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Captive Mate: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

My mind was all over the place as I continued racing through another series of caverns. I could tell the alien was close on my heels, yet he was taking his sweet time, cornering his prey.

This was what the company supplying fantasies to every single Earth Station thought was acceptable? I was being chased by a beast who reminded me of one Protogenoi of ancient Greek mythology.

Gods of Earth, Sea and Air, the Underworld, Darkness, and other primal components. While I adored the study, had enjoyed reading about them, I wasn’t entirely certain I wanted to be ravaged by one.

Even if I continued to tingle all over.

Panting, the heat became sweltering, fog developing in front of my eyes.

“My sweet human. There is nowhere you can run where I won’t find you.” Even the beast’s laugh was sensual, driving me to the darkest places of my mind. There had to be an off switch on this fantasy. Right?

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Stopping short, I took a quick glance behind me. He was right there, barely a few feet away, slamming his massive fist against the cavern wall. The creature could easily reach out and grab me. So why wasn’t he doing that? Oh, shit. I knew exactly what he was doing. He was luring me into his lair, allowing me to feel as if I was getting away then preparing to corner me.


He had another think coming. If this was nothing more than a fantasy, then I could be anyone I wanted to be. Brave. Confident. Bitchy.

“Hey, beast of the universe. Catch me if you can.” I took off running, sprinting over rocks and strange-looking debris, sweating like a little pig in the process. There was another burst of light just ahead and I lunged toward it. Maybe if I found a weapon of some kind. Grinning, I continued forward, breaking free of the ugly shadows straight into a…

“Holy shit!”

It was as if I was standing on a cliff looking down at a sea of molten lava. Flames licked at the sides of the sharp precipice, embers popping close enough I skittered backwards, terrified of falling in. Oh, crap. What the hell was I supposed to do now? I turned in a full circle, groaning loudly.

That was just it. There was nowhere to go. It was either head back to the cavern to him or it as the case may be, or jump. Now I certainly was no expert when it came to fantasy companies, but from what I’d heard, it was entirely possible to be scared to death in those geared toward fright. Why couldn’t that happen in the ones geared toward passion?

I wasn’t going to give it a try.

When Mr. Beast tumbled into the opening, I turned and faced him, planting my hands on my hips. “I think we need to talk.”

When he tilted his head, gazing all the way to my prized vintage sneakers, I shivered to my very core, heating to the point I was certain I’d combust. One thing I knew for certain. The gorgeous hunk of meat standing in front of me couldn’t be real, no matter what the droid had suggested.

Then he smiled and I could swear I was frozen to the spot, the heat between my legs like firecrackers going off. I was paralyzed as he took three long strides toward me, now standing only a couple of inches away, close enough I could feel the extreme heat resonating off his muscular body.

He took a deep whiff and I was thrown by the way his eyes rolled into the back of his head, his nostrils flaring as if my scent was the best fragrance in existence. Heck. I wasn’t certain if I’d dabbed on perfume this morning or not. When he opened his eyes again, I was shocked at his long eyelashes and the change in his irises. It was impossible to put into a neat sentence. They were simply incredible, keeping me mesmerized by their beauty.

“You are a gorgeous human, perhaps the most beautiful human I’ve ever encountered.”

His voice was gravelly, sending another series of sensations dancing down my spine. “Thank you. That was very nice of you. However, that doesn’t mean I want to partake in this fantasy. Hear that, droid?”

He reached out and it was as if his fingertips radiated white-hot heat. They did. As soon as he brushed the tips down my cheek, I was thrown into an indescribable moment. As if by a single touch, I suddenly belonged to him. Whoa. Whoa. This was just a fantasy. My fantasy.

I needed to figure out how to escape. There had to be a zone in this very realistic space where I could get to a holograph or something.

The expression on the beast’s face suddenly changed. I could swear he’d easily read my mind and the nefarious plans I had.

“I can tell all humans need discipline, including ones as breathtaking as you.” With his words stated with absolute authority, he tossed me over his shoulder as if I weighed nothing. Then he proceeded to walk toward the edge of the cliff.

