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Claimed by Her Mates by Grace Goodwin – Extended Preview

Claimed by Her MatesDrogan

It took only an hour to go from being completely rational to insane. One minute the regent told us about a match he’d made for me—us—and the next minute she’d been transported from Earth. The first time I saw her I felt the connection. When I licked her pussy and tasted her, I knew she was mine. But it was when I came inside her, harder than I ever had in my life, that I was doomed. The fucking seed power might have affected Leah, but it damn well messed with me.

We separated when the stealth arrows rained down, our plan to meet up at the fuck hut. The moment we were separated her effect on me became obvious. Leah had gone with Lev in one direction and I’d gone another. Tor a third. I felt the division from her keenly, as if a limb had been severed. I ached inside—besides my cock being hard, my body hurt for her. I knew that Lev would protect her with his life, but until I was touching her again, I would not be whole.

When I arrived at the Viken bride training center, the heavy cover of darkness had fallen. I snuck inside the hut we had chosen and when I discovered Tor already there, waiting, I knew he was just as affected. While we barely know each other—at all—we could commiserate in how we were reacting to Leah, or the lack of Leah.

“If Lev doesn’t get her here soon, I may just crawl out of my skin,” he said, his voice laced with frustration and a tinge of anger. Since the huts were spaced well apart and the nature of the place was privacy, I did not worry that someone would knock on the door. One half of the complex was used to train new brides, the other half to process brides being sent off-world, to other warriors, other planets. Either way, privacy was maintained.

No one would disturb us, but Tor lowered the window coverings before we lit the lanterns.

“I know. I need to come, fuck, I ache to do so, but I don’t think my hand is going to make a difference.”

Tor chuckled. “We’ve grown up to hate each other and it’s taken less than a day for us to come together. Someone is trying to drive us apart. We’re brothers, yet strangers, and now we ache for the same woman. Shouldn’t we be at each other’s throats? I should want to kill you for even thinking about fucking my mate. But she’s your mate, too.”

“Strangely, I don’t feel jealous of you.” I eyed the man who looked just like me. “If it were someone else, not you or Lev, but an outsider—”

“He’d be dead.”

I would rip him limb from limb. “Agreed.”

Glancing around the large room, I skipped the basic requirements—food preparation area, bathing room, table and chairs—and focused on the mating equipment. A bench that was specifically used for fucking, allowing a woman to be positioned with her head lowered so any seed that filled her remained inside to not only assist in it taking root, but to ensure the seed power was achieved. Knowing Lev, it would also prove to be a very effective spanking bench.

“Once she gets here, we will teach her the ways of being a Viken mate. The fucking earlier had just been a preliminary, to get our seed on her, in her, so she was protected from someone else claiming her. Here, it shouldn’t be too difficult to train her body to accept three men.”

“She took us beautifully earlier. If this is how I feel after one fuck, we don’t have to worry about breeding her.”

I opened a drawer and found a variety of sexual aids the center offered in all of the fuck huts. Dildos, plugs, rope, small chains, paddles, and more. Anything a man might need for his mate. “If she’s not already with child, the effort of it will certainly be pleasurable.”

Tor only grunted his reply, then shifted his cock in his pants.

Footfalls across the soft ground broke the stillness of the night. Lev came through the door with Leah in tow. The misery I’d been feeling since we parted was gone, replaced by a sense of euphoria, as if I’d taken a drug enhancement. She was in the same plain dress, her hair a wild tangle now. Her cheeks were flushed and she was breathing as if she’d run here instead of arriving by boat.

Tor and I took a step toward her at the same time and she ran to us, wrapping an arm around each of us. Her fingers dug into my back and she was breathing us in, her face pressed into my chest, then Tor’s.

The scent of her was like the most powerful aphrodisiac. I couldn’t help the groan that escaped my mouth.

Leah pulled back and looked up at us with wild eyes. “I need you both. God, this is crazy, but I need you to touch me.”

She tugged at her dress, but since the buttons ran down the back, she grew frustrated.

