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Broken by His Hand: A Dark Billionaire Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

“Why do I have the feeling you want me to be afraid of you?”

I rubbed my thumb across her jaw, shaking my head. “That’s where you’re wrong, Sophia. I never want you to be afraid of me. And I will never harm you, although I will hurt you when required when you disobey me.” I crushed my mouth over hers as I dug my fingers into her throat, using enough pressure she pushed her palm against me.

When she grabbed my shirt, pulling me closer, I thrust my tongue inside. The taste of her was even sweeter than before. Every cell in my body was seared from red-hot heat, every tingling sensation intensified.

She clung to me as the kiss became a passionate roar, our tongues entwining. My cock ached to the point of significant pain, my pulse skyrocketing. Everything about her fueled the wildfire burning within. Soon it would be combustible.

When I pulled back, I yanked her forward, immediately pulling the pin from her hair. After her long strands tumbled over her shoulders, I fisted a portion, pulling her into a slight arc, blowing across her neck. “I can’t wait to devour you.”

A slight whimper escaped her mouth, her breathing scattered. I adored the way her eyelids fluttered as I pressed my lips against her pulse of life. Her skin was hot to the touch, the taste even sweeter than her luscious mouth. I dragged my tongue up and down her neck, finally nipping her earlobe before whispering, “Did you wear your plug tonight, Sophia? Did you obey my command?”

Her body tensed. “Fine. I didn’t purchase a thick piece of rubber. If that makes me a bad girl, then so be it.”

“A very bad girl. That’s two infractions. That means your punishment will be much worse.”


“Tell me that you need a spanking.” I eased back, studying her eyes.

“I don’t know,” she answered in a mere whisper, defiance still flashing in her eyes.

“I think you do. You broke the rules. You know exactly what that means. Don’t you?” I could almost read her thoughts, the turmoil she was attempting to weed through in an organized and processed manner. Neither of which would work.

“You obviously know nothing about me,” she retorted.

Her rebelliousness brought the beast closer to the surface, the longing to begin training her.

I’d never wanted anything so badly.

“I say otherwise. Tell me what you need, what your soul requires. You came to my club for a reason and it had only some to do with getting to know me. Tell me that reason, Sophia.”

“That’s where you’re wrong. I came to the club because I’m curious about you and nothing more,” she stated, her eyes sparkling with defiance.

I held my intense gaze, forcing her out of her comfort zone.

Sophia closed her eyes, her words said with as much confidence as she was capable of. “I’m not giving into you, no matter what you think.”

“You are in my club and you will follow my rules.” While there was nothing more I craved than tying her gorgeous body to the ‘X’ cross, whipping every inch of her beautiful body, there was no doubt I’d push her away in doing so. She would require care and attention, only the nagging regarding the asshole who’d fired at the car remained furrowing in my mind.

As well as her questions.

She’d definitely been looking into my background, as well as the club’s. While the possibility she was some plant was farfetched, I would remain cautious, finding out more about her as well as her connections.

There were far too many ‘what ifs’ and uncertainties. Perhaps I was a fool to get involved with anyone at this point in time. Sadly, I knew there would be no way to keep her out of my mind.

Or my bed.

Even if danger was involved.

But for tonight, that would be forgotten.

She belonged to me.

Every inch.

Every taste.

Every hole.

She would also learn what she would face one day, fully ready to surrender to me body and soul. I stopped on the fourth floor, moving toward one of the group rooms.

“Where are we going?” she asked, a pensive tone in her voice.

“You are very interested in what this club has to offer. I thought I’d take the opportunity to show you. What we provide is a service, Sophia, one that men pay highly in order to partake in. However, the rules apply to the members as well. They are to treat every submissive with the utmost respect. If not, they are eliminated from the roster.” As I opened the door, ushering her into the back of the room, her eyes immediately opened wide. There was an ongoing session, one of our regular members bringing someone special with him the majority of the time. “Watch, lovely Sophia. And listen.”

I placed my hands on her hips, keeping her in front of me as the attorney selected an implement, his naked submissive already attached to the cross. She wiggled in her bindings, struggling as she whimpered. While there was a ball gag in her mouth, the intense moan filtered easily into the small space.

