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Brody’s Little Brat by Adaline Raine – Extended Preview

Brody's Little Brat by Adaline Raine

Brody got up and went downstairs. He didn’t have to be physically at work at his consulting job today, but he did have another project he could work on from home. It would give him enough time to discipline Kara, have breakfast, and shower before signing onto his work station.

Kara greeted him with a cup of coffee. She had added whipped cream and pink sprinkles—not a real tough looking mug, but it made his mouth melt into a smile.

“Good morning. Did you make this for me or you?”

Kara nuzzled his cheek, then went back to the table. She was eating oatmeal with blueberries and honey. When he’d met her she used to have three or four frozen waffles slathered in butter and maple syrup for breakfast. She’d said the sugar was the only thing that got her hyped up enough to make it through to lunch. Of course, he pointed out that some sort of protein or another balanced choice would have a better effect on her body. Her breakfast this morning showed that at the very least she was listening to that.

“Hi! I made it for you.” She giggled then scooped a mouthful of oatmeal into her mouth. “I’m really sorry about last night. I won’t forget to text you if I run into something that will keep me out later than usual.”

“That sounds very responsible.” Brody nodded as he took a sip from the cup, and he saw her watching him for a reaction. It actually tasted delicious. “Thank you for the coffee.”

“You’re welcome.” She finished with her meal, then stood to clean up. “My afternoon classes got canceled. They were with the same teacher and she had some sort of family emergency. So do you think I can just be, you know, less adult today?”

“Of course, babe.” Brody took another sip, then set the drink down. “But you and I need to make time for a talk. I think it would be best to get it over with now.”

Kara sucked in a breath. “Yeah, sure. I mean, I kinda hoped you had forgotten about that.”

“Go up into our room and wait for me.”

He watched her eyes widen, but she nodded her compliance and hurriedly made her way out of the kitchen.

Brody took several long and thoughtful sips from his coffee. He wanted her to squirm a little bit, but not too long. It was better to punish her early so she could have the rest of the day to let her adult obligations go. Finally, after five minutes, he made his way upstairs and down the hall into their room.

When he punished Kara when she was in a younger mindset, he made sure it was done in her teen room, surrounded by her things. It was never overly harsh—not that he handled his normal discipline that way—but it was done lighter. Today, he would punish her in an adult way.

He walked in to their room and smiled. Kara had already bared herself and had bent over the bed. Brody could see the flared end of the plug still resting firmly inside of her. She had listened to him, despite her outburst last night.

Brody wasted little time in removing the plug and setting it on the nightstand. His focus immediately returned to her glorious, full bottom. He quickly ran his hand over it as he tried not to linger. Kara’s butt was perfectly bubble shaped, with two round pillow-like cheeks jutting out just enough for him to easily smack them. He slapped his hand expertly on one side and then the other and admired the blush of pink underneath.

Brody targeted the sweet juncture of her thigh and ass. Then he adjusted the intensity while slowing down the blows to allow her breathing to even out. After five particularly hard slaps, he paused. “Why am I spanking you, Kara?”

She had curled her fists into the comforter after the first crack, and it remained clutched in her hands as she answered. “Be… be… be…” she choked back a sob. “Because I forgot to tell you I would be late more than once. And then I got all nasty with you.”

“Hmm. So, are you going to let me worry like that again?”

“No.” Kara shook her head back and forth. “I’ll be sure to tell you even if it’s already past the time. I don’t want you to think something bad happened to me.”

“Do you think it was fair to ruin a good dinner with your bad attitude?” Brody smacked his open hand against the center of each of her globes rapidly until they blushed.

“No! No! You made such a nice dinner! I’m so sorry!” Kara kicked her feet and yelled as he continued on. “Please! Please! Brody!” she wailed.

“Our time together is special. Last night we were supposed to spend it watching a movie, all cuddled up on the couch. You made the decision to let it play out the way it did.”

