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Chosen for Their Use by Ivy Barrett – Extended Preview

“Kyla,” Bron called as she put her hand on the railing, meaning to climb onto the redwood deck.

She pivoted toward him without letting go of the handrail. “Yes?”

“Come here.” LeAuntiez motioned her toward a large park-style bench near the back corner of the yard. Though overgrown now, the multi-tiered garden must have been beautiful once. A few of the plants still bloomed among the tangle of indigenous weeds, stubborn like their lovely female. LeAuntiez sat on the bench and encouraged Bron to sit beside him. Bron quickly spread the blanket in the space between the bench and the garden then joined his podmate on the bench. LeAuntiez positioned Kyla on the blanket, directly in front of them, garden at her back. “Undress,” LeAuntiez said. “We want to see your body bathed in moonlight.”

She looked around, clearly alarmed by the directive. “I can’t get naked right here in front of God and everyone. Someone could see me.”

“There is no one here but me and Bron, and you just told Nunez that loving us was the smartest thing you’d ever done.”

“Why would I love either one of you? You’re both insufferable.” Despite her claim, her gaze shone with the very emotion she denied.

LeAuntiez’s only response was a chuckle.

“You’re stalling,” Bron pointed out. “We want you naked. You get naked.”

A mischievous half-smile hinted at the purpose for her hesitation. “I’m not comfortable out here. I’d rather go inside.”

“Did we ask what you prefer?” Again LeAuntiez took the lead. “I gave you an order and I’m still waiting for your compliance.”

Bron sat back and watched. LeAuntiez often allowed him to lead and Kyla seemed to expect him to be more hard-edged. Tonight LeAuntiez would fuck her virgin ass, so it made more sense for him to guide the events. Tonight Kyla would learn that LeAuntiez could be just as demanding, perhaps even more so than Bron. Bron tended to stick with straight-on aggression. LeAuntiez, on the other hand, liked to be creative with his punishments.

“I’ll comply with anything you ask as soon as we go inside.”

LeAuntiez stood and reached her with one long stride, then ripped her top open and dragged it off her body. The urgent motions made her breasts jiggle and sway. Excitement shone in her gaze until he gave each generous mound a firm slap. She gasped and her eyes widened. Clearly, she hadn’t expected such treatment from her rescuer. Still, her nipples immediately gathered into tight little beads, responding despite her uncertainty. Without saying a word, LeAuntiez caught both tips between his thumbs and forefingers and squeezed until she cried out sharply.

“Let go! Please, I’m sorry. I’m sorry!” She tugged on his wrists, but he just kept on pinching.

Suddenly she realized what he wanted, and franticly took off her pants and shoes. When she stood there naked, he finally released her abused nipples. Her lips trembled and mutinous anger flashed in her expressive eyes. LeAuntiez bent and caressed her breasts, adoring the tender nipples with his lips and tongue. Gradually her agitation eased and she relaxed, but there was still a wildness in her eyes.

“Turn around,” LeAuntiez ordered, his voice cold and harsh.

“Why are you so angry?” She reached out for him, but his look warned her away. “I told you I was sorry.”

“I do not repeat orders,” he reminded.

With a frustrated sigh, she turned around.

Fascinated by the unusual dynamic, Bron scooted to the edge of the bench and watched the scene play out. LeAuntiez seldom unleashed this side of his personality. He’d confessed to Bron that the darkness would control him if he allowed it to surface too often. This hunger for cruelty had been born of pain and then nurtured by decades of violence and loneliness. Such feelings were all too familiar to Bron. They were a mirror image of his own.

“Move your feet apart.” She did. “Wider.” She separated her feet until her thighs parted. “Now get on your hands and knees. Do not bend your arms. I want access to your breasts.”

She glanced over her shoulder, pleading with her eyes, but it did no good.

Now.” He swatted her ass, but not hard. It was another warning.

Slowly, she lowered herself to the blanket, positioning her body as he’d directed, hands and knees, arms extended so her breasts hung down. Her hair slid forward, hiding her face. LeAuntiez immediately reacted, tucking her hair behind her ears on both sides.

“You will not hide behind your hair,” he told her sternly. “If it slides forward again, you will immediately fix it.”

“Yes, Sir.” She stared at the blanket, features tense, yet expressionless.

