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Bulldog: A Rough Romance by Delta James – Extended Preview

Wyatt returned them to the Four Seasons, handing the valet the keys. He accompanied them into the foyer, where Sawyer Barnes awaited their return.

“Sawyer, I wasn’t expecting you,” said Nigel, extending his hand.

“Fitz pulled me off my special assignment. Wyatt and I are with you until you go back to London. We’ve canceled your plane reservation and the Cerberus jet is in route. If you’re planning to stay, I’d like to move us into a two-bedroom suite so we can all stay together. If you’re heading back to England tomorrow as planned, Wyatt and I can just hang out on the couch in your suite.”

“That would be fine. I’d like to get Olivia back to London where we control more of the playing field,” Nigel said as they got into the elevator, Wyatt blocking anyone else from joining them for the ride up.

“And we all know how you doms like control,” Olivia quipped and then let out a little squeal as Nigel’s hand connected with her ass.

“That’s enough, Olivia,” he said evenly.

They entered the hallway to their room, Sawyer in front, Nigel at her side, with Wyatt taking up the rear. Sawyer entered the room while Nigel and Wyatt remained outside with her.

“The room is clean. We’ll sweep it again for bugs, but I checked all of the furniture and rooms. We should be secure. Wyatt will arrange for a private jet and go get a chopper to take us to a private airport nearby.”

“Thanks, Sawyer. I appreciate the assistance.”

“Not to worry, Nigel. We’re happy to do it.”

“Gentlemen, it’s been a fairly stressful day. I’m going to get Olivia tucked into bed.” Nigel moved throughout the room with purpose and efficiency before locking the bedroom door.

“I thought Sawyer cleared the room.”

“He did, love. I just wanted to double check. I’ll take assistance, but I’m not leaving your safety in anyone’s hands but my own.”

She wrapped her arms around him, laying her head against his chest.

“Go on then, get undressed.”

“I need you, Nigel. I need to feel your strength inside me.”

“And you’ll get that right after you feel the sting of my hand.”

She started to argue, but thought better of it. He wanted to spank her, perhaps needed it even more than she needed him to.

“Bend over and place your hands on the bed.” She complied without a word. “God, you’re beautiful and you aren’t the least bit afraid of me, are you?”

“No, but I love and respect you and I should have been more respectful to the lieutenant.”

He walked up to her side and ran his hand down her spine, cupping her buttocks. The crack of his hand cut off further discussion. The force of it caused her to rock forward onto her toes, but she didn’t break position. He smacked her ass a second and third time. The fourth swat landed squarely between her butt cheeks. He ran his finger down the seam and pressed against her dark rosette.

“I’m going to have that, you know.”

“Yes, you mentioned that.”

He pulled his hand away and spanked her ass a fifth time. She moaned.

“Halfway. Can you handle all ten?”

“Yes, Master, I can take my punishment.”

Her ass ached. It was as though she needed the sting, the heat, and the pain to bring her world back into perfect alignment.

“Good girl.”

The sixth smack seemed to amp up the pain involved. The seventh and eighth swats sent her over the edge between pleasure and pain and she felt the world melting away until all that remained was that dreamy space where only she and Nigel existed.

She heard more than felt the ninth blow to her behind. It wasn’t that the pain didn’t bloom all across her backside; it was more that there was a rightness to it that seemed to put everything in perspective. He slapped her ass one last time.

“You handled your punishment very well, love,” he said as he sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her into his lap.

“Remind me again why I refused your aftercare that first night?”

He chuckled. “Because you were being very naughty. I must say you seemed to have learned better. Aftercare is as important to doms as it is to our subs. It allows us to look after you, to soften up and show you how much we care for you. You offer me your softness and trust and I care for you in every way possible. Some see the power exchange between dom and sub as strength for softness or weakness. But it won’t work unless both people are incredibly strong. Both lift their partner up and make the other the best version of themselves. That’s what I want to give you.”

