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Chosen by the Senator by Jaye Peaches – Extended Preview

“Stay,” Jamen barked. She halted, her hands clenching into balls. “There is nothing for you to fear. It’s a standard examination.”

She pointed a trembling finger at the two medics. “Done by them? They look macabre.”

Jamen’s forehead furrowed. “They are professionals,” he said. “Do not disrespect them.”

She stomped back into the room and the door whirred shut behind her. She felt enclosed, even in the large room, and so vulnerable. She had no reason to doubt Jamen, but why hadn’t he mentioned anything about a medical?

“What are they going to do to me?” She folded her arms across her chest. She was hyped on adrenaline, and not in a good way. She recognized the signs, the spiraling sense of losing control.

“A full scan. Organ checks. Ensure you are not contaminated by contagious matter, especially internally. Afterwards, you’ll be thoroughly cleansed and given the all clear.”

It sounded like a long process and detailed. Too detailed—internal? Did that mean probes and scopes? She peered at the strange contraption hovering over the table.

“Why me? What about you? Why don’t you get your kit off and let yourself be prodded? Perhaps you should go into quarantine with me? Or are you too important to go into quarantine?” she sneered. “I guess they don’t stick senators in isolation, just nasty humans. Do you fancy keeping me company if I refuse or will you kick me back to Earth?” She knew she’d lost it. That once infamous temper of hers that often got her into trouble as a teenager had reared its ugly head. The dominants at the Bow and Tie called it her feisty spells. They’d tamed her, a little. Perhaps not enough going by the expression on Jamen’s face. His lips were pressed together and his arms were rigid by his side.

He looked over her shoulder to the medics and said something in Vendian. They walked past her and out of the room without glancing back.

Paige swallowed down a lump in her throat and dropped her arms.

“Now.” Jamen circled her, stroking the solid outline of his chin with the hook of his forefinger. “You’re protesting about a medical examination that will expedite your arrival on Halos and ensure you are not inadvertently carrying contagions. In doing so, you are refusing my advice and wishes. You’re also suggesting breaking the law by refusing to cooperate.” He summed up her situation with a voice that belonged to a lawyer.

“I’m protesting that I have to do this when you clearly don’t. Is that fair? You’ve been on Earth too.” There was a hole beneath her feet and she probably was tumbling into it with her defiance. Fuck it, she thought, I’m not a doormat. She had to know how far Jamen was willing to go to keep her in line. She was walking a tightrope, she knew it. But, sometimes she had to push back. The elephant in the room had to be addressed—would he discipline her again or had the hotel incident been a one-off?

“I’m not the one questioning the procedures defined by higher authorities than me.” He halted. “I should point out that a hanjin needs regular medical checkups, so let’s begin here with a little indication of what that entails. But first, remove your clothes and bend over the table for your punishment.”

She had her answer. Her knees knocked together. “Say what?” she blurted.

“A good spanking will help you prepare and curb your tongue. I will not be spoken to so disrespectfully in front of others.”

“They didn’t understand me, so what—”

“Clothes off,” he said firmly. “And bend over.” He moved to the table. “Now!”

She hesitated. She was stuck in the in-between place. The one where part of her thought it all very ridiculous and the other part was turned on by the thought of discipline. He wasn’t joking, though; she saw the black pupils of his eyes flare up when she’d answered back. He had a magnificent tone to his voice, too. She could easily respond to it, allow it to draw her in deeper. But, she had to make a conscious decision. He had said several times before they left, that if she wanted to resign from the post and go home, she could. However, she wasn’t that easily dissuaded. More prevalent, almost overpowering her was the need to submit to him and only him, and not doctors or invisible bureaucrats who set rules.

She inched closer to him.

“Keep your eyes lowered. I’m sure you know how to show respect. I won’t ask you to kneel or demand you call me sir—that’s up to you.”

Her knees were close to buckling, but she hadn’t the capacity to go that far, not yet. She did look at the floor and gave him that reflection of demureness.

“Spank me, if you want,” she muttered, walking past him. “I don’t think it will help.” She lied. It was such a huge lie and if he could look inside her head and see what she saw, then he would know she was not saying what she was thinking.

“Oh.” He moved up behind her and yanked down her pants. “I think it will.”

