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Bound and Blushing by Piper Wynne – Extended Preview

Bound and Blushing by Piper Wynne

He picked up a thin piece of toasted bread, covered with tomatoes, basil, and mild cheese. Brushing a strand of hair out her face, he held it to her mouth. Jo took a bite, savoring the spicy aroma of the basil, the juicy tang of the tomato, the salty crunch of the bread.

She swallowed and looked at him.

“Have you entertained many?”

“Now and then. I do own a chair with built-in restraints, but it gets less use than you’d think. Have another bite.”

“Now you’re gloating. False modesty in front of your captive is definitely gloating.”

He laughed. “I got the chair out of storage this morning especially for you. Happy? Have another bite.”

Obediently, she bit down on the appetizer, realizing she was starting to relax. Alex reached over, undoing the top two buttons of her blouse, then offered her another bite. If he had groped or kissed her, she might have relaxed into it, but the casual way he did it somehow made it far more dehumanizing, as if she were a gift he was unwrapping slowly to savor.

“I’ve got to tell you, your makeup is absolutely beautiful, by the way. As if you needed to draw more attention to your gorgeous eyes.”

Jo gave him an amused look. “Thank you. I’ve never had a straight man comment on my makeup before.”

“Shame on the rest of us for not noticing,” he said, casually undoing another button and spreading her collar to admire her cleavage. “Wine?”

“Please,” she breathed.

He poured a glass of pinot noir in front of each of them.

“What should we drink to?” she asked.

“It would feel presumptuous to toast when you can’t lift your glass; still, if you’d like to, please.”

She thought for a moment.

“To…” She stopped. “You aren’t making this easy,” she said, trying to fend his hands off with her arm as he undid another button.

“Would you like to put your hands in your lap, or would you prefer I tie them to the chair?” he asked, suddenly stern.

Jo put her hands down, and looked at the single closed button at the bottom of her blouse, aware of the flush spreading across her chest. She gave him an incredulous look, her thighs clenching against the restraints.

“Are you really going to just leave one button done? You’re driving me crazy, Alex.”

“I can tell. You’ve got a beautiful blush, and you haven’t even tried the wine yet. Now, do you want to toast or should I?”

“To men who know enough to give a girl what she asks for.”

He smiled and raised his glass to his lips. Then he picked up hers.

“And to girls who let less sensible men tie them to chairs. Here, drink this carefully.”

He raised the glass to her lips, and she sipped delicately. Jo wasn’t sure, but it felt as if the glass quivered in his hand, and a few drops dribbled down her chin toward her chest. Did he do that on purpose, she wondered? At any rate, he seemed prepared for it, deftly lunging out with a napkin and blotting the wine just above her lacy bra. He put down the wineglass and reached into her bra, lightly tweaking her nipple as he ran the napkin up to her face.

“Messy girl,” he chided, “you should be more careful.”

Jo was almost sure that he had done it on purpose, but it did nothing to mitigate the blast of shame through Jo as Alex cleaned her like a helpless and disobedient child.

“Damn it, Alex, if you spill wine on my blouse, I’ll…” She stopped as he unbuttoned the last button and slid it down her arms.

“Same goes for my bra and skirt,” she said weakly.

Alex didn’t respond. He was busy rearranging her breasts for best display in her bra. When he was done posing her like one of his puppets, the top halves of her aureoles and the very tops of her nipples were displayed. She felt far more naked than if he had just removed her bra.

“So,” he said, stroking her neck, “tell me more about your experience with dominance and submission play. I know you’ve been held down and spanked before. Am I the first man who you let tie you up?’

She swallowed unconsciously, and he offered her the wineglass without comment. This time, it was her trembling that made a drop spill. He leaned in and delicately tasted the wine on her chin and cheek.

“I had a boyfriend a few years ago who would tie me up now and then,” she said. “Not like this, though. I’d have him tie me to the bed and fuck me hard. It was nice.”

She looked straight into his eyes.

“Not as nice as being held down and fucked, but nice.”

