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Capturing Their Mate: A Dark Sci-Fi Reverse Harem Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

Captured. Abducted. Dominated.

I loathed all three words. The bastards led me out of the city and away from everyone I loved. There was no way I could be obedient to this captain. None. “Where are you taking me?” I demanded, trying to yank out of the arms of the two soldiers holding me. They were far too strong, keeping me tightly in their grip. I was being led through the forest, moving in the direction where I’d shot the other Cenzan. The other two had been instructed to stay and watch over my people. Bastards.

The captain didn’t even bother turning in my direction, just simply kept walking.

“Hey, asshole. I’m asking you a question!”

He didn’t budge in any manner.

“Bastard. Jerkoff. Fucking freak. I’m talking to you!”

His hand was wrapped around my throat in a split second, lifting me off the ground. The soldiers let me go, taking several steps back and away. I slapped my hand around his and the tingling sensations buffeting every inch of my body were confusing. I blinked, coughing as his fingers dug into my skin. I managed to kick his thigh and he growled, the sound so deep and lustrous that the tone seemed to vibrate through every cell, even my muscles.

The captain let me down, but he kept his hold around my neck. “I suggest you obey, little human. I don’t want to have to punish you again so soon.”

I nodded, trying to keep my emotions at bay. I was terrified, but this bastard wasn’t going to know it. When he let me go, I coughed and rubbed my neck, hunkering over to catch my breath.

“I will answer your question. You are being taken to our Airtak ship, where you will be processed and be held accountable for your actions.”

“Accountable? As in… a court… of law?” I countered, my voice little more than a whisper.

“As in a court of our system. And you will be found guilty.” He turned and started walking again.

I refused to budge. “I’m not coming with you.”

“Yes, you will.”

The other soldiers moved toward me and I simply took off running, heading into the woods and to the various safe areas that I’d created during the months I’d been at the city. If I could get to one without them seeing me, they’d never find me. If. I didn’t hear any movement from them at all as I raced through the trees, zigging and zagging, pumping my legs to go as fast as possible. I shifted, heading to the right and toward the river. Maybe I could lose them by going over the rocks and to the other side.

A minute or two later I was at the shoreline and dared to take a look back. They were nowhere in sight. Big, bad aliens couldn’t track a single female. I laughed, my confidence building.

Until I felt a yank, a hand fisting around my hair and tugging me almost five feet. “No!”

“Yes.” The captain dragged me several additional feet until he came to a fallen log. “You need to learn manners and you will follow my directions. Period. I will not tolerate your insolence in any manner.” He sat down, immediately dragging me over his lap.

“Stop it! You already did this!”

“It would seem you only respond to physical contact.” His reply pissed me off even more.

As his massive hand came down hard on my bottom, moving from one ass cheek to the other, I remained in shock, uncertain of how to react. I’d never been spanked before today, not by my father or any other person. There was no pain, simply agitation that this freak monster would dare spank me. “What are you doing? Get off me!” He was so strong, easily able to keep me in position. My heart raced, a combination of fear and anger fueling my actions.

“Giving you a taste of what’s to come. If you aren’t quiet, I will spank your bare ass.”

I continued to wiggle, my body’s nerve endings finally reacting, feeling the pain. No, the anguish. I kicked and struggled, fighting him every step of the way. This wasn’t going to happen. The asshole!

He snagged my wrist, preventing my arm from moving. I undulated my body violently, shifting hard and almost able to get off his lap but still, his hand peppered down, smacking me hard and fast. “Stop! That hurts!”

“Not as much as it’s going to hurt. Stay in position or you will face the consequences.”

I refused, kicking out even harder, managing to jerk off his lap and crawl a few feet. He yanked me back by the edge of my shirt, using his other hand to unfasten my jeans.

“No! You aren’t doing this!” I slapped his face not once but twice. The look in his eyes went from basic amusement to anger in a flash and I knew I’d crossed the line. He stood, towering over me, both hands now gripping my arms.

“Here is what is going to happen, Lexi. You can either lower your pants or I will do it for you. If I am required to handle that request, then you won’t be allowed to wear clothes at any time, including on Earth. Do. You. Understand?”

I heard the change in his tone of voice and knew he was serious. My lower lip quivered, raging emotions gutting me. I was nauseous and on the verge of tears, but I rallied, giving him yet another defiant look. “Fine, asshole. Have it your way.” I refused to look at him as I unfastened my jeans, undulating my hips as I lowered them down to my thighs. This was by far the most humiliating aspect of anything I’d ever gone through. Who the hell did these fucking aliens think they were, Gods? I shuddered several times at the ridiculous thought. They were beasts, creatures. Nothing more.

