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Broken by the Alien: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Loki Renard – Extended Preview

I can’t get up. He holds me in place all too easily.

“I haven’t dealt with you yet,” he says in a soft growl, his eyes consuming me. “You hit me, little human.”

“So? It didn’t hurt you.”

“You wanted it to.”

He slides his hand from my chest and moves over me, one hand on either side of my body. I’m aware of his nakedness again—and mine.

“You wanted to hurt me, little human, and you only succeeded in hurting yourself,” he says smoothly. “Apologize. Now.”

“Apologize? To you?”

“I’ll have to punish you if you don’t,” he says, lifting his fingers. He trails them down between my breasts, the touch not quite sexual, but very suggestive. My nipples harden. He’s toying with me, but I’m not going to say sorry, because I’m not sorry.

“I wish I’d hit you harder,” I say, defiant.

“I’m glad you didn’t. You probably would have broken your fingers,” he says, calm. “Punishment it shall be.”

His hand covers my breast, his fingers finding my nipple. He pinches the bud just hard enough make me gasp as a bolt of sensation shoots through me, a bolt of electricity zipping directly to my clit. I hiss, but he ignores the sound and repeats the treatment on the other nipple, teasing my body with little peaks of pain. When I try to squirm away, he keeps me in place easily, toying with me casually, his fingers running down the plane of my stomach to the place where curls protect.

This doesn’t feel like punishment, but I’m sure he has some sick, deviant alien way of making this hurt.

He cups my sex, his fingers curling over my pussy. His touch is possessive and hot and I can feel my body responding again. I am a little meat machine, throwing out responses to his inputs, but this isn’t what I want.

“You truly hate me, don’t you,” he says, smoothing his fingers back and forth over my pussy. “After all the kindness I’ve shown you.”

“It takes more than a few days of food to make up for what your people have done to mine,” I say. “I’m not the forgiving type. And I’m not going to let you have me, not if I have any choice.”

His fingers part my lower lips. I am wet and they slide easily beneath his hard digits.

“This is how it has always been for human women.”

“It really hasn’t. You think we’re used to being fucked by aliens?”

“I mean your history has involved thousands of women over thousands of years being taken by stronger, more powerful men, usually from other tribes, cities, or countries. Capitulation is in your code.”

“No,” I grit out. “It’s not. And even if it was, that applies to men, not… whatever the fuck you are.”

He smirks and shakes his head. “The human species is a blend of earlier hominids. You, with your short memory, think that a human is a static animal, but in truth you are a hybrid creature. This, what will take place between you and me, is one more step in nature’s grand plan of evolution.”

“Not all those women were taken,” I argue as he presses the heel of his large hand against my clit. “Some died rather than be taken.”

“And those women did not procreate and their genetic material was not passed on. You are a species wrought from the fires of conquest. It is in every one of your cells. You believe you are fighting me, but truly, you are fighting yourself—and that is a battle I know you will lose.”

I hate how he knows these things. I hate how his words make sense and yet twist in my gut. He is right, I am fighting myself. I am fighting every impulse I have toward him. But he is wrong in thinking that I will lose, because something greater drives me. I remember those I have lost. I mourn them with every breath. And that makes the fight easier.

He is massaging my pussy now, so sure of himself as he stimulates my sex. There’s probably a manual somewhere, something he’s written up, instructions to seduce a human female.

“What did you do with the men?” I growl the question as I push the pleasure away.

“The men?”

“The males of our species. They were all removed. Where did they go? Did you kill them all? Or did you just work them to death.”

“They were not wasted.”

“What does that mean?”

“A human male can produce a billion sperm cells in every ejaculation. There are vast tracts of the universe where nothing exists. We are putting the human male ability to good use.”

“You mean they’re off fucking alien women.”

“They are enriching the genetics of other compatible species, as we are enriching yours.”

He begins to slide a finger between my lower lips, finding the soft inner flesh that is already slick with unwanted desire. My mind is spinning. If what he is saying is true, then the men got the better end of the deal.

