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Captured and Kept: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

fretted and paced the floor, wringing her hands. She had the distinct feeling tonight was going to be about more than just a harsh punishment. Was she ready to handle four men at one time? She wiggled her legs together, trying to stop the quivering in her pussy. Her thoughts drifted to the conversation she’d had with Lisa, now what seemed like a lifetime ago. Four strapping men using her in any manner. What would her bestie say now? You go, girl. She could almost hear Lisa’s inflection. Groaning, she slipped her hand between her legs, rubbing her crotch through her shorts. Seconds later, she sat down on the bed, folding her hands together and waiting just like they asked.

Like they’d commanded.

Excitement surged through her, yet the anticipation of a severe spanking left her tingling all over. Surging excitement mixed with heady anxiety and an entirely new bout of shame. No Xanax would cure her. She must have a screw loose. Live and enjoy. This is that adventure you sought and fought for. For once, her little voice was correct. Living in a fantasy world wasn’t an everyday opportunity. She only hoped she’d be able to push aside her personal demons.

She remained embarrassed about her lack of judgment in running away from Virginia with her tail between her legs. Peter had seemed like a beacon of hope, a chance to start fresh. He’d seemed amused about her sudden notoriety, even congratulating her for making her mention on NBC Nightly News. His suggestion about following him to Oregon had been like a gift from God. She’d never be able to forgive herself. She’d gotten herself into this mess, she could sure as shit take her punishment like a lady.

Or a crazy sex fiend. “Ugh!”

Just before sundown, Danger came to the door.

“It’s time.” His voice was like smooth velvet rubbing against her skin, leaving her clutching her hands around the comforter.

“Yes, sir.” She kept her head down as she walked into the living room. They’d showered, eaten what appeared to be several bowls of her stew and cleared the entire table—with the exception of a single leather strap and one rough-looking wooden brush. She gulped at seeing the implements, her heart racing. They were damn serious about her punishment.

“Remove your clothes,” Bronco commanded. He moved toward the table, running his fingers across the bristles of the brush.

She was forced to watch him as she tugged her shirt over her head. The men were watching her and with every move, their expressions turned more lustful, as if they were going to ravage her body, her sex. By the time she stood naked, she was trembling but her own building desire had skyrocketed. Even with the extreme facial hair, there was no way to disguise just how gorgeous each one of them was. This was indeed every girl’s fantasy.

Wolf pulled out one of the hardback chairs, easing down. He beckoned with his hand, giving her a dominating look.

Moving slowly, she finally stood in front of him. One look into his eyes and she could envision exactly what he had in store for her, his sexual needs darker than all the rest. As he eased her over his knees, she immediately fell into position, placing her hands on the floor. She wanted to keep her composure but the second his massive hand smacked her backside, she jumped, kicking out.

“None of that,” Wolf stated, pressing his hand on the small of her back.

“Yes, sir.” She gritted her teeth when he smacked her several times, moving from one side to the other. The man was methodical in his actions, making certain her entire bottom was covered by his brawny hand.

“You need to follow our rules. Do you understand?” Cane asked, standing on the sidelines.

“Yes, sir. I do.” She would find information another way. The next series of hard spanks gave her a tingling sensation, the pain reasonable. Somehow, she knew he was just warming her up. He continued, the spanks becoming harder. Heat built up on her ass cheeks, creating a new round of moisture between her legs.

“We’re in charge of you for the rest of the time we’re here.” Bronco’s voice boomed into the room. “You will do what we say when we say.”

“Yes, sir.” As Wolf helped her to her feet, he moved to the edge of the chair, rubbing his hands down the length of her arms. The touch was gentle, more intimate than she would have expected.

He issued a low-slung savage growl as he moved out of the chair, Bronco taking his place.

She was immediately pulled over the larger man’s lap and knew instantaneously how turned on he was, his throbbing cock thrumming against her belly.

“My favorite implement is the brush,” he stated as if he used it all the time. He ran the back up and down her thighs before tapping her buttocks. “Perfect for a hard spanking to teach bad girls how to behave.”