“Panties as well,” he instructed.

I gave him another nasty look before obeying, cursing under my breath. “Fuck you. Fuck all of you.”

“You will learn, little human. Trust me.” Once again, he dragged me over his lap as he sat down, curling his leg over mine to keep me in position. When he started spanking me again, tears immediately welled in my eyes. I was mortified, full of shame as he issued several brutal smacks, his callused hand so rough as he moved from side to side.

I struggled for a few seconds until I realized that I was wet. My pussy was soaking wet, the wafting scent shocking me. His touch alone made me fully aroused again. No! I couldn’t want this. Not from this alien or anyone. I felt the heat rush to my face as he continued, not paying any attention to my mews and moans. The pain was agonizing, driving every nerve ending to the very edge as well as my sanity. I was unable to focus as tears filled my eyes, dripping down onto the ground. No matter how much I whimpered and begged, he refused to stop.

“You will receive another more formal punishment once we are on the Airtak. Soon, you will learn that it’s futile to fight or try and get away.”

Gritting my teeth, I did everything I could to stop crying. I wasn’t a weak little girl. I certainly didn’t want this, not in any way, shape, or form.

Then why was I so wet, my pussy juice no doubt staining his pants? I couldn’t get away from the terrible humiliation, echoes of his hand slapping my naked skin like a wave ringing in my ears. Finally, I was exhausted from fighting and simply remained still, taking several deep breaths as he powered his hand on my bottom. The heat was like a wild fire, sizzling every inch of my skin.

I took gulping breaths, my legs shaking involuntarily. Then it was over and I was standing, facing the alien who’d disciplined me. My entire body was shivering to the point I had extreme difficulty simply trying to pull up my panties. When I swayed, falling against him, my hand slapped against his chest and I couldn’t help myself, my fingers finding his rock-solid abs. He was muscular in all the right places, built like no other man I’d ever seen. Gazing up at him slowly, the breath was caught in my throat.

The captain stared down at me, his eyes mesmerizing in a way I hadn’t truly noticed. The vivid color of tangerine was laced with flecks of gold and green, so intensely beautiful that I was caught off guard, unable to blink or even move. Electricity soared through me, fighting with the dominating side as well as the anger. I wanted to scratch out those amazing eyes, but there was no way I could.

The connection we shared was off the chart, creating another tingling deep inside my pussy. I could also swear the connection was a true tethering and for a few seconds, I could see exactly what he was planning on doing to me.

“Crawl to me, little human.”

I did as I was told, eagerly and without hesitation until I was between his massive legs, gazing up at him with adoration. “Yes, Master.” I was naked, a collar around my neck, my mouth dry with anticipation.

“You will suck my cocks.” The statement was commanding, my master’s voice dancing against my skin, seeping into every blood cell. I was wrapped in warmth, desire raging.

“Yes, Master.” Sliding my hands along the insides of his thighs until I reached the simple zipper, I rose onto my knees, peeling away the unwanted material and freeing both his beautiful cocks. They were long and thick, purplish veins covering every inch, the most incredible nodules on one. I took his smooth cock into my hands, stroking the base and bringing the tip to my mouth. I’d never been so hungry, famished to take every inch of him.

“That’s it. Take my thick cock into your mouth, my sweet pet human. Then you’ll receive a reward.”

Opening my mouth wide, I accepted his gift, sliding my tongue down the underside as he gripped my hair, thrusting the entire length until the tip hit the back of my throat.

Blinking, the image disappeared, leaving me tingling all over. “No. I…”

An odd tension settled in as I tilted my head and he lowered his until our lips were almost touching. I could swear he was preparing to kiss me.

And I wanted him to.

No. No!

The shame roared through me once again and I was hot all over, my mouth suddenly dry. I would be his lover within hours. That just couldn’t happen. Pushing hard, I broke the connection, struggling to yank my jeans and panties back into position, even as I stumbled again. He snapped his hand around my arm, dragging me so close, his groin pressing against mine.

“Be careful, little human. I do not want you hurt permanently, but you will obey me, and you will be taken.” His tone was commanding yet extremely evocative.

“You will never take me.”

“You are my property as mandated by the Imperials. Do you understand that?”


