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Bride: A Dark Billionaire Arranged Marriage Romance by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

“Please. Be gentle with me.” I don’t know why I said that. It wasn’t really what I wanted. I craved the firmness of his fingers along my skin, clutching roughly at my body while he gave me the long hard fucking I truly needed.

He caged me in against the wall and I did my best to arch myself just so that his body scarcely touched mine. My nipples had already tightened into hard little peaks though, and they brushed against his chest.

His fingers brushed at my throat, circling around it and dragging down. He just glided over the tender skin between my breasts, continuing further until he just grazed against the lacey hem of my creamy white bridal panties. Slowly, he dragged his fingertips back and forth and I tried to study his face, but he was so focused that my stomach clenched nervously at what he had planned.

“You want me to be gentle with you?” he asked carefully, and I don’t know why, but there was a dangerous edge to his voice that made me even more nervous than before. Was he trying to trick me into something? Did he want that too?

“Please,” I squeaked quietly, sounding like a church mouse rather than a proud woman.

His fingers slipped under the hem of my underwear, and I gasped aloud. Would he touch me now? Would he finally make me come?

I should have known better.

In a flash, he grasped at my panties and pulled them so hard they wedged between my soaked folds. He didn’t pause when I cried out as he tore them from my body. I yelped in surprise, immediately drowning in sheer agony as the cloth bit at my pussy, pinching it hard enough to almost make me scream. A flood of pain blossomed across my tender flesh, and I quivered on shaky legs. I probably would have fallen if not for the way he pushed his leg in between mine to support me.

“You don’t want me to be gentle with you and you know it,” he countered, and my thighs trembled as my pussy continued to burn. As the seconds passed, the initial sting began to fade, and I was left with an aching soreness between my legs that refused to quell. My clit throbbed hard, and it was then I noticed that the full length of his cock was pressed against my clit. I was almost disappointed that the barrier of his slacks kept it from truly touching me.

I hated that he was right and that made me mad. I loathed that I wanted him to push me up against the wall and force himself inside me. I hated that I wanted to feel every thick long inch mastering my body in a way no man had ever done before. It made me so angry to want those things because I shouldn’t want them.

Good girls didn’t want that.

I didn’t understand why I wanted him to hurt me. I couldn’t fathom why my body continued to betray the soundness of my mind and react with visceral arousal, needing him and wanting him in a way so taboo that it should be forbidden.

“You want it to hurt,” he pressed. “The thought of me taking you hard enough leave you sore long after I’m through with you makes you soaking wet, my pretty bride.”

I almost reached up and slapped him, but I held back. I gritted my teeth, wanting to deny that everything he was saying was the truth, needing to deny it because of my pride.

“You can hurt me if you want, but no matter what you do to me I will never truly be yours,” I spat, and his smirk widened precipitously. There was a dangerous glint in his eyes that reminded me of the criminal nature of some of his endeavors and a very real jolt of fear poured over me. I stiffened before him, trying to quell that terrified feeling and stoke the brazen way I was pushing back at him.

He reached for me, cupping my face with that broad palm of his and dragging his thumb across my cheekbone with a possessiveness that made me suck in a breath in an aroused panic. I glared at him, and he smiled broadly.

“You’re already mine. You always have been,” he said darkly, and he leaned in closer, brushing his lips against my ear and nipping my earlobe just hard enough to set the rest of my body on fire. “But you’re right. This is going to hurt.”

There was no time to fight back as his arm circled around my waist and lifted me cleanly off the floor. He strode to the bed and before I had the foresight to try to kick or struggle out of his arms, he’d already sat down and deposited me over his knee.

Completely naked, I couldn’t hide the bareness of my ass or my naked pussy and he knew it. As if he wanted to hammer the message home, he slid his fingers in between my thighs. I closed my eyes, knowing that he’d finally discovered just how soaking wet I was for him.

He found my clit and circled it gently. He’d kept me on edge for so many hours and I’d fought him through all of it, but now that I was naked over his knee with his fingers teasing me where I needed him the most, every bit of that fight scattered just like dust on the wind.

He teased me there for several minutes, forcing my desire forward once again. I tried to keep quiet, but it was a losing battle. Before long, I was gasping aloud, each breath sounding less like a cry of disquiet and more like a moan of very clear and obvious desire. Just when I was on the cusp of orgasm, he pulled his hand away and I cried out as the painful slice of denial tore through me with vicious ruthlessness once again.

