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Capturing Kate by Alexis Alvarez – Extended Preview

Capturing KateThe door closed hard behind him and Kate buried her face in her arms, sobbing. She was a grown woman. She shouldn’t be held accountable to someone else’s whims and decisions… even if he was a FBI agent. There was no need for him to spank her! That was backwards. Perverse. Demeaning. Anti-feminine, at the very least. She had a great job, a rising career, and a full life. What the hell was this man thinking, coming in here all high-handed and telling her what to do and not to do?

By the time he got back, she was nearly spitting sparks, she was so worked up, and she turned to face him, ready for battle. “I’m not going to let you punish me.” She crossed her arms over her chest and tried to smooth out a wobble in her voice. “It’s anti-feminist. It’s demeaning. It’s just… wrong. You can’t do it.”

He didn’t say anything, just sat down in a chair and looked at her. She continued, her face red. “It’s mean and cruel and backwards and I don’t consent. You just don’t do that in the real world.”

When he spoke, his voice was low. “We’re not in the real world, here. We’re in a game of cat and mouse and our lives are at stake. I’m sorry, Kate, but you’re going to have to toughen up and get smart here.”

“This isn’t fun.” Her voice trembled and came out in a thin wail.

“No. This isn’t fun. I get it. I don’t like living on the run, holding an unwilling woman captive. It’s not fun for me, either. Okay?”

In the middle of her anger and anxiety, she felt irritation. “What, you’re saying I’m not fun? I’m a lot of fun, Sloan. I’m a ton of fun!” She pointed at him. “You’re lucky to be stuck with me, okay? Don’t say I’m not fun, because dammit all, I’m a fun fucking factory.” She growled at him, eyes flashing. “When I want to be, that is. Which isn’t maybe right this second.”

A smile tugged at his lips. “Kate. You…” He shook his head. “You are something else.”

“You know, you could have it a lot worse.” She scowled. “Just saying. So you don’t need to, you know… do anything. Like… whatever.” Her eyes flickered to his belt and her voice wobbled. “I said I was sorry.”

“I’m doing what I need to keep us alive, and you need to do the same. And if you can’t do it on your own, I will teach you, the hard way.”

She bit her lip. He wasn’t angry anymore, but his calm determination was even scarier. She didn’t like the look in his eye. “What are you going to do to me?”

He stood up and crossed his arms. “Strip.”


“You heard me. Do it.”

He didn’t raise his voice, but the tone of command made her heart pound. The problem was that if she was going to strip for him, she didn’t want it to be for punishment. She removed her clothes slowly, and his eyes followed each movement, making her flush hotter as each garment was shed. By the time she was naked, she couldn’t look at him. He came closer and she felt her nipples tingle at his proximity, and she gave out a squeak.

He touched her chin. “Kate. Look at me.”

“Fine. I am.” She felt tears well up in her eyes. The look in his face was angry, concerned, and passionate, all at once.

“Kate, this time is going to be different.”

“What do you mean?”

He paused and put both hands on her shoulders, looking into her eyes. “This time you’re going to give me your consent to punish you.”

“What?” Startled, she tried to pull away, and he let her, putting his hands into his pockets. “I won’t. I won’t ever do that.”

“I want your permission to punish you this time and any future time that it’s necessary,” he told her firmly.

She crossed her arms over her chest. “So I can say no? I can get dressed and you’ll leave me alone?”

He gave her a long, even look. “Yes.”

“Then, why, I mean, why did you make me strip?” She bent down to pick up her clothes, but her fingers fumbled and she dropped them.

“I wanted to get you in the right mindset.”

“I—but I can say no. Right now, I can say no.”

“You can. But I think you need to say yes. And once you do, I won’t stop until the punishment is complete.”

“But that’s insane! Of course I’m not going to say yes. If I did…” She hesitated. “That would be stupid, because you won’t give me a way to stop. Right?”

He gazed at her, then tilted his head. “If you agree to the punishment, you’ll already be ready to accept what I give. If it’s genuinely giving you a panic attack or you’re hurting in a way that’s unbearable, you can tell me. You say ‘red,’ and I’ll stop and we’ll figure it out. Maybe I’ll keep going, but only with your permission. It will depend on the situation.”