“What are you doing? You can’t do this!” I pummeled his back, marveling at his muscular structure. He was strong as an ox, his shoulders so broad it seemed as if he could place a car on them. I lifted my head, gasping from utter terror as the heat continued to build from deep within me.

“I own this planet. I can do anything I want.” The sound of the embers popping was louder than before, assaulting my eardrums.

“But… But… We’ll die. That’s a fire. Lava.” I had to yell, trying desperately to get out of his hold.

“And I’m a god, little human. Soon you will learn how powerful I am.”

“For this fantasy? This is insane! This isn’t what I ordered at all.”

When the beast cracked me on the bottom with his hand, I was thrown into another wave of shock. “No, little human. Soon, you will become my mate.”


Was this creature thing out of his blessed mind? I was no one’s mate. Remember what he promised in the dream. Oh, lordy. Before I could react, I felt another explosive wave of heat.

That’s because he’d stepped off the cliff and as soon as he did, I let out a high-pitched scream.

But for a massive man, he landed softly, not jarring me in the least. And a benefit: we weren’t burned to a crisp. That didn’t mean he let me go. Nope. His hold was firm as he took long strides. While the area was similar to where we’d come from, there were plants and strange-looking trees, alongside buildings whose architect and builders should have been fired.

I was thinking crazy thoughts, which was what I’d always done, even allowing them to pop from my mouth from time to time. I thought it was endearing. My mother has said it would be annoying to boys. Maybe she was right and that’s why I’d had so much trouble with them.

Suddenly, there were others just like him. How could I not have noticed we’d entered a building of some kind? There were strange lights everywhere preventing me from gathering a focused look at the creatures’ faces, but I did notice they bowed to him as we passed. Maybe he really was a god of some kind.

When one of them spoke to him in a language I couldn’t understand, I was shocked. Had my mind entered into a world-building event including inventing a different language? Holy crap. I was good at this fantasy thing.

The godlike beast answered the man before shifting inside another location, one that was much quieter than where we’d come from. I was hopeful he’d set me down. As soon as he did, I had plans on racing away from him.

But as I lifted my head again, I knew I was in way over my head. I couldn’t see a way out. I’d suddenly become his prisoner. He placed me on my feet, facing me almost immediately. Then he gave me another look, this time one that I sensed scrutinizing. After furrowing his brow, he wrapped his fingers around my top.

And ripped it down the front, yanking the unwanted material off completely. I yelped, immediately trying to cover my naked breasts. “What in God’s name do you think you’re doing?”

“Punishing you.”

I should have paid more attention to covering other parts of me. Before I knew what he was doing, he’d ripped off my pants, lifting me in his arms and tugging off my tennis shoes.

“Hey. Don’t you dare tear those apart! They’re special. And this wasn’t part of my fantasy. I’m not into punishment.”

Shit. Shit. Shit. I’d agreed. Oh, this was getting so out of hand and far too realistic. I knew exactly what my bestie Tory would say. “What do you have to lose in going with the flow?” She’d been pushing me to drift out of my comfort zone for as long as I could remember. Live a little. Yeah, walk on that wild side. Only the side I’d landed on appeared to be one full of danger.

Maybe that’s what I wanted, a big, muscular alpha male to take what he wanted, ravishing me over and over again. I was suddenly breathless, the anticipation of what he was going to do pushing to the forefront of my mind.

Heat flooded me from extreme embarrassment and even though I tried to keep my nakedness covered, my arms suddenly fell to my sides. I could swear there was an entire electric field surrounding the beast, sparks flying off his skin as he studied me. The low, rumbling growl became more carnal as he took a step back, walking around me in a full circle to feast on his prize. I should feel like nothing more than a piece of meat, but it was exactly the opposite.

I’d never felt so appreciated in my entire life. I was burning up inside, as electrified as the creature, my heart thudding in my chest.

When he faced me once again, he wrapped his hand around my throat, lifting my head with a single finger. When he squeezed, I knew for certain he could snap my neck if he wanted.

“Hey, Mr. Beast? I’m just a fragile human. That’s something for you to keep in mind.” Ha! As if he would.

