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Bride to the Beast by Samantha Madisen – Extended Preview

Royla had never felt so humiliated, or so scared. With her loincloth thrown away into the bushes, her sex was exposed, visible to the large creature whenever he chose to glance her way.

As they walked out of the sunny clearing back into the forest, Royla let her eyes dance up and gaze along the creature’s well-muscled back.

She supposed she should get used to calling him ‘Master,’ if only for the time being. Until she managed to escape. That way she wouldn’t slip up and earn herself another correction.

She fell into a steady pace behind him. Her mind swam with questions and memories. What was this… thing? Though, each glance at him had her thinking of him less as a monster and more of a…

She couldn’t put her finger on what. Not a monster, though.

She blushed as her eyes fell to the flexing muscles in his buttocks. She’d never seen a male rear. It looked so powerful, the skin stretched taut over hard muscle shifting beneath.

A warmth blossomed inside her. It rushed up from her core and heated her cheeks all over again.

What am I doing? He’s kidnapping me!

But she couldn’t seem to chase the questions away. Each time her eyes darted over his hard body, a dull ache began to throb between her legs. She could still feel his essence lingering there, sticky and occasionally running down her leg.

She knew she should be thinking of ways to escape, perhaps slip away in the middle of the night. But the idea didn’t inspire as much hope inside her as she thought it should. Something was… almost drawing her to him. To Master, as he insisted he be called.

An hour or two might have passed as they walked. The funny, tickling ache inside her twisted into a pressure that Royla finally realized was her bladder. She had to go.

Not wanting to arouse the beast’s—Master’s—ire, she tried to hold it. But as the light faded, she knew she wouldn’t be able to hold it forever. She contemplated just going as they walked but that would be so filthy!

It took all her will to summon the courage to speak. “Master?” The word came out a hoarse whisper.

The large creature seemed to startle at the sound of her voice. As if he’d forgotten she was there. He spun around and glowered at her. “What is it?” he snapped.

“I… I have to… relieve myself,” Royla said, lowering her eyes in shame.

He grunted, as if to say that were a suitable reason to disturb him, then came to a stop next to a large tree.

Her relief at not being disciplined was short-lived. Instead of turning or stepping away, Master merely stood there staring at her with his dark expression.

She shifted her weight from one foot to the other, flexing her thighs to hold it in. Surely, he wasn’t going to make her…

“What is the trouble?” he asked. He nodded at the tree. “Go, if you must.”

Shame and humiliation flooded through her again. He couldn’t really mean that she was to… just go? Right there? In front of him?

His frown deepened. “Go, if you must. Or you will feel my hand again. We are wasting daylight.”

The realization that he would not relent made her cheeks burn red again. She was painfully full and needed relief. There was nothing to be done. She would just have to… go. Right there in front of him.

Tucking her chin against her chest so as not to meet his gaze, she crouched down and closed her eyes. The fluid leaving her body relieved the pressure in her belly but did nothing to the shame she felt.

Going under a tree. Like an animal. A pet, under the watchful eyes of its master.

Her heart jumped. Not at how lewd it was, but at how it sent a thrilling shock of excitement racing through her. Because when it came down to it, it seemed that’s all she would be to him. He even had her on a leash.

What is wrong with me?

When she’d finished, Royla stood again. Her eyes darted up, lingering just long enough on his to confirm he’d been staring at her the whole time. But instead of tearing them away, Royla let them wander down his body.

Every muscle was outlined by his thick, taut skin. She’d never seen a body so hard, so animal. As her eyes fell to his midriff, she blushed at the sight of his exposed member. It was as thick as her arm, with a bulbous head and still stiff. It seemed to be throbbing with need.

Her thoughts wandered back to being pressed against the forest floor. That… thing had been inside her. It had broken her innocence and unloaded its gift into her womb.

Her mouth fell open as her mind drew the connection. The rutting hut. The bodies twisted together in the forest. That… organ penetrating her. They swirled together, forming a very naughty explanation of how offspring were made.

Royla gasped.

Oh, Gods! What if his… seed quickens inside me?

Her master stepping closer to her, drawing the leash tighter around her neck, tore her from her thoughts. She gasped and looked up into his eyes that seemed to be boring into her very core.

The hint of a snarl curled one corner of his lip. He hooked a long finger under the cloth she wore at her chest. With a sharp yank, he tore that away. His eyes fell to her chest as her breasts came tumbling out.

Royla’s eyes fell, too. She stared in wonder at the way her nipples had stiffened into two pointy buds of flesh. Her sex felt sticky and hot again. A shudder of excitement raced down her back at the way he was staring at her.

“Spread your legs.” The order was gruff and abrupt but left no room for appeal.

Royla shuffled a foot to one side, stepping wider until her feet were an arm’s length apart. It was a lewd position that exposed her soft place, but she knew failure to obey would only end in another correction.

His hand dropped the end of the rope. It swept up between her thighs and settled against her sex.