“Why are you making me choose?” She didn’t understand.

“I think last time I spanked you? I think you liked it, after you stopped hating it. You wanted to be held accountable by me because it made you feel safer. And I think you got that mental release, that it helped dump your stress for a while. It might not be the right thing every day, but it’s the right thing for this day, right here, right now. And you know it. So you’ll ask for it.”

“This is insane.” She sat on the bed, rubbing her fingers together.

“Maybe. But the situation right now warrants it. Either tell me yes, that you accept the punishment, or tell me no, and get dressed.”

“I get to choose.” Eyes wide with confusion, surprise, and relief, she could only stare at him. She was going to say hell, no. She was going to say fuck you, no. But to her surprise, she realized that part of her craved the punishment.

She felt terrible for deceiving him, for doing something that could jeopardize their safety. And something about being over his lap last time has made her feel emotions she’d never before experienced—and she wanted that again. It was worth the pain. And she trusted him not to go too far. In the beginning, she’d have killed him if she could. But now, for some reason, she felt that she could trust him completely with her life.

“Yes, you do. So choose. Now.” His eyes burned into her.

She stood back up and found her voice. “Fine. Okay. I give you consent.”

“You do.” He raised an eyebrow.

“Yes.” She raised her voice. “Do I have to say it again? Are you deaf?”

“Not deaf.” He smiled. “Just making sure. You consent.”

She nodded. “I guess. Yes. Fuck.”

Her stomach started to butterfly violently as he came closer and took her shoulders again.


“Why?” Startled, she met his clear gaze. “I mean, you said. I don’t know.”

“I need a reason.”

“Sloan! Last time you just tossed me over your lap. Now all of a sudden I have to say yes and argue in favor?”

“That’s right. You do.” He kept her gaze. “Convince me.”

She looked away, but he grabbed her chin. “Look at me while you tell me, Kate. I need to make sure you want it. If you don’t, I won’t do it.”

She believed him. And the fact that he was making her pick it? It did something to her, aroused feelings in her body that she couldn’t even explain to herself.

She felt hot and cold and strange. “I-I feel like I deserve to be spanked for disobeying you. I want to get rid of the guilt. It, afterwards, last time? It felt—you were right, when you said I’d feel better. I just didn’t want to admit it because I was scared to.”

She didn’t say the part about how the spanking had aroused her before it got too painful, and that remembering it afterwards made him even sexier in her eyes… and that she liked that sexy feeling, remembering his dominance. That was too embarrassing to say. “I, um. What I did—I’m really sorry. I already feel horrible inside. Panicky, again. The panic is going to come back. I want you to make it go away.”

This was insane! Normal women didn’t ask their FBI captor to spank them until they cried, because some part of them craved it, even though it was awful and painful. She was clearly affected by the stress. But she didn’t care. She wanted this.

“Okay.” He stroked her cheek, a soft touch. “Okay.” This time, his voice was firmer, stern. “Stay there while I get some things ready.”

She sucked in her breath. How was it possible to want a punishment and not want it at the same time? Maybe she’d made a mistake. “What things?”

He went into his bag and put a few items on the table, and Kate’s heart sank when she saw what they were: a long whippy-looking cane and several pieces of ginger. Her eyes widened. “Sloan, what the hell?”

His voice was firm. “It looks like spanking alone isn’t enough to get through to you, so we’re going to try something else this time.”

“You can’t do the ginger!” Her voice rose on a note of hysteria. “That’s gross and weird and, like, perverted.”

“I can and I will, and furthermore, I’m going to whip you with a cane while you’re holding it in.” His voice was implacable. “It will be gross and weird,” he used her words, putting emphasis on each, “and I hope you hate it enough that you never want me to do it again.”

“But ginger stings! I read about that.” In her kinky book, the one that made her daydream deliciously dark things when she touched herself in bed at night. But in the book, it happened to someone else, in a paragraph. This was sitting on the table, real… and headed for her very own ass.

