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Brought to Heel: An Alpha Shifter Romance by Delta James – Extended Preview

“Take your clothes off and go stand in that corner,” he said, indicating the corner by the large fireplace.

“I will not.”

He closed in on her, his face mere inches from hers. “You will or by God, woman, I’ll strip them from you and put you in the corner.”

Skylar wasn’t sure which was more unsettling—the pounding of her heart or the throbbing of her pussy.

“Don’t try me, cariad. My patience with you has hit rock bottom. Now do as you’re told, of I’ll punish you for that disobedience as well. I wouldn’t push me any further, Skylar. As it is, you’re about to get your first taste of leather.” He saw her breathing become more erratic and her eyes widen. He couldn’t tell yet if it was from fear or arousal. He suspected the latter.

Dylan stepped away from her to give her the space physically and emotionally to make the right choice and obey. She stared at him, her eyes shining with anger and passion. He rolled up his sleeves and started toward her. She tried to dart around him, but he was far quicker than she anticipated.

He caught her by the arm and only managed in the nick of time to duck the blow she threw at him with her other fist. Dylan used the momentum from her swing to trap her against the leg he had braced on the seat of a chair. He stripped her of her jeans with very little trouble.

“I’d have thought with the color I put on your bottom this afternoon, you would have wanted to avoid tangling with me again so soon. But apparently it’s going take a much harder show of dominance for you to decide that being face down over my knee is not a place you want to be.” His hand began to connect with her ass in a decidedly painful manner. She yelped and squirmed but could not get away from him.

“You, my nasty-tempered wench, are going to learn to show respect and manners in front of others.”

“You can’t do this to me. I’m alpha. I won’t be treated like this.”

He continued to bring his hand down on her backside hard. “You are mated to the alpha. You will be accorded the respect and treatment of an alpha female when you act like it. The behavior I’ve seen since we got home, with one notable exception, has been far beneath an alpha. Since you want to behave like a spoiled brat who’s had her favorite toy taken away, let me treat you as such.”

Dylan held her in place and continued to spank her soundly and methodically. She danced and squirmed to try and get away from the punishing blows but to no avail. When she finally accepted her punishment, he stopped… but only long enough to sit down on their bed and pull her more fully onto his lap.

“This should be more comfortable for me, but I mean to ensure its consequences are far less comfortable for you.”

He began to spank her once more. He rained blow after blow across her bottom and the backs of her thighs. She kicked and squirmed but refused to make any sound whatsoever. Dylan was determined to get through to his errant mate. He could well understand now why Micah had felt taking a strap to her the first time was justified.

The more she squirmed and kicked her legs, the more painful the contained erection in his jeans became. He wanted desperately to hear her call his name in pleasure and plead for him to lavish his time and attention between her legs as opposed to her pert backside.

He’d been right when he’d thought she had an ass ripe for spanking. Her fanny bounced beneath his hand and continued to deepen in color. He smiled as he remembered Ioan telling him that Micah had said it took the judicious use of a hard hand on her bottom and a harder cock in her pussy to keep her happy. He meant to ensure she was happy so a bright red bottom and a rather sore pussy were going to be a regular part of her world from here on out.

When she finally ceased to fight, he stopped. “Had enough, mate?”

“Yes,” she whispered, trying hard not to cry from the heat and pain radiating off her backside. It had been years since anyone had disciplined her. Years since she’d allowed anyone to care enough to see to it.

“Do you think if I let you up you can finish undressing yourself and go stand in the corner like I told you to before you got your bottom blistered?”

“But you’re done spanking me, right?”

“Not by a long shot. That spanking, mate, was for not being an obedient mate and going to the corner when you were told to do so. When I let you up, I want you to go stand there and think about what got you put in that corner with nothing but the sting in your tail and the knowledge that your abysmal behavior downstairs garnered you your first encounter with my belt.”

“No, Dylan. Please, no. I hate being spanked with a belt or a strap.”

“Ioan mentioned it was an effective deterrent for you when used properly. He also mentioned that in addition to a hard hand and a good leather strap or belt that you tended to behave best and seemed the most at peace and happy when your alpha was mounting you long and hard on a regular basis. Just as I will see to your discipline, cariad, I will see to your bedding as well.”

Dylan began to rub her bottom soothingly and erotically. He could hear and feel her breathing and state of arousal increase dramatically. He slid one finger between her punished ass cheeks, then ran it down between her legs. He fluttered his fingers against her sex but she did not open herself for his exploratory touch.

“Skylar, part your legs for me.” He waited to see if she would comply. “Do you need me to spank you before you’ll do what you know you want to do? Cariad, be a good girl. Don’t you want just a bit of pleasuring before I take my belt to you?”

“Please, Dylan. I’ll open my legs for you if you promise not to use your belt.”

“No, Skylar. I let you talk me out of using my belt on you earlier today and it’s brought me nothing but grief. I’m not going to ask you again. So now I’m telling you. Spread your legs for me.”

