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Bound by Contract: A Mafia Billionaire Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

There was no light in the bedroom other than the expansive moon peeking in through the thin blinds. My eyes had difficulty adjusting and even when they did, I found it difficult to focus on the man standing over me. Hungering for me. Ready to consume me. His shadow seemed oppressive, his muscular body so rugged in design, formidable and hard.

He was sculpted in a way that no man should be allowed to be, days spent honing a body that had been gifted from the very heavens. I didn’t need anything other than the luminescent glow of the moon to highlight his gorgeous silhouette. It was as if his entire body glowed from the giant orb shining in through the window.

My nipples ached, the wetness between my legs no doubt staining the expensive comforter. I almost laughed at the thought. I had to wonder what all the lovely party goers would think if they saw us now. Or had they simply retreated to their rooms, participating in kinky acts of their own?

I couldn’t lie that with every passing hour, I became more attracted to him, but that’s what he wanted—his method of punishment. Get me to care about him then toss me away like trash. Well, the fucker had another think coming. I’d continue to play the game like an expert.

Just like the game of pool.

“Hands over your head,” he directed as he stood over me, his chest rising and falling but not from exertion.

From lust.

His eyes were wild with it, his actions more like a savage animal than a man. He’d awakened aspects of the woman inside that had never been done, as if he’d found the key to Pandora’s Box. And I hated myself for it. When I didn’t obey immediately, he unbuckled his belt, forcing an involuntary whimper from my throat.

He stopped his action, leaning over and planting his hands on the bed. “Yes, I will punish you if you choose not to follow my orders, but not with my belt. At least not tonight. I will ask you one more time to place your hands over your head and close your eyes or you will be disciplined. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, sir.” His need for respect was repulsive. Respect was an earned trait and that would never happen.

I did as directed, raising my arms over my head and closing my eyes, realizing the pulse ticking in my neck was erratic. Was I afraid of what he would do? Maybe to a point. I knew of his reputation as a sadist, something I’d learned about in a brutal manner. Would he harm me even though he promised he never would? I bit back another cry, awaiting my fate like a misbehaving little girl.

I heard nothing for a full two minutes and almost dared to disobey him. When I heard what sounded like the zipper of a suitcase in close proximity, I was thankful I hadn’t risked taking a peek.

“You can be obedient,” he said after another two or three minutes. Time meant nothing around this man. “I’m glad to see.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Begin your training. You must learn to trust me.”

Trust? Who the hell was he kidding? I bit my lower lip to keep from saying something sarcastic. When I felt his weight on the bed, I swallowed hard.

“I will explain to a point what I’m doing. Then a certain portion of your senses will be blocked.”

“What?” The tone of my voice had changed, a slight whine replacing the bold woman. When he lifted my head, placing a blindfold over my eyes, I almost panicked, the hard thumping in my chest overwhelming.

“Relax, Brooklyn. I made you a promise and I will keep it,” he said in such a calm and collected way. “I’m not your enemy.”

“And I’m not yours,” I blurted out. “So don’t treat me like one.”

He hesitated before finishing attaching the blindfold. “I have no intentions of treating you like an enemy; however, I am your master. The sooner you come to that understanding, the more intense this will be for you. Pain. Pleasure. Joy. Sadness. Sensations are incredible, as long as you allow them to be. What I can offer you is the most beautiful and sublime experience of your life. But only if you accept my command.”

What the fuck? No way. I moved, lowering my arms, expecting a shark snap of something harsh. Instead, he simply placed the palm of his hand on my chest, his fingers brushing ever so lightly. “I can’t do that.”

“Yes, you can and you will. Breathe for me, Brooklyn. Breathe.”

I tried to listen to his calming voice, taking several deep breaths, but everything was muddled in my mind. I was still excited, my entire body tingling. There was no logical reason for it. None. I hated him. I loathed him. I didn’t want to be here.

“I can’t,” I muttered, tossing my head from side to side. No. There was no way. None. Period. I realized I was shaking, the anxiety switching to outright fear, but not of the man or what he might do. For all Gregory’s bullshit bravado, I believed him when he said he wouldn’t hurt me.

I was terrified of the girl locked in a cage, still fighting for freedom.

