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Caught: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

As the kiss continued, his lips exploring, tasting me, I shuddered in his arms. I felt so small, so absolutely helpless in a way I hadn’t experienced, yet in this vulnerable state, I also felt empowered. Excitement surged from deep inside, encapsulating every cell in my body, filling my soul with a fire threatening to explode. In his arms was exactly where I belonged.

Jagger walked up the long flight of stairs, standing on the deck as he licked around my mouth, dragging the tip of his tongue across the seam, his breath skipping. I could even feel the beating of his heart, could tell his pulse was racing by the tightness in his neck. He nodded toward the ocean, his eyes glassing over. “That is what forever means.”

With that, he stormed inside, heading down the same hallway I’d walked only fifteen minutes before, shocked to find a bedroom full of feminine dresses, all so beautiful in design and creation. Drawers were filled with lacy bras and underwear, nightgowns meant for a queen, and lingerie of the kind only found in Paris. Jagger had thought of everything, filling the fantasy with tangibles that might ease my pain.

The dichotomy of the man left me in a foggy state, the desire mixing with innate fear. But I was here in this stunning tropical location and we were very much alone to explore and enjoy.

At least for now.

The thought lingered as he eased me down onto my feet, his thumb and forefinger gripping my chin, digging in until I whined from the hint of pain. He shook his head and a single bead of sweat dropped just under my eye, trickling ever so slowly down my cheek.

“Tell me what you desire, Lola.” He fisted my hair, his fingers rubbing, gripping, and pulling back until he exposed my neck.

“I…” The words were stuck in my throat, squashed under the knowledge that this would forever change my world, and perhaps his life.

“Tell me!” The demand was harsh, almost bitter and full of raging hunger. When I didn’t respond quickly enough, he thrust his hand under my dress, snagging and ripping away the slender thong as if the material was no hold against his dark cravings. As if there was no barrier that would keep him from me.

My legs were shaking, adding to the chill sweeping up and down the length of my body and the second he slid two fingers inside my already wet pussy, I moaned. I was unashamed at the blatant need filling my system.

“Tell. Me,” he whispered in my ear before blowing air across the base of my earlobe and the top of my neck. “Every detail of what you want me to do to you.”

I gripped his arms, leaning toward him, only his hold on my hair keeping me from getting any closer.

He drove his fingers deep inside, taking his time slipping them all the way in and pulling out, repeating as I panted, arching my back, my legs wobbling. “I will do this for hours, never letting you come if you don’t tell me.”

“Jagger, I…” His thumb pushed against my clit, rubbing back and forth then swirling in a lazy circle, taking the last of my breath. I closed my eyes, the whimpers scattered. He brought me to the brink, the orgasm so close. I was lost in the forbidden moment, my body reacting in wild abandon. “Yes, I… I…” I suddenly felt nothing. No pleasure, no pressure. Emptiness. I struggled to open my eyes, to focus.

“No.” He pulled his hand from under my dress, twisting his fingers in front of my face. “Bad girls who don’t follow the rules will never get to come. Do you understand?”


A darkened shadow fell across his face and he shoved his slickened fingers into my mouth, deep enough to gag me. “Suck on them, sunshine.”

I obeyed without question, wrapping my hand around his wrist, savoring the juice sliding down my throat, licking his fingers clean. And all the while, I remained in the intense fog. I should feel utter shame. Humiliation should consume me.

But it wasn’t.

Why was my desire so blatant, burning to the very core of my soul?

“Do you want me to fuck you here? To stick my cock deep into your mouth?”

There was no way I could answer as I licked and sucked, tasting my own juice.

Narrowing his eyes, he used the same hand to wrap around my throat, his thumb rubbing back and forth. “You will learn to obey me without question, without hesitation. You will learn that I am your master now and always.” He took a staggering step backward, brushing his fingers under his nose, inhaling. “Remove your dress.”

Every nerve was standing on end, yet I did as I was told. Jagger’s eyes were full of determination, shimmering with the drunken power that he wielded over me, leaving me hot and wet.

A single growl pushed past his lips as he removed his shirt, tossing it aside. “You will tell me.” The single stride was all he needed to sit on the end of the bed, yanking me over his lap. He parted my legs then shoved his fingers back inside my pussy, two then three, flexing them open as he thrust in and out.

