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Claimed by Daddy by Vanessa Brooks – Extended Preview

Giving her room a final check to make certain she hadn’t missed anything, Penny wandered into the double bedroom. The plug in her bottom felt heavy and uncomfortable but also weirdly erotic. She looked at the cupboard where David had fetched the plug and wondered what else he had stashed away in there.

Tiptoeing out onto the landing, she hung over the stair rail and listened. Faint music drifted up the stairs from the kitchen. She heard David singing; his American accent matched with the country and western song on the radio. His voice wasn’t half bad. Perhaps at some point he might sing to her? Turning back, she crossed to the cupboard and quietly opened the door.

Sitting back on her heels, she held a ball gag in her hands and frowned. Dear God, why had she been so nosey? A creak on the stairs alerted her that she had company. Hastily she began to stuff everything back into the box.

“What do you think you are doing, missy?”

Too late—David stood behind her. His large hands appeared in front of her face as he reached to close the box flaps.

“I think you had better go put your nose in the corner right now!” he snapped.

Scrambling to her feet, Penny hurried over to the only free corner available in the room and stood there. Her heart thudded as she listened to him replacing the box and closing the cupboard doors.

“Come here.”

Reluctantly she walked to where he sat on the edge of the bed. His voice sounded so hard. Gently he moved her forward until she stood between his knees.

“If you are curious about something of mine you only have to ask. You do not search my things without my permission.”

He gave an almighty tug on her arm, unbalanced she fell across his knee.

Surprise held her still. A sudden smarting smack landed on her buttock.

“Uh!” she cried.

A relay of slaps landed in rapid succession. He interspersed the smacks with words.

“You do not go through someone else’s possessions without permission!” he lectured as he spanked.

“Ouch—I’m sorry!” she whimpered as the spanking caught the plug and pushed it farther inside her tender hole.

“I should think so!” he added as he righted her. She looked at his feet with embarrassment.

“You will come down and have your supper and then we will see to the other spanking you have coming.” He stood up and guided her out of the room by her elbow.

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” she said once they were seated in the kitchen.

“Apology accepted but if I catch you sneaking through my things again then beware, I’ll stripe your backside with my belt.”

She wriggled in her chair.

“Good, I’m pleased to see my words made an impact.”

She didn’t tell him it was the damned plug that was making her squirm… and not because it hurt, no, it felt heavy and odd but not painful. Ever since he’d spanked her, she was having the oddest reaction to having her bottom plugged. Her thighs were warm and slippery with arousal.

She ate her meal hurriedly, anxious that when she stood there would be tell-tale marks on the seat for him to see.

“Now you have finished you may go up to our room and wait for me in the corner. There is no dessert for naughty girls. Off you go.”

She hastily left the room, too embarrassed to look at the chair seat in case it was damp.

Upstairs she used the toilet, washed her hands and face, then cleaned her teeth. She had only just finished applying face cream when she heard him call to her from the bedroom.

“Why are you not where I told you to be?”

He sounded annoyed.

She swallowed. “I-I thought it would be sensible to go through my nightly routine so I was all ready for bed,” she explained nervously.

“Hmm, okay, that sounds sensible. Now go and stand in the corner,” he ordered.

She scuttled to obey. It seemed an age standing there while she heard him open and close cupboards and move about the room. Finally he called her to him. She stood before him. He took hold of one of her hands and ran his thumb over the top in a light caress.

“Are you going to be a big girl and take your punishment here, in our room?”

This wasn’t something she’d considered.

“Will it make a difference to your spanking me if I say I will be little?” she asked, hoping for a reprieve.

“Nope. If you are a big girl you can sleep in here with Daddy, but if you want to be little, the spanking will be the same, but take place in there,” he nodded at the doorway into the little girl’s room, “then I shall tuck you in and leave you for the night.”

She pouted. “If I am little I should have a little spanking,” she argued.

He chuckled. “Good try but not happening, princess. Your bottom will be just as pink either way. What’s it to be?”

She shuffled from foot to foot, her slippery thighs attesting to how she felt right now.

“I am a big girl right now, Daddy,” she answered softly and just using the daddy word sent a spasm through her core.

“Right. On the bed.” He patted the covers beside him. Bemused, she sat next to him. He pushed her onto her back and slid an arm behind her knees, lifting her legs into the air.

“Hold them together and back,” he ordered.

She did as he asked, painfully aware that her bottom and sex were exposed to his gaze.

