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Captivated by Him: A Dark Mafia Arranged Marriage Romance by Measha Stone – Extended Preview

Jakub’s shower is as close to heaven I’ve been in ages.

His entire place is amazing. It has a rough exterior to it with the brick walls and dark wood, but after a few minutes the warmth and coziness of the place sinks in.

But his shower, so far, is my favorite place. It’s a walk-in shower that can easily fit two, maybe three people, with a double showerhead. There’s even a built-in seat. Best of all, the water stays hot the entire time I’m in there. A luxury I have gone without since moving back to Chicago.

By the time I’m out and dried off, Jakub has brought my suitcase up. He’s laid out a pair of pajama shorts and t-shirt for me on the bed and tucked the suitcase into the corner of the room. Apparently, that’s what he wants me to wear.

His voice carries from downstairs. He’s on the phone again. Probably trying to find a place to stash me so I can be safe, but where he doesn’t have to get his hands dirty with the Kaczmareks.

I don’t know much about Piotr, but I’ve met his cousin, Christian, in New York. He runs the family out there and my dad answered directly to him on several occasions. If Piotr is half as arrogant and unreasonable as his cousin, I’m fucked.

I unwrap my hair from the towel and pick up the pajamas. No panties. Of course. After I’m fully dried off, I slip into the plaid shorts and light gray shirt.

The sun is already sinking in the sky, casting the room with an orange-ish hue. Even the room screams of masculinity. The bed has four large wood square posts, and the headboard is made of black iron. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were hooks on the posts.

Remembering a particular night where he bound my hands behind my back, my face heats and I shove the memory away. This isn’t then. I have to remember that.

I also need to move my stuff to the spare bedroom.

After shoving my dirty clothes into the front section of my suitcase, I roll it to the door. The room next door is empty and has a bed. I’ll just stay there. Jakub can’t expect I’d sleep in his bed with him, and I don’t want to put him out of his own room.

Before I can reach the door, it swings open and Jakub’s there, filling the space. He quickly glances down to what I’m doing and frowns.

“No.” He reaches for the bag, but I pull back from him before he can get a hold of it.

“Jakub. I’m just going to stay in the next room. I can’t take your room from you.”

“You aren’t.” He grabs hold of the strap and tugs it from my grasp.

“I’m not spending the night in your bed.” I fold my arms over my chest.

He rolls the suitcase back to where it was before giving me his attention.

“We still need to talk about your behavior at the apartment.” He dips his chin. He’s serious.

“Jakub, it was my apartment. You can’t be mad at me for going into my own apartment.”

“I was very specific, wasn’t I, about where you should wait?”

I scoff. “That has nothing to do with anything.”

His frown cracks at the edges. “Nothing to do with anything. That doesn’t even make any sense.”

I blink a few times. “You killed someone, Jakub, and you want to lecture me on if I was in the hallway or in the living room at the time?” I march over to the bed and plant myself on the edge of it. “Fine. Go ahead and lecture.”

But when his gaze follows me, when those blue eyes of his wanders over me, it’s not lecturing that’s on his mind.

“Come here, Nicole.” He crooks his finger at me and points to the spot on the hard wood flooring just in front of his feet. I stare at him, resolved to let him wait all night. Caving to Jakub will only let him think he has a chance of making me bend to him. And I can’t do that. I won’t do it.

I don’t have the luxury of doing that.

“If I have to wait, you’ll be sorry.” He slowly arches an eyebrow.

Heat runs up my spine, sending the little hairs on the back of my neck to stand on end.

“Fine.” I shove back off the bed and move to where he wants me, then I take a large step back. He can’t have every inch.

He drops his hand and smiles. “That wasn’t so bad, right?”

“What do you want?” I ask, glancing at the window. The sun is gone now, casting the sky into darkness. The bed table lamps must be on a timer, because they’ve flickered to life.

“Are you okay? Anything hurt?” He grabs my shoulders and turns me every which way, looking me over.

“I told you I was fine before, and I still am,” I remind him, but he’s overprotective and inspects my arms and my leg where the blood splatter had been.

