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Bratva’s Captive: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

He hunkered down, glancing around him before speaking. “You shouldn’t have done that, little brat. However, I’ll give you credit for your accomplishment. Now you’re going to learn what disobeying the rules truly means.”

There was no anger in his voice, just a matter-of-fact statement.

Almost in a loving manner, he helped me up, taking the time to remove the rope from around my wrists, yet his grip on my arm remained tight. He was so muscular and strong that there was no way I was going anywhere.

He shoved me into the car once again, scanning the area before climbing in. Then he parked the vehicle around the building in the darkness. I was petrified.

“You can get out now,” he instructed, waiting until I opened the door.

I didn’t try to run. I wasn’t even certain I could move much at all. Exhaling, I shifted toward him, glancing every few seconds toward the street.

Remaining quiet, he moved to the back of the car, opening the trunk. I hadn’t seen the number of bags he’d already placed inside. What I could tell was at least one of them held weapons. Just like the one he was wearing underneath his shirt. Swallowing, I took mental note of everything when he grabbed three bags, tossing them over his shoulder then slamming the lid.

He never let go of me as we headed for the very end of the building, the last unit up against a group of trees. The motel was so old that there were still old-fashioned keys. After he unlocked the door, he pushed me inside, taking his time before turning on the light. I backed away, fearful of what he would do.

Nikolai immediately closed the drapes and locked the door, scanning the interior of the room as if he half expected the bastards following us to be inside. Then he dumped the bags, tossing the keys on the dresser. I did my best not to stare at them, but I could swear he was able to tell what I was thinking, his gaze following mine.

“If you make another attempt to escape, I will hunt you down.” His words were simple, dark, and to the point. “I can’t afford to have any additional bullshit, Chloe. I think you know what we’re up against.”

“They want you dead.”

“And you, but I’m not going to allow that to happen. That much I promise you.”

Promise. As if his promises meant anything to me.

I would never be able to get away from him.

Him. The dangerous Bratva leader.

A murderer.

The man would tire of me. Then I’d be killed. Wasn’t that what happened?

He stood staring at me for several seconds. In his eyes was a combination of disappointment and hard-edged lust. There was no mistaking the way he undressed me with his eyes. His chest rising and falling, he was obviously debating what he was going to do to me.

For some reason, the little fighter in me took over. I couldn’t stand by and wait for the minute he decided to kill me. I was a tough girl. I’d been through a hell of a lot in my life and this savage brute wasn’t going to steal it from me.

So I lunged forward, pummeling my fists against him. The hits were hard and fast, yet they didn’t seem to faze him on any level. He let me try to beat the shit out of him without doing anything. That infuriated the hell out of me.

I twisted my body until I was almost able to knee him in the crotch. That got his attention. Snarling, he snagged both my wrists, yanking my arms behind my back.

“Let go of me,” I hissed.

“That’s not going to happen,” he snarled, his deep, rough voice sending a wave of vibrations dancing down the back of my legs. My God, the man’s horrible behavior was actually turning me on. Was I insane?

“I’m going to kill you,” I yelped in frustration.

He laughed the same deep and throaty sound I’d heard before, his eyes twinkling. “I imagine you’re going to try. Obviously, you won’t be the first and I doubt you’ll be the last.” He stared down at me with those gorgeous eyes of his, taking several scattered breaths as he shook his head back and forth. “You need harsh discipline in your life.”

“Not from you.” Why were my words little more than a whisper? I wiggled again, only managing to grind my stomach across his cock, his hard, throbbing cock. Oh, my God. Panting, I dragged my tongue across my lips, and I could tell that turned him on even more. “Get off me.”

I expected him to tie me to the bed or worse, but when he crushed his mouth over mine, a moan rushed up from my throat. I was sick inside, continuing to fight him as he thrust his tongue past my lips. The taste of him was incredible, leaving me tingling all over. Lights flashed in front of my field of vision and I felt weak and helpless, yet my nipples ached to the point of utter anguish. No. No. No…

The kiss continued as he held me, the heat of his body explosive, electricity soaring through both of us. Yet every part of me hated his touch as much as my body’s reaction. He shifted my body, walking me back against the wall, slamming me against the hard surface.

When he yanked at my shirt, sliding his hand underneath, I jutted my hips forward. But that only seemed to excite him even more. He dragged the thin material up to my chest while he maintained the brutal kiss. Everything about him was dominating, his utter need for control creating a sickening firestorm deep within.

