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Captivated by Jaye Peaches – Extended Preview

The jigsaw pieces fell into place. Henrietta and David, the incompatible couple who’d fallen for each other’s looks and status, not bothering to find out their true feelings. It was a reflection of her and Darren. She’d gone for the hunky bricklayer, not realizing he wasn’t the type to use his physical presence to his advantage. Rather Darren had gone out of his way to hide it behind ill-fitting suits. David, on the other hand, had suits that were trimmed to his lean figure and brought out a different attractiveness.

She yearned to reach inside his shirt and touch his skin. He was giving her the opportunity, but he’d given it to Anna, not Henrietta. Did she stick with the agreement for a stranger’s sake, a woman who had taken Anna’s husband as her lover? She owed Henrietta nothing. David and she were the victims, not Henrietta.

She sighed. It wasn’t intended to sound dismissive, more uncertain, but David latched onto it.

“Boring you, am I? I’m not going to force you, Hen, but there again, I’m not going to let you brush me off with this ‘I’m not in the mood’ business. I’m going to check and if you’re fibbing, then I’m going to punish you for it. Do you understand?” He spoke with the kind of husky voice that made the hairs on the back of her head stand on end.

“Punish me?” She blinked, her jaw lowering into a gape. It had to be a game, a play upon words or some other kind of verbal foreplay. Punishment conjured up a different, alluring meaning and whether she intended it or not, it meant something other than retribution to her. The air had thickened with heat and she pressed her hand to her constricting throat. “How?”

“You know what it involves. After I took you into the basement, you told me you didn’t like it, so I backed off, kept that room locked and off limits. We should try it again, help you discover what you need, what’s good for you.”

“If, if I submit to this punishment,” she stuttered, “do I get a say in what it is?”

He smiled. A subtle glint in his eyes. “No. You’ll get spanked, like last time.”

“Spanked?” Her voice trembled. She recalled the basement and the rows of implements. Each one etched onto her mind. Not quite viewing them like the kid in the sweet shop, she was tempted by some, repulsed by others. Years of wanting her bottom spanked by a strict man, the fantasies she’d constructed in her head, even the ones she’d written out on paper then destroyed, had come to this moment.

“Hen, you know I’m good for my word. Now please stand up. If my fingers find your pussy is soaking, your clit aroused, then your ass will have a meeting with my belt over this table.”

Not the basement. However, the relief was short-lived. The belt about his waist was a thick leather strap with a shiny buckle. Anna gripped the edge of the table with her fingers. Her clitoris, pussy, everything sexual shouted out for a fuck. She’d come the moment he laid his hands on her. All she had to do was submit and he’d take her anyway, without the spanking. Except, she so wanted the spanking, especially with a belt or strap. She’d lain many nights alone playing with her clit, wondering what it would feel like—the pain, the humiliation, the wantonness of yielding.

She cleared her throat. “Do what you want, I don’t care.” What the hell was she saying? Why play hard to get when he’d offered her the best fantasy of her life?

He strode around the table, dragged out her chair, and heaved her up with his hands hooked under her armpits. Too stunned to do anything but exclaim, she froze as he hitched up her skirt and rifled underneath for her panties.

He snapped the seam down the side, plucking the flimsy fabric out of the way and dove his hand between her folds, separating the labia with his nimble fingertips. He grasped her hair and bundled it into his fist, yanking her chin up until the back of her head rested on his shoulder. The roots of her hair stung sharply and she couldn’t look down. She saw, peering up from under her eyelids, his determined expression portrayed through the thin line of his lips.

She wriggled her bottom, trying to avoid his probing fingers. When he thrust them inside her pussy, her jaw dropped low. He drove what must be two, maybe three fingers deeper, forcing her vagina to widen to meeting his brisk entry.

“You are so fucking wet. It’s coating my hand.” He withdrew his fingers and held up his hand. The liquid glaze shimmered, trickling down between his knuckles. “Show me, slut, show me how much you want it. Lick off your honey.”

Oh, God. Her lips trembled. Dirty talk. Calling her a slut. Fuck, she was one. She’d go down on him if he asked her to, which came as a shock. She’d never sucked cock before, because Darren had rather he tasted her. The sting in her scalp sharpened as David aimed her mouth at his forefinger.

“Remember, Hen, nice slow licks. Give me one of your best performances.”

