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Bounty: A Dark Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

“You shouldn’t have underestimated me, sweetheart,” Stone whispered, his husky words followed by a primal growl. “I’m very good at what I do. I’m also one dangerous fuck.”

“As if I care?” I retorted, doing everything I could to get out of his firm grip. I hated to admit that I was terrified, doing everything I could to keep from showing it.

“While you’re one fascinating woman, I’ll give you that, you’re no match for me.”

“You’re a dead man. Do you know that? I’m going to rip out your throat and feed it a bear. Then I’ll really have some fun.” I struggled, hissing and kicking out as he dragged me off the floor and toward the kitchen table. The man was far too strong, picking me up like a bag of feed.

“As I already told you, I do love threats. They fuel my fire. Did you honestly think a simple pair of handcuffs was going to keep me locked down like some fucking animal?”

“You are a fucking animal!”

He shoved me over the table, wrangling my arms behind my back and holding both in one hand, easily unsnapping my holster and placing the gun on the chair. “Interesting statement. You could be right. I think you’re the one who needs to learn self-control. You certainly don’t like playing by the rules. I’ve watched you over the last couple of days, determined to hunt me like a dog yet holding back. I wonder why that is.”

His snicker was enough to fuel a different level of rage.

“Fuck you.”

“So you’ve already told me. You hunger for a man to control you, all those dark and kinky thoughts that elevate your senses.”

“Asshole. You have no right to talk to me that way.” I kicked out, my boot managing to catch him smack in the groin.

Huffing, he placed his massive palm on the small of my back, shoving me hard against the table. The pressure was enough that it cut my air flow. “You shouldn’t have done that.”

“Why?” I struggled to say, gasping afterwards. “Hurt your manhood? Or was… that already… stripped from you?” I managed to free one arm, clawing at the table. I’d left a knife on the cutting board from lunch. If only I could…

He raked his arm across the table, tossing everything onto the floor. “You’re a very bad girl, Harper Rollins. I suggest you learn to obey my every command or there will be harsh consequences.”

The snap of the cuffs going into place around my wrists drained a significant amount of fight, paralyzing fear settling in. Oh, God. Oh. God. “Fuck you!”

“That’s not going to help you. In fact, I might have to teach you a lesson in submission.”

What in the hell was the man saying? Blinking back tears, I did everything I could to regain the rage that had served me well over the last couple of years. “Yeah? Well, imagine when I plant the barrel of my gun in your mouth.” I struggled to catch a glimpse of him, watching in utter horror as he removed his jacket, making himself comfortable.

Chuckling, the sound sending chills into my body, he slapped his hands on the table on either side of me before I had a chance to consider bolting. “And you know that’s not going to happen. If you’re a good girl, I’m going to keep you as my prisoner for a very. Long. Time.”

“Fuck you.”

“So you’ve already begged, sweetheart.”

“Why are you doing this?” I asked. Nausea rolled into my stomach, hitting me hard.

Stone fisted my hair, yanking my head back a few inches. He lowered his, blowing another swath of hot air across my face. “Because, sweetheart, I’m not going to be captured and taken to prison for something I didn’t do.” He ground his hips against my ass, sliding back and forth.

The man was hard as a rock. Jesus. Even worse, I was aroused, my pussy aching, my nipples tiny pebbles. How could a horrible, disgusting man like this turn me on in any manner? Because you fantasized about him for years. Shaking, I sucked in my breath, refusing to fall into some crazy scheme of his. He wanted me on edge, nervous as a cat.

Well, fuck him. I was much stronger mentally than he could ever be.

If he had any remembrance of our time shared, I doubted he would be acting like such an animal. Then again, what if that single night allowed him the self-imposed authority to take me any way he pleased?

“You’re out of your mind, Brax. You were caught in the act. Blood all over your hands. You’re a monster. A sinner. You will be brought to justice.”

“Sins. Let’s talk about sins. You crossed state lines in order to snatch me, irritating the hell out of the local yokels. You interrupted a card game that I was winning. You wasted a glass of some damn good whiskey. And…” he allowed the word to linger, “you ignored my commands. I think you need to be punished for your sins. What do you think, sweetheart?”

