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Captured Innocence: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

“Sophia. We need to talk.”

“We don’t have a single thing to talk about, Mattia. Just go.”

“I can’t do that.”

I gave him a hateful look then rushed up the stairs, flying toward my room. He was right behind me.

“Sophia. Why are you running away? I’m not going to hurt you.”

“Yes, you will.” My feet pounded on the floor, my heels slowing me down. But I reached my room, able to slam and lock the door. Then I backed away, trying to catch my breath. “That’s what you do. You hurt people. You kill those important to others. Why?”

“You already know what I’m required to do, which isn’t something you don’t understand. But I would never hurt you or anyone you consider special in your life. I’m a bad man, maybe even evil. But not with you. Not around you.”

God, I wanted to believe him. I cinched my eyes shut, my body tensing to the point my joints ached. “Just go away.” If he didn’t, my resolve would crumble. I knew it. I felt it.

I hated myself because of it.

He tried the handle, rattling it several times.

“Sophia. Let me in. I just want to talk.”

“Get out, Mattia. I don’t want you here. We have nothing to talk about.”

I could hear him mumbling in Italian. “This is ridiculous. We’re adults.”

“So what? You’re a murderer.”

He said nothing, but I sensed his continued presence. As the seconds ticked by, I pressed the back of my hand across my lips. Then I took a deep breath. Maybe he’d left.

At least I’d be returning to Paris within a couple of days. I could avoid him until then. Then I’d do everything in my power to shove the memories into a padlocked box, never to be opened again.

Swallowing hard, I felt the tension begin to leave.

Then I heard a slight crack seconds before the door was kicked in, Mattia taking a long stride into the room.

I threw my hand out, shaking my head. “I told you to get the hell away from me and stay away.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that, bellissima principessa.” His grin was seductive, as evil as the man.

And I wouldn’t succumb to him no matter what he did. I stood my ground, glaring at him as he advanced. “I don’t belong to you and never will.”

“That’s where you’re wrong.” He closed the door behind him, advancing like a predator. He wore a knowing smile, as if there was something he needed to tell me but would keep it a secret until the last minute. As always, he was insanely gorgeous, his dangerous persona adding to the incredible electricity sparking between us.

I couldn’t deny my attraction or the fact it felt as if we were meant to be together. Even though the tiny voice in the back of my mind nagged at me, adding reminders that I shouldn’t want him, my body was a treacherous bitch.

Frozen on the spot, I struggled to try to breathe while my heated gaze fell down the length of him, finally settling on his salacious smile.

My nipples ached, hard as diamonds as they pressed against the silky material of my dress. I was wet, my panties damp and as he approached, I could feel the pulse in my neck ticking, increasing to the point lights were flashing in front of my eyes.

“You are the most beautiful creature on the face of this earth.” His words reverberated, sending another wave of tingles spreading like wildfire throughout my body.

I licked my parched lips, shaking my head slowly. “I don’t want you.”

Mattia took a deep breath, holding it while his long eyelashes skimmed his chiseled cheeks. My God. To think I was mesmerized by this man was insane.

Yet I was.

“Your scent tells me otherwise, sweet kitten. You’re as famished as I am. Tonight, we continue what will be the beginning of the rest of our lives. Together.”

Now I knew for certain he was insane. As he reached for his belt, the spell was finally broken. I jerked backward, realizing that there was no way I could reach the door without going through him. I snapped my hand around the lamp, jerking the cord from the wall and tossing it at him.

He laughed, deflecting it easily, the thick brass tumbling several feet away, crashing onto the floor. Then I grabbed the book I’d been reading, pitching at his head. A glancing blow was struck and he gave me a stern look, a single thick, sexy eyebrow lifting.

“What a bad girl. You’re going to be so delightful to tame.” He continued to unfasten his belt and I shifted from one foot to the other.

Then I bolted, trying to go in a huge arc around him. But he caught me easily, wrapping his arm around my waist and jerking me against him. Then he issued a tsking sound as he shook his head again, allowing an explosive breath to cascade across my cheek.

I shivered to my core, slamming my palms against his chest. Somehow, I knew I wasn’t going anywhere. Screaming was useless, the bedroom wing on the opposite side of the massive estate, the music also preventing anyone from hearing me.

And in truth, I didn’t want to escape, the man’s presence keeping me fully aroused. How could I want this? I bit my lower lip, glaring at him hatefully. When he tugged on his belt, a tiny part of me wanted to run my fingers across the grains of leather. His eyes remained hooded, his chest rising and falling.