The first smack almost brought tears to her eyes. “Oh!” Yelping, she jerked up, flailing her arm behind her.

“No, you don’t. We’re going to start again,” Bronco explained.

She bit back the next moan as he smacked both cheeks then waited for her reaction.


Clenching her eyes shut, she did everything in her power to remain in position as he peppered her ass with hard smacks, moving from one cheek to the other. Damn, if the man wasn’t perfect in his technique, creating more pain than she’d experienced before. Her skin was on fire, her breath coming in short pants.

He smacked her upper thighs then rubbed his hand across her buttocks, his callused fingers almost soothing. “You’re doing very well.”

She refused to snivel, to make any sounds. All the times she’d heard about dominating men, she’d had no idea what to expect. Now this. They were totally controlling and would demand anything and everything from her. She fell into the role she’d created for herself, the strong woman hungry to submit. Everything about this was cathartic, freeing her of the dozens of sins she’d amassed during the last few months alone. While the pain was biting, the sense of freedom and relief was spectacular.

Bronco issued several additional smacks before placing the brush on the table. Instead of being allowed to get to her feet, she was pushed to the floor between his legs.

He brushed his thumb back and forth across her mouth in a forceful manner, his chest heaving. “Now, you suck me.”

A wash of longing replaced the stinging as she rubbed her hands up along the insides of his thighs, allowing her fingers to shift back and forth across his bulging groin. Even the light touch gave her an indication of how large he was, long and thick. Her mouth watered as she unfastened his jeans, pulling the two sides apart and freeing his cock. “Mmm…”

He made guttural sounds like a wild man the second she touched his shaft, her long fingers sliding up and down. “Feels good.”

She eased her hand underneath, freeing his balls, rolling them between her fingers as she pumped the base of his shaft with the other. Sensing Danger’s presence, she stole a quick glance at his face, shivering from his demanding yet pensive look. He wanted her all to himself.

Bronco ran his fingers through her hair, gathering several strands, the grip firm. “That’s it.” His damp hair dangled over her, creating a series of goosebumps across her arms.

Blowing across the tip of his shaft, she continued to stroke, twisting her hand, enjoying the way he throbbed. She darted out her tongue, licking across the sensitive slit. When he closed his eyes, tilting his head, she took his cockhead into her mouth, sucking, her tongue swirling.

“God! Love it!” Bronco exclaimed. “I bet her pussy is as hot as her mouth.”

She couldn’t take her eyes off his inked arms as she slid his cock further into her mouth, relaxing her throat. The taste of him was sweet, creating even more wetness between her legs. He was just as tempting as Danger but far more mysterious. She removed his shaft then licked down the underside, dragging the tip of her tongue around his swollen testicles. Taking one into her mouth, she raked her tongue back and forth for a few seconds before releasing him.

“Careful with those babies, sugar,” Bronco teased.

She carefully clamped her mouth around the other, adding pressure a little bit at a time until his mouth slacked open. Plucking his swollen ball from her mouth, the slight sound brought guttural noises from the others. Purring, she licked all the way up his cock until her lips rested on his cockhead.

“Suck there, girl. Suck me like you mean it. I need that fuckin’ hot mouth around me.”

Dani placed both hands on his thighs and took his shaft down an inch at a time, using her strong jaw muscles to clamp around him. She held the stance as he pressed down on her head, his entire arm shaking.

“I want you to do this every day,” he whispered.

“We need to finish her punishment.” Danger’s words were breathless and edgy.

Bronco tossed his head back and forth before releasing her head and taking several deep breaths. “Yeah, I know.”

As Danger took her hand, pulling her to her feet, she noticed the flash of jealousy in his eyes. The realization stilled her. She’d only met this man, but she felt close to him in the most unconventional way. Why had he gotten inside of her, yanking away all the layers? Why did she crave his touch more than the others? He pointed to the table, easing the belt into his hands. She wasn’t afraid of what this man could or would do. She had an innate sense about him, a warmth in her heart that was no longer surprising. In fact, she was beginning to adore the rugged stranger.