“Stop calling me that or I’m going to carve out your eyes with a spoon.”

While Stone eased back, I could hear his ragged breathing.

“You need stern discipline in your life,” he whispered savagely.

“Yeah, well, you’re not the man to give it to me.” I realized I’d just issued a challenge.

And he’d accepted.

As he jerked me up from the table, his hands unfastening my jeans, I knew I’d fallen into some state of shock.

“I think you’re going to realize differently after I give you one hard spanking.”

“What?” I managed to whisper. No. No. this wasn’t going to happen. No freaking way. I did everything I could to get out of his hold, breathless by the time he wrapped his fingers around the waistband of my jeans. “Don’t do this. No. Please.”

“You should have thought about that before,” he huffed and with a hard yank, my jeans were past my knees.

The only protection left? A thin string of material. I was mortified, heat rushing to my face. I opened my mouth to retort, scream, anything but there was dead silence, my throat cinched closed. Everything around me swirled as the nightmare took on another level.

“Somehow, I don’t think you need these any longer. Do you?” Another dark chuckle. Another heavy breath. He slid the tip of a single finger down the crack of my ass.

I was aware when he wrapped that same finger around the tiny bit of elastic, my heart racing, stars floating in front of my eyes. Everything became one giant blur, my eyes no longer able to focus. A quick snap of his hand, two seconds of the sound of ripping material and my bottom was fully, utterly, shamelessly bared.

Oh, please. Oh, please. Oh, please.

There was no amount of prayers that was going to stop the brute, no begging that he would listen to. He’d captured me and I had no doubt what he was going to do.

Whip me.

Use me.

Fuck me.

I could only hope that he would decide to keep me alive.

“What… What are you… Doing?” The little voice that came out of my body was nothing like the persona I’d built, fighting to regain some level of respect after so much deceit and lies. I’d been reduced down to nothing more than a helpless girl, not a black belt or a specialty trained sniper.

“Giving you exactly what you deserve and need.”

When I heard the sound of his belt buckle, I froze. Panting, I managed to almost get to a standing position before he pushed me back down.

“None of that or your punishment is going to be much worse.”

I refused to beg him anymore. There was no way he was going to break me. None. I was a strong woman, in mind and body and this fool had another think coming if he thought he’d be able to drag me into obeying him in any manner. I wiggled my hands, wincing from the pain the cold steel caused. He knew his handcuffs.

Well, of course he would.

Up until a year before, he’d been highly respected, even decorated for his service to the community in addition to his work with the DEA. He’d been part of a team seizing millions of dollars of cocaine and heroin. Tasked for a special case, he’d gone deep undercover. I knew only a few of the details, the information limited given my lower than dirt status, according to the various law enforcement officials. That had been the man I’d met.

And fucked.

What I did know is that the Red Devils had been responsible for dozens of deaths, bringing illegal drugs into my home state with the help of the Chicago cartel. They had gang members in several states, their turf growing every year.

I’d done my own research, as I did on the other two cases. Brax Marks had been listed as rogue a little over a year into the operation, no longer calling his handler. After that, he’d been suspected of at least three murders in addition to the two federal agents he’d gunned down on a cold, wintry night in one of the poorest sections of Chicago. That had been months ago. His incarceration has been swift, left in a cell to rot while his trial was pushed back time and time again. No wonder the man was pissed.

Fuck, the man had been under so long, I had to wonder whether he’d lost every bit of his identity.

One tenacious attorney had forced the case in front of the judge, citing cruel and unusual punishment as well as certain mistakes against the Chicago police in their handling of his arrest. Hell, they’d been in over their heads with both the Red Devils claiming the streets and a man like Marks creating a shootout. The Feds and the DEA had been pissed given they were both gunning for the agent, wanting to make him a scapegoat if nothing else. I’d seen that on the news. The blunders had been enough to coerce the judge into granting bail, but at an amount no one thought he’d be able to meet. He’d lost almost every bit of support, even his family turning their backs.

