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Claimed by the Commander by Sassa Daniels – Extended Preview

She wriggled from side to side as much as the restraints would allow, assuming that her ordeal was now over and she would be able to get up from this position that, aside from making her feel incredibly vulnerable, was straining her tired body to the limits of its endurance. Rossingham’s firm hand on her belly told her she was going nowhere. “We are not done yet, Caroline.”

“But what else can there be?” she asked, aware that her voice was coming out at a higher pitch than normal.

Rossingham gave her an indulgent look, making her feel as though the question had been incredibly naïve, which, she supposed, it had been since she really had no clue what more they might wish to do with her. Although she heard the doctor mentioning testing her ability to experience orgasm, she had assumed that would be something private between herself and the man who was going to marry her.

“The Council will wish to be assured that you are capable of producing the natural responses that will make you a good wife to me before they release you into my custody.”

Caroline’s eyes narrowed as she felt anger mingling with fear welling up inside her. If she understood correctly, then her fears that she was to be further humiliated were justified. “What exactly do you mean by natural responses?”

“They will want to be certain that you can respond appropriately to sexual stimulation. No man wishes to fuck a cold, unresponsive female.” Caroline felt as though her already reddened cheeks were about to catch fire. If her hands had been free, she would have slapped his arrogantly handsome face for that and she suspected from the gleam in his iridescent eyes that he knew it. His words had been spoken with more than a hint of disdain and yet something in his manner gave Caroline the strangest impression he hadn’t wanted to wound her with his words. “And,” Rossingham continued, his tone pleasant but with an undercurrent of tension, “they will need to feel assured that you are able to provide me with an heir. We all need to do our bit for the repopulation effort, after all.”

Caroline’s already faint hope that she might be able to negotiate a marriage in name only was dashed to pieces. If he intended to use her as a vessel for procreation, there was no chance he would be persuaded to keep his hands, and other more menacing body parts, to himself.

“And we will need to ensure that she is receptive to anal penetration,” the doctor added, to immediate agreement from the commander. Caroline felt as though her heart had actually stopped beating for a moment. She and her friends had spoken about this humiliating practice, designed to reinforce a man’s dominance over his wife. It was something she’d found titillating in her racy novels but there was not a chance in hell she was going to submit to such a thing. With furious intent but no success, she struggled to free herself from the leather restraints.

“Cease your movements, woman,” Rossingham said sternly. “You will injure yourself.”

“Then let me go!” Caroline spat. “Untie me this instant, you… you… ruffian!”

“Ruffian?” Rossingham threw his head back and laughed. “Oh, Caroline, you really are a little hellcat, aren’t you? I can only hope you’ll be this entertaining in bed.”

Caroline blushed furiously as, clearly less amused by her outburst than the commander, the doctor stepped forward.

“I can see that additional restraints are required here.” Even as he spoke, the older man was drawing a thick strap of brown leather across her torso, just beneath her firm, rounded breasts. Once it was securely fastened, he drew another, thinner band across her upper chest and buckled it tightly in place. If movement had been difficult before, it was impossible now. Whatever they planned to do to her from this moment on, she would not be able to escape any of it.

Caroline sobbed helplessly at the thought of the sight she presented, not just to the doctor and the man who had come to claim her but to the Council members who, the airborne camera reminded her constantly, were watching in some nearby room. No doubt they were enjoying every moment of her humiliation. Thinking about them salivating over her abject misery made the tears fall harder and faster. She felt so exposed lying there, her thighs spread apart, her glistening pink pussy and the little pucker of her bottom hole on display. Her breasts were obscenely framed by leather bonds and, with her arms stretched above her head, they were pulled up into taut little mounds.

“Before you begin the next stage of the examination, Doctor, perhaps you would be good enough to remove this unsightly mess for me.”

“No,” Caroline wailed in protest as she felt him tug at the dark tufts of hair that were her one remaining defense against complete exposure.

“Hush, Caroline,” Rossingham said, the words soft, the look in his eyes beseeching but the command unmistakable.

“Perhaps I should gag her for the rest of the examination,” the doctor said, clearly growing increasingly irritated with her attempts at resistance.

At the thought of being forcibly silenced, Caroline let out another long howl of distress.

“That won’t be necessary.” Rossingham looked down into her eyes, which were wide with panic. “Will it, Caroline?”

“No, Commander Rossingham,” she sniffed. “Thank you.”

Her gratitude was genuine and she quickly brought her sobbing under control, knowing that he could easily change his mind if she pushed him any further.

“Good girl.” Rossingham’s praise gave her some small comfort. He patted her thigh affectionately and it helped her to relax a little.

