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His City Girl by Emily Tilton – Extended Preview

His City GirlHe took two steps forward so that he could stand by her side, on the opposite side of Zoe from where Anne-Marie stood in the elegant little living room, dressed in an exquisite black Chanel cocktail dress. He took Zoe’s bottom in his hand, adoring the softness of her skin and the way the cheeks yielded to his cupping fingers. She gave a little whimper and shuddered, but she held still.

“I’m glad your Tantie has gotten you ready for my pleasure, too. I can tell I’m going to have a great deal of fun today punishing and fucking you.”

Zoe gasped softly at the freedom of his language and took a tiny step forward.

“Stay there, Zoe,” Anne-Marie said. “Your master will speak of his pleasures as he likes. If you attempt to escape his hand again you will be whipped.”

“That’s alright,” Victor said soothingly. “All of this is new to Zoe. She never supposed that becoming sophisticated would involve this sort of moment, or the sort of preparations you’ve given her. Did you, Zoe?”

Zoe jumped as if stolen from her reverie by Victor’s words, the first time he had addressed her since entering the apartment.

“No, sir,” she said softly.

“Bend over and touch your toes,” Victor said. “That’s it. Spread your feet a little. There. So pretty. Such a pretty cunt.”

He stroked her little pink clit until she cried out, his cock swelling at the sight of his hand’s possession of his sweet new girl.

“You never thought you would want a man to take you in hand the way I will.”

“No,” Zoe sobbed to the floor.

“Anne-Marie, does she masturbate?”

“Every night,” came the calm, almost cold response.

“Tantie!” Zoe cried.

“Hush, child. You know you do, and you know I have to tell your master about it. He will be in charge of your private places now. Didn’t I tell you that last night?”

Victor kept up his caress of Zoe’s warm, wet private places as the lovely little conversation continued. He made circles around Zoe’s clit, pushed fingers gently into her cunt until they met the resistance of her maidenhead and moved them in and out. He laid a finger against her beautifully exposed, wrinkly, pink anus.

“Yes, but…”

“But you didn’t know what it would actually feel like to hear your Tantie say it, did you?” Victor asked gently.

“No, sir,” Zoe said softly.

“It’s time for you to learn how these things feel, Zoe. Anne-Marie was exactly right, I can tell, to offer you to me. Even if I didn’t know it from the way you blushed at dinner last night, I would know it from the wetness of your sweet young cunt. The fact that you’ve learned to touch yourself pleases me, because it means you’re ready for real discipline.”

Zoe gave a long, low moan.

“Tell me truly,” Victor asked, beginning to rub a little harder and a little quicker now. “What should happen to a girl who plays with herself every night?”

A little sob.

Anne-Marie said, “She kissed me between my thighs last night, too.”

Another sob. “You made me! Sir, she made me!”

Victor smiled at the way the scene had taken hold—the way he and Anne-Marie had guided Zoe toward the role she had always needed, and had craved above all since she began to express her sexual interests through masturbation. “Hush, Zoe. It doesn’t matter that she made you. Your Tantie is merely telling me that you were a naughty girl. I think you must have liked kissing another girl’s cunt.”


“Don’t tell lies, Zoe,” Anne-Marie said. “You thanked me after you made me come.”

Victor made a firm circle around Zoe’s clit with his slick middle fingers, and she started to climax. She would have fallen, but he put his left arm around her waist to hold her up and kept rubbing though she screamed with the forced pleasure.

“Listen closely, Zoe,” he said as he pushed her toward another orgasm. “What we have just started—what you started, really, when you listened to Anne-Marie being dominated by Jack, as I heard you did—is a path toward you becoming a great, a truly great, woman. Like your Tantie, and like other women who have taken this city and the world captive. I think there are many different paths toward that greatness, whether through more conventional elegance or through more conventional squalor, but those are not your path. Your path is to learn how to please a dominant man, and then to use that knowledge. Do you think you understand?”

“No,” she sobbed.

“You will,” Victor assured her, holding the whole of her cunt and bottom in his big hand now. “You will use your sexual submission. It begins today with me using you. You’re going to lose your virginity now, right here in your Tantie’s living room, with her watching.”

“Oh, God,” Zoe said.

Victor took his hands away. As he unbuckled his belt and lowered his trousers and boxer shorts, Anne-Marie brought a towel to lay between Zoe’s feet, in order to spare the white carpet.

Out the tenth-floor window, through partially drawn blinds, Victor could see a sliver of Central Park, only two blocks away and framed by the stone facades of the beautiful nearby pre-war apartment buildings. He had one of the marvelous ideas that seemed to make both his professional life and his erotic life the sort of creative endeavor he loved best.