When he jerked the thick strap free, I was certain he was going to spank me with it. Instead, he tossed it onto the bed, fisting my hair and lowering his head until our lips were almost touching.

“What are you doing?” I whispered.

“First, I’m going to kiss you. Then I’m going to fuck you.” He intertwined his fingers in my hair, keeping our lips only centimeters apart.

My entire mind was foggy, the twinkling lights shimmering in front of my eyes changing colors. I wanted to hate the man, to push him away, but the explosive heat was the only thing guiding me.

He crushed his mouth over mine, holding our lips together as he ground his hips. I couldn’t stop shaking, no longer able to feel my legs. He opened my mouth slowly, capturing the first moan I issued. I wondered if he’d catch them all. He shifted back and forth as he slipped his tongue inside, mimicking the sensual dance we’d done the night before.

The strangest thing was that I felt safe in his arms, as if nothing and no one could ever hurt me. Even though I remained tense, I slid an arm over his shoulder, brushing the tips of my fingers across the thick cords in his neck. There wasn’t a single inch of his body that wasn’t muscular, honed to perfection.

I shuddered audibly, his growl following. We were nothing but primal animals fulfilling an intense need. He continued swaying back and forth until finally, I started to relax. That’s when his tongue dominated mine, sweeping back and forth as he explored the dark recesses. The tangy taste of scotch mixed with a hint of cinnamon this time, the combination of flavors keeping the fire burning red-hot.

Everything about the moment was as confusing as it was exciting. I felt as if I was betraying my sister yet the thought of never seeing him again was unacceptable. He lifted me off my feet, spinning me around as the heated kiss continued. First one heel was tossed aside then the other. When he lowered me to my feet, he crawled one hand down my side, sliding his fingers underneath my dress.

I tensed, gasping into his mouth the second he swirled the tip of his finger around my lace-covered clit. Then he broke the kiss, taking several ragged breaths, pushing his hand under my chin.

“My wet baby,” he growled then raked his teeth from one side of my jaw to the other.


“You’re such a bad liar.” His chuckle was dark and unforgiving, setting another wave of electric jolts dancing down my spine. I kneaded his chest before struggling to unfasten a button, allowing me better access to his carved chest.

“Remember, bellissima principessa, you will never be in control.”

The words should be a turn-off, but they were just the opposite, pushing my thoughts into a blissful fog.

Before I realized it, he’d moved me to the edge of the bed, using his upper body strength to gently ease me down ever so slowly. Then he backed away, yanking off his shirt within seconds.

I remained trembling as I watched him undress, this time taking his time as if there was no one else around but the two of us. The fact everything about him remained intoxicating was no longer a surprise. He was always in complete control of his actions, his emotions and everything and everyone around him.

In truth, I could learn something from him, studying his methodologies in handling people. For now, I was allowing myself another gift, basking in his stunning physique. When he was fully undressed, I licked my lips involuntarily in appreciation. I leaned back on the bed, my mouth watering at the sight of his purple cockhead, his shaft throbbing. Even the veins on both sides were attractive, just like the slight curve I hadn’t noticed before.

Maybe that’s why I’d orgasmed so quickly.

“No woman has ever looked at me with such intense desire.”

“I doubt that.”

“It’s true, baby girl.” When he approached, I didn’t tense, instead reaching out, using the tip of my index finger, sliding it ever so slowly down the vein on his cock to his balls. Then I glanced into his hooded eyes, caught up in the shimmering darkness as he offered a glimpse of his soul.

While brief, I was stunned by the depth, something I hadn’t expected. Yet as soon as I allowed myself to be mesmerized it was gone. He placed his knee onto the bed, quickly removing my dress. Then he cupped both breasts as he slowly lowered me to the bed.

“The filthy things I want to do to you. And I will in time.” He straddled my thighs, lowering his head and swirling his tongue around one nipple then the other. “Hands over your head.”

His voice was dark, barely a whisper and for some crazy reason, I obeyed him without hesitation. I couldn’t blink, refused to take a deep breath as I watched him caressing me, biting then licking my hardened buds, taking his time.

Seconds later, I closed my eyes, biting my lower lip to keep from making a single sound. He felt the weight change and when he pressed his lips between my breasts, I arched my back.


“My good girl. Don’t move.” He laughed softly and continued kissing and licking my overheated skin, tickling sensations following.

