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Captive of the Night: A Dark Paranormal Romance by Amaryllis Lanza – Extended Preview

Inigo set me down at the foot of the bed and ordered me to take off my sweater. I was completely naked underneath, but that wasn’t my fault. He had carelessly wrecked my clothes earlier. Not that Paul could have seen much when I came down, since the sweater mostly covered my butt and my upper thighs, but I suspected Inigo was either trying to make a point, or looking for an excuse to play rough for a while.

I didn’t really object to that, on principle. There was something exciting about his rough, passionate nature that appealed to my tempest.

Inigo took red satin ribbons out of a narrow drawer on his dresser and bound my wrists at my back. Not too tight, but tight enough that I couldn’t easily get loose. Then he sat at the foot of the bed, looking me over, seeming to appreciate the way this bound position made my full breasts more prominent.

He gave me a grin and tapped his thigh. “Drape yourself over my lap, minx.”

“Yes, sir.”

I moved toward him, but actually getting on his lap was awkward, since I didn’t have my hands to steady myself. Inigo held me securely, his arm wrapped around my upper torso, one hand gripping my breast and pinching my nipple. He stroked my backside, which was prominently presented to him, his hand gentle, almost soothing. I felt good, despite the awkwardness of my position. My head hung over the side, my hair draping on the plush silver carpet.

“Why are you being punished, Azucena?”

“For leaving the room when you told me to stay, but I thought it was important.”

Inigo patted my butt lightly. “Maybe it was, but you still disobeyed me. Also, you allowed another man to see you in revealing attire. I do not approve of that—ever. Your body is mine to enjoy. I will not share it with anyone else. Do you understand?”

“I don’t think Paul was looking at my legs, or too worried about how I dressed, to be honest. He had more pressing things on his mind.”

“You should always dress appropriately when we have company. I prefer you dress modestly and behave respectfully when we are not alone. Understand?” He continued to stroke my rear gently as he said this, which sent pleasurable ripples through my body all the way to the tips of my bound fingers.

“I guess.” I was ready for my punishment to start.

I thought Inigo had an antiquated attitude about clothing, but then again, he had been around for centuries. Some of his opinions were bound to be out of date. It was something I thought we would have to work on.

Suddenly, a hard swat snapped down upon the full curves of my rear, right at the center, and it felt like a whip had lashed me. I cried out, but Inigo went right back to stroking. “No guessing, Azucena. If you want to live with me, then you will do what I say.”

“That’s not really—” I didn’t get to finish, Inigo swatting me quickly again, landing slaps all over my rear like dozens of balloons popping against my skin. It was almost pleasant for a while, but then the heat started building up and the sting of each smack kept increasing. Soon, I was squirming on his lap and crying.

“Please, stop, Inigo!”

“It’s not the right shade of red yet, Azucena,” he said casually, pausing his spanks. “I want your ass glowing as you stand in your corner to think about what I expect from you.”

“It has to be red enough already,” I whimpered. “I’m very tender back there and my ass is on fire.”

“And how do you feel otherwise?”

It was a very odd question. I was about to say I was miserable, but I felt great otherwise. My storm had settled completely. Somehow, focusing on this physical pain and the degrading position Inigo had placed me in had helped clear my mind of other troubles. His hand trailed down, his fingers finding the folds of my sex and stroking them as if he were strumming a guitar, until my pussy gushed for him too. The heat built in my core, hotter even than my well-scorched rear, the clenching in my cervix every bit as intense as the pulsing of my buttocks.

“Okay,” I said. “Only a little more, though. I don’t think I did anything so bad.”

“I decide what you did and how bad it was, beautiful. This is not something we negotiate. Can you accept that?”

He stopped stroking me, and went back to patting my butt lightly as he waited for an answer, but now even the light pats stung. I missed his fingers on my pussy and just wanted to get this over with so we could make up. We would get to the fun part soon, I was certain of that.

His hard shaft pressed against my lower belly then, confirming that this was making Inigo horny too. I knew he’d have to do something about it.

“Yes…” I wasn’t really sure whether I could accept it, but I knew he wanted me to.

“Yes, Master,” Inigo corrected me.

Then the peppering of my rear resumed. It was the most accurate way to describe it. I was sure my butt must have been the color of a chili pepper by the time Inigo stopped, my flesh hotter than a habanero. I had given up trying to hold back tears. I was sobbing and wanted to run out in the snow, naked as the day I was born, to just sit for a while.

Inigo had no plans to let me go outside to sit in the snow, however. He brought me to the corner of the bedroom, near the bed, gently pressed my nose against the wall, then combed my hair with his fingers as I sniffled. Finally, he rested his hand between my shoulder blades.

“Just stand here and be a good girl. Think about what you could have done differently,” he said.