Worried that LeAuntiez was pushing too hard, Bron concentrated on their link. LeAuntiez’s emotions churned in the distance like a raging wildfire threatening to consume everything in its path. Kyla’s mind was harder to reach. She was still hesitant to share, so she internalized her emotions, tried her best to lock them away. Even so, Bron sensed uncertainty and frustration, but also anticipation and desire. As with everything they’d expected from her, she was willingly submitting to this. No, she wasn’t just reluctantly allowing it. She wanted it, needed it with an intensity that scared her.

LeAuntiez knelt beside her hip and rested his hand on her nicely rounded ass. “You do not have permission to come. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You expected us to wait, even though you belong to us. Now you will wait for your pleasure no matter what I do to you. Does that sound like a fair consequence for your disobedience?”

“I thought you’d spank me,” she confessed. “If I’d known this is how you’d react, I wouldn’t have argued with the directive.”

He slid his hand lower, teasing her folds with his fingertips. “Now you know.”

“Yes, Sir.” She sounded utterly miserable, and Bron fought back his need to defend her, to talk LeAuntiez out of this punishment. That wouldn’t be fair to LeAuntiez. The Celestian clearly needed the emotional release as badly as Kyla would need physical release by the time LeAuntiez was finished with her.

LeAuntiez pushed his middle two fingers into her core, then withdrew and lightly slapped her clit. She sucked in a breath, but didn’t quite gasp. He slid his hand forward and back, lightly fucking her with his fingers. His other hand reached beneath her and slapped her clit again, harder this time.

She gasped, then moaned and hunger rippled across their link. Their mate would never admit it out loud, likely hadn’t accepted it yet, but her body responded strongly to pain.

“Don’t you come,” LeAuntiez snapped then delivered several more slaps.

“Yes, Sir. I won’t, Sir.” Then in an agonized whisper, “Even if it kills me.”

LeAuntiez watched her closely and his presence grew stronger in Bron’s mind. LeAuntiez was using their link, assessing her reactions to everything he did. “If I want to see these breasts, you open your top.” He slapped her breasts lightly, making them sway.

“I will, Sir. I’m sorry.”

“If I want to see this pussy, you show me.” He rammed his fingers into her core with short, lightning-fast thrusts. “Your body is not yours to withhold. You will never do so again.”

“I’m sorry, Sir.” Her voice sounded constrained and breathless.

LeAuntiez fucked her harder, plunging two long fingers into her with each stroke. “To whom do you belong?”

“You and Bron.”

He slapped her breast, then pinched her nipple without interrupting the demanding rhythm of his hand.

Kneel on her other side, LeAuntiez urged. She denied you too.

Thrilled by the invitation, Bron moved to Kyla’s other side and sank to the blanket on his knees. He reached beneath her and squeezed the weighty mound hard enough to make her moan. She tossed back her hair and turned her head, meeting his gaze. He expected a silent plea for mercy. What he saw was wild abandon. She was loving this!

“You’ll know better next time,” he reinforced LeAuntiez’s position as he pinched her nipple, twisting it just hard enough to make her cry out.

She tore her gaze away from his and stared at the blanket. Her hair swished forward, so Bron tucked it back behind her ear, his fingers lingering against her soft skin.

Suddenly her head came up and she tried to twist around.

“Eyes forward,” LeAuntiez snapped.

With obvious reluctance she complied.

Curious, Bron looked back to see what had caused her reaction. LeAuntiez had drizzled lube into the crevice between her cheeks and now he was stroking her anus. She always wiggled and protested when they played with her ass, and then she’d come harder than ever.

Finger-fuck her pussy, LeAuntiez suggested. Let’s give her a taste of what it will be like.

Bron nodded and crawled closer to her upturned ass. LeAuntiez carefully breached her with the tip of his long middle finger, but he didn’t stop there. After applying more lube, he eased two more fingers in beside the first. Her delicate tissues stretched around him and Kyla whimpered.

“Take it, baby. In a few minutes this will be my cock.” He rotated his hand, screwing his fingers inward, then slowly drawing them out. She sighed as the pressure eased, but he only paused a second before stretching her all over again.

Fascinated by the graphic sight, Bron forgot what he was doing. Then LeAuntiez gave him a mental nudge and Bron shook away the sensual haze. Waiting for LeAuntiez to finish his long, slow stroke, Bron positioned his fingers at her other entrance. LeAuntiez paused with his fingers deep in her ass.


Bron nodded, then drove his fingers into her pussy as LeAuntiez pulled nearly out.

“Oh, God.” She shivered, hands clutching the blanket. “Is that… both of you?”