When the money surfaced, by an anonymous supporter, fingers had been pointed to the same mafia organization that he’d served for over a year.

Yeah, the tide wasn’t in the man’s favor. Did he actually have some belief that he was truly innocent?

I felt his hand against my naked skin and shivered to my core, a series of electric jolts running up and down the backs of my legs. He yanked up the tail of my shirt, making certain my bottom was fully exposed. God help me.

God help him when I managed to get free.

I could hear the whooshing of the belt as he pulled it free from his jeans, even jumping slightly when he cracked it on the floor. He was grandstanding, trying his best to terrify me. Sadly, it was working. I’d had a single spanking in my life, provided by the very same rugged brute. No other man would have ever dared consider for fear of my retaliation.

This man had a death wish.

“Now, you need to understand something, sweetheart. You’re my prisoner now and you’re going where I go. Period. When and if I decide to let you go, you’ll never learn where I’ll disappear to. You and I aren’t going to be friends, but you will follow my every rule. Are we clear?”

“Fuck. You.”

He wasted no time, smacking the strap across my bottom not once but twice. I bit back a yelp as my entire body seemed to shut down out of protection. I could feel nothing. No tingling. No burning. No anguish. But the thought alone of being whipped like a bad little girl was far more humiliating than I could fathom. He was reducing me down to the most primal instincts, using my feisty nature against me. My guess was that he’d already figured out that I couldn’t stand to be out of control.

Stone rubbed his hand across my bottom, moving from one ass cheek to another. I not only bristled but shifted on the table, forcing him to drag me back into position. “Stay still or we’ll start again.”

Another series of curse words were on my lips when he smacked me four times, one coming after the other. This time, the pain was instantaneous, almost blinding as it slithered up the insides of my thighs, shooting in all directions.

There was also something else.

Wet heat.

I was shaken, my mind reeling from the realization that some animal was spanking me, holding me against my will and my pussy was actually wet? Horror and guilt, disgust and intense shame rocketed through me. I couldn’t stand myself. I hated everything I was, the woman I’d been forced to become.

“You do need this. Absolution of your guilt.” He said the words so frankly that I was thrown once again.

“Why? You’re crazy! I’m a good person. I follow the rules. I care about people. I’m a human being!” The words that tumbled out of my mouth were ridiculous.

And amusing for him.

I hated his deep-throated laugh, so sexy and indulgent, delicious in every manner.

Stop. Stop it!

I bit back a series of moans as he began again, smacking me long and hard, moving from my sit spot all the way to the tops of my thighs. Tears rushed to my eyes, ones of frustration and desperation, emotions gnawing at my gut. I wasn’t a bad girl. I wasn’t… Who the hell did he think he was?

I knew I was trying to kick, to connect with any portion of his body but the restraint of my jeans prevented that from happening.

“Are you going to calm down and obey me?”

“No. Fuck. No,” I hissed.

“Then we continue.” He took his time, moving from one side to the other, caressing my aching bottom every few strikes.

How could he stand himself? How could he do this to a perfect stranger?

But you aren’t a stranger.

Okay, I’d done everything to sneak up on him but that’s what bounty hunters did. They went after monsters, capturing them in any manner possible. He wasn’t anyone special, just a criminal in need of incarceration. Nothing more.

After a few additional smacks, I knew that my breathing was loud, not just ragged, and sobs were beginning to form. I couldn’t cry. Nope. I was a big girl. I was educated and savvy. I was…

Even the sound of the next hard crack was enough to allow tears to slip past my lashes. I pursed my lips, refusing to make a sound.

Until he issued four more.

“No. Stop! I’ll be good. I promise. I swear to God.”

Stone hesitated, his breathing almost as ragged as mine. “Good. I think you’ve learned your first lesson.”

“First? What? I don’t understand.” Was I hearing his zipper being unfastened? Was I hearing the rustle of clothing? Oh. My. God.

“You still don’t get it. You’re my possession. My toy. I can and will do anything I want to you, and right now…” He allowed the words to linger as he yanked off my jeans, fighting to get them over my boots.

“No. No!”

