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Britney’s Daddy by Rose St. Andrews – Extended Preview

Britney's Daddy by Rose St. Andrews

She found out.

It was her tail. Tony arranged a bunch of pillows on the bed, set her across them, and then peeled off his clothes. It was only when he got behind her and hoisted her waist up to meet his stiff cock that she realized the dildo was still buried deep in her ass. Slowly—ever so slowly—he worked it out of her, and then teased her with his cock by patting her sore cheeks with it.

“Now it’s my turn,” he chuckled.

Brit gasped and looked over her shoulder at him. “What? No, honey, please, I can’t take more!”

“Oh really? I’ve been begging you for years to try anal, and then, what do you do? You pull out some toy and try it on your own without even telling me,” he scolded. “No, this time, I’m not asking.”

His cock slid inside her like a key into a lock. She gasped and groaned. Her hands flew to her clit, and she fiddled with herself, as a mounting chorus of moans escaped her lips, despite trying to hold them in. Tony began to rock and thrust into her, and her delight and humiliation surged. Yet something was missing, she wasn’t approaching orgasm like before. Was she done for the night? Then, as Tony’s hips banged harder into her sore ass, she felt little sparks of pleasure ripple through her flesh and converge in her pussy. Gripping the sheets with both hands, she tried to control her body, but couldn’t. It started banging her ass into Tony in sync with his movements so as to boost her pleasurable pain. She prayed Tony wouldn’t notice.

He did.

“Why, little Brit, do you need Daddy to… spank you while he takes you up the ass?” he said happily.

She buried her face in the sheets and pillows, as she felt her whole head go up in flames. There was no doubt she was cherry red.

“No answer? Huh, I guess you don’t want me to spank you. Okay, I’ll ease off,” he said very matter-of-factly.

Her head just about shot up. “No-no, please, Tony, pleeeease!”

“Please what? Come on, you have to say it,” he shot back.

“Pl-pl-please sp-sp-spank me,” she choked out.

He laughed. “Why, I’ll be happy to, my sweet.”

He did just that. Both hands slammed down on her poor cheeks as he sped up his thrusts. Brit wailed in pain and orgasmic bliss. Her toes curled until she could almost feel her nails digging into her feet. She shook and shuddered, her hips pounding back to meet Tony’s efforts. Brit opened her mouth, but managed to force herself to bite the pillow to keep from screaming out her pleasure, as she felt Tony’s hot seed spew inside her. She came, long and hard. He moaned his delight, and then the two of them collapsed onto the bed.

They stayed like that for the better part of an hour, just softly cuddling and kissing. Despite the pure pain in her ass, Britney loved the closeness and intimacy, and especially loved being rocked and cared for by her man. She was just about thinking of asking for another round when sleep embraced her.

Brit sat up with a start, and immediately winced and rolled to her side. Looking around, she gingerly rubbed her ass. Tony was gone, it was morning, and her ass really wasn’t all that sore. Her problem was more of an internal one.

The door opened, and she turned and saw Tony entering with a tray and something tucked under his arm. Britney smiled.

“Well, morning there, sunshine,” he said happily. “Thought maybe you’d like breakfast in bed.”

“Tony, you always know just what I love,” she said, and sat up. “Ouch,” she yelped, and rolled back onto her side.

He set the tray down on the dresser and moved to the bed, still smiling. “Seems someone hasn’t recovered from last night. You still bruised, baby? Here, I’ll help you.”

He piled some pillows and then helped her to sit on the heap. She still winced, but not as much, and then he got the tray in front of her.

“Well, actually, the bruise and… ah, your… handiwork have dimmed,” she said, picking up the orange juice. She took a sip. “Well, freshly squeezed? I am impressed.”

Tony chuckled. “I like doing things for my baby. But, if you’re not sore from… ohhh, I get it.”

Britney blushed. “Yeah, okay, you popping my… anal cherry was a bit more than I expected. Can we not harp on it, please?”

“Yes, my dear, I’ll let it go that you’re no longer an anal virgin. However, there is the matter of you wetting the bed.”

Her brow wrinkled. “Wet the…? Ohhh that. Tony, sheesh, you know I always get… wet when we have a wild night. What are you going to do, put me in a diaper?” she sneered.

“Huh, I’ll consider it,” he said casually.

She rolled her eyes and started eating. “Yeah, right, you do that. So, what’s that you got hidden under your arm?”