“Yes. You. Can,” he said in a quiet albeit commanding fashion.

You can and you will. You can and you will.

The mantra was one I’d said dozens of times.

I tried to concentrate on those stark words, as if they should make a difference.

But they did.

“Trust me but more important, trust yourself,” Gregory added.

He had no way of knowing trust would never happen again, especially with myself.

The blindfold became soothing, the inability to move or see forcing me to either freak out or shift into a level of peace. I chose the latter, envisioning my favorite place on Earth. I certainly wasn’t going to allow the bastard to get the best of me.

I bit back a cry, more from the yin and yang of my emotions attempting to betray me once again. I had to remember that Gregory was merely using me.

Think. Dream. Breathe.

The second mantra was one I’d used many times when I still believed in the world of make believe, knights on massive white steeds fighting to save the day.

I’d adored being by the ocean since I was a little girl. My mother had enjoyed building magical castles of sand, providing stories for hours of the beautiful damsels and worldly knights who protected my kingdoms. Then my father had whisked me into his arms, his hold forever strong as he doused me in the gentle waves. The memories were my peace.

My salvation.

Especially after the…

No. No! I wasn’t going to think about that ever again. I’d promised myself that the ugliness of the past would stay there, never to surface, interrupting my new life. Why now?

Because you’ve been abducted.

No. That wasn’t true. I’d agreed on this arrangement. I’d been willing to accept Gregory’s terms. A moan slipped past my lips the moment his fingers traveled down from my neck between my breasts. The word was ugly, the deal made merely a reminder that I hadn’t been in control of my life for one hell of a long time, no matter my bravado. I detected the shift in the weight on the bed and knew he was leaning closer. The moment his lips brushed over mine, I involuntarily opened my mouth, tilting my head as if expecting his tongue to slide inside. For some crazy reason, I longed to hear him whisper words of seduction.

A dark chuckle was the only sound I heard until the rattling noise of what had to be a metal buckle then a creak of… leather. I’d experienced being tied up once in my life, a moment I fought against with everything I had.

“Don’t fight me, little sunshine,” he said commandingly.

There wasn’t a portion of my body unaffected by the bloom of goosebumps, the prickling sensations creating a wave of current dancing through my cells and muscles. It was crazy that a part of me was excited, the anticipation invigorating. I couldn’t want this. I couldn’t crave this. I couldn’t.

At least not the girl from years before.

I was different now, although the change had nothing to do with the savage beast standing over me. I’d packaged away my fears, forging a new path. I was strong. I was independent. I was… lying to myself. I wanted to laugh, scream out to the world but as he secured my other wrist, testing both of the shackles to make certain I wasn’t going to get away, I did nothing.


He already had control over me. What the hell?

“Go ahead, Brooklyn, test your bindings,” he instructed.

I fisted my hands, snapping my head in the direction of his voice, but as usual, I obeyed. The rattling of what had to be chains surprised me. They were loose and long enough, they could be twisted, which meant I could be turned onto my stomach. “What are you trying to do?”

“Making certain you understand your circumstances.”

“You’re such a bastard. You have to lock a girl in chains to make certain she can’t get the better of you?”

He dragged his fingers down my stomach, brushing them in far too delicately from one hip to the other before sliding the tips down to the crease from my groin to my thigh. I jumped from the ticklish sensations, kicking out my legs. “Oh…”

Two fingers smacked my pussy, forcing a harsh moan to slip past my lips. Once again, I could feel his hot breath cascading down from my cheek to my neck. I could swear his mouth was hovering over my pulse of life, his teeth bared and ready to sink into my skin. Swallowing, I bit my lower lip.

“Infractions mean punishment. I suggest you do exactly as I say.”

Or what, asshole? Or what? “Yes. Sir.” I hated my reply, the words said immediately.

His touch became rough, jerking my legs apart. “If I didn’t know better, my little sunshine, I’d say you were mocking me. Perhaps I should use a spreader bar on those long legs of yours.”

No. No! I wanted to scream. No, I wanted to put a bullet between his eyes. “I’m sorry. I’ll… I’ll be good.”

“Hmmm…” His hold softened and the moment his mouth engulfed my clit, I couldn’t hold back the moan.

