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Captor: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview


Sasha was like a tiny bird captured in my hand, her fragile wings easily broken if too much pressure was used. I had no intention of breaking her small bones or causing her any physical pain. I’d been unprepared for the fact she’d never experienced a carnal moment, but my mouth watered from the thought of being the first to take her.

I shoved aside my natural tendencies of taking without remorse, driving my cock inside until I received the pleasure I required. Instead, I replaced my beastlike actions with those that would drive her beyond pleasure to a point where she was insatiable.

That was a requirement for a pet after all.

While I’d already partaken in the sight of her gorgeous naked body, this seemed different. She was offering a gift of her virtue and innocence. Or perhaps I was stealing it from her. The line was blurred given our heated connection. But at this moment, it didn’t matter. I took what I wanted. She’d become mine the moment I’d set eyes on her picture. My pet.

Only I was having difficulty thinking of her in solely that manner, a creature built for pleasure and nothing else. She’d stirred more inside of me than I’d been prepared for, her ability to nurture just as unexpected as almost everything else about her.

Tonight would be about pleasure only. Tomorrow her training would begin. I eased her legs apart, resting her knees on the bed padding. She trembled at my touch, the wetness from tears in her eyes indicating that her fear remained heightened. That would end soon enough. As I fingered her tight hole, I was disgusted the test I’d been forced to perform had possibly damaged her in any way.

A high-pitched whimper escaped her taut lips, her eyes shifting back and forth. Her attempt at getting away had excited me even more, my balls swollen to the point of intense ache. I teased her clit, swirling the tip of my finger around the soft blush of tissue. I purposely kept my claws retracted, but I knew at some point she would enjoy the light skim as I raked them across her delicate skin. It was difficult to control my needs, every sound she made a call to the wild creature inside of me.

Sasha was aroused, her wetness glistening against her inner thighs. My throat was tight, longing to drink from her all over again. I took my time, forcing the tender bud of her clit into a hard nub, her scattered moans and half-closed eyes an indication I’d succeeded in easing at least a portion of her fears.

Mewing, she tried to watch what I was doing but her eyes were obviously unfocused, already starting to dilate. Soon, she would be driven to full ecstasy, fighting to absorb all the new and dazzling sensations I was providing her. As I moved between her legs, I released my hold on her wrist, pleased when her arm remained over her head. She wanted to obey me, even though a portion of her mind refused to acknowledge the control I already had over her.

I allowed myself a tender slide of my claws down her chest before gathering her legs into my arms, preparing to feast on her sweet pussy. This time, there would be no interruption.

As I buried my head between the softness of her thighs, the deep inhale I took presented a rush of electrified vibrations skipping through every muscle. While we were wired differently than humans in several areas, our pleasure zones were much the same, any enticement producing pheromones. This was no exception.

Her scent called to me and as I swiped my tongue across her wetness, the taste was even more incredible than before. I allowed myself to enjoy the moment, shoving aside any other thoughts as I lapped up her cream. My need to drive my cock deep inside of her continued to gnaw at my insides, increasing my heartrate.

She tossed her head back and forth as I dragged my tongue from the base of her slickened pussy to her clit several times. I couldn’t keep from growling as her juice covered my tongue, making her even more irresistible. She continued to cry out as I ate my fill, gorging myself with her sweet cream.

I opened her legs even wider, teasing the underside of her pussy with a single claw. She fisted her long fingers, undulating her entire body as I licked her relentlessly. When I rolled the tip around her dark hole, she flinched, jerking up from the bedding, her eyes like saucers as the anticipation shattered her resolve.

While I would take her there as well, not on this night. As I drove my tongue as well as several fingers into her tight channel, her whimpers increased in volume. My sweet pet was surrendering more and more. When she tilted her hips, pushing her hands against the bed, I began feasting like the voracious beast I was. Within a short time later, her body began to flinch.

I wanted her to orgasm, to fill my mouth and throat with her sweet cum. I needed her muscles slick, prepared to take my cock. Then I would fill her, plunging until I drove into her womb. I flattened my other hand, using the rough pad of my thumb to add pressure to her clit. As I rolled it in circles, she bucked, her raspy moans filling my ears. She shifted within seconds into a powerful climax, her mouth twisting and her body glistening from the exertion as the orgasm roared within her.

