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Captured by the Highlanders by Katie Douglas – Extended Preview

They reached Milngavie by late afternoon and took two rooms at the inn, claiming Bridget was Callum’s wife to avoid attracting attention. Bridget’s core glowed when he said that to the innkeeper. She wished it were true.

“The horses need to drink,” Kieran said. He and Jacob took them to the stable, and Callum and Bridget went toward their room. She was excited that they were alone now, after she’d longed all day to spend time with only him. He took her hand, and the warmth of his big paw encircling her tiny fingers gave her chills. All the way up the stairs, she was very aware of his presence, leading her and protecting her at the same time.

Feeling brave, she laid herself out on the bed and raised her skirt.

“Well, husband, what would you do with me?” she asked teasingly.

“I should spank your naughty bottom for being so wanton, then I would fuck your cunny for the same reason,” Callum said.

Bridget blushed furiously at the bawdy words but she loved him all the more for saying them. Between her legs, something tingled. He knelt above her on the bed and leaned over, pressing his mouth against hers. She tasted his chocolaty spicy flavor, as he slid his tongue into her and claimed her mouth, reminding her that she was utterly under his control, that anything he cared to do with her was his for the taking. Besides, the innkeeper thought they were married.

She parted her legs, hoping he might take the hint that she needed him to decisively claim her once and for all. He ground his hardness against her pelvis, and the tartan fabric of his clothing felt softer than it looked, as it got between his cock and her sex.

Moaning, she tried to unfasten his kilt, but he grabbed her hands with his and positioned them above her head while he continued to plunder her mouth for her kisses. Powerless to undress him, she had no choice but to lie back and let him take what he wanted from her. With a low moan, she arched her back up toward him, hoping for some friction against her nipples as she kissed him back, savoring the spicy chocolate taste of his tongue.

Slowly relinquishing her lips, he trailed kisses down her neck, biting into the side of her neck hard and sucking on it, teasing the skin there with his tongue. An intense glow traveled straight from her neck to her clit, making it throb, by way of her nipples, which ached for attention. She strained against his hands, which still held her arms, as the sensation seemed too much to bear, before his mouth had reached her breasts.

While she writhed and shook, he sucked and licked at each nipple in turn, until they were harder than ever, and then he finally released her wrists and pulled his kilt up, letting his cock spring free. It looked larger than before, and she widened her eyes in fear. His cock had to be at least three of her fists in length, and she didn’t know if there would be enough room inside her body for it to fit in her. The veins on the surface stood out and the head pulsed slightly. Her mound was wet and there was a trickling feeling from her opening, as she watched in anticipation.

“Please, Callum, I need you inside me,” she moaned.

“Not yet, little lassie,” he told her, as he pumped his shaft in his fist a little, then slid it along the length of her slit, from her puckered bottom hole along the edge of her slick opening, then stroked her clit with his cock. She cried out as he continued using his cock to stroke her button. The pleasure was so intense she could hardly bear it, as sparkles of pure energy coursed through her body.

“Please?” she asked again, unable to withstand the fire he was stoking inside her.


His hand slapped against her pussy and she squeaked in surprise. At first there was a sting as his hand landed on her most sensitive area, but it very quickly turned to a tingle of desire as her body responded to him.


When his hand landed again, she raised her hips up toward him, needing his dominance as much as she needed his cock. He was in complete control of the situation and she couldn’t help moaning with desire. Being spanked against her sex excited her. The revelation was so shameless, but she moaned needfully again, and there was nothing she could do to stop herself, as the tingling sensations overtook her lower lips again.

“You like that, don’t you?” he growled.

She looked up at him, ashamed, and shook her head to deny it. How could something like this feel so delicious? How could it make her need him more? Why did she feel like this? It didn’t make any sense. When the duke had touched her roughly, she had hated it, and would have done anything for it not to be happening. But, when Callum spanked her like this, she wanted more.


This time, his palm was sharper as it slapped her clit, and the pain didn’t fade before the needy glow began. The two sensations combined and she melted slightly.