A few moments passed and then she felt a slight tingling on her feminine mound as the doctor used a small laser to permanently remove every last trace of hair from between her legs and around her bottom hole. Now fully denuded, she felt as though every part of her had been laid bare, but she managed to hold back from bursting into tears once more. Knowing that those bastards who sat on the High Council were witnessing every second of this degradation, she had to salvage some dignity. Taking a deep breath, she steeled herself for the next phase of this highly personal inspection.

Seeing the change in Caroline’s demeanor from intense fear to determination to endure this ordeal with as little fuss as possible made Andrew incredibly proud of the young woman who lay bound and spread out before him. He hated seeing the other man touching her and, knowing that this could not be easy for an inexperienced lady of her social standing, wanted to assure her that all would be well. When they were married, he was going to get her far from here and do all he could to erase the unpleasant memories of the last couple of days from her mind. He had no idea what had happened to her after she was arrested but, knowing the High Council’s disdain for women in general and rebellious ones like Caroline in particular, it could not have been easy for her. With her sallow skin and haunted eyes ringed with dark shadows, her face told a story of discomfort and dread, no matter how admirably brave she tried to be.

As much as he would have liked to, he couldn’t say anything to offer her solace. There were individuals on the Council he did not trust and he dared not show any tenderness to Caroline in case they used it to try to exert some form of control over him. Already he felt a strong need to protect this young woman and would do anything within his power to ensure her wellbeing.

He worried that if they saw evidence of his concern for her, they might try to use it as a bargaining chip, to make certain he was willing to side with them when the alliance with Taar-Breck was finally tested beyond its endurance, something they all knew was coming. If they attempted to force his hand, he would have to act and he had no desire to be the one who precipitated the next war. There were, he suspected, some on the Council who knew that his loyalties had not lain with Earth’s rulers for many years and that he wanted nothing more than to turn his back on the corruption here and take his rightful place amongst the elite of Taar-Breck, something he could not do while straddling two worlds.

Besides all that, he knew that the examination was necessary to prepare Caroline for the demands of their upcoming marriage. As his wife, she would need to be ready to accommodate his desires, to bend to his will. She would also face humiliating punishments if she failed to obey his rules because he simply did not have time to gently persuade her to toe the line. This experience, as unpleasant as she might find it, was the first step toward this proud, independent woman accepting that her body was not hers alone.

As he watched the doctor move into position, ready to insert the speculum into her vagina using nothing but her own feminine moisture as lubrication, he put a restraining hand on the man’s shoulder.

“Take care, Doctor. I want the hymen left intact.”

“I will do what I can.”

Andrew shook his head impatiently and leaned in closer to the other man, feeling a deep sense of satisfaction as the doctor’s eyes widened when he correctly perceived the imminent threat.

“No, Doctor, you will leave the hymen as it is. If you damage my bride I will revisit her injuries upon you tenfold.”

The other man swallowed loudly and nodded. Few people argued with Andrew. It was not simply a question of his size, which distinguished him from most men, but the bearing with which he carried himself. The confidence in his own power that exuded from every pore made other warriors think twice about opposing him, and the rather small, feeble doctor clearly knew he was no match for him.

As the doctor pushed the sterile instrument carefully into Caroline’s virgin channel, Andrew saw her bite down on her bottom lip as though in some discomfort but, to her credit, she did not complain.

“Good girl.” He could not resist offering her praise once more.

As the doctor carefully opened the speculum, clearly heeding Andrew’s warning to take care, Caroline’s fists clenched and she let out a low moan as she was stretched wide for the first time. Despite the compassion he felt for her in that moment, there was something arousing about seeing her bound and open like this and Andrew could not prevent his body from reacting with a kick of awareness that made his cock harden almost painfully.

Taking a deep breath, he listened distractedly as the doctor prattled on, reporting his findings about the health of Lady Caroline’s cervix and pronouncing her to be in perfect condition for breeding.

“I have no doubt that she will bear you many fine sons, Commander,” the doctor said in his obsequious tone. “And I am sure they will be a great credit to you.”

Andrew nodded. He hadn’t given much thought to marriage and children before now. He’d been occupied with other things but now the image of this beautiful young woman’s belly swollen with his child filled his head and brought him a strange kind of peace. Suddenly he longed to hear his name on her luscious pink lips, to hold that lithe body close to him as they slept. He wanted to bare that gorgeous little butt of hers in the privacy of their own home and teach her who she belonged to with a thorough spanking before reinforcing the lesson by fucking that pretty pussy hard and fast. It was disturbing to realize just how badly he wanted to claim this woman as his wife.