“Oh. Oh. Oh…” Her moans were more like soft purrs, and I adored the way her eyelids fluttered constantly as the single orgasm moved into another, one that was even more powerful. She let off a rapid-fire screech, panting afterwards as her hand fluttered across her mouth.

Even after the wave passed, her body continued to spasm. I was fully aroused, the bulbous tip of my cock swollen, purple in color, and leaking from the amount of pressure. There was no possibility of holding back any longer.

After lowering and closing her legs, she laid still, her chest rising and falling. Her eyes didn’t blink once as I moved over her, taking first one arm then the other, shifting them over her head. As I cradled her wrists in one hand, I cupped her full breast with the other, rubbing my thumb back and forth across her taut nipple. As I leaned down, capturing her sweet lips with my mouth once again, I immediately swept my tongue inside.

There was no pushback this time, the sweet human surrendering to my simple needs. As I pinched her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, she moaned into the kiss, the sound reverberating in my dark cavern. She tried her best to arch her back, struggling in my hold, but I had the feeling she wasn’t really trying to get away, only appeasing the girl who was about to learn what it felt like to be fucked, driven to the extremes of sheer ecstasy.

As I pushed the kiss into something more forceful, no longer capable of holding back my natural urges, she swiveled her hips, coating my cock with her wetness. I slowly rubbed the edge of my claws down the length of her body, finally settling my hand under her knee and lifting her leg. Another scattered whimper popped into the heated kiss as I pushed her leg to the side, positioning the tip of her cock at the mouth of her pussy.

She tensed, shaking uncontrollably as I pushed the tip just inside. I took my time, making certain her muscles were able to stretch in order to handle my wide girth. She was so tight, her pussy throbbing as it clenched around the thick invasion. Her soft mews increased, her body wiggling even more as I thrust more inside.

I was pulled into a round of spinning sensations as her muscles finally accepted my shaft, still spasming yet pulling me in even deeper. My control was all but gone, my needs far outweighing any rational thoughts. I plunged the remainder of my cock inside, marveling at how her tight little pussy had managed to accept every inch. When my balls slapped against her rounded bottom, I broke the kiss, issuing a series of inhuman sounds. I nipped her lower lip before rubbing my teeth across her jaw to her neck, biting down until she whimpered.

When I pulled back, I sensed the hidden barbs covering the entire length of my cock ready to erupt. I did what I could to keep them from becoming exposed. While they should provide her with an entirely different kind of extreme pleasure, I’d yet to believe she was ready to fully let go.

I held my cock inside, enjoying the way her pussy pulsed over my shaft, but that only lasted a few seconds, my desires overwhelming.

“So tight.”

Her face contorted as I thrust with enough force that she was pinned to the bed, accepting my full weight. While a part of me wanted to take my time, with every second, it was becoming more difficult. I was a true savage and had always been. This was no different. Curtailing my natural instincts was worse than battling a Skotor.

“Oh… you’re so… huge.” She moaned several times, fisting then flexing her fingers.

Her breathing even more ragged, she pressed her knee into my waist, lifting her hips.

Sasha opened her mouth wide, tilting her head as she rocked with me, fighting my hold on her wrists. I finally let them go, delighted when she raked her nails down my back. She’d become like a feral kitten, tossing aside her inhibitions and her previous embarrassment. Every move she made pulled at my needs even more. I rubbed my fingers down her leg, the tips scalded from the mere touch of her.

Her whispered cries spurned me on and as I started pounding into her, she pursed her lips, taking shallow breaths. As she continued to yield to me, I became relentless in my actions. She tossed her other leg around me, tangling her fingers in my hair as she arched her back. Seeing the extreme pleasure on her face was a sweet reward for being the brute who’d almost lost all control.

As her body trembled even more, I noticed bumps popping on almost every inch of her smooth skin. She was shifting into another wave of rapture. I rose onto my elbows, thrusting more savagely as she swiveled her hips. Within seconds, her face became pinched, one moan after another escaping her lips.