“Try again, and be truthful this time,” he told her.

Feeling caught out, she felt her face burning as she looked away and nodded.

“Good girl,” he told her, as though he already knew her darkest secrets, and was only waiting for her to tell him because he was a gentleman.


He landed another spank between her legs and she gurgled as her body ached for him, from her nipples to her hungry opening. She eyed his cock greedily as he put one hand on her stomach, filling her core with warmth and making her feel completely under his control while he held her down.

“Keep your legs open,” he told her in a low, dominant tone and she nodded, pulling her legs further apart to give him more access to her most private areas. He spanked her sex again, faster than before, keeping up a steady pace that made her throb between her legs and turn her head in an attempt to bury her face in the pillow so the innkeeper didn’t hear her cries of desire. Callum still held her fast with his big hand on her stomach, so she had no choice but to bite back her cries or let the whole inn know how she felt.

As he continued spanking her between her legs, she felt like she was building up to something incredible, the pain and pleasure mixing up and turning her topsy-turvy as her body writhed under his skilled hands. The desire inside her was so great that she didn’t think she could stand it much longer.

“Please, Callum, I’ll do anything you want, I just need to feel you inside me!” she begged. He regarded her with a knowing smile, then nodded.

“All right, lassie. I think you’re about ready, now.”

He positioned his tip at her entrance. His girth seemed so much bigger than her hole, which yearned for him to fill it, and she knew from conversations with other girls that this was bound to hurt at least a little.

He pushed into her in one swift movement and she felt like something inside her had broken. His shaft was just so much bigger than her opening; maybe she was defective or something, but his cock satisfied her hunger even as the pain made her want to cry out. A tear leaked from one of her eyes, and before she hid it, he had released one of her hands and he was brushing the tear from her face before kissing the spot where it had trickled.

“It’s all right, Bridget,” Callum reassured her. “That tight pussy will stretch, just give it a moment to get used to being filled. Perhaps you neglected to mention that you are a virgin, aye?”

She closed her eyes and tried to nod, but she couldn’t move a muscle because the pain was too all-consuming. Callum seemed to sense her struggle to control this, because he chose that moment to lift one of her ample breasts to his mouth and circle the nipple with his tongue, running over it lightly and making her gasp. By the time he’d finished giving the other breast the same treatment, his shaft still completely filled her, but in a far less painful way than before.

He began to move gently, and Bridget found it hard to work out how to move without it being awkward, until he tapped her nose and shook his head.

“Just lie still for me this time, lassie, and let me take care of you,” he told her. “Don’t move if it feels unnatural. There will be plenty of other times to figure that part out.”

She nodded, feeling grateful that he seemed to know exactly what to do, and thrilled at the idea that he might want to do this again, as he gently but powerfully fucked her cunny, just as he had told her he would. The feeling of his huge member deep inside her was the most exquisite thing she’d ever experienced in her life, and she never wanted him to stop. As she was dwelling on how good it felt, he pulled out of her and she looked up at him in surprise.

“Roll onto your right side,” he told her. She did so, unsure about what he wanted to do, then he lifted her left leg, taking her ankle between his hands and trailing kisses over the top of her foot. For some reason, that made her insides turn to jelly, then she felt his hands sliding from her foot, along her calf, then up her thigh, as he bent her leg then settled over her again. He was in the same position as before, but she was sideways.

When he slid himself back inside her, she gasped in amazement. It felt even better than before, and as he thrust into her deeply, an intense crackling energy seemed to be building very quickly inside her core. She turned her head to look up at him, and might have been about to say something, when a scorching torrent of tingles overtook her senses, filling every inch of her body with a fiery glow, making her flex her legs and arch her spine as she tried not to cry out too loudly.

In the heat of the moment, she could feel her tunnel clamping down on his big, hard cock, as he satisfied her completely. The sheer perfection of the moment was almost too much to bear as she climaxed.