Tor grabbed her shoulders and spun her about so her back was to him. Instead of working down the line, he tugged at the two sides and the buttons went flying, bouncing off the wood floor. She wasn’t hesitant this time.

Tugging, he worked the dress quickly off her body until she stood naked before us.

“When a female is mated on Earth, do you have a training term?”

She turned around and I looked down at her full, round breasts. The pale pink nipples stood at attention and my mouth watered to taste them. Lower, I could see the ring that dangled over her protruding clit.

“Training term?” She was panting now, her breasts rising and falling as she did so.

We stepped closer.

“On Viken, some men bring their mates to a training center because she needs extra time to learn how to submit properly,” I said. “It is, of course, different for each couple, but the outcome is the same.”

We put our hands on her, surrounding her on three sides, allowing her no escape. There was no escape from the training center, not that we’d let her out of our sights—a perk of having three strong men to watch over her instead of just one. I doubted once the seed power was upon her that she’d want to go far. Just being separated from Tor and me made her frantic.


“We bond with you, form a mating union,” Tor said, his knuckles caressing the curve of her right breast. Lev cupped her other breast in his large palm, his thumb brushing over the tip.

“Bond?” Her brow furrowed in confusion, but it slipped away quickly when her arousal was heightened. Her nipples were very sensitive, it seemed. “What’s the difference between a bond and a mate?”

“You were matched to us by the testing. Yes?”

She could only nod, her lips parted as she tried to catch her breath.

“Because of the match, you are our mate. Usually, it is just one man, so when he fucks his mate for the first time, they are bonded. His seed fills her and a chemical reaction occurs, making the connection permanent.”

Her skin was so soft, so smooth, so creamy pale, a striking contrast to her fiery red hair.

While my brothers were definitely making her hot, she was still able to listen to me. “You have three mates, therefore in order for us to create a permanent bond, called a mating union, we have to fuck you together. At the same time.”

She tilted her chin up so she could look at me. Her green eyes were blurry and lust-filled. “At the same time?” she whispered. “You mean—”

“I’ll take your ass. It is a virgin ass, isn’t it, Leah?” Tor asked. Sector Two men were known for their interest in ass fucking and it seemed my brother was no exception.

“I’ll fuck your pussy,” Lev added.

I put my thumb on her plump lower lip and pressed down, opening her mouth so I could see her straight white teeth. Taking two of my fingers, I slipped them into the dark, wet cavern. Her tongue licked the tips of them, swirling over them, then sucking on them. “And I will fuck your mouth.”

Pulling my fingers free, I ran them down the center line of her body and flicked her clit ring, making her gasp.

“Now?” she asked.

Lev shook his head slowly. “Now, I will punish you for disobeying me in the boat.”

Tor and I stepped back from Leah, removing our touch. A little sound, perhaps of need, slipped past her parted lips.

Lev took her elbow and led her over to the special bench. “This is used for breeding. A man can take his mate, fuck her from behind, and fill her with his seed. She can rest comfortably as she waits the appropriate time, her lower body elevated, for the seed to settle in her womb. She can also be tied down if she is… resistant.”

Leah stared at the unusual shape of it. “That’s all I am to you? A breeding machine?”

Lev leaned in and kissed her brow. “The regent requested a match through the bride program. It is his plan to unify the planet with a child from all three of us. A child we will make with you.”

“Yes, but it’s so clinical.”

“We will breed you out of duty, but we will fuck you for pleasure,” I told her.

She tilted her chin up so her green eyes were on Lev. “Then why can’t you fuck me in a bed like normal people do? Or is this how it’s done here?”

Lev lowered his head and kissed her. Tor and I watched as she opened for him and their tongues met. Deep and carnal, the kiss continued until she swayed into Lev, gripping his forearms to steady herself.

“We’ll fuck you in bed, Leah. And on the table, and up against the wall, too.”

“Outside beneath the stars,” I added.

“In the bath,” Tor added.

“Everywhere. But this bench,” he patted the cushioned knee rest, “is also the perfect spanking bench for when you’ve misbehaved. Take your punishment like a good girl and we’ll give you a reward.”

