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Chosen for the Warrior by Sassa Daniels – Extended Preview

The look on Victoria’s face was absolutely priceless as Kyree opened a black leather case and produced a large plug made of a vibrant purple silicone. It would look very pretty nestled between her beautifully rounded butt cheeks. Although Allik doubted that she’d ever experienced having her bottom filled, her wary expression told him that she was, at least, aware of what the object’s purpose was. Really, it was quite obvious. Its rounded tip flared out into an elongated diamond-shaped midsection and then tapered down to a wide base that would sit snugly outside of her bottom to hold it securely in place. He knew that Victoria and her friends had been engaged in reading erotic literature that was banned by Earth’s tyrannical High Council. It was likely that she’d encountered descriptions of anal plugging in some of those books. He hoped that was the case. He didn’t want her to be too unsettled by anything that happened to her.

“Do you know what this is for?” Kyree asked in a pleasant tone.

Victoria nodded her head. Preferring that she respond verbally, Allik cleared his throat purposefully.

“Yes.” Victoria clearly took the hint. “I know what it’s for.”

“So, what’s it for?” Allik couldn’t resist pushing her to say the words he knew she would be embarrassed to say. If she found it degrading to talk about such things, that was just tough luck. She needed to get used to expressing herself openly. He was not a man who had time to waste on deciphering subtle language.

A flash of color seared her cheeks before she responded. “It goes into my bottom.”

“Very good,” Kyree said as she sent Allik a look to remind him that she was running the show and not him. “And have you ever had a plug in your bottom?”

“No,” Victoria said quietly.

“Has a man ever touched you there?” Kyree asked.

“No.” Victoria gave a slow shake of the head.

“Excellent,” Kyree responded. “Now, I want you to remove your clothing, spread your legs wide apart, and bend over the table. Then I want you to reach back and hold your bottom cheeks for me. When you are in position, you will ask me to insert the plug into your naughty little bottom.”

Just the thought of watching Victoria strip off all her clothes, bend over, and ask to have her bottom plugged made Allik hard as a rock. He took a deep breath and stepped back a few paces. As much as he wanted to touch Victoria right now, it was up to Kyree to punish her and not him. It was not going to be easy to resist interfering, though.

Expecting that Victoria’s obvious nervousness would cause her to protest, he was surprised when he immediately complied with Kyree’s request. With trembling fingers, she removed the new white dress he’d managed to procure for her and draped it over the nearest chair. She moved with natural grace, her limbs long and supple. Her skin glowed with a lovely peachy hue but there were a couple of light bruises on her buttocks from the paddling she’d received the night before. Her breasts were small but perfectly proportioned, with delicate pink buds at their peaks. For a moment she stood before Allik as though giving him time to admire every inch of her gorgeous body.

Then, without any further delay, she flicked her long, dark hair over her shoulder, turned from him, and bent over the table, her legs in a wide open stance. With a loud sigh, the only sign of her reluctance, she reached back and parted her cheeks, presenting her tight little hole for Kyree to plug. The expression on her face was serene but Allik could see the turmoil reflected in her eyes. The flashes of emotion they betrayed hinted at an internal struggle over whether or not they should obey. It pleased Allik that he could still see a spark of defiance there. He didn’t want her spirit to be extinguished. There would be no satisfaction in mating with a completely docile woman.

“Victoria.” Kyree gave her a stern reminder when she failed to speak.

“Please put the plug in…” Victoria’s face reddened. Her eyes clenched shut and then she opened them again. “…in my naughty little bottom.”

Indignation burned in her cheeks but, to her credit, she didn’t utter a single word of protest. Allik watched in fascination as Kyree ran her hand slowly over Victoria’s bottom, causing her to tense and then sag against the table as she accustomed herself to being touched by the other woman. He would not tolerate another man caressing his mate in such an intimate way but there was something incredibly arousing about seeing Kyree doing it.

He leaned forward for a better view as Kyree applied a generous squirt of gel to the rosy pucker of Victoria’s anus. She pushed a finger slowly into the untried channel, making Victoria hiss in discomfort. Slowly, Kyree worked her finger in and out of the tight hole until the younger woman began to moan and rock her hips, seeming to welcome the penetration. With her legs spread apart, Allik could see the telltale glistening of moisture dripping from her pretty pink pussy. His little human was starting to enjoy herself. As Kyree withdrew her finger, Victoria let out a low groan of disappointment that made Allik’s cock twitch.