Once the sparkles faded, he slid out of her, then turned her onto her back and stroked her cheek gently, as he gazed lovingly into her eyes.

“My turn now, lassie,” he told her, then entered her again in a swift movement. She shivered as she felt him inside her once more; her entire body was extremely sensitive and as he took her, his pelvis ground against her clit, filling her with a delicious warmth.

He began to increase his speed, and she felt herself getting close to coming. When he thrust into her harder than ever, still pinning her wrists above her head with his strong arms, she suspected he was about to fill her with his seed. The thought of it sent her over the edge and she writhed and contorted under him as he thrust into her once more, then she felt his liquid shooting deep into her, coating her insides with it, making her come even harder, as she was truly claimed by the devastatingly handsome Highlander.

After, he stilled then gently slid out from her, as she trembled with aftershocks and let him hold her and kiss her hair while they both recovered. In a stunned silence, she nestled her head against his chest and listened to his heartbeat. His arms encircled her and she felt cared for and safe.

Jacob wondered why Callum had gone to the trouble of renting rooms for the night when they usually made do with the ground and the sky, but when he passed the door to Callum and Bridget’s room, he heard fine well why they were indoors.

In the room he shared with Kieran, they took turns cleaning themselves up in the wash basin. When everything had been silent for several minutes, Jacob exchanged an amused look with Kieran.

“Seems like Bridget’s had quite a seeing-to,” Jacob remarked. “I think we should take care of her ourselves, too.”

Kieran laughed and nodded. Between them, they hatched a plan to play with her.

Jacob felt excited. He had never shared a woman before, and so far, he had found it more enjoyable than he’d expected. It didn’t sound like something any man would want, but in reality, it seemed to mean they got to do far hotter and more interesting things than he’d ever done with any girl before. And they hadn’t even had sex with her, yet.

“So how are we going to get her in here?” Jacob wondered.

Kieran suddenly turned to the door, and Jacob followed his gaze. When he saw Bridget standing in the doorway, holding some folded sheets, he frowned. Had she heard their conversation?

“The polite thing to do is to knock before entering someone’s room,” he chided her semi-sternly.

She seemed to recover herself, then, and she cocked her head defiantly.

“Don’t get your knickers in a twist; I’ll be quiet as the grave. I only came to bring your fresh linens for you as the innkeeper forgot to change them afore we took the rooms. Now, are you going to let me change the bed or would you rather threaten to stick pins under my nails or some such?”

“Oh, no, little lady. I’ve got a much better idea what we can do with a willful young lady who can’t be polite,” Kieran told her. Jacob caught his eye and saw it was twinkling with amusement. He’d been waiting for a reason to spank her, and Bridget had played straight into their hands.

“I think you can both go and whistle up a rope,” she retorted. In a moment, Jacob was across the room and closed his hands around her soft arms. Kieran swiftly joined him and took the sheets she held, placing them on the dresser, then closed the bedroom door.

“I think I saw a hairbrush in that drawer,” Jacob remarked, and Kieran grinned wickedly.

Jacob lifted Bridget off her feet and carried her to the bed, where he sat on the edge of it and arranged her over his knee. He slid her dress and petticoat up, and groaned softly when he saw the delicate white skin of her cheeks.

“I won’t let you do whatever you’re planning,” she blustered.

“You’re over my knee, your bottom is bared for me to see, and you cannae move. How do you plan to prevent me?” Jacob asked, as he gently caressed her bottom.

“Why are you doing this?” she demanded.

“Aye, it’s less of the ‘I won’t let you’ and more of the ‘why,’ now,” Kieran observed.

“We are doing this because you need to know who is in charge around here,” Jacob said. He admired her shapely curves as his hand trailed over her skin. He could feel his hardness pressing into her belly already.

“Ye dinnae have a very good attitude, lass, and we think it’s high time ye learn that we won’t stand for any nonsense,” Kieran added.

“Ye ken what this is, aye?” Jacob held the hairbrush in front of her face.

She nodded. “It’s for getting rid of tangles.”