She stuck out her tongue, the very tip of it and touched the end of his finger. She curled it around the joint and immediately tasted a sweetness, then a saltiness. It wasn’t bad, her taste. He dipped his finger into her mouth, up to the knuckle. Pursing her lips, she formed a seal around the base of the finger and as he slowly drew it out, she sucked hard, cleansing the digit. He offered each finger in turn and she repeated the little ritual.

“Good. Very good, Hen. But this doesn’t alter the fact I’m going to spank your ass.” The last word resonated around the room, as he hissed softly into her ear.

Anna’s knees quaked; the tremors caused her calves to twitch and her shoulders to dip. Humiliated by his request, what would Henrietta do? It didn’t matter. She would do what she wanted to do.

David released the bolt of her hair and reaching forward to the table, swept aside the discarded plate and made a space. “Over you go, naughty slut.” He nudged her in the small of the back. “Play the brat if you want,” he whispered. “If it helps.”

Anna had no wish to fight back or play up. If David expected it, her behavior would mirror her ideals of submission, not some roleplay. Placing her palms on the polished surface of the table, she bent. A stiff fold around her middle, like bending thick cardboard.

“Makes a change,” David remarked, watching from behind. “Seeing you comply, Hen, it’s a good feeling for me. However, stay still. You don’t get up until I’m finished.”

The sound of him loosening the belt, the clatter of metal, and the whoosh as he drew out the belt from the loops sent a swirl of palpitations throughout her belly. Anna peered over her shoulder. He’d wrapped the belt around his hand, tightening it into a coil. The buckle was hidden in his fist, but the end with the holes hung at his side.

“Legs apart. I’m going to watch that pussy leak, drip all over this floor.” He lifted up the end of the dress and folded it over her waist.

Her bare bottom on display. She clenched her buttock cheeks together and buried her face in her hands, ashamed by her reaction—she could feel the pussy nectar creep down her inner thighs.

“My, my,” David chuckled. “I’ve not even started. This is going to hurt, Hen. But I’m not going to make it so bad you won’t be able to sit. I like that you’ve clenched your tight buns together. It reminds me that you’ve got feelings. That you can lose that cool exterior sometimes.”

The swish of the belt through the air was nothing close to as loud as the crack it made across her ass. The pain seared across her bottom and she jumped up.

“Back down, Hen. That doesn’t count. You know the drill.” He nudged her between the shoulder blades.

The pain rocketed. Fuck, it hurt, the thud, then the sting and the long burn of heat. The smarting blow rocked, propelling her forward and she flattened her body onto the table.

He swung the belt again. The same whoosh, the same thud as leather hit flesh. She yelped and screwed her eyes up tight. She stayed down, kicking her heels back.

No time to breathe, no time to assimilate, the next followed swiftly creating a rawness that spread across the skin. The pain wasn’t what she had expected. It was hellishly divine and wicked, transcending her imagination. The reality was better than her daydreams and worse at the same time. The edge it gave her arousal was real enough, yet the emotional release was beyond anything she’d imagined. She hadn’t anticipated the level of her vulnerability or the trust she had to place in him.

“You’re doing good, Hen,” he said, his voice soft, contemplative and masterful. “I like what I’m seeing. You’re not giving me lip, but taking this like an obedient sub should.” He rubbed the welts as he spoke, round caresses of his palm.

Anna sighed. Her shoulders slumped lower. What a strange sensation. She wanted him to say all those words all over again. Say it in the same tone of voice—what wasn’t there to like about David’s soothing words?

She’d considered running away when she’d seen Darren with Henrietta, the Henrietta masquerading as Anna. She despised her husband for wanting another woman, regardless that she looked like Anna. She hated Henrietta for her scheming. Yet, this outcome might be exactly what she, Anna, needed in her life. A strong, dominant man with a firm hand and a cool sexy voice. Rather than seek a solution to her situation, she’d stay and test the waters that David had poured before her. Each second that passed, she sank deeper into the pool of lust, yearning for things she’d never experienced.

“You’re fucking wet.” He smeared it up and over her hot bottom, and the wetness cooled her throbbing ass. “I said it before, and I’ll say it again. You secretly like this.”

“Yes,” Anna gasped. She did. Henrietta probably hadn’t, but she reveled in submitting to David.

He whacked the belt down hard, adding another burning stripe. “You’re going to have to take more of this before I fuck you. You’re such a needy girl when you let yourself go. You want to show me you can submit, don’t you?”