Tony reached around with his right hand, grabbed it, and held it out for her to see. It was a teddy bear, a big fluffy one. “Little present for you. I found it in the attic when I was cleaning up. Thought you’d like it.”

Brit smiled and took it. “Oh, Tony, he’s so cute! What, is this to commemorate us popping my cherry?”

“Huh, I hadn’t thought of that, but I guess it’s appropriate. He is brown,” he said with a wink.

“Oh, brother! Yeah, fine, but I’m not calling him brownie. Now, can I please eat in peace? I do have to get to school soon.”

He nodded to her. “Yes, my dear. I’ll go get your uniform ready.”

Sitting there, eating, Britney reflected on the events of the previous night. While the pain and humiliation of the initial spanking were very negative, the hot sex that followed was incredible, and there was something else.

She’d liked it when Tony took care of her. Britney didn’t understand why, but being able to relax and let someone else do all the heavy lifting so to speak was sort of liberating. Not that she’d ever tell Tony that! She patted Teddy on his head and pretended to feed him, and then focused on her own tummy, which was feeling very empty.

Once she was done, she got dressed and left for school. She was thankful she didn’t have PE, but she was not thankful about having a majorly sore ass! The desk chairs were particularly hard, and she grimaced and squirmed through every single class. For some reason, the classes seemed unusually long that day. The worst part of it was the snickers and giggles from her classmates. The whispered snide remarks seemed to echo all around her, and they caused the humiliation to just build up inside her.

Then, when the last bell of the day rang, Tiffany Amber Howell, of the Newport Howells, leaned in close to her. “So, Britney, what happened? Your dad give you a taste of the strap last night?”

Britney ground her teeth, as Jessica and Hillary, Tiffany’s little minions, giggled. Tiffany was so full of herself. Britney was tempted to tell her the truth, or at least a partial truth: “No, Tiff, I had anal sex with my boyfriend last night.” Oh, would she just about keel over at that one! But no, Brit knew she had to hold her tongue. Then an idea presented itself to her, and she smirked as she got to her feet and faced Tiffany.

“Yeah, he did, Tiff. I came home real late last night, and I was drunk. So he was super mad.”

“Drunk?” Jessica gasped. “Bu-but you’re underage!”

She slowly turned to face the bug-eyed girl. “Yeah, but my boyfriend and I love to have a few shots of tequila before we… do it,” she said casually.

Leisurely turning around to check out all three of their expressions, she then sauntered to the door. Oh yeah, I took them down a notch.

It was all Brit could do to not burst into laughter. The girls were so easy to peg: rich, young and thin, blonde and tall, and with a feeling of over-inflated privilege. They also lied about sex worse than a bunch of drunken construction workers in a dive bar. She’d heard them boast about their sexual conquests in the bathroom and locker room, but she also knew they were total lies. The fact that the other girls didn’t know that told her another thing: they were all without any real sexual experience. In a way, Britney was actually glad of that. It told her that they weren’t all rushing into sex, which kind of surprised her, as all three of the girls were eighteen.

Britney’s next encounter with the trio did not go quite so smoothly. It was two days later, again in PE, and she and the three girls were bent over with their hands on their knees in front of the entire rest of the class. Brit stole glances to her right, and almost smiled. The three bitches looked worried. Of course, she was worried too. Miss Edna Watson was standing behind them swinging the infamous Watson Whacker. It was one massive paddle, and Edna was known to be an expert at wielding it. Britney could believe that; the woman looked like she could bench press a Clydesdale.

Whack, the paddle landed, and Brit jumped. Not from pain, it wasn’t her upturned backside that had just gotten the first swat. Tiffany yelped. Watson moved down the line, slowly drawing closer to Britney. Her pulse and breathing sped up with each step and each swat, as she knew what was coming. As Watson took up her stance behind Britney and she felt the tap-tap of the large thick paddle to her barely-protected ass, she trembled and grit her teeth. She was determined not to cry out like the other girls had.

The air rushed away from her, there was a momentary pause, and then a giant wooden plank slammed into her. Fire exploded in her cheeks as they were crushed under the force of the blow. She lurched forward, her eyes popped open, and she sucked in a lungful of air.

“Ouch,” she howled, despite herself.

