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Claimed by the Beasts by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

The room was expansive with a massive king-sized bed, dresser, and two nightstands. A double set of French doors covered the length of one wall and she was able to see a large deck outside. She took several steps in, peering into the bathroom. The oversized tub was nestled just under a block window wall, a shower off to the side. “Exquisite.”

“I’m glad you approve.” He moved behind her, placing his hands on her shoulders. “While I want you comfortable, even happy, you will stay here. When I am not with you, I will have someone guard you. Do you understand?”

“I’m a prisoner,” she stated with defiance.

“You are my lover, my queen, but you’ve witnessed the level of danger firsthand with the sheriff. You could be a target for several entities. I will not take any chances and if I have to be stern, utilizing discipline, then I will.” After a few seconds, his expression softened.

“Discipline? I’m going to be punished?”

“Yes. You are under my rules and punishments will be swift and severe.”

He was serious. God, she was wet all over, her pussy muscles clamping. Even the scent of her desire was pungent, and he most certainly gathered her condition. “What is going to happen, Larken? This Red Moon.”

Larken pressed his lips against her cheek, kissing her with soft brushes. “If we are successful, then we will awaken the next day, refreshed and alive, preparing for our future.”

“And if not?” The grip on her shoulders increased, giving her an answer.

He eased his hands down the length of her arms, caressing her naked skin. “Then we will have had a few days of pleasure.” Turning her to face him, he eased his fingers down both sides of her head, taking his time as he lowered his arms. “I crave every inch of you, long to spend hours licking every bit of your skin.”

Allowing an anguished breath to escape, she tingled all over, the dazzling rush of current more extreme than their passion before. As he pressed his lips against hers, his tongue darting just inside, she shuddered visibly, no longer able to feel her legs. The power he exuded was unparalleled, stripping away her inhibitions as well as the last of her concerns. She belonged to him in every manner.

“Mmm…” The rumbling murmur was low, husky. Taking a step back, he intertwined his fingers in hers, issuing an authoritative gaze. “However, you need a hard spanking more than anything at this point.”


“For defying me.”


He shook his head. “I am your master, one of three. You will obey us at all times. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, sir.” As he pulled her closer to the bed, she held her breath, captivated by his domination, his utter control over her.

“You will be disciplined every day, to make certain you learn and accept the pecking order.”

“I thought the queen of the Pride was in charge.”

Larken eased onto the bed, lifting a single eyebrow. “Yes, the true queen is indeed in charge of the Pride, but not in this house.” He unbuttoned her shorts. “And spankings will always be bare bottom if not naked. Other forms of punishment will depend on the seriousness of the infractions.”

Gritting her teeth, she’d never felt more like a child than at this point. Even the games played with Daniel had never driven her to this state of mind. She remained in a light fog as he tugged the shorts down her hips.

“You’re wet. I can smell your desire.” He slipped his hand between her legs, cupping her mound.

“Yes.” She lolled back her head, enjoying the sensations as he rubbed her pussy through the thin material. Bucking her hips, she gripped his shoulder, a single moan pulsing past her lips.

“Soon, my love, you will be fulfilled.” His voice was low and throaty as he pulled down her panties then eased her over his lap, patting his hand against her ass cheeks. “This will be the first of many rounds of discipline today. Stay in position or one of your other masters will hear what a bad girl you are.”

“They’re not, I mean…”

“Going to spank you? Absolutely. They have full control over you. While I am in charge, they will do what’s necessary to keep you in line. If you misbehave, you’ll get a hard whipping, no matter where you are. Something to keep in mind. Now, settle down. This will hurt, redden your pretty little ass, but I assure you, the additional spankings will be more severe.”

“Ugh!” Scarlet dropped her head, panting as he issued the first few smacks, her skin stinging. This is exactly what she’d craved her entire life, longing for a man who refused to take any crap, or her mouth. The hard slaps came one after the other, peppering down against one cheek then the other, even her upper thighs. “Ouch!” She squeezed her cunt muscles, trying to lessen the severity.

“All women thrive with a firm hand,” Larken said casually as he issued another series, cracking his hand back and forth, slow and easy, yet they were much harder.

The heat was building, the slight sting turning into actual pain, making her wiggle, her soaked pussy pressing against the bulge in his groin. “Yes, sir.”

