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Claimed by the Alpha by Sassa Daniels – Extended Preview

As soon as Sadie got herself into position, Marco rose from the bed and moved to the wall behind her. His eye raked over the various spanking implements as he tried to decide which to use. The punishment had to fit the crime, so he immediately ruled out using a cane. Sadie was unaccustomed to being disciplined and, besides, it was too harsh for these circumstances. His mate had acted restlessly, but her outburst had been provoked by a woman who would try the patience of a saint and it was only witnessed by close family. She was lucky in that respect. If it had happened in front of other pack members, she’d be facing an entirely different measure of discipline right now. It was important that she understood such behavior would not be tolerated.

He picked up a wooden paddle and felt its weight. Made of solid oak, it was fairly inflexible and would deliver a hell of a whack. Deciding it wasn’t quite what he wanted, he put it back and grabbed a lightweight, leather-covered paddle. He slapped it against his outer thigh and knew he’d found his weapon of choice. Wielded just right, it would get the message across without being disproportionally severe.

“Eyes front,” he commanded as he turned to find Sadie looking back over her shoulder at him.

She immediately did as she was told. Her obedience pleased him, but he knew better than to take it for granted. Her continued compliance would only be secured through ensuring she understood who was master in his house.

He stood for a moment, admiring her pose. She was incredibly graceful. Arms extended in front of her, she’d spread her legs wide and pushed her bottom out, providing him with an ideal target. Her spine was long and straight, and her beautiful breasts swayed beneath her as she danced from one foot to the other. Someone, it seemed, was growing impatient.

“I need you to understand how essential it is for you to show me respect, Sadie. If you’d thrown that plate of food at me in front of other members of the pack, I would have to punish you harshly, and in public.”

Admittedly, that was something he would only do as a last resort. Possessive by nature, Marco hated the thought of other males deriving pleasure from watching his mate being spanked. Her being more human than wolf made him want to protect her. She was different to the pack’s females and a certain vulnerability came with that.

“I understand,” Sadie said. “How many do you plan to give me?”

She wanted a number and he supposed that was only natural. Trepidation made her voice quiver and knowing what the end point of the punishment would be might offer her some comfort. The problem was he couldn’t give her a number. Although he’d spanked her with his hand, he didn’t yet know what her tolerance for pain was, how quickly she would absorb the lesson. It could take five strokes or fifty.

“I will determine when you’ve had enough. Trust me, Sadie, I won’t go further than you can bear.”

“I know you won’t.” Her voice was soft as she glanced up at him with big brown eyes.

Her sincerity took Marco by surprise. Was she really going to place her faith in him just like that? The thought made him want to punch the air in triumph. There was so much he desired from her—obedience, loyalty, love—but none of it could come without trust. If she felt safe enough to accept his word at such a pivotal moment, they were already closer to bonding than he’d hoped.

He adjusted his own position, moving slightly to the side so he had the best access to Sadie’s delectable bottom. Gripping the paddle, he drew his arm back but only halfway. His swing would be forceful enough without him extending it fully. The first strike landed on her left buttock and she grunted as if surprised. He aimed the second at the right side of her bottom. As the paddle struck, he watched her face carefully to gauge her response. The impact barely seemed to register.

The third time, he swung fractionally harder. The paddle landed across the full width of her bottom. She mewled softly, but there was still no sign he was hurting her. As he struck twice more in quick succession, the paddle made a satisfying thwack on her flesh. A delicate pink tinged her pale skin and Marco’s cock swelled.

He delivered another, harder stroke and Sadie gasped. Still not a significant reaction. It seemed she could handle a lot. He’d already suspected that was the case. When he spanked her in the car, her protests had seemed more to do with humiliation than pain. Now he was sure he was right about her being able to cope with a harsher punishment. In fact, she appeared to need it. If he was not mistaken, she was becoming aroused. The sweet scent of her desire permeated the air.