He landed another crack across her ass and she screeched. “Yes. Yes, fuck me, yes.”

He laughed warmly and paused to stroke her flaming cheeks. He slid his hand along the crevice, down between her folds. “Spread wider. Show me your neat little fuck hole.”

She slid her feet along the floor. It was mortifying to be so exposed and open. She breathed hot mist onto the table surface, trying to tame her galloping heartbeats.

He flicked the belt down her slit, not hard, but not lightly either. He smacked the lips of her pussy with the tip of the belt. Then, he brought it upward, slapping it against her pubic mound. She jolted and bent her knees toward each other.

“A few more like that.” He tucked his hand around the back of her neck, pinned her in place, and swung the belt back and forth, knocking it against her sex with soft slaps.

“Oh, God,” she groaned. Now she wanted to come.

“Like it?” he asked, leaning over to whisper into her ear.

“Yes,” she hissed back.

“You see, you should trust me. I can give you pain. And I can give you pleasure. What do you want, Hen?”

“Both,” she rasped. What made her say such a stupid thing? Not the pain, it screamed at her to stop, but the need for an orgasm shouted louder. One thing drove the other, they fed each other.

“You’ve got to earn it, haven’t you? It’s all agreed, my wife. Whether you’re a submissive or not, my wife has to ask for permission. Remember?”

No, she wanted to shout, she hadn’t been party to drawing up that agreement. However, the idea of asking permission for coming excited her. It meant he controlled more than fucks. He had a say in how she took her pleasure.

David was the dominant of her dreams. If he liked it, she’d do it. Whatever and for however long she remained being Henrietta Davenport, she’d be that submissive he’d longed for.

“Please spank me more.” The words tumbled out of her mouth.

“Hen, it will be my pleasure to roast this ass.” He stepped back and raised the belt.

Over and over, he whacked her bottom. Not as hard as when he’d started, but on her already fired behind the combination of pain with being on the teetering brink of an orgasm drove her crazy.

When he tossed the belt aside, he helped her up and propped her against his side before looping his arm around her.

He nuzzled his nose against the crown of her head. “I’m still crazy about you, you know that? I can’t stop myself. I have to get inside you, not just your delicious cunt, but all of you. I’m going to dig down and find you, Hen. Find the real you.”

Muted by the implication of his hoarsely spoken words, she merely nodded. If he found Anna, discovered the truth, what would become of her? She abandoned all those doubts and leaned on him.

He escorted her upstairs, effortlessly guiding her with his arm hooked and glued to her shoulders. Passing her bedroom, they walked down another corridor to the far end. The master bedroom. He deposited her inside on the floor right next to the door and slammed it shut.

She rested against the wall, her legs shaking uncontrollably and she watched as he undid the button of his trousers and pulled down the zipper. His ribbed cock shone, darkening rapidly. That divine appendage would have to fit into her pussy. Darren possessed a similar length of cock, but not the girth.

In his eagerness, David tore at the seam of her dress. He hitched one of her legs up, spreading her wide, and hooked her knee around his hip. He reached between her thighs, aimed the head of his erection and with pinpoint accuracy, parted her folds and speared her.

Anna’s eyes widened in disbelief. She opened up with ease, enveloping the engorged cock with little resistance. Her mouth hung open; wordlessly she screamed as he cruised past her opening and displaced her copious pooling with his hardness.

David leaned forward to brush his lips across her cheek then bury his face in her tangled hair. He held her arms, her narrow wrists and slid them up the wall to above her head. With no hesitation, he breached her, ramming into her tight depths. Sweet pain snatched the breath from her lungs. He eased out, exhaling as he withdrew, then thrust again. The same depth, the same measure of force.

He fucked her. No lovemaking, no long preamble of foreplay and petting. This fucking didn’t encompass what she was accustomed to experiencing. It wasn’t the light swings of Darren’s hips, nor was it accompanied by peppering of kisses as he begged her for more. Begged her!

“Please, please,” she gasped. “I wanna.” She snapped her mouth shut—not yet. Patience.

“No,” he growled, snatching another breath. “You’ll wait, Hen.”

Her back knocked against the wall with each speedy thrust of his hips. He lifted her remaining foot off the floor with the momentum. While he pounded, she fought a battle, not against David, but herself. The submissive Anna who craved what he offered clashed with Darren’s wife, whom Anna had crushed into the back of her mind, and now that woman had unexpectedly reappeared to haunt her. She’d betrayed her husband, allowed another man to seduce her and more than that, she was enjoying it, lapping up his attention. She wanted more of David.