“Sounds like a bit much for a second date,” he said, lightly tweaking the top of her nipple where it peeked over her bra cup. Her thighs clenched, and she saw his eyes glance down to her lap. “Besides, we wouldn’t be having this lovely dinner if I let you top from the bottom.”

He fed her another bite of toast.

“So, you’ve been bound before. How about degradation, slut?”

She winced, but felt a jolt of undeniable heat race through her. “I’m still getting used to that.”

He placed a hand on her thigh and stroked it gently.

“Don’t take it too hard, little toy. It’s merely part of how I savor my playthings.” He slid her skirt up and bunched it around her waist. “You smell wonderful, by the way, although I’m not sure I appreciated how you leaked all over my shoe. Tell me, are you making a mess on my chair too?”

He stroked the outside of her panties, and the touch alone was enough to make her buck her hips as far as the bonds allowed.

“God, just fuck me, you bastard.”

He chuckled and rubbed his middle finger in a circle over her clitoris.

“That’s ‘fuck me, you bastard, sir,’” he said.

She closed her eyes. It took her a long moment to focus on him when she opened them again.

“Fuck me, sir,” she whispered.

“Soon enough, slut,” he said, seeming to savor the last word. “I wouldn’t want to rush into things. Arms up!”

Her arms shot up at the command. He unsnapped and removed her bra with an approving nod. Despite the light teasing, it was all she could do to not cry from the built-up arousal. If she could just come, she’d be so good for him. He could even take his time with her. She gave him a look that had never failed on her past lovers.

“Sir? Would you kiss me, please?”

“Of course, pretty thing,” he said, lightly stroking her nipple. As soon as he kissed her, Jo pressed her gloved fist into her sopping panties. It would probably take him a few seconds to notice. Maybe it would be just enough time.

Without breaking the kiss, Alex dropped his hand from her nipple and grabbed her wrist by the little lock, pulling it up and away. She thought about trying with her other hand, but knew it would do no good; he was already onto her.

“I’m still proud of you, toy. I know what a needy little cunt you have. You really did your best. I’m sure there’s a wet spot on my chair by now. Let’s remove the temptation, shall we?”

“I thought…” she cleared her throat nervously, watching him lash her right arm to the chair. “This is you taking things down a notch?”

“I didn’t say that,” Alex said, walking around behind her. “I promised you a gentle evening.” He tied her left arm down, then knelt down beside her, putting a hand over her eyes and pulling her ear to his lips.

“I promise to be very gentle,” he whispered.

He removed his hand and replaced it with the silk handkerchief, tying it lightly behind her eyes. “This will have to do for the moment. I’ll be right back.”

Jo could vaguely make out his outline through the handkerchief as he crossed the room and opened a low cabinet. He pulled out a leather bag and walked behind her, placing it on the floor.

“Handkerchief blindfolds are such a cliché, I know,” he said, unzipping the bag. “They’re really more symbolic than anything else. Personally, when I wish to deprive my toys of sight, I try to be a bit more thorough about it. I just didn’t want to ruin the surprise. Lean forward.”

Jo obeyed and heard rustling behind her, as the back of the chair slid out. She felt the straps on her arms loosen and release, and heard the padlocks click open. He pulled off the gloves, her bra, and blouse without pause or explanation, preparing her for whatever ordeal he’d planned next.

“Clasp your hands behind your back,” he whispered in her ear.

Wordlessly, she complied, and felt him stretch a leather pouch over both of them. She couldn’t tell if it was one of the pouches he’d used to bind her hands before or another one, but it compressed her fingers almost painfully, tightening both of her hands into a single fist. She heard a rustling sound, and felt soft leather slide up both of her arms. He threaded a leather thong through the single glove and gently pulled, slowly pressing her arms together.

“Still comfortable, pretty thing?” he asked.