He succeeded, tossing the unwanted material aside and leaning over as he shifted my legs further apart. Once again, the feel of his throbbing cock had two effects on me.



Nothing made any sense any longer. I was pitched into a moment of blackness, no longer able to think clearly, but the sound of his voice and the words would be ones I’d never forget.

“I’m going to fuck you now. And again. And again. In every hole.”

I was frozen, clenching my fists as he rubbed the tip of his cock against my pussy.

“You’re wet. I think you and I might have a thing, sweetheart. Just keep this in mind. You. Belong. To. Me.” He trailed his fingers along the softness of my inner thigh, teasing me, allowing the sensations to build. The moment he touched my clit, rolling the tips in circle after circle, I bucked.

Biting back a moan.

“Do you long for a strong man to keep you obedient, to pleasure you, fuck you?” His tone was even huskier, sending shivers down my spine.

“No. No…” But my words were weak. I was laid open, bare to a man I barely knew any longer, my skin tingling and my pulse skipping. I could feel myself submitting to him, even hungering for his touch.

“Mmmm… I think you crave to have a man make you feel special, to drive you to the point of orgasm. Don’t you, Harper?” He pinched my clit until the electricity shot through me like a live wire.

I was no longer myself, not the proud woman who fought for right versus wrong. I was a wanton hussy, my body shifting, twisting in order to garner more pleasure. More of him.

The monster.

He slid his fingers to my outer folds, spreading them ever so slowly until he slipped them inside. “You’re mine to take. Isn’t that so, Harper?”

“No. Never.”

“You already know I’m one bad motherfucker of a human being. Do you want someone like me to take you?”

“You’re insane.”

“That very well might be the case, but I do know you hunger for the darkness. That was easy to see in your eyes.”

I shuddered at the thought, fighting against his ridiculous words. “Go fuck yourself.”

“Now. Now. Such a nasty mouth for a keeper of the righteous. Open wide, show me that pretty pink pussy of yours. Show me how much you want me to fuck you. Use you.”

Stone knew what he was doing, driving me to the point of nirvana, requiring me to surrender in all ways before he would dare enter me. Taking me.

Using me.

Just like he promised.

“Tell me you belong to me,” he commanded.

“Not yours. Never yours. I would rather die first.”

“You better be careful what you wish for,” he growled. “Go on. Tell me that you hunger to have my cock.”

I shook my head, biting back another series of whimpers. I felt the severe sting as he snapped his fingers against my swollen pussy, the harshness of the act quickly turning into a burst of full arousal. There wasn’t a part of me that wasn’t seared from a raging fire, the longing building to the point of blindness.

“Tell me!” His command was darker as he pumped his fingers in and out, taking his time to explore. When I didn’t answer him, he smacked my pussy several times. The pain was biting.

The thrill indescribable.

“Then I think I’m going to have to break you.” He rubbed his slickened fingers across my bruised ass, dragging them back and forth. “It may take some time but you will surrender to me. There will be no question. Make certain you understand that, sweet Harper. I am now your master.”

Every muscle tensed when he thrust the entire length of his shaft deep inside, issuing a magnificent roar, and my mind shut down. I was thrown into the darkest place in my mind, one of comfort and quiet, one that had a padlock on the outer door to keep me safe. My muscles accepted, allowing him to realize what belonged to him. He filled me so completely, the sensations pulled me into sheer ecstasy.

“Tell me you want this, Harper. Tell me you need this.”

“I…” The words refused to come.

How? How could I allow this to happen, to feel anything but guilt and remorse and horror? I wasn’t this kind of girl.

Every stroke was rough, savage in a way I’d never experienced before. I was nothing but his toy, being taken, shown who I belonged to.

“Damn, so tight. So wet. You’ve craved a dominating man. You’re going to do something for me, sweet Harper.”

“I’m doing nothing for you.”

“Yes. You are. Push back. Take every inch of me. Show me how much you want this.” He ground his hips, holding his cock in place, entangling his fingers of one hand in my hair, twisting until I finally cried out in pain.

“No. Never!”

“No lying. Remember what I told you. I don’t like liars.”