“Yes, my little pet. Take all that you need.” Whether or not she heard me I wasn’t able to tell but as she jerked up from the bed, digging her nails from one hand into my neck, I threw my head back and roared.

Her small frame shook for some time, the light shimmer covering her cheeks glowing in the shadowed light.

“Yes. Yes… please, don’t… stop.”

She had no way of knowing how her pleading words affected me. Just as the climax began to subside, I pulled all the way out, even more pleased when she reached for me.

“Don’t worry, my pet. I’m not finished with you yet. In fact, we’re just getting started.”



Every inch of my body continued to tremble from the kind of pleasure I’d never known existed. I could barely catch my breath, my heart racing. It was difficult to focus, but as I shifted my gaze to his thick cock, my mouth watered.

Heat tore across my cheeks from embarrassment.

I’d become some sexual beast in a matter of minutes, every thought like the filth I’d only read about in books. He was still a dangerous man, capable of doing anything. He’d also made me his by virtue of the lottery. That wasn’t going to change. And the fact I was terribly attracted to him would always trouble me.

However, was there harm in letting go, in just enjoying the kind of passion I’d never known existed? There wasn’t a decent answer to that, but as my nipples remained fully aroused, my pussy clenching and releasing from the insanely amazing climaxes, another shudder of shame rolled through me.

I was shocked by the entire experience, but when he rolled me over, forcing me onto all fours, I reacted as I’d done before, trying to crawl away. The tone of his voice had changed completely, becoming dark and gruff, his needs about to break free. He’d done everything to make the moment as enjoyable for me as possible, which added to the wave of heat creeping up from my neck given the slight humiliation.

I couldn’t imagine what he was thinking, the purchase he made flawed. The embarrassment won out and I pitched myself forward.

He grabbed my leg, yanking me all the way to the edge of the bed platform, wrapping his hand around my hair and keeping me in position. “You know you can’t get away from me, my pet. You will never be able to get away. That’s something you should get used to.”

I threw my head over my shoulder, panting as the shimmers of pleasure continued to drift through me. I was wet and hot all over and seeing the carnal look on his face tingled even more of my senses. He was so huge, my pussy muscles aching and sore from the hard fucking. I shifted my gaze to his cock, not realizing I was licking my lips, yet a single bead of saliva slipped past the corner of my mouth.

Krakar rubbed his finger through it then wrapped his hand around the base of his shaft, squeezing. The man was tormenting me even more. “I assure you that I’ll use that hot mouth of yours at a later date. For now, I need to fill you with my cum.”

His balls were so swollen, hanging so low that I could tell by his expression he was in agony from holding back.

Up to this point, he’d been forceful yet careful, not pushing when I couldn’t handle the experience. Now he was prepared to take more, to have me whatever way he wanted. I could tell he was encouraging me to lose all control, submitting to him in every way possible. The truth was he’d awakened something deep within me, creating the kind of raucous excitement that I was embarrassed about.

Just the realization he knew I wanted to suck on his cock was… exciting. How could I be feeling this way? I bit my lower lip as he positioned himself behind me, remaining standing. As I stared at his beautiful cock, the shaft glistening from my juice, my heart beat irregularly from a wave of adrenaline.

He pushed my legs open wider then wrapped his hand around his shaft, stroking up and down. I couldn’t take my eyes off the action, still finding it impossible to believe he’d fit inside of me. The look of amusement in his eyes didn’t seem to match his rough, savage demeanor, but I would take it over the gruffness I’d seen him display before.

As he returned the tip of his cock just past my now aching folds, I sucked in my breath and closed my eyes. When he did nothing for a few seconds, I clamped my hands around the bedding, gasping for air. Why was it taking him so long? I shifted, arching my back and pushing my bottom toward him.

His dark chuckle almost sounded like admonishment. Why did he have such an effect on me, pushing my boundaries when no one had been able to do that before? I’d been kissed at fifteen, held hands at sixteen, and by eighteen, there didn’t seem to be a boy interested in me. I wasn’t like the other girls, carefree and eager to give my sex over to anyone.