His chest rose and fell as he rubbed his thumb back and forth across my lips, his hunger evident in his dazzling eyes. I couldn’t shift my gaze, the intense moment unlike anything I’d ever felt. While somewhere in the back of my mind I knew this was just a fantasy, I couldn’t breathe and in truth, couldn’t care less. This was… Amazing. I noticed a set of scales on his shoulders, but they were beautiful, almost delicate enough to be feathers.

When he lowered his head, I was certain he was going to kiss me. Then he inhaled as he’d done before, holding his breath.

“I never wanted this.”

“I can read your mind, little human. Don’t lie to yourself. This is exactly what you want. This is what you called to me for. And I’m here to give it to you.”

He hovered over me, his heated breath tickling every one of my senses. Then his mouth claimed mine, his tongue immediately pushing inside. He tasted all of me, exploring the darkest recesses while filling me with dozens of sordid images, some so filthy and sadistic that the simple act of breathing was a feat. He fisted my hair, his fingers digging into my scalp, and in those seconds of tasting him, wanting him, it was as if we’d been forced into one.

One being.

One need.

One explosive desire that would eventually lead to our destruction.

After breaking the heated exchange, he said nothing. Then he pushed me backward, exploring my nakedness with his eyes. I hadn’t thought it possible his cock could become any more aroused, but I’d been wrong.

So very wrong.

I wanted so badly to peek behind the loincloth, ripping it aside and allowing myself full gazing pleasure. Then what? I’d drop to my knees? A strange chuckle erupted in my throat.

As he continued studying me, there was no doubt he’d done something to keep me from being able to try to escape. I couldn’t move a muscle. Not one. It was strange that where I’d felt fear before, I felt warmth in its place, a serene feeling that squashed everything else. As he explored me using just a single finger, I was shocked how many different sensations coursed through me from warmth to a heightened level of excitement, and my desire that was off the charts.

“You were in my dream,” I said absently, not expecting an answer.

And he didn’t give me one. Of course not.

His touch was gentle, barely a whisper, but I felt it deeply as if he was caressing my bones. His intense eyes trailed his long digit, a series of growls coming from deep within his system. As the extended exploration continued, I was torn with how sensuous the feelings had become with the need that furrowed deep inside, building to a crazy crescendo.

When he rolled his finger around my nipple, I couldn’t stop from moaning. “Oh, my.”

He lifted his gaze briefly then rolled his finger under my breast to my other nipple. This time, he pinched the tender tissue between his thumb and forefinger, the corners of his lush mouth turning up. Given I was unable to take my eyes off him, I was allowed to partake in his extreme good looks. I still couldn’t find the right words to describe his features. They were godlike, as if the man had been chiseled from stone or lava rock. Yes, that was it. As if he was the God of Fire himself.

I almost laughed, my love of mythology obviously the reason behind the extraordinary fantasy. But this wasn’t something that could become a reality. Obviously, the game console had some screwy gears. I didn’t care. This was turning out to be… magical.

The moment he trailed his finger down my stomach, I sensed what he was going to do and whimpered softly, my throat starting to close. He issued a series of animalistic sounds then dipped his finger between my legs, finding my clit with ease. For all the vibrators I’d used, creating fake sensation of my own, nothing had prepared me for the electric vibrations skittering through every cell and muscle the moment he flicked his nail back and forth across my clit.

I could swear his fingernails were sharper, almost as if he’d grown claws. That wasn’t possible. Wait. Hold on. In this fantasy, anything was possible. I could imagine him drinking blood, creating an entirely different level of orgasm if I wanted to. Oh, why not?

A not-so-subtle laugh pushed past my lips as I imagined myself with my legs spread wide open, the beast’s heat between them, his sharp canines driven into the tender flesh of my thigh as he drank his fill of my blood. Holy cow, I’d been reading too many books from generations ago.

I was certain I wouldn’t be able to stand, finally able to move my arms. When I placed my palm against his chest, I yelped. The heat was entirely different than before.

“Be careful, little human. I could consume you with fire.”

His words were said with such sensuality that I wasn’t certain I would mind. I jutted my hips forward as soon as he slipped his finger into my pussy.

“Oh, my goodness. You’re so… brutal.”

While he didn’t respond, I sensed the tension growing between us. He pumped his finger several times and I realized almost instantly I was riding his hand, trying to get off on the slight touch.