Jo nodded nervously, her arousal dampened by her trepidation. He gave the thong another yank and she winced, expecting pain in her shoulders. Instead, all she felt was a gentle stretching feeling, and constriction around her arms. He removed the blindfold and sat next to her, cupping one of her breasts and bouncing it in his hand. He reached over and held her chin, turning her head to look at him.

“This glove thrusts your breasts out beautifully, but it can hurt your shoulders if I make it too tight. Can your shoulders take more pressure if I bind it tighter?”

She nodded. He pinched her nipple.


“Tighten it, please, sir,” she said quietly.

He leaned behind her and pulled the thong another yank, then looked at her.

“Again, sir.”

He pulled one more time, and she felt a twinge of pain. She could sense her elbows were almost touching.

“I think I can take just a little more, sir.”

“I think that’s enough for now, slut. You’ve done very well.” He stroked her face as he got up to stand behind her. “Tell me if it gets painful.”

Jo nodded, and kissed his fingers as they brushed across her lips. She felt a slight pulling on her arms as she heard the quiet sound of leather being tied. Experimentally, she moved back and forth, and discovered that her arms were held in place, tied to the sides of the chair. There was a little give, but she could barely lean forward or back. She turned her head, and saw where her arms were lashed to the uprights of the chair. The single glove wrenched her shoulder, thrusting her breasts up and to the sides, as if offering them to anyone near her.

She heard Alex kneel behind her, and there was a small sound like something being unscrewed. She heard a click, then gasped as a narrow panel dropped from the center of the chair. Most of the seat was still under her, but she was suddenly acutely aware of a cool draft on her wet panties.

“I knew it. You got my chair all wet.” She jumped as his fingers reached through the bottom of the chair, fondling her outer lips.

“Getting your slutty juices all over my shoe is one thing, but I don’t think marking up my furniture can go unpunished.”

If possible, her cheeks turned an even brighter red. Sitting at his table, bound, exposed, and practically dripping in front of her immaculately dressed date, Jo’s mind was shutting down. She could neither pull away nor thrust her sex down on his teasing fingers. All she could do was sit there and quiver. She wished she were gagged so she could wail, but she was almost too embarrassed to speak.

“I’m s… I’m sorry,” Jo said, barely whispering.

“What’s that, toy?”

“I’m sorry, sir, for… for dripping on your chair,” she said.

Suddenly, his arms were wrapped around her, and he was kissing her, biting her lips almost painfully, stroking and squeezing her so that she melted into his arms. Then, just as quickly, it ended. She felt dizzy from the kiss, and looked around, trying to reorient herself. She heard him kneel down beneath the chair.

“It’s okay, toy,” he said, “I know you can’t control yourself. It’s your dripping little hole that makes you such a good plaything. It’s what makes you so easy to train.”

Jo bit her lip again and resisted the urge to curse him or beg him to fuck her. She knew it wouldn’t do any good. Like it or not, he was right.

“Thank you, sir,” she whispered as he walked behind her, fastening the thick leather blindfold from the night before in place.


Jo felt something hard and rubbery nudge against her lips through her panties and slide up to her clit.

“I still have to finish the main course,” he said. “Here’s something to make sure you don’t get too bored while you wait.”

There was a small click, and the rubbery thing started to move, dragging ever so slightly up and down against her clit. Experimentally, she shifted her hips forward, pressing into the object, only to feel a sharp vibration pulse through it.

“Oh, fuck. What is that…? Sir?” she asked, gasping.

“Just a little pneumatic device I built to entertain guests,” he said. “It can buzz continuously and penetrate you as deeply as I want, but right now it’ll just provide a bit of company.”

He leaned into her ear. “I know you really need to come. Is that enough stimulation?”

Jo grunted, straining against the thrusting head as it buzzed again.

“Not sure. I think… maybe. Maybe just a little bit more, sir?”

She heard another click, and the pulsing and thrusting slowed down slightly.

“You son of a bitch!”

He laughed. “Watch your language. If I have to gag you, you’ll miss out on the steak.”

She heard his footfalls as he walked into the kitchen.