She had a smile on her face as she leaned over the table, clutching her hands around the edge. This was so shameful, reckless. Crazy.

“Twenty with the belt. Then we won’t speak of your indiscretion any longer.” Danger rubbed several fingers along her spine, trailing them down the crack of her ass.

“You’re letting her off easy,” Wolf said, a rumble coming from his throat.

“Maybe. Maybe not,” Danger shot back.

Shuddering, she held her breath. The first strike was painful. The second created tears in her eyes. She gasped for air, her nails digging into the underside of the table. She even heard Cane breathing hard.

Danger exhaled and caressed her ass. “This is what very bad girls deserve to receive.” He issued two more then stopped, his breathing ragged.

“Oh!” She blinked several times, doing her best to keep from crying. As he continued, she struggled not to kick out, but she did at least twice, jerking up from the table.

He pushed her back down, pulling the hair from around her shoulders. The touch was laced with such adoration. “Breathe for me. Your bottom is a beautiful shade of cherry red, just as it should be.”

“Yes, sir.” Counting to five, she nodded and closed her eyes as the punishment ensued again, one coming after the other. Even the whooshing sound was surreal, thrusting her mind into a form of bliss that she hadn’t expected. Pain turned into anguish then changed into a sweet moment of ecstasy.

The other rugged cavemen remained quiet, but she captured their rapid breathing, and inhaled the scent of their building testosterone. They would fuck her like wild animals soon enough.

The cracking was followed by Danger’s dark chuckle. “Two more.”

By the time he was finished, tears had slipped from her eyes, falling on the cool wood. She was in a hazy state, her mind foggy but she was wet, her cunt muscles clenching several times.

Danger dropped the belt and leaned over, pressing his lips against her back, and dragging his tongue down her spine. “So beautiful.”

And she felt beautiful, more so than any time with Peter. As he gathered her into his arms, cupping her breasts and kissing the side of her neck, she let out the breath she’d been holding. She was more at peace than she would have imagined, her heart thumping and electricity surging between them. He pulled her back several steps as he fingered her nipples, twisting and pulling until she moaned. She sensed the carnivorous needs swelling in every man, unbridled desire for a woman they barely knew.

Cane moved in front, his eyes glistening as he brushed the back of his fingers across her cheek. “You are one gorgeous woman and I can’t wait to taste you.” He kissed her mouth, his guttural sounds floating into the room.

The kiss was gentle at first, almost sweet until he thrust his tongue inside. He cupped her face, his fingers digging in, the intimate moment becoming an untamed roar, as if a beast inside had surfaced.

She was tingling all over, her entire body quivering. As Wolf moved closer, she reached for him, breaking the kiss with Cane, her lips finding his. Wolf was rougher, plunging his tongue deep inside, his other hand crawling down to her groin. Using a single finger, he swirled the tip around her clit. Everything about this moment was uninhibited, creating ripples in her blood. She was so alive, full of lust and energy, unable to think clearly.

Bronco refused to be denied, pulling her hand back to his crotch. “I can’t wait to be inside of you. I want to fuck that tight ass of yours.”

Wolf moved his mouth down to her jawline, nipping and sucking as he traveled to her neck.

“Oh…” Dani lolled her head back against Danger, staring up into his eyes. He rubbed his groin back and forth across her whipped ass, creating an entirely different kind of vibrant electricity racing through her body.

Cane lowered his head, pushing Danger’s hand away from her breast. He dragged his tongue around her nipple, taking his time.

The pleasure was so extreme she was certain she would no longer be able to stand. Seconds later, she was whisked onto her back on the table, her legs pushed back and wide open, her head dangling off the other side. She had no way of knowing who was licking her first, but as a heated mouth rested on her pussy, she fought against the climax racing to explode. A tongue pushed into her, fingers following soon after. Panting, she’d never been so exposed.

Cane rubbed the tip of his cock around her lips then smacked his shaft against her cheek.