Brody kneaded his fingers into each cheek as he spoke, rubbing and pinching before setting his sight onto the lower curve of her bottom. His hand throbbed, already reminding him that he would feel the same burning sensation for a while, and he flexed it. “Six more and we’re done.”

Kara braced herself, knowing from prior punishments that they would be the worst of the bunch. “Yes, sir.”

He delivered the blows swiftly, three hard smacks to each cheek, before settling his arms on each side of her body. Brody leaned down until his torso rested very lightly against her back so he could kiss her head. “It’s over, baby. Let’s not do this again, okay?”

Brody truly hated to cause her any discomfort, but he wanted her to understand that every action had a consequence. Kara had been the one to approach him about being held accountable via physical discipline. She’d reacted the strongest and the most positively to spanking, and so it was used the most often.

Truth be told, he really didn’t have to spank her for punishment very often. In the beginning, about three years ago, she had pushed all the time. But when they’d moved to the new community just over a year ago, she had initially acted up, but that had died down.

So, what was it? Why had she started slipping back into her old ways?

He slowly raised himself up and scanned the room for her black yoga pants. He could trace every curve with just his eyes when she wore them. Brody wished she could love her body as much as he did.

“Here. Let me help you get these back on.”

Kara turned over and allowed him to pull them up her legs and over her hips. She held her arms out wordlessly, sobbing now, and he wrapped himself around her so they could lie on the bed.

Brody rubbed her back and held her tight until finally the crying stopped. “I love you.”

Kara nuzzled against his chest. “I love you too. Can I nap for a bit? Then when I get up, I’ll shower and stuff?”

“Yeah, babe. Sure.” Brody kissed the top of her head. “Make sure you put away the toys from last night and clean them,” he said, referring to the plug and gag.

She nodded. “Of course.” She kissed his cheek, then scooted out of his arms to get under the covers. “And I love you more!”

Brody got out of bed. “Nuh-uh.” He leaned back down and tickled under her chin. “I love you more.”

She giggled but didn’t retaliate. Their tickle fights were epic and she usually lost. “See you in a bit.”

“M’kay,” she replied and pulled the blankets over her head.

Brody grinned at the cocoon bundle, then left the room. She had taken the correction well, and he hoped they could continue on a good path.

Brody looked over as Kara entered the room. She had showered and was still wrapped up the towel, and nothing else. He raised an eyebrow as she sauntered over.


“Are you really busy?” Kara looped an arm around his shoulder and kissed his cheek.

“Uh, well…” Brody checked the time on his laptop. “I have a conference call in about twenty minutes. Why? What’s up?”

Kara tugged his chair back, and the wheels moved him away from the desk. “I know what I said before, but um… I’ve been so busy with class that we haven’t… you know…”

Brody swallowed hard. She wanted to do this now? He glanced at the time again. “In less than twenty minutes?”

Kara smiled coyly and dropped the towel.

Well, that’s all the encouragement he needed. “Aw, fuck, that’s plenty of time.”

He got up, took her hands, and led her over to the bed. He pushed her backwards only far enough so her legs dangled off the end. Brody rested his hand above the tiny triangle of hair in between Kara’s legs and used his fingers to part her lips. He gave her a wicked grin and dipped his head down to kiss her clit. She moaned and arched her hips up.

“Please… don’t torture me…” Kara groaned as he sucked and licked, tasting her sweet juices, then she gasped when he slid two fingers inside her pussy. “Oh! Oh… babe…”

“Mmmm?” Brody loved the way she responded to his touch. He released her little nub and slowly licked along her thigh. “Is there something you want?”

“Yes! Yes, please…”

“Tell me.”

Her pussy clenched around his fingers and he moved them faster.

“What do you want?”

Kara didn’t answer, too lost in bliss to reply properly. Brody trailed the fingers of his free hand along her skin until he reached her breasts. He pinched one nipple, hard, and she moaned loudly.