What sounded like a dark chuckle rose from his throat and he treated me to rolling his thumb around my clit at the same time. The moment I started to buck wildly, fighting to achieve a mind-blowing orgasm, he pulled his hand away entirely.

My eyes were hazy, but I noticed he shoved his finger into his mouth, sucking on his slickened finger. I dragged my tongue across my lips, hungrier than I’d been before.

Another fiery look crossing his face, his eyes glowing, he shook his head. And when he spoke, his voice boomed as if he was shouting to the universe. “No more yet, little human. Discipline first.”

As with everything else that had occurred with this bizarre fantasy, I was suddenly positioned on all fours on a platform of some kind. I couldn’t see a single shackle holding me down. No chains. No rope. Nothing. But here I was completely naked and positioned like a dog, unable to move.

And what was worse? Given the multiple sounds, there were no doubt other creatures in the room. Whoa. I definitely know I didn’t check any boxes for approving acts of humiliation. There would be no way I’d do something like that.

Would I?

I cringed from the thought because at this point, I wasn’t entirely certain of anything. For all I knew, this could be very real. Was that possible? Given the day and age, anything was possible. Breathe and think. While I did, that didn’t mean I could move.

“Hey. Mr. Beast. Where are you?”

The only answer seemed to be gasps from the audience. Maybe I wasn’t supposed to talk. I jerked my arms, fighting the fear starting to crawl through my system all over again. This was absolutely insane. There seemed to be a haze surrounding the platform preventing me from seeing more than a few feet in front of me, but I sensed there had to be a dozen people surrounding me. Why? Why was the beast doing this to me?

Because I was a lowly human and he was a god? That didn’t make any sense. I would never fantasize about something like this. Never.

As the seconds turned into minutes, I was starting to become lightheaded. Then I heard another sound and sucked in my breath. Suddenly, the fog just disappeared. Blinking furiously, it still took me a few seconds to be able to focus on my surroundings. This time, the area was a bit lusher with what appeared to be foliage attached to the previously dead-looking trees. Leaves in various gorgeous hues of crimson and tangerine whipped in a light breeze, but it was explosively warm, so much so I continued to perspire.

At least I was still able to move my head. That allowed me to see that I was in the middle of a huge auditorium of some kind. And there weren’t just a dozen or so people here. There were hundreds, maybe thousands. From what I could tell, my discipline was the only thing they’d arrived to see.

Holy shit.

“Mr. Beast. Where are you?” Heat flashes rushed over the length of my body. Then he suddenly appeared from the shadows.

With a thick leather strap of some kind in his hand.

“Oh, no. You are not going to spank me with that thing. I forbid it.”

He smiled, and while it wasn’t the first time, at this moment it sent the fear of God into me.

“Humans are all alike. You do not rule, my pet. I do. You will take your punishment like a good little girl.”

Who was he calling a good little girl?

He walked around me, taking his sweet time. Now the crowd was cheering him on with strange grunts and growls. They were nothing but wild animals. And here I was, nothing but prey. My imagination was way too overactive.

The moment he touched the small of my back, I felt a sense of peace I hadn’t before, calmness. It was strange but welcoming and lasted right up until he cracked the strap across my bottom.

I heard my scream, but the sound and the act seemed surreal, as if I was floating above myself peering down, unable to feel anything. Then he repeated the savage action, and I was one hundred percent aware I could feel everything. The rush of adrenaline. The rapid beating of my heart. The increase in my pulse. And the pain that quickly skyrocketed into utter anguish. Oh, holy hell, the agony was searing.

This kind of thing had never occurred before. I knew what spankings were but from history books, corporal punishment in households outlawed, only allowed in kink clubs. And I’d certainly never been to one of those. It was crazy to even think about it. I was a good girl in all things.

Then why did this feel so good?

My captor snapped his wrist again with enough force, I was certain he’d broken his bones. Then he issued a sharp volley of lashes, one coming right after the other. As I fell into a lull, I wasn’t certain if it was from the pain suddenly morphing into explosive need, or the savage growls he was emitting. Either way, the moment was intoxicating. Then there were the howls and catcalls from the audience, the crowd in full approval of the horrible deed being done to me.

