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Captured for Their Use by Ivy Barrett – Extended Preview

She finally calmed down enough to speak without losing it completely. “I’ll try, but it might work better if we switch things around. I’ll be more in control, more willing to submit if one of you fucks me first. You can punish me after.”

Someone smacked her behind, renewing the heat that had just begun to build when Galzar got curious about Ram’s ‘tool’ chest.

“We don’t want you in control, silly girl. Controlling the situation is our job.” Galzar’s hand fell hard and fast, moving over both cheeks until her entire butt felt hot and stingy. As if responding to a signal from Ram, Galzar suddenly stopped. His warm hand slid down her back once, then disappeared.

She couldn’t see through the blindfold, not even movement or light. The restriction made her feel even more helpless, but her other senses came alive. The subtle creak of synth-leather boots told her Galzar hadn’t left. He still stood beside the bed on her right. She wasn’t sure where Ram was or what he intended, other than demonstrating his power over her, power she was willingly giving him. “Master, what are you going to do? I’d rather know ahead of time.”

“No.” Ram said nothing more.

She heard quiet footsteps but couldn’t tell which one moved. Were they both beside the bed now or both behind her? As if they heard the question, someone pulled her bottom cheeks apart. “Wait!” She reared nearly off the bed and twisted around. “What are you doing? I thought you were going to punish me first.” She wasn’t sure what she dreaded more, another painful spanking with whatever Ram had chosen from the cabinet or feeling Galzar’s cock stretching her back passage.

“Head down,” Ram snapped.

Reluctantly, she returned to her original position. Her reaction hadn’t bought her anything anyway. She couldn’t see what they were up to, could only wait and find out, which was why they’d blindfolded her, of course.

“You’ve never been ass-fucked before.” Galzar’s voice was even deeper than before. “Ram suggested, and I agree, that we prepare you before I claim that tight little hole.” Fingers smeared something slick and warm around her sensitive pucker, then one of those fingers pushed against the opening. “Let me in, sweetness. Stop trying to keep me out. It will hurt even more if you resist.”

If Galzar was trying to finger her ass, then Ram was holding her open. There was definitely a hand on each side. A shiver dropped down her spine, and her clit twitched. She squeezed her eyes shut, not nearly ready to admit that she was curious, maybe even a little turned on by the idea of being ‘claimed’ in that dark and dirty way.

Galzar’s finger breached her ring, spreading the muscles as he slid steadily inward. “That’s right, relax, and let me enjoy my mate.”

“Your body belongs to us,” Ram joined in. “Every hole is now ours to use in any way we want. And we both want all of you.”

She moaned and her pussy clenched, which tightened her inner muscles around Galzar’s finger.

“You like that idea.” Galzar slid in and out, teaching her final opening how to pleasure her mates. “Do you want my cock here?”

She couldn’t make herself say it, but she helplessly raised her hips. This felt so damn naughty.

Galzar eased a second lubed finger in beside the first and continued the teasing motion.

Soon she felt an orgasm building deep inside her. “Can I come? Please, I really need to come.”

There was a pause as if they were debating, then Galzar said, “Not yet. Fight it off. It’s too soon for pleasure.”

She let out an exasperated cry but forced the sensations away using a combination of breathing techniques and stubbornness.

Galzar removed his fingers and pressed something blunt against her back opening. “This is bigger than my fingers, so stay nice and relaxed.”

Sure, no problem. She loved having things shoved up her ass. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly as Galzar pushed the object inside. It felt like a butt plug, smooth and tapered, then narrow again. She’d seen images of them on the internet, but that’s as close as she ever thought she’d come to one. She instinctively tightened around the narrow part, which made the rest feel even more intrusive. Was that it? Was Galzar done preparing her? Somehow, she didn’t think it would be that simple.

“That stays in while Ram disciplines you,” Galzar told her.

“Yes, Sir,” she whispered, on the verge of tears again.

“Don’t hold back your emotions, sweet pet. You need to let them out.” As if to ensure her obedience, Ram snapped the unseen implement and fire exploded across her entire ass.

