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Captured and Trained by Charlene McSuede – Extended Preview

Captured and Trained by Charlene McSuede

“Ow! Damon, please!” Eva wailed over his knee, but he ignored her plea, as he’d been ignoring her pleas since the punishment had started. Her bottom was already striped with welts from the cane. He’d given her ten, as punishment for going to the black market. She’d screamed like a banshee during every last one, but had been held immobile, unable to move, bent naked over his desk, with her curvy legs wide enough apart for him to see the smooth folds of her cunt.

“You’re getting forty, Eva. No amount of begging is going to change that.” Eva moaned, and then let out a squeal, as the black rubber paddle slammed against her ass for the fifth time.

He’d chosen a seven from the closet. It was deceptively small, made of thick black rubber with enough of a flex that he knew it stung horribly every time it landed. It made a satisfying crack, and was quickly turning her quivering backside a bright shade of pink. She jumped again as the paddle came down, her breathing hitching on a gasp of pain.

She looked over her shoulder at him, fat tears rolling down her cheeks. “I’m s-s-sorry.” She choked the sentence out on a sob as she locked eyes with him. In answer, he brought the paddle down on her left butt cheek, right on her sit spot, making her howl.

Her howl broke off into a wail, and soon she was crying so loud, she was drowning out the sharp sound of the paddle as it landed over and over again. He was relentless. Every single time he started to consider stopping, he thought about Eva in the black market, what could have happened to her there, and his determination to ensure she was thoroughly punished continued.

By the time he hit twenty-five, she’d cried herself out, and her sobbing had become meek whimpers, as she lay limp over his knee. He used a lighter hand for the last fifteen, but it was still painful enough to make an impression.

When it was finally over, he set the paddle aside and studied her well-spanked bottom. From the middle of her plump backside, all the way to her upper thighs, she was crimson and swollen. Her sit spot, and the area where he’d taken the cane to her, were even darker. She would likely bruise, and she’d definitely be feeling the spanking for a few days to come.

But the punishment wasn’t over. With what had happened the night before, coupled with his own sexual arousal, Damon had made a decision. He and Eva clearly had a sensual connection. There was no point in denying it. She was also dangerously impulsive. Teaching her to submit would allow him to regain control, while they both released their pent-up frustrations. On top of that, it would help her mature. As far as he was concerned, it was the only pragmatic decision.

“Get up and go bend over the desk again.”

“Please, Damon, I can’t take anymore. Please…”

“It’s not for a spanking.”

“What’s it…”

Crack! His hand connected with her backside, cutting off her question. “Do it.”

With a cry of alarm, she scrambled off of his lap, pushing herself to a stand, before she limped to his desk and resumed the position she’d been in for the caning, watching him warily over her shoulder.

He returned to the armoire, putting away the paddle, and grabbing one of the smaller plugs he’d seen earlier, along with a small jar of oil. He opened the lid and dipped the tip of the plug in the oil.

“Use your hands to spread your ass cheeks for me.”

Eva’s eyes went wide at the demands, but she did as he said. Her delicate hands gripped her punished flesh, and she winced, pulling her cheeks apart and exposing the bud of her anus to his view.

He approached her, ensuring the plug was thoroughly coated in oil. Then, he reached down, putting his finger on the hot little hole where the plug would be seated. He rubbed some of the oil on it and was rewarded with a gasp.

“It burns!” she squealed.

“It’s punishment oil. It’s supposed to.” With that, he shoved the plug against her hole as she let out a whimper of dismay. It took a bit of work, moving it back and forth, to get it fully seated inside of her. It was only the size of his thumb, but the oil would ensure her bottom was punished both inside and out. “Stand.”

She took a deep breath and did as he said, straightening, but not looking him in the eye. She was clearly trying not to squirm as the oil did its work.

“Jin left dinner on the table before she left. Do you think you can behave long enough to eat?”

She nodded quietly. “May I put my clothes back on?”

“No.” His answer was firm. He’d threatened to make her go bare before, and she needed a taste of what it was like. “You’re wearing everything you will be wearing until I’ve determined you’ve earned the right to wear clothes again.”

Clearly thinking he meant to make her go nude for quite a while, she gasped in dismay as he caught her hand. He intended to only punish her for the evening as he had no desire to share Eva’s body with anyone else. But there was no reason she needed to know that.

Eva shifted in her chair, the plug in her bottom wriggling inside of her. It was an alien, but not unpleasant feeling, and the heat from the oil was causing a strange sensation of pain and pleasure at the same time. She felt need building between her legs and crossed them, hoping to ease the growing pressure.

“Legs spread, Eva.”