“Yes, it does. It will make the punishment more effective, and convince you to be more obedient during it. Remember that I have more than one piece of ginger here. If you don’t submit, I can easily replace the original one with another that’s much longer and thicker.” He raised an eyebrow.

“Where did you even get that? They have ginger in this town?”

“In the grocery store.”

“So—wait. You got that even before you knew what I did? Why did you get that?”

“I had a feeling I might need it. Lie on the bed.” He gave her a very small smile and she widened her eyes.

“No. I can’t. You can’t.”

“I can, and we start now. Remember last time, how you earned the belt? This time you’ll get a bigger ginger and the belt, so think carefully about whether or not you want to fight me or just accept it.”

She considered this and eventually made her way to the bed, legs shaking. She’d never had a ginger plug, and she wasn’t eager to try it, especially during a punishment session. But the memory of that belt and how badly it stung had her moving, and she lay down on her back as requested. She heard him pare down the ginger with a knife, and the spicy scent of the root drifted over to her, making her quiver with a mixture of anxiety and anticipation.

“Arms above your head,” he instructed, then buckled them together with the bondage cuffs. “I’ll leave your legs free for now, and part of your punishment will involve your full cooperation with me. You’ll get in the positions I ask immediately and without argument, even if it’s uncomfortable. You’re going to help punish yourself.”

Her eyes welled up. “I’m scared.”

He touched her shoulder. “Too scared to keep going?” He wiped a tear from her face. The expression in his eyes was stern and tender, and she caught her breath. There was something so incredibly sexy about being tied down, knowing she had the ability to stop everything if necessary.

She shook her head. “Just—tell me it’s going to be okay.”

“It’s going to be okay.” He wiped her other cheek. “Won’t feel great the entire time, but you’ll feel better afterwards, like last time.”

“Fine.” She took a deep breath.

He patted her shoulder once more, then stood up, arms crossed. “Spread your legs wide and put your feet flat on the bed,” he instructed, and she did it, face burning. He could see everything: her pussy, her anus, everything! And he was going to, oh, God, he was going to put something in her.

When he turned to get the ginger from the table, she whimpered, “Please don’t.”

He turned back to her. “Kate, no asking me to stop. Part of the rules.”

“I’m sorry.” She clapped her knees together. “I’ve never, I’ve just—is it going to hurt?”

“Not at first. As the ginger sits longer in your body it’s going to sting and burn. But it won’t be unbearable. And it won’t cause any injury. Look at me.”

She looked at his face.

“It’s a punishment, not torture, Kate. I mean it to be uncomfortable, and yes, to hurt. But not to be excruciating. I won’t give you more than you can handle. If it gets that bad, you know what we talked about. But I expect you to accept this, because you agreed that you deserve it and that it will be good for you.”

She shook her head. “I already can’t handle it.”

But he was reaching between her legs. “Keep your thighs spread now. I’m going to touch you with my finger, get you ready.”

She hissed out her breath when he touched her anus and cried out, clenching her muscles in surprise.

“Don’t clench,” he said. “Let it in, Kate.”

“I can’t.”

“You can. Relax your body and let me push it in.” He pushed at her again, and she sucked in her breath as his finger intruded into her body.

“It’s weird.” Her voice came out scratchy and her face felt hot. The truth was that it also felt good. Nobody had ever touched her there before, and the unique sensation made pangs of need run through her body.

He rested his hand on her leg. “I know this is unpleasant, and during it, I want you to think about how you got us in trouble and why I’m doing this. I’m going to get the ginger now and put it in, and then we’ll start the timer.”

“The timer?”

“You’re going to hold in the plug for a full thirty minutes. After the first fifteen minutes, I’m going to give you six hard strokes with the cane. At the thirty-minute mark, you’ll receive another good hard six.”

“I can’t hold it in while you cane me!” she burst out. “You’re crazy.” But just like last time he’d punished her, the threat and the look on his face made her body tingle with arousal. She flushed, not understanding why her body and mind responded this way, half wanting to tell him to stop. The other half of her wanted to beg him to do exactly what he’d promised.