Leah took a step backward. “I don’t need to be spanked.”

“Did you, or did you not, disobey me in the boat?”

Her mouth fell open. “I thought you were joking.”

“We don’t joke about obeying us, Leah,” I said. “There could be dangers and, in order to protect you, we must trust that you will listen, and do so without question. You know nothing about Viken and we must protect you—and punish you—more strictly than we would if you’d been born here and knew our ways. It would be too dangerous to allow you to make mistakes.”

She held up her hands to ward us off, clearly forgetting she was naked. Like we’d try to restrain our desire to touch her. Like she’d be able to resist. “All right. I can see how that would be important, especially since I am completely unfamiliar with the planet. I will listen to you.”

Lev glanced at me, then back at Leah. “That is good to hear.”

I scooped Leah up—with a surprised shriek on her part—and set her carefully on the bench. Her torso settled against the long center piece, cushioned with soft leather like the knee rests, and her breasts hung down beautifully on either side. There were hand holds for her to grip, but as I expected, she sat up. With one hand at the center of her back, I lowered her back down and fastened the leather restraints around her wrists.

“I put my fingers inside of me just as you instructed!”

I paused and glanced at Lev. He shrugged. “I did not touch her, but I enjoyed the view of her fingers sunk deep inside her slick pussy. But you did not obey me right away. That is crucial for survival.”

“I don’t like spanking! I didn’t sign up for this.” Leah tossed the words at me in an angry little voice as I tied her down. She even tried to kick out at me when I resumed my place behind her, admiring her ass as I waited for Lev to begin spanking her pretty bare bottom.

“You do like it,” Tor said, watching.

Leah whipped her head around and stared daggers at my brother. “How the hell do you know that?”

“Your pussy is already getting wet.” Tor casually shrugged, then shifted his cock within the confines of his pants. “You were matched to us. While you might think you don’t like it, perhaps based on Earth custom or even from previous experience, your body knows the truth—and the testing recognized it.”

“Have you been spanked before, Leah?” Lev asked.

“No!” she screeched.

Lev gave her a gentle swat to her ass as I strapped in her ankles. She wasn’t in a happy mood and I worried she’d kick out and hurt Lev, or even herself.

“Let me up, you overbearing Neanderthals!”

I pressed my lips together to keep from smiling. I barely knew Lev, but I knew he would not let that pass—what the hell was a Neanderthal?—without a nice pink handprint on her lovely ass.


How dare these men do this to me? I was tied down to a spanking bench—just like in the dream from the processing center! Was this real life? Because it was literally out of this world. I was being dominated and overpowered by alien triplets. One of them was going to spank me and then give me a reward. What kind of reward? Would I get his huge cock deep in my pussy again? Would they blindfold me and take turns? Lev said—

Lev struck my bottom with his hand and a flash of stinging pain raced through my system. I cried out, then lowered my head as heat rushed through me after the sting faded. Heat. Lust. Desire. God, I was so messed up. I wanted him to do it again.

I knew I was wet. I was always wet since I’d met my mates. Just the light smack that Lev had given me had made my pussy clench and wetness drip down my thighs. How did I know this for sure? One of the brutes was sliding his fingertips through the slippery wetness right now.

“Your body doesn’t lie,” Lev said. I heard him lick his fingers, but couldn’t turn my head around enough to see it. In fact, all I could do was look at the plain white wall in front of me. That is until Tor came to stand before me, opened up his pants, and pulled his cock free.


Ouch! I stiffened and tried to shift away from the stinging blow Lev rained down on my ass but there was no way I could move. The heat of his last strike sent a lightning bolt of need to my pussy and my body began to tremble.

“That was for not obeying me immediately. We would be done now, but you clearly need more.”


“That was for your sass.”


“That was for denying yourself this. You like to be spanked.”

I like seeing your pink handprints on her soft skin.” Drogan. He was a cocky bastard. “May I interrupt, Lev? Just for a moment?”