“You have quite a tolerance for pain, cara,” he said. “Let’s see what we can do about that, shall we?”

Sadie’s jaw dropped in surprise. So far, the spanking hadn’t been too severe, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t suffering. Every time the paddle landed, she felt its sting. With each hit, the sensation grew incrementally more intense and if Marco went on much longer, it would really start to hurt. Perhaps she’d erred in attempting to remain dignified throughout the punishment. Marco had clearly mistaken her stoicism for a high pain threshold.

Feeling a cool rush of air, the only warning the paddle was about to land, she grasped the iron railing tightly. She sucked in a breath that whooshed straight back out again at the moment of impact.

“Ow!” she protested.

“Ah, at last she feels it,” Marco said. “Brace yourself, cara.”

Sadie tried to prepare herself mentally. It helped that for some reason she trusted Marco when he told her he wouldn’t push her too far. She felt safe in his hands, but the next two spanks still came as a shock. Her backside was tender, the heated flesh tingling unpleasantly. When the paddle landed again, she let out a yowl. Jerking upright, she threw her hands back to cover her bottom.

“Back in position,” Marco instructed. “If you move again, I’ll be forced to extend the punishment.”

Marco’s threat hit home. The last thing Sadie wanted was to prolong this just because she couldn’t stay in place. It was hard not to dance around when her ass felt like it had been struck by lightning, but she resolved to maintain her pose. Bending at the waist, she gripped the rail at the foot of the bed once more.

“Legs apart,” Marco commanded.

Sadie moved her feet until her thighs gaped. It felt incredibly erotic being on display like this and she wondered what Marco thought when he looked at her.

“You’re beautiful, cara,” he said as though reading her mind, “and soaking wet. I can see your arousal glistening on your thighs.”

Was that true? Yes, she supposed it was. Despite the sting of the paddle, desire stirred inside her. She wanted nothing more than for the spanking to be over and for Marco to claim her body. Then she remembered he’d told her he intended to take her ass and she was suddenly less enthusiastic. She’d never tried anal and she wasn’t entirely sure she wanted to.

As the paddle fell again and again, pleasure rose in tandem with pain. Sadie yelped and wriggled her hips as her bottom ached and her sex grew wetter. Marco put a hand at the small of her back to hold her still. She wailed as the nasty implement hit a new spot at the top of her thighs. Her face contorted as she tried to come to grips with the onslaught of alien sensation. She’d never experienced anything like this. Coherent thought fled from her mind. She became a slave to feeling.

Tears sprang to her eyes as the paddle fell repeatedly. Her ass was on fire and must surely be black and blue by now. She doubted she’d sit comfortably for a week. Just as she thought she’d reached her limit, Marco paused.

“Is there anything you wish to say?” he asked.

“Yes.” She sniffed back a tear. “I’m sorry, Marco.”

“Are you, cara?”

Sadie screwed her eyes shut. Did he not believe her?

“Yes.” Her tone was emphatic. “I’m sorry I acted out in front of your family.”

She meant it. Quite apart from the disrespect she’d shown Marco, she’d embarrassed herself in front of his family. A temper tantrum didn’t make the best first impression.

“Good, then three more should do it. I want you to count them out.”

Sadie moaned upon hearing it wasn’t yet over, but she swallowed her objections. She could take it.

The paddle struck and she pushed up onto her toes.

“One,” she whimpered.

“That’s my girl.”

Marco’s hand rubbed over her aching flesh, comforting her with a tenderness she wouldn’t have thought him capable of. He removed his hand and, a moment later, the paddle landed again. Sadie’s mouth fell open.

“Two,” she gasped.

Again, Marco caressed her until what she felt was a pleasant warmth rather than the unbearable heat she’d been experiencing. His actions were messing with her brain. It seemed odd to inflict pain on her only to soothe it away a moment later.

“This is the last one, cara.”

When he struck her for the final time, Sadie let out a tiny squeak.

“Three,” she said with a breath of relief.

