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Brutal Royal: A Mafia Bully Romance by Tessa Morgan – Extended Preview


It’s official. I’ve lost my fucking mind.

Nothing else can explain why I stood there, bent over, legs spread, while this man belted me.

The pain was incandescent. Even now, my ass is so sore, tears keep filling my eyes. I’ve never felt anything like it.

And I’m not just talking about the agony.

Yes, it hurt like hell… but there was something else. Something deeper. Something carnal.

With every strike, a raw power filled me. It drowned out the screams of agony from my nerve endings, and coated my scorched flesh with ice. Then it buried itself deep, deep between my legs, right into my core.

Where it blossomed into something transcendent.

I’m still filled with that energy, that power, but when Owen felt how wet I was, it began crumbling.

As if he’s reading my thoughts, he slams his cupped hand against my pussy. The sting is nothing compared to the pain of the belt, but it reignites the flame within me.

“Please,” I whisper.

Owen presses his mouth to my jaw. “What is it my toy wants?” He slaps my pussy again. “Because you still have five lashes left, and—”

“No, please.” I grind against his hand as he cups me, sliding my hands up his arms and grabbing his shoulders. “Owen, please, I can’t.”

“What makes you think I care?”

I pull away to look into his slate-colored eyes, trying to summon words, but my voice fails me. He’s gazing down at me with a soft, almost paternal gaze… but there’s a hardness in his eyes that makes me realize he’s telling the truth.

He doesn’t care how much it hurts. I owe him five more lashes, and that’s all there is to it.

A sob clenches my chest just at the thought of having to bear one more blow of his belt. I have to persuade him to go easy on me. I have to make him stop.

Slowly, I grab the edge of my hoody and tank top and pull the clothes over my head. Owen’s gaze stays locked with mine for a second before he scans my naked, moonlit body. When he’s worked his way back up to my face, everything is tingling.

“You’re offering a trade?” he asks lightly, tilting his head as if he’s fascinated by my bravado. “Risky… I could just add more lashes.”

I lick my lips, and then scoop my breasts into my hands, kneading them. His eyes stay fixed to mine.

It’s not enough. He wants more.

“May I…?” I brush my fingers over the bottom of his shirt.

He says nothing, his eyes unreadable as I grab his shirt and try to pull it over his head. He’s much too tall for me to manage it, of course, but when I’m standing on tiptoes, he helps—tugging the fabric free and dropping it on the floor.

Still, he just stands there. Waiting.

So I unbutton his jeans, pull down his fly, and slide my hand inside his boxers to grab his dick.

“If you let me off the hook, I’ll…” I blush, words failing me.

His voice is more of a growl. “You’ll what?”

“I’ll… suck you.”

“You’ll suck what?” He moves his hips forward, grinding himself against my hand. He’s so fucking hard, so fucking big. “My toes? My fingers?”

I lick my lips, grab his cock, and haul it out of his pants. But I keep my eyes glued to his, because I know I’ll lose every bit of my nerves if I look down.

“Your… dick.” My face heats up even more as I give him a slow, hard stroke.

Despite what I’m doing to him, his voice is steady. “What are we, in high school? If you can’t even say the word cock, then how am I supposed to believe you’ll blow me?”

My jaw tightens. “Cock.”

“What about it, toy?”

I push out my chin, trying to ignore the way my cheeks flush, and spit out, “I’ll suck your cock, Owen. I’ll suck it like a fucking Hoover.”

He chuckles, wrapping his hand over mine and forcing me to give him a hard, slow stroke. “I don’t want a blowjob, Evie.” His gaze trails down. I gasp when he lands another slap on my pussy. “I want to feel that tight, wet cunt of yours smothering my cock.”

I manage a strangled, “No!” My chest rises and falls for a few seconds as I stare at him.

He might think he doesn’t want a blowjob, but will he honestly refuse me? Once my lips are around his cock, he’s going to reconsider my punishment. I hope.

Only one way to find out.

I drop to my knees, angling his dick toward my mouth before sucking the tip of Owen’s cock between my lips. He makes an angry sound that quickly fades when I swirl my tongue over his crown. He freezes, his chin dropping to his chest as he stares down at me with slitted eyes. “You’re misbehaving, toy,” he croaks.