“So this is one intergalactic universal fuck fest?”

“It has been from the beginning,” he says with a rakish smile. “That is the purpose of life, to recreate itself.”

He pushes his finger inside me, spreading me where I have not been spread in a very long time. I had a lover once. He was gone before the Rathkari came, for reasons that strike me as bitterly ironic now that I am being held and probed by this great alien beast of a man.

“You are tight,” he observes. “I will have to work on you here.”

His finger slides slowly into me and then back out again, drawing my inner moisture out, then sliding back in. I know he is intending to punish me still, but he seems to be in no hurry to do so. Instead he works on me gently, patiently, until my tense inner walls start to grip rather than resist his finger.

“I must wrest everything from you,” he says. “You give nothing easily.”

“I’ll never give you anything,” I say, my voice huskier than I like.

“I think you will,” he smirks, drawing his wet finger from my pussy and circling it lightly around my clit. “I think you’ll beg for me.”

I won’t. No matter what he does, I’ll never beg him for anything.

His finger finds my clit and begins a slow circle, which torments me all the more. My pussy is quivering internally, my inner walls clenching, my clit tingling with desire, sending sparks rushing through my body with every swirl. I grit my teeth so as not to moan as he works on my body, his mouth covering my nipple, his tongue rasping against the sensitive bud before his teeth find it too, nibbling gently as he stirs my clit.

Orgasm is building inside me. I haven’t come in… a very long time. Years. I’ve never been one of those women who can come easily on her own, and being enslaved to work the fields hasn’t left a lot of time for erotic self-exploration. He seems to understand my body better than I do, and he’s using that information against me.

I want him to fuck me. I want him to fuck me so hard and so deep I forget everything. I want him to erase every bit of the last five years and give me a full dose of the pleasure he’s teasing me with. He could do it. I know he could—but I can’t let him know I want it. If I do, everything I’ve said and done, my resistance, it’s all been for nothing, because he’s right, dammit. He’s so right. He can use me as he pleases and I’ll spread myself for him. My pussy is aching for his thick alien cock, and there’s not a thing I can do to stop it.

I let out a growl of frustration as I feel him winning, and I bring the last weapon I have to bear into action. Rearing up, I find his neck with my teeth and bite down as hard as I can, sinking into the muscle between shoulder and neck.

He does not make a sound, but his fingers pinch my nipple hard enough to make me yowl. My teeth spare his skin, but he does not offer me the same mercy. His fingertips stay clamped around my nipple, keeping me in place.

“You are not learning your lesson,” he observes calmly while I writhe. When he releases my nipple I fall back, clutching at my breast. The sensitive bud is throbbing in unison with my clit. He controls me so easily. Two fingers are all it takes, whether they’re inside my pussy or over my nipple or clitoris.

I shoot him a rebellious look, which does literally nothing to him. He shakes his head briefly and stands up, leaving me lying on the bed. I grasp for the cover, but he pulls it off completely, leaving me without any defense as he opens a cabinet and takes out something long and coiled. It looks like thick black ribbon or something. He doesn’t say a word to me as he crawls over the bed, his shoulders powerful and rippling, his naked body a hot menace as I scramble backwards helplessly. He catches me by the leg and draws me toward him, my ass and back sliding over the smooth sheet as he takes me beneath him. His cock is rock hard, a thick rod bobbing against his belly. For a second, I think he is going to drive it inside me, fuck me against my will. But he takes the ribbon in his hand and shakes it out. He straddles me, his powerful thighs over my hips, his cock rubbing against my stomach as he holds me down, one strong hand over my neck. The other works to feed the ribbon, which is more like a rubber plastic fabric, around the back of my nape. And he begins to bind me.

His bindings are thick and warm and they wrap securely around my body, crossing over the front of my neck then around and under my breasts, over my arms, pinning them to the sides, then wrapping back around to find my thighs, which are pried apart first by his hands, then held open by his careful application of the strong straps.