She glared at him, but did as he said. He wasn’t even allowing her the dignity of keeping her knees together, making her display herself entirely as they ate dinner. Well, as he ate. She simply played with the gray glop on her plate, hoping it would be over soon and that Damon wouldn’t extend the punishment past the evening. Thankfully, it was Jin’s evening off, so it was only the two of them, but she wasn’t sure he meant for her to simply be punished in the house, or if he intended to carry it further.

She’d die of humiliation if he made her leave the house as she was. She shifted again, and the plug shifted with her, reminding her that he very well could. He could do whatever he wanted with her. The thought thrilled and terrified her at the same time.

“Your behavior today was reprehensible.” Finally, he’d stopped staring and started to speak. “It was impulsive, irresponsible, and dangerous. None of these things are acceptable.”

She focused her attention on her plate, apologizing for the hundredth time. “I’m sorry. I was only trying to get something for you.”

“I know that, which is why you only received about half of the punishment you deserved.”

She swallowed. If that was half a punishment, she had no desire to ever get a whole one. Despite that, his tone had softened slightly.

“It’s going to make it difficult to find a match for you with a stoic.” He leaned back in his chair, appraising her. “But you have many positive attributes as well. You’re intelligent, beautiful, and enjoyable in the bedroom.”

While what he was saying sounded good, Eva had a deep feeling of foreboding. He sounded as though what had happened between them the night before was some kind of test. Had he been gauging her reaction? Seeing if she’d make an acceptable bride to some boring stoic?

He verified her suspicion. “I imagine a lot of that comes from inexperience. I doubt you’ve had more than a few lovers.”

She looked down, not bothering to verify that. She’d had less than a few. She’d had none. But there was no way she was giving that smug jerk the satisfaction of knowing she was a virgin.

“You need more than just reader training. You need to be taught how to submit to, and how to please, your future husband. As your patron, it’s my responsibility to give you that training.” He gestured at her naked body. “This is a lesson in submission. I imagine it will be the first of many.”

Her face felt hot, and her eyes were burning with unshed tears. That’s what the night before had been. Some kind of training, so he could get a higher price for her when he sold her off. “I’m not your whore.” she hissed at him, hatred for him oozing out of every pore.

“You’re right about that.” He pushed back his chair. “You are the charge of a highborn stoic. It’s my job to ensure your future is secure. I won’t be able to find you an appropriate match if you don’t know how to submit to your future husband.” He nodded at her. “I think part of you might enjoy it.”

His tone had warmed slightly, causing a bit of fire in her belly. He had noticed her arousal before. She didn’t understand it, but Damon seemed to. Had he done this with other girls before her?

Even though she was trying to convince herself that she hated him, the idea of someone else with him was distasteful. She said nothing, not knowing how to respond, and waited for him to tell her what to do.

“Would you like to end your punishment for this evening, Eva?”

“Yes.” The word was barely a whisper.

“Then you need to show me you can submit and be obedient. Are you ready to do that?”

Could she? While she resented the control over her, part of her wanted to give into it, to feel that flood of pleasure. She’d been obeying people all her life and her long-fought-for independence was lost to Damon’s magnetic pull. She kept her eyes downcast. She nodded again, nervous but filled with an innocent eagerness to please him.


She pushed back her chair and did so, still afraid to meet his eye. He caught her by the chin, tilting her face until their gazes were locked.

“To prove you know how to listen, you’re going to do the same thing to me that I did to you last night. You’re going to use your mouth on my cock. Have you done that with any of the lovers you’ve had before?”

She took a deep breath and shook her head. What he was suggesting was something she’d heard of in the hedonist land, but not anything she’d ever done.

He sensed her nervousness and seemed to relent because of that. “It won’t hurt you, Eva. When I train you in the bedroom, I want you to remember that. I want you to know it’s not a punishment and it’s not to hurt you. I’m simply going to teach you how to please a man, so he can give you pleasure in return. Do you understand that?”

She nodded again, though she was feeling a confusing mix of emotions. She resented herself for the desire that struck her, and the way she wanted to please him. The idea of having him in her mouth, along with the pressure from the plug and the burn in her backside, was starting to create an incredible pressure between her legs that she didn’t know how to relieve.

He placed a gentle hand on her shoulder. “On your knees, Eva.”

She moved almost robotically, dropping to her knees in front of him, flinching a little as the plug moved with her. With nervous hands, she reached for his zipper. She could already see the bulge there, straining against it. She dragged the zipper down, and it sprang out, already fully erect and eager for her mouth.

She wrapped her hand around the base and he groaned. He was thick, his skin smooth and heated. She looked up at him, uncertain what was next.

“Lick the tip.” The order came out as a growl, and she moved her head forward, giving the tip a tentative lick with her tongue. He jerked when she did it, so she did it again, dragging her tongue across more slowly this time, drawing it out the same way he’d done to her.