“You can and you will, or else we’ll start over,” he warned. “This is a punishment. It’s meant to be difficult and challenging, and your job right now is to accept it and help me punish you effectively. You’re going to hold in the ginger, clench on it when I tell you, and bend over for the cane. Do you understand?”

Miserable, she nodded. He came back with the ginger plug. It looked enormous, too big for her body. “There’s no lube on here because that would defeat the purpose. Spread your legs nice and wide so I can get it in.”

She obeyed, but the touch of the ginger to her anus had her recoiling.

He waited patiently. “Relax, Kate. Keep your ass cheeks nice and relaxed, and push back at me. Nice, even pressure. Yeah, like that.”

She was embarrassed beyond belief. It was thick, and without any lube, he had to twist and push it, gently but firmly. It didn’t hurt, but it felt big and foreign. She flushed hard, thinking about how it looked. “Good girl. You did a great job. It’s in. Stand up now.”

She stood shakily, and then the ginger started to burn. She could feel the plug pulsing between her cheeks as the irritating juices rubbed into her sensitive skin. “Sloan, it’s burning me,” she told him, kicking up her heel, then putting it down. “I don’t think I like this. Please, take it out. I’ll stand in the corner without it. I’ll be so good! Please, just please.”

But he walked her to the corner. “You’re going to stand here for fifteen minutes. If you push out the plug, we start all over. Understand?”

She leaning into the wall with her bound arms. “Sloan, ouch. It’s really bad. What if it blisters my skin and makes me bleed?” She danced from one foot to the other. “What if it ruins my butt forever? Then you’d feel really bad, don’t you think?” It wasn’t that painful, but she was hoping to guilt him into removing the plug.

He came closer and examined her body. “Ginger doesn’t do that, and you don’t look like you’re having any kind of allergic reaction. It’s supposed to sting. I want you to wait there and think about your behavior and how you’ll make a better decision next time. Maybe the ginger will remind you about how bad decisions can cause a lot of discomfort for you.” He raised one eyebrow.

He put a hand on her butt cheeks. ““Clench, Kate. I can feel your muscles and I’ll punish you with extra cane strokes if you don’t.”

Helpless, she obeyed, feeling the ginger burn ratchet up, making her cry out at the sensation. “Oh, God. It’s burning right now!”

“But look at you, such a good girl, obeying me and cooperating with your punishment,” he said, giving her a light slap on her ass. “If I tell you to clench, you do it, understand?”

“Yes.” She nodded, frantic for the timer to begin so it could end. “Please, please. I hate this.”

“Good girl.”

He walked across the room. “When this timer goes off, it’s time for your first caning. I bet you’ll be dying for the time to come and dreading it at the same time.”

She sniffled. It was true. She needed the time to pass, because her ass was so uncomfortable. But God, the cane! She didn’t want that, either.

The fifteen minutes were endless, and when he said, “Come here,” she practically ran, just wanting to get it over with.

“Bend over this chair,” he instructed, “and keep your legs together. I’m going to spank you with my hand first, a warm-up. Then I’ll give you six hard strokes. They’re going to hurt like hell and leave nice red stripes. If you get up out of position or lose count, you earn another. Are you ready?”

When his hand came down the first time, she mewled and jerked, but stood still for the next one, and the next. These spanks weren’t very hard, and they felt good—stingy but satisfying. It was like the last time he’d started the spanking; the pain was at a level that felt sexy, and her arousal started to grow. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad.

She moaned as the spanks got harder. If he kept spanking her just like that? Maybe she could come just from the delicious vibrations and the warm touch of his hand that lingered on her skin for just a second each time he landed a spank. But after some time, when the spanks got harder yet, and the sting started to burn and grow, she shifted uncomfortably. “Sloan. It hurts.” Her voice came out whiny.

“Uh huh.” He slapped a few more times. “That means you’re ready for the cane. You ready?”

“No.” She gulped. “You said you weren’t going to injure me. Canes can cause injuries. I read about that, too.”

“You do a lot of reading, don’t you? Yeah, canes can cause injuries, but not when I use them. It will hurt, but I’m not going to leave real welts. You’ll have red marks, but not raised welts. It’s entirely different. It’ll sting, though. I promise you that.”

