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Captured Pawn: A Dark Mafia Romance by Livia Grant – Extended Preview

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Why the hell hadn’t I stayed in bed? I mean, where the hell was I gonna go in the middle of the night in a T-shirt and nothing else? At least last time I’d had a dress and panties.

Each thing he pulled out of that damn leather duffle bag was scarier than the last. I knew what the whips, crops, and paddles were. It was when he started pulling more confusing… more intimate things out… that’s when I truly became afraid. Only, if I were even half truthful with myself, it wasn’t Nick Knight I was most afraid of. The uncomfortable heat that had ignited between my legs was what scared me to death. He was the enemy. The devil. I hated my body for forgetting that.

“What the hell is that thing?” I mustered the courage to ask as he held up what looked to be a small glass dildo.

“This little thing? It’s tonight’s reminder of who is in charge now.” He set it down and picked up another one that was almost identical, but longer and thicker. “And if you are a naughty girl tomorrow, this will be tomorrow night’s reminder.” He picked up the third one, this one easily twice as long and obscenely thick, and added, “And I sure hope you learn to behave before I need to use this bad boy. I don’t think you’ll get a wink of sleep with him riding along for the night.”

My mind was racing, trying to figure out his threats. I mean, let’s be real. I wasn’t the most experienced sexually, but I’d dated in college. What girl doesn’t like a long, hard cock? After all, size does matter. But… it was the way his eyes gleamed with much too much glee that told me I was missing something.

I didn’t have time to figure things out before he crawled up onto the foot of the bed. I yanked on the rope, trying to free myself, but it was no use, so I did the next best thing—started kicking, trying to keep him off of me. Surely, he wasn’t going to rape me? Matty would never have asked him to watch over me if he thought that was even a possibility.

His laughter filled the room as he easily grabbed my ankles. In seconds he had me flipped over onto my stomach and the bastard had the audacity to straddle my legs, easily holding me down.

The damn T-shirt had ridden up and the jerk had the nerve to palm the cheeks of my ass, as if admiring the marks he’d left behind from the spanking in the gazebo. That he was ogling and manhandling me was bad enough, but when Nick moved his hands down to grab my hips and yank my bottom up into the air until I was kneeling, I couldn’t help but squeal.

I tried my best to get free, but he was sitting on my feet. As I flailed, he spanked my ass in a fast volley, warning me to “Settle down.”

Thank God my face was buried in the pillow so he couldn’t see the heat flashing across my cheeks as I felt a cold dribble of wetness… not in my pussy… on my… I couldn’t even think it, let alone acknowledge it. He was looking at… touching… my…

“Oh! No! You can’t!” I screamed as I felt the cold hard end of what I prayed was the smallest glass plug as it brushed against my private pucker.

“Oh, baby, I can, and I will. Now take your punishment.”

The humiliation of having a man—and not just any man, but Nick Fucking Knight—looking at and touching my most private body part was a thousand times worse than the spanking. For a moment, I prayed the earth would open up and swallow me whole, just so I’d never have to look the man in the face ever again.

I did my best to buck my hips and get away, but he was too strong. The harder I wiggled, the more he pressed the tip of the plug against my hole until I felt the sting of my anus stretching.

“Stop! You’re hurting me!”

“Excellent. Punishments are supposed to hurt.”


For what seemed like hours but was probably more like a minute or two, he taunted me with that damn glass, pushing it in enough to make it hurt before pulling it out for a brief respite. It was as the previously cool lube he’d applied started to really warm up that he decided to take things to the next level.

One minute I’d exhaled with relief that the assault had ended, and the next, he shoved the whole damn thing deep inside me in one hard push.

My scream had to have woken up the whole house when the flash of sharp pain hit me just as the plug was seated to the hilt.

“Take it out! Take it out!” I shouted, but the only response I got was Nick’s hands palming my warm butt cheeks. From his position, I knew he was sitting there, inches away from my ass, admiring all of his handy torture work.

A wave of shame and embarrassment made me want to bury my head under the pillow when I realized he also had a front row seat to view how wet my pussy had become. The sting of tears was back, only this time I was pretty sure they were tears of humiliation, not grief, at how my traitorous body had responded to his heavy-handed ways.