“The gel helps to relax the muscles so the plug will go in a bit more easily,” Kyree told Allik. “Human females are more slightly built than we are, so you should use some of this gel when you want to fuck her bottom. It won’t relax her so much that it affects your pleasure, but it will ease the way for you.”

Victoria looked around, clearly startled by Kyree’s words. Whether it was the idea of having her bottom fucked, or Kyree talking about her as though she wasn’t even in the room that bothered her, Allik wasn’t sure.

“Don’t worry, my dear,” Kyree said pleasantly. “By the time we’re finished here, you’ll be more than ready for Allik to take your cute little bottom hole. Of course, he’s much bigger than the plug, but it will help to prepare you.”

Something flashed in Victoria’s eyes that made Allik wonder if this was the moment when she would rebel against what was happening to her. Once again, she surprised him by resting her head on the table and allowing Kyree to apply more of the gel.

Allik watched intently as Kyree pressed the rounded tip of the plug against the pucker of his mate’s anus. Victoria gasped in surprise as it slipped easily into her rear channel. As the widest part of the plug breached the tight ring of muscle, there was obvious resistance. Victoria groaned and wriggled in a way that made Allik’s cock ache.

“Easy now.” Kyree’s tone was calming. “Take a deep breath and relax.”

Another grimace of discomfort twisted Victoria’s features, but then she seemed to settle. A sigh of relief escaped her as the plug was fully seated inside her.

“Good girl,” Kyree praised.

Seeing Victoria bent over the table with her legs apart and her bottom plugged was almost more than Allik could bear. His cock strained against the confines of his tight leather pants and he wondered how the hell he was going to survive the next hour. Already, he felt as though he was about to explode. Seeming to sense his discomfort, Kyree grinned wickedly and motioned for him to take a seat.

“Victoria, please kneel,” Kyree instructed. Allik was impressed by how adept the young medic was at taking charge. She was polite, yet firm as she maintained control of the situation. He found it more arousing than he’d thought he would to watch her instructing his little human.

Immediately, Victoria dropped to her knees, adopting a graceful pose that seemed to come naturally. Possessing an innate elegance, she needed no coaching on how to position herself. Her back was straight, her neck long and slender. Dark hair cascaded over her shoulders to trail down into the small of her back. There was a look of calm on her face, an expression she had clearly practiced over time, but the story her eyes told was one of fear, confusion, and perhaps a little excitement.

“Very nice,” Kyree praised. “You really have yourself a beautiful mate, Allik.”

Victoria opened her mouth as though to protest. There seemed to be something about the word mate that she really didn’t like. Apparently thinking better of it, she pressed her lips back together. He and Victoria both followed Kyree’s steps as she moved to the side of the room and picked up a flogger from the countertop. Its handle was made of woven leather and the dark brown strands that dangled from it looked, to Allik, like the finest deerskin. He smiled at Kyree’s choice of implement, which would make only a slight impact that would tease rather than causing actual pain.

As Victoria glanced up at him, Allik could see the nervousness in the tremble of her lip. He realized that to her inexperienced eyes the flogger probably looked like an instrument of torture. He gave her a nod that he hoped would be reassuring but the frown that knitted her eyebrows together told him it hadn’t worked.

“Now, Victoria, I want you to clean the floor.”

Allik saw the look of irritation that clouded Victoria’s face. Her jaw stiffened and her neck seemed to go rigid but she worked hard to contain her annoyance. He thought she would snap when Kyree carelessly tossed a scrubbing brush down on the floor in front of her. As it clattered on the cold tiles, Victoria’s eyes narrowed. She looked around the room, no doubt wondering why she was being asked to clean a floor that was already totally spotless.

“Victoria,” Kyree said with a note of caution.

Huffing audibly, Victoria picked up the scrubbing brush and got onto her hands and knees. As she began to crawl away from him, something seemed to change in her posture. She looked more confident, her movement becoming more deliberate. Her bottom wiggled enticingly as she began to scrub the floor. As she glanced over her shoulder and threw a smoldering gaze in his direction, an unbearable tension took hold of him. Seeming to know just how big an effect she was having on him, Victoria gave a cheeky wink and then carried on scrubbing the floor. The little minx knew exactly what she was doing as her hips swayed seductively. Beads of sweat began to form on Allik’s brow as he watched her move away from him. He blew out a breath as she lowered the front of her body closer to the floor on the pretext of trying to remove some invisible speck of dirt. Her bottom was raised slightly, giving him an even clearer view of the base of the butt plug. Allik groaned. His little human was going to be the death of him.