She shook off her guilt by remembering it was Darren who had cheated on her first. The marriage was probably over, and if it wasn’t for Anna, David wouldn’t have a wife either. She’d resurrected Henrietta for the millionaire. The new Henrietta whimpered as her pussy struggled to deal with the friction of his cock. It heated her interior as rapidly as the belt had her bottom.

Suddenly, he withdrew and lowered her feet back onto the floor. Stepping back, he fisted his cock and snapped the fingers of his other hand. “Kneel here.” He pointed at the space before him.

She sank onto her knees. Her dress started to disintegrate around her, falling off her shoulders.

“Open wide. Come on, Henrietta. Be good,” he cajoled softly, almost too gently. If he demanded it, she’d give it, regardless. A need, one that had festered unhealed for an age, vanquished her concerns. If he wanted her as his, she would show him willingness for something she’d barely experienced.

Anna hadn’t given head before. She’d kissed the bulb of Darren’s cock and masturbated him with her hand, but not swallowed him. Her jaw lowered, slowly and with trepidation. How would he fit inside her mouth? What happened if she retched?

He rolled the locks of her hair into a bundle and tilted her head backward. He’d no intention of waiting for her to find out. He moved forward and sank his cock into her mouth.

Anna expected to gag, maybe even vomit. She’d forgotten what she considered to be her mouth was Henrietta’s and it turned out Henrietta had no gag reflex. How she’d lost it was a mystery, but clearly David knew it wasn’t there. He stuffed his shaft down her throat and she opened up instinctively and sucked in her cheeks.

Right in front of her eyes were David’s balls. Darren had always shaved his, but David had his trimmed. She smelt his musk; the salty aroma was an elixir, commanding her to strive harder for him. She hugged his thighs, the firm pillars that held him straight, and hung onto them. His downy pubic hairs stroked her face as he pressed her nose into his groin. The sight of his testicles tightening proved to her that he was in his personal heaven of dominance. He wanted this, needed it.

She gulped, fighting the need to breathe. Her oxygen-deprived brain started to panic. She tried to breathe through her nostrils, but they seemed to be blocked.

David let go of her hair and her head sprang free and off his cock, which bounced back up by her lips. She panted, sucking in mouthfuls of air.

He stepped forward, lowering his hips and height, his cock poised, ready to reenter. Without hesitating, she opened her mouth, rose up on her knees, and filled her mouth with his penis. David groaned, and instead of snatching at her hair, he combed his fingers through it, as if to stroke her scalp.

“Good girl,” he muttered. “See, you’ve always liked a good face fuck.” He leaned into her, deepening his penetration and once again, his shaft glided along the groove of her tongue and tickled her tonsils.

Henrietta possessed skills Anna lacked. The conclusion meant one thing. Anna might feel different emotions, interpret sensations as a novice, but Henrietta’s body had abilities she didn’t have to learn. What else was she capable of doing?

David released her to breathe again, and they repeated the duet of cock and mouth a few more times until he turned away from her. “On the bed. Hang your head off. You know what to expect. It’s your reward for doing a good blowjob.”

Reward? What would that entail?

“Get undressed, too. Please.” The last word came after a pause, as if he was remembering that manners made a difference. Anna liked politeness; she also enjoyed his curt commands. Both of them together worked extremely well.

The dress and bra were all that she had left to remove. To her delight, David began to strip off his suit. Although she’d liked him fucking her with it on, she was desperate to see what lay beneath the smart exterior.

Plenty. The man had muscles: ripe, firm, and sculptured into a perfect form. Why would Henrietta want Darren, who’d let his body go after giving up bricklaying? She gazed at David as he unveiled his fine ass cheeks, which were dimpled and smooth. His collarbones met his broad shoulders, while his abdomen bore the pattern of his muscles. The hairs on his chest were dark and short, and that was all the body hair he possessed beside the obvious pubic areas. Two dainty nipples formed the apex of his pectorals and as he bent his arms, the biceps bulged. He’d tossed aside his shirt, but hung up his suit in a walk-in closet, which was filled with immaculate suits and shirts lined up in neat rows.

He sauntered in. “On the bed, Hen,” he reminded her.

She dutifully hung her head off the end and when he straddled it, she understood. He lowered his cock back into her mouth, leaned over her and parted her legs. Without any further words, he lashed her clitoris with his tongue.

