hard and all I wanted to do was come all over his fingers. I shouldn’t want this.

There was something wrong with me. That was the only explanation for this, and I hated that. Knowing that I had only done this to myself made it all that much worse.

My anger only had one outlet. Him.

His fingers delved into the folds of my pussy and I lost the ability to speak. Every last word died on my lips as a powerful surge of desire rattled my core. With an expert touch, he found my clit with the pads of two fingers and began to circle it with skillful intention.


My anger served to fuel my need and as he toyed with my pussy, I fell prey to his expert maneuvers. I couldn’t think of the words to tell him what I wanted as I moaned into the couch, but it soon became clear that I didn’t need to. He already knew what that was. It was as if he could read me like a book.

His fingers on my skin felt like a drug. Each time he circled my clit, I wanted more. No. Needed more. I ground my pussy into his fingers as my body took control and ignored every last emotion hurtling through my mind.

“Please,” I begged.

What was I begging for? Did I want him to stop? Did I want to come with my bottom burning as I lay over his knee? Freshly punished and mortifyingly aroused? Would it be so wrong to give in to my body’s demands?

Fuck. His fingers played my body like an instrument, strumming my needy flesh higher and higher until I thought I was going to fray to pieces all over him. Maybe that was what he wanted. Maybe that’s what I wanted.

This was so fucking real.

“Come hard for Daddy, little girl,” he demanded, and I keened with trepidation and arousal far stronger than I had ever known before in my life. His fingers knew exactly what to do and it wasn’t long before I felt my entire core tighten with extreme need, like I was at the top of a roller coaster and there was no getting off until the ride was over.

It was too late. I was going to come over Daddy’s lap after he spanked me. I knew it and he knew just how inevitable it was.

I’d orgasmed at my own hands a few times, but none of those came remotely close to the desire burning through me right now. Every nerve in my body was simmering with passionate need, so much so that it felt like I was burning from the inside out.

My nipples were so hard that they were scraping against the lace of my bra. My bare bottom tingled from his cruel hand, but all of that paled to the sensation that was pulsing through my needy little pussy. My inner walls kept clenching down, desperate to feel something inside.

Anything. His fingers. His cock.

His cock was so hard against my naked hip. I could tell that he was impossibly large. I knew that it would probably hurt when he fucked me for the first time, but I knew that I’d probably come for him despite all that.

I wondered if he would think less of me if he knew I was a virgin. Would he want to be my first? Would he push me away because I was innocent?

His fingers pressed more insistently at my clit and I forgot all semblance of reason. None of it mattered anymore. All I wanted to do was come.

I wanted to come for Daddy.

My hips ground even harder against his fingers and I cried out.

“That’s a good girl. Come hard for Daddy,” he commanded softly, and his words were my undoing. My walls crumbled, and I gave in. I had no fight left in me and I fractured as his fingers worked fervently between my thighs. He was relentless and as the first tendrils of my release gripped at every fiber of my being, I began to truly lose control.

Each moan that escaped my lips sounded more wretched with insatiable need. My body arched and ground back against his hand as every single nerve in my body pulsed with endless consuming sensation that burned me from the inside out. My muscles tensed and my thighs started to tremble.

That had never happened to me before.

As my orgasm loomed before me, I soon began to fear the moment when the wave of pleasure finally burst over me. It was as if I was waiting for it to break and slam me back against a cliff. I squirmed and tried to fight its unavoidable arrival, but it was pointless. Daddy wanted me to orgasm and I was going to.

“Come for Daddy or he’ll spank these pretty thighs bright red to match your bare little bottom,” he demanded.

“Please, Daddy,” I pleaded.

His fingers punished my clit even harder, his demands insistent and at last, I finally gave in.

“I’m going to come for you, Daddy,” I wailed, mortified and ashamed and undeniably aroused.

“Come for me, little girl,” he demanded firmly, and I finally shattered at his command. My inner walls fluttered hard and my core tightened into a little ball. My pussy clenched tightly as my clit exploded with blazing hot sensation. I writhed over his lap, needing every moment of this incredible orgasm no matter how shameful it may be.

Every last muscle in my legs was trembling with scorching bliss. I squeezed my eyes shut and screamed with my need.

“Daddy. Daddy. Please.”

The words left my lips unbidden, no longer carrying any semblance of reason. My clit pulsed hard and white-hot ecstasy blinded me. My fingers dug into his ankle as I held on for dear life, riding one wave of pleasure after another until at long last, it began to fade. A soft warmth surrounded me like a firm embrace, taking a hold of me so completely that I was helpless against it.

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