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Caught and Trained by Stella Rising – Extended Preview

Three Sahye join Vondre, and I watch in wonder as they rake their eyes over me. At least, I think they have eyes—I’ve never seen anything like them. They appear as just pearly orbs, with no iris or pupils, and they’re huge. Though I’ve known there are other races in the galaxy, I’ve only ever encountered humans on Thoggorin. Encountering these creatures, I can forget my current humiliation at being nude and bound. All I want to do is stare at their unfamiliar, but beautiful features.

Their faces have the same facial structure as we do, but their mouths and noses are far smaller. Their bodies could be human—two are tall, hulking muscular males while the third is a slim, petite female—but their skin is distinctly alien. Bright, silvery lines run along the lengths of their limbs in parallel lines, joining together in concentric spirals at various points, like their elbows and shoulders. Glowing like hot filaments, the lines create an aura of soft light around the Sahye. Their hair, shockingly white, looks like a halo around their perfectly shaped skulls. The light even shines through their tight-fitting clothes.

“This is Aylee?” one says, his deep voice clear but distant, as if being transmitted through a weak signal.

“It is,” says Vondre.

“Very pretty,” the female says, stepping toward me. “And you’ve bedded her?”

Vondre nods. “I have, your excellency.”

The female hisses a cruel laugh, smirking with her small, thin lips. “She looks like fun. I’m almost jealous, Vondre. I’m sure you showed this little toy a lovely time.”

Does she mean me? I’m taller than she is! Her legs are no wider than my arms—I could snap her in half if I wasn’t all trussed up.

“I don’t understand,” says one of the males. “Why is this one causing so much trouble? There hasn’t been any strife here in years. Why now?”

Vondre sighs. “She’s from Thoggorin, an undeveloped farming world. She didn’t fully understand the rules on Sahkessa, and has had some difficulty adjusting to our way of life.”

The female laughs again. “Does she miss the hours of hard labor? Does she miss working for crumbs on a loathsome planet?”

“She just needed to better understand the rules here,” Vondre says. “I don’t believe she will be a problem in the future, once she’s learned our ways. To prove this, I will make her my personal responsibility.”

As he speaks, all three of the aliens approach me, leaning in close to examine me in great detail. They smell of sweet perfume, although I’m not sure if it’s a scent they wear or that emanates from them naturally.

“She is very beautiful,” admits one of the males, licking his somewhat plumper lips as he eyes my breasts. “Shapely, symmetrical, and unblemished. Is she a capable lover?”

“I believe she is,” says Vondre. He taps my collar, causing a hologram to flicker into being. “As you can see, she’s only been with me since her stay began. However, she is capable of becoming a truly exemplary lover with more experience.”

The three Sahye hum happily, nodding at Vondre’s assessment.

“You haven’t taken many lovers lately,” notes the female. “What led you to this one?”

“She needed guidance and discipline,” he answers. “I felt I could best provide both.”

Tearing my attention away from the Sahye, I regard Vondre. How much of what he’s saying is true? Would he dare lie to these beings? Could they tell if he was? I’ve never heard him use such a deferential tone. They must be very powerful creatures if they can command such respect.

“And she put me in the mood,” he adds, eliciting a chorus of laughs from the Sahye.

“Yes,” says the female. “She definitely possesses that effect.”

My lips curl around the gag, and I can’t help jerking against my restraints.

“Let her speak,” says the male. “I’d like to hear if her voice is as pleasing as her appearance.”

Vondre glares at me, his slanted brows laden with warning, as he removes the gag.

“Stop talking about me as if I’m not standing right here,” I snap, wishing there wasn’t a line of drool hanging from my lip. “I may be from Thoggorin, but I’m not an idiot!”

The three Sahye turn to each other a moment before their expressions break, and they laugh out loud. They turn to me all at once, their intense, iridescent eyes forcing me to look away. The female takes my chin in her hand, forcing me to look at her. Electricity seems to pulse through my body at her touch, and my hair feels like it’s standing up.

“Punish her,” she says.

“Of course,” Vondre replies, retrieving a flogger from his belt. He holds it up, showing me the long black lashes, before stepping around behind my back. The three Sahye follow him, and I suppose it’s better that I don’t have to see them for this.

Wrenching in place, I try to escape my cuffs, but it’s no use. All I can do is take a deep breath and steel myself against what’s to come. I tell myself it’s just me and Vondre here, and that he won’t hurt me—not really. He wouldn’t. Not even if the Sahye told him to.