“But spankings should hurt. Don’t you agree?” He rubbed both cheeks before starting again, this time using the power of his arm muscles, smacking her one after the other.

“Oh!” Kicking out, she was floored how painful the spanking had become. Even as the slapping sound floated down to the floor, where she was trying to maintain her position, she couldn’t stop flailing.

He wrapped one leg around hers, yanking and holding her wrist. “I told you to stay in position. The belt will be used later.”

“No!” Clamping her mouth shut, she willed herself to stop from struggling, taking deep breaths as the spanking continued.

“That’s much better.”

She wasn’t entirely certain how long she was forced to endure the spanking, but as the pain ripped through her body, she fell into a hazy lull, tears slipping from her eyes. She’d never cried during a spanking her entire life. Why now? Letting go. Yes, she was letting go.

Larken pulled her upright on his lap, easing strands of hair from her face. “Oh, Scarlet.”

“Sshh… Don’t talk. Let’s just pretend we have nothing to do and all the time in the world,” she whispered, lifting her head.

“I wish that were true.” Palming the side of her face, he brushed his lips across her forehead, her eyelids, moving his pursed lips down the bridge of her nose. He opened his mouth, dragging it across her cheek to her earlobe, breathing a swath of hot air.

Scarlet moaned and gripped his wrist with one hand, shifting back and forth, relishing in his hardness shoved against her naked ass. All she could envision was her master fucking her in her dark hole, shoving his dick all the way inside, her other masters claiming her mouth and cunt, forcing her to do their bidding. She was wild with need as he nipped her earlobe, his tongue darting in and out.

He moved his open mouth to her lips, forcing them to part before sucking on her tongue. He slid his hand to the base of her neck, his grip firm, his fingers pressing against her skin.

She clutched his shirt, tugging in an effort to slide her hand underneath, to feel his heated skin.

The kiss became unbridled, their tongues entwining, his fingers running under her shirt, cupping her breast.

Every tendon in the man seemed tense, his muscles rippling as he pinched her nipple. She shifted into a wondrous state of nirvana.

Scarlet sensed they were no longer alone, gathering a scent of Bristol and Trevor. She kept her eyes closed as they approached, her skin even more alive. A hushed set of whispers was almost inaudible, the husky sound so sensuous. Soothing. The air in the room had taken on a different vibe, enriched by testosterone, electrified by their presence.

Her other two masters.

They were here. In this room. And they would take her.

As hands removed her shoes, her shorts and panties, Larken broke the kiss, licking around her lips as a guttural sound floated from his throat.

“You belong to us now and for always,” Larken whispered, his lips barely touching the side of her neck.

“Yes.” She was aware her shirt had been removed, heated fingers unclasping her bra. When she was fully naked she was guided into a standing position, surrounded by all three lovers.

Their animalistic grunts and growls were the opposite of the tender touch of gentle caresses at her neck, arms, and stomach. She had never felt so adored, almost worshipped.

They continued their exploration, strong hands gripping her hips, sliding down to cup her reddened ass cheeks, fingers pressing until finding her asshole. Yet another set of hands cupped both breasts, flicking fingers across her already hardened nipples.

“And we will train you, keep you obedient,” Trevor murmured.

“Protected and secured,” Bristol added.

Adrenaline created a rush in her pulse, her heart skipping as Larken kneaded her stomach, crawling his fingers down to the area just above her pussy. “Open your legs.”

The command was laced with darkness and she did as she was told, sliding her feet apart. Fingers were roaming down the insides of her thighs, tickling her skin. Another pulsed in and out of her dark hole, forcing her to pant, swaying forward and backward. “Oh!”

“Imagine all three cocks filling you, claiming you,” Larken breathed as he cupped her cunt, rubbing up and down, creating a wave of friction.

“Yes. Yes…” she whimpered, almost stumbling forward. The change in Larken’s voice, gravelly and dripping with longing, was sweet music, encapsulating her very soul. Opening her eyes, she was able to see her reflection in Larken’s golden irises, and instead of being afraid, she was mesmerized.

Trevor lowered his head, kissing and licking the side of her neck while Bristol dropped to the floor, dragging his tongue up the inside of her calves, moving ever so slowly to the inside of her thighs.

Larken rubbed his open mouth across her jaw, tugging back her hair and exposing her neck. He kept the low keening sound as he slid his lips down to her neck, nipping her tender flesh.