I knew he thought I shouldn’t have gone downstairs, and I supposed I could have simply waited. He would have sorted out the issue with Paul himself, but something important had come out of my going downstairs, I thought.

Inigo stepped back and sat on the edge of the bed, looking at me. I missed having him near. I had enjoyed the spanking, to a point, and it had weirdly calmed the storm raging inside me. After a while, I grew tired of waiting for him to decide I was contrite enough for his satisfaction.

Don’t you think I’ve spent enough time in the corner? Take me to bed.

But you look beautiful like this, baby.

You’re a little sick, you know that?

Can you live with that?


Inigo rose from the bed and came to stand behind me, first stroking my hair to the side, then biting my neck. It was just a light bite, only a sampling of my blood, but as always, the sensation was thrilling to me. He reached around to cup my left breast in his hand, pinching and twisting my nipple. It was as if my nipple was a switch that led directly to my pussy, the mix of pain and pleasure making me sigh.

“Stop teasing me, lover. Just fuck me.”

“Don’t be in such a rush, minx,” he whispered in my ear as he trailed his hand down the center of my abdomen. Inigo licked the wound his fangs had made on my neck, and eased fingers between the lips of my pussy to tease my clit. “You took your punishment very well, and now I’m going to fuck your pretty red ass.”

“Will it hurt?”

“Not if you relax.” Inigo let go of my pussy and bit his wrist again, offering me his blood to drink. I sipped the rich dark liquid greedily. It soothed some of the throbbing of my well-spanked rear and intensified my desire.

When he thought I’d drunk enough, he unbound my wrists and collected me in his arms. “Come, naughty girl. Let’s finish your penance.”

Inigo placed me gently on the bed, and retrieved more ribbons, then bound my wrists to the head post, bending me in half and binding each of my ankles to the bedpost, next to the corresponding hand, splitting me open like a ‘W.’ I couldn’t help giggling at the awkward position, and Inigo smacked my butt for laughing.

“This is serious, Azucena.” But the curl on his lips belied the harshness of his tone.

He stripped and climbed on the bed, bringing his head to my exposed pussy, licking the folds of my vulva. Whatever drug was in his saliva made me feel a warm tingling that went far beyond the pleasant ministrations of his tongue. Then he moved his lips down further, kissing and licking the pucker of my ass, and the warmth spread still more.

Soon, I was ravenous for him, aching to have him fill me, squirming against my bindings, and pleading with him to satisfy me. Inigo rose above me then, bringing his erection to the dripping mouth of my vagina. He plunged into me, filling me to the hilt, my breath catching in my throat. He slid his cock in and out of me slowly, which made me ache to have him unleash himself. “Fuck me hard, Inigo, please.”

He shushed me, smiling, and put his fingers in my mouth, depressing my tongue, pressing them deep down to touch my uvula as his thumb played with my lower lip. Then the head of his cock struck my cervix, and he pulled his fingers out of my mouth to slap one of my breasts. My walls contracted around him as he pounded me harder. I moaned as he filled me roughly, possessively, pinching and pulling my nipple. His irises glowed intensely, and his muscles tensed. I thought he was about to come inside me, but he pulled out.

“Now, Azucena, my beautiful, wanton girl,” he growled, his voice heavy and raspy. “I’m going to make you all mine.”

He brought his prick, wet with our combined juices, to my virgin ass, and pushed in gently, breaching my sphincter, which stretched to receive him. It was a strange sensation, and almost wrong, but wonderful too. I had been on the edge of orgasm when he pulled out, and my pussy wept for completion.

“Relax, pretty thing, you’re doing very well,” he said, pushing in deeper. “You’re pleasing your master. Your ass is so warm and tight. I love being inside you, Azucena.” His intense gaze transfixed me as he praised me. He caressed my cheek as he pushed in deeper still until he had filled me completely. “Who’s my good girl?”

“I am.”

“That’s right, preciosa.” Then he bit his wrist and asked me to open my mouth for him, dripping more of his rich essence on my tongue. He crouched over me, his shaft still deep in my narrow channel, and he kissed me, biting my lips, licking our combined blood.

I felt high again, floating despite my restraints and my awkward, submissive position. Waves of pleasure shot through my strained limbs as he thrust inside me. Then he penetrated my pussy with two fingers as his thumb flicked my clit, and I cried out with pleasure. “You like this, don’t you, gorgeous?”


“Can you come for me?”

“Y-yes.” I could barely get the word out. My breathing had quickened, and I was almost over the edge. His cock and his fingers inside me at once were almost too much pleasure for me to bear.

“That’s my beautiful girl. Come for your master. Ven, Azucena. Vente hermosura de mujer.

I came for him like the first rays of morning when the sun breaks through the horizon, piercing the sky to fill it with light. An explosion of sensations set off all the synapses of my mind as he thrust into my ass, joining me in orgasm, the intensity of it blinding me briefly.

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