“Please,” I pleaded, and I nearly bit through my lower lip with shame in my inability to keep myself quiet. I didn’t want to beg.

His palm cracked down hard on the right side of my ass and I jolted hard as his other arm wrapped around my waist. Held firmly in place, I was in no position to fight my way off of him and when I kicked my legs in an effort to try, he tipped me forward and trapped one of mine beneath his. This new position spread my legs rather obscenely, and I was mortified once I realized that my wetness was on complete display.

“I want this gorgeous ass bright pink before I fuck your tight little pussy, my feisty bride,” he exclaimed purposefully and with vicious intent, he smacked my left cheek.

“Let me go!”

“No,” he answered, and his palm squeezed my ass hard enough to make me cry out.

I knew arguing wouldn’t get me anywhere. The more I fought him, the harder he would spank me and the longer it would take until I got what I really wanted.

His cock sinking in deep into my needy channel. I closed my eyes and the next spank fell.

My pussy clenched hard as he slapped my ass. His palm was biting at first and the initial sting was far harsher than I was prepared for, but that was quickly consumed by the overwhelming sense of desire that followed. He continued to spank me, and it hurt, but my arousal just grew stronger.

Pleasure and pain became one, twisting together in a thread that wound around and squeezed tight deep inside me. With each punishing slap, a pulse of pleasure jolted my core and forced my clit to throb insatiably between my legs.

The more he spanked me, the more I wanted to jump up and ride his cock with wild abandon. My desire was so strong that my anger had all but faded, leaving me to contend with the confusing storm of sensations coursing through me. He paused for a moment and slipped his hand back in between my legs. I didn’t fight him this time. Almost involuntarily, my thighs opened wider, and my hips arched upward, giving him access to my body in a way I’d never done before.

“You’re so much wetter, sweet girl,” he murmured, and he pulled me against him hard enough so that I could feel the iron spike of his cock against my belly. “It makes my cock very hard to spank this bottom like this.”

My pussy clenched painfully tight in anticipation of what would ultimately come once he decided my bottom was red enough.

His hand clutched hard at my waist, and he dragged his fingers across my scalded backside, spreading my wetness along my sensitized skin and forcing me to accept just how aroused I was to be treated so roughly. His palm squeezed each side of my ass hard and I lifted my hips.

I wanted more, so I decided to push him.

“Do your worst,” I dared him, and he chuckled knowingly before his palm clapped down on my ass far harder than it had yet. Immediately, I regretted my words as the sting burst out across my bottom and another hard smack followed.

Ruthlessly, he spanked me, ensuring to cover every inch of my backside with his palm until I was a gasping, writhing mess over his knee. He punished the upper half of my thighs, taking special care to lift my hips so that he could spank the lower curve of my bottom especially hard.

“You play a dangerous game, sweet girl. You should know that I will conquer you each and every time. I know how to teach my bride her rightful place,” he scolded, and my inner walls fluttered with shameful need.

“Please!” I begged.

He spanked me harder, faster, and I finally realized that I’d lost control. He’d taken it and turned my pride on its head. This hurt far more than I’d wanted it to, but I’d pushed myself into it. The only person responsible for how much my bottom burned right now was me and I keened as a single drop of wetness rolled down my thigh. It probably landed on his slacks beneath me too.

When he finally paused, I sucked in a breath, only noticing that my hands had tightened into little fists. I’d clutched at the comforter, and I hesitantly released it.

“Please,” I pleaded more softly this time.

His palm skirted over my scalded flesh, gentle and soothing. I arched up into his touch, desperate for his gentleness and only just beginning to accept that I wanted his roughness too. When he slid his fingers between my thighs for a third and final time, I knew what he’d find.

“My, my… It would seem my pretty bride is the wettest she’s ever been for me,” he murmured, and I gasped as he captured my clit once more.

“Now tell me, sweet girl. Do you want me to be gentle with you?”

I didn’t. I didn’t want gentle at all. Instead of answering right away, I whined and tried to press into the pads of his fingers with my body. With a rather salacious motion, I attempted to ride his fingers to completion. He drew his fingers away and I moaned in disappointment, but I wasn’t left without his touch for very long.

He slapped my pussy three times in quick succession, and I cried out as the red-hot burning sting blossomed across my tortured flesh.

“No, sir. I don’t want gentle,” I shrieked, desperate to avoid an even harder spanking to my already needy and extremely tender pussy.