“Oh, God. Yes, sir.” The action was a taste of heaven and I wiggled my hips against the bulge in his pants, humping him like a bad little girl in a feeding frenzy.

“Wet and hot. You’re hungry.” The whisper was hoarse, his plunges becoming slower. And slower.

Then stopping altogether.

“Tell me what you want.”

The split second of hesitation brought a series of hard spanks against my ass, his hand peppering one after the other. The slapping sound floated between us, mixing with my sharp cries. I threw my hand back in an involuntary manner, panting as the pain increased.

Jagger growled as he bent my arm, holding it in place in order to give me several additional and even harder smacks.

Then stopping altogether.

I was whimpering and whining at the same time, the extreme pleasure mixing with a hint of agony driving my senses haywire.

His fingers found their way into my cunt once again, thrusting in an even rhythm, going as deep as his fingers would allow.

I arched my back, one hand finding his knee, the other pressing against the smooth tile. “Oh, yes… I…” The pleasure was all consuming, electricity soaring.

And then he stopped.

The spanking resumed, his hand peppering each ass cheek, moving from side to side, using his upper arm strength to provide a painful moment of discipline.

“Jagger… Please…”

“Please what?” The question was simple and while he didn’t stop, didn’t slow down the spanking, he bent over, blowing a swath of hot air across my upper back.

The intensity was killing me. “Please. Fuck me. Fuck me!”

He switched to fucking me with his fingers, pumping in and out several times before running the tip of his fingers down the crack of my ass. “Where do you want me to fuck you?”

“I can’t stand it any longer. Please.”

His hand peppered my bottom again, slapping so hard my entire being was rattled, the pain becoming anguish, but not from the round of punishment.

“Where?” he demanded, his voice booming. The fingers were slid into my pussy again. “Here?”

“Yes. Yes, sir. Please.” The sound of my own voice was no longer recognizable.

Taking his wet fingers, he wiggled them between my reddened ass cheeks, pushing the tips inside my asshole.

I stiffened, another moan escaping. “Oh, God.” Blinking, I tensed as he pushed past the tight ring of muscle.

“Or here?” he asked, his voice gravelly, full of lust.

“Yes. There. Everywhere.”

He pumped inside, taking his time yet his actions become more insistent.

“Please. Please fuck me. Anywhere. I don’t care. Just fuck me.” The barrage of words left my mouth before I realized what I’d said. I no longer cared. I just needed his thick, long cock buried inside of me.

Jagger spanked my ass several additional times before dumping me onto the bed, leaning over until he was able to press his lips against mine. “When I ask you a question, you will answer the first time. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, sir.” I moved into a crouched position, wanting to reach out, to make certain he stayed. He’d reduced me to a whimpering puddle of need, figuring out how to break down my walls. And he did, smashing them until I could only think about pleasing him.

He kept his eyes narrowed, never leaving me as he undressed, the expression on his face one of possession.

Utter domination.

He owned me.

The thought was riveting, exciting and as he crawled onto the bed, remaining in a sitting position, I allowed myself for the first time to admire his physique, the rugged sexiness that was all male. His shoulders were so broad, his chest more carved than any man I’d ever seen, rippling muscles leading to a thin waist. There was a dangerous aura about him. Sensual. Even his long eyelashes framed his piercing eyes and aristocratic nose. My nipples were hard, my pussy clenching from just the way his eyes turned wild. He yanked me onto my knees and he rose to his, dropping me back in a deep arc as he lowered his head, sucking then biting down on first one nipple then the other.

I quivered as he swirled the tip of his tongue around my nipples, trying to maintain position even though I was shaking with need.

He dragged his tongue between my breasts, moving up inch by inch, leaving me tingling with goosebumps covering every inch of my naked body. He slid one hand up my back, cupping my buttocks with the other.

I yelped as he forced me to straddle him, issuing a long moan the second he pulled me down on top of him, impaling my pussy with his throbbing cock. He filled me so completely that my pussy muscles clamped around him. “Oh, God…”

“Damn. Yes.” He panted as he held me in the same position, our foreheads together, his breathing ragged. His fingers brushed up and down my spine, rubbing aimlessly, as if losing track of time. “This is what you wanted?”