Celeste screamed, coming up off the bed as she reached back to rub her burning bottom.

“Head down. Arms forward,” Ram cautioned. “Galzar, let her hold on to you. This early in her training, she will not be able to hold still.”

She hadn’t known what to expect, but that thing hurt much worse than the belt. And it had multiple strands, or tails, or tentacles. She didn’t even want to picture what an alien used for discipline.

She heard Galzar sit on the bed, and then he guided her back down. “My arm is right in front of your hands. I won’t restrain you. This must be your decision, but you can hold on to me as tightly as you like.”

It would keep her hands off her ass and away from whatever Ram was swinging, so she gladly accepted the offer. Galzar felt strong and warm, an anchor in a rising sea of torment. Ram swung again, and another scream tore from her throat. Knowing what to expect didn’t help at all. “It really, really hurts.” She was sobbing openly now, hating it, even as her traitorous body began to respond to the searing heat and breath-stealing pain.

A burst of sensation was followed by another, and Celeste began to beg. “Stop, please stop!”

Ram ignored her cries, delivering six lashes before he paused. She exhaled harshly, thinking it was over. Then Ram slowly drew back on the butt plug. Her pucker stretched around the fullest part, holding her open, making her feel vulnerable and exposed. She dug her fingers into Galzar’s arm, shaking with the need to toss her hips, or lurch forward and escape the pressure.

“Steady,” Galzar whispered, brushing her hair back from her face. “He’s showing you what it will feel like when I’m inside you, how much you’ll need to surrender to pleasure your mates.”

With the plug still holding her open, Ram lightly rubbed her clit. “If you can come right now,” Ram said, “we’ll let you, but it must be right now.”

She tried, but it felt so strange, and her butt cheeks throbbed horrendously. “I can’t,” she cried in frustration, and Ram pushed the plug deep again. She sobbed, miserable and angry.

“Maybe next time,” Galzar said. “The offer stands.”

And then it started all over again, Ram punished her ass with the unseen whip. The searing lashes fell in agonizing groups large enough to cover one entire cheek. He swung fast several times, then slow, never using a predictable rhythm. She bucked and twisted, tossing her head as she screamed bloody murder.

By the time Ram teased her with the plug for the second time, she was furious. “Fuck me now, or stop! This halfway shit is torture.”

Ram smacked her still-stinging ass with his hand, unleashing a fresh wave of fire. “You will have Galzar’s cock when we say you’re ready. Clearly, you’re not ready yet. You have no control, no power. You are a vessel waiting to be filled.” He pushed the plug all the way in then something made it feel bigger.

She moaned and bit back a string of curses that would have made them blush. She was more than an empty vessel. She had a mind and emotions of her own. Her will was not easily broken!

“We are not trying to break you, pet,” Ram touched her back, the heat of his palm sinking into her sweat-dampened skin. “We are trying to free you.”

She hadn’t realized she said it out loud. “I don’t understand,” she whispered. Not being able to see them was adding to her insecurity.

“You are evolving, and so are we. I want things I wouldn’t have considered two weeks ago. Galzar feels the same,” Ram said, his fingers skimming her inflamed skin. “Your new body craves pain as much as pleasure. All you need to do is let go.”

That made it sound so easy, but he wasn’t the one expected to give in.

“Tell Ram you’re sorry and we’ll continue,” Galzar said, his hand resting on the back of her neck. He wasn’t really holding her down, just reminding her of their expectations.

They were ganging up on her now. Galzar was supposed to be the nice one. “I’m sorry.” Fucking assholes! She thought she’d gotten away with it until she heard their laughter in her mind.

Such language, Ram chided as he reached around and pinched one of her nipples.

And we haven’t even fucked your asshole. Yet. Galzar stressed the last word as Ram drew the plug back until the fullest part spread her wide. “I’m even bigger than that, sweet mate. Are you sure you don’t want Ram to continue?”

“Yes, continue,” she sobbed. “Just let me come.”