He works with a particular concentration, ensuring that every strap lays flat against my skin. As he keeps wrapping me round and round he rolls me back and forth beneath him, always keeping me in the protective, captive space between his thighs. It is as if I am a toy for him to play with—one he is taking very good care of for the moment.

When he is done, I am effectively harnessed, my arms behind my back, my breasts held up for display. The straps serve to pull my rear cheeks open and to keep my legs spread so that I am accessible for him.

He looks at me with those mesmerizing alien eyes, and he is pleased.

“Beautiful,” he murmurs, more to himself than to me.

“Sick,” I growl, more because I think I should say something than because I am angry. For reasons I can’t understand, with every application of his bindings I have felt a little more safe—a little more held. Now that I can barely move, the choice to fight has been taken away. The strapping over my stomach and across my back makes me feel as though strong arms have me in their grasp. I am vulnerable, but I am also protected.

“Stay,” he commands, getting up to leave. His cock is still hard, teasing me with its thick girth. I can’t help but imagine how it would be to have his powerful body pounding inside mine, but that isn’t his plan for me.

I can hear him out there, preparing something for me. In his absence, I try to wriggle out of the bindings, but they hold me securely and there’s really no way out. My legs are lewdly spread in a way that embarrasses me even while I’m alone. I can feel a little trickle of moisture working between my lower lips. They’re swelling with exposure, with the thoughts running between my ears. He has barely said a word to me, but I have mental images of so many depraved, dark things. They don’t frighten me, though they probably should. They excite me. It was worth it, to slap him, to bite him. I would do it again, to assert my small amount of power—and to feel all of his.

He returns and stands in the doorway for a moment, just looking at me. I feel his eyes sweeping over my spread body as I lie on my back, my legs spread, knowing he can see all of me. He emits a deep growl of desire and though I am his captive and I am bound, I feel the sovereignty of femininity coursing through me. He has come across lightyears to have me, to tie me, to make me his. He was drawn here across the stars because of something innate within me. In that moment, I am the very center of his world. I should be afraid, but I feel a perverted pride.

“Now you will learn.”

He has a small tube of some liquid, which he applies first to his fingers as he crawls up on the bed between my bound and spread thighs. I am open to him, unable to do anything at all as his fingers lubricate my pussy and then move to my bottom, applying thick gel to the little bud. I gasp as he presses his finger inside me there, taking that hole as if it is the same as any other part of me. There is no ceremony at all to the way he uses my body.

I begin to squirm as my anus protests his firm handling, doing all I can, which amounts to rocking back and forth, essentially waving my rear like a white flag. My surrender is not accepted.

“Settle,” he purrs gently as his finger probes me. “I am doing you a favor.”

I let out a bitter laugh. His favors are always twisted in the end. This is no different. My pussy is aching with desire left by the few all too casual thrusts he pushed inside me before turning his attention to my ass, which is so much tighter and seems to excite him far more.

“Look at me, Era.”

He so rarely uses my name that I find myself looking at him almost out of surprise. His eyes are locked on my face. He wants my reaction. He wants to see my struggle, my shame as he pushes his thick finger deeper inside the tight ring of muscle, spreading that viscous grease inside.

“You’re ready,” he says suddenly. Ready for what?

He picks me up from the bed and propels me out of the room. I can’t really walk in the bindings, it’s awkward. He makes me walk anyway, though it’s more of a waddle out of the bedroom and into the great room where he keeps the universe. My legs are held out at an angle at which it is just possible to stand and that is it.

Karlo has made preparations. I see them instantly, standing before the great bath of the stars that usually command all my attention. Not right now, not as he leads me toward what I can only describe as a contraption.

It is a stool with two… well… protrusions rising from the seat of it. He places me over it in my awkward all-too-wide standing stance. One of the hard ridges presses against my pussy, the other finds my bottom. The lubrication he spent so much time tormenting me while applying makes them both slide smoothly against my holes.