“That’s right.” LeAuntiez fisted the back of her hair and drew her head up. “I’m fucking your ass and Bron’s fucking your pussy, just like it will be when we claim you.” He thrust harder, his rhythm faster, and he didn’t let go of her hair. He kept her head up and used her hair to gain leverage for his thrusts.

She cried out, gasped and moaned. But the wet sounds of their fingers, and the emotions surging across their link, assured Bron that they weren’t hurting her. This was about domination and control. They wanted her to feel utterly possessed.

A harsh sob broke from her throat and LeAuntiez paused. “Are you in pain?”

Bron scanned her mind, as did LeAuntiez no doubt. She shook her head, but kept on sobbing. LeAuntiez pulled his fingers out, so Bron did the same. Then LeAuntiez tugged lightly on her hair. “Up.” Her trembling body unfolded until her weight rested entirely on her knees and shins. She looked at LeAuntiez, then Bron, tears streaming down her face.

“Why are you crying?” Bron asked.

“I don’t want to like being treated like this. It makes me feel… like you’re brainwashing me. How else could I enjoy being used? This isn’t just rough sex. He told me not to come, that makes this masochistic.”

LeAuntiez pressed his clean hand against her face and kissed her slowly, deeply as he filled her mind with affection. “You are not weak, nor have you ceased to think for yourself. But your body is owned. It is ours to give pleasure to, or take pleasure from whenever and however we desire.”

Bron agreed with LeAuntiez entirely, but there was a fundamental truth he was avoiding. “Kyla.” He waited until she looked at him to add, “You get wet whenever we discipline you. Gods above, you came when LeAuntiez spanked you for the very first time. You are a masochist, but there is no shame, no perversion in your need for pain.”

She closed her eyes and her lips started trembling, but she shed no more tears. “That’s not easy for a human to accept.”

“We understand that.” LeAuntiez moved his hand to her throat, the impulse automatic and possessive. “But I am not human, nor is Bron. We cannot soften our expectations or we are not being honest with you.”

“I know,” she whispered, then opened her eyes. “And I need to be honest with myself. I like being punished. I need this as much as you two.”

She started to turn back around and resume her earlier position, but LeAuntiez shook his head and pushed to his feet, opening the front of his uniform pants. “I want your mouth.”

She licked her lips and offered her mouth for his use. She didn’t touch him, did nothing but close her soft lips around his hardened length and keep her head tilted slightly back. He lightly fisted the back of her hair and fucked her mouth, his gaze locked with hers.

Though the act was harsh, even savage, Bron could feel the emotions LeAuntiez shared with each punishing thrust of his hips. Bron watched surrender gradually reshape her expression. LeAuntiez slid in deeper with each demanding thrust. She relaxed in his hold and submitted, trusting him to take care of her. It was brutally erotic and thrilling in a way that left Bron aching.

Soon she was taking LeAuntiez’s entire length. Tears leaked from the corners of her eyes, but her expression was serene, almost euphoric. Humans called this sub space. She was the quintessential submissive female giving pleasure to her mate. Suddenly, LeAuntiez pulled out of her mouth and whipped her around. She landed on her hands and knees, and he came on her ass.

Bron watched the jets of milky seed splash her smooth cheeks. Savage instincts, demanding need pulsed deep inside him. He wanted to scent mark her too, to come on her breasts and belly, paint her pussy and ass with so much cum she’d never wash it all away. Turning his head and closing his eyes, he struggled for control. LeAuntiez had used her harshly. She would need something different now.

She made a throaty sound that Bron couldn’t identify, so he turned back around and opened his eyes. LeAuntiez knelt in the grass beside her. He’d rotated her torso so he could reach her mouth. Her knees still faced to the side, but LeAuntiez kissed her deeply. And his hands slid over her body, one in front and one behind, touching her everywhere while his tongue moved in her mouth.

Unable to remain a spectator any longer, Bron quickly shed his uniform. They always remained clothed when they disciplined her and he wanted her to understand that her punishment was over. He knelt on the blanket and waited for LeAuntiez to come up for air, then Bron guided her head toward him and fit his mouth over hers. She raised her hands to his chest, stroking him boldly. Her hunger surged across their link, making Bron moan.

LeAuntiez undressed as fast as he could, then pressed against her back. He cupped her breasts while Bron gently explored her soaked pussy. “Come, baby,” LeAuntiez murmured against her hair. “I want you to come for Bron.”