“We’re not stopping you,” Ram reminded her. “Your fear of the unknown and your mistrust of us are holding you back. Let go, and the pleasure will come.” The plug expanded again, stretching her until her opening burned. Then he rubbed her clit, lingering longer than before.

She tried to relax, tried to accept what he was giving her, but release hovered just out of reach.

“Too bad,” Ram muttered. “I want to pleasure you, but you won’t let me.” He drove the plug deep again, then switched back to administering pain.

A subtle swish preceded each burst of agony. Soon her ass and the back of her thighs throbbed in one miserable rhythm. But each time she was sure she couldn’t take any more, Ram paused and tormented her with the wicked butt plug and his incessantly rubbing fingers. He knew damn well she couldn’t come, but he kept her arousal smoldering, simmering with desperate need.

One cycle blend into another in an endless swell of sensation. She was dizzy and shaking by the time Ram drew the plug out completely. Her screams had become whimpers, and nothing felt quite real. She was barely able to stand, her legs threatening to buckle.

Ram drew her up off the bed and turned her to face him. Easing the blindfold off, he said, “Look at me, mate.”

She blinked, grasping his upper arms for stability. His lavender gaze shone with emotions she’d never seen there before: approval and encouragement. “You did extremely well.” Not giving her an opportunity to reply, he covered her mouth with his and rewarded her with a long, passionate kiss. His lips moved over and against hers, tongue patiently seeking rather than demanding her surrender.

Hungry for affection, she closed her eyes and pressed against him. She rocked to the balls of her feet, bringing her mouth closer to his. His smell filled her nose, and his spicy taste coated her tongue, making her dizzy and restless. He shifted back, and she started to follow, but he slipped one of his hands between her thighs.

Come for me, pet. Ram pushed the thought into her mind as his fingers settled over her clit, rubbing with a firm, circular motion. Come right now.

Without analyzing the command, she simply obeyed. Long-denied pleasure ignited in a powerful burst, then rippled out to every part of her body. She clung to him, lost to everything but the sensations he was giving her.

Ram’s fingers prolonged the spasms as Galzar turned her head sharply to the side and took control of her mouth. His taste was different, just as evocative, yet uniquely his. It was like comparing nutmeg to cinnamon. She moved one of her hands to his face as she eagerly returned the kiss.

She floated down slowly, sated, almost sleepy. Galzar eased back and smiled as she blinked her eyes open.

“Ready for the real thing, sweetness?”

She shook her head, then nodded. She was so pheromone drunk that she didn’t know what she wanted.

“Dopamine and endorphins,” Ram told her. “That’s what your body releases when you come. With a bit more training, I’ll show you that you can get there through pain just as easily as pleasure.”

“Kneel on the bed,” Galzar directed. “I’m not sure your legs will support you while we do this.”

She wasn’t either, but it hurt to move. Suddenly her mates worked together to position her on the bed, knees bent, shoulders lowered, and her head resting on her folded arms. She was pretty sure her punishment was over, but this still felt punitive.

No, Galzar needed to control her, to use her warm and willing body in any way he saw fit. She pressed her teeth into her lower lip. The concept ran so contrary to everything she’d been taught, everything she’d worked for during her life on Earth.

This isn’t Earth, and they aren’t human. She paraphrased their favorite reminder, knowing they were right. The cultural standards she’d been raised with were irrelevant now. She must adapt to this new reality if she hoped to find anything resembling happiness.

She felt more warm lube being applied, and then Galzar said, “Here we go.” His blunt cock head pressed against her pucker and her eyes widened. He felt much bigger than the plug. His hand stroked down her back, then he grasped her hips and drove forward, opening her reluctant hole by humiliating degrees.

Her bottom stretched and a sharp sting cut through the heat and throbbing left behind by Ram’s harsh punishment. She clutched the bedding, fighting not to grit her teeth. Instinct told her to buck and fight, crawl forward and escape the penetration. And he had barely begun!

“Relax, pet.” Ram was suddenly there beside her, rubbing her back. “Don’t make this harder on yourself.” His touch was shockingly gentle after what he’d done to her, and there was no denying the compassion in his gaze.