“You could have gotten hurt.” His tone turns accusatory.

“So could you. They were hiding in the bathroom; they could have surprised you.”

He grabs hold of my chin between his fingers and pulls me toward him. His grip is strong enough I have to take a step in his direction to keep up with my own face.

Jakub lowers his lips to a breath length away from mine. “You worried about me?”

I stare into his eyes, captivated by the desire burning bright in his molten blue eyes. “I wouldn’t want you to get hurt.”

His full lips spread wide. “Good to know. We’ll see if you think the same way after.”

Before I can ask him what he means, he moves his hand around my neck up into my hair, fisting it at my scalp. I try to swat his hand away, but he’s got me twisted around, facing away from him and he shoves me forward.

For the second time today, I’m frog-walked across the room. Only this time, there’s no true fear bubbling in my belly.

When we get to the bed, he shoves me over the side until my cheek is pressed into the bedding.

“Jakub. You can’t do this.” I swing my arm behind me. Easily, he snatches it up and pins it to the small of my back.

“Seems right now I can do whatever I want.”

“Don’t you dare.” I try to shove my way up with one hand but he’s too strong and too determined.

“Relax, I’m trying to help you.” He trails his hand between my legs, working his way up to my wet pussy. I squeeze my legs together. He can’t see how turned on my body is right now. I have to protect what little dignity I have at the moment.

But this isn’t his first time.

Deftly, he gets his fingers exactly where I want them but wish I didn’t. Two fingers plunge into my pussy, and I freeze beneath his grip.

“Ah, see, that’s what I thought.” He pumps his fingers in and out of me while I squeeze my eyes shut and try to will my body into obeying me and not him. But that’s never worked before when it came to Jakub. And he’s become more confident.

“Now that I have your attention, Nicole, I’m going to give you the ground rules here.” He plunges both fingers in hard and deep before bending them at the knuckle and stroking the most sensitive spot in my body. I melt into the bed; all my muscles go weak.

He’s paying attention and must know he has me exactly where he wants me, because he lets my arm go.

“You’re going to let me help you with this mess you’re in.” He removes his fingers and before I can complain, he rips my pajama shorts down to my knees.

“I already said I’d stay here a few days,” I try to reason with him, but the jangling of his belt tells me it’s not working.

“And while you are staying with me, you’ll do what I tell you, when I tell you, and how I tell you.” His belt rips free of his jeans in one sharp swish sound.

The sound not only makes my pussy clench, it gets my brain to wake the hell up. I launch myself forward trying to scramble away from him, but he must have been prepared for it. He grabs my hips and pulls me back right where he had me.

My body goes rigid, expecting the belt to lay into me, but instead he grabs both of my wrists and works the belt around them. Around and around, he wraps it until he’s able to work the end into the buckle. And like the shocked idiot I seem to be, I just lie there and let him do it.

“If I tell you you’re staying in my bed, you’ll stay in my bed. If I tell you to stay in the fucking hallway, you will stay in the fucking hallway.”

“I will. Fine. I will.” I try to turn over, but he slaps my ass hard and pushes me back onto my belly.

“You won’t leave this apartment unless I say so, and if you do get to leave, you’ll have someone with you at all times.” He presses into my ass. The hard length of his cock pushes against my ass through his jeans.

I wiggle my feet apart, sticking my ass up higher toward him.

“You want something, Nicole?” he asks, bending over my body and laying his weight over me.

I snap my teeth tighter. I can’t and will not ask for what I shouldn’t want, what I can’t have.

“Tell me you’re going to be a good girl.” He eases his body off a little to slip his hand between us. With expert precision he finds my clit and rubs it gently in a circular motion, putting just the right amount of pressure on it to drive me from any reasonable thought.

The sound of a zipper registers, but only once his cock is between my legs, touching the very rim of my pussy do I realize what’s happened. He’s so close, and I’m so fucking needy.

Sex with Henry wasn’t anything to crave, but just these few touches from Jakub and I’m ready to take everything he offers. Even if it is just for tonight.