“Oh. Fuck! Yes!” My entire body bucked, the chain managing to clang against the headboard.

He sucked for several seconds then pulled away, using two fingers to twist and pluck the same tender tissue. “Pain and pleasure. They are intertwined.”

Did he expect some kind of an answer?

“There will come a time you won’t be allowed to hear any sound, other than the beating of your heart echoing in your ears. You also won’t be able to whisper a word of denial nor one of ecstasy. Instead, you’ll experience moments of agony and ecstasy in a way you’ve never contemplated before. Tonight, I’m only allowing you a taste of what’s to come.”

There was something exciting about his words, although the promise made was savage in nature. The man wanted nothing more than to defile me, strip away every last vestige of my inhibitions. He had no idea what he’d uncover in doing so. The thought was unsettling, the ugly inner voice sing-songing reminders of the past.

Hell, no. He wasn’t going to break me. Not with parlor games and a kinky round of domination. I sucked in my breath, holding it and listening for any other sound. Of course he was stealth-like in his actions, refusing to give his whereabouts or his intentions away. I closed my legs, only to have his firm grip yanking them apart again.

“If I have to ask you to remain in position, I will use the bar and I assure you that it will be locked in place the entire night. Am I clear?” Gregory’s voice didn’t seem to be his own. I could almost swear it.

“Yes, sir.”

“Good girl, but I do think you need another reminder of your position.” Within two seconds, he jerked me onto my stomach, the twist of the leather cuffs biting into my wrists. When he shoved a pillow under my tummy, it took all I had not to mutter a sound.

I lifted my head for a brief second, as if I could make out what he was doing. His hand on the back of my head was a reminder that I wasn’t going anywhere. I smashed my face against the softness of the bedding, taking several deep breaths.

And listening.

He was retrieving something. Oh, God. Another hard spanking. Another moment of realizing that I was at his mercy. A full minute passed then two. The anticipation was killing me. When all I felt were his fingers trailing along my spine, I was unable to stop the moan from escaping the very depths of my throat.

“Lessons in discipline,” he said in the most erotic fashion, his dark and sensuous baritone pulling me into the most incredible vacuum. “Close your eyes. Allow your body to escape to a place of utter freedom.”

Freedom? What the hell was he talking about? I flexed my fingers then clenched them again, the anxiety swimming through me, circulating like rocket fuel. I wanted to scream at him to get this over with, but I knew that would only produce a gag. The whooshing sound was the most incredible I’d heard in so long but when the simple touch was nothing more than a feathery whisper, I was shocked. What the hell was he doing? Still, my body jerked, as if I’d experienced pain.

He exhaled, the sound elongated as if surprised at my reaction. “You don’t trust me at all. Do you?”

I wasn’t startled by the question, but I honestly had no response that I felt would garner anything but a heftier round of punishment. “How can I trust you?”

There was such an extreme moment of hesitation that I thought he’d left the room. When he answered, there was yet another aspect of sadness.

“Fair enough.”

I felt the same feathery touch, moving all the way down my spine to my right leg. He took his time swishing whatever implement he had in his hand until he’d reached my foot. As he moved up along the inside of my other leg, I bristled once again, fully expecting a blinding moment of pain.

Through the next four or five minutes, the same touch was applied, his hand moving ever so slowly along every inch of my body until I was relaxed. My muscles were no longer tense and riddled with adrenaline, my heartrate slowing. I felt his weight on the bed once again as he straddled me. The feel of his massive thighs pushed against my hips was somehow comforting.

He wound his hand in my hair, tugging only once. I couldn’t stop the twitching of my upper lip as he lowered his head, pressing his lips against my cheek before dragging his tongue down and across to the very base of my neck. He followed the trail of my neck bone to my spine, ever so slowly peppering kisses from one side of my backbone to the other as he traveled downward.

I was now so relaxed that I was unable to hold my eyes open, the mask no longer something I could even feel. I’d never had a man take his time to savor my body, licking and nipping at my skin. I was electrified from his touch alone, visions of his naked and masculine body filtering into the darkest portions of my mind.

Gregory had no way of knowing how intense the sensations were or how much he’d affected me. Stars exploded in my periphery of vision as the actions continued until the first snap of his wrist somehow managed to infiltrate my muddled mind.