“Oh, God…” Breathless, she longed to reach out, to touch them but knew she was required to stay in position. Her toes curled as Bristol lapped at her pussy, darting his tongue just past her swollen cunt lips. Their fingers never stopped caressing, driving her into a frenzied state, her dark desires turning carnal.

She was no longer certain who was touching her where, her skin prickling, heated to the point of being on fire. Yet fingers were swirled around her clit, once, twice then a hard pinch, driving her onto her toes, her mouth open in a perfect ‘O.’ Everything was distorted as the rubbing became more intense, as if their needs were insatiable.

“You will not come without permission.” Larken’s command was without question to be obeyed.

“Yes, sir,” she managed, no longer able to focus. There was no way to describe the rush of vibrations rocketing throughout her body.

Only seconds later, she was eased onto her knees, surrounded by the men who owned her. Her body swaying, she automatically reached for Larken’s jeans, unbuckling his belt, unzipping his jeans. She tipped her head, trying to gaze into his eyes as she tugged on his thick leather belt, the scent filling her nostrils, thick with musk. She envisioned her master using the strap, belting her ass and legs, her breasts. Juice flowed from her cunt, trickling down both legs and as she pulled the strap under her nose, the visions became more intense.

Strapped to a table, her masters taking turns cracking the belt, marking her body for the entire world to see.

“Yes, this will be a method of punishment, my sweet Scarlet,” Larken whispered as he removed the strap from her hands.

She peeled away both sides of his jeans, releasing his massive cock and swollen balls, running her fingers up and down the length. He was much wider and longer than any man, his testicles hanging low from the fill of cum. Her mouth watered as she cupped his balls, squeezing.

“Fuck!” Larken tore off his shirt before placing one hand on her head, gazing down with the same savage eyes. “Suck me.”

One hand remained fingering his testicles as she licked along the underside of his shaft, dragging the tip of her tongue up and down. Hunger ripped through her, the wet heat between her legs intensifying. She greedily sucked on one ball then the other, grunting as she swirled her tongue. Licking back up, she sucked on his cockhead, savoring the musky flavor.

She was jerked back, forced to drop one hand, her knees split apart.

Reaching down, Larken brushed hair from her face. “That’s it. Suck me.”

The slap of the leather against her backside made her close her eyes. She obeyed her master’s command, relaxing her throat as she took Larken’s cock down an inch at a time. When she had half of his shaft in her mouth, Larken took over, pushing her head gently as one of her other masters popped the strap in short bursts. Every portion of her body was quivering.

“I love your hot mouth,” Larken whispered, face-fucking her as he grunted.

She opened her mouth as wide as possible, giving up all control. From behind, she knew the others were growing restless, their rasping grunts filtering all around them.

Larken released her, taking a step back, issuing a biting howl.

Scarlet licked her lips in appreciation as Trevor wrapped his hand around her hair, pulling her face toward his groin. He was already naked, his stunning physique and impressive tats creating a godlike appearance. She hunkered between his wide-open legs, gripping his thighs as she peppered them with kisses.

“Such a beauty,” Trevor whispered, his eyes glassy, the same golden hue creating an almost haunted look.

Her tongue replacing her mouth, she dragged the tip up one leg then down the other, issuing soft purring noises.

“And she’s a tease,” Bristol said, chuckling behind her.

“We know how to deal with teases.” Larken’s voice was no longer human but a man driven by lust and need, the deep baritone the most sensual thing she’d ever heard.

Trevor wrapped his hand around the base of his cock, spanking her cheek. “Naughty girls get their asses whipped.”

As if she’d mind. She licked across the sensitive slit on his cockhead before engulfing the tip, using her strong jaw muscles to suck.

“Hurry, brother, because I won’t be able to hold it all night,” Bristol said before issuing a series of grunts.

Trevor pumped his cock inside her mouth, jutting his hips as he rolled onto the balls of his feet. “That’s it. Take every inch.”

There was no way she could take all of him and as he filled her mouth, the tip hitting the back of her throat, she gagged, whimpering around the thick invasion.

“Relax, sweet baby. Breathe,” Trevor mumbled as he tossed his head from side to side.

She could feel and knew Larken’s fingers were the ones moving up and down the crack of her ass. Parting her legs ever more, she arched her back, attempting to beg him to violate her asshole.