Jo tried to concentrate on the feeling of the leather on her arms, the growing smell and sizzle of steaks in the next room, even the sound of her own breathing—anything to distract herself from the maddening, painful pleasure in her clit. Each stroke of the machine made her squirm and whimper. Each time the buzzing started, she’d thrash in her bonds. The room was slightly cool with her shirt off, but she soon felt sweat beading on her forehead and chest, plastering her formerly immaculate hair against her face. Every time Jo tried to just give into the sensations, she’d imagine herself, thrashing and moaning while Alex contemplated her with detached amusement.

Jo had been spanked until she almost cried before, but nothing had ever caused her this kind of torment. She was starting to contemplate using her safeword when she heard Alex’s footsteps, followed by the sound of plates being set on the table. She heard him step behind her and, with a quick tug, felt the blindfold release. She looked down at the meal of filet mignon with grilled onions and some colorful vegetable side—squash, eggplant, and grilled peppers, with a rich aroma of fresh spices. As she tried to focus on the delicious meal spread in front of her, the maddening buzzing started again.

“What are you doing?” Jo asked as Alex knelt beside her.

He didn’t answer, but she heard a click and felt the rubber piece stop its moving, then slide away. She scooted her hips as he pulled her panties down to her thighs. A finger slid inside her and felt around, almost clinically. Then he pulled out, rubbing her own juices around her outer lips. Jo felt the head of the machine reposition itself at her entrance, its tip covered with a cold gel that made her shiver. She heard a single click as he sat down beside her, holding his hand up so she could see his glistening finger.

“Would you like to start with another drink of wine?”

“Yes, sir.”

Alex picked up her glass and drew his finger across the rim. He raised it to her lips, and Jo opened her mouth, carefully drinking. Her aroma and tart taste mixed with the wine, and she felt herself completely surrender for the first time this evening. She finally understood what he had meant by ‘savoring’ her—that she had willingly given herself as a pleasurable thing to be presented, enjoyed, consumed. He took her glass away and sipped it, looking into her eyes, trapping her eyes with his as he savored her flavor and her submission. His pupils were huge, and she saw the slightest tremble in his hand and a fleeting hint of a shy smile pass his lips. Just as quickly, it gave way to a mischievous glint in his eye as he reached down. She heard a click under her chair.

Jo felt a building pressure at her entrance as Alex busied himself with her plate, cutting small pieces off the steak. He held up a piece to her mouth. She felt her eyes lose focus, her nostrils flare, and a prickly feeling travel slowly down her back as the rubber head slowly nudged her outer lips aside.

“Hungry?” he asked.

Jo let out a little huff and gave her head an involuntary shake, trying to focus. She shifted her hips, blushing as an involuntary whine forced its way out of the back of her throat. Leaning forward, she took the meat into her mouth, holding it on her tongue as she tried to cope with the excruciatingly slow invasion of her sex.

“Chew, pet,” Alex said, smiling.

Jo chewed once, then held still again, willing the insidious rubber phallus to stop moving. She gasped as Alex pinched her nipple sharply. Steeling herself, she exhaled and chewed. It was good. Very good. She swallowed and Alex released her nipple. The head was just pushing past the ring of her inner lips. She let out a little squeak as she felt her sex close around it, squeezing the invader.

Her tongue felt thick. “It’s… It’s hard to focus… on food.”

Alex snapped his fingers. “Ah, I knew something was missing. Sorry. What kind of host am I?”

He leaned over, reaching behind her chair and came up with a pair of clamps attached by a chain. He pinched one open, and slowly let it close on her left nipple. She barely noticed the pleasurable pressure until he released it, sending a jolt of pain that made her gasp. It was intense, but she could handle it. Her nipple throbbed, sending pleasure and pain right to her pussy, right to… oh, God, she could feel another ridge sliding past her lips as the head pushed along, oblivious to her clenching walls. He clamped her other nipple, this time suddenly, making her throw her head back and moan. This was supposed to help her focus?

Alex speared a piece of eggplant and held it to her mouth.