The audacity and arrogance were something I was used to, but this man, this… asshole monster took it to another level.

He pulled almost all the way out, slamming into me again, the hairs surrounding his cock scraping against my bruised and heated ass cheeks. As he developed a particular motion, plunging in and out like the perfect rhythm on a metronome, I fell into a listless state, yet my pussy reacted, clamping down on the thick invasion, sucking him in, wanting more.

The guilt was far too much to bear, forcing little whimpers as I closed my eyes, willing this horrible, wretched, delicious experience to be over.

I was a complete mess, the dichotomy of my emotions bordering on psychotic. How could I want this? Him? How could I even think about the pleasure, but the way my body betrayed me was a gutless, brazen thing.

The sound of him pounding into me, skin slapping against skin was powerful, almost like an aphrodisiac. Even the scent of him filled my nostrils, opening up every pore and cell, filling me with a drug he’d produced. Within seconds, I could no longer fight my body’s reaction even as chill bumps skipped along every inch of naked skin.

“That’s it. Do you want to come?” he asked. He had the audacity to ask me something so wretched.

“No. Over my dead body!”

“Hmmm… In that case, I’m going to take what else belongs to me.”

I exhaled, my ears ringing but when he pulled out, I was relieved.

Until he shoved his fingers into my pussy, flexing them open as he thrust savagely, driving me up from the table. But it felt good. Jesus. Christ. I was almost brought to an unexpected climax, my hard breathing becoming pants, tingling sensations igniting every single inch of my body. I was on fire, electricity shooting through me, moans mixing in, my body reacting.



There was nothing I could do, no amount of self-control that would stop what was happening.

“That’s it. Cover my fingers. Make sure they’re nice and wet for me.” Stone smacked my bottom with his hand then slipped his soaked fingers into the cleft of my ass.

I was paralyzed, whimpering like a whiny child as he wiggled those same fingers between my cheeks, finding my dark hole.

“I’m going to fuck you in the ass, just like all bad little girls deserve.” He shoved one finger in then two. Then three. He pushed past the tight ring with care. Gentleness.

From him?

The brute?

The beast?

The killer?

Pain tore through me, blinding even as white-hot heat seared every nerve ending. I could no longer feel my arms or legs as he pushed harder, finally pumping his fingers slowly at first then brutally.

“Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh.” I couldn’t stop the sound. The scent of my pussy juice wafted into the air, a beacon of wanton sin, a sign that the man was right.

“Yes. Tight. I can’t wait and you know what? I won’t.” I felt the bulbous head of his cock sliding inside, taking his time, as gentle as that infamous night all those years ago. When he was firmly seated inside, he let go of my hair, both hands gripping my hips, fingers digging into my skin. “Now I’m going to rock your world, remind you what it’s like to be alive, taking what now belongs to me.”

The first few seconds as he slipped his cock just inside were wretched, showering anguish all throughout my muscles, but he was just as expert in this as anything else. He slowly pushed his way inside, inch by inch until the pain no longer existed, only sheer pleasure of having a man fill me.

Fuck me.

Use me.

Every muscle tensed then relaxed, accepting him, hungering for him. What had I become?

“You’re a tough girl, Harper, but you hunger just like everyone else. Only I can give you what you truly need.” He held the position, rubbing his hands over my bruised bottom, finally gripping my hips once again as he started to fuck me.

“Uh. Uh. Uh.” Every emotion rolled and dipped as the sensations increased. His rough actions took every bit of my breath, leaving my mind reeling and my chest gasping for air. I’d never been used so brutally, taken to the very heights of pleasure then yanked back into reality.

As he continued, even the way his fingers were digging into my skin was scintillating, more exhilarating than I could understand. Why did this feel so damn good?

Another round of guilt washed through me, keeping me on edge. I had no idea how long the hard pounding lasted, but I could hear the distinct change in his breathing, could tell he was close to coming. And even if it was wrong, my body reacted, my muscles clamping down.

“Fuck. Yes. Yes!” His entire body began to shake as he pitched forward, the loud roar like a mated beast having claimed his prey.

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