Snickering, Larken inserted first one then two fingers into her dark hole, plunging in and out in a slow and easy rhythm.

Pain trickled into her muscles, forcing her to clamp down and she concentrated on sucking, her tongue swirling back and forth.

“Tight hole. Relax. That’s it.” Larken added a third finger, flexing them open as he thrust deeper. He pressed one hand on the small of her back, his fingers caressing.

The pain diminished, turning into the most incredible wave of pleasure, allowing her to float. Everything about this was sinful. Perfect.

And raw.

Trevor’s face was pinched, and he dropped his head, grunting like an animal. He wrapped his hand around the base of his cock, twisting his hand. “I can’t wait to fill that sweet pussy.”

Bristol dragged her toward him and she immediately opened her mouth, taking half his shaft inside. The rugged man placed both hands on the sides of her head, pumping in and out.

Wiggling, she arched her back, longing for Larken’s fingers to be replaced with his dick, filling her. Fucking her. She wanted to feel dirty and alive, taken and used. Her jaw was strained as Bristol drove harder and faster, his entire body covered with a sheen of sweat, his thigh muscles and veins rippling through his skin. She could feel their beasts, the hunger infesting their minds, ready to explode. Every thought, every desire, she knew.

And she would serve them, body and soul.

Her pussy dripping, her nipples swollen, she was in a wild cataclysm as her desire continued to increase, threatening to rupture. Time seemed to stand still, releasing her to the beasts who’d captured her and would share her bed.

Bristol opened his mouth wide, exposing his sharp teeth as he lifted her off the floor, holding her in the air for a few seconds, his eyes penetrating hers. As he thrust her down onto his stiff cock, the entire length shoving deep inside, he issued a series of strangled howls.

She wrapped her legs around his upper thighs as he slipped his arm under her buttocks. The friction and pain from his skin sliding against her bruised ass was almost toxic, leaving her wild with need.

He pumped into her with crazed abandon, jutting his hips, keeping her aloft.

The power, the utter blinding force stole her breath. She clenched her pussy muscles, pulling him in even deeper.

“Such a wicked woman,” he hissed, driving several more times before giving her a savage smile. “We are not finished.”

As Trevor took her, gathering her into his arms, she marveled at their superhuman strength, whimpering as he pushed her up against a wall. The hard thud was following by her heavy breathing as he placed her legs onto his shoulders, shifting her body until he was able to dip his head, pushing his face into her pussy.

Scarlet slapped the walls, her fingernails scratching as he thrust his tongue past her cunt lips, gathering her juice. “Oh, God! Yes…” Her own voice was rattled, her breathing more of a wisp as she attempted to focus.

He kept her split wide open, her legs dangling, his tongue moving up and down, swirling around her clit then driving deep inside.

The combination was too much, pushing her closer and closer to an orgasm. Panting, she tried to obey, to follow the command, but she couldn’t stop shaking, her toes curling.

His grunts feral, he fed on her, his wide tongue feasting on her nectar.

No man had eaten her in this fashion and she was covered in perspiration, her lower lip quivering as she lolled her head.

“Don’t come or you will be whipped,” Larken said from the background, a strange darkness in his voice.

“No…” Uncertain she’d muttered the word, she struggled to arch her back, to shove her pussy harder against his face, his incredible mouth.

Trevor eased back, blowing hot air across her cunt. Taking long strides, he fell back onto the bed, gripping her hips and pulling her down, impaling her with his thick shaft.

“Fuck!” Unable to stop the exclamation, she held her hand across her mouth. His girth filled her, driving into the mouth of her cervix. Blinking furiously, she struggled to see as Bristol crawled onto the bed, his dick hanging precariously close to her mouth. She opened wide, unable to take any control as he filled her, pumping in and out.

“That’s it. You have two of us. Now there will be three,” Larken stated from behind as he pressed his hand against the small of her back, brushing his fingers up and down her spine.

She could feel the weight change again as he moved onto the bed, the scent of him so much stronger than the others. Drifting into the altered state of euphoria, she relaxed, ready to be stripped of what was left of her perceived control.

Larken placed the tip of his cock at her asshole, pressing down on her back and changing the angle. “There isn’t a hole that doesn’t belong to us, your masters and your mates.”