I move my lips, feeding more of his dick into my mouth. He groans, both hands knotting in my hair.

Jaw bunching, Owen slowly drives himself deeper, his eyes darkening to gunmetal gray when he hits the back of my throat. I gag, but he barely pulls out enough for me to breathe. I haul in a quick breath through my nose before he thrusts even harder into my mouth again.

My stomach convulses as I gag again, tears springing into my eyes.

This was a mistake.

There’s a vicious light in his eyes that excites me and terrifies me at the same time. When I move my head back, he grabs my jaw with one hand and sinks his fingers between my teeth, forcing my mouth open.

“You still think you’re in control, toy?” he whispers as he starts moving in and out of my mouth.

I gurgle around his dick, fighting down the urge to puke every time he drives himself to the back of my throat. He tilts his head to the side, cutting his eyes down to where he’s forcing his dick balls-deep down my throat. “What’s it going to take for you to realize how wrong you are?”

He slams into my mouth, and I nearly fucking puke. When he pulls out, I’m slobbering and gasping so hard that I don’t get a chance to protest before he does it again.

“Jesus fuck,” he pants. “If this is what your mouth feels like, I can’t imagine how good your pussy will feel.”

He forces into me again, a sadistic gleam in his eyes as he deprives me of oxygen. I push against his stomach, but he ignores me until I start pummeling him with my fists.

Owen chuckles as he drags his cock out of my mouth and releases my jaw. Tears streak down my face, a relieved sob blubbering out of me.

I barely have time to draw a proper breath before Owen drags me to my feet. He stares at me for a long moment before crushing his mouth against mine.

I gasp into the violent kiss, going onto tiptoes to press harder against him. My entire body starts throbbing in time with the aching lashes on my ass. Owen turns, keeping our lips locked as he sinks onto the window seat.

There’s a moment where I hesitate, because going down with him will mean sitting on his lap, and his dick is still out… but then he nips at my lower lip and murmurs, “Riding my cock won’t hurt as much as the belt. But I promise, Evie, it’ll be punishment enough.”

I slide onto my knees, our kiss intensifying as he drags me onto his lap.

He leaves one hand in my hair, but the other he trails over the lashes on my ass. I gasp into our kiss, and he growls as if commanding me to be quiet.

When he gives me a hard squeeze, I’m instantly back on that stratospheric high from moments ago.

“Oh, God,” I groan against his mouth. I push my ass out, my body shuddering as he massages my sore flesh.

I start squirming against his cock, trying to gain enough friction so I can come. But I’m too slippery down there, so I just end up moaning with frustration like an amateur porn star.

“Are you trying to make yourself come?” he asks lightly.

“No,” I groan sullenly.

“Are you lying to me, toy?”

I try to kiss him into silence, to get his mind off what I’m trying to do, but he turns his face away with a quiet chuckle.

“Bad girl. Sucking my cock when I told you not to.” He slides his hand down, dragging his fingers over my soaked pussy. “Trying to come without permission.”

I lift my hips, pushing back against his hand. “But I’m so close,” I whisper into his neck.

He presses a finger against my asshole, and my body stiffens. He shifts under me, and I rise onto my knees as he lifts his cock up between my legs. But I can only go so far without standing, so I have no choice but to let him rub himself against my pussy.

“There’s only one way I’m making you come, toy,” he murmurs as his cock threatens to force its way into my pussy. “And that’s with me filling up both of these tight little holes.”


This girl. This sumptuous, savage girl. She’s kneeling over me with her pussy dripping onto my lap like a faucet. I don’t think she’s even aware of how hard she’s gripping my shoulders, like it’s the only thing keeping her from freefalling to her death.

If the heat cascading down from her wet cunt is any indication, there’s a fucking wildfire waiting inside her pussy for me. I keep a hand on my shaft, rubbing the tip of my cock against her slick lips as I tease her into a new level of submission.

“I’m waiting, toy.” I lift my hips just enough so that I can brush my cock over her clit. “My cock is waiting.”

She opens her eyes, our gazes locking. Moonlight turns her eyes silver, her skin into a radiant glow.

“Owen,” she murmurs, her eyes searching mine. “What are we doing?”