A strange feeling of fullness and discomfort in her bottom followed. He was moving the plug, pulling it out and pushing it in again. She whimpered, unused to the odd sensation.

“I think after the seriousness of your behaviour today I should take this ass tonight,” he said. Penny’s heart fluttered with shock.


“You heard me, Penny-pie, my cock in your tight ass, after I have spanked it nice and red that is…”

With a twisting motion he eased the plug from her anus. Gasping, her hands gripped the duvet.

Without warning a sharp thwack landed across her buttocks.

“Ow-ee, Daddy, that hurts!” she cried, flinching as she attempted to lower her legs, but his arm forestalled her action.

“Yup, the nappy position stretches your flesh rather nicely. I’m told it is more painful for a woman to be spanked this way. Next time you decide to indulge in fighting you will remember this spanking.”

The following barrage of smacks had her begging for a reprieve. He gave none. Scalding smacks rained down. These stung badly but they were nothing compared to the sting she felt when he began landing hard slaps to the tops of her thighs.

“Da-ddy, please stop,” she begged.

“No, not until I’m certain you have learned your lesson. I won’t have my girl, big or small, scrapping like a damned hillbilly!”

She tried to squirm away from him but he simply bent her legs back even further and carried on landing scalding thwacks to her bottom, turning the entire area of her hind end into a furnace. Tears spilled from her eyes trickling into her hair.

“Daddy, please… I am sooo sorry… Oh, Daddy!” She wailed apologies in a never-ending diatribe, yet still he spanked on. Just as she thought he would never stop, he did. Suddenly he removed his arm and her legs flopped straight down, which brought her sore rump into contact with the bed. Instinctively she rolled sideways with a yelp of discomfort. He lowered his face to hers.

“I never want to find you fighting like that again. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she whimpered.

“Good. Stand up.”

She shifted sideways off the bed to spare her sore rump. He pulled her between his thighs.

“Part your legs.” His voice turned gruff. Her stomach tightened as she shifted her feet to comply. His hand stroked the inside of her thigh, slowly climbing to her apex. She held her breath. As light as a butterfly kiss he caressed her erect clitoris. Her sex trembled at his touch.

“What do you say to Daddy?”

Her mind struggled to reason as his fondling increased. The hand giving pleasure whipped back landing a stinging slap on the left sore buttock, focusing her thoughts.

“I’m so sorry, Daddy!” she squawked.

His fingers resumed their explorations of her drenched folds. “And…?”

Her mind faltered. Once again his palm connected, this time he smacked her other cheek.

“I promise not to fight again but…” There was no time to finish the sentence. He had her over his thigh, his hand pounding her backside before she could finish.

“There is never a ‘but,’ young lady! The only butt is the one I shall paint red if you ever use the word ‘but’ after I have decided on your punishment. Are we clear?”

His voice was low and growly. Penny felt tremendously young, exactly like the little girl she was pretending to be. A burst of euphoric realisation caused her to collapse physically limp across David’s lap. She loved how his actions made her feel; helpless and protected, loved and cherished. This was a role she wanted to embrace and explore.

“I am so very sorry that I was a bad girl, Daddy and I promise I won’t fight ever again!” she cried out in her sing-song little girl voice.

He lifted her and positioned her on his lap. She wound her arms about his neck and hugged him. He snuggled her for a while in silence.

“Do you want to share Daddy’s bed?” he finally asked.

“I do,” she replied softly.

He found her mouth and took it with his own, his tongue seeking hers, while his hands delved between her thighs and continued to explore. She could hear how wet she’d become. His fingers elicited the sounds of suction as he played. She moaned.

“D’you like Daddy’s hands in your pussy?” he asked throatily.

“Yes.” She parted her thighs to give him greater access.

“And do you think you’ll enjoy Daddy’s big cock in your tight little ass?” he asked smoothly.

“I-I…” Shocked by his filthy words, she had no reply.

“That’s okay, no need for words, baby. I have my answer right here.” He lifted his hand to show her his slick fingers, which glistened with her juices. Holding her gaze, he winked. Her mouth went dry and her core tightened as he slowly sucked each of his fingers in turn.

Shifting her on his lap, he slipped an arm under her knees. Instinctively, she held on as he stood up with her cradled against his chest, her arm sliding about his neck.