“What was that? Come on, we’re wasting time…”

“Please, Brody!” Kara rose up on her elbows to meet his chest. “I want you to fuck me.” She kissed him deeply, and he knew she could taste herself on his tongue.

Brody raised an eyebrow as she pulled away and he captured the back of her head with his hand. He drew her to him and kissed her again, hungrily, until he released her. “It isn’t nice to distract me while I’m working. Maybe I should keep you like this, naked and horny, and make you wait until my call is over.”

“Please, babe, don’t do that. I’ll be really good,” Kara pouted. “Please?”

Brody wasn’t mean-spirited and he didn’t want to punish her, but on the other hand, it would teach her a thing or two about barging in while he was sending out a reply to an important discussion via email. Of course, she had a thing about rejection too, so if he hadn’t been sweet on her advances, it would have messed up the rest of her day. He decided to go with a more playful route.

“Maybe we should fuck while I’m working? Then you’d have to be as quiet as a mouse.”

Kara’s eyes went wide. They both knew how loud she was. “Brody! Please! I’ll knock next time!”

Brody gave into her pleas and withdrew his hand. Then he quickly unzipped his pants and slid into her heat. She was so wet and so ready for him. They didn’t use condoms since Kara charted her cycle and took daily birth control pills. The sensation was increased with no barrier between their skin, and she felt so good around his cock. Brody pumped his hips as she put one of her legs over his shoulder. Kara was seriously the most flexible woman he had ever seen, and this position allowed him much better access. She moaned loudly, letting him know he’d hit her sweet spot.

“Does that feel good, baby?”

“Yes! Yes! More, please!” Kara scratched her nails down over his back and arms. “Harder… baby… fuck me harder!”

He obliged, loving when she begged for what she wanted. If only she could do it more often. “Come on, baby, I want to make you come.”

“Yeah, right there…” Kara arched upwards. “I’m so close…”

Brody moved her other leg over his other shoulder and pumped faster. He teased her clit with his fingers, able to do both in this position, and then she lost her mind. She bucked underneath him while she made high pitched moans of pleasure.

“Come on… I’ve got three minutes, babe. Come on.” He shifted his hips slightly to get an even better angle and she hit her climax first. Then Brody brought her body to another orgasm as he came, his cock releasing his seed into her core.

He collapsed next to her on the bed, and she swung her legs around so that they lay entwined, grinning at one another.

“I could never be quiet.” Kara winked as they got untangled.

“It’s a good thing I forgot about your gag…” Brody winked back as a look of shock crossed her face.

“You wouldn’t!” Her eyes were wide, but it wasn’t with fright. She licked her lips, waiting for some type of response to her exclamation.

“I’ve got all kinds of tricks up my sleeve, baby.” Brody kissed her, her juices still lingering on her lips, and he cocked a grin. “My call is in thirty seconds. Be good today and we can do this again.”

Kara giggled. “Is that all I have to do?” She smiled as he moved away. “I can totally behave.”

Brody sat down at the computer and brought up the conferencing application his boss used. “Good. Let’s plan on it.”

She ran her hands along his shoulders, then he watched her leave, a swagger in her step. She didn’t usually act up when he was working, and since he’d set a good tone for the day, he hoped she did as she said she would.

It had been about a week since Brody punished her. She’d been making sure he knew what she was doing and where she was going. She’d also explained why she felt guilty, but he’d assured her he wanted her to focus on what she needed. She’d agreed, but lately her head felt clogged. Today she actually felt dizzy on top of everything but hadn’t brought it up to Brody. Instead, she’d retreated to her teen room to relax. It was the spare bedroom, but Brody had helped her turn it into a special haven which allowed her to express herself. It had a girly-gothic look with a bit of punk mixed in, and it made her happy.

Her stomach gurgled, and a sharp pain hit it. Kara had been eating a lot of junk food lately, and it was wreaking havoc on her stomach—something else she didn’t want to tell Brody about. The past few days had been painful. She was constipated, embarrassed, and now had cramps.