Then I’d stopped believing I could feel raging passion, the kind that burned so deeply inside that it festered for days at a time, the embers glowing.

Hungering to be fed.

The ridiculousness of my thoughts was jerked to a stop when he smacked his hand against my bottom several times in rapid succession. Maybe he was attempting to keep me on track, ready to perform at his bidding.

I whimpered like a kid, rocking even as he held me fast. He tugged on my hair, forcing me into an arc before smacking me several additional times, his heavy breathing pushing into my ears.

His scent was stronger than before, his muscles as tense as bowstrings.

I didn’t have time to think it over. Krakar thrust his cock back inside. It was as if my pussy channel had tightened, forgetting that his shaft had just claimed it. The delicious combination of pain and blissful pleasure was the strangest, most incredible feeling I’d experienced. I opened my mouth to scream, but nothing came out.

He reached around, pinching my nipple, tweaking then twisting. The anguish washed through me just as the pleasure had, provoking another wave of longing. There was no way I could be any wetter, the sound as he pounded deep inside adding to the moment of extreme lust.

Tears filled my eyes, but they hadn’t appeared out of frustration or fear. Just shock and joy at how intense the sensations could be. Was it this way all the time? I finally acquiesced to my sinful needs, no longer able to focus as he continued fucking me. Every part of me ached, my muscles tensing. I felt like the animal in the room instead of the brute behind me. I could scream for hours, begging for more.

And he’d known it. He would use it, tempting me with his massive body and utter domination.

My muscles stretched even more, accepting the hard pounding. I was breathless, stars flashing in front of my eyes. I kept my head lolled as much as his fistful of hair would allow, no longer able to focus on anything but what he was doing. When he started to slow down, I mewed like an injured animal, never wanting the moment to end.

“Breathe, little pet. And enjoy.”

I did as he commanded, my entire body jerking as I felt something entirely different. I could swear his cock was expanding even more. How was that possible? I squirmed in his hold, every noise I made feral. His heavy breathing was the only other noise as he kept a rhythm, drilling in and out.

The sensations skyrocketed, pushing me to another crazy moment of intense pleasure. Every moan I made got louder as tickling vibrations danced through me. His cock was expanding, nodules pressing against my pussy walls. “What is… That?”

He leaned over, raking his fingers down my back before gripping my hip. “Do you like what you’re feeling, the shift into raw ecstasy?” What in the world did he want me to say?

I stretched and bucked, clawing the bed as I went from pure bliss to the sweet pull of ecstasy. “Yes. Yes… Yes!” As my muscles wrapped around the different invasion, I closed my eyes, enjoying being taken to a surreal moment.

“You’ll have all the pleasure you seek, my pet.”

It was next to impossible, but he continued to grow, stretching me to the point I was torn between feeling pleasure and pain. As his body began to shake, he yanked on my hair, slamming his cock inside me.

Every sound he made was animalistic, the gravelly sound of a beast foraging for prey. When I felt the rush of cum as he erupted deep inside, I was serenaded with his gruff bellow.

“Yes… Mine,” he roared.

Refusing to stop, he pumped just as savagely as before, his cock remaining hard. I was thrown by the way the sensations increased. My God. The creature was driving me to another orgasm.

“I, I… Oh…” I licked a single bead of perspiration off my upper lip as my toes curled, my entire body shaking uncontrollably.

“Now, I’m fucking you, my pet. I want you to feel all of me,” he growled.

All of him. The thought made me smile and as I made unrecognizable sounds, another mind-blowing climax rushed into my system. I bucked hard against him, every moan strangled, all the air sucked out of my lungs.

The explosion of vibrations was even more powerful than before, a single orgasm remaining, swirling and tipping, increasing in raw ecstasy.

“Uh. Uh. Uh. Uh. Uh.” As the beautiful wave as well as his hard pounding continued, my scream pierced the air around us.

“Yes…” he whispered, only slowing down after my body slumped in exhaustion. He eased me onto the bed, brushing my hair away from my face. For the next few minutes, I remained in a warm haze. Nothing else seemed to matter.

Perhaps I could learn to enjoy this after all.

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