She focused on his face and let her body go lax. It was easier to remember this wasn’t Earth while looking at his alien features and the strange white markings on his blue-black skin.

Galzar pushed in deeper, and fullness joined the sting.

“Will it always hurt like this?” The question escaped with a shuddering breath and tears slipped from the corners of her eyes.

“The pain is nearly over,” Ram assured her. “The human body is incredibly resilient. You can and will acclimate to this.”

Galzar thrust again, giving her more length this time. She gasped, but it hadn’t really hurt, just intensified the fullness. He paused to smear her widely stretched opening with more of the silky lube, and then fed the rest of his massive shaft into her trembling body.

“Good girl,” Galzar muttered as he gave her time to adjust. “You took it all, like a sweet little submissive.”

She sucked in a breath at the term. She had always equated submission with weakness. Beta dogs submitted to the alpha. Strong, independent career women didn’t submit to anyone.

He pulled back, paused, then thrust deep again. She cried out, but the struggle was in her mind, not her body. As Ram predicted, her body had adjusted to Galzar’s girth and seemed to welcome the fullness as he slid in and out. But he was fucking her, using her in the most base, filthy way possible.

And she was kneeling here letting him do it!

Furious with herself, she unfolded her arms and moved her legs farther apart. Then she rocked back into Galzar’s next thrust, taking his entire length in one brutal drive. She cried out but embraced the pain because she’d caused it, not him.

“Stop it,” Galzar commanded, holding still deep inside her. “If I want help, I’ll tell you to move.”

She tossed her hair out of her face and rocked forward and back several times, fucking herself on his long, hard cock. It felt good now, primal and rebellious. She moved even faster, not caring how much she hurt in the morning.

With a frustrated growl, Galzar pulled out. “I thought you’d had enough punishment for one night. Apparently not.”

She turned her head and glared at him, unfolding her knees, so her sore behind no longer touched her calves. “What? You don’t like being fucked by my tight little asshole? Well, the feeling is mutual.”

Galzar flew around to the side of the bed, grabbing her arms and jerking her forward. She cried out as she sprawled on her stomach, but he was on top of her before she could do more than launch one awkward kick. All she accomplished with the useless maneuver was reigniting the throbbing in her punished ass.

None too gently, Galzar kneed her legs apart and found her well-lubed hole. He held her motionless with his strong arms and the weight of his body as he drove his entire length back into her ass. “Is this what you really want?” he whispered into her ear. “Do you like it best when you’re pinned beneath me, utterly helpless while I use you?” Holding her firmly, he pumped into her fast and hard.

Celeste screamed in frustration and defeat, but quickly found it was easier to be overwhelmed than to offer her submission. His cock pounded into her, stealing her breath with its inescapable fullness. She was helpless, powerless, his to do with as he wanted, his to ravish and use.


The word echoed, and she finally let go, allowing her body to take over. Her nipples rubbed against the bedding as Galzar moved against her back. Each time his pelvis slammed against her sore cheeks, pain ricocheted through her abdomen. Her clit tingled, her pussy fluttered, and she let out a plaintive cry. “I’m going to come. Please, let me come.”

“Come,” Galzar ordered, but his savage thrusting didn’t slow or gentle.

She clenched her inner muscles and wiggled against the bed, and the orgasm burst inside her. Sensations blasted in powerful waves and her core pulsed, pulling her back passage even tighter around Galzar’s surging cock.

He shouted a phrase she didn’t understand and then shuddered violently. His cock bucked, and hot seed painted her inner walls. She cried out again as his cum prolonged her orgasm. The strongest head rush yet sent her sailing right out of her body. She floated and soared, utterly lost in blissful oblivion.

When she returned to reality, she was on her back, sideways across the bed. Galzar had her legs draped over his shoulders as he tongue-fucked her pussy.

Ram carefully lowered her head over the side of the bed. Their gazes met briefly, then he rubbed her lips with the wet tip of his cock. “Open, sweet slave. I have need of your mouth.”

With a dreamy smile, she parted her lips and sucked him deep inside.

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