“Good girl,” he crooned, and he gently captured my clit once more. He squeezed it between two fingers, sliding them back and forth until I was on the cusp of a very powerful orgasm that threatened to break at any moment. My desperation turned vocal, my cries growing louder and louder until I was on the very edge.

His fingers drew away and grasped firmly at my hips. He lifted my writhing form off his lap and threw me flat on the bed on my back. I cried out as my scalded bottom pressed against the firm mattress, igniting the burn of his palm once more.

I didn’t even try to keep my thighs closed. There was no hiding that I wanted this anymore. My fingers clutched at the bed, desperate to touch myself, but I didn’t know that if it was something he would allow.

He grasped at his bowtie and untied it, tossing it to the floor without a care. He shrugged off the blazer and made quick work of the white button-up shirt beneath. My mouth watered as he exposed his chest and the painful need to touch him jolted through me with debilitating force. He kicked his shoes and his socks off first before tearing his belt from his slacks in a flash. The swish of the leather made my stomach drop hard and my thighs closed instinctually before I remembered to spread them open again. He smirked when he saw my reaction and he folded over the belt, snapping it and making me shiver at the silent threat of it.

“One day, you’ll earn the stripes of my belt across your naked backside again. That will be the same day that I fuck that tight little bottom hole with my cock,” he warned, and I couldn’t stop the way my inner walls fluttered greedily at his words.

“You’d fuck my bottom, sir?” I asked and my voice was far too husky with arousal.

“Yes, little girl. I’ll enjoy every second of it too,” he replied, and a harsh tremor of need jolted straight to my clit. I couldn’t take my eyes off that belt, knowing how much it hurt and how much I wanted to feel it again despite all that. Thankfully, he threw it aside and I was quickly distracted by what he did next.

When he finally freed his cock from the confines of his clothing, I was nearly writhing with need for it. I tried to push back my desire by focusing on the beauty of his muscular form, but that only made my arousal that much greater and stronger.

As if he could read my mind, he grinned knowingly.

He climbed over me and pressed his hands to either side of my head. He held himself just above me and when the heated shaft of his cock pressed against my needy pussy, I cried out with arousal. Teasingly, he slid himself back and forth along my soaked folds and I bit my lip as a tremor of pleasure rattled me senseless.

“Please,” I begged.

He swallowed my pleas with a hard, bruising kiss that would leave me swollen long after it ended. I moaned, pressing up into him as I arched back and forth in his grasp. My pussy dragged against the hard length of his cock, and I quivered against him, my desire quickly taking over every ounce of my being.

“I’ll give you one last chance. Do you want me to be gentle, Zoe?”

His cock stroked my clit lazily, back and forth, far too slowly for me to gain any traction. He had me pinned enough so that I couldn’t move beneath him. I wanted to roll my hips. I wanted to rock myself against his hard length. More than anything though, I wanted to come.

“No, sir,” I answered shakily, trembling beneath him.

“Good girl,” he whispered as he pulled his hips back. With care, he lined up the head of his cock with my pussy and jerked his hips forward without warning. With one unfathomably hard motion, he forced every inch of his massive cock into my sheath and a quick flash of agony ballooned inside of me. I hadn’t expected the pain to be as intense as it was. A soft keening sound escaped me, and he kissed me, swallowing my screams. When the pain finally began to ebb away, he started to move once more although much more slowly.

“You’re too big for me,” I gasped, and he chuckled into the side of my neck, thrusting into me a few times as if to prove me wrong.

“No. I’m not. I’m just right for you,” he purred. With one hand, he reached down and grasped my hip, using it to thrust into me harder several times.

My inner walls squeezed tight around him, greedily clutching at his length as if my body was agreeing with him. I tried to ignore it, but the more I felt all of him inside me, the weaker my need to fight him became. With every thrust, it was like he was reaching deep into me. It almost was like he was grasping at my heart.

I buried that feeling deep, trying to convince myself never to think it again. In an effort to push it away, I attempted to lose myself in the physical connection between us, but with every hard stroke of his cock into my pussy, I knew that it was inevitable.

I could already feel it beginning, a gentle pulse inside my core that told me that I would fall for this man one day.

I would fight it, but right now, I was going to use him just as he was using me.

I rocked my hips, taking his cock deeper with every motion. He arched back and moved the hand that was grasping at my hip to between my legs. His hand flattened on my lower belly and his thumb lightly teased over the top of my clit, making me shiver hard with blatant need. He must have felt my body’s reaction because he did it again just a little harder.