“Alex… Sir, I don’t think I ca—ooh!


She opened her mouth with a loud moan as he pulled on the chain, sending a piercing jolt through her nipples. She clamped down on the dildo, filled with pain and pleasure, and the creamy flavor of the eggplant. She chewed and swallowed. It was all too much, but somehow, she knew she’d do exactly as he said.

“Do you like it?” he asked. “It’s a family recipe.”

She looked at him and felt a giggle slip out of her throat. Suddenly, laughter overwhelmed her, high and wild, and punctuated by gasps as the bumps and ridges of the textured mechanical phallus moved through her. He smiled, gave the chain a short, sharp yank, and suddenly she couldn’t tell if she was laughing or crying.

“Yessir,” she gasped.

He gave her a curious smile, as if he had discovered some new feature of a toy and wasn’t quite sure what it did. He yanked again.

“Yes, sir,” she moaned. “I like it, sir!”

The pneumatic toy bottomed out inside her, filling her completely, and began slowly to withdraw. Jo felt her teeth chattering, her breath coming in little gasps. Alex gave her a look of concern.

“I’m worried you’re going to choke if you stay in this state. Can you calm down and eat, or do you need to stop?”

Jo looked at him and panted, unable to process even the simple question. He pulled the chain.

“Ooh, yes, sir,” she called out. “I think… mmmph.” She grunted and squeezed the dildo, trying desperately to come.

“Do you need to stop, or should I feed you more?”

He sat back with a sly smile, and gave the chain several hard yanks.

With a supreme force of effort, she focused on his eyes. “N-Now you’re j-just mocking me, s-sir.”

He laughed out loud, a musical laugh that made her feel tingly and warm inside. Then he leaned over and kissed her, tenderly but not teasingly, a kiss that told her that at this moment, she was everything he wanted.

“I haven’t had a chance to eat my dinner yet,” he said softly into her ear. “Would you mind providing me with a bit more entertainment while I have a bite?”

“Of course, sir,” she whispered back.

Alex pressed a button, and the dildo picked up speed, withdrawing. Jo was well beyond figuring out if it was part of his plan or just an unhappy coincidence, but as the head exited her, she knew just one more thrust would bring her the release she desperately needed—one more thrust that never came. He unstrapped her from the chair, but left her arms tied behind her back. He pulled her skirt and panties down and held her as she gingerly stepped out of them. Then he wrapped his arms around her.

Jo felt a sudden jolt of panic as he lifted her off her feet. Her helplessness crashed down on her as she tried desperately to pull her arms out of the single glove and wrap them around his neck, but he just smiled and placed her on the table, kneeling in front of him, with her sex practically on his plate. She shivered as he looked up at her, idly toying with her sparse bush. She looked toward the door, toward the window—anywhere but at him.

She was shaking with humiliation as he gently flicked the bowl of a spoon against her pussy.

“Look at me when I’m attending to you, toy.”

“Sir… it’s a bit much for me. I feel very exposed.”

He stroked her outer lips affectionately. “That’s sort of the point, toy. You’re the centerpiece.”

She swallowed and tried again.

“S-sir, the shades aren’t closed, could I get down?”

He reached into the bag and stood up.

“I love the sound of your voice, but you’re repeating yourself, dear.”

She tried to turn as he circled, but he was quickly behind her, holding her by the hair.

“Open,” he commanded.

She grunted angrily, and he yanked her hair until she was bent back, looking into his eyes.

“Do you remember your safeword?” he asked in a low tone.

She nodded as much as his grip on her hair would allow. He tightened his grip and kissed her very softly.

“I suggest you use it, or open your mouth.”

She closed her eyes and opened her mouth for the ring gag. He threaded it behind her teeth and pushed her back up, then fastened it behind her head. He held up a short red dildo in front of her eyes.


“I can’t have both your holes dripping on my tablecloth,” he explained as he thrust it into her mouth. The bitter taste of the rubber filled her mouth, almost making her gag as it settled against the back of her tongue.

