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Boss Daddy by Shanna Handel – Extended Preview

I sat in my mom’s driveway, unable to make myself put the keys into the ignition. So much had happened in a short amount of time, and I needed to process it all. The spanking, the dance, the kiss, the conversation about daddies and discipline with Georgia and Bridgette, the chat with Josie, it was all starting to tumble together in one messy knot of emotions.

There had to be a way to sort out my thoughts. Or at least make myself feel like steady Louanne once more. Get back down to Earth and put my feet on some solid ground. There was one thing that always made me feel better when I was overwhelmed with wedding planning. And that was—making a list.

Pulling my phone out of my purse, I tapped in my password, ‘wddngplnnr,’ and opened the notes app. I would make a list. One that would outline what had changed between Hayes and me and how I felt about it.

A list describing the course of events leading up to this constant fluttering in my stomach and how I feel about it…

  1. The spanking—I’ve wondered for a very long time how it would feel. It hurt way more than I expected! During the spanking there were so many emotions… lust, fear, pain. But it also made me feel incredibly… sexy. No denying that! Afterwards, it grounded me at work and made me mind my manners. Overall it was a very positive experience.
  2. The first kiss—this was the moment the lines really began to blur between Hayes and ne. How can you go back to being friends after a kiss that makes your knees turn to jelly? You can’t—and I don’t want to.
  3. The dance—being in Hayes’ arms like that… then him telling me he was in love with me! Everyone on the ranch has been trying to tell me how he felt for years. But coming straight from his mouth—my heart is still racing.
  4. Baby girl—am I naïve to think there is no woman who wouldn’t love a big, strong man to call them baby girl? The name makes me melt and feel all soft inside. I was already used to the pet name. And it made me want to call him Daddy.
  5. Convo with the girls—I have mixed emotions about this one. Instead of making me feel better, I think our honest discussion may have created more fear about being with Hayes than excitement. I mean, in this day and age, is it really okay to be a… spanked wife? Will I lose my independence? Become a doormat? Or will I gain something?
  6. Josie—what a brat. Calling me uptight, lol. But really, it sounds like she is the one who should be dating a Jenkins man! How I wished I knew what I want like she does and be brave enough to go for it. Or, to be as comfortable in my own skin as Bridgette is… that would be incredible. Then, there would be no question what I would do… march right up to Hayes and tell him this baby girl has found her daddy.
  7. Which says it all, right? I want Hayes. The man who would love me forever… and never leave me. Right?

Sighing, I read over my list. It was no use. The truth was that this thing happening between Hayes and me couldn’t be simplified by a numbering of events. I tapped on the little picture of the trashcan on my screen, and my list disappeared. Fumbling for my keys, I started my car and got on the road. I would just have to be patient, relax, and let our future unfold naturally.

Pulling up to my house, I was surprised to see the red ranch truck in my driveway. Taking my phone out of my purse, I checked my messages—nothing. There had been no emergency on the ranch, but it looked like Hayes was paying me a visit. A nervous knot formed in my stomach. Checking my hair in the rearview mirror, I gathered my things, leaving the car. When I walked down my drive, I saw Hayes, rocking on a rocker on my front porch. My heart lurched into my throat.

Why was he here? Were we going to have ‘the talk’? And, which ‘talk’ would that even be? The ‘are we boyfriend, girlfriend’ talk? The ‘things are weird between us since we kissed, and you declared you love for me the other night’ talk? The ‘how do we slow things down after years of sexual tension between us’ talk?

Or, more important, would it be the ‘are you going to spank me and be my daddy’ talk. Taking a big breath, I braved my way up the stairs to Hayes. The words I had written for number six on my list echoed in my mind… there would be no question what I would do… march right up to Hayes and tell him this baby girl has found her daddy.

His hands rested casually on the arms of the chair as he rocked back and forth. His handsome face shone under the warm porch lights. “Hey there. You have fun with the girls?”

“I did. Thank you,” I replied, sitting down on the rocking chair beside him. “How long have you been here?”

“Just a little while. The girls got back to the ranch a little while ago, so I thought I’d come by here and see if you were up for a chat. I thought you’d be home by now,” he said.

“I stopped at my mom’s on the way back—to talk to Josie. I had something I had to discuss with her,” I said.

His brow furrowed. “Can I ask what?”

I took a deep breath. “When we were out at Bud’s, Georgia and Bridgette told me I’m… uptight.” I snuck a peek at Hayes’ face. He was smiling. “I stopped to ask Josie if it was true.”

“What did she say?” he asked.