There was no hesitation on his part and no way I could get out of his grasp. He pushed me down onto the cold, hard ground, yanking my jeans and panties out of his way. I threw my arms back, nailing him several times, but his massive body didn’t budge one inch. He was simply taking me, exactly as he wanted. “Khrelan!” I was both mortified and aroused, panting like a wild animal as I wallowed in the dirt and mud. Tears burned my eyes even as my nipples hardened. How could I want this? How could I stand this?

“I told you what would happen if you struggled. You will learn your lesson one way or the other, little human. You belong to me.” Fisting my hair, he kicked my legs apart as much as the material would allow and I heard him unfasten his pants.

“Please. Please!”

“Please fuck you? I intend to, with both of my cocks. One inside that tight little pussy of yours and the other in your ass.”

In the ass? I’d never been fucked there, had no concept of anything but the fact I’d feel ashamed and miserable.

“Then you will truly belong to me.”

I was shaking, unfocused as he rubbed his hand down from the small of my back, reaching under and cupping my entire mound. Everything both inside and outside tingled as the tips of his fingers circled around my clit, one after the other. “Oh. Oh!” I heard the guttural sounds coming from the very depths of my being.

“You are very wet. If you don’t want me then why are you so wet?” His husky words floated around me, filling my head with nasty, dirty fantasies. “I don’t want you! You’re a beast.”

He chuckled in the most dark and dangerous fashion as he continued fingering me, moving them up and down the entire length of my pussy.

My body tingled violently, every blood cell ignited into a wild fire of need. I tried to concentrate on my realization that this wasn’t right. He was the enemy. I was ashamed. I was horrified.

I was a quivering mess.

I was also a trained scientist, knowing enough about the aliens to make me dangerous to them. Here I was acting like a schoolgirl. Maybe showing weakness would help my predicament.

Right. I did know they were highly intelligent and capable of reading minds.


I could get through this and without losing my dignity. I didn’t realize I was trying to crawl forward until I felt the hard smacks on my already bruised ass, creating another wave of heat. “Oh!”

Khrelan’s hold on my strands of hair became firmer, yanking back my head even as his hand continued to pleasure me, thrusting all the way inside my pussy.

“Fuck,” I whispered, stars floating in front of my eyes as he flexed his fingers open, plunging in and out. The sound was atrocious, delicious and I heard a slight laugh bursting through my pursed lips as my body rocked forward from the force. The scent of my desire was thick, even more so than the juice covering the insides of my thighs.

“You will have my cocks inside you soon, little human. I know that’s what you crave.”

I had no way of answering him, the insane ecstasy rolling through my system almost blinding. I bit back a moan, remembering that we were being watched. Oh, God! Other monsters were watching me being taken like some tramp.

“The first step of your training,” he continued. He blew across my lower back as he pulled his fingers from my pussy, sliding the tips up to my bottom. Slipping them past my cheeks, he found my dark hole easily, rimming the tissue in circle after circle.

“Oh. No. No!”

“Every inch of you now belongs to me to do with as I please. You will remember that, little human.” Khrelan pressed a single finger inside, pushing past the ring of muscle.

“Fuck. Me.” Pain coursed through me, driving the breath right out of my body. I dug my fingers into the dirt, blinking as he slid a second finger beside the first. As he pumped in and out, he spread his fingers open and twisted. There was no way of describing the sensations. No way of understanding why my body was responding in any manner other than shutting down.

“Tight. I cannot wait to spew seed deep inside both holes.”

His thumb continued to slide back and forth across my pussy lips, driving me to a state of absolute nirvana. “Oh. Oh. Oh.” I heard the moans, almost animalistic in nature and the sounds shocked me, but try as I could, my resolve was crumbling.

“Now, I fuck you, little human.”

As he pressed the tip of one cock to my pussy, a second to my darkened hole, I held my breath. I didn’t need to see him to know his cocks were massive in size, so thick and long that they would nearly split me in two.

He growled in the most savage manner as he began to drive his shaft inside, gripping my hip with his other hand.

Gasping, I could no longer see anything as he spread me, my muscles straining to accept. He was so thick and so hard, both cocks filling me completely. When he thrust both all the way in, I yelped, unable to hold back. “Oh, God!”

“Hot and wet, my little human. You will be fucked every day, over and over again, filled with my cum and that of two others.” He drove in and out in such a powerful manner that I was left breathless, bursting sounds coming from my throat. “Yes,” he muttered, shoving harder and faster.

My muscles strained, accepting as he went even deeper, consuming every inch of me. My pussy clenched and I could feel his nubs, making everything tingle in ways that could never be described. I was being taken like a wild animal, the passion unbridled and savage. This alien, this creature was claiming all of me as belonging to him.