Sophia remained rigid as the attorney selected the quirt, cracking the whip hard before approaching her.

“You’re going to receive thirty lashes with the quirt, little brat, for your insolence and disobedience. If you’re very good, I may fuck you.” His booming voice didn’t startle Sophia. In fact, she took a step closer, trying to get a better vantage point.

“A quirt,” she whispered.

“Yes, an amazing whip, an implement to be used only by those trained in doing so.”

The cracking sound as the first strike was given seemed to catch her by surprise. Sophia immediately placed her hand over her mouth, barely able to suppress her squeal.

With the second and third slap, the whooshing sound matched the submissive’s moans, her body twisting.

“Imagine being tied to the cross, Sophia. Think about how helpless you’d feel, yet excited from the sting that started at the tips of your toes, coursing through your entire body.”

Sophia nodded, although I noticed she clenched her other hand, her breath skipping.

The attorney moved closer, caressing his submissive’s ass before moving back into position, issuing four more in a row. A slight redness had already begun to show on the girl’s bottom from his crisscrossing strokes. When he smacked her several additional times, Sophia’s body began to quiver, but given the fragrance of her feminine wiles, I could tell how aroused she’d become.

“Are you wet, Sophia? Do you crave being the one tied to the arms of wood? Do you wish I was the one wielding the whip, taking you to new heights of pleasure?”

“I don’t… know,” she answered without hesitation, blinking several times as she continued to watch.

The girl twisted in her bindings, her body shaking as her master continued disciplining her. When he walked forward, sliding his hand between her legs, Sophia couldn’t hold back a series of moans.

The attorney turned in our direction, offering a nod of respect before continuing. After several additional lashes, he moved once again to caress her skin, then thrust several fingers into the submissive’s pussy, pumping as he whispered something that only she could hear.

“Have you had enough?” I asked as I crawled my hand around her hip, tugging on her dress.

“Mmm…” She arched her back as I slipped my hand between her legs, inching a single finger under the thin elastic of her panties. “I kept your little lace thong. Perhaps I’ll take another pair.”

A nervous laugh floated out of her mouth, but she opened her legs wider, allowing me access. As another volley of hard strikes was given to the submissive, I tugged at Sophia’s panties until I gained access, swirling the tip of my finger around her clit. “You are very wet for me, so hot. Are you aroused by the sight or by the thought of what I will do to your body one day?”

“Both,” she whispered, swallowing several times.

“And I can’t wait to introduce you to all the joys that agony and ecstasy can bring you.” I enjoyed the next few moments, sliding my finger up and down until I thrust inside her tight little channel. My balls remained tight, my cock aching. Even my heart was racing as I thought of all the vile and filthy things that I wanted to do to her.

What I would do.

Only when the punishment session was over did I release my hold, once again taking her by the hand and pulling her into the hallway. When we reached the top floor, I pulled her into my office, shutting the door behind me. “Undress, Sophia. It’s time for you to feel the sting of leather.”

“What?” she asked, half laughing afterwards.

“You heard what I said. If I have to ask you again, your punishment will be more severe. Undress and lean over my desk from the opposite side. I want you to have the ability to see any visitors that come into the room.” I moved around my desk, easing the chair away.

“Visitors?” she barely managed to whisper.

“A possibility.”

A warm blush crept up her cheeks, her body trembling. She glanced toward the door once then to the desk before turning around.

When she began to remove her clothes, I walked toward one of my cabinets. Although I’d never brought another woman into my office to discipline, preferring to never to use the club for punishment, I’d acquired several implements, some of which had been left to me by my father. My brothers had no idea how much I enjoyed certain carnal acts. I enjoyed my privacy more than they did.

But I relished the thought of sharing them with Sophia.

I selected a tawse, one that had been my father’s, the well-worn leather strap in splendid condition. When she noticed what I’d selected, her mouth twisted, but she walked toward my desk, taking several deep breaths before leaning over as commanded.