He was brought back to the present by a groan from Caroline as the speculum was removed and he was delighted that it seemed she was protesting its absence and the emptiness she felt rather than expressing discomfort. Caroline was clearly a very responsive young woman and he could not wait to test that further. But first they had to get out of this damned place and the mandatory examination of his future bride was not yet over.

Caroline breathed deeply, proud that she had managed to keep herself from yelling out as the instrument was removed from inside her. Although it had been uncomfortable when the doctor pushed it into her and opened it wide, stretching her more than she had ever thought possible, its sudden removal had left her aching to be filled. What would it be like to be taken by a man, to be spread apart like that by warm flesh rather than a cold, sterile piece of medical equipment? She barely had the chance to think about it before the doctor spoke once more.

“We will proceed to an inspection of the anal passage now.”

“No!” Although she’d known this was coming, Caroline couldn’t prevent herself from crying out. “Please, I couldn’t bear it.”

“But you must bear it, Lady Caroline.” The doctor’s tone was scolding. “Your husband will want to make regular use of your tight little bottom hole and you must be properly inspected to ensure there will be no impediments to his enjoyment.”

Her future husband’s enjoyment, Caroline realized bitterly, was all that mattered to the doctor and she hoped that Rossingham cared about something more than that. She looked up at him, her eyes begging for his help but there was only a momentary flicker of something resembling pity before his gaze hardened once more and he shot her a pointed look. Throughout this whole humiliating experience, she’d got the distinct impression he was trying to send her a message but she wasn’t sure what it was. If she knew him better perhaps she would be able to read the look in his eye properly but she could only guess at what he meant by the secret glances. She thought it might be a plea for her to put her trust in him.

“Caroline, this is not the first time you have protested during this examination but it will be the last,” he said sternly. “Any further disobedience will earn you a sound paddling. Do you understand?”

Tears welling up in her emerald green eyes once more as she struggled to understand why his facial expressions said one thing and his words suggested something else, she nodded mutely.

“Caroline, I asked you a question.”

“Yes, Commander Rossingham,” she replied quietly. “I understand.”

“We will need to adjust her position for the final part of the examination,” the doctor said, pushing a button on the side of the table that slowly fed out the lengths of chain attached to the cuffs around Caroline’s ankles, allowing her legs to drop down as the table also extended, returning to its original size.

As the muscles in her calves protested at their sudden release from the awkward position in which she had been restrained, Caroline whimpered. With tenderness that took her by surprise, Rossingham massaged one aching leg and then the other until the feeling returned to something resembling normal.

“Thank you, Commander,” she whispered softly as she flexed her toes to tease out the last of the cramp from her aching muscles.

He nodded curtly, apparently ill at ease with displaying a caring side in front of an audience. As she caught and held Rossingham’s gaze, trying to read something in those enticingly purple eyes, she was vaguely aware of the doctor releasing her ankles from the cuffs. She wished they would also free her upper body from its bonds but there seemed to be no intention to do so.

“Place your knees together and bring them up to your chest, Lady Caroline,” the doctor instructed. “If you cannot hold the position, I will have no alternative but to pull your legs up over your head and secure your ankles to your wrists.”

Caroline closed her eyes tightly. It was incredibly humiliating that she was going to be made to cooperate by holding such a challenging position but the thought of being practically bent double for this part of the examination was truly horrifying. Already weary, she had no desire to drag things out any longer than necessary so she did as she was told and drew her legs up toward her chest.

“Good girl,” Rossingham said with evident admiration. “You are doing very well.”

There was no time to bask in the warm glow of his approval as the doctor spoke again.

“I am going to insert a small probe into her bottom to take a few readings.” The doctor’s tone was businesslike despite the incredibly intimate nature of what he proposed to do. “As I have no doubt that she is a virgin in every sense of the word, I suspect that this will be uncomfortable and distressing for her, so perhaps this would be the ideal time for you to offer some distraction, sir.”

“You wish me to test her ability to climax?” Rossingham clarified.

“If you don’t mind, Commander.”

“It would be my pleasure.”

“Do you require the use of a stimulation wand, Commander?”

Rossingham gave a snort of disgust. “I hardly think I need assistance to arouse my bride’s passions.”

He gave Caroline a look that made the breath catch at the back of her throat and she braced herself for what was to come. Leaning over her, Rossingham brushed her cheek gently before lowering his lips to hers. The kiss was soft at first but, as Caroline opened her mouth in response to the teasing pressure he exerted, he groaned and slipped his tongue inside. This was the first time a man had kissed her and it was so much better than she could ever have imagined. Every part of her seemed to come alive. As he kissed her more fiercely, staking his claim on her, Caroline could not help becoming achingly aroused.