I look at him and he smiles a dark smile, as if he knows something I still don’t.

“Your punishment is to stand there.”

“But…” I squirm as my legs start to ache. I am more or less in the first few inches of a squat. I won’t be able to hold it forever and when I can’t anymore…

“You can stand there like that, or you can sink down and fill yourself,” he says, making my situation explicit. “The choice is yours.”

This isn’t fair. That threatening probe is right outside my anus. If I sink onto it, I’ll be fucking my own ass and pussy for his amusement. But how long can I keep this position? Not as long as he can keep me in it, these thick bindings locking me in place. The only way to go is down. Down onto that thick probe.

There’s a little part of my mind that suggests I just sit down. Spoil his fun. But that means impaling myself on the equivalent of two thick rubber cocks and I’ve never taken anything like that in my life. I can’t imagine how it will feel.

Do I plead with him? Maybe, but I can’t imagine him taking pity on me now. Not after I have defied him. It wasn’t worth the pleasure I got doing it, that is for certain. It has only been a minute or two and already I am starting to physically weaken. He knows I am not at my full strength. He knows I will have to succumb. He is waiting there, watching me with an expression that I find difficult to read. When he composes himself, he could be thinking anything inside that powerful head of his.

The pussy probe is the longer of the two, and as I begin to tire, it slides inside me, the thick rubber spreading my lips and then stretching my inner walls. I bob up a little to try to save myself, but the forces of gravity are working against me beneath his smirking gaze and my pussy is the first of their victims.

The thick rod is not so terrible in itself. If it were just that to contend with, I would sit and let my pussy be filled. But now that I have given myself to the thick hardness in one hole, I have made the other one vulnerable. It is a game of chess with only two pieces and I am going to be forced to sacrifice them both.

As the second probe brushes my anus, I pucker and start to whimper. “Please… Karlo… I’m sorry. Let me up. I won’t ever hit you again.”

“The time for promises and apologies is past,” he says firmly.

“At least…” I moan softly as my pussy clenches against the thick rod spreading my inner walls. “At least give me some kind of time limit. At least give me a chance…”

He cocks his head to the side, the muscle in his cheek twitches at the idea and I know I have aroused his sporting instincts.

“Ten minutes,” he says. “If you can resist for another ten minutes…”

Ten minutes may as well be an eternity. My thighs are quivering and burning with lactic acid and I have only been in this position for about… what… five minutes so far? I really don’t know.

She is struggling so hard to preserve her bottom. It is perhaps a little cruel, because one way or another, I intend to take that tight little hole. Humans have but three fuckable orifices, and I will have her in each and every one of them. We have of course observed that women are usually reluctant to give up their bottoms. Some never have to. Well-behaved compliant breeding stock rarely face the punishments that this little rebel is now enduring.

I can see the effort on her face, the strain in the muscles of her legs. She is bright pink all the way to her breasts, her nipples harder and more erect than I have ever seen them. She may not know it, but her body is thrilling to this treatment. The blush of shame on her face and across her cleavage only makes her more beautiful.

That rear probe will not be far off now. Her pussy is dripping her juices down the shaft of the front probe and I am sure that if I were not here, she would grind herself on it. She is hungry to be mated. Her body cries out for it. Perhaps she would be better behaved if I simply threw her down and fucked her hungry little hole, but that is not the way I do things. She will earn her gratification through submission.

A little whine tells me that she is losing the battle with the bottom probe. Her trembling legs are no longer able to support her as they did and she is definitely sliding down now. Her eyes widen adorably, her lips part, and a long cry of feminine response fills the air as finally she capitulates and lets her bottom spread around the probe.

I should thank her for her disobedience. This is pure ecstasy to me. She is a stunning, rebellious, pouting little thing whose squirming body is emitting so many arousal signals my body is flooded with response. It is hard to stand here, watch her wriggling on the probes, not rush forward and grab her and take her for myself. She has a lesson to learn—and I must be patient. For my sake, and for hers.