The class, sitting before the four of them, giggled. Suddenly Brit’s face felt almost as hot as her ass. She just wanted to die. Watson moved back to Tiffany and took aim again. Crack, her second blow fell, and she wailed twice as loud. Jessica squealed and begged for mercy, while Hillary yelped and started to sob. Britney tried to order her body to maintain itself, but that proved hopeless. A second wave of pain tore through her behind, and she yelped again, albeit not as loudly as the others. That gave her a modicum of pride. Yet, bent over, waiting for the third swat, she realized that her brief respite between smacks was a double-edged sword. While she relished the time to recover, there were minuses that went along with it. There was the dread as she waited for her next one, getting to see and hear the other girls get theirs, and then the fact that her ass cooling a bit meant the next whack would hurt all the more. While definitely not an expert on paddlings, Britney did understand a bit about biology. When the body was in pain, it secreted hormones and neuro-chemicals to help alleviate said pain. However, with the passing of time, those chemicals dispersed.

Whack, a renewed blast erupted inside her.

“Yee-ouch,” Brit screamed.

Her hands wrapped about her knees, hanging on for dear life. Watson had told them the penalty for not holding position: two more smacks of the paddle, and Brit was determined to avoid that.

By the fourth round, Hillary and Jessica were softly sobbing, and Tiffany was begging for mercy. Brit managed to hold out until the last one; the tears flowed, but at least she wasn’t outright bawling like Hillary. Tiff and Jessica were almost as stoic as Britney, and then the four of them were ordered to face the wall, hands on their heads, fingers interlaced. The rest of the class headed into the locker room to change, and then Watson called their parents.

Britney groaned. Oh, what’s Tony going to say about this?

She found out.

“Britney, you’ve got a black eye! What the hel—devil have you been doing?”

Miss Watson gave him and the other parents a full report, and then they were allowed to take their daughters home. The other parents gave Britney quite the nasty look, but she was surprised by the expressions on the girls’ faces. She thought sure they’d give her the evil eye and she’d have to watch out for them. But no, they seemed to look happy, accepting, even pleasant.

What’s up with them? Are they sure dear old Dad is going to give it to me again?

She was brought back to reality by her attempt at sitting in the car.

“Ouch,” she yelped, contorting her body to get her ass as far from the seat at possible.

Tony, who was tossing her clothes from her locker and her backpack into the backseat, whipped his head around to look at her. Concern was written across his face for a split second, and then he smirked.

“So, it seems the Watson Whacker is quite effective, huh?”

Brit shifted around to kneel in the seat. “Yeah, yeah, whatever. Can we go home now?”

He hopped in, started the car, and off they went. “Yes, milady. So, explain this to me. Why did you have to take on the whole senior class during field hockey?”

“It wasn’t the whole class, just three, three first class bitches who were picking on one girl. Three against one is never fair. If it takes three girls to beat one girl, the one must be something special, and I’m going to help her!”

Tony smiled and gave her a slight bow. “Well said, honey, well said. If that’s the case, then I’m proud of you. You stood up for someone else, and then you took the consequences. I am damn proud of you! I’ll sign off on Watson’s note, and you turn it in at the office tomorrow.”

“What note?”

“Oh, didn’t you know? She gave each of us a note to fill out and sign. We’re to explain what punishment we saw fit to give, and then it’ll be added to your file.”

“Oh that-that…”

“Yessss,” Tony said slowly.

“She is evil! Do you hear me? She is pure evil.”

He laughed. “Yeah, she’s a bit intense, but you should have seen the gym teacher back at my school. Phew, he was a gorilla! Anyway, come on, we’ll get you inside, and get you some relief.”

Brit chewed her lip. “Ah, you’re not going to… going to… do anything, right?”

“What, you want me to lie on a school document?” he said, painting a shocked look on his face.

She rolled her eyes. “Oh, gee, let me think… yes! Sheesh, Tony, we’ve already told a whopper of a lie coming to this stupid town by-”

“Yeah, I know, come on, sweetie, chill,” he chuckled, patting her thigh. “I was just kidding with you. As far as I’m concerned, you did good.”

He parked, and they headed inside, Brit wincing with every step. Suddenly, she was airborne, as Tony picked her up.

“Whoa, Tony, what are you doing? Come on, I can walk.”

“Yeah, with difficulty. Chill, my sweet, and let me help you,” he said, getting the door open.