She didn’t need any instructions. Opening her mouth, she darted out her tongue, licking around his cockhead. She lifted her arms, finding his hanging balls. Squeezing, she was taken to new heights of pleasure as a tongue swirled around her clit, fingers pumping deep inside her pussy. She sucked on the tip of Cane’s cock then opened her mouth wide, encouraging him to slide his shaft all the way inside.

Keeping his hands on her face, Cane pumped in slow and easy movements while his eyes rolled back, his head bobbing. “God, yes. Been so long.”

A trickle of pre-cum slid down her throat, the most delicious reward. She could feel a change as another man began to lick, pulling her clit into his wet mouth, fingers driving in and out. When a thumb was wiggled in between her ass cheeks, she stiffened. The pain was only slight, allowing her body to relax, her imagination soaring with thoughts of having cocks in every orifice. The rhythm of sucking a man’s cock while not one but two other men pleasured her was incredible.

Cane’s breathing was ragged, his muscles strained and when she squeezed his balls again, he let out an intense howl.

Bronco soon moved into Cane’s position. He toyed with her, rubbing the tip of his cock across every inch of her face as she stuck out her tongue. “You want to suck me, baby girl?”

“God, yes.” She wasn’t entirely certain she’d actually said the words out loud. What she did know was that a climax was on the verge of shattering her last resolve, pushing her into a dream state. Fingers thrust in and out of her ass and pussy, lips sucking on her cunt. As Bronco filled her mouth, stretching her throat, she finally came, the intense orgasm dragging her up from the table. Her arms and legs were shaking uncontrollably as the men licked and sucked, taking every drop of her cream.

A growl slipped past Bronco’s lips as he strained, rising onto the balls of his feet, and pumping into her mouth in savage motions.

Dani tried to concentrate, rolling his testicles between her fingers while rubbing his thigh with her other hand, but she was weak, breathless.

And the men refused to stop.

Soon, Wolf’s cock was in her mouth, another set of lips and fingers driving her into a frenetic state. Within seconds she came again, her body writhing. She was forced to allow her legs to relax, her hands falling to the sides of Wolf’s legs. Perspiration dripped from her face and neck, her entire body overheated.

Pulling out, Wolf leaned down, kissing her lips, nose, and forehead. “I think we’ve driven her into exhaustion.” He chuckled darkly, his eyes flashing.

Danger eased her off the table, holding her against his chest, rubbing his hands up and down her back. “Are you okay?”

“Uh-huh,” she managed, blinking in order to focus. She studied Cane, the feral way he was watching her. She was theirs for the taking and in truth, this felt so right, as if she was meant to be here.

Danger pulled her toward the rug in front of the fireplace, easing them onto their knees, his head hovering over her face. “What you do to me, woman. I adore you.”

“I know.” Dani tugged on his beard, forcing his lips to touch hers and whispered so that only he could hear, “The question is, why?”

A slight curl on his upper lip was the only indication the question registered. He gripped the back of her neck as he used his lips to open hers, allowing the kiss to be little more than a caress.

She palmed his chest, her fingers kneading, stars floating in front of her eyes. Their tongues merely touched, darting back and forth.

As the men settled around her, hands touching, fingers caressing, she let out a deep sigh. This was heaven in the mountains. Bronco moved behind her, sandwiching her between himself and Danger, his hands roaming up and down her sides, his hot breath cascading across her shoulder.

Danger slid his lips to her chin then her neck, darting his tongue inside her ear. And he answered her. “Because you’re everything I’ve ever wanted.” As soon as he issued the words, he broke his connection, giving up his sacred spot.

She wanted to reach out, to beg him to stay, but this was his way of allowing the others to take her, use her. He was the alpha, granting the others their wish.

Wolf quickly took his place, settling on his knees, and cupping her face, his thumbs caressing her cheek. “I’m going to fuck you now.” The words were said with such conviction.

Bronco quickly pulled her down onto the rug, her back nestled against his chest, his cock wedged against her ass cheeks. As Wolf settled on top, his eyes boring into hers, Bronco pulled her arms over her head, securing her wrists with a single hand. With the other, he fondled her breast, tweaking her nipple.