I took several scattered breaths, fighting to get enough air into my lungs as he continued his exploration. The need for him only increased as he eased down, dragging his tongue down my stomach, rolling the tip around my bellybutton. When he slipped his fingers under the thin elastic of my thong, I bit my bottom lip to keep from screaming.

I didn’t want to risk the chance of anyone interrupting us, the private moment something I would keep secret.

Just like the one from before.

Admonishing myself wasn’t on the menu and I shoved it aside. I was a big girl. I could make my own decisions. Beseechingly slowly, he eased my panties down my legs, freeing me of the hindrance only a few seconds later.

Blinking rapidly, a sudden wave of embarrassment washed over me as he lifted and pushed my knees against the comforter. Yet if he noticed it wasn’t obvious, or maybe he was far too thirsty, dropping his head and burying his face into my wetness.

“Oh. God. Oh. My. God.” I laughed nervously, tossing my head from side to side. Tonight, there would be no tender touch, no gentleness as I’d experienced the night before. On this night, he was commanding my body to become his, refusing to accept that I was the innocent flower as he’d called me before.

And I certainly didn’t want to be, preferring to bask in the wave of filth and sin as he claimed every inch of me. I kept my back arched, struggling to hold my arms in place as required, forced to clasp my fingers together or my obedience would fail.

He issued a series of guttural sounds as he swirled his tongue around my clit several times. Then he pulled the tender tissue into his mouth as he wrapped both his arms around my thighs, keeping me wide open. I’d never felt so exposed or vulnerable, yet it was freeing, which wasn’t something I’d expected.

“Oh… that feels so… good.” I was almost incoherent, tossing my head back and forth as he licked all the way down the length of my pussy before burying his tongue into my aching channel. Then he licked me as if a man who’d spent a year in the desert, so thirsty he couldn’t stop.

With every animalistic sound he made, every swipe of his rough tongue, I was pulled closer to nirvana. When he dared add a single finger, pumping in and out slowly, I bucked my hips, now gasping for air greedily. I heard my scattered moans and didn’t care, the bliss the man was providing something I’d fantasized about, trying to achieve with my cheap vibrator.

It had never worked.

The man’s tongue was lethal. The moment he added two additional fingers, flexing them open as he thrust hard and fast, I was pushed to the point of no return.

“Oh. Oh. Oh! I’m going to…” I couldn’t make out the single word before the orgasm shattered through me like glass pummeled by a hammer. I jerked up from the bed, no sound coming from my throat. I couldn’t see, couldn’t think clearly, and if this was what ecstasy was like, I never wanted it to end.

“That’s it, sweet kitten. Come for me. Let it go.”

It was as if I’d never be able to ignore his command. I bucked hard as another wave of sensations tore through me, thoughts in my mind spinning out of control. How could anything so dark and dangerous feel so spectacular?

He refused to let me go, feasting until he obtained his fill, my body ravaged into exhaustion. When he finally pulled back, he rose onto his knees, glancing down at me with a hard-edged look.

The man was a true savage but he’d let his guard down with me. Perhaps it was his gift in return, allowing me to catch a glimpse of the broken man inside, someone who’d never been allowed a chance at happiness. He raked his hands through his hair before moving between my legs.

As he lowered his body, our eyes locked together and suddenly all time stopped. There was no pretense, no additional foreplay as there had been the night before. He was far too taken by the beast that lurked inside of him, experiencing a dark craving that I knew would eventually consume us both.

A gasp rushed up from my throat as he thrust the entire length of his cock inside, my pussy muscles spasming almost immediately.

“God, even tighter,” he muttered, taking several deep breaths. He pulled out, plunging into me again, the force he used rocking the bed.

I threw both legs around him, wrapping my feet together. He pulled away, a dangerous smile curling on his lips, his eyes darting back and forth.

“You’re such a bad girl. What will I do with you?”

The question was rhetorical. He would do any damn thing he wanted to me. We both knew it. I was his secret little prisoner, a kitten held captive, longing for a bowl of sweet milk. He was my gluttonous craving, a taste of forbidden fruit. And he’d be my greatest secret, one I promised myself to take to the grave.

Mattia developed a rhythm, driving in long and even strokes, pressing one hand against the bedding so he could study my every reaction. I adored the glassiness to his eyes, the way his pupils had dilated just like mine. The ache in my pussy from the night before was quickly replaced with such euphoria I couldn’t catch my breath.