I answered, “She didn’t even reply at first. She just snorted. Which was a resounding ‘yes.’”

“What do you think?” he asked.

“I don’t think I’m uptight. I just think things need to be a certain way for everything to run smoothly.” I hesitated, then asked in a small voice, “Do you think I’m uptight?”

He smiled again. “I think you’re perfect. And there would be no events at the ranch if it wasn’t for you and the way you run things. You just need a tiny bit of adjusting every now and then.” He lifted his hand, bringing it back down on his thigh with a gentle pat.

A grin tugged at the corners of my mouth. “Thank you.”

“What brought the subject up?” he asked.

White heat covered my face. My stomach was a bundle of nerves. So quickly we had arrived at the conversation I had been putting off… possibly the reason I had put off dating Hayes for years. Time to be brave, Louanne. I looked Hayes right in the eyes and said, “They were guessing the reasons that you would want to spank me, if you and I were to enter a relationship. And… whether or not you were a… daddy.”

His smile was a full grin. It made my knees weak and my heart beat faster. He leaned in toward me, my pulse further accelerating. He asked, “Is that so?”


“I’ve already spanked you once for being sassy—and it worked wonders,” he said.

I gave a shrug. My mixed emotions caused a cloud of confusion to rise up around the conversation.

“And why do you think I would spank you? If we were to enter a relationship?” he asked.

“I don’t think I would let you,” I said huffily. “Besides—I’m a grown woman and I don’t need spankings.”

He eyed me curiously. “But… do you want them?” He continued to stare at me in a way that made me feel I was sitting on my porch without a stitch of clothing on my body.

A fire burned on my cheeks. My pussy throbbed, my breasts ached, my nipples peaked. I wanted his fingers back in my panties. “I haven’t decided,” I answered.

“You can’t decide if you want something or not. You just know it.” His hand reached out toward me. His finger brushed over my hardened nipple as it made its way to my heart. “In here.” Eyes trained on me, his hand left my breast, making its way down to my knee. Slowly, it slipped up my skirt. “And in here,” he said. My breath caught in my throat, my head lolling back as his fingers pressed against my wet pussy. He began to rub, picking up where he had left off in the office. “Tell me, Louanne… do you want it?” My breath quickened. I rocked the chair back and forth, moving my aching pussy up and down along his fingers. His whispered words intensified the pleasure, my clit pulsing under his touch. “Do you want me to take you over my knee? Pull your skirt up over your bottom? Pull your panties down around your ankles? Spank your bare bottom with my hand? Tell you what a naughty girl you’ve been? Do you want me to be your daddy?”

My eyelids fluttered as I gazed at him. His eyes were heavy with lust. He licked his lips as he watched my face. His fingers moved faster over my panties. Closing my eyes, I rocked harder in my chair. There was a tightening within me as my clit felt as if it would explode. “I… I… ah…” I moaned, the words caught in my throat.

I gasped as an explosion happened within me. I shuddered, pushing at his hand. I could take no more. He leaned in, his lips brushing over my earlobe. “You will be mine. And you will be spanked.” A shudder racked my trembling body. “And you will call me Daddy.”

I couldn’t speak, couldn’t move.

He took my hand, leading me into the house. As we turned the corner, I gasped at the scene that awaited me. Dozens of tiny, flickering flames rose from white candles. Real wax candles that burned warm and filled the air with the scent of vanilla. They dotted the coffee table, my side tables, the mantel. A small fire burned in the fireplace. On the coffee table was a chiller full of ice, a bottle of champagne nestled within it. Two cut-crystal champagne flutes waited beside the chiller.

“Hayes. It’s gorgeous.” I walked over to the couch, taking a seat in my favorite corner and admiring the candles. No one had ever made such a romantic gesture for me before. I asked, “How did you manage this?”

“You left the door unlocked,” he said with a frown.

“Did I?” I shrugged. I always left the door unlocked. It was easier to get back in.

He eyed me. “You did. And we’ll be talking about that later.” A thrill ran through me at the threatening way he raised his brow. “First, champagne.”

Holding the bottle up, Hayes undid the cork, letting it go with a loud ‘pop.’ He poured the champagne into one of the flutes, handing it to me. I took it from him, waiting for him to fill his. He held his glass up, holding it to mine. “I propose a toast. To a lifelong friendship that has blossomed into love.” We clinked glasses and took a long, slow sip of the cold, bubbly liquid. It was sweet, just like his toast, and it made me smile.