She hoped she could keep it from him a little longer. She knew he wouldn’t allow her to keep going in the state she was in, and he would probably try to tell her about what his great-great grandmother used to do to fix tummies. None of the stories he mentioned were ever pleasant, and they usually involved something being stuck up one’s bottom.

Kara slid a bead onto the nearly transparent thread in her other hand and tried not to think about her stomach.

Brody had bought her a simple jewelry making kit a few weeks ago to keep her happy and content when she was in her teenage mindset. It was surprisingly easy to allow herself to slip into a time in her life that she’d never had the opportunity to enjoy.

Yesterday, they’d spent their time together at the mall. He’d let her pick out a few new pieces for her wardrobe. She never used to be into fashion at all, but ever since she’d allowed her younger self more freedom, a lot of her wardrobe choices reflected it.

Some things she could wear to school, but a few things—like her tutus—were for around the house and neighborhood only. Those rules were self-imposed of course. She could technically wear whatever she wanted anywhere.

Under Brody’s watch she had been eating better and working out and had dropped about thirty pounds in just the past year. That was the second reason for her interest in clothes. Things just fit better. She was happier with her body, which was still curvy in all the right places, and it made her feel good. Of course, she was thrilled at the idea of shopping with him, especially for the punky style she had grown fond of, and he supported what made her happy.

Her outfit today consisted of a black fluffy skirt over rainbow leggings topped off with heavy motorcycle leather boots and chains. The top of her looked vastly different with a pink and gray sparkly sweatshirt with skulls all over it. Her hair was braided into pigtails with pink ribbons woven in and through them.

Overall she looked like she could work in one of those gothic retail clothing stores and fit right in. Most of her tattoos were covered in this outfit, but in the spring and summer she planned to pick out styles that flaunted her ink.


The tiny seed bead flew off the tip of her finger, escaped off the folding table, and hit the floor.

Damn it.

She couldn’t pay attention long enough to finish one measly bracelet. Trying to block out how bad her head felt, she had been lost in her thoughts and had gotten distracted.

Kara selected another bead and planned to thread it on top of the other brightly colored ones in the row. She managed to place it without issue and then wove the fishing line back through the top bead to form a flower.

But Kara lost her concentration as a sharp stomach pain hit her and she tore the line, sending all of the tiny beads scattering across the table.

Instead of filling herself with good food and keeping her stress level down, part of the whole point of being in this mindset, she had been doing the opposite. It had only been the other day that she’d tried to get her meals back on track. Why couldn’t she just listen to what Brody had been telling her?

She glared evilly at her tummy, as if it could help the way she had been treating it lately, then tried to focus again.

“Fuck it all!” She pounded the table and sent everything to the floor in her rage. She kicked the wall then moved to the other side of the room and ripped down the posters she had lovingly hung the day before, purchased on the way home from the mall. She banged her fists again but then another pain hit and caused her to immediately stop her ranting.

Suddenly, she heard someone moving towards the room.

“Kara!” Brody’s concerned voice came through the door. “What’s wrong?” He opened the door, stepped inside, and surveyed the mess. “What happened in here?”

She shook her head back and forth, tears streaming down her face, and hung her head down. She wanted to curl up on him and beg him not to be mad, but for now she could only cry. It was so stupid to throw a fit over a bracelet, but she had been keeping things in again, and now it was affecting her physically too.

“I can see you’re upset,” he reached down and cupped her chin, “but your attitude isn’t appreciated. Use your words. Tell me what happened.”

“Why don’t you use your super intelligent brain to figure it out?” She could barely stop the attitude flowing out of her mouth, though she didn’t care that she was making the situation worse. “Wait—”

Before she could apologize, he had taken her by the ear and forced her to her feet. She stood but kept her hands over her belly.