He cupped my breasts, kneading both through the lacy material of my bra. I was electrified instantly, fighting to breathe as he pinched my nipples between his fingers. The pain was biting but delicious, sending a rush of vibrations into every cell.

When he broke the intimate moment, he shook his head several times before jerking my shirt up and over my head. After tossing the unwanted item, he smacked his hands on the wall with force, leaning over until our lips were almost touching. “You’re one difficult lady.”

I shoved my hands against his chest, but as the seconds wore on, I dug my fingers into his thick muscles. The man was a brute, refusing to budge. “You’re a monster.”

He chuckled, the dark sound exciting every one of my senses. “Yes. I am.”

There was no way to push him aside or to get away. As he loomed over me, I attempted to remain defiant, undulating my body in some crazy effort to rid myself of him. It was no use. I was only exciting him even more.

“You’re going to be punished,” he hissed.

“Fuck you.”

Nikolai took a deep breath, taking his time before expelling it across my face. “Trust me. That’s exactly what’s going to happen, but not until you’ve learned your lesson about defying me.”

Everything about the man was carnal, as if he was going to rip me apart.

As if he was going to devour me.

I threw a hard punch to his gut in my crazy attempt to get away.

He only growled, shaking his head slightly. “And you need to accept that I’m in control.”

“Never.” I suddenly couldn’t move, my entire body paralyzed as he slowly lowered the straps on my bra. Just the way his fingers brushed across my skin stole my breath, the jolts of electricity crisscrossing through my body increasing. Swallowing, I realized I was mesmerized by his actions. After he exposed my breasts, a guttural and savage sound erupted from his mouth.

Very slowly he slid a single finger back and forth across my nipple. “Here’s what’s going to happen, Chloe. You’re going to remove your clothes. All of them. Then you’re going to lie across the bed. After that I’m going to spank you with my belt.”

“You’re out of your mind.”

“And you disobeyed me. That’s not going to happen again. Think of your punishment as incentive.”

I clenched my jaw, shaking my head slowly. “You don’t own me.”

“That’s where you’re wrong. Now, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. It’s entirely up to you. However, if I’m forced to remove your clothes, your punishment is going to be much worse.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

All the man had to do was cock his head, his eyes piercing mine.

“Okay. Fine. Just let me do it.”

After inhaling, he took a step away, allowing me to scoot by him. I darted a glance at the door. There wasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of being able to get to the door in time. Damn it. Damn him. I shifted closer to the bed, turning away from him as I reached behind my back. My fingers were almost numb as I tried to unfasten the hooks. A whimper threatened to escape my mouth, but I refused to give him the satisfaction, snarling instead as I finally managed to pull the two ends away. I shucked the piece behind me. Exasperated, I couldn’t care less where it landed.

I heard nothing but my own ragged breathing, closing my eyes as I unfastened my skirt then kicked off my shoes. The second I shimmied the material over my hips, a sickening wave of nausea mixed with another round of embarrassment. Just do it.

My little voice sounded so brave. I wasn’t certain any longer if I had the strength to be courageous. After tossing the skirt aside, I took several gulping breaths. For God’s sake, I’d worn pretty pink panties, the damn things frilly in detail.

Like a little girl would wear.

Correction. Like a bad little girl would wear.

“Panties too,” he huffed.

“Okay. Okay!” I was certain I’d get a couple of extra strikes for my insolence. Taking a deep breath, I finished the dreaded deed, feeling more exposed than I had in my entire life.

He shifted closer and when I heard the sound of him unbuckling his belt, a lump formed in my throat. For a girl who’d never been spanked in her life before the horrible incident in the bathroom, the anticipation was already killing me.

“Turn around,” he commanded.

Reluctantly, I did as I was told, holding my arms over my breasts as I glared at him with as much venom as I could muster. The last thing I wanted him to see was how aroused I truly was.

When he started to tug the thick strap from the tight loops of his jeans, I couldn’t take my eyes off the wretched action. With every yank of his hand, my stomach lurched. There was also something almost sensuous about his actions, which completely fucked with my mind. How could I be so attracted to him, enough so my thoughts remained lurid, a deep longing remaining at the surface? As my eyes drifted to the thick bulge between his legs, I realized goosebumps had popped all the way down my arms.

The belt finally freed, Nikolai took his time to slide the thick leather between his fingers. “Lie on the bed.”