Nerves danced in my stomach as I shyly eyed Hayes. He was seated beside me, the candlelight dancing on his face. A smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. Leaning in, his hand tangled in my hair, wrapping around the back of my neck. His lips pressed against mine. The taste of champagne lingered on his lips.

“I don’t want to rush you. You tell me when you’re ready,” he said.

His eyes locked on mine, his fingertips trailing down my cheek. His thumb brushed over my bottom lip, causing shivers to run down my spine. He tucked my hair behind my ear, his fingertips stroking my cheek. When he spoke, his voice was thick with emotion. “I’ve wanted you for so long.”

My eyes lowered. A blush burned in my cheeks. Nerves filled my stomach and migrated into my chest. My heart skipped three beats as I wound my hands together in my lap. I was too shy to speak.

The tip of his finger was beneath my chin, tilting my gaze up to meet his. His eyes were warm as he questioned me, “Do you want me, Luna?”

Biting my lower lip, I gave a tiny nod. As much and as long as I had wanted this, fear took hold of me. Knots formed in my stomach. My knees were shaking. I pressed them together, hard, trying to steady them. His hand cupped my chin, bringing my face toward his. I closed my eyes as his lips met mine. My body stilled, my muscles relaxing. The kiss melted me from within. My nerves dissolved, leaving me. I felt as if I was floating. His lips pressed harder against me. His hands tangled into my hair. My arms found their way around his neck.

The very tip of his tongue slipped into my mouth. His quiet exploration of my mouth made my pussy liquid and warm, my core flowing with lava. His large hands wound around my waist. Lifting me, he pulled me onto his lap. His hands caressed my back, moving up my neck and once again tugging on my hair.

I opened my mouth further, sliding my tongue into his. Our mouths moved against one another’s, deepening the melty, sensual calm that was taking over my body.

One of Hayes’ arms scooped underneath my thighs, the other around my lower back. Still attached at the lips, he scooped me from his lap and up into the air as he stood from the couch. Pulling away, I laughed as he carried me like a bride over the threshold.

To my bedroom. My heart pounded hard in my chest. I had never had a man in the bedroom of this house before. Nerves fluttered in my stomach as I quickly counted how many months I’d been celibate. It was too many to count.

In my room, my dresser was covered with the same vanilla pillar candles. Their tiny flames flickered in the mirror. I watched our reflections as Hayes carried me into the room. The soft lighting on our faces looked lovely, romantic. Calm flowed over me, my nerves settling. I was surprised by the sensual smile that rose on my face. Gently, Hayes laid me on the white piles of comforters and pillows. “Someone once told me LED candles were for people who didn’t have enough class to light a real one. I wanted to show you just how much class I have.” I laughed as he lay down beside of me. “Hey, you,” he said, brushing my hair back. He considered my face. A small smile rose on his lips. “You are drop dead gorgeous. You know that?”

I smiled, unable to answer him.

He said, “You don’t, do you? I guess that’s my new number one job. Luna, moon goddess.” He kissed my forehead. “Good thing that I’m up for a challenge.”

Shyly, I admitted, “You already make me feel like the most gorgeous girl in the world. You always have.”

“I’ve always known you were. I still remember you sitting there at your desk, eyeing me as the teacher introduced me to the class. I caught you watching me on the playground a couple of times. Then, as we grew older, I looked forward to holidays on the ranch—I just wanted to get home to see you,” he said.

“What about your girlfriends? There was a long line of those,” I teased.

“They were just distractions. While I waited for you to finally see you were meant to be with me. Do you know why I moved home?” he asked.

“Brody needed you. The ranch just wasn’t the same without you,” I whispered.

“It was something Georgia said,” he said.

“Georgia?” I asked.

“Yes. She’s been giving me a hard time ever since she moved on the ranch—she knew how I felt about you from day one. She said she could tell just by the way I looked at you that I loved you. Anyway, over breaks and holidays, we would all go to Bud’s. Everyone would tease me, asking me why I hadn’t told you how I felt, yet. I ignored them. I lived out of state and you weren’t exactly giving me any signals. Then, that Christmas that Bridgette came around, she was pretty blunt with me. So blunt, I actually didn’t really like her when we first met.” We both laughed, knowing Bridgette could be a handful. “She was constantly telling me to ask you out. Later, I was complaining to G about Bridgette not minding her own business. And you know what Georgia said to me?”

“What?” I asked.

Hayes drew lazy circles on my upper arm with his fingertip as he spoke. “She said, ‘Hayes, Louanne isn’t leaving this ranch. And if you don’t tell her how you feel, you will always regret it. Come home. At least then, you will never wonder what could have been. You’ll know.’ I spent a few more months mulling over G’s advice. I decided she was right. Then, the very next time Brody called me, telling me to come home and work on the ranch, to his surprise, I said, ‘yes.’ And, here I am.”