I rolled one hand over his shoulder, marveling in how his muscles felt under the tips of my fingers. Being lost in him wasn’t nearly as horrible as I’d believed.

“Oh, yes. So good.”

He grinned after hearing my words, yanking one of my legs up even higher. Then he pressed his lips against the inside of my thigh, driving the tickling sensations to a higher level. I couldn’t believe the continuous jolts of electricity soaring from one of us to the other, keeping us tethered together. Would that last? Would I feel his presence any time he was close? A part of me wanted to, hoping that we would always feel this close.

Even if I knew better.

People like us weren’t destined to be happy. That wasn’t allowed, karma precluding the chance to capture joy. I willed the ugliness away, raking my nails down his chest. I wanted to leave a mark, to have something he could remember me by.

He might think I was his prisoner, but I would escape his clutches one way or the other. Maybe I wanted to see if the predator would initiate a hunt. Or just keep me in close proximity until the time was right, attaching a leash to a collar. The thought was as exciting as it was intriguing.

As his muscles continued to tense, I was certain he was ready to fill me with his seed.

But I was wrong.

He pulled all the way out and I reacted immediately, whimpering as I experienced the loss. Grinning, he wagged his finger.

“Don’t worry, bellissima principessa. I’m not finished with you yet. My appetite is far too significant.” He backed away, easing me up from the bed then tossing me onto all fours.

Squealing, I reacted instinctively, fighting to crawl and claw my way off the bed. I was quickly handled, the man yanking his belt from the comforter, wrapping the thick leather around my throat, shoving the end through the buckle. Before I could react, he’d pulled the strap all the way through, encircling my neck. Then he tugged with enough force, I was jerked back by a few inches.

“Bad little girls are chained. Is that what you want, my little kitten? Do I need to restrain you when I fuck every hole?” He cracked his hand from one side of my bottom to the other, the stinging sensations instant and I yelped. “Do I need to punish you every day until you surrender?”

I pushed up from the bed with one hand, using the other to try to dig my fingers under the strap. He was having none of it, allowing me to see when he wrapped the end around his hand, his grip firm. I wasn’t going anywhere until he allowed it.

“Now, I’m going to finish fucking you just like you deserve. Next time, I’ll take your tight asshole.”

His filthy words were such a powerful aphrodisiac that I couldn’t react. When he pulled on the belt, squeezing my neck, I should have become terrified, but another wave of excitement tore through me, my core heated to an explosive level. My reaction was crazy, my behavior totally unusual, but everything about the man brought such incredible desire that I was simply left breathless.

He reared back onto his knees, using his other hand to return the tip of his cock just inside my aching pussy. Then he slowly pushed the full length into my womb.

Gasping, I closed my eyes, kneading the bed like a kitty cat would do, mewing softly as he started to fuck me. Within seconds, his actions became more brutal, the hard slapping of his hips against my bruised ass mixing with our animalistic sounds. He tightened the belt even more, narrowing the passage of air until another series of stars floated in front of my eyes.

Un giorno potrò fotterti a qualsiasi ora e in qualsiasi momento che desidero. E lo farò, dolce principessa. Lo farò.”

His words created an entire wave of moans, my heart thudding against my chest.

One day I’ll be able to fuck you any hour and at any moment that I crave. And I will, sweet princess. I will.

With my eyes cinched shut, my heart reverberating in my ears, his whispered words echoed. They also scintillated. And I wasn’t just lost in the man. I was spun in a web of gold, cocooned until the time was right.

Whether a month, a year, or longer, I would wait for him.

The man who’d taken my innocence and in turn, provided me with the greatest gift of all.

An awakening of my soul.

As he fucked me long and hard, the belt tightening even more, I was reminded how alive he made me feel. And how wanted.

“My beautiful baby. My perfect princess. Come for me. Come with me.”

His command was husky yet driven, his needs as intense as mine. And there no way I would ever disobey him again.

As a climax slowly drifted into my body, I knew without a doubt he was ready to erupt deep inside. I squeezed my muscles, the powerful orgasm sweeping through me like another torrent of wildfire.

The sweet release was entirely different, the tumultuous flames crisscrossing every inch of my body likely leaving permanent scars. He twisted his hand around the thick strap, cinching the belt around my neck, erupting deep inside as a single orgasm turned into a cataclysm of electricity. And in those glorious moments as surreal ecstasy powered through me, I knew without a doubt the monstrous man with the eyes of a devil had already captured my heart.

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