“And do you know what I want to give you?” she asked, her voice dreamy.

“The same?”

She smiled. “All of that and my ass.”

“You don’t have to, love, it can wait…”

“I don’t think your dick agrees,” she teased.

“Well, that horny bastard doesn’t care what hole he can get into, as long as it’s yours.”

She laughed. God, he could make her laugh regardless of the situation. His cock swelled up against the fullness of her ass as she sat naked in his lap. He helped her up and she crawled up on the bed, stretching her upper body onto the mattress, arms out in front of her, her knees spread wide. She felt her pussy pulsing with anticipation, but it wasn’t her most feminine sheath that he would claim as his, it would be her ass… and she wanted him to.

She was glad this first time she was still in subspace. She was relaxed and supple, warm and willing, offering to serve his pleasure in any way he wanted. She moaned as he spread her legs wider, reaching between her legs to take her natural lubricant and slather his cock with it. He reached in again and brought up some of her cream to massage into her back entrance.

“Easy, love. Try to just relax and breathe. Remember your safeword and I’ll be as gentle as I can.”

He coaxed her tight hole to accept his finger, rimming the outside before easing in, only to remove it before beginning again. It felt strange at first, but she focused on the pleasure and on embracing the mastery he had over her body. He used first one finger and then slid in a second, opening up her asshole, readying it for his cock. He used a third finger, stretching her wide before he pulled his hand away.

Nigel left her, going into their bath before returning completely naked with his cock pointed toward his belly, drying his hands. He thrust several fingers of one hand into her still drenched pussy and applied more of her own lubricant to his cock. This was going to happen. Nigel was going to take her ass.

“I need you to flatten your back. Relax and keep breathing.”

He pressed his hard cock against her tight hole and began to push in. Just the tip at first and then a bit more. Inch by inch he claimed her only remaining virgin hole, groaning in supreme pleasure as he did so. He rubbed her back, helping to keep her relaxed and in position, reassuring her as he continued to take her ass. If this was her ultimate act of submission, it was his of domination. He was gentle, but firm, continuing to claim her dark passage.

Nigel’s hips began to move in a gentle fucking motion, drawing back and then surging forward gently, going deeper each time he did so. He slid his hand underneath her and stroked her clit. Olivia squealed in both surprise and pleasure. The instant he pressed against it, Olivia orgasmed.

“There’s my good girl. How do you feel?”

“I feel like a complete pervert. My dom has his cock up my ass, it stings, and I climaxed the second he touched my clit. And the worst part is, I think I like it,” she said, laughing.

She wiggled her ass and rolled her hips, taking him deeper and sighing in complete and utter surrender as he slid to the root of his cock, his balls nestled against her ass. He held still for a moment before he started to move, dragging his cock back until only the head remained inside before surging back to his hilt. She was impaled on his cock in a totally new way and it felt incredible. He took hold of her hips and fucked her deep and strong, but with a gentle power that was far different than when he hammered her pussy.

Olivia cried out as she came a second time, sending him over the edge into his own climax. She felt him fill her ass in the same way he did her pussy or her belly. She realized it didn’t matter. As long as it was Nigel, it was what she wanted and needed. Pleasure infused her as he fell forward, supporting his weight on his hands that were on either side of her body and dragging his cock all the way out.

“You’re mine, Olivia. Now and forever.”

“Are all doms who collar their subs this possessive?”

“I have no idea. I’ve never collared one and in general, the doms of Baker Street don’t sit around talking about our feelings.”

“What do you talk about?”

“Important things like which football team will win on Sunday or if scotch is better than bourbon or how we can make our sub come from anal… you know, important male bonding things.”

“God, please tell me you’re joking…”

“What can I say… at the end of the day, we’re just men.”

Nigel twisted away from her, landing on his back before dragging her down next to him. She rested her head on his chest and sighed before closing her eyes.

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