Royla gasped at the burst of pleasure that rushed up her back at his touch. Startled, she looked up and into his eyes.

He looked at her with his head tilted to one side, his eyes still searching for something. “You obey well when you want to,” he said. “Good pets who obey get rewarded.”

Royla had no idea what he meant. Until his finger slid to the front of her dripping slit. He pressed the tip of it harder against her. She sucked in a breath as pleasure lanced up her spine. “Oh, Gods…” she whimpered, unable to control herself.

He tilted his head in the other direction. “Your Gods will not help you here,” he said. “Here you are mine. My vessel. My pet. You will do as I say. Do you understand?”

His finger had begun a slow circle around a very sensitive spot. He was twisting and kneading it, each sweep around the place sending tendrils of pleasure crawling through her whole body.

It caused her to arch her back and throw her head back, exposing her neck as she moaned. “Oh, Gods, yes!”

An instant later his palm landed on her backside in a sharp smack, tearing her from the building ecstasy. Her eyes popped open and she gasped as the pain laced together with the pleasure he’d just ignited inside her.

“Yes, Master,” he corrected. Two more hard spanks landed on her rear.

“Yes, Master!” she called out, her voice trembling.

This seemed to appease him. He placed his hand between her legs, his finger against the spot and began twisting it again.

Royla became quickly consumed by the desire that flamed through her. Her legs shaking from the awkward position, she swayed back and forth, grinding her hungry sex against his fingers.

Two short smacks connected with her rear again. More pain shot through her, sharpening the ache in her sex.

“Stay still,” he growled.

It took every ounce of her will to quiet her body and stay perfectly still. As his fingers explored her softness, moan after agonized moan came bubbling up from inside her, muffled by her closed lips. The pressure that began to build in her insides consumed her until she was on the brink of something… explosive.

His finger pulled away from the sensitive spot. He slipped it into her tender hole, the muscled digit gliding against her tight walls.

Royla shuddered. The pressure ebbed, ever so slightly. That brought no relief. Now she craved his touch again, prayed that he would find the spot and rub.

She shuddered and groaned as he did.

He leaned closer. So close that she could feel his breath on her cheek. “Now,” he whispered. “Release.” With that, he twisted the tender bud.

Pleasure erupted inside her, a hot and liquid bolt of it shot up her back. Her toes curled. She threw her head back, a scream bursting from her mouth as she succumbed to her lust.

It tugged and pulled at her. Royla felt as if she’d left herself, left the hot tightness of her flesh and was soaring high above the trees. When she began to fall, more moans came tumbling from her. Her knees buckled, and she fell to the ground on all fours.

Master towered above her, glaring down.

Royla wondered if she would be punished for breaking her pose. There was nothing she could do about it now. She looked up at him, begging for mercy with her eyes even as fresh excitement washed over her at the prospect of another correction.

He dropped to one knee and picked up the end of the makeshift leash. His palm fell against her bottom in a sharp smack.

Royla hissed as she sucked in a breath. Yet her pussy clenched as a lusty fire flickered to life inside her again.

He jerked the leash as he rose, indicating she should stand as well.

Royla complied, a very confusing mix of emotions churning inside her. She felt a certain shame. Not at having been captured and subdued, but at how aroused she was by the whole thing. No matter how she tried, she could not bring herself to fear her captor or be angry at his correction. In a way, she’d never felt quite so safe as she did with him, despite his gruff manner and strict ways.

She couldn’t help but believe that if some danger befell them, he would keep her safe. How she knew this, she couldn’t explain. But she was certain of it as she’d never been of anything else in her life before.

“Walk,” he said, nudging the small of her back.

Royla began walking through the forest. What future lay ahead she couldn’t say. But for some reason, fear no longer haunted her thoughts.

Thanred was hungry. Not for food. He had eaten a week ago and that would probably sate him for another week at least.

His hunger was for her.

Even as they walked through the forest, he could scarcely take his eyes away from her round rump, bouncing as she walked ahead of him. The idea that he would ever find a human female this appealing would have been laughable just a day ago. Now he found himself not only drawn to her but desperate to protect her and keep her out of harm’s way.

As they walked deeper into the dense forest, Thanred scanned their surroundings, searching for a good place to make a camp. He would have to lie close to her that night to keep her warm, naked as she was.

The idea bothered him as much as it aroused him. How would he ever sleep with her soft body pressed against his? Even now his cock was jumping between his legs each time he raked his eyes over her ripe body.

The sun had already begun to set when Thanred saw the dark opening of a cave a few dozen paces to their right. He picked up the end of Royla’s leash and gave it a gentle tug. He couldn’t help but imagine how his clan-mates would have laughed at the way he was treating his pet.

Am I going soft? he wondered.

Royla responded to the tug by stopping, her back stiffening as she waited for his next instruction.

Thanred was pleased at this. Not only was she pleasant to look at, she seemed eminently trainable. Like a draecon beast that had already been broken. This heightened his arousal.