Strangely enough, a laugh bubbled to the surface as the round of discipline continued. I was somehow enjoying every stroke of the strap, the buildup of heat delicious in every way. When he cracked at least four across the tops of my thighs, I threw my head back with an animalistic growl, comparable to a lioness in the wild.

And I was proud of myself for doing so.

He stopped long enough to caress me, rolling the rough pads of his fingers across my skin, which created another wave of dancing sensations. By now, my skin was filled with them, my toes curled from the blissful moment of ecstasy.

Was the audience chanting? I might not know their language, but it was obvious to me they were hoping for more.

The god beast succumbed to their desires, delivering four more.

Then I felt another sensation of a vacuum and the moment I blinked the crowd had disappeared. Now I was on my back, spread-eagled, my arms shackled over my head. My God. What was happening here? He could make a thousand people disappear with a flick of his finger? Okay, if he was a god, then he could do anything. Right? My nerves were so shot I wanted to laugh.

I licked my lips, which were now completely parched, and peered down. At least I could move my legs. Uh-oh. Not for long. The beast creature stepped onto the platform. Now he appeared to be ten feet tall, although I knew better. He peered down at me with lust in his eyes. Then he wrapped his fingers around his loincloth, yanking it away.

The moment I was allowed to see the beauty of his… Oh, my God. His cock was a creation from some god. It had to be. There were nubs all over the shaft, which was so long and thick that I was in some crazy kind of shock and awe. It was throbbing and I wasn’t exactly sure there was a color on the spectrum chart to describe the hue. But my mouth watered as it hadn’t done before, even though there was no possible chance I’d be able to place my lips around something so huge.

But I could look and hunger and thirst to taste him.

He cocked his head, still studying me as he rubbed the base of his shaft. I struggled with my bindings, longing to be able to touch him. When he knelt, I was instantly intoxicated with his scent. It was muskier than before, full of testosterone and crazy exotic spices that infused my senses, leaving me tingling, my core shooting fireworks.

“What are you doing?” As if I didn’t know.

“Fucking you.” There was no pretend to his words, no sense of romance or foreplay. Just hardcore fucking. Which was fine, better than fine actually.

He used his knee to push my legs apart. Then he slipped his arms under my thighs, bending my knees. To think to this day I’d been licked by a man twice in my life. Twice. And I couldn’t say it was anything to write home to Mother about.

In fact, I’d told myself more than once I preferred a vibrator to a man’s tongue. But when he dragged his tongue down the entire length of my pussy, I jerked my head up. That’s the moment I noticed his tongue wasn’t normal. Oh, hell, no. He had two tongues. Two. It was another moment where complete shock kept my mouth open, unable to blink as he lifted my pelvis off the platform, repeating the same action.

I wasn’t the kind of girl to go without words. I retorted. I was smart-alecky after all. But this… this was such an incredible moment there were no words rolling around in my mind, just sheer pleasure. As he continued licking and sucking my clit, I was thrown into bliss. It was breathtaking, stealing more than just my mind.

I eased my head back to the platform as he feasted, cognizant I was making little moaning sounds. My mind was spinning nearly out of control, but this was pure sin, and I loved every second of it. My imagination was incredible. Maybe I should consider writing books in my off time. Whenever that might be.

After a few seconds, he thrust his two tongues inside and I jerked my legs open even wider in a crazy and very blatant offering to this absolute god of a man. He was so damn good at what he did I was in crazed awe of him. As soon as he plunged several fingers inside along with his tongues, I couldn’t take the pleasure any longer, it was so insanely good.

“Oh, yes. Yes. Yes!” I screamed as loud as I could, not caring if I was doing so in real life. In this world, it didn’t matter who heard my howls of pleasure. Why should I care about the real life I had? It was time to break free from my armor, becoming the wild child. I grinned and dragged my tongue across my lower lip, savoring every growl.

When he flexed his fingers open, I knew that within seconds, I was going to lose the battle of control, exploding in his mouth. That was just fine with me. I tossed my head back and forth, still making the moaning sounds. When he dared to drive his thumb into my asshole, I could take no more, trying and failing to jerk up from the tight confines, my scream now silent. The orgasm was like a slow building tidal wave that erupted over me, electric sensations coursing through every vein throughout my body.

