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Bound: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance by Ivy Barrett – Extended Preview

“This is your last warning,” Tov told her sternly. “You know the rules, which means you will be held accountable for your choices. Kneel right now or you will be disciplined.”

She looked into his eyes and said in a cold, clear voice, “Fuck you, asshole.”

Tov’s head dipped as if he were acknowledging her choice. Without a word he stepped past her and sat down on the sofa. Merrik spun her around, then urged her face down over Tov’s legs. It was obvious what they intended, but she didn’t care. Part of her wanted them to take control, to force her to their will rather than coaxing.

She struggled wildly, kicking and twisting. Tov pulled her arms to the small of her back and secured them there with one hand. Then he trapped her thrashing legs in between his. She tried to arch and free herself from his legs, but she was basically immobilized.

His free hand rubbed her upturned bottom, squeezing one cheek and then the other. “I think you want this just as badly as you want our cocks.” Tov spanked her then, smacking each side several times then rubbing to intensify the burn. “Such a good girl. Relax and accept your discipline.”

She clenched her teeth and fought back her cries as his hand fell over and over. Each impact stung and the heat quickly spread but nothing was as humiliating as the wetness that was gathering between her thighs. “Stop! Please, stop.”

“I don’t want to.” His voice rumbled with sensual promise as he delivered a flurry of swats. Then his finger dipped low, teasing her slit without parting her folds. “And you don’t want me to.”

“I don’t want this,” she sobbed in self-denial. Tears spilled from her eyes and her lips trembled. Still, her core seemed to melt and soften, readying itself for their possession.

His next few spanks were much harder. “Lying to yourself is still lying.” He slapped the other side several times, then lifted his leg off hers. “Open your thighs, Cara.”

“No,” she cried, knowing exactly what he’d find.

Merrik moved closer. “If you make me do it for you, there will be a penalty.”

She raised her head and craned her neck trying to see him, but her view was blocked by her own body. “What sort of penalty?”

“Spread your legs or you will find out,” Tov warned.

All of her resistance was counterproductive, but she couldn’t seem to stop. Maybe Tov was right. Some instinct was urging her to test them. She wanted him to prove that they were strong enough to control the situation regardless of the obstacles they might face.

“Let. Me. Up,” she insisted.

“You are not in charge, sweet mate. We are.” Tov spoke, but Merrik grasped her legs and urged them apart.

She tried to snap them back together, but Merrik slapped the inside of her thighs. He only delivered one slap to each side, but the contact was surprisingly painful.

“That hurt!” she yelled.

“You will hold each position until you are given permission to move,” Tov told her, warning clear in his deep tone.

Tov lightly rubbed her hot ass cheeks while Merrik traced her slit with his fingertips.

“So damn soft,” Merrik muttered. “And so very wet.” He slipped two fingers into her core, fucking her leisurely. “Are you still going to deny that being spanked arouses you?”

Why did they have to humiliate her like this? “I can’t control when I get wet. Can you control when you get hard?”

“What do you think about while Tov spanks you?” Merrik persisted. “What does it make you want?”

Damn it. She couldn’t answer either of those questions honestly without admitting that she was turned on by the spankings. “I don’t want to talk about this.”

“That much is obvious.” Merrik slipped his wet fingers free of her pussy and moved them up to her other opening. “There are all sorts of pleasures you will be experiencing soon that you will not expect to enjoy.” He worked the tip of one finger just inside her rippled hole.

She squirmed. It felt wrong, slightly uncomfortable, but mostly humiliating. “Is this my penalty?”

He pushed his finger deeper as he said, “This is part of it.”

She held still and tried to relax. Clenching her muscles wouldn’t keep him out. It would just make it more uncomfortable for her.

“Your body belongs to us now.” Tov released her arms, but placed his hand in the center of her back ensuring that she remain in position. “We will enjoy you in whatever way we choose because it is our right as your mates.”

“You are not my mates yet,” she pointed out, trying desperately to ignore the enticing slide of Merrik’s finger.

“We will be.” In and out, in and out, Merrik filled her ass while making her pussy ache for fullness.

“Open.” Tov moved his hand in front of her face.