“Mmm-hmmm,” I managed, placing the flats of my hands against his chest. The way my fingertip was sizzling from the light touch alone was powerful, the current shared between us coursing through my entire body.

Jagger jutted his hips, rocketing them up, his thigh muscles straining. He had a wry smile on his face as he thrust in harder. Faster.

I rocked with him, my fingers rubbing his chest, cupping his nipples. I wanted to learn every inch of his body, to explore his chiseled muscles. “Oh…”

“Maybe this is more of what you crave.” He pushed me down onto my back, straddling and crawling up until his cock hovered over my mouth. “Open that sweet mouth of yours.”

There was no hesitation this time. I parted my lips, darting my tongue to lick around his cockhead. The taste of him was sweet, filling my mouth, driving my hunger to yet another level.

“That’s it. Suck me, princess. Suck my cock. I told you I was going to take every hole, fill you. Fuck you. And I intend on keeping my promise.”

I slid my tongue back and forth across his sensitive slit, watching his face pinch and release, his muscles tensing. I was rewarded with a few drops of pre-cum dotting along my tongue and I sucked on the tip like a greedy child, begging for more. I ran my hands up along the insides of his thighs, cupping his balls with one and running my index finger along the underside of his shaft.

“Yes. Mmm…” He closed his eyes, straining to remain over me.

I rolled his testicles between my fingers, squeezing, adding just enough pressure. I knew he was in a state of nirvana by the waning smile on his face, the glisten of sweat beading along his upper lip. I opened my mouth wider, accepting another inch. Then another. All the while my tongue swirling, moving back and forth.

He opened his mouth, a ragged breath escaping, his upper body trembling.

This was my only control, the only method I had of taking what I wanted. What I craved. I accepted more of him as he jutted his hips forward, pushing his cock until the tip hit the roof of my mouth.

His breathing full of a sensual husk, Jagger stiffened again before he began pumping into my mouth, taking back his control, fucking my hole as if there was no restraint left. There was nothing easy or gentle about his actions, merely a hard fuck, forcing me to suck, to take all of him.

I gagged only once then calmed my breathing, accepting my place, the role he’d given me. I continued fondling his balls as he thrust inside my mouth, every move deliberate, orchestrated in a perfect rhythm. He moved in and out as his eyes bore a hole through me, as if peeling away my many layers, finding my darkest fantasy.

I wanted him to spew inside, to have every drop of cum filling my mouth and throat, sliding down, feasting on the man. But I knew better. This was not the end. Only the beginning.

He pumped harder and faster, the actions more aggressive, almost savage, his guttural sounds becoming a loud roar as his need intensified. His eyes were mere slits, his voice rattled as he reminded me to suck, to wrap my mouth around his thick shaft.

I obeyed, submitting to him fully. Openly. I was his for the taking. I could feel his balls swelling, filling with cum. He was ready to explode.

Pulling back and out of my mouth, he ran the tip of his finger around my pursed lips before crawling to the side, panting, his head lowered. “Or…” he whispered as he yanked me onto all fours, moving behind me, slapping his cock against my bruised ass. “Do you prefer me taking you in your dark hole?”

“I…” Choking, I tried to catch my breath as he slipped his cock back inside my cunt, pumping several times as he slid one, two then three fingers inside my asshole.

This time, the pain was exquisite, filling me with wicked thoughts and wild desires. “Fuck me. Use me.”

I heard his deep chuckle seconds before he pressed the tip of his cock to my asshole. He gripped my hip with one hand, my long hair with the other. Pain tore through me as he shoved his cock inside, taking my final hole, making me understand that every part of me belonged to him. There was no question, no telling him no. I was his for the taking.

Jagger thrust hard and fast and the sound of skin hitting skin was like music to my ears.

“Oh…” I clenched my fists around the bedding, keeping my legs wide apart as he plunged in a brutal manner, yanking back my head as his fingers dug into my skin. This was as close to ecstasy as there could be.

“Yes. Mine. Every inch.” His voice was almost unrecognizable as he thrust, the force shoving me forward.

I heard his scattered breathing sounds change, altered into an animalistic state and knew he was close to coming. Squeezing my muscles, I couldn’t help but smile.

“Yes. Fuck…” He threw back his head and roared, his entire body shaking as he spewed hot cum deep inside, filling my hole.

Using me.

Taking me.

Sating me.

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