The paddle dropped to the floor behind her and Marco helped her to stand straight. She was glad he was there as her legs trembled, threatening to buckle beneath her. He held her for a minute until she could stand on her own.

“You did well, Sadie.” The obvious pride in his voice made her heart soar. It plummeted, however, when he spoke again. “Now, I want you on the bed on all fours, facing the wall and presenting that beautiful ass to me. I plan to enjoy it tonight.”

Sadie hesitated. She looked at the bed and then back to Marco.

“What’s the matter?” he asked.

“I’m frightened.”

“Of what?”

“That I won’t like it.”

What she really meant was she was afraid it would hurt. While she could see the appeal of anal sex for a man, she’d never understood what a woman got out of it.

“Believe me, cara, I’ll make sure you’re satisfied.”

“And if I say no?”

Marco looked stunned, as though the possibility she might not blindly obey his every command hadn’t occurred to him. Had he learned nothing about her? It made her want to refuse him just for the hell of it.

“Then I will respect that.” He reached out and cupped her cheek. “But I will be disappointed.”

“Why does it matter so much?”

“Because I want to claim every inch of you. I want you to give me control and trust I know what’s best for you.”

Was he talking about what would happen between them in the bedroom or was he asking her to surrender her entire life to him?

“I’m not looking to take over everything, Sadie.” Again, he seemed to have correctly read her thoughts. “But I do need a measure of control. Can you give me that?”

Why did he have to make it sound as though what he was asking was perfectly reasonable? Sadie considered for a moment, trying to think about what she might gain or lose in agreeing. It wasn’t as if she was making any binding promise to let him have his way with her for the rest of her life, was it? Deciding to bite the bullet, she nodded.

“In that case,” Marco said, “get on the bed.”

Whatever softness had been in his voice as he convinced her to do things his way was now gone. Sadie clambered up onto the bed and waited as Marco shucked off his sweatpants. Looking back over her shoulder, she watched him go to the cabinet by the bed and retrieve something from the drawer. The little white tube he fetched must surely contain lubricant. Her heart fluttered and a shiver ran down her spine. They were really going to do this.

Marco had to admit to a certain primitive satisfaction as Sadie waited on the bed for him. Although she hadn’t told him explicitly this was to be her first experience of anal sex, her reactions told him it was. Still, he needed to be sure before they went any further.

“Has anyone taken your ass before?”

“No,” Sadie huffed. “The men I’ve dated were all gentlemen.”

Marco couldn’t suppress a laugh. “And that’s what you’d prefer, is it? A gentleman.”

“Of course.”

Cara, you’d die of boredom. You only say you want a gentleman because you think that’s what you should want. Thing is, it’s not what you need.”

“Oh, and what do I need, pray tell.”

“Another spanking from the sound of it.” Marco had no intention of punishing her again. Her bottom was already a deep enough shade of red. He enjoyed the way she shuddered, though, as it confirmed she had learned a lesson. “But in answer to your question, what you need is me.”

To his amazement, she didn’t refute that. She just gave a little snort that might equally have signaled resignation or disgust and turned away. He popped open the lid on the tube of lubricant and squeezed a generous amount of the cool gel onto his fingers.

“Face down, bottom up, arms stretched over your head.”

His curtly delivered instructions were met with a stiffening of her shoulders, but she shrugged off whatever objections she had and got into position. Marco grinned. Her pose was that of a slave girl bowing in supplication. It would take a better man than him not to experience a jolt of lust at that image.

As he touched her bottom, Sadie jerked in surprise. Once he’d smeared some of the gel around the puckered ring, he slipped a finger into her tight channel and she gasped.

“How does that feel?” he asked.

“Like someone has their finger in my bum,” Sadie sniped back at him.

Tamping down the urge to laugh, Marco swatted her well-punished bottom and Sadie let out a yelp. He liked her sass, he really did, but if he couldn’t get her to control her mouth so soon after a spanking, he despaired about ever getting her to behave.