Reluctantly, Cara parted her lips and caressed his fingers with her tongue. The more demanding their orders became, the easier she found it to obey them. She closed her lips around Tov’s fingers as he pushed them into her mouth. He tasted faintly of her. The realization sent a rush of arousal washing over her. He slid in and out, mirroring the rhythm of Merrick’s finger.

It was so strange to simply lie across Tov’s lap and let her mates play with her body. She remained as they had positioned her, legs open wide, mouth softly giving.

“Such a good girl,” Tov praised.

Using both hands now, Merrik covered her clit with his fingertips and rubbed in firm circles. His other hand finger-fucked her bottom, thrusting into the virgin hole over and over.

“Come for us, mate,” Tov ordered. “Come right now.”

Cara had never come on demand before, but rippling tension passed through her core and her clit tingled beneath Merrik’s thumb. Surprised and a little afraid to realize how completely they controlled her, Cara cried out around Tov’s fingers. Sharp sparks of sensation burst inside her pussy and her bottom rhythmically tightened around Merrick’s fingers.

“Very nice.” Tov released her mouth while Merrik withdrew from her bottom.

But Merrik wasn’t quite finished with her. She felt something warm and slick slide into her bottom crack and then Merrik pushed against her bottom hole with some sort of toy. She couldn’t see what it was, but the tip was rounded and the shaft spread her ring wider as Merrik pushed it inside.

“What is that?”

“A training device not unlike the human butt plug,” Tov told her. “It will make it less painful for you to take our cocks.”

“You really mean to fuck me there?”

“I enjoy ass-fucking,” he said without shame. “Most controllers do.”

Merrik slid the trainer in and out several times before her body tightened around the base. “Do not expel it or we will make you take a much larger one.”

“Yes, Commander,” she whispered. Embarrassed and confused by her body’s ready acceptance of their domination, she pushed off Tov’s lap and then scrambled to her feet. The trainer felt strange. She glanced toward the stairs. Were the bedrooms on the second level? Being played with in the living room made her feel even more objectified.

She wasn’t sure if Merrik heard her thoughts or simply read her expression, but he took her by the hand and led her down the hallway. Each step she took shifted the butt plug, making her restless. They passed a massive kitchen and then entered a bedroom with an adjoining bathroom. It didn’t seem large enough to be the owner’s suite. More like comfortable accommodations for guests.

“Get on the bed on your back,” Tov directed, his stern tone making it obvious that he expected to be obeyed.

So anxious she could barely breathe, Cara moved to the large bed and carefully sat down. Her bottom was tender from the spanking and the pressure on the trainer increased the fullness inside her. She pressed her legs together and started to cover her breasts but Tov shook his head in silent warning.

This room was too nice, too welcoming for what was about to happen. Her complete domination would make more sense in a medieval dungeon. Rather than easing the tension coiling inside her, it brought tears to her eyes.

“Lay back, legs wide open, ass right at the edge,” Tov continued.

Lovely. Stirrups and an exam table wouldn’t have been any more humiliating. Cara used anger to strengthen her resolve. She lay back and drew up her knees, resting her heels on the edge of the mattress. They’d already seen her entire body. Hell, at the Citadel they touched and tasted her. It was much too late for modesty.

Tov moved up to the bed and swatted her hip. “I said open your legs.”

Drawing pride around her like armor, she glared at him as she opened her thighs. Her heels slid off the bed and her legs started to lower. Tov caught the backs of her knees and pushed her legs nearly to her chest, then he spread her legs open far enough to make the tendons protest. Without a word, he bent and traced her slit with his tongue.

A low groan escaped Cara’s throat as Tov explored her pussy with his mouth. She’d expected him to open his pants and get right to business. Instead, he licked and sucked, teasing her clit and tasting her inside and out. Despite her recent orgasm, she felt another building, ready to explode. Instinctively, she pushed her fingers into his hair.

He shook his head until she lifted her hands.

“Arms over your head,” he ordered, his lips still touching her slick folds.

Why couldn’t she touch him? The order annoyed her, but she obeyed.

Tov pushed two of his long fingers into her core and sucked hard on her clit.