I was nothing but a live wire, a crazed woman. It was insane but I could see doing this for eons to come. Years and years and… It wasn’t real. Shit. This wasn’t real. As that single climax turned into a second, I lolled my head to the side. Then I felt a sharp pain tearing through my lower extremities. When I managed to lift my head, I stared down at him, my vision obviously hazy.

Oh, my God. I’d been right. He’d sunk sharp canines into the area of my thigh so close to my swollen folds that my pussy refused to stop clenching and releasing. I couldn’t blink or move, the pain quickly shifting away, the blast of ecstasy even more intense than when the climax had spun my body into a frenzy.

He was growling. He was feasting. He was sucking my blood. At least that’s what it seemed like. I might be wrong.

A warmth spread over me like a soft blanket and I was pushed into a dreamlike state, my head lolled to the side. All I could concentrate on was the sucking sounds his mouth made as well as the slight echo of my heart beating rapidly. This was pure pleasure as its most basic, primal state. And I loved everything about it.

I closed my eyes, remaining in a beautiful bliss until I realized that he’d moved. Gasping for air, I twisted my head, struggling to see where he’d gone. I was now ready to beg him to fuck me. Was I mad?

Fortunately, I didn’t need to. I felt the weight of his body pressed against mine seconds later. Then he yanked one leg over his shoulder, driving the entire length of his cock inside. No pretense. No warning. No foreplay.

Just like I’d requested.

Rough and tumble style.

The air was sucked out of my lungs as my muscles stretched beyond imagination to accommodate his huge girth. It was crazy that he was able to fit inside of me, especially since I hadn’t experienced sex in almost two years. I was doing it again, replacing fantasy with the possibility of reality.

Not a chance.

But a girl could dream.

I tugged at the invisible bindings as he pulled almost all the way out, driving into me again. And again. Screams erupted from my throat as he fucked me, but they were ones of utter pleasure, the kind that would leave my throat scratchy and my mouth dry.

There was a ferocity to his fucking, a need so intense that it left me in the very fog he’d created. Being lightheaded was only part of the feelings and sensations. It was crazy and wonderful.

And I never wanted it to stop.

He fucked me long and hard, every sound he made savage in nature, every hard thrust pushing me further into his darkness. He refused to take his eyes off me, his so piercing I knew I was seeing straight into his soul. And in those few minutes of our coupling, I sensed that he had made me his mate.

I couldn’t wait to tell Tory that the credits she’d used had been well worth the money.

Seconds later, I sensed he was close to coming. When he threw his head back, his entire body shaking, his cock expanded even more, swelling to the point I was certain pain would erupt.

But there was nothing but sheer pleasure, another round of pure ecstasy.

When he erupted deep inside, we both issued a powerful roar.

Then he spoke words that I knew would haunt me long after the fantasy had concluded.

“You are mine now, little human. I will come for you when the time is right.”

“Fuck.” I jerked up from the platform, taking gasping breaths. What the hell was on my face? It felt like it weighed a ton. I ripped it off, realizing it was the goggles I’d been provided for the fantasy.

I will come for you when the time is right…

Holy cow. The sinful experience had been explosively real.

I laughed almost like a crazy woman would, running my fingers through my now very damp hair. Holy cow. I must have gotten into the moment completely. I glanced around the room, and it took a few seconds to focus. When I was finally able, I swung my legs off the table, my feet still dangling a few inches from the floor.

That’s when I realized not only were they untied, it looked like they were charred slightly. Wait a minute. What the hell? I crossed one leg over the other, able to get a better look at the soles. Yep. They were blackened.

As if I’d walked through… hot coals. There was no way I’d manifested a physical reaction. Was there? I slowly eased off the table, then glanced down at myself. Um. There were rips in my pants. More in my shirt.

I lifted my arms, twisting and turning my hands. My fingernails were short. There was no way I could have ripped them myself.

Shivers coursed through me and I bit my lower lip. Then I glanced around me, shifting to a corner of the room. Then I lowered my pants, spreading open my legs, driving my hand between them. When I felt a lump, a cold shiver twisted down my spine.

It was a bite. There was no doubt what I’d experienced had been very real.

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