She shrieked as he snapped the waistband of her panties. “No, please don’t strip me. I’ll do it… sir.” The word slipped out of her mouth with ease.

She tore out of her clothing in a hurry to be naked. Usually when she undressed, it was like a performance, conducted like a striptease and for his benefit. This time, speed was of the essence. He was in a different mood. The clothes were heaped in a pile on a stool. The final layer, her bra and panties, took longer to remove. She had to steady her breathing and calm her trembling hands.

Bare and exposed, she bent over the end of the table and pressed her face into the soft padding. It smelled of chemicals, the kind used to clean surfaces. She tucked her arms around her head and pretended they were a hood, hiding herself from any prying eyes.

Jamen nudged apart her feet. “Wider, please. And don’t hide from me. Arms above your head and hands together.”

She straightened her elbows and pressed her palms into a prayer position. She waited, expecting the first spank, but nothing happened. Had her easy capitulation caused him to change his mind? Would she be bothered if it had?

This had to be a test. Maybe for both of them. She could end it, her agreement with Jamen, and catch a flight back to Earth. If he didn’t think she was up to it, he’d probably call it off too. Both scenarios horrified her. She wanted to be with him. But what had happened to the generous lover who’d taken her to his bed and shown her a great time? Had he been left behind on Earth?

He opened a drawer and retrieved something. She couldn’t see what out of the corner of her eye. She rose up on tiptoes and tried to imagine she was back at the Bow and Tie. There she would revel in the excitement, even the audience watching ramped up the adrenaline and gave her the much needed buzz.

He patted something against his palm. It sounded solid. What the hell had he found?

The smack covered both her buttocks and the burning sensation was instantaneous. She jumped up.

“Hold your position, hanjin,” he reproached.

The formality helped. He was distancing himself from his lover and focusing on the task. She needed the gap, or else she would be too confused by her meddlesome emotions.

She lowered herself down and flattened her breasts into the table. Jamen grasped her hips and angled them upward, forcing her feet off the floor. He spread her cheeks apart, as if to inspect what lay between them.

“I shall remain in the room throughout your examination,” he said. “I want to watch, ensure your treatment is in accordance with the rules.”

Meaning, she wasn’t taken advantage of—she wouldn’t want him to leave anyway. He could watch. She liked that part. If she thought she was doing it solely for him, she wouldn’t mind.

“Sir,” she said, waiting for the next stinging impact.

The implement whooshed through the air and slapped her fleshy rump. She cried out. It felt as heavy as wood and cold as metal. Whatever it was, it hurt like crazy. He rubbed his hand down her bum and upper thighs, sweeping the pain away from the sit spots.

“You’re so tense, it must be hurting,” he said quietly. “Loosen up, Paige. I’m not going to stop until you give it up.”

Give up control, he meant. She squeezed her eyes shut and let her legs dangle. It helped a little.

The strange implement had generated a zap, like an electric shock and it also felt more flexible, as if it was wrapping itself around her ass as it made contact. When he aimed it across her ass, the edge whipped against the side of a cheek and stung. She gasped. As he continued his pattern of rubs and smacks, the heat built into a sprawling fire. With Jamen maintaining his rhythm, progressing beyond the first ten, the thuds seemed less harsh and the discomfort plateaued.

A puddle of warmth spread up from her lower belly and into her breasts and neck. The glow generated was flooding her system with new sensations. Her nipples stiffened and her clitoris tingled. The spanking was inducing a remarkable fledging arousal that grew with each swipe of the flat spatula. It wasn’t a paddle any longer. Before she could picture the implement, it morphed again—a strap?

She twisted around. Her eyes widened—he held a solid handle, but what spiraled out of it looked like beam of light.

“Eyes front,” he snapped.

She braced herself for the sting of a cane and that was exactly what she felt. She gasped and burrowed her nose into the padding.

Rubbing her blazing ass, he spoke, without disparaging her. “I don’t need to go into quarantine. I was vaccinated against Earth’s numerous diseases before I left Halos. You are naturally immune to many of Earth’s diseases, but you might be a carrier. So, I requested you be screened. Failure to comply will result in you being stuck in quarantine, unable to speak Vendu, and in the company of other aliens from others’ planets.”