Anna shook from head to toe. At least he didn’t deep throat her. Instead, he allowed her to suck on the head of his cock while he tickled her clit with the tip of his tongue.

“Don’t. Come,” he reiterated between sucks.

How the hell could she obey that command? He seemed to sense her near orgasm and eased off.

“You’re so swollen. So pink.” He licked her folds. “Tasty, too. Keep sucking.” He looped his arms around her thighs and held the quivering limbs steady, while rocking his hips up and down. “I’ve missed this. Missed you.”

She squirmed and writhed. Her sensitive nub couldn’t take much more of his tormenting tonguing. Meanwhile, her neck was aching and she flopped her head down. His cock slipped out of her mouth.

Standing up, David walked to the head of the bed, grabbed a pillow, and dropped it in the middle of the vast bed. “Over it, please.”

Anna crawled into place, lowering her hips onto the pillow. She swallowed the last relic of his pre-cum and circled her tongue round her mouth. Her lips were paper dry.

He opened a drawer and picked up a bottle of lubricant. She watched, somewhat fascinated as he squirted a generous amount over his cock and rubbed it in. He smiled. “I know. You’re going to tell me you hate this, but we both know you go crazy when I fuck your ass.”

Anna’s eyes popped open. Oral, now anal. What more would he expect of her? This she wasn’t so sure about, even if Henrietta had done it before, Anna knew it took mental concentration to relax and not let it hurt. “David,” she stuttered. “It’s been a while.”

“You’re hot for it. It’s what you like.” He strolled to the edge of the bed. “This is the best way to have sex, you said yourself before we married.”

“Maybe,” she said shakily.

He chortled. “Remind me when we’re finished that you said maybe.” He knelt alongside her and a cold trickle of oil slid down the furrow of her ass cheeks. She flinched, and again when he parted her buttocks and added more around her anus.

Henrietta liked anal, which meant she might too. Why not? What was the point in having desires if they remained buried, unfulfilled. An empty life of wishful thinking, waiting for her knight to ride in and whisk her away. Well, he’d not come to her, but she’d arrived at his door. Fuck Darren, fuck the affair and the deceit. If there were any residual doubts about her wanton behavior, David had teased them away.

He massaged the oil, using his fingers to draw the lube in circles. She closed her eyes, hoping that her fertile imagination hadn’t been wrong and a long-held fantasy wasn’t about to smashed apart.

“You’re flexing already. Quite the eager girl.” He eased his finger inside her. “You want this, yes?”

“Yes.” A simple affirmation and it was the key to his next move.

He slid his body over hers and the firm plateau of his belly met her shoulders. Shifting down, his cock slotted between her cheeks and he pressed it against her anus. He knocked at the door, and she braced herself, tensing against the pressure.

“You want this to hurt?” he asked. “It’s going to if you don’t open up, Hen. Open up.” He rocked against the tight ring.

Anna sucked a breath through her teeth. “No, I mean, I don’t want it to.”

“Good, it shouldn’t. Not if you don’t want it to, unless…” He paused and dipping his head down, he nipped her earlobe. “It’s up to you to decide, because it’s my ass now.”

He placed his knees on either side of her legs and clutched her sore ass cheeks in his hands. The welts smarted as he ran his thumbs along her crevice. The sensation was amazing, like nothing she’d felt before. The way he separated her cheeks and laid his cock between her buttocks boosted her confidence. She exhaled, a long expel of air, then a slower, deeper inhale. Her muscles relaxed. It had to help, or else she was in trouble, because she didn’t know what else to do.

Again, he draped his body over her, rocking his hips and testing her hole. She felt his hand shift around and grasp his cock, steadying it, keeping it on track. The head forced open her ring, it had to give, it had no choice. He continued to enter and the rim of her anus burned as he drove past it.

She grasped the bedcovers in her hands and stifled a cry. David maintained his slow entry and just when she thought she couldn’t take any more of him, she opened up and he slid forward with a jerk.

“Oh, yes,” he growled. He leaned his weight on his hands, which he placed on either side of her head and slowly started to ease out.

The ripples of his foreskin stroked her, stretching her out and she felt the burning diminish. She yielded, enjoying the sensation of fullness, total occupation.

He thrust his cock inside her and rocked his hips against her ass cheeks. The sensation changed again. No more burning or stretching, instead now she felt an awakening in her pussy, then her clitoris. He fucked her with firm strokes of his cock using the full length of his shaft and as he did, he slapped against her backside, striking her marks with each dip.