“Hands over your head, Sophia. Grab the edge of the desk. Spread your legs for me.”

While she did as she was told, I could tell how apprehensive she was, although excitement was evident by the goosebumps popping along her arms and legs. I shifted closer, drinking in her essence, the beast inside clawing to break free and fuck her.

She tossed her head from side to side, obviously attempting to see what I was doing. I eased her hair to the side, running my knuckles down the side of her face. “One day it will be such a joy to tie you, whip you then fuck you. Do you understand why I’m going to spank you?”

“You’re out of your mind,” she hissed.

“Right now, I’m the man who controls you and you will succumb.”

“You are nothing but a monster. This isn’t what I need or want.”

“And I know otherwise. Very soon you will learn to obey me. However, tonight I can’t allow your insolence to go unpunished.”


There was utter rebellion in her voice, as if she wanted to lash out. I eased the end of the tawse down her spine, tapping the end first against one side of her bottom then the other. She let out a single moan before closing her eyes.

“I’m going to issue the same number that the master did with his submissive. Thirty.”

She grumbled under her breath, her knuckles turning white from the pressure she was using to hold herself in place.

There was a moment of euphoria slicing through my system as the electricity soared. My mouth was dry from the thought alone of what I was going to do. From the moment I’d laid eyes on her, I hadn’t been able to rid myself of my sadistic desires. I wanted her to feel the sting of the leather. I needed her to understand that obedience was required.

And I wanted to drive her into sheer ecstasy.

I brushed my fingers across her bottom then down the crack of her ass before standing back. I heard the same whooshing sound that we’d experienced in the room as I issued the first two strikes, the snapping of my wrist like beautiful music.

“Oh…” Her moan was stopped short, yet her body jerked from the sting. Even her toes curled but she remained in place like a good little girl.

I delivered four more in rapid succession, struggling to keep my libido at bay. I wanted this session to last.

Then I would feast on her.

After that? I’d fuck her in her tight asshole.

Sophia jerked up, gasping for air, kicking out her legs. “Oh, God… That hurts. That is…”

“Breathe, Sophia, and maintain position or I’ll be forced to start over.”

She struggled to obey, finally resting her face against the cool wood. When she was in place, I caressed her bottom before giving her four additional quick smacks, one across each thigh. The tawse was perfectly shaped, the leather just supple enough to allow for easy control. The scent of the leather combined with the fragrance of her pussy was a raw aphrodisiac, driving me to the point of near madness.

I wanted nothing more than to fuck this woman like the savage beast I truly was.

“Uh. Uh. Uh…” Panting, she arched her back slightly as I continued her punishment, taking my time to make certain I smacked her exactly where I wanted.

When there were only a few left to administer, I inched closer, rolling my knuckles along the inside of her thigh. “Open your legs wider for me, Sophia. I need to see your glistening pussy.”

She did as she was told, taking several scattered breaths and pointing her toes.

“You’re very wet,” I half whispered as I fingered her clit, relishing the way her body reacted, the moans slipping up from her throat. Very slowly I eased my finger to her tight opening, pushing gently inside. When her muscles immediately clamped around the invasion, I couldn’t hold back a growl. I adored the redness creeping up on her bottom, the heat that had built over her skin. I wanted her to wear my marks, to remember that I would become her master.

She whimpered again, turning her head from side to side, her back heaving as she tried to control her breathing.

As I thrust a second and third finger inside, her body rocked to the actions. I found it difficult to focus, my mind hazy from the lust driving me. As I finally gave the last few strikes, my heart was thudding against my chest, every muscle tense.

“Oh, God. Oh…” Sophia moaned, her body undulating. I was able to see the slickness on her thighs, her pussy leaking.

Now my mouth watered from the thought. As she continued to breathe heavily, I adjusted the chair before turning her onto her back and pushing her legs up. Leaning over, I savored the way her mouth twisted, her entire body quivering, yet there was such a sparkle in her eyes. “Keep your legs wide open for me.”

“What are you doing?” she asked in such a hushed voice I almost didn’t catch the words.

I rubbed my hand along her stomach, crawling my fingers up to her breasts and squeezing. “Devouring you.”