Lev agreed and I tensed in anticipation as Drogan knelt between my legs.

Tor, directly in front of me, gripped the base of his cock and began to stroke himself off. I could do nothing but watch as pre-cum seeped from the tip and formed a bead on the metal ring. I licked my lips, eager to taste it. I was ridiculously desperate for his cock, even though some twisted part of me believed I should hate them for this, hate myself for wanting more.

I cried out as Drogan’s mouth clamped down on my pussy. He licked and sucked me, stabbing deep with his tongue until I was squirming and thrashing on the table. I opened my mouth to cry out and Tor used that opportunity to slip his cock into my mouth a couple of inches, just enough to tease me with his pre-cum. The chemicals from his seed hit my bloodstream like searing hot lava rolling through my body. With Drogan’s mouth sucking hard on my clit, I saw stars. I was on the edge. I needed to come.

In some kind of silent agreement, both men pulled away from me, leaving me panting. Begging. God, I was pathetic. I felt like a wild animal, completely out of control. I needed them. I wanted them. In my mouth. In my pussy. In my ass. Everywhere. Anywhere. I needed—

Lev’s huge hand stroked my ass like he was caressing his favorite pet and I pushed back into him, desperate for contact. “You will count out your punishment from earlier, Leah. Twenty to start. If you’re a good girl, I might let you have more.”

Lev began to spank me and each time I gasped at the heat of it, the tingling, fiery burn of it. “One. Two,” I counted as I kept my eyes on Tor’s cock. Each hard strike shifted me forward on the bench so the ring in my clit made contact with the hard surface beneath me. I whimpered with each strike, the hot burn spreading through my system like liquid fire.

When I got to seventeen, something deep inside me broke open, unleashing a storm of emotion I had no hope of controlling as tears raced down my cheeks. Weeks of fear and worry, nerves and anxiety about having my fiancé find me, poured out of me with each painful strike of Lev’s hard hand on my ass. He didn’t stop at twenty, and I didn’t want him to.

Surrounded by these men, my rational mind shut down and the primitive animal inside me took over. It knew I was safe. Totally, completely safe, and my walls fell. My control slipped. I sobbed. I counted. I begged him to spank me harder, to break me wide open and take my pain and fear away. Even though I was lightyears from Earth, I’d brought my emotions from there with me, like unwanted luggage. I whimpered and pleaded with my mates to own me, to fuck me, to keep me forever.

By the time I reached thirty, sweat coated my skin and my ass was pulsing with heat. My nipples tightened to the point of pain and I was desperate to be fucked. Filled.

I needed to come. I needed them to fill me up.

Lev’s swats changed to a gentle stroking, the softest caress, as Tor stepped toward me. “Open up, Leah.”

His cock was inches from my mouth and I could do nothing but do as he said. Nor did I want to.

“Good girl. Now stick out your tongue. I’m going to come all over it.”

I watched as he continued to stroke himself before he settled the tip of his cock on my tongue, the hard ring pressing down. He groaned as hot seed spurted to coat the inside of my mouth. I could taste him, salty and hot. With a ragged breath, he stepped back, then knelt down before me.


I did, then licked my lips. Within a matter of seconds, arousal pumped through me with such intensity that I was about to come. I closed my eyes and groaned, gave myself over to the feeling. Was this what shooting heroin was like? Pure bliss?

“Oh, Lev, please.”

“Please, what?” he asked from behind me, his voice dark and rough.

“I need you to fuck me.”

I fought against my bonds, frantic to get my hands on a cock. “Please. I need it.” My eyes flew open and I began to panic. “It’s too much. I need it. Give it to me!” I shouted.

What was wrong with me? I was… desperate. It only became that way after I swallowed Tor’s seed. God, this fever was caused by the seed power they spoke of. The thought terrified me for a moment, but then I remembered Lev’s explanation. This bond had the same effect on the men. They needed me as much as I needed them.

I felt a hand tugging on my stinging ass cheek, pulling my pussy open wide as a cock nudged my entrance and then thrust deep.