He rested his hand on her lower back and patted it tenderly. “I don’t like the thought of you alone with strangers.”

“I’m sorry,” she sniffed. “I didn’t mean to imply you don’t care about me.”

“I do care.” He circled her bottom, but it wasn’t the palm of his hand. Her skin cooled and the pain magically seemed to dispel itself.

“I will submit to the examination, if you explain to me what they are doing.” She peered again behind her and this time he didn’t berate her.

The shining bundle of particles emitted from the device hovered in midair.

“Intrigued?” he asked.

She nodded.

“It’s a toning device, but it’s versatile. With a flick of a switch, the particles realign to create a physical force similar to a solid object. There are numerous settings. I started with this,” he hit a button and the particles flattened into a disk, just like the paddle she’d imagined, “and ended with this.” The particles raced into alignment and formed a thin beam—a rod.

“What do medics do with it?”

“It massages. You felt the pulse of electricity?”

She nodded. “Wow. Like it was zapping me.”

“It helps with muscular injuries and internal… well, it has multiple uses.” He switched it off and all that was left was the handle, which was shaped like a baton.

“Do you have one at your home?” She rose and felt her bottom. The skin was warm, but smooth and untainted by welts.

“I could acquire one,” he said, grinning briefly. “It also helps with cooling the skin.”

“I noticed.” She cupped her ass cheeks and faced him.

From out of his eyes flashed a longing. She saw it there for a second.

“I suggest you lie back on the bed and I’ll summon the medics.” He returned the device to the drawer and she complied with his wishes, as she should have done in the first place.

The two doctors reentered and conversed with Jamen. She lay waiting patiently, trying hard not to stiffen into a board. The lights above her head dazzled and she closed her eyes.

“They’ll start with the external scanners,” Jamen said from somewhere nearby. He combed her hair through with his fingers and her scalp tingled. “Painless, as I said.”

She heard the whirring but decided to keep her eyes shut. Something moved above her and it seemed to be tracking a path from her head down to her toes. It took its time.

“Breathe normally,” Jamen advised.

The doctors talked among themselves in soft tones.

A calmness descended over Paige. Yes, she was stark naked, but this was okay, she decided. Just two medics and Jamen, hardly a peep show.

“Hold your breath for a second. Good, well done.” Jamen relayed the request. “So far you’re free of contagions. Your organs are functioning normally.”

The whirring stopped. She opened her eyes—that was it?

“Remember what I told you about the implant for language development?” Jamen tapped her temple with his finger.

She did. They’d discussed it on the flight to Halos. She understood what it was that would help her learn Vendu quicker: a small device that connected to the language center in her brain and accelerated the creation of new neural connections. The implant would lie under the skin of her temple—a tiny flat disk the size of her little fingernail.

“And it won’t hurt?”

“No,” he said before speaking to the nearest doctor.

The man numbed her right temple and she heard something like a hypo-syringe hissing.

That was it? She’d fretted about it when he first told her, especially the idea of something inside her, talking independently to her brain. But, of course, it wasn’t like that. She listened to the doctor talk to Jamen, but none of it made sense. It didn’t work that quickly, she surmised. She shrugged off her disappointment.

“Now,” Jamen said, his shadow leaning over her. “Open your mouth wide.”

She obeyed, pretending she was at the dentist. One medic peered inside and inserted something similar to a pen. He held it away from her teeth and tongue until it beeped. He withdrew it and said something to the other.

“What was that?”

“Your oral cavity is clean. Teeth in good order. And, well…” Jamen cleared his throat.

“What?” She stared up at him. He actually looked slightly embarrassed.

“As my hanjin, a record is taken of your physical attributes. Your capabilities. Your oral capacity is good,” he said in a low, almost husky voice.


He paused before answering. “We already know it’s good,” he said simply.

“Oh,” she said slowly. “I suppose it is.” She winked.

“Now, they need to complete the internal exam,” he returned to a businesslike tone. “Bend your knees, hold them to your chest.”

“What!” She sat up, nearly knocking her head on the overhead gantry of machinery.

He pressed her back down. “Do you want me to remind you that you agreed to this?”

“But… but…” she stuttered. The anxious puddle in her tummy grew stormier. She wasn’t sure she could obey him.