Understanding the subtle suggestion, Bron flicked her clit with his finger, quickly bringing her to orgasm. She clutched his arms and separated their mouths as she cried out with each sharp spasm.

LeAuntiez sat on the blanket, then scooted back, pulling Kyla with him. She reclined against LeAuntiez’s chest. Bron waited to see what the Celestian had in mind. Desperate to be inside her, yet intrigued by his podmate’s dark mood. LeAuntiez caught the backs of her knees and drew her legs up then out. He draped her calves over his thighs, then parted his legs, making room for Bron.

“I want to watch you eat her pussy, then fuck her fast and hard,” LeAuntiez told him with a wicked smile. “Then you can watch me fuck her tight little ass.”

More than happy to oblige, Bron crawled forward, mesmerized by the display. She spread before him like a willing sacrifice to some ancient fertility god. Her breasts thrust toward him and her legs were open wide, drawing his attention to her wet pussy. He paused to enjoy her breasts, squeezing the full mounds, savoring their velvety texture before zeroing in on her responsive nipples. She moaned and wiggled as he sucked on and lightly pinched the sensitive buds. But the scent of her arousal soon drew his attention to the softness between her thighs.

He kissed his way across her belly as he teased her inner thighs with his fingertips, building her anticipation as well as his hunger for her taste. LeAuntiez took over with her breasts, keeping her restless and needy while Bron moved on. Bron kissed and licked her now bare mound, remembering how embarrassed she’d been when they insisted on removing the hair themselves. Her skin was so much more fun to nuzzle and lick without the distracting hair. He rubbed his lips over her sex, then slowly parted her folds with his tongue.

She tensed and groaned, holding perfectly still as Bron boldly explored every crease and furrow of her wet pussy. Her face was shadowed by LeAuntiez’s broad chest, so Bron opened his mind, saturating his being with her emotions. This was so much more than physical for her, for them. She reveled in the warm tingles, the building urgency. But more important, she entrusted them with her pleasure, her future, her happiness. She might not be ready to tell them, but their feisty little human was falling in love. All they had to do was fan the flames.

He grew bolder, more aggressive in response to her rising arousal. The more she whimpered and moaned, the deeper he thrust his tongue into her soft pink core. His thumb covered her clit and rubbed in a circular pattern that soon had her rocking her hips.

Desperate to feel her come again, yet needing to be inside her even more, he lunged upward, arching over her torso. Their faces were inches apart as he pushed his cock into her pussy. She stared up at him, lips parted, gaze liquid and welcoming.

“Mine,” he growled, unable to confine the word inside his mind. Bron glanced at LeAuntiez and amended, “Ours.”

Then his control snapped and he couldn’t temper the frantic rocking of his hips. She felt so good. Her soft breasts rubbed against his chest and her inner muscles rippled and tightened around his shaft. He dragged his cock all the way out, only to thrust it back inside. She gasped and arched, offering him everything she had to give, her perfect body and clever mind, her loving soul and tender heart. She entrusted everything to him and LeAuntiez. The realization was humbling.

His pace sped as his balls tingled, drawing up tightly against him. He didn’t want this to end, wanted to fuck her forever.

“I need to… Please, can I—”

“Yes!” He shouted the word, desperate to feel her pleasure.

Orgasm claimed her then and her inner walls squeezed his shaft. The rhythmic ripples drew him deeper into her warmth, all but sucking the cum right out of his body. He cried out helplessly as he came deep inside her.

They stared into each other’s eyes as the pleasure swept over them. Sensations and emotions flowed freely across their link. LeAuntiez groaned as the waves spilled over into his mind. Unable to speak, Bron wrapped his fingers around the back of her neck and covered her mouth with his. Their kiss was slow and communicative, demonstrating the peace and contentment unfurling in the wake of their pleasure.

LeAuntiez grew restless behind Kyla. He lightly pinched her nipples and nuzzled the side of her neck.

“I think someone is ready for his turn,” she whispered against Bron’s parted lips.

“Did you hear what he plans to do?” Bron pulled back enough to look at her. “Are you ready to have your virgin ass fucked?”

She licked her lips and shivered. “A week ago I would have said absolutely not, but you two make me want things I’ve never even considered before.”

“Well, I’m more than ready.” LeAuntiez rubbed his hardened length against her back.

Twisting her torso around, she looked at him and smiled. “I trust you to make me want it.”

“Challenge accepted.” He looked past her and playfully glared at Bron. “As soon as your other mate gets his selfish ass off your gorgeous body.”

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