As he drilled into her, inch by inch, she tried to moan, to express her utter joy as they filled her, fucking her. Taking her. A rush of warmth scattered throughout her system, a sense of peace washing into her mind. And she could read every thought, knew every aspect of their desires. Their fears.

Their anger.

Larken alternated thrusting deep inside as Trevor jutted his hips and Bristol pumped into her mouth. They moved in an orchestrated series of moves, and with each passing second, they grew more brutal, their sounds turning more wild animal than man.

Exhausted, tingling from satisfaction, she closed her eyes and heard his last command.

“Come for me, my queen. Come.”

There was no hesitation as the climax swelled from her toes. As Bristol exploded in to her mouth, his hot cum rushing down her throat, she felt the warm gush as Trevor and Larken emptied their balls, cum filling her completely.

Scarlet was filled, warm, and sated. Her eyes were closed as the men, now her men disengaged, resuming rubbing, their fingers dancing over her heated skin. “Mmm…”

“I think she’s way too comfortable,” Trevor stated, his tone commanding.

“You’re right. I do believe she needs a lesson in who’s in charge,” Bristol added.

“What?” She curled her hand around the comforter, pressing her face against the soft bedding, languishing in the moment.

“You’re right. She has no respect.” Larken tapped her on the ass before rising from the bed.

“Then we will show her.” Trevor moved to a sitting position, yanking her over his lap.

“What are you doing?” she demanded, scrambling to get out of his hold.

Bristol huffed, easing to the bottom of the bed. “This would be reinforcing that you belong to us.”

The second Trevor’s hand made a hard smack, she cried out. “No!” Jerking up, she failed in her attempt to get out of his arms. The spanking began in earnest, the hard slaps coming down swiftly and harshly, lighting on fire her ass that had yet to recover from the earlier spanking.

“Yes,” Trevor said as he continued, peppering her ass with one after the other.

She pounded her fists against the bed, kicking out, as if she would be able to get away. The man was so strong, his hold over her only partially physical. She was drawn to him almost as much as to Larken; to his rakish demeanor and tempered words. The pain was exhilarating, a reminder of their superiority over her delicious.

“I like the red covering her ass. Needs to stay that way,” Bristol murmured, the sound of his voice so intimate, reeking with lust.

“Perfect shade.” Trevor spanked the tops of her thighs, his pace perfect, as if designed.

“I think she needs a solid one hundred. Maybe more.”

“No!” She managed to glare at Bristol, who’d retrieved a hairbrush from somewhere. A nasty-looking wooden hairbrush. Panting, she clenched her fists. “I’ll be good.”

Trevor snorted. “Yes, you will be. Or face the consequences, my lovely mate.”

Scarlet bit back a series of cries as the round of discipline continued. Hands wrapped around her wrists, pulling her onto her back. The gorgeous eyes gazing into hers were captivating, driving desire into her loins. As Bristol lifted her legs, his huge hands holding her ankles, she braced for what she knew would be a serious whipping with the dreaded brush.

“Remember, we will spank you for any and every infraction,” Bristol said almost casually as he twirled the handle before popping four hard smacks against her ass.

The embarrassment of the position, the stinging of the brush and the intensity of his method gave her the most intense climax she’d ever experienced. “Oh!” Arching her back, she kept her mouth open in a silent scream as her pussy convulsed.

Bristol lifted a single eyebrow, leaning over as the single orgasm turned into a violent wave. “I can see she has absolute difficulty with authority. This will take some serious training.”

“I’m… sorry,” she managed, clamping down her cunt muscles in an effort to stop the rush of sensations. When her master tapped her on the pussy lips with the back of the brush, she yelped, covering her head with her hands. She burst into embarrassed laughter, smothering her face with her hands.

“This is one bad woman.” Bristol allowed the words to linger. “But I know how to take care of that.”

During the various spanking sessions in her adult life, she’d never fully succumbed. While the action, the anguish had always been cathartic, spinning her into a dazzling fog and allowing her mind to decompress, this was entirely different. She wasn’t just surrendering to her masters for the moment. She was submitting to them for the rest of her life.

Nothing could ever taste this sweet.

Minutes later, she was curled in their arms, legs intertwining, hands resting. She couldn’t stop shivering, hunger racking every cell in her body, the need for food creating a wave of pain ripping apart her stomach. Her entire body had changed, and she knew. She knew…

The secret. She was no longer human.

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