Whimpering as Rossingham moved away and took the taut peak of her nipple into his mouth, she clenched her fists as his teeth grazed her sensitized flesh, sending a wave of pleasure straight to her core. His tongue circled the rosebud at the tip of her breast as his hand moved between her legs, finding the firm nub of her clit. Taking it between his fingers, he pinched the engorged bud, causing her to cry out in ecstasy.

Completely absorbed by the intense pleasure coursing through her, Caroline barely registered the press of the well lubricated metal probe against the pucker of her anus. Fighting to hold her position as her breath came out in frantic moans, she tensed for a moment as the doctor pushed the probe past the tight ring of muscle to seat it deep inside her. Seeming to sense the heightened need the insertion of the object into her bottom had caused, Rossingham sucked her nipple into his mouth and nipped gently at the tender flesh as his finger flicked over her throbbing clitoris.

Screaming as bolts of pleasure and pain fired through her body, she bucked convulsively against Rossingham’s hand, releasing a gush of moisture over his teasing fingers. As the undulating waves of sensation that gripped her womb slowly faded, she became more aware of the probe embedded in her back passage and she tried to adjust to the strange feeling. It surprised her that her body did not want to reject this invasion. In fact, she needed more, to experience the slide of the object in and out of her welcoming body. The thought of being fucked there, in that forbidden channel made her pussy clench and she let out a sob of horror as she realized she was enjoying the penetration. How could she crave such a shameful thing? Just what the hell was happening to her?

“Well done, Caroline.” Rossingham’s voice cut through the post-climatic haze that fogged her brain.

“Indeed,” the doctor commended her. “You are beautifully responsive, Lady Caroline. The commander is a very lucky man.”

Caroline blushed deeply as the doctor turned away and looked at the machine the anal probe was transmitting data to.

“Everything looks healthy here. There is no medical reason why you should not use her pretty little bottom as often as you wish.” The doctor grinned salaciously as he turned to ease the metal rod from her rear channel, making Caroline gasp as she felt it slide against her inner walls until, suddenly, it was withdrawn completely. “And I would imagine from the results I’m seeing here that Lady Caroline will raise no objections to having her bottom fucked regularly.”

As the helplessly bound woman bit back a furious retort to that comment, she clenched her eyes tightly in shame at her body’s unbidden reactions to the degradations she had been made to endure. It did not seem possible that her mind and body could be so at odds with each other but, no matter how much her thoughts told her it was wrong, she couldn’t help becoming aroused as she was manhandled.

When the doctor tapped her knee to let her know that it was alright to relax now, Caroline immediately lowered her legs to the table, glad that she was no longer expected to hold the humiliating position that had put her bottom so clearly on display. How she had managed to keep her legs where she had been told to put them, she would never know.

“Now, Commander, would you like me to insert a trainer into her anus when I fit the chastity belt?”

“Chastity belt?” Rossingham sounded as surprised as Caroline was by the doctor’s words.

“Yes, a legal requirement to ensure Lady Caroline’s virtue remains intact until the marriage ceremony is completed on the twenty-first anniversary of her birth.”

“Is that necessary?” For the first time, Caroline could see Rossingham’s composure slipping and his eyes became almost black. His shoulders tensed. Clearly he was not a man who liked surprises and this seemed to have caught him off guard.

“I am afraid so, sir. The Council insists upon it. When you return here in two days’ time to complete the marriage ceremony, it is essential that your bride remains a virgin. The contract you have with her late grandfather will be nullified otherwise. The measure is for your own protection, really.”

“How considerate!” Rossingham bit out. “Do they imagine I am some animal that cannot control himself?”

“It is a legal requirement,” the doctor, apparently at a loss for words, said once more. He was starting to look uncomfortable in the face of the commander’s irritation. “And it will also spare Lady Caroline a second examination.”

At the thought of being subjected to this treatment again, Caroline found she could not hold her tongue.

“Please, Commander.” She had no idea what it would be like to wear the chastity belt the doctor spoke of and, frankly, the thought of having her bottom trained for Rossingham’s use was deeply disturbing but it couldn’t be any worse than being examined by a stranger for the perverse delectation of the High Council. “I cannot endure this again.”

“I would think by now, young lady, you would have realized that you will endure whatever you are told to endure from this point forward,” the doctor scolded before Rossingham could offer his response. “You are a criminal, a rabble-rouser of the worst sort and as such you should count yourself lucky you are not being sent to a brothel to pleasure the lower orders for the rest of your days.”