“Oh, oh,” she grunted and grappled with the sheets, bundling them underneath her breasts.

Suddenly what had felt impossible to bear was an amazing concoction of erotic pleasure. The need to orgasm had returned in abundance. While David panted hot breath on her back, she bucked her hips so her clitoris chafed on the silk pillow cover. Now she understood why Henrietta was completely bare down there. The fabric caressed her swollen nub, bringing it out from under the hood that protected it.

“Please, please,” she chanted, unsure exactly how to go about convincing David she wanted to come.

“No,” he ordered. He moved, altering his position and grasped his hands around her waist. He was kneeling astride her and humping up and down. Somehow she managed to accommodate his pounding. If Henrietta had coped, so could Anna. The only thing that held her back was not physical reticence, but mental. With her fear of penetration conquered, she struggled; not with embracing his thick cock, but holding her orgasm in check. She whimpered, a pathetic sound that escaped out of her trembling lips.

He grasped his hand around her neck and pinned her down. She’d not realized she’d tried to lift her head up and arch her back.

“You still like it, I guess,” he panted. “Fuck, you’re amazing. It’s good, Hen. Can you feel how good it is?”

David stilled and his fingers pinched a fraction as he juddered. He growled, a low rumble in the back of his throat, as he came, spilling his hot seed in her ass. Withdrawing, he lifted his weight off her and disappeared into the bathroom. Water ran, and she heard it splash in the basin. What about her? Was she expected to leak all over the bed?

She was about to move when he returned, carrying a tube of ointment and a damp cloth. Without saying a word, he bathed her between the legs, then squeezed at the lotion onto one of her buttocks. She flinched as he smeared the cold cream over her bottom cheeks. She expected it to sting as he traversed the lines of the belt marks, but instead the cold soothed and eased the soreness.

“There. Arnica always works the best for marks.” He returned the items to the bathroom before lying on the bed next to her. “Still here, not retreating to your room?”

Anna turned away from him onto her side. She didn’t know what to say. What did you say when the man who’d just fucked you wasn’t your husband or a lover, but a near stranger who believed he’d just had sex with his wife? She wanted to explain to him, justify her odd behavior, because surely, she wasn’t acting like Henrietta would. The whole situation was ludicrous.

“Cat got your tongue? Not like you.” He echoed her thoughts while spooning his lithe body around hers. With the tip of his finger, he traced a path along her arm. “I fancy you’re after something,” he sang in her ear. “But, as usual, you’re not going to beg for it.”

An orgasm! He wanted to give her one and she was more than happy to ask. “Please. David. Please, can you,” she stuttered, “do it,” she ended lamely.

“Close enough to begging. I’ll grant you, you’re trying.” He kissed the back of her neck. “You smell divine, lady. Such a delicious fragrance.” He plucked one of her nipples between his finger and thumb.

Anna gasped as he rolled each of her pebbles in his fingers, moving back and forth between her breasts. The trembling began all over again and she was back to where he’d left her after he’d withdrawn his spent cock.

“You know I like watching you come. It’s my pleasure to see you enjoy yourself. Contrary to your opinion of me, which you so eloquently shouted at me a few days ago, I do love you.”

Anna moaned as he grazed his knuckles down her belly and flexed his fingers around her sex. Slowly, he circled her clitoris with his fingertips. No words came to her. She had no means to express her feelings without exposing the changes to Henrietta’s thought processes. What would he do to her if she claimed to be somebody else? If she revealed the truth, he’d call a shrink, have her locked up for crazy talk.

Her best policy was to avoid saying anything that might confuse him further, because her behavior was arousing his suspicions.

“Please,” she muttered instead, focusing him back on her clitoris and impending orgasm. “I’m going to come.”

He chuckled. “I know. Do it.”

With his hand pressed against her mound and fingers agitating her briskly, she held her breath. The ripples of convulsions started gently, almost barely noticeable, then as he rubbed her clitoris harder, the spasms erupted into uncontrollable waves.

She bucked and rode his hand as he ceaselessly worked her into a frenzy. Her tender nub throbbed as the orgasm refused to abate, and what started as unbridled pleasure was moving closer to pain. She writhed, trying to free herself from his clutches.

“Sh, Hen. Stop fighting it,” he whispered in her ear.

She panted as finally, the orgasm eased off.

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