I couldn’t stop shaking but I did as he demanded, yanking one of the pillows from under the covers. My body stiff, the ugliness of the room was something I could concentrate on in order to allow me to crawl onto the bed, easing down over the barely there softness. The mustard-colored bedspread matched the ugly gold-framed picture of some crazy piece of landscaping, the horse reminding me of a mad donkey. I almost laughed nervously, but instead pressed my face against the material, fisting my hands.

It seemed like he took forever. There was no noise. Nothing. No sounds of traffic or the blare of a television coming from another room.

Just the quiet.

Before the storm.

When I finally sensed his presence behind me, I stiffened and closed my eyes. The bastard had better get this over with quickly.

I hadn’t been prepared for the odd snapping sound of his wrist or the way the belt whooshed through the air like some crazy wind. When he sliced the strap across my sit spot, I was shocked that I felt almost nothing except for a slight stinging sensation. However, after he delivered four in a row, every strike harder than the one before, my breath was yanked away.

“Oh. Oh…” Gasping, I pushed up from the comforter, snagging the bedding as stars floated in front of my eyes. I’d been through pain in my life many times, both physical and emotional, but this was entirely different. I kicked my legs up and down as I shifted from side to side. The pain wasn’t subsiding.

“Stay in position,” he said gruffly as he pressed his hand against the small of my back.

“Change places and see how it feels when I smack you.”

I was able to hear his deep chuckle. Oh, I was ready to claw out his eyes.

When he started again, bringing the belt down several times in a row, I tried to keep from screaming, but it was impossible. The yelp was strangled as well as high pitched. I had to wonder if anyone else heard me and would come to my rescue.

“Shush, little brat. If you can’t remain quiet, I’ll be forced to gag you.”

“Gag me?” I repeated like some chirping bird. “Are you serious?” Another involuntary and very loud moan escaped my mouth after the next four strikes.

I didn’t have to wait long to know he was very serious. Seconds later, he fisted my hair at the scalp, jerking back my head. “Open your mouth.”


“Chloe. Do as I say.”

There was no sense in fighting him. I was exhausted, the fear having taken a toll. I did as he commanded, blinking away tears when he shoved my own panties into my mouth. Could anything be more humiliating? The heat continued to increase, the pain blossoming into an odd skittering of sensations. I refused to allow my emotions to get the better of me, blinking away the salty beads. I would get through this. I would survive this man.

And the horrible bastards hunting us.

When he resumed the discipline, I buried my face in the bedspread, twisting the fabric with my hands. I started to lose count after he gave me another round, my mind now shoved back to what had happened only hours before. Would I ever feel safe again?

The second he brushed his hand from one side of my bottom to the other, a sense of warmth careened into me, another jolt of electricity tingling my toes. That was the moment I caught a whiff of my feminine wiles as my pussy juice trickled down the insides of my thighs. Of course, he would be able to gather the scent as well. There would be no way to deny that I was excited.

By a spanking.

Disgusted with myself, I clenched my ass cheeks together until he slid the tip of a single finger down my crack.

“Are you wet, Chloe?” he asked, the deep-throated husk even sexier. “I think you are.” His breathing was heavy, and I was able to gather an intense whiff of the man. The combined scent of his aftershave mixed with his testosterone was intoxicating.

When he pulled my legs apart, sliding his hand between them, I beat my hands on the bed. Yet I was hot all over, aching to the point I could no longer think clearly. The man had a way of driving me to a frenzied point.

Nikolai slipped his fingers against my swollen folds and my body reacted involuntarily, my legs attempting to shut. He pulled them apart once again then patted me on the bottom. “Five more.”

With the first two additional cracks, I let out a muffled whimper, my mind driven to all kinds of crazy, lurid, and filthy thoughts. This time as he brought the belt across my buttocks, the anguish morphed into a boosted desire, my mind riveted by the dirty scenes I had playing in it. The images were dark and dangerous, erotic as hell. No. No! I couldn’t want this. This wasn’t me. I was a good girl.

Then why are you so wet?




It was finally over, the humiliation and horror. I slumped against the bed, taking gasping breaths, wanting nothing more than to rip the damn silk and lace from my mouth. My pussy clenched and released several times. It was just another nasty reminder that the entire experience had turned me on. As I shifted back and forth, my scent became more intense. Even the way my nipples scraped against the horrible material did nothing but remind me how turned on I was.

Because of a mobster, the epitome of a bad boy. The words and thoughts were muddled in my mind, the heat and pain flashing across my bottom and the wetness between my legs deliriously evocative.


Be repulsed.