My heart fluttered in my chest as I whispered, “You came back for… me?”

“Yes,” he said.

I had no idea. When Hayes came back on the ranch, I—along with everyone else—had been delighted. But I had assumed he had tired of his corporate job. Or missed his family. Or was tired of Brody giving him guilt trips. It would never have crossed my mind in a thousand years that he had returned… for me. “But you had to quit your job… and move. And, go back to ranch work. Is that what you wanted?” I asked.

“I want you,” he said.

“But that doesn’t seem fair for you to have to do that,” I said, overwhelmed by the sacrifice he had made.

He held my face in his hands. “Louanne, I don’t care where I am or what I’m doing if I have you. And G was right—you aren’t leaving the ranch. So, I’m not either.”

“You would do that for me? Turn your whole life upside down?” I asked. Was I worth that? What was so special about me that Hayes would give up everything he had worked for away from the ranch?

“My life without you was upside down. Now, my life is right. I was living with a moon-shaped hole in my heart.”

His words settled over me like a blanket. I couldn’t speak. The urge to kiss him overtook me. I moved from where I lay on the bed, leaning over him and bending down. I pressed my lips against his, my hair fell in a curtain over our faces. “I love you, Hayes,” I whispered.

“I love you too, baby girl. And now, I’m your daddy.” Without waiting for me to speak, his tongue slipped between my lips. His hands grabbed my ass, his fingers digging into my flesh.

My nipples hardened. I pressed my breasts against his chest. I slid my leg over his, pressing my pussy against his muscular thighs as I breathed, “And a damn good one, too.”

A grin spread across his face. His hands went beneath my skirt, rubbing my bottom over my panties. My hips gyrated, grinding my clit against him as we kissed.

Hayes’ hands traveled up my ribcage, beneath my shirt. In one smooth motion, he had my shirt off and up over my head. He kissed my mouth, my neck. I leaned forward, and he unhooked my bra, freeing my breasts. I lifted the hem of his shirt, pulling it up over his muscular torso. He took the fabric from me, pulling the shirt over the back of his neck. I lay back down and he lay on top of me, his bare skin pressed against mine. The heat from his body radiated through me.

Our tongues intertwined. Then, his mouth left mine, his kisses trailing down my body to my breasts. His mouth moved to my nipple, taking it between his lips. Lightly he nipped it with his teeth. I sucked in my breath as shivers ran through me. His hand massaged my breast as his mouth continued to tease.

Then, his mouth was kissing my torso, making his way down my stomach. My hands went to his hair, my fingers running though his soft locks. He sat up on his knees, a lustful smile on his handsome face. A hungry look flashed in his eyes in the light of the candles. His hand went to my waist. He pulled my skirt and panties down as one.

I trembled as I lay, fully nude, under his gaze.

“So beautiful,” he murmured. And then, his face was gone from my sight and nestled between my legs. I gasped as the tip of his tongue parted my slick folds. He licked up and down until I was groaning. Then, he circled my clit. My hips arched in the air, my clit begging him for more direct caresses. Finally, he gave me what I wanted. Closing his lips around my swollen bud, he licked and sucked. His mouth was warm and wet, and it was the most delicious thing I had ever felt.

Within me, my muscles tightened, my pussy gushing with sexy juices, preparing for his cock. My hips moved in rhythm with his mouth as the orgasm built. “I—I’m going to come!” I screamed. My entire body tensed. My muscles broke into a hard shudder as the orgasm rocked my body.

When my eyelids fluttered open, Hayes was above me. Slowly, he lowered himself on top of me. My hands caressed his muscular shoulders. The tip of his cock pressed against my wet opening. I bit my bottom lip so as not to cry out as his cock pressed past the tight entrance. Pain gave way to intense pleasure as he plunged his member deep within me.

I cried out then. He slowly pulled away, leaving me empty inside, begging for him to return. Again, he thrust within me, the walls of my pussy tightening around him. My hips rose to meet his, pushing him even further inside of me. In and out he rocked, each push bringing me closer to another earth-shattering orgasm.

Foreign little whimpers that sounded strange came from deep within me as I released, giving myself over to the unstoppable climax. Hayes pressed inside of me one last time. He came within me, an animal-like groan escaping his lips.

His forehead pressed against mine as we panted in one another’s arms. We had finally done what our bodies had been telling us to do for years. And it was incredible.

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