Jamen lifted her legs and took her ankles over her head. Her bottom moved upward and lifted off the table. With her knees by her nose, he spread her legs wide and she opened up like a book, her sex and asshole fully exposed.

Above, the machines whirred and a spiral of light projected itself onto her privates and rotated. A warmth penetrated first her pussy, then around her anus. The light seemed to project itself right inside her.

The taller medic spoke to Jamen, his metallic voice robotic and detached.

“Your anus needs opening for the probe. He’ll insert a ring that will widen the aperture.” Jamen explained, his hands tightening their grip on her ankles as she tensed.

“Do they have to?” she whined pathetically.

“Relax, Paige. You might just enjoy this,” he said. “If you don’t relax it will hurt when the probe penetrates.”

The particles of light were just like the implement he’d used to spank her. Luminescent, they assumed a solid form. The one by her pussy reshaped itself into a cylinder with a rounded end, the anal one a thin tube. The machine had grown tentacles. She squirmed, trying not to imagine she was about to be fucked by some exotic creature.

Bizarrely, the silly fantasy helped. She closed her eyes and allowed her legs to turn heavy. Her knees sagged by her ears and Jamen loosened his hold of her ankles. She hooked her arms around her legs and kept herself folded. Now that he was free, he cupped his hands on either side of her face and stroked his thumbs down her cheeks.

“Very good, Paige. They’re going to lubricate your first. Make you nice and wet.”

She parted her lips and sighed as the cold gel-like substance was smeared around her bottom hole, then her pussy entrance. The gel warmed up when it came into contact with her skin. One of the medics used his fingers to poke inside of her bottom and something hard was slotted inside the narrow opening.

She gasped as it slowly stretched her tight ring. She felt a slight burning, then it eased and the device stilled. What an amazing feeling—indescribable, almost thrilling.

“See, it’s made you open just a little. No bigger than my little finger,” Jamen explained.

“It feels bigger,” she panted.

The doctors walked around the table, circling her, and she tracked their footsteps as they discussed their findings.

Four hands inspected her pussy lips. Multiple fingers spread and parted her folds and touched her clitoris. She opened her mouth into a gape of surprise as they pinched her clit between their fingers, exclaiming softly to each other. The examination of her alien clit was tantalizing and brief. They’d probably never seen one in the flesh before. Jamen had told her female Vendu had a clitoris inside their vagina and some even in their back passage. It wasn’t unheard of for females to have extra clitorises implanted alongside their natural ones to heighten sexual arousal for their males. She couldn’t imagine an orgasm triggered by multiple clitorises.

The medics’ touches were firm but not hurried. Each movement was orchestrated and carried out with precision. Jamen growled softly in the back of his throat. He had a bird’s-eye view of everything and it had to be heating his loins. If it wasn’t, he couldn’t be the hot alien she had come to know.

She waited, almost impatiently for the probes to penetrate her. If Jamen was enjoying this spectacle, then she would too. She felt a heaviness enter her vagina as the cylinder-shaped probe occupied the channel. It lowered itself deeper, and deeper. She held her breath and waited for her barrier to be touched and scanned.

“There,” murmured Jamen. “It will start to rotate and scan you.”

The rotations were barely discernible, but the probe seemed bigger and continued to enlarge inside her. “What…” she groaned.

“It’s measuring you. You’re an excellent capacity for a small female. The doctors are impressed. You won’t need aids.” He paused again and chuckled. “We knew that already too.”

The probe retracted and her pussy flexed back into a normal shape. She gripped her legs tighter.

“Relax, Paige. You’re doing good,” soothed Jamen, who resumed stroking her hair.

The other probe, a thin tubular extension slid into her anus. It tickled as it spiraled around. However, it too was growing, changing into something resembling a bulb. It was heavy too. The weight shifted down, and she felt the pressure in her belly.

“No, that’s enough, please,” she pleaded.

Jamen said something sharply in Vendian and immediately the medics retracted the device. “You’re clean,” he said to her. “But, your capacity is poor. You’ll need further stretching.”

“For what… oh.” She opened her eyes to find Jamen staring into hers. His pupils were black and vibrant.

“Yes,” he said softly. “A hanjin must offer all of herself.”