Brit grimaced. “I don’t know that it’s all that helpful, my man. You’re stretching my poor ass pretty tight, which really hur—whoa!”

Tony had slung her up and over his shoulder. While it did ease the ache in her behind, it was embarrassing. She felt like a kid being carried by her daddy, like back when they had their Fourth of July picnics with the family.

“There, that better?” he said happily.

“Tony, come on, I feel silly like this,” she whined.

She didn’t want him to know how much she actually enjoyed it. He did not listen to her. Only when he reached the living room and sat on the couch did he remove her from his shoulder, and even then she was humiliated anew. She was once more across his lap, and he was sliding those horrid tight shorts off her swollen ass to about her mid thighs.

“Help is on the way, sweetie; just bare with me a moment,” he snickered.

Britney gripped the cushion tightly and braced for his touch. Even though she knew it was for the best, she also knew just how much it was going to hurt—at least at first.

Huh, never thought I’d be an expert on paddling pain.

“Eeep,” she squeaked, his large supple hand starting to swirl the cold cream across her aching cheeks.

“Man, she must have one majorly big paddle. She got your whole ass well toasted.”

“Yeah-yeah, don’t remind me—ohhh,” she groaned.

“What did you get, like, a dozen swats or something?”

“Eeep! No, five, five really bad ones.”

“Wow, that’s the same the principal did, and his efforts didn’t look half as bad as this.”

“Don’t remind me of that either,” she snapped. “Tony, you saw the woman, she could probably knock the principal out with one punch, and her paddle is twice as big and three times as hard. Do the math!”

He continued to swirl and apply the cold cream to her battered butt for several minutes, Brit positively shuddering in pain and mortification. Finally, he got her shorts and panties down and off her legs completely, and then she went upstairs while he started dinner. Climbing the stairs, naked from the waist down, the cool air gave her goose bumps, but not merely from the chill.

She was excited.

Once in her room, she threw on a nice baggy skirt, no panties, and then made her way back to the kitchen. Bustling about, helping Tony, she squirmed and flexed her glute muscles. The sting in her ass was still there, but at least it was dimming a bit, and the cold cream was making her tingle. That wasn’t all. The fact that she was naked under her skirt, and Tony didn’t know, excited her tremendously.

She didn’t know why, but she was really excited.

When Tony put a pillow on her chair, her face went up in flames, and she knew she was beet red. She sat, and immediately jumped to her feet, her hands flying to her ass. It seemed the sting hadn’t diminished quite enough.

“Ouch,” she yelped.

Tony chuckled. She ground her teeth.

“Sorry, baby, I wasn’t trying to make fun of you, honest. You need to stand?”

She sighed and slowly nodded. “Yeah, guess so. And no more comments from the peanut gallery, okay?”

“Yes, dear,” he said sweetly, and served her.

That was how the meal progressed; she had to stand the whole time. Brit never thought that being so petite would be helpful at mealtime, but it was—she didn’t have as far to lift the food. Of course, it was a double meal: food and humiliation, which caused yet another strange reaction. As her belly filled, she felt a trickle of something else on her thighs! Standing there, squirming, she did her best to control her breathing and take her mind off of her anxiety.

“So, Tony, how was work today?”

“Great, and Shirley has been a wonderful assistant.”

“Oh really? What, she hanging around to make your coffee and sharpen your pencils?” she snapped.

“Ewww, is that the green-eyed monster I see rearing its ugly head?”

Brit blew a raspberry. “Oh please, she’s not half the woman I am. I just don’t want her getting any ideas.”

“I’m glad to hear you don’t include me in that little diatribe. Just for the record, she doesn’t come around much at all. She checks in each morning, and that’s it. What makes her great is that she leaves me alone to work. A lesson you should take to heart, young lady.”

She giggled. Yeah, she had to agree. She did tend to bother him to no end, especially when he was trying to work. It amused her. That he put up with it was yet another indication of his love and devotion to her.

Later, standing in the shower, she was finally able to lightly wash her poor ass. The cream had further reduced the sting, and the cold water was especially nice. She also managed to wash between her legs to get rid of her wetness. Once she was dry, she reached for her nightie, but stopped as an idea popped into her head. Instead, she walked naked down the hall to the master bedroom. Tony, just pulling his shoes off, jumped in surprise.

“Hey there. Nice,” he said, smiling as he eyed her up and down.