“You’re going to put your hands on the window sill, Zoe,” he said softly, but with the edge of command he always used when talking dirty. “You’re going to look out the window while I fuck you.” He turned to Anne-Marie. “Move the towel, please.”

“Yes, sir,” Anne-Marie said, the submissive look in her eyes firing Victor’s blood even more. The window was only four or five feet away from where he had made Zoe touch her toes for her forced pleasure. She had straightened up slightly, but rapt into the world of her submission as she was, she had not begun to move even once her Tantie had repositioned the towel that would keep Zoe Brown’s maiden blood from staining the carpet.

Victor put his hand on her bottom again, holding it all in his hand, with the tip of his middle finger right on Zoe’s clit. “Get going,” he said, urging her forward.

“Oh, no,” Zoe gasped. “Please, sir. Please don’t make me.” She took a staggering little step, though, and then another. “Please?”

“You will be fucked in the manner I elect, Zoe. I know you will find it terribly embarrassing, even though of course no one will see. I want you to think about why it’s so embarrassing to lose your virginity this way, looking out at New York City.”

Somewhat to his surprise, Zoe took a final step forward, and put her right hand on the window sill, then turned her face over her shoulder to look at him, her lower lip caught between her teeth.

“Because I’m not sophisticated, the way the city is, and the people who live here are,” she said softly. Her eyes darted to Anne-Marie, who had stepped back a pace, and back to Victor. “I’m not like Tantie. I’ve never done this before. I’m a country girl, who a man can have for a while and then cast aside, who a woman can give to him for punishment, and to enjoy as he pleases.”

“Yes,” Anne-Marie confirmed. “That is exactly what you are, Zoe. You are Victor’s fucking piece now. But you are his lover, also. That is why I have provided you to him. He will train you as very few young country girls are trained.”

Zoe had turned her eyes to Anne-Marie with a startled air, but Victor re-attracted her full attention. “Today,” he said, “you will become cosmopolitan, Zoe. Eyes forward now. Your body is for my enjoyment, and you have no say in how I deflower you. Look out and see the city, and learn what it means to be a single girl who happens to need a man’s firm hand.”

The adorable pucker reappeared on her brow, and she obeyed. Victor saw her knuckles whiten where they gripped the sill, then relax. He stripped off his Oxford shirt to stand naked in Anne-Marie’s living room, feeling the excitement he always felt when he could command a scene with his sheer, naked physical presence.

“Zoe,” said Anne-Marie. “Victor’s penis is very large, I’m afraid. You must resolve to accept his possession of you with gratitude despite how much it will hurt.”

Unbidden, the beautiful, sophisticated woman knelt before Victor. “Sir,” she asked reverently, her eyes downcast, “may I?”

“You may,” Victor said. Then, to Zoe, “Your Tantie is going to suck my cock now. Do not turn your head, or I will whip you. Keep looking out the window while you listen to how a cosmopolitan woman pleases a man’s hardness.”

Zoe gave a little sob. Anne-Marie had already opened her mouth and curled her tongue over her lower lip. Victor only had to advance half a step to sheath himself inside the cultured mouth. Unwilling to delay his mastery, he held her head tightly, his fingers woven into Anne-Marie’s elegant chignon, and began to fuck her face.

“Do you hear those wet sounds, Zoe?” His voice sounded thick to his own ears, ragged with the pleasure of the fuck.

“Yes, sir,” she whimpered.

“That’s the sound of a face-fucking, when the girl knows how to give her master his way. You will learn to receive my cock that way.”

He pulled out of Anne-Marie’s mouth.

“Open the cunt,” he said.

“Yes, sir,” said Anne-Marie, crawling the tiny distance to where Zoe’s backside waited so terribly invitingly, the delights of her cunt and her ass framed by the virginal white underthings in which her Tantie had dressed her.

“What?” Zoe gasped. “Oh, no. Please, sir…”

But Anne-Marie was giving her a long kiss upon her pouting, shaven pussy now, as if to say goodbye to the maidenhead of which Victor would now deprive Zoe forever. Zoe cried out in pleasure that seemed perhaps so great it might tear her apart. Then Anne-Marie withdrew her face, glistening now with Zoe’s wantonness, her need for what Victor stood ready to give her. She knelt up to raise her hands to her innocent young charge’s well-prepared cunt. As Zoe moaned, her Tantie spread her coral inner lips to show Victor the intact maidenhead through which his hard cock must thrust.

“A true virgin, sir,” she said. “For your pleasure. You will enjoy this ride, I assure you.”

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