“Oh!” I cried out and he pistoned his cock into me harder than before. It felt so good to have his thumb on my clit and the massive length of him inside me that I spiraled headfirst into a world consisting of his body on mine and the tumultuous pleasure that was surging inside me. My core twisted hard, causing a delicious sequence of pulses between my legs, and his thumb started to move faster.

“I can’t!”

“You will, little girl. I want to feel that pussy milk my cock when you come for me,” he coaxed, and his filthy words did something so tremendously unexpected that I was almost too ashamed to admit it. It was far too late for shame though. This man had already done several mortifying things to me and as the memories flashed before my eyes, my thighs began to shake. I didn’t know what to make of it.

I wasn’t naïve to my body. I had sex toys at home, not many, but a few. I knew how to use them to make myself come before. Those orgasms had been good, great even.

At least, they had been back then.

My legs trembled harder. They’d never done that before, and I knew that this coming orgasm was going to be the hardest one I’d ever had in my life. I could feel it building inside me, bigger and bigger, and there was a part of me that was beginning to fear it when it broke.

His hand wound around my neck, clutching the back of it and using it to hold me still so that he could fuck me even harder. I never got used to the size of him. With every hard stroke, my body both grasped at his length and tried to push him out. It hurt at the same time that it was so wonderfully good. Pain and pleasure became one and the same, a turbulent twisting sensation that held me captive from the beginning and didn’t let me go.

His thumb continued to tease my clit, torturing me and I knew it wouldn’t be long now.

“I… need,” I began, not really knowing what I was saying anymore.

“I know, my beautiful bride. Come for me,” he coaxed.

His cock slid in and out of me, rubbing against a place within me that only made my legs shake even harder. His presence surrounded me. His scent intoxicated me.

There was nothing left in me to fight. I only had to feel.

His thumb grew more persistent. My inner walls clutched at his thick length slamming in and out of me and I knew I was fractions of a second away from the hardest orgasm of my life.

This felt so good. I arched into him, my nipples scraped against the roughness of his chest, and I finally flew apart beneath him.

My pussy clamped down around his cock and he groaned, eliciting an almost primal reaction from me. My entire body trembled, overtaken by the intensity of the pleasure he’d built inside me all day as it finally broke free.

My moan of surprise was soft at first, but it grew louder and louder until I was screaming with unfettered bliss. There was no vow of silence this time. To be honest, I knew from the very start that it wouldn’t be possible.

He didn’t slow down once my orgasm began. If anything, he only fucked me harder, taunted my clit more firmly, and coaxed my pleasure as high as it would go until I felt like my head was in the clouds and I’d never come down. On and on that first orgasm went until I feared that it wouldn’t end.

It was beautiful and addictive and when it finally did begin to fade, I found that I was almost sad that it was over.


His cock was still impossibly hard, and his thrusts weren’t slowing. No longer in the clutches of such a powerful orgasm, my body began to grow sore, my clit sensitive.

“Grayson?” I whimpered.

“I’m not through with you, little girl. I want two more orgasms from you and you’re going to give them to me unless you want to feel my belt across your backside again before I put you to bed,” he growled.

I yelped as he pistoned his hips into me particularly hard. My clit jolted, as though his words had ignited a direct conduit straight to it.

“I’ve never had more than one,” I protested disbelievingly.

“You will tonight,” he warned, and my pussy grasped at his cock tight.

I wanted to brush his words aside as impossible, but then I felt a glimmer of something deep inside my core. I closed my eyes and tried to figure out what it was, and I moaned when it eventually dawned on me.

My body was rising once more. Desire simmered from within me, a perfect mixture of unfathomable need and insatiable passion that refused to quell.

His hips snapped against mine, pushing the thickness of his cock all the way inside me. I could feel every ridge, every hard throbbing vein.

“You will take what I give you, bride,” he whispered, and I arched into him. My movement pressed my scorched backside into the bed, and I gasped as my pussy tightened hard around him. I couldn’t stop thinking about what it would feel like to take his massive cock inside my bottom hole too.

I shivered hard and that elusive second orgasm roared forward.

His thumb never stopped worrying my clit and I lost myself in everything that he was forcing on me. He’d known I hadn’t wanted his gentleness and that turned me on more than I cared to admit. He used my body roughly and he took every bit of control that I had to give, and I had to do nothing but submit to him completely.