After that, instinct took over. She opened her mouth wide, and took him in as far as she could, increasing the suction as she drew back. She moved forward again, and did the same, allowing his throaty groans of pleasure to guide her. Whenever they got louder, she increased her speed. With every thrust, she was taking him further and further in, until he was hitting the back of her throat. His hand was fisted in her hair, moving as she moved, pulling her forward and pushing her back. She reached up her free hand, using it to cup the fleshy sacs between his legs.

He shouted her name and his hips pushed forward as his hand tightened in her hair. “Swallow it. All of it.” The words were a jerky, ragged order, issued right before his hot cum filled her mouth. It was almost overwhelming, but she did as he said, swallowing down the salty essence of him, and his grip on her hair lightened. Only when it was all gone did she finally pull back.

“Very good, Eva.” The words were formal, but his tone was not. “You may stand.” She did so uncertainly, and he caught her by the arm, turning her to the side. “Bend.”

She bent at the waist, putting her hands on the table to steady herself. She gasped as he reached down, touching the end of the butt plug, before slowly drawing it out of her. She let out a sigh of relief as the pressure was gone, though part of her felt empty and disappointed.

“You may dress and go to bed.” He patted her on the bottom. “You did very well tonight. In fact, you did an excellent job of pleasing me. We’ll continue your training tomorrow.”

She wasn’t sure what other kind of training he intended to give her, but she found herself looking forward to lessons from him more than she looked forward to her reader training. Something about submitting to Damon felt right.

She was confused, even as she dressed for bed, allowing her hand to linger as she touched where she burned for him the most. The future she desired was a future of independence. Damon could never be hers and she could never be his. Not when she was hiding a secret as big as her own.

Even when she considered the problem pragmatically, and knew she never could, there was a part of her that wanted to give herself entirely to Damon’s seductive pull.

Damon groaned as Eva’s head bobbed between his legs, devouring him with her talented mouth. In the four days since he’d issued his edict, Eva had responded beautifully to being trained for the bedroom. After school every day, he’d bring her into his library, showing her the more licentious books about how to please a man. Eva would sit in his lap as he pointed out various passages and photos about what he’d expected her to do.

More often than not, he’d reach between her legs to find her slick with arousal. The idea that she was so ready to take him in her tight little cunt had nearly pushed him to the next level of her training before she was ready.

Eva was a hedonist. That meant she was used to receiving pleasure, not giving it. He needed to train her out of that mindset, to teach her how to give her future husband pleasure, not the other way around.

Just as he thought that, Eva shuddered between his legs, her breath growing heavy on his cock. He let out another groan as he shot his load into her mouth, going limp in the chair for a moment as his head cleared. Eva had just had an orgasm while she was pleasuring him. While he was delighted at her responsiveness, he would need to take care of her disobedience in a hurry.

He looked down at Eva, who was on her knees, staring at the floor, her pretty face flushed and pink.

“Eva, did you just have an orgasm?” He kept his tone stern, making it clear she’d displeased him. In reality, she hadn’t. Even though as a stoic lady, she was expected to allow him to take the lead in the bedroom, he found her easy arousal at simply pleasing him to be entirely intoxicating.

She nodded, her face turning a brighter shade of red. It was another unique characteristic that he found charming. His Eva blushed so easily, so delicately, he would have assumed she came to him a virgin.

Even still, he kept his tone firm, reminding her that he was in charge. “Did I give you permission to come?”

She shook her head, her body going stiff with tension. “No.”

“I think I’ve let you go too long without a spanking, considering that you would openly defy me like that.”

“I’m sorry.” She was meek and contrite when she finally spoke again, her gentle tone flooding him with desire. “I didn’t mean to. Please don’t spank me.”

He crossed his arms and studied her. A trip over his knee would do his stubborn charge a world of good. She was always more careful about her behavior when she was nursing a sore bottom. But it wouldn’t teach her control. He considered the tool he had available and came up with a solution.

“Go upstairs and wait for me in my bedroom.” It was time to teach his stubborn Eva to control herself.

Eva sat on the edge of Damon’s bed, waiting for Damon to return to dish out whatever inventive punishment he’d come up with. She wanted to hate him. She wanted to despise him so much that she’d have no problem charming him and taking away his free will permanently.

But she didn’t. Instead, what she really wanted was for him to return, throw her on her back, and have his way with her.

She didn’t understand her desire to submit to him, or the tingle that started when he ordered her to her knees. For the past four days, she’d been in a constant state of heated arousal, which had finally built up into one of the most intense orgasms of all, just as she imagined putting his cock where she burned the most for it.

Part of her hoped he was coming upstairs to give her a spanking, just so the pain would knock some sense back into her. He was treating her like property, issuing orders, parading her around naked, all so he could sell her off for a higher price to some equally cold stoic.