“Try again, cara.”

“It feels okay.” Her tone betrayed a distinct lack of enthusiasm.

Marco knew he was going to have to work to convince her she liked being fucked this way. He wondered if she was deliberately giving him attitude, so he’d put in an extra effort to bring her pleasure. She certainly had a manipulative streak, but he wasn’t about to punish her for that. Not when he wanted to show her that trusting him to claim this intimate part of her was worth a little discomfort.

He withdrew his finger and positioned himself, ready to push inside. Sadie stiffened as the head of his cock pressed against her.

“Breathe, cara,” he urged. “This will go better if you relax.”

With a loud exhale, she released the tension from her body. Marco gripped her hips as he eased forward, taking his time to let her become accustomed to what must surely be an odd sensation. He cooed soothingly as she whimpered.

“You’re doing fine, cara.”

His words of reassurance seemed to do the trick. The last resistance her body offered slipped away and he was able to slide all the way in. It was a snug fit and his cock was squeezed tightly. If he’d been less in control of himself, he might have come on the spot.

“How does that feel, Sadie?”

“Uh, alright?” She sounded unsure, perhaps not knowing what answer he expected her to give.

“It’s okay to be honest,” he assured her.

“It’s strange,” she replied after a moment’s pause. “I can feel you everywhere all at once. It’s like I’ve been filled to the brim and there’s this pressure in my… you know.”

“Pussy.” Marco supplied the word for her.

He was surprised by her reluctance to speak frankly when she seemed so willing to pour out whatever was on her mind at other times.

“Yes,” Sadie confirmed. “It’s not the most thrilling thing my body’s ever experienced. Maybe if you move, I’ll see what all the fuss is about.”

Marco didn’t much care for being treated like a performing monkey, but it would kill him to pull out and walk away from her now. At some point they would have a talk about who was in charge of her sexual pleasure but now was not the moment.

He slid his cock out a few inches and then pushed back in. He repeated the motion, slow and steady, several times. Sadie moaned and rocked her hips.

“Fuck me, Marco.”

The words seemed to have been ripped from deep within. It was an invitation he couldn’t refuse. Holding her hips steady he thrust harder and faster. Her body was so perfect, he could easily lose himself. Sadie whimpered and clutched the bedsheets as he pounded into her virgin ass.

Sono in paradiso,” he gritted out as Sadie pushed back against him.

As he got closer to his climax, he slipped a hand beneath Sadie and stroked her drenched pussy. He pressed a finger to her throbbing clit and she started to convulse helplessly. His body tensed as pleasure overtook her, his balls tightening as she screamed his name. He jerked erratically, his cock slipping from her body. His seed spilled across the back of her thighs.

“Are you still with me, cara?” he asked Sadie, who lay on the mattress looking slightly dazed.

“I have no idea.” She rolled onto her back and looked up at him with a sleepy smile. “I think you dislodged my brain.”

“That good, huh?”

Sadie shook her head. “Stop fishing for compliments, signore. I’m sure you already know you’re very good at that.”

Marco shrugged. “Sure, but it never hurts to hear it again.” He flashed her a grin, but he was only partly kidding. Hearing Sadie was satisfied from her own lips would make him happier than he wanted to admit. He wasn’t going to hold his breath, though. His mate was stubborn.

Sadie smiled back at him and then let out a yawn. “I’m knackered.” Marco assumed the word meant tired. “You’ll have to carry me down to the bedroom.”

“With pleasure, tesoro.”

He lifted her into his arms, and she laid her head on his chest. By the time he reached the bedroom, she was fast asleep. Careful not to wake her, he laid her on the bed and pulled the covers up over her. It was still early, and he’d neglected business the last couple of days, but he couldn’t resist the urge to lie next to his mate. Climbing into bed, he gathered her into his arms and closed his eyes. Her slow, steady breathing calmed him and within minutes, he too was out like a light.

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