She grinned back at him. “Thought you’d like the view. So, honey, I’m still achy. How about you put some more lotion on me?”

“I will be more than happy—hey,” he snapped, as she pushed him down to sit on the bed.

Before he could say more, she was across his lap.

Looking over her shoulder, she gave him just about the biggest shit-eating smirk ever. “What, you got a problem with this position?”

Tony chuckled. “No, I just figured you’d prefer to lie on the bed.”

“I’m learning to like this position,” she shot back.

Lowering her head, she lay there savoring every nuance, every sensation her body was experiencing. Being naked, her breasts swaying freely next to Tony’s thigh, him being clothed, and feeling the roughness of his trousers against her skin, they blended inside her mind and pussy to enflame her. Then there was his touch, those lovely-lovely fingers moving and caressing her supple flesh, and the coolness of the lotion dripping and streaking across her battered bottom. She squeezed her thighs together and shut her eyes.

Oh, so sooo good!

“Feeling better, baby?”

“Well, partially.”

“Oh, what else hurts?”

“Ah, it’s not a physical pain, Tony. I… well, I kind of feel guilty about getting into that fight. You know, maybe I do deserve to be… punished for it,” she said casually.

He withdrew his hands and sat back. “Really? But, Brit, you have been. I mean, from this angle I can tell Miss Watson really did a number on you.”

“Yeah, that’s true, but that was her not you. And remember, her note said you were to punish me too, and that’s what you’re going to write on it. Seems an awful shame for you to lie, don’t you think?”

“Um, you sure about this, baby? Your cute little caboose is pretty battered. Don’t get me wrong, I’m more than willing to punish you when you deserve it, but I also have an especially big soft spot in my heart for you.”

Brit shivered. He is so good to me! “Well, maybe you could go a little easy, okay?”

She jumped slightly as his hands returned to her naked frame. His left to the small of her back, and his right squeezing and kneading her cheeks.

“Yes, I think further punishment is called for,” he said, his voice dripping with sensuality.

Smack! His hand struck and Brit shuddered. The old pain had worked its way deeper into her flesh, and the new seemed to encourage it. Then there was the added sting the lotion provided. It was like getting spanked on a wet bottom, but she had no chance of drying out.

“Naughty little Brit, what do you have to say for yourself? Fighting in school, getting paddled in front of the whole PE class! What is Daddy to do with you?” he scolded, smacking away.

Britney yelped and squealed. While Tony was definitely going easy on her, she was still sore, so even a spanking one notch above a birthday spanking hurt.

“Sorry, Daddy, sorry, I’ll be good, be good, not fight again. Please, no more,” she begged.

He laughed. “No more? Little girl, we’ve only just begun. You’re getting a very long very hard spanking right over Daddy’s lap until you’re bawling like the baby you are.”

The spanks, the scolding, the laughing at her misery, they all danced within her brain to torment and tease her. She kicked and squirmed, her thighs getting well lubricated as her breasts grew firm and her nipples hard and pointy.

“I-I-I ohhh, God, oh, God, ohhh…” she moaned.

“Goodness, Brit, it really does seem you need diapers. You’re all wet again!” he chortled, and sped up the smacks.

“Oh!” she wailed, her lungs heaving as her eyes lost focus and rolled high in their sockets. “No-no, I can’t, not here, not like thissss!”

She tried to essentially lock her pussy up, but there was no way to quench the furnace exploding inside her. Brit came, hard, and burst into tears. The pain, the humiliation, and the simple fact that Tony knew she was so turned on all conspired to force her body over the edge. Suddenly, his left hand was under her, squeezing and caressing her breasts, and tickling her nipples. She knew this was yet more proof of his love for her: he worked so hard at giving her incredible orgasms.

“Wow, and I thought I got hard when I came,” he chuckled.

That was the last straw. Multiple orgasms ripped through her body. She shook and bounced on his lap, as tears dripped to the floor. It seemed like hours before she came down. The next thing she knew, she was lying limp across his lap, and he was gently massaging her back.

“Oh, God, I think I blew a fuse there,” she gurgled out.

“What, only one?”

“Tony, I’m spent. Please, help me to bed before I slip into a coma.”

Slipping his hands under her, he eased her off his lap, and slid her into bed. She reached out, wrapped her hands around a pillow, and was out cold before Tony could even cover her with a sheet.

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