I screamed. That was what I needed. Thick, hot cock. Even the scent of it, musky and dark, was appealing.

Lodged deep inside, Lev leaned over me, sank his teeth into the spot where my neck met my shoulder and pulled his cock back, then rammed himself home. The angle I was positioned had my ass high and his cock slid in perfectly, like a sword in a sheath. I couldn’t do anything but take his hard thrusts. Now that he was inside me, I calmed and gave myself over to it.

“I’ve been hard for you ever since you transported. I don’t think my cock will ever go down. Fuck, I’m like a randy youth. I’m going to come.”

The wet sounds of fucking filled the air. Tor stroked my sweaty hair back from my face and I saw desire there once again.

“You need cock, Leah? You need us to fill you, to put our seed inside you? Don’t worry, we’ll take care of you.” I looked up and saw Drogan stripping off his clothes, his cock springing free, ready for its own turn.

“Come for us, Leah. Come now.” It was Lev who pushed me over the edge right into pure bliss with his cock stroking over every perfect place deep inside me and his palm landing hard across my ass, one cheek then the other, as he did so.

When he came deep inside me, his seed coating the walls of my sex, I came again. I moaned when he slipped from me, but they didn’t leave me wanting. Drogan took his turn as Tor played with my breasts, tugging on the hard tips, timing his hard pinches to the deep thrusting of Drogan’s hard cock. Drogan reached around to my clit and stroked me easily to another orgasm as he, too came quickly and emptied himself into me.

I was wrecked, wrung out, and unable to calm down. My body’s aching hunger for these men was still there, still roaring through my system like a wildfire through dry kindling. Tor left me to take his place behind me, to fuck me, and I couldn’t stand the waiting, the emptiness of my pussy a sensual torture I could never have imagined just a few days before.

Instead of putting his cock in me right away, Tor took his time in playing with my back entrance, using his fingers to open me up, to stretch me for a plug that he slid deep and settled inside me. I should have been appalled as I’d never taken one before and I barely flinched at its insertion. It should have hurt or at least been uncomfortable. But the warm glide of some kind of scented oil ensured that I only felt pleasure, dark, carnal lust that built at being touched and played with in this new place. Only when I felt the flared base of the plug keeping my cheeks parted, the thick feel of it stretching me open, did Tor fuck me.

His huge cock filled me and the sensation of being too full made me moan. Instead of backing off, Tor grabbed my ass cheeks, still burning from Lev’s hard spanking, and squeezed hard enough to make my pussy flood with new moisture. The pain triggered an avalanche of need, lust, and a reminder that I belonged to them. Forever.

Tor pulled on my ass and the sensation of being spread even wider pushed me into a mindless haze. My body trembled, completely out of my control, and I didn’t care. I simply needed the hard pounding of his cock, the soft stroking of Drogan’s hand on my back and the hard pull of his hand in my hair. I needed Lev’s hot tongue teasing my nipple as he shoved two fingers into my mouth so I could lick the taste of my own pussy from his flesh.

They didn’t let me up, didn’t stop fucking me for God knows how long. I lost track of time. I lost track of everything. All I knew was that the men were as insatiable as I, their cocks never softening. Even with my hips angled up, their seed slipped from me, long rivulets of it dripped down over my clit and down my belly. The last thing I remembered was being carried in strong arms and laid on a soft bed.

I woke up in the middle of the night, my eyes opening to a dark room, disoriented. My bedroom window, usually on my left, was now on my right. There was no street noise, no hum of my air conditioner. Sitting up, I blinked, then the sleep cleared enough for me to remember. Perhaps it was the hand that moved on my thigh that helped nudge my brain into my new reality.

I was on Viken. I was in bed with three men. I should have noticed it first, their scent. It was almost identical for all three of them, but I recognized each had their own variation. Lev, dark and powerful; Tor, open and confident; Drogan, wild and focused. I was quickly learning their subtle differences in personality—even in the way they fucked. I had thought I would like it just one way, but when each of them had their turn, I’d come for them all. God, had I ever.