She licked her lips. “I’ll try.” She’d no idea if she would enjoy it, but she wasn’t afraid to give it a go.

“Another time, we’ll work on that,” he smiled. “Now, lower your legs.”

She unfolded herself, straightening out her tired calves as she flexed her toes. Remarkably relaxed, she felt warm and fuzzy, with only a faint trace of butterflies in her belly. Even though she’d not paid the medics any attention, they had conducted themselves professionally. She almost wished, in the darkest recesses of her mind, that they hadn’t. What if they had fucked her with those probes, forced orgasms from her, held her down or bound her? And what if Jamen demanded they did wicked things to her, stretching the minutes into hours of tormenting sexual games and when she balked he spanked her hard with that delicious device he’d found in the drawer? She shivered with an unexpected urge. Suddenly, out of nowhere, she realized she was aroused, and had been for some time, ever since they stretched her bottom open and she tried not to think of wicked things.

She yawned and stretched out on the bed as if ready to fall asleep. The spanking, followed by the intimate examination had turned her from a nervous bundle of energy into something placid. She hoped Jamen would be pleased with her submission. She closed her eyes and drifted.

She lay stretched out with her eyes still closed. Her body glowed under the lights creating a sheen that softened the contours of her body into a golden blur. In his visits to the ancient cities of Earth, he’d been shown statues, paintings, and other images and was told they represented beauty and nature. He’d struggled to appreciate humans’ fascination with capturing a moment in time and keeping it forever. Now, he understood. He wanted this image of Paige to stay within him.

“Leave us,” he ordered the medics and for a second time, he and Paige were left alone. The spanking had frustrated him, but in hindsight, it had given her a means to submit. She’d surrendered, melted almost like falling snow, into a state of compliance and there she stayed. Even now, she seemed lost in some distant place.

They weren’t finished. He couldn’t ignore what had happened in the room. He had watched her become aroused by their probing and found it thrilling. Now, he wanted her more than ever before.

He pulled his tunic off and loosened his pants. With a firm grasp of her ankles, he slid her down the table. She opened her eyes and gasped. However, she didn’t kick or attempt to sit up. She lifted her bottom and showed him her slit, and it was wet with both synthetic lubricant and her own glistening nectar.

When her bottom reached the end of the table, he angled the head of his erection toward her pussy. He paused, and to his relief, she didn’t resist. Her ankles rested on his shoulders, her legs vertical and parted into a V-shape. He used his thumbs to part her swollen folds and between them, he inserted his cock and drove his hardened rod downward as she arched her back to meet him.

She mewled something under her breath, then as he thrust deeper, her mouth formed a circle of surprise, and catching the lights, her teeth glinted. He could go no further; her bottom collided with his hips. Now her eyes were wide open and her fingers curled around the edges of the table and gripped tightly until her knuckles were white. He stayed there, savoring her liquid channel, stretching it further than any device that had already penetrated her. In reply to his thrust, she seemed already on the brink of an orgasm.

Wrapping his arms around her legs, he anchored his body to hers, withdrew and speared her again. He swung his hips in a rhythmic pulse, back and forth, as she moaned. Increasingly breathless, she clung onto the table while her toes wriggled next to his ears. She instigated small gestures of resistance—bucking her bottom, pressing her thighs together and squeezing her pussy. He ignored them all. Her face told a different tale. She was reveling in his hard fucking. The more strength he demonstrated, the louder her moans and pants. Paige was a perfect receptacle for his cock. He could fuck her for hours and love every minute of it.

However, time wasn’t on their side. On another occasion, he would use this position and fuck her for longer, making her ache and beg for an orgasm. But not today. He ramped up the speed and pounded against her hot ass until she leaked around his shaft.

“I’m coming.” Her teeth chattered. Her breasts bloomed a shade of red and her pert nipples rose into peaks as she hovered for one last second on the cusp of her orgasm. The flush spread to her neck and face, and at the same time, he felt her clench and spasm, as he had done numerous times back on Earth during their two weeks together in his hotel. He milked that gorgeous sensation for his own benefit and with one last gyration of his hips, he spurted and achieved an abrupt release. The rawness of the climax nearly caused him to howl. He’d not felt so alive in months and unbelievably, a human was responsible.

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