She gasped and bucked, unsure if she wanted to escape the forceful stimulation or surrender to the intensity. Tov didn’t give her a choice. His fingers stabbed into her slick core while his lips drew persistently on her swollen clit. Soon she cried out each time his lips released and her hips rocked counterpoint to his fingers.

Her orgasm started to crest. The swell of sensation was ripe with promise. Tov released her clit and withdrew his fingers. “Your pleasure belongs to us now. You come when we allow it and never without permission.” His gaze locked with hers as he reached down and rotated the butt plug, then drew it out of her clingy back passage.

Cara’s sigh of relief was premature because he pushed it back in a moment later. He slowly fucked her with the trainer for a few moments then handed it to Merrick and took a different one from Merrick’s other hand. It felt slick and cool as Tov positioned the trainer against her bottom. She closed her eyes as he started to insert it, easily guessing the reason for the switch. This one was bigger than the other.

Her bottom opened around the new toy, stretching slowly until she felt intensely invaded. The lubricant helped, but it was still uncomfortable. Tov slid it slowly in and out, his smoldering gaze fixated on her ravaged bottom. Then he bent down and sucked on her clit. Soon the pull of his lips combined with the tantalizing discomfort of the toy and her senses burst into flame. Her nipples tightened and her clit pulsed.

“Please, please, may I come?” She lifted her hips, beyond embarrassment or shame.

Tov released her clit and looked into her eyes as he pushed the trainer deep into her bottom. “Not yet. You must learn not to be so greedy. Let the intensity build.” He straightened and stepped back.

She closed her eyes with a whimper and lowered her legs. His condescending tone pissed her off and she was desperate to recapture the sensations rapidly fading within her. Someone stepped up to the bed and moved her legs apart again. Opening her eyes, she found Merrik standing where Tov had been a moment before.

Instead of using verbal commands, Merrik simply draped her legs over his arms and pulled her even closer to the edge of the bed. Her butt was half on and half off the mattress, but he was supporting her legs. His burgundy gaze bore into hers as he found her entrance with the tip of his cock.

This was why she was here, what they all knew she needed, but a part of her still resisted reality. She’d never had casual sex, never indulged in a one-night stand. She’d known each of her lovers well and cared about them deeply.

Then why did the relationships end? her bitchy inner voice mocked. These males have what you need. Stop whining and enjoy it.

Merrik drove into her with slow yet steady pressure. Her core opened, then stretched. Her eyes widened and she gasped. “Oh, God,” she gasped, alarmed by his intrusive size.

“Relax, doll. Your body was made for this.” His hands shifted to her ass as he forced her to take another inch or two.

Her pussy ached, never having been stretched so wide. Deeper and deeper he pushed until his pelvis was flush against hers.

“See. A perfect fit.”

He tried to pull back, but she cried out sharply. Fear and discomfort had dried out her passage, locking their bodies together.

“Bad girl,” Tov growled. “You should be wet and ready for fucking at all times.”

Merrik slipped his hand between their bodies and covered her clit with his thumb. “Her training has barely begun. I think a little patience is in order.”

Tov said nothing but he moved closer to the bed and caressed her breasts. He toyed with her nipples, pinching and pulling on the sensitive tips until they became tightly beaded points, then he bent over her and sucked on one side and then the other. All the while, Merrik rubbed her clit.

Concentrating on the sensations, Cara held still and let the pleasure rise. Merrik still felt huge inside her, but the sting was easing. Tov kissed his way up her neck and claimed her mouth. His lips were warm and the taste of her pussy still clung to his tongue. Arousal pulsed closer to the surface with each moment that passed. Their hands roamed everywhere, squeezing her ass and cupping her breasts and gradually her body grew slick again.

Merrik drew out slowly, still rubbing her clit. Tov released her mouth and straightened. He was no longer touching her, but his gaze moved boldly over her entire body. Was he imagining himself between her thighs or did he find enjoyment in watching another male fuck her?

“Eyes on me,” Merrik cautioned.

She shifted her gaze to his face and re-centered her focus. It was Merrik’s turn and he wanted her attention. That seemed no more than fair.

“Wrap your legs around my waist. I need my hands.”

She hooked her heels at the small of his back as he arched over her body.

His cock was still deep inside her, but he wasn’t moving any longer. “I am going to enter your mind. There will be a few moments of pain, but try not to fight me.”