“It’s got its other uses, too.” Kieran’s voice was filled with mirth. Jacob wondered how long they could keep this up before they just bent her over the nearest piece of furniture and filled her with their cocks. She was so hot, innocent, and feisty all at the same time, and he wanted her so much.

Jacob took the hairbrush from Kieran and swatted Bridget’s right bottom cheek with the back of it. It left a fine oval imprint that turned from white to red. She inhaled sharply and he watched her fists clench as she tried not to show how much this hurt. He wanted her to know she was his, just as much as she was Callum’s.

“You’re going to get six of these from me, then you’re going to thank me, then it’s Kieran’s turn to spank you,” Jacob told her conversationally. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Kieran nodding emphatically.

Liking symmetry, Jacob brought the back of the hairbrush down on her left cheek this time, and watched as it colored to match the other one. She gasped and squeezed her fists hard. Jacob landed the brush twice more, so there were four nice red marks on her white skin, then he paused for a moment and caressed her soft bottom with the tips of his fingers, lightly swirling them over the cool white and hot red areas. The contrast under his fingers was highly arousing. Before he’d been doing it for long, she moaned.

“This isn’t fair!” she complained.

“Are you not enjoying yourself down there?” Jacob asked.

She shook her head fervently and her black curls bounced on the wooden floor.

Suspecting she was lying, he put his hand between her legs and felt her sex. It was soaking wet and she cried out when he touched her most sensitive area.

“I think the next two swats should be extra hard because you’re not being very truthful, young lady.”

He brought the hairbrush down on the place where her thighs met her bottom cheeks, twice, hard, and delighted when she whimpered in surprise.

“What do you have to say for yourself?” he prompted her.

“Thank you.” Bridget said it through gritted teeth.

“Good girl. Now it’s Kieran’s turn.” Jacob tipped Bridget upright and got to his feet as her skirt tumbled back down to her ankles. Kieran gently led her to about three feet away from the window.

Kieran was delighted to be able to spank Bridget. He’d seen Jacob and Callum spanking her for various misdemeanors, and he had longed to do the same. Her shapely bottom lent itself to the purpose. Now, he had an idea about how to make it even more fun.

“Bend over and put your hands on the wooden sill,” he instructed her.

She shook her head and tried to step away, but he held her in place with two strong hands on her shoulders.

“I can’t do that! What if people see me?”

“Then they’ll ken that you’re being spanked, aye,” Kieran nodded. “I dinnae think anyone’s going to be looking, though. This road’s not busy. Now, come on, lass, I just told ye to do something.”

Hesitantly, she stepped back into view of the window, and Kieran grinned to himself. He caught Jacob’s eye and winked.

Kieran reached down and caught the hem of Bridget’s dress, then gently slid it up, until it sat in the small of her back. Her bare bottom was still pink from where Jacob had just spanked her. Kieran touched the little oval shapes and he grew hard as his fingers felt the warmth.

“When I tell ye to do something, lassie, I expect it done. Now, I’m going to spank you six times with this hairbrush, and you’re going to thank me for it, then suck my cock.”

“You cannot be serious!” she argued.

“I never joke about reddening a girl’s bottom,” Kieran replied.

“Well, actually, you do,” Jacob interjected.

Kieran grinned and nodded. “Aye, but I’m not joking this time!”

Before Bridget could argue any further, Kieran brought the hairbrush down on her sit-spot twice in rapid succession. Bridget squeaked and flew upright.

“Ye’ve just earned yourself one more, lassie. Bend over again.” He raised her skirt again and caught Jacob’s eye. “Can you hold her cheeks wide for me, please?”

“Gladly.” Jacob stepped forward and stood to the side of Bridget, taking one of her bottom cheeks in each hand and pulling them apart. Both men looked down and admired the slick, pink view.