Alex walked into the kitchen and came back out a moment later holding a newspaper. He placed it down on the table and cut a piece of steak, chewing thoughtfully. Jo rolled her eyes, shifting uncomfortably. He barely glanced at her before picking up his spoon and flicking it against her clit. Jo responded with an indignant squeal.

“You can make any sounds you want, but sit still. I might want to admire the decoration,” he said, without looking up.

Alex gently pulled at her bush while making a show of ignoring her. She looked at the window and back at him, snorting with anger and embarrassment at being this exposed. He seemed not to have noticed. Jo tried desperately to not give him the pleasure of seeing her shake, but it was hard; between the ache in her shoulders, her mortifying position, and the seemingly unending torment he was subjecting to her, she felt like screaming. Jo had never particularly enjoyed topping, but she desperately wanted to turn the tables on Alex. She closed her eyes and pictured it as he gently pulled on her outer lips. She’d tie him down and spend a good ten minutes just smacking him across the face and twisting his nipples. Then she’d…


Pain shot through her as he pinched her lips viciously. She tried to stare him down, and suddenly realized that he was relishing not just her humiliation and arousal, but her anger. She could feel the flush spreading down from her neck and across her cheeks, and the little jolts of pain and pleasure as her heaving breath caused the chain between the clamps to slap against her chest. He feigned disinterest, but she could tell that she made quite a trophy for him, captive and seething on the table.

“I already pretended not to notice once when you looked outside the window,” he drawled, sounding bored. “You really are a little scatterbrained fuckdoll who can’t stay still.”

His face softened.

“Here,” he said, sticking a finger between her lips, “you can fuck my finger if it’ll keep you on task. I know what motivates my little slut.”


Her nostrils flared and she swung her chest back and forth, struggling and glaring with rage as her pussy clenched around his digit. He might have even felt bad if she hadn’t looked so incredibly erotic.

Rggghhh!” she growled.

Alex ignored Jo. She made another, deeper growl and he gave her another pinch without looking up. Then he turned the page, cut a tiny piece of steak, and chewed it very slowly. She made a little whimper and squeezed his finger again. He chewed slowly, watching her legs shake while he pretended to read the paper. He enjoyed her trembling and the little gasps she made as she slowly sank onto his finger. She lifted herself up again. He relished his power, pretending to stifle a yawn as she tried to catch his eyes and stare him down. Then, with a weary sigh, Jo started to fuck his finger.

Alex watched her build up slowly, her thighs shaking from the strain. He studied her warm, swollen sex, flexing his finger every once in a while, enjoying the way it made her gasp and whimper, throwing off her rhythm. Her eyes were closed, and he could now drop the charade and watch her without her noticing. The tremors working up and down her body showed she couldn’t be far from climax. How far could he push her? He looked down at the paper and pulled his finger back so just the tip was inside her. Her eyes flew open, and she gave an indignant squeal.

He looked up, trying to keep his face neutral, but the sight was absolutely breathtaking. Her hips thrust desperately, struggling to pull his finger inside her as her hair whipped wildly around her head. Her chest shook, sending the nipple clamps flying, and bringing out little winces and squeaks of pleasure and pain. Her skin was flushed and her nostrils flared, and she seemed to be begging him, fixing him with a hungry stare and thrusting against him as she whimpered in frustrated desire.

Alex was amazed by how far he had been able to take things with such an inexperienced submissive, but he suspected Jo couldn’t have much more in her. She was amazingly stubborn, which was what made her so wondrously easy to train. She wouldn’t back out of an experience no matter what, wouldn’t admit that he’d given her something she couldn’t handle. But would she use her safeword when she needed it? The way her head was lolling, he was pretty sure she was approaching her limit. It was time to give her a choice.

He pulled his finger out and stood up, cleaning it with a handful of her hair. “Listen, toy, here’s the deal. You can come right here in the dining room, or you can have a nice, hard fuck and a spanking tonight. What’s it going to be?”

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