He watched her struggle with herself. Part of her wanted desperately to defy him, but the part that seemed to be winning, wanted his touch in her most feminine place. Finally, arousal won over temper and pride. He was glad to see that it did. She spread her legs just wide enough for his hand to part them and her outer lips. He dragged his fingers past the opening to her velvet sheath, which was dripping with need. He picked up just enough of her natural lubricant to massage it into her engorged clit. He rubbed that swollen nubbin in circles and grinned as her hips began to grind against his lap.

His cock struggled to break free from his jeans. His knot was forming rapidly and he would either have to focus on suppressing it or disciplining Skylar. As painful as it would be, Dylan would endure this knot without the benefit of burying it in his mate, but he also knew that in the future he would knot and tie her to him on a frequent basis. He allowed her to feel the knot. He wanted her to know that as angry as he was, he still desired her above all else.

Dylan continued to pleasure her by rubbing her clit. Skylar tried to suppress a moan of pure desire. It had been far too long since a man’s hands had brought her pleasure. She could feel her heartbeat and breath quicken. The wetness that Dylan was using to play with the bundled nerves between her legs continued to increase. He kept her on edge by every so often reaching past her clit and dipping back into her pussy—never quite fingering her, but just gathering the slickness he needed to continue to pleasure her. Skylar tried biting her lip and the inside of her cheek, anything to keep from focusing on the sensations his skilled hand was inflicting on her.

“No,” she moaned, shaking her head. Dylan didn’t stop and continued to caress her, not only to bring her pleasure but to remind her that her responses, her orgasms, her everything were no longer her own, but his to command. Skylar could feel her control slipping and finally gave in to the rush of her orgasm, crying out as she did so.

“Now, isn’t that better than just having a painful backside?” he crooned in a soft, sensual voice.

Skylar shook her head in despair and started to cry softly. The tears sounded as though they were being wrenched from her soul. “No,” she whispered as she sobbed quietly.

He removed his hand from between her legs and began to rub the small of her back comfortingly. “I’ll not take you to task for lying to me just then. We both know you feel better for having come for me, but I know it isn’t what you wanted to feel. Now, get the rest of your clothes off and go stand in the corner. I want you to think about what got you put there. When I think you’ve had enough time, I’ll come get you and we’ll finish this. How you behave before I do will have great bearing on how many welts I lay across your bottom.”

He helped her up and watched as she removed her bra and shirt. Her nipples were hard and begging to be suckled. He refrained as he wanted her to focus on her punishment and not on the level of arousal it was creating. He smiled. He couldn’t wait to get his hands, lips, and mouth on her—not only her nipples and tits but the beautiful, silken place she kept between her legs. More than that, he wanted to feel a knot forming knowing that he would be burying it in her and sharing a level of intimacy that was rare among their or any other species. The intensity of his stare caused her to bring her hands up to shield her nakedness from him.

He shook his head. “Take your hands away. You are never to cover yourself from my gaze.” He waited until she did so and he smiled at her when she complied. “You know, Ioan described you as a ‘terrible bit of beauty.’ I think he’s right. Perhaps instead of cariad I should call you harddwch for beauty.” He reached out with both hands and tenderly wiped away her tears. “You’re being a very good girl. I’m proud of you. Now, go stand in the corner.” He stepped back and watched her do as she’d been told and breathed a silent sigh of relief.

He went and sat in the chair, watching her stand in the corner with her well-colored backside. He could see her shiver not from cold as the room was quite warm, but from arousal. He sniffed the air silently. He could smell her scent. It was one of the things he liked best about being a wolf, the heightened sense of smell. A woman could hide a lot of things about her arousal, but her sweet scent was not among them. He waited, giving her time to compose and ready herself for what she knew was coming.

He stood and joined her in the corner.

“Please, Dylan, I’ll behave at dinner.”

He chuckled. “Oh, no, little girl, you won’t be having dinner with the adults this evening. Spoiled brats that had to be taken upstairs and have their bottoms spanked will stay upstairs and have their supper brought to them. Then they can eat alone and wait for their mate to come put them to bed at an early enough time that they get their rest. After all, you’ve had a big day…”

“Damn it, Dylan, I am not a child,” she said as she stomped her foot.

He laughed. “Stomping your foot is probably not the best way to express that sentiment. But you do admit you behaved like a spoiled brat earlier, now don’t you?”

“I hate you,” she seethed.

He laughed again. “And here I was worried the spanking had been too harsh. But no, my redheaded mate reminds me why she finds herself with a very red, very swollen bottom about to have her mate’s belt taken to it.”

“God, no. Dylan, please?”

“No. I gave in to your pleas earlier today and all it got me was a mate who behaved badly in front of our pack and guests. I expect and demand better of you. Let’s go.” He turned from the corner and walked back toward the bed. He hoped she would follow but wasn’t overly disappointed or surprised when she didn’t. He strode back over to her, grabbed a fistful of her red mane, and took her back over to their bed. “Another bad choice, mate. When I brought you up here to discipline you, I planned to lay ten or so welts across your bottom. Then when you actually decided to behave yourself about halfway through I thought maybe four would do the trick. But now I’m thinking seven might be the magic number.”