Taking careful aim, Kieran put a steadying hand on Bridget’s back to keep her still, then he swatted her, landing the hairbrush either side of her bottom hole. She squeaked in surprise and stamped one of her feet as her sensitive skin began to redden. To Kieran’s amazement, her tiny rosebud twitched slightly. He caught Jacob’s eye, and the expression on the other man’s face told him that he had seen it, too. Looking down, Kieran could see Jacob had grown very hard from this. It mirrored his own predicament.

Kieran pressed the back of the hairbrush against Bridget’s skin and rubbed her bottom with it. She sighed thickly. When he decided he’d lulled her into a more relaxed state, he struck again, twice more, rapidly catching the skin in her bottom’s cleft. She squealed again and it was all he could do not to throw the brush down and bury himself deep in her soaking red slit, which was very visible from this angle.

“One more,” he told her. He saw her bottom stiffen as she tried to clench it although Jacob still held her cheeks firmly. Kieran knew exactly where the final swat was going. He brought the back of the hairbrush down on her bottom hole and delighted in her reaction. She yelped, let go of the windowsill, and tried to reach back to protect her bottom.

“One day soon, we’re going to put our cocks inside your bottom hole,” Jacob told her matter-of-factly. Kieran nodded in agreement. He couldn’t wait to take her in the ass.

“That was the last swat, lassie, now what do ye say?” he prompted. She glared at him, her face turning the same color as her bottom, and she looked at the floor, ashamed.

“Thank you,” she mumbled.

“Good girl. Now you’re going to suck my cock.” Kieran moved away from the window and unfastened his kilt. Bridget got down on her knees looking like she couldn’t make up her mind whether she was more embarrassed or aroused.

“I think she should take mine, after,” Jacob remarked. Kieran nodded with agreement. It was hot to watch Bridget pleasuring Jacob or Callum.

“Open your mouth,” Kieran told her. She obeyed, and he slid his cock between her lips, savoring the feeling of her mouth around his hard member. He stroked in a few times, gradually pushing inside deeper, until he hit the back of her throat. It felt so good to command her like this, to get her to do this. Her mouth was warm and the pressure from her sucking on his cock felt amazing. He seized her curls and began thrusting into her mouth quickly, while she massaged the shaft with her tongue. He wished this could go on forever, but soon, the amazing sensations built up until, with a cry, he shot his seed deeply into her throat.

With his cock still in her mouth, he leaned down and murmured, “Swallow it all, lassie.”

He watched her gulp down the hot liquid, then he patted her on the head and gently pulled out.

“I want you to suck my cock on the bed,” Jacob told her, and that gave Kieran an idea. He watched Jacob remove his kilt and lie back on the bed, his hardness curving upwards, then Bridget knelt beside him, turning sideways to reach his cock.

“Move your knees back a little and get your bottom up, legs slightly apart,” Kieran told her. She obeyed, giving him a perfect view of her red slit. He got underneath her and began licking her sex while she sucked Jacob’s cock. The taste of her was tangy, creamy, and completely intoxicating.

As Kieran lapped at Bridget’s juices, he occasionally thrust his tongue into her wet channel and delighted when she wriggled in response. He loved pleasuring her with his mouth.

He stroked her little button with his tongue, and she sighed through Jacob’s cock. Kieran saw Jacob press her head down and control her movements as he sped up thrusting into her throat, and at the same time, Kieran redoubled his efforts, slipping a finger into her silky channel as he licked her clit.

He pumped his finger in and out of her, savoring the way she rolled her hips and made little noises despite the fact her mouth was full. Her slick juices felt like satin against his finger when he pressed it deeply inside her while he continued to lick at her little morsel of flesh.

Soon, he felt her contracting around him and was aware that Jacob was coming at the same time, because Bridget moaned quietly then abruptly stopped, her cries of satisfaction replaced by a gulping sound. Her channel squeezed Kieran’s finger, and he felt her clit twitch and pulse above his tongue.

He gently slid his finger out and wrapped her up in a warm embrace on the bed, which Jacob joined. As they lay there in stunned silence, Kieran decided there were some definite perks to having a woman around.

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