His first swing is barely a brush; I almost don’t feel it. I have to keep myself from sighing. My thoughts instantly turn to pleasant scenarios: maybe the Sahye don’t know what proper punishment really looks like. They could be very sensitive to pain, and thus a soft tickle of the lashes could cause them far more pain than it does a human. I really have no idea if aliens react to these things the same way as humans.

However, he makes his next swing a proper swat, catching both sides of my ass. The snap sounds like a clap of thunder in the quiet cell. Jolted by the harsh sensation, my heart pounds. My fingers ball into fists, then open up, then close again. It’s the only thing I can control right now, and I try to focus on that and not what’s coming.

Vondre continues, taking his time—he’s giving the Sahye a proper show, but also giving me time to recover between each spank of the flogger. After the first two warm-up swings, he begins a set of alternating slaps to each side of my ass. He uses what feels like equal force for each pair, gradually making them harder and faster. As he goes, I begin to lose my composure and cry out, overwhelmed by the challenging discipline. As he finishes the set, he pauses for a time, rubbing my stinging skin until I groan.

Wetness gathers between my legs. I want to hide it, but I can’t—my ankles are bound. I can only hope the Sahye don’t notice.

Beginning a new set, starting with softer slaps, Vondre again works his way up, making every pair of swats more punishing. At the crescendo, he circles me a couple times, examining me.

“As you can see, she’s resilient,” he says to the Sahye. “But not beyond influence. She can be trained.”

The Sahye whisper to each other, their hushed voices impossible to make out.

“Since you’re not gagged,” Vondre continues, finally addressing me, “I want you to count off the rest of your flogging. Do that, and I’ll stop. Can you do that, Aylee?”

“Yes, sir,” I snarl.

The Sahye snicker. Vondre flicks his wrist and the flogger snaps against my breasts, unleashing a fresh sting.

“What was that, Aylee? I think I misheard you.”

“Yes, sir,” I repeat, keeping my voice neutral this time.

“Good,” Vondre says, returning to his position behind me. “Don’t mess this up, or we’ll start again.”

He gives me a moment to collect myself—as though my aching ass and throbbing pussy would let me clear my thoughts.

His first swing delivers a savage smack. I howl, writhing in place, then shout, “One!”

“Excuse me?” Vondre hums, sliding his fingers up my side.

“One, sir!”

As soon as the words are out of my mouth, he swings again.

“Two, sir!” I gasp, squirming under the gaze of the Sahye. I can feel their eyes honing in on my bruised backside, enjoying my suffering.

Another smack makes me lurch in place.

“Three, sir!”

Vondre keeps going, increasing the severity of each stroke. No part of my ass feels untouched; heat clings to my skin, a constant, low burn. It’s not as bad as the spanking itself, but it lingers. By the time he delivers the tenth swing, and I call it out, I’m out of breath and blinking away tears—and my thighs are coated with sticky fluid.

“She’s highly aroused,” says the female Sahye. “The recruiter was wise to choose this one.”

“I like her,” says one of the males. “You were right, Vondre: she is resilient. She tolerates discipline, and draws satisfaction.”

“Agreed,” the other male adds. “She performed nicely. I would like to see her rewarded.”

“Yes, I would too,” says the female. “Vondre, reward her.”

Vondre comes around to face me. He hooks the flogger back to his belt and cups my cheek in his palm. Stuffing the gag back in my mouth, he nods.

“It will be my pleasure.”

* * *

Vondre’s thick finger brushes against my clit, sending curls of excitement throughout my body.

Part of me wants to fight the sensation. I’m supposed to be mad at him. This whole ordeal has been completely humiliating. How could I possibly enjoy being treated like this? Yet, I moan into the thick gag as I feel his finger press inside my slick folds.

As his digit explores inside my drenched pussy, I grind my hips as much as my bonds allow me to. I shouldn’t, but I can’t help it. The act doesn’t go unnoticed—the Sahye chuckle, but I don’t stop. What’s the point? They’re already laughing. It feels too good.

“Bad girl,” Vondre says, withdrawing his finger. “Did I say you could use me to pleasure yourself?”

My face darkens; even without the gag, I’d be too mortified to respond. I hang my head, shaking it. Is this what I’ve been reduced to?

“I know what you need, Aylee,” he says, reaching into his pocket. He pulls out a white orb of some kind and holds it up to my collar. After pressing it, a hologram swirls around the orb, then disappears. I wish I knew what that meant, though I expect I’ll find out shortly.