Victoria had no doubt that she would hate to get down on her hands and knees to scrub a floor at the best of times. Having to do it whilst completely naked and with an enormous plug shoved in her rear passage was so much worse. There was no escaping the intrusive presence of the damned thing. With every move she made, the plug shifted inside her, creating a feeling of fullness that was uncomfortable and yet arousing. The diamond-shaped object pressed on her insides, the sensations it stirred seeming to reach forward to tease her highly sensitive pussy. The little bud of nerves between her legs was beginning to tingle and she felt herself growing wet. She bit her bottom lip as though that could somehow hold back the tide of desire. It was humiliating to find herself becoming so turned on by the treatment she was being subjected to.

Still, if she had to suffer, she was going to make damned sure Allik did as well. Every now and then as she wiggled her way slowly, purposefully around the room, she shot him a glance over her shoulder and pouted in a suggestive manner. From the groans he emitted and the pained expression on his face, she knew that she was getting to him.

As she basked in the knowledge that she was affecting him deeply, there was a swishing sound in the air and the strands of the flogger struck her bottom. Taken by surprise, Victoria stopped in her tracks. The impact hadn’t hurt but it made flesh that was already sensitive from the previous day’s punishments prickle with an intensity that began to ripple outward. It felt as though every nerve in her body was coming to life.

“Keep moving,” Kyree said, her tone stern.

Victoria began to crawl forward, running the brush over the perfectly pristine floor as she went. The task was clearly intended to humiliate her and, despite her displays of bravado, it was working. She turned around and started to move back toward Allik. That was a big mistake. Heading toward him, she suddenly felt ten times more vulnerable. The plug felt bigger, more intrusive, somehow. Her breasts hung heavy beneath her, swinging as she crawled on the cold tiled floor. She was painfully aware of the intensity of Allik’s gaze. The moisture pooling between her thighs made her blush.

For some reason, when she was moving away from Allik, she’d been able to kid herself that she held some power over him, that she might be able to use her body to bend him to her will. Now, she was under no illusion about who was in charge. Kyree might be administering this punishment, but she did so at his pleasure. Allik was the one who was ultimately in command and he required her submission. It was a terrifying and yet freeing realization that she actually craved being controlled. With someone else calling the shots, she didn’t have to worry about what to do next.

As Victoria’s pace slowed, Kyree brought the flogger down again. This time, the soft, flexible strands of leather struck between her legs, hitting her already aroused clitoris, making it swell even further. It wasn’t painful, but the contact made her ache all the same. She whimpered with need and tried to press her legs together, to grab hold of the throbbing sensation and find a way to push herself over the edge. The other woman didn’t give her the chance to seek her own pleasure. Nudging her bottom with her foot, Kyree urged Victoria forward.

“Go to Allik,” Kyree instructed.

As Victoria crawled toward Allik, Kyree struck her buttocks with the flogger repeatedly, flicking the strands upward so they struck her throbbing pussy, teasing her to a frenzy. Victoria moaned and whimpered as she edged closer to Allik. The wet heat between her legs was almost unbearable now and she wanted nothing more than to be fucked hard and fast. As the thin strands of leather tapped her clitoris, the impact was enough to ignite her desire, but not enough to allow her the climax she so desperately needed. When she reached Allik, Victoria halted. Kyree trailed the handle of the flogger slowly down the crease between her butt cheeks and then used it to push on the base of the plug. Feeling pressure building up inside her, Victoria almost came on the spot. Kyree, however, was not about to grant her release.

“Kneel,” Kyree said in a commanding tone.

Obediently, Victoria straightened up and rested back on her heels, hoping that her compliance would earn her a reward. She desperately wanted to come and, it seemed, that was not going to happen until Kyree was satisfied that she’d suffered enough. Now positioned at Allik’s feet, she looked up and saw his eyes glowing with approval. It made her feel strangely warm and fuzzy inside.

“Good girl,” Kyree said. “Now, I want you to suck Allik’s cock.”

Victoria’s eyebrows shot up in horror. She had never done anything like that before, never mind with someone watching. There was something tantalizing about the prospect, though. She saw the look on Allik’s face and realized that he hadn’t expected this either. Not that his surprise stopped him from immediately unzipping his tight leather pants and freeing his cock.

As she saw his enormous erection, Victoria’s eyes widened in shock. She had been with a man before, and she’d thought that he was generously endowed. The size of Allik’s cock made her rethink all that she knew about a man’s anatomy. She had never seen anything like his penis and couldn’t imagine how something that big was meant to fit inside her. The shaft was long and thick, jutting out proudly from his body. The head was an angry red color. Thom’s penis had definitely not looked so… so… aggressive. Swallowing her fears, she reached out and tentatively stroked the rigid shaft, almost as though trying to placate it.