Finally, the door opened and Damon entered wordlessly. In one hand, he was carrying a cane, and she immediately regretted her desire for a spanking. In the other, he had something she didn’t recognize. It was a white, phallic-shaped object that was a bit smaller than Damon’s own manhood.

“Get on your hands and knees in the middle of the bed.”

She swallowed and ignored the tingle of awareness as she got into the undignified position, her backside pointing at Damon, with her hands on the pillows.

“Good.” Damon walked around the bed and laid the cane in front of her, inches from her hands. “I want you to stare at that the entire time I’m training you, so you’ll remember the consequences of what happens if you fail to obey me.”

Eva swallowed as she studied the cane. It was one of the thicker ones, and one she personally knew to be extremely painful. Determined to do as he said to avoid feeling its impact, Eva swallowed and braced herself for what was next.

She felt the bed dip as Damon climbed on behind her. He rested his hand on her lower back. Then, she heard a click and something started buzzing. She turned her head to see what was making the noise and caught a glimpse of the white plastic phallus in Damon’s hand.

“Eyes on the cane.”

She turned her head back and focused on the cane, just as she felt the tip of the phallus touch her labia. She surged forward in surprise, but the pressure of Damon’s hand increased and kept her from moving too much.

“Hold still.”

He started to rub it against her, up and down her labia and occasionally grazing her clit. The small vibrations tickled, and sent electric tingles through her body. The pressure started to build and she shifted her hips, trying to press herself back against it and relieve the growing frustration between her legs.

Crack! Damon gave her a hard slap on the left butt cheek and pulled the phallus away, making her moan in dismay.

“You’re not allowed to come, Eva. If you do, you’ll get twenty with the cane, so I strongly recommend you control yourself.”

Eva’s eyes filled with tears of dismay. Twenty with the cane! She’d never be able to handle that. She took a deep breath and clenched her teeth as Damon returned the vibrating phallus between her legs, determined to not give him a response. The pressure between her legs returned as the buzzing little torture device teased her, but she concentrated on the cane in front of her, imagining the pain of it connecting with her skin.

Damon grew more aggressive with the phallus, rubbing it against her harder. Her breathing went shallow, but she controlled it, breathing through her nose and concentrating on the cane. She didn’t think of the pain, though. In her lust-befuddled state, the idea of the burn of the pain only aroused her more. Instead, she studied it, counting the nicks, trying to ignore what Damon was doing to her.

The tip of the vibrating phallus pressed against her entrance, and she tried to surge forward again. “No!” It wasn’t that she didn’t want it there. It was how badly she did. If he put it inside of her, she’d never be able to control herself.

Her refusal earned her another smack on the bottom, but Damon pulled the phallus away for a moment, allowing her to cool down slightly. She gritted her teeth when he started again, this time concentrating the phallus around her tight little hole. He pushed the tip just past her entrance, and then pulled it back out again. He did it again, going a little further. With every push, he went a little deeper inside of her, stretching her to accommodate it. With every thrust, Eva’s body opened, accepting more and more. She squeezed her eyes shut as she felt one of her muscles start to spasm.

“You have a greedy little cunt, don’t you, Eva?” Damon’s voice was deep and husky. “Perhaps it wants something more?”

She moaned in agreement, even though she knew she was close to going over the edge. The fact that she’d face twenty with the cane no longer mattered to her. She only wanted to relieve the intense, frustrating pressure.

Damon pulled the phallus out and gave her another slap on the backside. “No coming, remember?”

She let out a whimper of dismay at the sudden emptiness, her eyes blurring with tears of frustration. She concentrated on her breathing as her mind cleared, and she was momentarily relieved that he’d stopped before she came. Now that her mind wasn’t as hazy with need, she realized that twenty with the cane was not an even tradeoff for a few moments of pleasure.

Damon rubbed the phallus against her, and she nearly cried. How long was he going to torture her like this? She turned to look at him, her eyes wide as she considered begging him to either stop or let her come.

But he wasn’t using the plastic phallus. Instead, she saw him rubbing his cock against her, his eyes closed. As if of their own accord, her hips pushed against his, the desire to have him inside of her overwhelming, all thoughts of the cane slipping from her mind.

“Easy, Eva.” His words were a fevered whisper. “You’re very narrow.” She jumped as he eased a finger inside of her and shook his head, pulling it away. She cried out in dismay. “Calm down, little charge, we just need to find a way to make this a bit more comfortable for you. I might be a bit bigger than you’re used to.”

She nodded and moved her hips against his hand, trying to gain the release. Yes, he was bigger than she was used to because she wasn’t used to anything. All she knew is she wanted him inside of her. “What do you want me to do?” The words were hurried and desperate. She’d do whatever he said, as long as he’d end the torture and let her come.

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