“Young lady, I don’t know what’s gotten into you today, but you’re going to regret speaking to me like that.”

“Nothing has gotten into me. I’m a terrible little bitch every day.”

Brody shook his head and she immediately wished she could take back her words. He looked down at her hands, then nodded to the door. “Go into the bathroom and wait for me.”

She nodded, then shuffled her feet out of the room and up the hallway.

Sure that she had some sort of punishment coming, Kara went into the bathroom and sat down on the edge of the tub. He’d never disciplined her for bad language before, but she had been really disrespectful.

He appeared in the doorway a few minutes later, then stepped inside to join her.

“First of all, when I ask you a question, I expect an answer. Secondly, do not curse at me—especially in a way where you also put yourself down.” Brody motioned for her to come towards him. “I’m going to wash your mouth out with soap, and since you’ve been holding things in again, I’ve got something else that will loosen you up. I’ve seen you holding your stomach the past few days, and this will help.”

Kara didn’t like the sound of that at all! She padded over to him and watched in a mixture of fascination and horror as he lathered up a washcloth with soap and water. Suds appeared in the soft rag, and in seconds it was brought up to her lips. She opened her mouth obediently but gagged as the bitter taste hit her tongue.

“No matter how old you are, you do not speak to your daddy in such a manner.”

Why couldn’t he just shut up? His words made her feel terrible and caused her stomach to churn in knots on top of the other issues. Sometimes his punishments tugged her into a more adult mindset, but this one kept her firmly rooted in her teenaged one.

“Go ahead and spit it out.” Brody pointed to the sink and she hurried to comply.

“I’m sorry. I will try my best not to give you such an attitude or to curse.” She forced a small smile, her mouth still gross from the soap, and blinked up at him.

“Bend over the tub and take down your pants.”

Confused since they were still in the bathroom, Kara trembled a little at the order but moved as he instructed. “Yes, daddy.” She bent so that her butt was up in the air, then reached back to tug her leggings past her knees. One of Brody’s hands rested on the small of her back while the other took her panties down as well.

“When you keep your emotions in, it causes stress which can mess your stomach up. When you hold back your feelings, you throw yourself off balance. What I’m going to do will literally irritate the heck out of you at first, but it will help you go to the bathroom. It will be uncomfortable, but I promise it will make you feel better…”

Oh no! He had a very valid point, and truth be told she was doing exactly as he said. It had probably been the real reason why she couldn’t concentrate on her beads. She whimpered at the thought of anything going up her bottom, but she knew he would never do anything to harm her.

“Try to relax.”

Brody moved his hand to her back hole and then rubbed some type of ointment around and inside it. She clenched, not wanting to allow whatever it was in, but that earned her two sharp smacks on either cheek.

Kara sucked in a breath and let it out, desperate to be done with it. Then something slid up inside of her along with his finger. He kept it there, no doubt to hold it in, but the pressure felt strange and his fingers weren’t small.

“I don’t like it.”

“You’re about to like it even less.” Brody withdrew his finger and suddenly she realized what he’d done.

An unpleasant burning sensation ignited deep inside her bottom. He had given her a soap-stick suppository! He had mentioned them in the past and she had immediately done an internet search. The last time she’d balked at the idea and instead had suffered for days before going to the store and picking up some pills. The ones that you swallowed. This was different.

“Brody!” she whined and wiggled her bottom. “It burns! Please let me get it out!” Two sharp slaps hit against each of her upper thighs. Kara screeched. “I mean, daddy! Please!”

“Then you shouldn’t be keeping things in and away from me. Everything I do is to help you.” Brody laid one more round of smacks on her sit spots, then stopped. “You’re going to stay like this for a few minutes to let the soap do its job. I’d rather not spank you through it, so just relax and stay still.”

Kara nodded and stayed bent over. If she continued to push, especially after her tantrum earlier, she would wind up with a spanking on top of all this. “Can I talk to you after this?”