I shook beneath him, my body quaking with every thrust, every hard stroke, and before I could stop it, I came again.

That first orgasm had been blissfully wonderful, so very pleasurable and intensely hard that I knew that I would be sated long after this night was over. The second one was far different. This one broke over me with a savage violence, a forceful ecstasy that came with a fierce bite of pain.

I started screaming right from the start and I didn’t stop till it ended.

His fucking grew even rougher, more vigorously hard that my pussy began to burn hot, both with increasing soreness and insatiable pleasure. I writhed beneath him, trying to get away and not wanting to in the same breath. That orgasm broke over me with an intense pain, but as the seconds drew past with vivid agony, it soon gave way to the most mesmerizing pleasure I’d ever felt.

I soared with ecstasy. I moaned until my voice grew hoarse. His fingers moved to the back of my scalp, and he closed his fist around my hair, pulling it hard enough so that a fiery blossom of pain radiated up and down my spine. I pressed myself up against him, gasping for air as I took him inside me, over and over again until that second orgasm eventually faded into sore blissful happiness.

I closed my eyes and focused on drawing the heated air in and out of my lungs. It was difficult. My heartbeat quaked within me fast, frantic and needy. My body continued to tremble with powerful aftershocks, evidence of just how incredible those two orgasms had been.

“One more, my pretty bride. For this last one, you will wait until I give you permission to have it. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, sir,” I panted, curling myself around him. His hard cock was still inside me as I lay beneath him, exhausted and sated. He still wasn’t done with me and there was a small quiver of fear deep inside my core that he could long outlast me.

His thrusts grew slower, deeper, and each one felt like a declaration of his ownership over my body.

“I can’t,” I breathed.

“You can and you will, little girl. You will come one more time for me,” he said sternly, and my core twisted hard as if it was answering to him and him alone. “I’m going to enjoy this sweet little pussy until I’ve had my fill and I plan on taking my time with it.”

I shivered hard.

My limbs felt heavy, but as his cock slowly pressed in and out of me, I found myself rising once again even though I didn’t think I could. He ground his hips into me as his thumb lightly teased the greedy bud in between my thighs. He drove me up unhurriedly, almost as if he was deliberately coaxing my desire forward.

My arousal was resistant. He’d already made me come twice and my body reluctantly answered with the possibility of a third. If he’d had told me that he would do this to me earlier, I’d have told him he was insane, but right now, beneath him like this, it was everything and more.

The more he fucked me, the more my arousal returned. It built with leisurely intent, slowly circling around me like a vise and tightening inch by inch until it captured me completely.

I’m not sure where the turning point was and I don’t know when my resistance became willing desire, but it happened nonetheless. Soon enough, I was writhing beneath him, knowing my final orgasm was close.

This time was different though. This time, I had to wait.

For some insane reason, I wanted to obey him. I wanted to be the one who made him smile, who made him proud that I’d followed his instructions even when they were difficult for me. I wanted to be the one he thought of when he closed his eyes and I wanted to be the first he imagined when he opened them in the morning.

“Please,” I begged.

My orgasm was so close. I could feel it and I knew that it was going to be the most painful one of them all.

“I’m enjoying myself, little girl,” he answered with a seductive growl, and I whimpered. My arousal felt like a ticking time bomb inside me, and it was going to go off at any second.

“Please. Let me come for you,” I pleaded. My voice sounded almost broken and pitifully desperate. When he didn’t respond right away, I cried out, unable to keep quiet as I tried to force back that final release from coming too soon.

“Oh. Please. Please. Please,” I whimpered, my words mixing into blatant cries and just when my eyes began to roll back in my head, he growled and thrust into me harder than he had ever before.

“Come for me, Zoe. Scream for me,” he commanded. I didn’t need to be told twice.

That last orgasm was vicious from the start. I whined and I cried, but I thrashed beneath him with blissful harrowing agony that tore me open from the inside out. Every second was ruthlessly cruel at the same time that it was exquisitely sweet. My entire body quaked with my desire, pinned beneath his strong form with nowhere to go. There was nothing for me to do but suffer through every moment.

It was brutal and harsh, yet it was vexing in its utter captivity over me. My inner walls spasmed around his cock, milking him for everything he was worth. Every muscle in my body was clenched tight and I vaguely wondered if I’d ever be able to control them again. I lost myself in that incredible void of pleasurable agony.

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