Only the increasing heat in my ass could take my mind off the growing pulsing of my pussy. “Something’s wrong. It burns.” I heard the panic in my own voice.

“That means everything is just right.”

“I don’t understand. I’ve never had anything… I mean no one has ever…”

“Ah, perfect. An anal virgin. All the better.”

Better for who?

“I mean it, Nick. Something is wrong. It hurts!”

“Naughty girls get plugged with heat cream for lube. Don’t worry, it’ll start to cool down in an hour or so.”

“An hour! Are you fucking crazy?”

“No, maybe a bit devious, and definitely kinky, but crazy? No.”

The man was insane, and yet when I felt the whisper of a touch of his fingers through my sopping pussy, I had to bite my tongue to keep from begging him to touch me there. For one minute, I was the crazy one, contemplating how wonderful it would feel to have him use those fingers of his in my other body parts.

“Christ, you’re so wet,” he groaned as he slipped his fingers higher, sliding through my folds.

I buried my face in the mattress. I knew my cheeks were painted as red with humiliation as my ass was from the spanking. Despite my embarrassment at my body’s reaction to his obscene attention, I bit my tongue when his touch grew bolder. The weight of his body on my legs was the only thing keeping me from pushing up to my knees in hopes of giving him better access.

“Oh, God!” I called out as he grazed my throbbing clit. He’d lit my body on fire with the pain of the spanking, but now he was stoking that fire higher with the most exquisite pleasure. But his touch was too light. I needed more.

His chuckle above me told me he knew my dilemma.

I felt him leaning down just before his low voice spoke against the shell of my ear. “You’ve been a naughty girl tonight. I’m not sure you’ve earned an orgasm, but it sure seems like that’s what your body is asking for.”

If I had a shred of my normal confidence left, I’d tell him to fuck off, but nothing since Matty’s accident had felt normal. I’d been on an emotional rollercoaster of ups and downs for days, and right now, his roaming fingers were taking me higher and higher.

The burn inside my bottom grew hotter as Nick flamed my unexpected desire with his talented fingers. Within seconds he had me breathless, on the brink of a cliff I desperately wanted to fall over.

Nick’s command, “Come for me,” coincided with him pinching my clit hard enough to drag an obscene groan from the depths of my soul. White spots burst behind my eyes just as he used his other hand to press against the anal plug shoved in my virginal ass. The combination was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, leaving me breathless and limp.

I was vaguely aware as he rolled off my feet. I collapsed like a noodle against the bed, trying to catch my breath as I heard him running water in the bathroom.

When he returned, he helped flip me over so I was lying on my back. I slammed my eyes closed to avoid having to make eye contact with him. Tied as I was, Nick had to work to get the blankets untangled so he could cover me.

I waited, hoping he would just leave me alone to try to make sense of all that had happened between us, but there was only silence. Why wasn’t he untying me or just leaving?

I finally had no choice but to open my eyes. He was standing next to the bed, staring down at me, an unreadable expression on his handsome face. Without a word, he leaned down and placed a platonic kiss on my forehead before spinning away.

It confused me enough that he was halfway to the door when it hit me.

“Wait! You can’t leave me tied up all night. How the hell am I supposed to sleep like this?”

His roguish smile made my insides flip-flop and I hated myself for that.

“I guess you should have thought of that before you tried to escape… twice.”


He cut me off. “Don’t worry. Stevie will be sleeping in the hall outside your door. Nothing is going to hurt you, and I promise, if the house catches on fire, he’ll be sure to save you.”

As nice as his assurance was, that was no longer my biggest concern. I needed to get this thing out of my body and more important, I needed to have the use of my fingers to try to replicate the fire Nick had ignited in my pussy.

I felt the heat on my face and was grateful he couldn’t read my mind, or could he? The shit-eating grin on his face made me worry.

“Goodnight, Sophie,” he said before flipping off the lights and closing the door behind him. I heard the lock of the door, ensuring I was properly captured again.

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