I had to fight my feelings. Hell, I had to continue fighting, period. That’s why as soon as I heard him dropping the belt, I used the last bit of strength I had, scrambling onto my knees and almost managing to make it off the other side of the bed.

Malen’kiy brat,” he huffed under his breath. After grabbing my hair, all he needed was a single yank, his brute force dragging me to the other side of the bed.

I clawed the material, kicking out. The hard thudding sound meant I connected with some part of his body.

He yanked again, pulling me onto all fours and smacking my bottom several times with his massive palm. “You will stop now, little brat.”

Whether he stated the words in Russian or English, it pissed me off. I didn’t give a shit whether or not I was disobeying him. I yanked the gag away, gasping for air. “Asshole. Jerk. Creep.”

What was I hearing? A zipper? Oh, God. He was actually making good on his… promise.

“Do you know what happens to bad little princesses in Russia?” he asked coyly.

“Fuck you.”

“Mmm… They are tied and kept in a dark closet for hours. Imagine what could happen if the boogeyman came?”

I stretched and pulled but there was no way to get out of his hold. The brutal Russian was going to have his way with me and there was nothing I could do about it. For all the wrong reasons, his words stuck in my mind. I’d always been afraid of the dark, the creepy crawlies peppering my system any time I walked into a darkened room. How many nightmares had I experienced when I was a child, certain that the boogeyman was going to creep out of the shadows?

Struggling to breathe, I clawed the bedding, wishing I could reach the lamp in order to bash him against the head. I fought to look over my shoulder, trying to catch a glimpse of the monstrous man and maybe attempt escape again. It was no use. He was far too strong. Even worse, I was completely aroused, my breath skipping. How could I hunger for the horrible man?

“Now, I fuck you.”

When I felt the push of his cockhead against my pussy lips, I closed my eyes, gasping the moment he thrust the entire length of his cock inside.

“Oh, God…” I couldn’t hold back the whimper as my muscles strained to accept the thick invasion. He was huge, filling me completely. I was shocked at the myriad sensations rolling through me, my heart racing to the point my throat was tight. I tried to think clearly but it was no use. He had a power over me that I couldn’t deny, the crazy urges that embroiled every cell and muscle primal. He was so dominant, refusing to take no for an answer.

Growling, he dug his fingers into my hip, keeping the other firmly clamped around my hair. “So tight and hot.” He pulled almost all the way out, slamming into my pussy again, the force shoving me forward.

He was brutal in his actions, driving hard and fast, taking exactly what he wanted.

“Uh. Uh. Uh. Uh. Uh.” Moans slipped up from my throat, the savagery of what he was doing shoving me into a sublime state. Within seconds, I could tell he was shoving me close to an orgasm. I didn’t want to show any level of excitement, to allow him to think he’d gotten the better of me.

But there was no stopping my body’s wretched treachery. When my muscles stiffened, he slowed his actions, grinding his hips back and forth.

“See how your body reacts, the hunger burning deep inside of you? Do you want to come, malen’kiy brat?”

I refused to answer or even nod, doing everything I could to keep my mouth shut. Then the sensations became explosive. “Yes. Yes. Yes!”

Nikolai pounded into me again, the sound of skin slapping against skin floating into the air around us. His growls were husky, filthy words whispered in Russian. I was drawn into his darkness, allowing myself to enjoy the sinful moment.

How could I?

I fell into a moment of euphoria as the single climax shifted into a second, the splash of electricity shooting down the backs of my legs. “Oh… Yes. Yes…” I wiggled and shifted, meeting every hard thrust with one of my own.

All time seemed to stand still as he fucked me long and hard, plunging in deep, even strokes. Stars in twinkling colors floated across my eyes, their vibrant dancing beautiful. When he finally let go of my hair, I dropped my head, gasping for air.

“The other thing that happens to bad girls in Russia. They get fucked in the ass.”

I wasn’t prepared when he pulled out, placing the tip against my dark hole.

“Oh. Oh. Oh!” My scream was cut short the second he pushed his cock inside, hitting then blowing past the tight ring of muscle. The pain was instant and blinding, pushing me to the very edge of my sanity.

There was something so carnal about his actions, even more so than before. A beast had erupted, driving whatever soulless man he’d been before to the surface. There was no sign of the beloved professor any longer, only a true savage hell bent on claiming what he believed belonged to him.

As if he had any right.

As if I’d never be freed.

The thrusts were long and brutal and just as I knew he was close to coming, I heard the deep rumble of his voice one more time, the words haunting.

“Now, you belong to me.”

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