I liked being brought to orgasm by just Drogan’s face between my thighs. I’d liked being spanked and fucked at the same time. I’d liked being tied down. I’d liked having a plug in my ass. God, I was such a slut for these men!

The things they’d done to me before I fell asleep were probably illegal in several states back home. Here, though, it didn’t seem to be anything but normal. The Vikens had created special centers for mates to learn about such things. Embarrassment riddled me, for was it normal to be strapped to a spanking bench and punished? Was it normal to actually like the feel of my stinging, hot skin from the hard spanks from Lev’s hand? Was it normal to literally crave three men? Was it normal to enjoy having my ass played with?

I’d never come before without playing with my clit and earlier I’d come over and over again without any stimulation there at all. My body, even now, ached for them.

No, it just ached. My breasts were tingling and my nipples were hard. I didn’t have to see them in the dark to know that they were pebbled into tight peaks. Lifting my hands to my breasts, I cupped them and a soft moan escaped my lips. Shifting, my pussy slid over the sheets, the clit ring being nudged. I was aroused, so very aroused that heat crept into my veins and spread through my body.

The rustling of the bedding came just before a light was turned on. Just a soft glow, enough to see by, but not enough to hurt the eyes. What I saw was three men, naked and surrounding me. The sheet that covered us had slipped off me. I, too, was naked, but I only had eyes for my mates’ hard bodies.

“Leah?” The voice was rough with sleep. I didn’t look to see who it was, for I was too needy.

“There’s… there’s something wrong with me,” I whispered.

The other men stirred and Drogan sat up behind me, his hand on my shoulder. I moaned again at the contact. “She’s hot to the touch.”

At his touch, I groaned. Without thinking, I laid back on the bed and parted my legs. I should have been ashamed of my slutty action, but I was too far gone to care. As the men sat up to look at me, I grabbed the back of my knees and pulled my legs back and open. “Please,” I begged. God, I was begging these men to fuck me.

Glancing down my body, I could see my clit was engorged so much that its hood was pulled back, the little ring away from the sensitive tip.

Lev and Tor glanced at each other. “Seed power,” they said at the same time.

“I will eat your pussy until you come again,” Drogan murmured against my neck. “Your pussy must be too sore for another fucking after the one you had earlier.”

I should be sore, very sore, from fucking three men—again and again—but I wasn’t. Even so, I didn’t really care. My body was telling me it needed cock and it needed it now.

“No,” I replied. Turning my head, I looked into Drogan’s eyes.

“No?” he repeated. “You will go against us? Didn’t you learn from your spanking and plugging earlier?”

I shook my head, licked my lips. “I need more. I need your cocks. I need you to fuck me. Your mouth on my pussy, it’s not enough.”

I looked up at my three men who loomed over me with concern—and desire—on their faces.

“You’ve succumbed to the seed power, Leah,” Tor said. “I had no idea it was so powerful.”

“It is from all three of us, not one,” Lev added. “It will be very intense for her.”

“Please,” I begged, my pussy dripping with their earlier seed and my own arousal. I reached down and slipped my fingers over my folds and pushed them inside. If they weren’t going to use their cocks, I would use my fingers. Drogan and Lev each took one of my knees and pulled them wide just like I’d held them as Tor moved to kneel between my thighs. His cock was erect and ready, pulsing up toward his navel.

He took my fingers from my pussy and placed my hand in Lev’s, who moved it by my side. He didn’t release his hold.

Tor began playing with the plug in my ass, tugging on it, then pressing it deep. Again and again. I tried to move my hips, but Lev and Drogan held me down.

Shifting his hips, Tor lined up his cock at my eager entrance and slid inside of me. It was one slow, easy stroke and I groaned, my eyes falling closed.

“Yes,” I moaned, loving the stretch, the overwhelming sense of being full. It was so tight with the plug in my ass. “Fuck me. Please! I need it.”

I sounded like a wanton slut but I didn’t care. I needed cock and I needed it now.

“With pleasure, mate.” Tor began to move, fucking me in earnest as his brothers held me open. “With pleasure.”

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