It was the only warning she got. His hips started rocking and his mouth covered hers as his energy thrust into her mind. Searing pain burst inside her, making her brain buzz as fire shot down her spine. Instinctively, she started to struggle, but he grasped her head and held her steady as his energy pushed deeper. It was like being fucked for the first time. He was forcing her to take something that didn’t quite fit inside her. The stabbing heat throbbed for a few moments longer and then awareness overtook the pain.

Oceans of golden energy, largely untapped, spread before her. The shimmering liquid flowed around her until she was completely surrounded, engulfed. Why was Merrik showing her this image? She wasn’t sure what he wanted her to know. Then her skin began to tingle and her muscles twitched. The energy sank through her pores, gradually saturating every cell in her body. Merrik wasn’t showing her the ocean. He was the ocean. She was seeing the source that would fuel their triad.

Don’t be afraid, Merrik said. I am going to release your power. It will feel very strange until you understand what you are feeling.

For a few moments he just fucked her, his mouth sealed over hers. Then another sharp pain burst inside her mind. This one felt different, not intrusive. It felt expansive, like a balloon rapidly inflating. She snapped her head to the side and sucked in air as the sensations became overwhelming. Energy built, stretching the boundaries of reality. She felt consumed, terrified, and yet exhilarated. It was easy to understand why those without assistance could literally go insane.

Merrik thrust fast and hard, his fingers digging into her hips. “Don’t fight it, love. Let it take you. Resisting just prolongs the pain.”

It didn’t really hurt anymore, it just felt—fire exploded inside her mind, scalding surges of burning intensity. She screamed, tossing her head from side to side.

Merrik pounded into her, hard, deep thrusts that jarred her entire body. She thrashed, hitting out blindly and kicking weakly. He ignored her struggles and claimed her pussy with his rock-hard cock. She arched violently, her back leaving the bed. He lifted her hips, thrusting even faster. Finally, he came, expelling a sound part growl, part groan. His cum felt hot and plentiful as it jetted inside her.

She went limp, her shoulders on the bed, hips suspended in his grasp. He carefully lowered her to the bed and separated their bodies. His seed dribbled out, likely making a wet spot on the bedding. She was too overwhelmed to be embarrassed. The entire universe was one pulsing blaze.

“What did you do to me?” She grasped her head, her entire body shaking.

Tov took Merrik’s place but quickly flipped her onto her belly. He dragged her toward him until her feet dropped to the floor.

“Wait,” she cried as he kicked her legs apart. “Something is wrong with me. My brain is on fire!”

“Merrik released your power. Now, I will help you control it.”

Cara thrashed and reared off the bed, unable to hold still. Tov caught her wrists and pinned them to the bed, pulling her upper body down in the process. Then she felt his cock drive into her pussy. There was no pain this time thanks to Merrick, but Tov still felt huge.

“Be still.” He held her arms as his hips started pumping, filling her over and over. “To control the burning, I must control you. Do you understand?”

“Fine. Whatever. Just make it stop.” Desperation and fear made her words sharper than she’d intended. What if he failed? Would she go insane? Would this fire consume her? Would it consume them both?

With the tip of his cock still buried in her pussy, he slowly withdrew the butt plug.

Trepidation dropped into her stomach and she fisted the bedding. “I don’t want you to do that.”

“Not yet, but you will.”

He pulled out of her wet core and positioned himself against her other opening.

“Please, not there.”

He ignored her protests because they both knew this was what she needed. The simple fact sent arousal cascading through her body. Her pussy fluttered and her clit tingled, but his attention was focused elsewhere. His rounded tip forced her ring open with gradual insistency. She cried out as the stinging heat echoed the burning in her mind.

“You’ll never fit,” she cried, but Tov kept right on pushing. “It really hurts.” And it did, but pleasure threaded through the pain, dark, decadent pleasure.

“You’re clenching. Relax and the pain will subside.”

A harsh sob shook her shoulders and she pressed her face against the bed. What if she didn’t want the pain to subside? He drove inward ruthlessly, giving her no choice but surrender. He took what he wanted, controlling her. Another rush of arousal swelled through the pain. Some dark, primal instinct made her lift her hips, taking him even deeper. How could she find anything resembling pleasure in this?