The more brutally he plunged, the more I was taken to both stimulating and revolting heights, pleasure consuming me. My mind and the girl who fought for her independence wanted to lash out, to push him away, but my body wanted something else entirely. Shit. Shit! I was enjoying this. I was… I craved this. No. No!

The more I struggled in any manner, the harder he drove into me, plunging so deep that I could no longer make any sounds.

Khrelan smacked my ass several times as he thrust, making certain I obeyed and succumbed. I continued to hear his guttural sounds, so gravelly and sensual, enveloping my heated skin. The electricity sparked a wild fire deep within and a climax raced up from my curled toes, threatening to give me away.

“Please… I am going to…”

“Come, sweet human. Come on my cocks as I fill you with my seed.”

The words were blatant and beautiful, powerful in the most disturbing way. But I couldn’t stop the orgasm as it shattered through me, intensifying the sensations. “Fuck. I… Oh…” As I came, my moans filtering toward the sky, I felt the warmth as he spewed into me. I clenched my muscles, squeezing around the thick invasion and reveling in the sounds of his primal roar.


Khrelan fell over me, covering me with his massive body and for a few seconds, our hearts beat together.

You will learn to crave me, little human, as you’ve never hungered for another. You will bask in being covered in sperm, your body glistening. And one day, nothing else will matter.

His unspoken words settled into the back of my mind, a foretelling that was petrifying.

I was aware of a cold breeze as he finally released me, helping me to my feet. In what had to be the most tender moment he’d shown me, he brushed strands of hair from my face, taking several deep breaths. The intensity of his eyes had changed, the color more vibrant. I dared steal a glance at his groin, taking in the look of his still very hard cocks. They were incredible, at least eight inches long and I tried to envision my mouth surrounding the girth. I wanted to giggle, to pant like a wild child.

I also wanted to burst into tears.

He noticed my gaze and took my hand, pulling it with a gentle tug between his legs. He allowed me to explore, sliding my fingers up and down the length as he studied me, a smile on his face. The asshole was enjoying every second of this.

His nubbed cock was simply delicious, drawing more of my attention. I wrapped my hand around the base, sucking in my breath when he throbbed, the veins bulging.

“Do you want your mouth engulfed by my cocks, little human?”

“I… No, I…”

“Your hard nipples and soaked pussy give you away.” He cupped my breast, squeezing before pinching my erect and aching bud between his index finger and thumb. I refused to moan. I refused to give in. I refused the temptation even as the pain swelled, forcing my clit to the point I could almost make myself climax again.

I hadn’t realized I’d slipped my other hand underneath, rolling his balls in the palm of my hand until I heard another chuckle pushing past his lips. “Damn you.”

“You will have all you desire, as long as you obey me. Keep that in mind.”

Fuck. I wanted to hate him, to stab the alien right in the back. If only I had my weapons. They’d been stripped away immediately when they barged into our city. This was crazy. Think. Breathe. You’ll be all right. I stood, trying to get my bearings and darting looks at where the other soldiers should be. They weren’t hovering as I’d anticipated. The deep-seated humiliation remained, but I could get through this. I was strong enough. There was no way this alien, or any for that matter, could break me.

“We need to get to the Airtak.” His words were simple, frank, and said without feeling.

“Okay.” I blinked finally, forcing myself to pull away and looking down as I finished dressing. Then I held my arms, trying to abate the heightened level of embarrassment no doubt showing on my face. How could I get away and save my people? I was wrecked inside, uncertain of anything, but I would fight him, all of them if necessary.

“We have less than a quarter mile to go before we can be transported to the ship. I suggest you follow directions and obey.” With that, he turned and began walking, leaving the other Cenzans to follow behind me.

This time I didn’t fight what was happening, perhaps too sore as the jeans sliced against my bruised ass to do anything but follow his command.

He finally stopped in a beautiful clearing, pulling out what looked like a small console or computer unit. Within seconds, I felt another level of tingling running throughout my body. The Earth seemed to fade, colors turning to black and white.

Then we were inside some sort of steel box. I noticed the various colors and buttons on one wall, realizing we were on his ship. The terror remained but I was forced to admit that I was also curious as to what I would see.

I didn’t realize there was even a door until it was opened and I was led into a hallway, lit by some unseen lighting source. My breath skipped, the nausea returning, and I could only concentrate on the sound of their boots as they walked me down a series of corridors, stopping at a blank metal door.