“Of course, but first you’re going to go get on your pajamas and take a nap. When you wake up, clean up the room you wrecked, and then we’ll talk.” Brody rubbed her back. “Okay?”

Still embarrassed to be half naked with a suppository melting inside of her, she didn’t respond right away, but finally bobbed her head up and down. “Okay. I will.”

Finally Brody tugged her upwards. “The soap should work soon. Go ahead and go to the bathroom, and then go to bed. I’ll come check on you in a little bit.” He kissed her forehead, then left, closing the door behind him.

Kara relieved herself, though she could still feel some of the suds inside. It really made her feel better, though her earlier actions still left her mortified. She’d snapped at him for no reason, and what’s worse, she now had a mess to clean up.

Kara took time to remove her make-up, then went up the hall to their bedroom. She climbed in bed, pulled the covers up, and snuggled down. At least she would feel better in a little while.

“Kara? Hey…” Somebody shook her shoulder. “Hey, honey, wake up.”

Kara blinked her eyes open, and looked up at Brody. Her head throbbed, and her whole body ached.

“I can’t,” she mumbled but sat up anyway to do as he said. Tears of pain and exhaustion trailed down her cheeks, and she flopped back down. “Ugh.”

Brody’s palm touched her forehead, and then he kissed the spot he’d touched. “You’re burning up. I’m going to go call and see if I can get you an appointment with the doctor.”

“No!” Kara pulled herself up again. The only place worse than the doctor’s office was a torture chamber. She was not going there no matter what he said! “No, please! You can’t make me go!”

Brody raised his eyebrows as he stood there watching her, and she wondered why her voice had come out so bratty sounding.

“This isn’t open for discussion. Get your socks and shoes on.” He walked out of the bedroom and she heard him go downstairs.

She couldn’t get in any more trouble, so she might as well stay in bed. Why had she sounded like she was in her younger mindset though? Was she slipping into it because she didn’t feel good?

“Whatever.” She tucked herself back under the covers and tried not to think anymore. She had gone to bed in that mindset, so it was probably best not to question it.

“Kara?” Brody’s strong baritone filled the hallway seconds before he reached the room. “Come on. You got the last appointment. We have to go.”

“I’m fine. Just let me sleep.” Determined to just ignore him, she turned away from the doorway and pretended to be half asleep.

“We can do this two ways. Either you get up and put your shoes on and I help you to the car, or I get you up, spank you, and carry you to the car. What’s it going to be?” His voice had grown more stern over the past few years, and though she wanted to obey it, she also found herself not wanting to cooperate. “Kara? You have thirty seconds before I decide for you.”

“I’m not getting up! I feel like crap, but it’s just nothing.” Kara pulled the blankets tighter. If he really did decide to go with the second option she wanted to a have something to hold onto.

“Fifteen seconds.”

“Cut it out! I told you that I’m fine!” she snapped, but she couldn’t really be angry with his reasoning. Truth be told, she didn’t get sick very often, and for her to feel sick enough to stay in bed meant something was wrong.

“Eight seconds.”

“For fuck’s sake!” Kara flipped around, still holding the covers to her, and glared up at him. The simple movement made her dizzy and she had no choice but to close her eyes tight. “Ohh…” She began to cry again. “Please don’t be mad at me!”

Brody sighed somewhere over her head. “My patience with you is running very thin, young lady.”

She felt him untangle the blankets from around her body. A few minutes later he had gotten her socks and sneakers on, like he had asked her to do before, then scooped her up in his arms. She didn’t struggle, though she really wanted to.

Kara didn’t like anyone picking her up, but Brody had proven more than once that he could handle her—all of her. She opened her eyes again as he moved down the stairs, but she saw only concern in his features.

“I don’t like going to the doctor’s office.”

“I know, but we need to make sure you’re okay.” Brody continued to the garage and set her down into the backseat of the car. She buckled her seatbelt and dozed.

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