He didn’t stop until his long, thick shaft was lodged deep inside her. Then he wrapped his arms around her, covering her mound with one hand and collaring her throat with the other.

“Relax,” he directed as his fingers covered her clit. “I’ve got you. Let your body go limp.”

Gradually, Cara released the tension in every muscle until she rested heavily against the bed. The hand around her throat was firm without being hurtful. And his other fingers rubbed over and around her clit, drawing reluctant sensations from the overstimulated knot of nerves. As the tension left her body the burning began to ease. At least the burning in her ass. Her mind was still a conflagration of sensations and impressions.

“Good girl,” Tov whispered as he slowly drew his hips back.

She moaned. Without the resistance of her clenching muscles, his cock slid smoothly. He pulled free of her body, waited for her pucker to close, then pushed back in. Over and over he forced her body to yield, to surrender to his will. Each new entry intensified his claim. He wouldn’t be content until he possessed all of her, inside and out.

He paused again with his entire length deep inside her. “Such a good girl,” he praised, still rubbing her clit with his fingers. He slid his other hand down to her breasts, squeezing the generous mounds and pinching her nipples. “Stay nice and relaxed. Let your master enjoy your tight little ass.”

His words should have upset her. On any other day she would have rebelled, but she was worn down emotionally, tired of being afraid and alone.

He began to fuck her in earnest then, thrusting harder and faster than before. He withdrew his hands from beneath her and slid them down her arms. She wasn’t struggling anymore, but he entwined their fingers, anchoring her upper body against the bed. For a long, silent moment he just enjoyed her pliant body, possessing her with slow, deep thrusts.

Then he arched over her, pressing his chest against her back. “This part’s a little harder. Try to remain still.”

Before she could guess what ‘this part’ might be, his presence pushed into her mind. He entered with the same steady insistency that he used when he fucked her. She gasped, then moaned as Tov completed the circuit connecting all three of their minds. The physical world blurred as she was pulled into a realm of psychic awareness.

Energy ricocheted across the connection, building speed and intensity. Power surged through her, churning like a volcano about to erupt. Tov wove his energy through the fire consuming her mind. He contained and shaped its destructive power without blocking her access to it. Every cell in her body thrummed with potential, yet the painful burning gradually decreased. It was orderly now, disciplined, under control.

Better? His deep voice sounded in her mind.

She felt muddled and her body was completely overwhelmed. There was no way she could answer that question honestly. She went where he led, no longer capable of doing anything else. The deeper she sank into submission, the more peaceful reality became.

Gradually, the physical world refocused. Without the pain of her unbridled power to distract her, the possessive thrust of his cock felt even more intrusive. He held her down, immobilizing her against the bed as he enjoyed her tightest opening. She sobbed, confused, yet undeniably aroused.

Tov ran his hands over her body, squeezing her breasts and rubbing her back. “You were made for this, sweet mate. Made for us.”

Emotions and sensations inundated her mind, scalding desire and tenderness. She knew she was sensing her mates for the first time, but she couldn’t untangle the signals. Their emotions meshed with hers, triggering a spontaneous orgasm. She cried out in frustration and bliss. Even her pleasure was no longer under her control. Her pussy clenched rhythmically, tightening her back passage around Tov’s surging cock. Tingling heat raced along her nerve endings and bursts of pleasure detonated all over her body.

Tov pumped harder, his need to come blazing across their link. He grasped her hips tightly, his movements growing frantic. Finally, he thrust hard and came with a strangled cry. Each hot spurt of his seed sent a fresh spark of pleasure zinging through Cara. She closed her eyes and let the sensations take her. Tov wrapped his arms around her, his cock still twitching inside her. They floated together, utterly spent, yet replete.

“You are amazing, mate.” Tov kissed the nape of her neck a few moments later then carefully disentangled their bodies.

Overwhelmed and high on endorphins, Cara just lay there limply while they wiped away their combined juices and smeared a cool cream over her sore bottom hole. Merrick scooped her up while Tov pulled down the bedding, and then Merrik placed her on the bed.

“Rest for a while,” Merrik told her. “We will return with food.”

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