“I will take it from here. Thank you for your assistance.” The captain nodded to the others and waited until they left before placing his hand over a black console located next to the door. Everything was obviously very secure, terrifying me even more. There was no way of escaping no matter what knowledge I had about ships in general.

The captain led me inside a barren room and instantly hair stood up on the back of my neck. This was nothing more than a prison cell.


“What?” I knew I hadn’t heard him correctly.

He walked to within inches of me. “I said, strip, little human.”

“But I did as you said. I was good. I didn’t fight you. I…” The words trailed off as I realized that I had no recourse, no way of fighting his demands any more than I did of being able to get away from him. I was his captive. I belonged to him. He’d even marked me with his scent. I was so tired, fear creeping through every inch. I simply wasn’t thinking clearly.

He exhaled and moved around me in a circle, finally facing me again. “You will earn the right to wear clothing of any kind. Strip. Then I will have food and water brought to you. Later, you will receive your sentence as required by our laws.”

“Don’t do this. Please. I didn’t do anything wrong.” What I’d learned of their laws were that they could be brutal, condemning without asking questions.

“Killing Cenzans or any creature isn’t considered a crime in your world, Lexi?”

The question floored me. No, wait a minute. Who the hell told this kind of bullshit? Yes, I hated the motherfuckers but I’d never actually killed a Cenzan. “I didn’t. I mean…” I thought about how he could have gathered that information. Certain things didn’t make any sense. “I shot one. That’s all. I didn’t kill him! He disappeared in front of my eyes. They were scouting and I wanted them gone. Our facility is…” No, I refused to tell him a damn thing.

“You admit your crimes. That will bode well for you.”

“No! You don’t understand. This is crazy. Bullshit. Why are you lying?”

He seemed perplexed by my words, his brow furrowed. “I have all the information that I need. You will be allowed to make a statement. Undress.”

I was shattered by the realization that I had no choice. I started shaking again, trying my best to keep a straight face. I obeyed him, removing everything and handing him my clothes but I was mortified, immediately covering my breasts and pussy and crossing my legs.

His gaze was just as heated as before, sweeping down the length of my body and back up. I noticed the bulge between his legs and could sense his increasing hunger. He wanted nothing more than to devour me, fucking me with his thick cocks. I’d heard stories about their anatomy, had known every Cenzan male had two cocks, longer and thicker than any human’s. And the thought of them being buried deep inside made me tremble. I was shocked that for a few seconds, I wanted nothing more than to see them, touch them, wrapping my hand around his thickness, running my finger across the sensitive slits.

He studied me for some time, not moving or saying anything. When he spoke, his voice was gentle, even kind, throwing me off even more. “You may call me Khrelan. I will determine if you should call me Master at a later time.”

I had no energy to call him any horrible names.

“Fine. Okay. Yes.” I turned away, my heart racing. Everything about this was surreal, jetting my mind into dark and distant places. Fear remained, but I was certain he didn’t mean to harm me, other than punishing me as required by his laws.

“I will return later.”

“Khrelan. What’s going to happen, I mean to me?” I heard the little girl sound in my voice and was disgusted.

He studied me once again, as if debating that he would answer. “You will be sentenced to punishment then released to my care. Then you will be mated.”

“Isn’t that what just happened?” I should have been stunned, but at that moment I was simply unable to process the concept.


To an alien.

To make… a baby.

Oh. My. God.

Walking closer, he lifted my chin with the tip of his index finger, forcing me to look into his eyes. “This time to three Cenzans including myself. I assure you, little human, that you will be cared for. As long as you follow my rules, you will be treated with respect and… care.” He’d chosen his words carefully, almost no emotion in them.

“Respect? You just took me. How is that respect?”

He hissed, obviously pissed at my words. “You continue to disobey. It will be much easier for you if you comply.”

I wanted to laugh in his face, but I knew choosing my battles was important. “Three? Of you? I can’t. I mean…” What in the hell was I supposed to say?

“Yes. We are no longer able to produce children. Humans are compatible with our DNA structure. We will begin to rebuild our kind.” He traced my lips, the sensuous touch more electrifying than I cared to admit.

Everything I’d been told was true as well as damning. I was alive and on fire, awakened as if from a deep sleep, my mind riveted at the thought. But three aliens? There was no way I could handle more than one. A chill trickled down my spine, settling all around me. I was a lost little girl, unsure of her surroundings. “I don’t…”

“Rest for now. You will be brought to our command center when it’s time for your hearing.”

There were no words to say, no begging to be done.

I was here.

I was his prisoner.

I belonged to him.

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