“Tell me, Nicole. Say, I’ll be a good girl for you.” His cock thrusts forward, breaking through my entrance but not inside yet. Not filling me the way I know he can fill me.

“Jakub,” I whine like a spoiled little girl who hasn’t gotten her way. But he won’t accept that, it’s not enough for him.

He abandons my clit and smacks my ass again.

“Would you rather have a spanking for being such a bad girl tonight? Promise me you’ll be good, and I’ll fuck you until you scream.”

My toes curl into the wood. There is no real decision to be made here.

“I’ll be a good girl for you, Jakub. I promise. I’ll be good.” It’s my voice, but there’s such a hunger laced through the words I almost don’t recognize myself.

One strong thrust and he’s fully embedded in me. I cry out from the suddenness of it, from the stretch and burn. He doesn’t even give me a second to catch my breath, but instead grabs my hips and fucks me with as much fever as my soul needs.

I arch my body to better accept his thick cock. His fingertips dig into my hips as he drags me backward to meet his thrusts. There’s nothing gentle about his touch. It awakens my raw hunger for him, a desire I shoved deep into the back corner of my mind over the past five years.

“Do you want to come for me?” he asks, moving one hand between our bodies again.

“Yes. Fuck, yes!” I buck my ass back at him, matching his energy and needing even more. The headboard of the bed bounces off the wall, he’s fucking me so damn hard. And so damn good.

“Don’t wait, come for me, Nicole. Show me you’re a good girl and come for me.” He assaults my clit, rubbing and pinching until the lines between pleasure and pain blur completely and my mind gets lost somewhere in between.

Pressure builds and builds until I’m sure my body won’t be able to handle another second of it.

“Be my good girl,” he says in a deep, dark voice dragging me from the brink of sanity and tossing me into the abyss of pleasure.

My mind blanks then swirls with the implosion of sweetness that washes over my body. Wave after wave, it soaks me, drowns me, and all I want to do is fall into it even deeper.

Slowly, it fades and I’m back where I started.

“So good,” Jakub whispers as he thrusts twice more and pulls free of my body.

I look over my shoulder at him in time to see his hand wrapped around his thick shaft, jerking and jerking his cock until thick ropes of cum spurt out onto my bare ass and back.

I should feel dirty. All of this should be shameful.

Instead, I smile at him.

When he returns to me, he lifts his gaze to mine and gives me an arrogant grin.

“Stay put.” He points a finger at me then yanks up his jeans again.

I fall forward onto the bed, as his cum rests on my bare skin. When he steps out of the bathroom, a small towel in his hand, he winks at me.

“I should have grabbed a condom,” he says as he cleans off the mess he made on me. Once he’s done, he works the belt off my wrists, being gentle now that the intensity of the moment has passed.

I push up to my feet and pull up my pajama shorts.

“It’s okay. I mean, yeah we should have used one, but I have the implant and I just had a physical.”

He reaches out and runs his thumb along my bottom lip.

“I’m clean, too, but I should have been more careful.” He drops his hand away, like he’s just realized we aren’t together anymore. This isn’t a permanent thing.

“Next time.” He winks.

I grab the dirty towel from the bed and bring it to the hamper I noticed in the bathroom. When I get back, he’s all zipped up and holding the door open for me.

“Let’s watch a movie. It’s too early for bed.”

“Yeah, that sounds good.” I cross the bedroom, ignoring the discarded belt on the bed.

He grabs me as I pass him and turns me to him, capturing my face between both hands.

“If you disobey me again, Nicole, you won’t be screaming from an orgasm. You’ll be begging me to stop the ass whooping you’ll get. Do you understand me?”

My throat clenches with the dark tone of his voice. “I get it, Jakub.”

And damn me.

I don’t hate it.

“Good.” He lowers his lips to mine. It’s tender at first, gentle pressure. But quickly, as though he was only testing the waters of my compliance, he intensifies the kiss. His tongue sweeps past my lips, and his hands move up into my hair.

He’s not merely kissing me. He’s claiming me.

And damn me.

I don’t hate that either.

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