He used the fistful of hair to propel her onto the bed. She ended up belly down with her legs dangling off the edge and slightly spread. She moved to close them.

“Don’t you dare. Didn’t I just tell you that you don’t hide yourself from me?” He reached between her legs and finding her even more aroused than when she’d been lying across his knee, he slipped two fingers into her. She gasped from the pleasure his touch gave her. Dylan smiled and began to plunge his fingers in and out.

Skylar grasped the bed coverings trying to distance herself from the sensations he was inflicting on her. She squirmed to try to get away but he loosened his hold on her hair and pinned her into place. Skylar could feel a deep thrumming throughout her being but focused on the wet heat he continued to stroke. Dylan could feel it too and began to pump harder and faster. Skylar’s body responded in the only way it knew… her skin began to flush as her vaginal muscles contracted around his fingers. Her sharp intake of breath preceded her orgasm as she came calling his name.

Dylan removed his fingers and petted her pussy. “That’s a much better way to mitigate your punishment. Calling for your mate as you come. Maybe just four this time. What do you think?”

She thought about cursing him or calling him names, but she just wanted it over. She forced her body to relax and accept the punishment he meant to give her. She heard his belt being pulled from its loops. From the corner of her eye, she could see the belt doubled over in his fist and felt it slice through the air as it came down. When the leather laid across both cheeks in a ribbon of fire, she buried her face in the mattress and screamed. She barely had time to catch her breath before the belt struck again. She began to cry in earnest, not just from the pain but from the release of all the emotions she’d been suppressing for so long. The belt struck again and all she could do was cry harder.

“If I stop at three, do you think you can behave yourself until our guests have all gone to their new homes?”

She looked back over her shoulder and nodded her head.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, Dylan. I’ll behave.”

He sat down on the bed next to her and then gathered her into his arms. She began to cry with great wrenching sobs. He knew that not all of the tears were for the pain in her backside, although he suspected that was considerable. He rubbed her back and let her cry. Ioan had said he might have to force her to accept his marking her, but he still believed he could give her a bit of time to come around. He grinned. She’d most likely get spanked harder and more often prior to that time, but considering how aroused they both were, it might not be such a bad thing. The knot had become extremely painful but he decided that while he might bed her before then, he would forego knotting her and the resulting tie until she was his marked and true life mate.

The sobbing became less intense and the sniffling less frequent.

“Feel better?”

“What a stupid question.”

He looked at her face. Gone was the defiance of the spoiled brat he’d had over his knee just a short while ago. It had been replaced by grace, wisdom, and the knowledge of her place in the world… and a sly, shy smile. This was the woman to whom he would be mated. He grinned.

“What’s so damn funny?”

“You,” he said, kissing the tip of her nose. “Had the woman sitting on my lap been present downstairs, we wouldn’t have had to come upstairs so that she could get a real taste of her mate’s discipline, would we?” She said nothing. He pumped his leg up and down, jostling her painful backside. She winced. “Skylar?”


“Better. Best you learn to answer me the first time. Come on, up with you. I have guests to see to.”

“I can be redressed… wait, we have no other clothes but those on our backs,” she said as she stood up.

“And whose fault would that be?”

She sighed and dipped her head. “Mine because I burned the house and all of its contents. When we tried to outrun you, we left everything behind. Any chance our things made it here?”

“A very good one. But you won’t be needing anything tonight. I meant what I said. You’ve had a big day and you won’t be joining us for supper. I’ll have something brought up here. You can put on one of my shirts if you like. I’ll come up about 8:30 to tuck you in.”

“I’m not a child.”

“No, you’re my good girl who wants to show her mate she can mind him even when she doesn’t want to.”

“I hate you,” she said softly. But before he could react, she continued, “But then I always hated Micah right after he spanked me so you’re in good company.”

He laughed. “I am indeed. Be a good girl and eat all your supper. I’ll be up in a little while. So we’re clear… you are not allowed out of our suite until I give you permission. If you want or need anything, use the phone by the bed and hit one. Someone will pick up and get you what you need.”

He walked to the door to head back downstairs, happier than he’d been in a long time.


He stopped and looked back at her. She was kneeling on the bed, proud in her nudity and femininity. The smile on her face was sensual and predatory. “Are you going to bury that knot in me tonight?”

He laughed out loud. “I take it the thought of being knotted and tied again has some appeal?”

“Some,” she admitted.

“Not tonight, but continue to behave yourself and we could see that done before too long… but only after I’ve marked you as mine.”

“What if I don’t want to be marked… not just by you but by anyone?”

“That option is no longer available. It never should have been.” He thought for a moment before going on. “You should have been given time to grieve and then mated with another alpha.” Before she could protest he continued, “But I’m glad you weren’t. I would hate to have fought and killed another pack’s leader when I heard your call. I believe you were fated to be mine. As I told you earlier today, you will be my mate in every way possible… including taking my knot.” He exited the room and closed the door behind him.

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