Her eyelids fluttered open and closed, her entire body quivering. When I swirled the tips of my fingers around her already hardened nipples, she bit her lower lip.

“Oh. Um…” Her lilt was beautiful, her shaking body adding to the fuel.

“Pleasure and pain,” I whispered as I pinched her nipples, twisting them until she cried out. “I would love to see your nipples pierced, a golden chain hanging between them. Perhaps one day, my sweet Sophia.” I continued my actions as she opened her eyes, studying me intently.

As I finally sat down, I placed the tawse within reach. “I’m going to feast on your pretty little pussy. Then I’m going to fuck you.” I caressed the insides of her thighs before lowering my head, using my fingers to spread her pussy lips wide open. I was already intoxicated from her scent, only adding to the raging desire that continued to build.

“You will not come unless I allow it. Do you understand, Sophia?”

“Yes, sir,” she said between clenched teeth.

As I dragged my tongue around her clit, I watched her reactions. Her face shimmered, her mouth pursing and while she covered her eyes with her arm, there was no doubt how aroused she’d become. Unable to stop my actions, I buried my face in her wetness, licking up and down ferociously. As her juice filled my mouth, my cock pressed hard against my trousers. Within seconds, I couldn’t seem to get enough of her.

She undulated back and forth, arching her back every few seconds, her legs trembling in my arms. “Oh, yes. Oh… Yes. Yes…”

When I thrust my tongue inside her channel, she let out an intense wail, slapping her hands against the desk. I concentrated on my actions, driving a single finger in beside my tongue. I was still able to see her reactions, her mouth twisting, her brow furrowing as she tossed her head back and forth.

I added a second then third finger, thrusting brutally as I sucked on her clit. I could tell she was close to coming. I wasn’t ready. Easing back, I smacked my fingers against her pussy several times.

Her eyes flew open, her body jerking up from the desk. “Oh…”

When I grabbed the handle of the tawse, she bit back another cry. As I gave her four quick snaps, she pulled all the way up from the wood, her fists clenched.

“Oh… God!”

“Breathe, Sophia.” Growling once again, I lowered my head, dragging my tongue up and down. She was so wet, so damn hot. I plunged all three fingers inside and rolled my thumb into the crack of her ass, finding her dark hole.

“I’m going to come,” she whispered in a ragged tone.

“Not yet. You will wait.” I shoved my thumb inside, pumping all four digits in rapid motions. I knew there was no way for her to hold back for long. “Come for me, Sophia. Come. Now!”

There was no hesitation, her body shaking violently as a climax rushed into her. I continued thrusting as I sucked on her clit before sliding my lips to her sweet pussy lips. I lapped every drop of her cream, my body tingling from the taste alone as it slid down my throat.

Her body continued convulsing as she moaned, a warm blush on her cheeks matching the one on her bottom. I refused to stop as a single climax turned into a beautiful wave washing over her.

When she stopped shaking, I rose to a standing position, licking my lips as I stared down at her. I slowly unfastened my pants, my entire body prepared to take what belonged to me.

Sophia finally opened her eyes, gazing up as a smile curled across her mouth. When I freed my cock, I yanked her bottom off the edge, immediately impaling her with the entire length.

“Oh… God. Oh, yes.”

The feel of her muscles wrapping around my shaft was incredible, the electricity like a live wire dancing in the middle of a storm. I gripped her thighs, yanking her down savagely as I jutted my hips forward, rolling onto the balls of my feet. A series of vibrant lights flashed in front of my eyes as I fucked her long and hard, my heart racing as I struggled to hold back my own climax.

With every brutal stroke, she whimpered, the sound echoing in my ears. This was nothing but fulfilling my carnal needs, the sadistic man inside once again alive and hungry for more.

My body tensing as my muscles flexed, I forced myself to pull away, tossing my head with a deep growl.

Panting, she slowly lowered her legs, her lips pursing. “Why did you stop?”

Very slowly I leaned over until our lips were almost touching. “Because, sweet Sophia, I’m going to fuck you in your tight little ass.”

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