His eyes fell to the cleft of her rump, then down lower between her cheeks to where her second hole was. He wondered if he could take her in it before they slept. Or perhaps she was too tight? Perhaps she needed training first?

“Over there,” he said, pointing toward the cave.

Royla followed his finger with her eyes and immediately turned and began walking toward the spot. She had to get up on her toes to step over a fallen log. This caused the muscles in her ass and legs to tighten in a way that made Thanred’s head spin. His cock throbbed again.

When they arrived at the cave, Thanred gave the leash another tug. Sharper this time, a little ashamed at how softly he was treating the female. “Wait here,” he ordered, doing his best to sound gruff.

“Yes, Master.”

Her whispered response made his skin prickle with delight. He spun around and fixed her with his gaze. “Say it again,” he ordered. “Louder.”

This time her eyes didn’t fall away. She didn’t look down at the ground, or side to side. She held his stare as her chest swelled slightly. “Yes, Master,” she repeated in a full voice.

Thanred’s eyes danced down to where her nipples had hardened at the tips of her breasts. He reached out with his fingers, clamped them around each and twisted.

Her mouth fell open and her eyes went wide. Her knees grew weak as agony twisted her whole face.

There was no reason for the harsh correction. She’d done exactly as he asked. And yet his pleasure at her pain was so potent he could almost taste it. He pinched the nipples before pulling his hands away.

Royla was breathing heavily, her mouth still hanging open. But instead of bursting into tears or falling to the ground, her eyes came up to meet his again. “Thank you, Master,” she said quietly.

His loins filled with heat. He resisted the urge to shake his head in disbelief at what was spinning through his mind. If she weren’t a human, and were he still with his tribe, he would have already sent for a cleric to wed her, so he could claim her in front of the others, the way a proper coupling ought to be.

But life was different now. There would be no wedding, no public consummation, no revelry. There would only be a life of exile, hiding in caves and under the cover of the trees. The thought twisted through him with a dull pain.

“Wait here until I see it is safe,” he said, not daring to meet her eyes again.

“Yes, Master.”

Mother Mountain, she learned quickly, that one did.

He stepped into the darkness of the cave. It was a small space. But it smelled like the forest and not like animals, which meant it was probably safe. As his eyes accustomed to the darkness, Thanred let them wander through the inside of the cave.

There was an outcropping of rock near the back, a shelf of sorts. They could sleep under that. It would at least keep a little of their heat in. Surveying the cave one last time, he turned back to face Royla. “Enter,” he said.

She took two steps into the space. Her body was silhouetted by the light outside in a way that made her curves even more irresistible.

His cock would give him no peace. He stepped forward, took the end of the leash, and gave it a gentle yank. “On your knees.”

Royla held his stare as she sank to her knees.

Thanred’s chest swelled as the grip of his arousal tightened between his legs. “Open your mouth.”

Royla’s eyes opened a little wider first, no doubt at the strange request and what it might mean. But she complied, opening her pretty little mouth, still staring at him.

“Push out your tongue,” he ordered.

She did. It was a soft, pink thing that glistened with saliva in the dim light.

Taking his cock in hand, Thanred stepped forward and pressed the underside of it against her tongue.

Royla gasped.

From the way she was acting, Thanred was sure she’d had little experience with these matters. That made it all the more exciting; to be taking a fresh, young, innocent thing as this. Jutting his hips forward, he fed her more and more of his hard shaft until her mouth was stuffed with it and he felt the tip come against the muscles in her throat.

Her nostrils flared as she struggled to breathe.

Thanred gripped the leash and swung it slowly over her back. It connected with her backside with a soft crack.

She sucked in a breath and her eyes bulged.

He repeated the motion, this time on her other cheek.

She moaned this time, the vibration traveling through his muscle and causing his seed to start churning in his sack.

“Open your throat,” he ordered. The leash sailed in an arc through the air again and snapped against her rear. And again, for good measure. But the correction did the trick. The muscles in her throat released and she let him in.

Thanred shuffled forward. Tilting her head back with a finger against her forehead, he plunged his cockhead into her throat until his sack came to rest against her chin.

Mother Mountain, she is… beautiful.

As he stepped back, pulling his shaft out of her mouth, he stared at it, now covered with her saliva and glistening in the dying light of the forest.

Royla still looked so startled from what he’d done.

This only caused lust to surge through him. Putting a hand on the back of her head, Thanred drove his cock into her mouth again. Her throat was hot and tight and made his muscle flex. Seed began traveling through it, a sticky trickle that threatened to send him careening over the edge of release.

His eyes shot open at the feeling of her hand rising between his legs. He grunted as her soft palm came to cup his sack, heavy with seed. “Mother of…” he hissed through clenched teeth.

Her hand squeezed, ever so slightly.

Thanred threw his head back and roared in pleasure. Pulse after pulse of his hot essence pumped through his shaft, draining into her mouth and throat.

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