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Bound to the Admiral by Libby Campbell – Extended Preview

Before they left for the first round of official visits that afternoon, Gael went into the bathroom and took out more powdered creoltine flowers. To this she added pulverized thorns from prickly blue raskin flowers. She crushed the two together with a mortar and pestle. A few drops of hot water fused the blend into a paste, which she applied liberally to her bruised and sore bottom. She did her makeup and fixed her hair before washing it off. To her delight, the punishment she’d received had faded to a memory. The creoltine had eased the pain and the raskin thorns had healed the bruising. No one who saw her naked would be able to guess what she’d endured the day before.

She left the house on Kai’s arm, enormously pleased with the way she’d managed what had been an unpleasant situation.

They didn’t return home until almost midnight when they settled in their chairs in front of the fire in their bedchamber. Kai poured himself a brandy and said nothing as Gael stared into the flames, dreamy-eyed.

He drained the last drops from his glass and said, “It’s time for bed, Kitten. I’d like you to strip for me.”

Gael cloaked her chagrin with a smile as she shook herself into action. They’d been to two different homes in the afternoon and another in the evening and her face ached from smiling at people who spoke more about her than to her. She wanted to go to bed but waited for a sign from Kai. This was not the sign she’d been hoping for.

Dropping the hint of a curtsey, she hoped she wasn’t overplaying the obedience card. As she peeled off her layers of clothing, she added a dance step here and there, to give an air of playfulness to the humiliating ritual.

When she was naked, Kai made a swirling motion with his hand, indicating she should spin for him. She turned a small circle before facing him again.

“I think there’s something missing,” he said, his brow furrowed.

She shrugged.

“Where are the marks I left on your naughty bottom yesterday?” He took her by the upper arm and led her to the bed. Anger radiated off him like heat waves. As she stood, speechless, he stacked all the pillows into a single tall pile at the end of the bed. With one firm push, he toppled her over them.

That raised her hips so high, her feet almost left the floor. Then he turned on the overhead light, which was blinding after the soft shadows of the fire-lit bedroom. He’d moved so quickly she’d barely caught her breath. As she lay there, trying not to hyperventilate, she realized she’d made a very serious mistake.

“What sorcery is this?” His powerful fingers squeezed first one cheek and then the other. He snorted. “This bottom should still be on fire from my efforts yesterday. You’re not even flinching at my touch.”

“I made a salve,” Gael confessed quickly. “It removed the sting and healed the bruises.”

“What a clever girl.” His tone wasn’t complimentary.

“I’m good at salves,” she said, hating her vulnerable position and being unable to speak to him face to face.

“There should be bruises either here.” He smacked her left cheek, followed by a sharp slap to the right. “Or here.”

Then he rubbed her cheeks gently. “You’re smart so I believe you know that you have defied the spirit of the punishment you received. I shouldn’t have to prescribe every nuance of your behavior. Your natural intelligence should guide you.”

Gael made a noncommittal mm hm in response. She wasn’t just guilty of undoing the intended effects of his punishment, she was guilty of stupidity. She’d made the fatal mistake of underestimating Kai’s powers of observation.

He smacked the top of her thighs. “The purpose of properly administered corporal punishment is to make you reflect on your misbehavior for a day or two. At least. There’s no point in me going to all the effort to tan your hide if you simply forget about it as soon as it’s over, is there?” He sounded exasperated and more than a little disappointed.

The weariness in his voice made Gael feel guiltier than ever. She’d been playing a game, a stupid game, and she’d lost. Whatever excuses she might make would only dig her in deeper so she replied simply, “I’m sorry, sir.”

He stepped away from her, moving around the bedroom, opening drawers. Not being able to see him was much scarier than when he was there, spanking her bottom with only his hand.

When he returned, he laid three things in front of her on the bed: the naughty girl paddle, a small bright blue butt plug, and a tube of something. He left them where she could see them and began pacing behind her. The sight of the three objects made the hair on Gael’s arms stand up.

He clicked his tongue as he approached her again. “You must really have enjoyed that thrashing. Why else would you have asked for another so soon?”

“I didn’t think—”

“Apparently not. Let’s get on with it.” His hand cracked over the center of her ass and she yelped at the force of the impact. He paused to rub her stinging cheeks tenderly.

With a cheerful sigh, he started swatting her again. “I could do this all night,” he said, no longer sounding weary.

At first Gael held her breath but, as the pain intensified, she squirmed sideways. Kai stopped spanking and, with one large hand on either side of her waist, lifted her back into position.

“Do not move again,” he said, reaching for the paddle. “I’m going to redo my labors of yesterday.”

“I promise to remember, sir,” Gael pleaded. “Really.”

He stopped long enough to smooth his hand over her stretched bottom cheeks. “I like to see evidence of my work but there’s nothing here. Now that you’re warmed up, I can repeat the imprint of that message.”

Gael felt exposed, vulnerable, in this awful position where only her willpower was holding her in place. She stifled an urge to beg him to let her go, just this once.