She slides down, little by little, fighting all the way until she can fight no more and after eight minutes, she is sitting on the stool, looking almost like a proper lady, if not for her lewdly spread legs, and the bindings that cross her naked body and hold her in readiness for me.

The expression in her eyes is one of erotic defeat—not true submission. I don’t know if she’ll ever submit to me, and I don’t care. If she never follows a single order, this will be more than enough.

“Ride them,” I command. “Fuck yourself for me.”

The lubricant made it possible for my ass to open up and take the probe, but it wasn’t a comfortable experience. I could feel my little hole stretching, that hard thing pushing further and further in. My anus tried to close, to shut it out, but it was too late. The invader had made its entry and I was helpless. It took me in slow inches until my burning bottom hole relaxed and now my ass and pussy are stretched so wide I can barely take it—and he wants me to give him a show.

“Do you know how beautiful you are, sweating and moaning?” His smile is predatory as he takes his cock from his pants and holds it in his fist. He brushes the other hand through my hair and pushes his cock toward my lips. I open without being told to, without so much as thinking. My body knows what to do—to give the conqueror his prize and as he pushes that thick rod inside my lips, I feel my pussy and ass both clench the probes harder.

“Ride them,” he growls, pulling his cock from my mouth and holding it against my lips, his hand still fisting my hair, holding my head back, arching my poor sore tired body.

I try to comply, but I am tiring. My hips rock back and forth, pushing the probes in and out a little, but it is not enough, not for either of us.

With an animal growl, he reaches down, takes hold of me by the waist and lifts me from the probes, leaving my holes empty. The world spins as he kneels and lays me face down on the floor, my knees still held up by the strapping, positioning my body perfectly for him. He uses the back strap like a harness to pull me up, my face off the floor as he drives his cock into me.

My pussy is already wet and open from the probe and his cock fills me in one easy stroke. He is larger and far more urgent than some inanimate object. His cock throbs inside me, draws out to the tip and then plunges back in.

I scream beneath him, my need for him greater than the need to resist. I have to have this. Have to have him. He said I would beg for him, but in the end, I didn’t have to. In the end he took me like men have been taking women for thousands of years. I can feel his need matching mine, his growls of pleasure, his breath hoarse against my ear as he takes me.

I couldn’t move if I wanted to, but I don’t. Held in my bindings, and beneath his powerful body, I find a release I have never felt before. I’ve never given myself like this, never let myself go. I’ve always clung to control so tightly, to rebellion and to the idea that nobody—man, alien, or otherwise—could ever have power. But he has it. He has it and I cannot deny it anymore. My pussy floods with desire, making wet sounds as he slaps his hips against my ass, fucking me roughly.

My orgasm erupts through me as I make the most obscene animal cries I have ever heard, desperate and guttural. They are eclipsed by his as I feel what it is to have a Rathkari male climax inside my tender pussy for the first time. His cock swells, thickens all the more and holds my cunt wide as he shoots deep inside me. There is real force to his orgasm, his seed flooding my pussy and spilling out, hot as it slides over my well-fucked lips and clit and then finds the floor. I feel him pull out of me, his thick hardness leaving my tender pussy bereft, but the head of him returns, massaging that cum into my pussy and into my lips, and my clit as well. He is breathing heavily as he plays with me, my sensitive clit sending bolts of post-orgasmic pleasure through my tired body.

Slowly, carefully, perhaps even tenderly, he unwraps the bindings and sets my body free. His large hands massage over my skin, easing the aches away with gentle motions. I curl up in his arms as he picks me up, cradling me like something precious and murmuring soft words to me that I don’t recognize. They don’t seem to be English. They’re lyrical and deep and soothing and as he carries me back to bed I feel a sense of being cared for as I have never been cared for before. With his arms around me, I am safe. The universe itself could turn against us and I would not worry because in this moment, he feels like everything.

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