Whatever implement he’d used to create such softness he now wielded as a method of punishment. Although there was no onslaught of pain, no agonizing moment of anything but surprise, my body tensed in reaction.

“Pleasure,” he whispered, dragging the fluttering ends of the implement down my body once again.


The sharp smack against my bottom was entirely different, the instantaneous drop of agony rolling through every muscle and cell. My body jerked up, my hands clenching into tight fists.

“Oh. Oh!”

He pressed his hand against the small of my back, pushing me down. As if I could go anywhere. I heard the rattling of the chains as I shifted, moving from side to side, my bottom already heated.

My entire body was on fire but hearing the snapping of his wrist, the whooshing once again seemed amplified, my senses on high alert. Pain rushed into every portion of my body, wild and alive, a vibrant hum of a live wire. I opened my mouth, but the scream was silent.

He smacked me again and again, bringing down whatever strap in rapid succession. There wasn’t a portion of my ass cheeks or upper thighs that wasn’t skittering from the intensity. I sucked in my breath, unable to move in any manner. There was no way to describe the incredible sensations dancing through me. As he shifted the implement between my legs, teasing my pussy lips, I finally let out a scattered moan.

“Imagine having the flogger used on every inch of your body. Would you like that, sweet and beautiful Brooklyn?” Gregory asked in a husky voice, almost inaudible.

“Yes,” I moaned, unable to stop my answer. I was tossed into a sublime state of bliss as he rolled his taut fingers down my back, using three of them to slide over the crack of my ass. He tugged on the plug, twisting and turning the damn thing but in truth, I realized I’d lifted my bottom as if begging him to fuck my ass.

Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh…

“You can be trained, sweet Brooklyn. You will be so… amazing.” He reared back, smacking my ass and upper thighs over and over again. While the pain was blinding, the sublime ecstasy that rolled into my system was almost perfect.

I no longer felt any portion of my body, my mind and system floating on some puff of beautiful air. The spanking was like a sanctuary of relief, a letting go of all my sins.

And my fears.

And my doubts.

He’d discovered a way into my very soul, stripping aside the bullshit of day to day life, of monsters and men.

Fools and kings.

I almost laughed at the thought, so jazzed that my mouth was dry and all I could think about was quenching my thirst by sucking his cock. The thought was ridiculous, crazy in fact.

But I wanted it.

And the man.

I was barely aware that the round of discipline had stopped, but the moment he removed the silver plug from my ass, I whimpered. I was missing the nasty thing. I didn’t hear anything but the flow of blood coursing through my system until he growled like a true savage as he straddled me once again.

“I love fucking you, Brooklyn, but I crave shoving my cock in that tight little ass of yours. Just like bad girls deserve.”

There were no words to mutter, no concept of foreplay. I was his for the taking as I’d been from the moment I’d laid eyes on him. He simply fisted my hair, yanking back hard as he rubbed the tip of his cock up and down between my bruised cheeks. The heat was incredible, the electricity shooting like bolts of lightning.

I didn’t struggle. I didn’t cry out.

But the moment he shoved the entire length of his cock inside my tight asshole, I smiled. I fucking smiled. The anticipation and the excitement I’d felt erupted in something I’d never experienced before. There was no describing the sheer ecstasy as he pulled almost all the way out, only to plunge his shaft deep inside once again, his actions nothing short of barbaric.

He was an animal, a dangerous and wretched man but I wanted him to take me.

Use me.

Fuck me.

Train me.

With every savage thrust, the hard slapping of his skin against mine, I was pulled further into the rabbit hole that I would never be able to crawl out of. I was losing myself.

My soul.

My body.

And quite possibly my heart.

The ruthless fucking continued, the rocking of the bed and the slapping of the headboard against the wall like sweet music. When I knew he was close to coming, I did exactly what I knew he would punish me for.

I squeezed my muscles, sighing as he threw his head back and roared. Then I felt the warm rush as he spewed cum deep into my ass.

And for some crazy reason, I felt whole again.

The force of his body as he fell over me was almost a crushing weight, yet I never wanted him to leave. At some point, he did, moving away from me without muttering a single word. I was unable to keep my eyes open, exhaustion finally settling in.

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