One side of my mouth quirks up as I start circling her tight asshole with my finger. “We’re wasting time.”

Her expression turns serious, and she clamps her bottom lip between her teeth as she waits for my answer.

Fuck. See, this is what happens when you let your mind run rampant.

I stare at her, trying to ignore how badly I want to drive my cock into her. “I don’t know,” I say quietly.

“Then should we really…” She trails off, leaning forward and putting our foreheads together. “I shouldn’t be doing this,” she says through a sigh.

“Just let go, Evie,” I whisper against her hair. “I promise, if you fall, I’ll be there to catch you.”

I don’t know why the fuck I just said that. I guess it’s because I’m desperate to have her fall on my cock. But… it’s not just that. When she moves back and looks at me, I immediately know there was something deeper in my words.

She knows it too, because Evie cups my face in her hands and leans in for another kiss.

This one is a soft, gentle tease. Infuriating, frustrating, arousing as fuck. And when she starts moving her hips backward and forward? Brushing her pussy over the tip of my cock?

I groan, forcing my tongue into her mouth. She opens for me the same moment she sinks down an inch.

When her pussy takes the tip of my dick, she groans into my mouth and slowly lowers herself the rest of the way. We both sigh when she bottoms out on my cock, her pussy so fucking tight it feels like she’s trying to strangle it.

“Yes,” I murmur. “I fucking knew you’d feel this good.”

She groans as she rocks forward, and I can’t stop myself taking her ass in both hands and squeezing. Her gasp has my balls aching to come, but I force back the urge with an iron will.

“God, I’m so fucking close,” Evie gasps. She grabs hold of my shoulders again, gripping tight as she starts pitching her hips forward and back.

“Fuck, this feels too good.” I buck my hips, spearing into her, and we fall into a frantic rhythm.

When we lock eyes, it’s clear she’s about to come.

I grab her hair, dragging her down for a kiss, my other hand sliding behind her and trailing down her asshole. She clenches, and I gather up some of her arousal to smear it over that tight hole. She tries to pull away, her hips stopping, but I don’t need her to move anymore.

She groans against my lips when I force the tip of my finger into her asshole and, in an instant, she’s grinding into my lap like a fucking succubus.

I break our kiss, staring up at her moonlit face.

Evie’s body goes rigid as she comes, her face a glorious expression of pleasure and pain. Her pussy tightens into a vise, trapping my cock deep inside her. I feel her pulsing around me, and when she gasps out my name, I come too.

Our hips grind together as my seed spurts into her pussy. I move back an inch before slamming into her again with a wet smack.

I’ve never felt such a possessive need to fill someone with my seed. I want to ram it so deep inside her that it will become a part of her. Her thighs tighten around my hips, gluing us together, and from the way she grinds down on me, it’s like she never wants to let go.

She bends down for another kiss as our bodies convulse together in pleasure.

I stay buried inside her, nibbling at her lips as she pants against my mouth.

“Jesus Christ,” she whispers, pushing against my chest to sit up. She blinks at me, pupils still dilated. “What the fuck…?”

I don’t reply, because I don’t know what to say. I have no idea what just happened, either. I’ve never felt like this before in my life, like I’m balanced on a razor’s edge.

The pleasure is still there, filling my body, my mind, with a sleepy, blissful radiance.

But there’s something else too. Something sinister. Something dangerous.

My balls haven’t even stopped aching, but I already want to be inside her again. All it took was one taste, and I’m hooked.

I’ve never had that before. Usually, I can’t get dressed fast enough after fucking a woman.

Sliding my arms around her, I lift her up and carry her to my bed. She hisses when her ass touches the sheet, and I quickly climb up behind her and roll her onto her side.

She goes still, our bodies molded together as our breathing slowly returns to normal.

All I want to do is lie here listening to Evie breathe. I close my eyes, and I fill my nose with her scent as I will away every negative thought trying to flood my mind.

I don’t care if this is dangerous. I don’t care if this was a mistake.

Right now, none of that matters.

I’d happily stay trapped in this perfect moment for as long as it lasts.

With my arms wrapped around Evie’s sweat-soaked body, my heart begins to return to its normal beat, my muscles relaxing.

And I find myself hoping that when I wake… she’ll still be here.

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