Vondre holds the device between my breasts, then slowly rolls it down my chest, then my stomach and waist. He doesn’t stop until the orb reaches my soaked entrance; as I squeal, he eases the orb inside me, lodging it securely within my tight inner walls. Its presence tantalizes me, a tease of the fullness my body craves.

Then Vondre releases his pants’ buckle and undresses, revealing his rock-hard erection.

But if the device is in my pussy, what is he…

Oh, no.

Crouching to retrieve a vial of fluid from his belt, he looks up at me as he lets it drip on his rigid cock. He spreads it all over, fully coating his member until it’s glistening. Knowing it’ll be well-lubricated brings me some relief, but just a little—alarm bells still ring in my mind, struggling to imagine how such a mammoth rod will fit inside my tight rear. Though I’ve experimented a little during play, I’ve never had anything close to that size attempt to penetrate me there.

“Relax, Aylee,” he says. “This will be more difficult if you fight it.”

That may be true, but how the hell am I supposed to relax right now? Even if we were in private, and I wasn’t locked in such a straining position, I would still be on the verge of losing my nerve.

I yelp through my gag when I feel his head poke against my clenched bud. Vondre slaps my ass, growling as he applies more pressure.

Grunting, I work on controlling my breathing. I tell myself to relax.

Vondre pours more of the lubricant into my ass, spreading it all over with his hand. He uses a thumb to urge the fluid into my anus. Squealing, I feel the oil within me. This is inevitable, it seems to be telling me, so I shut my eyes and release my muscles.

Slowly, a tremendous presence begins to drive its way into my narrow channel. Vondre doesn’t urge it in too quickly, and even pulls out a ways for every inch of progress. Once he senses I’ve managed to endure his cock, he plunges it into my ass a little deeper. The sensation occupies my senses so completely I manage to forget the Sahye are watching. I pay no attention to their murmurs, or the increasing brightness coming off them. When Vondre finally manages to thrust his cock all the way inside, I’m lost to the rising flood of pain and pleasure.

Yes, it hurts to have my hole spread so thoroughly, but the carnal need I felt during the flogging has only intensified. With his cock rubbing against the orb device still lodged in my pussy, the eruption of bliss quickly washes away the pain. Though Vondre does thrust faster as he goes, he increases his pace at an unbearably slow rate. The more his cock pounds into me, the more I want him to hammer me even harder. I feel frenzied, desperate for more of this exotic new euphoria. Bucking and twisting against my restraints, knowing I’m completely secured in their grip, I open my mind and body to the intoxicating rhythm.

By the time I climax, Vondre pumps me like he’s a machine. He holds my hips and thrusts like he’s hooked up to a limitless source of energy. Maybe with the Sahye observing us, he’s giving this performance his all. Not that I’m complaining. He seems to go on forever.

“Did you just come?” he asks, reaching a hand to my chest to rub my nipple.

“Mmm,” I moan, nodding.

“What do you say, Aylee?”

“-ank -oo, -err,” I mumble, embarrassed at the mangled words trying to pass through my lips.

“You’re welcome,” he says. “Now I’m warmed up, here’s your reward.”

Wait, the first orgasm wasn’t the reward? I’m wondering what he could mean when the orb within me begins to vibrate.

Vondre resumes his rapid pounding, and the stimulation quickly fries my brain. I let my head hang, but he gathers my hair in his hand and forces my head back up. I lean it against his chest and feel his heart beating, accelerated by his own bliss.

I come again in what feels like less than a minute. I’m too overwhelmed to tell time—I can only revel in the transcendent pleasure for as long as it lasts. By the time Vondre sprays his hot essence into my rear, I’ve lost count of my own peaks. My body sings, energized by utter joy. As he pulls out and retrieves the orb, I grunt sadly. Does it have to be over? Why should something so incredible have to end?

Looking down, I see a puddle has formed beneath me. The scent of our carnal relief hangs heavy in the air.

“Very impressive, Vondre,” says the female Sahye. “Keep her on Sahkessa. Make her your slave and teach her obedience.”

“As you wish,” he replies, bowing his head.

“Train her well, and maybe you’ll finally have the prize you’ve always sought.”

“Thank you,” Vondre says.

“No, thank you,” replies one of the male Sahye. “This was very enjoyable.”

And with that, the aliens march out together. They glow almost unbearably brightly, though I can still see protruding tents in the males’ pants.

“I guess that settles it,” Vondre says, releasing me from the cuffs. “You’re mine now.”

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