“On your stomach,” he murmured in her ear as he deposited her carefully onto the bed. She rolled onto her stomach without complaint, grateful her well spanked bottom was uppermost. A nervous fear trickled down her spine as she remembered his intention. Did he really mean it? Surely it was only said as a threat to keep her on her toes.

Giving a quick peek over her shoulder, she saw David held a large tube of lubricant. Her eyes drifted to where his other hand was working. It was then she realised his cock was straining through the gap in his trousers. He rolled on a condom then coated his shaft thickly with lube.

She gulped and quickly looked away. Dread clenched her buttocks. As she tensed, her core quivered and she finally admitted to feeling unexpectedly aroused.

The sudden feel of a warm hand spreading her cheeks apart made her startle.

“Hush, I might cause you some discomfort, but I want to be a man worthy of your submission. I will never harm you. Remember your safe-word.”

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Tell me.”

She searched her mind frantically; what was her safe-word again?

“Lolly pop,” she guessed.

“No, it’s ice cube. Can you remember that?”

“Ice cube, ice cube, ice cube… Got it.” She nodded.

“Good girl. Now I want you to understand that the first time a woman has anal sex it hurts. This is a part of your punishment but I hope you will eventually come to enjoy taking my cock inside your bottom as much as I like fucking your naughty ass. Having said that, if it feels too painful or you want me to stop, simply say your safe-word. Do not be brave. I shall stop and talk with you as we go, communication is the key. Understood?”

“Yes, Daddy.” Her voice was barely there.

“I am sorry, what was that, Penny-pie?”

“Yes, Daddy!”

“That’s better; now rise up onto all fours.”

She did as he asked, heart hammering. His arms embraced her and she felt his warm torso slide down against her back. His breath stirred the hairs on her neck as he growled in her ear, “Ready, my darling?”

Darling, he’s never called me that before…

Dropping her head, she peered under her body and watched as the palm of his hand moved down the plane of her stomach to her open thighs. His fingers parted her folds and drawing in a long shuddering breath, her eyes fluttered closed. She savoured the pressure of his fingers caressing her clit. Slowly, firmly he circled that most sensitive scrap of flesh until her breathing was ragged and her pussy a molten core.

Daddy…” she moaned.

“That’s it, baby, relax for me.”

His hand left her sex wanting and rounded her thigh. His fingers stroked her between her buttocks. A probing finger circled her anus, and she tensed.

Re-lax…” he crooned.

The finger entered her most private place. The cheeks of her bottom clenched against the invader. A sharp smack landed hard on her rump.


“Behave. Daddy owns this ass, it’s mine to play with.” This time his husky voice turned stern.

She trembled. The commanding tone spoke to her submissive side. Penny revelled in the power he held over her like a spell. All she wanted at this moment was to please him, to be his good girl. Her muscles relaxed and she felt the addition of another finger enter her bottom hole. The salacious scissoring and stretching of her deeply private place set up a quivering need for him to touch her sex again. She ground back onto his fingers in a mindless effort to gain what she needed from him. Another smack fell on her arse.

Somehow the blow heated her blood further. Her hips swayed with a mind of their own, churning and thrusting backward. The guttural grunts she gave were echoed by David’s own gruff sounds of approval.

The cessation of fondling held her suspended with surprise. He rose from his present position, bent over her, and now he was behind her and she felt the prod of his solid girth against her hole. A shudder coursed down her spine. She whimpered.

“Ready, baby? Daddy is taking your arse, right now!”

With that final word she felt the stretch accompanied by an odd fullness as he breached her. His advance brought forth a raw cry. She was unsure if she felt pleasure or pain as his relentless penetration continued. Her head hung low as she assimilated the delicious sensation of being taken. Overwhelmed, in this moment, Penny became his vassal, to be used and owned, and yet she knew in her consciousness that she remained his princess, his angel, his little one. Such powerful emotion coupled with an overload of sensation turned her mindless. He moved ever deeper into her forbidden place while she bucked and lifted her hips into his groin. Gripping the bedding with clenched fingers, her body supplicated itself to his.

“How does it feel to have Daddy fuck your delectable ass?” he growled, punctuating his question with powerful thrusts.

Incapable of speech, she grunted. Wet and wanting, her channel convulsed. It was as if he sensed her need, for he removed one hand from her hip and slid it over her flank beneath her, his fingers parted her labia and found her pulsing clit. She clenched, every sinew in her body gripped with spasm as wave after wave of euphoria ripped through her in a torrent of bliss.

Somewhere in the sea of ecstasy she was aware of David’s shout…

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