“Use your mouth,” Kyree instructed.

Placing her hands on Allik’s powerful thighs to support herself, Victoria leaned forward. Immediately, she was aware of a strong, masculine scent unlike anything she’d ever smelled before. It was deeply arousing. Cautiously, she flicked her tongue lightly over the head of his cock and then explored the little slit where droplets of a mildly salty liquid had pooled. It didn’t taste like anything she’d ever experienced before, but it wasn’t unpleasant. Running her tongue slowly along his steely erection, Victoria tried to learn every inch of him. The skin was velvety smooth over his rigid length.

As she wrapped her lips around him and sucked lightly, Allik emitted a groan that emboldened her. She drew his cock deeper into her mouth, taking him almost to the back of her throat. As he pumped his hips she panicked, afraid that she might choke, and began to pull away. Allik reached down and gently stroked her cheek, helping her to relax. She knew instinctively that he might push her limits, but he would never allow harm to come to her.

“Your mouth was made to take my cock.”

Victoria reveled in the strained tone in his voice that told her she was doing something right. Allik’s hand moved to the back of her head and he encouraged her to take him as deep into her mouth as she could once more. Her tongue lapped at him with increasing enthusiasm and as she sucked on his impressive length, she found a rhythm that had Allik moaning with desire.

Suddenly, the plug in her bottom began to vibrate, stimulating both her anus and her pussy. Every nerve in her body seemed to come alive at once and she struggled to concentrate on her worship of Allik’s cock as a gasp escaped her. Kyree, it seemed, had saved a little surprise for her. As the sensations from the vibrating anal plug created became more intense, her fingernails dug into Allik’s muscular thigh. The low groan of pleasure he gave sent a jolt straight to her core.

As Allik’s thick, hard shaft slid back and forward between her soft red lips, Victoria was suddenly aware of Kyree coming to kneel behind her. Each nerve tingled as the other woman’s hands reached around to cup her breasts. Her thumbs circled the stiff peaks of Victoria’s nipples and a ripple of desire wove its way to her womb.

Victoria mumbled inarticulately around Allik’s cock. Groaning, she tried to focus on pleasuring Allik as Kyree’s hand moved lower, to find its way between her legs. Gentle fingers ran lightly over the engorged bud of her clitoris and then slipped into the moist warmth of her pussy. Victoria whimpered as those long, elegant digits began to slowly move in and out of her. She shifted restlessly as waves of pleasure coursed through her.

“Beautiful,” Kyree murmured from behind.

As the other woman’s fingers expertly fucked her dripping wet cunt, Allik’s cock began to swell in her mouth. He barked out an inhuman sound and warm jets of his seed spurted down her throat. Victoria swallowed quickly as her own climax took hold of her. A rush of feminine juices soaked her thighs as she came with a shriek of ecstasy. Falling back with shaking limbs, she was caught by Kyree who held her as her womb clenched tightly. Thoroughly spent, she glanced up at Allik. He was watching closely, a look of deep satisfaction on his face. Suddenly, she wanted him to take her into his arms and kiss her, to lay her down and pour some of that intensity that radiated from him into fucking her.

She had just about recovered her breath when a siren began to wail, shattering the post-climactic silence they’d fallen into. Victoria sat up as both Allik and Kyree leapt to their feet, the spell suddenly broken as they reacted to the alarm.

“What’s happening?” Victoria cried as she rose from the floor, her limbs still feeling somewhat boneless.

“That’s what I’m going to find out,” Allik said, hastily zipping up his pants. He looked past Victoria to give a Kyree a questioning look.

“Go,” the other woman said. “I will see that Victoria gets back to your quarters safely.”

“Do as Kyree instructs,” Allik told her in an implacable manner. “I will return as soon as I can.”

Victoria nodded in acknowledgement, a little too stunned to speak. Things had gone from bliss to panic in the space of only a few seconds. As Allik hurried from the room, a terrible sense of foreboding took hold of her. The alarm clearly signaled trouble and from what she already knew of Allik, he wasn’t one to shy away from danger. As she accepted the dress Kyree held out to her and slipped it on over her head, she was suddenly afraid that something awful was going to happen to Allik. To her surprise, she found herself wondering how she would cope if it did. Could she survive without knowing what it like to have him inside her, fucking her hard and fast, laying claim to her body and soul? As crazy as it seemed, she wasn’t sure she could.

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