Wolf wrapped his hand around his cock, stroking several times before placing the tip just outside her pussy. He kept himself aloft, his upper arm muscles straining, his expression so primal. When he thrust his cock inside, she moaned, tossing one leg around his thigh.

Pinching and twisting her hardened bud, Bronco kept his hold on her wrists tight. She was captured in their web, surrendering to them without question. “Yes…” He fucked her with wild abandon, pumping in and out, growling like the animal he’d become.

“Tight. Hot.” The words slipped from Wolf’s mouth and he lowered his head, capturing her mouth, his tongue finding hers.

Bronco raked his nails down her stomach, a single finger finding her clit. She was wired, a series of electric jolts juicing every muscle and the heat of the kiss alone was more intense than everything before.

“Imagine being fucked this way every day,” Bronco said as he nuzzled against her neck.

She did, her fantasy now a reality. Every hard thrust left her breathless, her heart thumping. She clenched then released her pussy muscles, repeating the move several times until Wolf jerked back his head.

Panting, he licked his lips in an exaggerated fashion, snickering as he shook his head. Then he pulled out completely, wiping his mouth as he stared down at her. “You’re a tease but definitely not in control.” He gave a subtle nod to Bronco, who released her hands.

Within seconds, she was lifted and turned until she was straddling Bronco. “Oh!”

“We’re just beginning, little sunshine,” Wolf half growled as he settled behind her, gripping her hips.

Bronco slid the tip of his cock up and down her pussy, his eyes shimmering in the dim lighting. “You ready for me, baby?” He slipped the tip past her cunt lips, wiggling.

“Uh-huh,” she muttered, sliding her hands up the length of his chest.

A slight snicker slipped past Wolf’s lips before he bit down on her shoulder and yanked her down, forcing Bronco’s cock inside.

“Ride me, baby. Hard.” Bronco’s words were guttural, husky. He kept his hands on her breasts, kneading her soft skin as she did as she was told, rocking forward and backward.

The angle was perfect, stealing her breath and igniting the fire. Dani powered up and down, her ass slapping against his legs. She was panting and laughing, taking every inch of his throbbing shaft.

Wolf dragged his tongue all the way down her spine, chuckling darkly as he slid his fingers along the crack of her ass.

One, two, then a third finger was placed inside her asshole. Tensing, Bronco eased her forward as Wolf drove his fingers all the way inside.

“Oh, God!” There was no doubt a cock would fill her most forbidden hole. She continued riding Bronco as the slice of pain quickly shifted into raw ecstasy. “Fuck me. Please.”

“I plan on it.” Wolf replaced his fingers with his cock, pushing inside her asshole an inch at a time.

Her body shaking, she opened her mouth, issuing a silent scream, willing her muscles to relax and accept it. His cock was so thick, filling her utterly. “I…” Unable to speak, she shuddered, her fingers clinging to Bronco’s chest. She moved into that extreme world of the sublime as both men created a perfect orchestration, plunging in and out. When she finally managed to open her eyes, the sight of Cane’s and Danger’s cocks dangling in front of her was far too delicious to resist.

“That’s it, take every one of us,” Bronco commanded as he rubbed her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.

Dani slathered Cane’s shaft with saliva, moving her mouth up and down. She had her hands wrapped around the base of both, pumping and squeezing. She bobbed her head from one cockhead to the other, sucking for a few seconds then changing.

“Fuck. Yes,” Wolf mumbled. He smacked her ass several times with one hand, his grip with on her hip firm with the other.

There was no way of knowing how much time had gone by. She was hot and sweaty, her entire body tingling, and she could tell they were close to coming. As she clamped her pussy and ass muscles, Wolf’s strangled hiss floated into her ears.

“Fuck. I’m gonna come,” Wolf panted, throwing his head back and issuing a carnal exclamation.

The warmth of his cum shot into her ass only seconds before Bronco’s entire body tensed, his eyes closing as he released, filling her.

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