She sucked in her breath, butterflies of fear and something else, maybe, zinging in her belly. He slapped her ass again, hard, and she jumped. “Sloan!”

“Stay still.” His voice was firm. “You move, you get extra. Here comes the first.”

He raised his arm and brought down the cane, and she shouted in surprise. If the belt was bad, this was worse, a thousand times worse. She reared up and he pushed her back down, gently but firmly. “No. Stay in position. Here’s the next one.”

The cane struck again, just below the first line, and again she cried out. She forgot all about the discomfort from the ginger; all she could focus on was the sensation on her ass. Again. Swish. Crack. Swish. Crack. Swish. Crack. Thank God he was going easy on her, although if this was easy? Jesus, she never wanted to feel a real cane stroke!

By the time he reached six, tears rose in her eyes. “This isn’t fun,” she sobbed.

He sat on the bed and pulled her onto his lap. “Not this part, no,” he agreed. “It’s not really supposed to be, though, is it?” She shrugged into his chest as he continued. “I won’t make you stand in the corner while you wait this time,” he told her. “I’ll take out the ginger and you can lie on the bed while you wait. I’ll untie your hands so you can wipe your face. No touching your ass, though. You’re doing well, Kate. You’re halfway done. Soon it will be over and behind you.”

She shook her head. “Just please stop.” She didn’t want to look at his face. “My ass is so sore. I’m so unhappy.” What she really was, though, was frustrated and embarrassed, angry and confused. Yes, her ass was sore, but it wasn’t unbearable. He knew how to spank without making it too hard, apparently. But just the fact of being naked at his hand—and that she’d actually chosen this—made her feel strange and awkward with her own decision.

He examined her face. “I know. But you’re not at your limit yet, so we’ll keep going. Unless you say red?”

When she bit her lip and said nothing, he helped her lie down.

“You can wait here, and I’ll cane you again at the next timer. Here, I’m going to take out the ginger now.” He carefully extracted the root and tossed it into the trash, then came back and rubbed her back. “Think about how you’re going to obey me so I don’t need to do this again. Don’t touch your ass, and if you fidget too much I’ll give you a few with the belt, so stay in that position for me.”

She nodded into the pillow and sniffled to herself while he set the timer, listening to the sounds he made—doing something at his computer, then in a cupboard. Her ass throbbed and she was dying to rub it; to keep her mind away and her hands still, she tried to focus on her other sensations. Being untied was almost worse than being tied, because now she could reach back—and had to restrain herself. When the timer went off, she drew a deep wobbling breath of relief. Finally.

Sloan came back with the cane. “Last six, then you’re done. Shift onto your stomach. Lie still for these.”

She thought about saying it was too much for her to handle, and then having whatever discussion would result. If she told him to stop now, would he? Did she really want him to, in any case? She took a breath and pushed her toes down, waiting.

This time when the cane hit, she was more prepared, but she still cried out. He hit across the original stripes, crisscrossing on her ass, and she was in agony by the time he reached number six. He stood her up and rubbed her arms, then walked her to the bathroom. “Take as much time as you need,” he said softly, closing the door behind him.

She jumped into the shower, remembering how the cold water had helped soothe her stinging butt last time, letting the water wash down over her ass, rubbing, tugging her cheeks open to let the cold spray counter the heat of the spicy root and the whipping. She stayed there until the discomfort subsided and she wanted to lie down.

Sloan came in with a towel and enfolded her into his arms. She let him wrap her up and take her down the hallway, where he lay her on the bed. “I’m going to rub more of that lotion into your skin. The cane will leave you more sore than the belt, but the lotion will help.”

“I can’t believe you did that to me,” she said, her voice coming out small.

“That was punishment. Katie, if you cooperate with me, this won’t have to happen again. It’s really simple. We’re wasting time with you doing things on your own, and me playing catch-up, saving the day, and then punishing you. We don’t have the time for that anymore.”

“It was horrible. I don’t ever want you to punish me again.”

But the ache between her legs told her that it wasn’t totally true.

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