Kai leaned in close, breathing into her ear. “Are you ready, Kitten?”

His voice made the heat and wetness rise between her legs. She wanted him and wanted to get away from him, at the same time. When he pulled back, she sucked in her breath, but nothing could have prepared her for the blinding pain delivered by that despicable paddle. She felt the words naughty girl bloom in a red script across her cheeks. The pain flared deep into her bottom, sending shockwaves in every direction.

Kai stopped and pushed her legs apart. The paddle dropped onto the bed, grazing her thigh. Kai’s hands moved to her bottom cheeks, prying them apart, exposing her puckered hole.

“It’s time that I claimed this virgin zone,” he said evenly, as though he might be announcing little more than the time of day. “Let’s get you ready first.”

His skillful fingers moved forward, parting her swollen lips and teasing her clitoris. She wanted to reject him, but her body had other ideas. Her hips rotated to his touch. Her breath quickened. When she moaned with pleasure, Kai stopped. He reached for the tube and butt plug and returned to his position behind her.

“Put your hands back and spread your cheeks for me,” he said.

Gael hesitated. The paddle slid off the bed and cracked across her ass again, landing exactly where it had the first time. The pain made Gael’s head spin, but her hands flew to her backside. She pulled her cheeks apart and sank into the pillows, wondering if he was going to rip her open with that phallus. To her relief, Kai dropped the paddle again.

She was collecting herself with a long deep breath when a small stream of cold gel poured down the crack of her ass. She gasped but Kai’s fingers playing gently at the opening of her butthole relaxed her again.

“This will only hurt if you fight me,” he said. His thumb pushed into her anus even deeper while his fingers played with her pearl, stroking it, teasing it.

To Gael’s mortification, her ass was opening to his touch.

“That’s my good girl,” he said, removing his hand and stepping away.

There was movement behind her while he did what? She wished she could see. Then he was beside her, with her panties at her feet. He tugged them up her legs until they were tucked in below her bottom. The next thing she knew, the cool silicone tip of the butt plug was rimming her hole. She froze.

“Please no, sir,” she said in a watery voice. Her hands stayed on her butt cheeks, but she relaxed them a bit.

“Your choice. I can paddle you again to persuade you to open your cheeks properly or you can do it now and skip the paddle for the moment.”

Without a word, she pulled her cheeks apart again. Kai used his hand to stimulate her, to make her ready for penetration. The well-lubed butt plug slid in with humiliating ease. It stretched her, making her feel desperately full.

Kai pulled her panties up, dragging them into the crack of her ass, creating a wedgie that pushed the plug in tightly. His action made her roll her hips slightly and the butt plug pushed against her g-spot. A mist of sweat covered her as she flushed with pleasure, pleasure she was powerless to resist.

“We don’t want it to slip out until your punishment is finished, do we?” Kai said in a voice so loving she couldn’t believe he was the same man who’d just lit her bum on fire with the paddle.

Before she could tense again, the paddle cut across her stinging cheeks. She kicked her legs and her body twisted involuntarily. Kai fixed her in position and continued the punishment.

He paused for a moment to speak. “This position helps with my aim. You’re not wriggling all over my lap so I can land the paddle in the same spot.”

True to his word, each stroke fell on exactly the same line. The words naughty girl would be as clear as inked lettering when he was done, she thought in despair. Pain rose in an excruciating crescendo, making her lose all track of time and place. She wept and howled, wriggling against the splayed iron hand that pinned her in place.

Wordlessly he stopped. She didn’t know why and didn’t care. He scooped her into his arms where she lay limp and helpless. Her bottom was tormented on the outside as though stung by wasps. Inside it was violated and teased. He carried her to his chair by the fire and held her in his arms. She buried her tearstained face in his expansive chest, breathing in the sunny smell of his crisp white shirt. A strange feeling of being both powerful and vulnerable at the same time coursed through her. She’d survived a horrible punishment, which proved her courage, but the butt plug was still firmly in position, a horrible reminder of Kai’s control over her.

“I paddled you to protect you,” he said. “Your safety is in my hands and it depends on you obeying me in direct and indirect ways. I can’t be with you all the time, so I need you to think twice before you defy me or undo my work. Understood?”

Gael nodded meekly, waiting for the right moment to ask to have the butt plug removed.

“The butt plug wasn’t so terrible, was it?” he asked.

“Not for you maybe.” She forced a weak smile.

“By the end of the week, you’ll be used to it. When you present yourself to me each morning to insert it, you’ll start to welcome it, I’m sure. But if you don’t, that will be good too. It will mean you understand exactly who holds the power in this relationship.”

“Each morning?” She felt faint and grabbed his shirt.

“After your dance practice each day, for the remainder of this week, you will present yourself to me, bent over the bed like you were tonight. A butt plug will be inserted and kept in place with a special harness. You will wear it until we leave for our official visits every day.”

Gael’s jaw dropped. Kai eased her to her feet.

“Now, walk to the bathroom,” he said. “I want to see you strut your stuff with a lady-tamer riding up your backside.”

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