As Caroline huffed out a small sound of distress at the harshness of his words, Rossingham stepped toward the other man, crowding him with his muscular frame. “Have a care, Doctor. This woman is to be my wife and disrespecting her insults me.”

“Of course. I apologize,” the doctor said quickly. “So may I proceed?”

“Very well.” Rossingham’s tone was flat and Caroline suspected he was suppressing annoyance. “You have my permission.”

“Thank you, sir.” The older man’s sense of relief was palpable. “And the anal dilator?”

“Yes, that too.”

Nodding with an enthusiasm that signaled to Caroline just what an odious little man he really was, the doctor scurried off across the room.

“All will be well, Caroline.” Rossingham smiled benignly, although she could see a tightness around his mouth that suggested he was displeased by how things were going. “In two days’ time, I will make you mine in every way.”

In response to his emphatic words, Caroline nodded quietly. In two short days she would find herself bound to this man for the rest of her life and she was not sure whether that was a comforting thought. She had no time to dwell on her uncertainties as the doctor returned to the table.

“Lady Caroline, please raise your knees to your chest once more. I will insert the anal dilator first.”

He held up an oddly shaped object for her to see. Made of a synthetic material she did not recognize, it was smaller and thinner than she had expected, but had a wide base that she guessed would sit outside her body to hold it in place. Her bottom clenched as a cool gel was squirted around the puckered entrance before the doctor pushed the dilator inside her in one smooth stroke, causing her to breathe in sharply. She hissed in discomfort as the doctor adjusted it, taking hold of the base and rotating it slightly so it sat snugly between her bottom cheeks before stepping back and turning to his computer screen.

“You are returning here to marry the day after tomorrow, is that correct?”

“We are,” Rossingham responded as Caroline lay there quietly, knowing the question had not been directed to her.

“Very good.” The doctor tapped away at his keyboard. “That’s all set, then. The dilator will expand several times between now and the time you return to perform the marriage ceremony until it reaches its maximum size. She will feel a little fuller each time and I imagine it will be quite distracting by the final expansion but it will prepare her to take your cock on your wedding night.”

Caroline shuddered at the very thought of it but, helplessly bound as she was, there was no alternative but to remain quiet.

“Is it safe to have it inside her for prolonged periods of time?”

“Oh, yes, quite safe,” the doctor assured Rossingham. “There is a generous amount of gel secreted each time the dilator expands to ensure she remains properly lubricated. It will do no harm to leave it in until your wedding night.”

“But what about her… em… her bodily functions?”

If her own cheeks hadn’t been burning with mortification at the way she was being spoken about, she might have laughed at the tentative way Rossingham asked the question. The man was used to seeing people being torn apart in battle and he had shown not a hint of embarrassment as she had been examined in such a personal manner, yet he was squeamish over the fact she might need to relieve herself? She could hardly believe it.

“There is no need to worry about such things. I will give her a dose of an enzyme which will prevent the necessity for seventy-two hours,” the doctor said. “It is important that your future bride feels the trainer’s presence continuously to prepare her for being taken anally.”

“Of course,” Rossingham concurred.

“Now, if you would lower your legs, Lady Caroline, I will fit the chastity belt.”

Caroline stretched her legs out along the length of the table and allowed the doctor to move her as he pleased as he slipped what looked like a very small pair of panties made of a thin, flexible metal onto her body. The device consisted of a v-shaped panel at the front, a thin strap that the doctor passed up between the cheeks of her buttocks and a thicker band that wrapped around the waist.

“It molds to her exact form,” the doctor said, smiling at Caroline’s gasp as the strange metal tightened to snugly fit her shape. “The belt has a little sensor in it that is programmed to respond to her need to urinate and it will open up enough that she might relieve herself, but it cannot be removed until your marriage is made official.”

Apparently satisfied that his work was done, the doctor unfastened the remaining straps that held Caroline in place but she lay exactly where she was, suspecting that it was safer to wait for permission to move. Rossingham put his arm around her shoulders and helped her to sit up. Every part of her felt stiff, sore, and she longed for a shower to wash away the horrors of the last twenty-four hours.

“Now, my dear,” Rossingham said, “we need to find you a clean gown to wear. There is one more trial we must endure.”

“We?” Caroline wondered just what trials he had faced.

“Yes.” He took her hand and squeezed it tight as she looked up at him, confusion written in the furrowing of her brow. “We must face the crowds gathered outside.”

Caroline’s stomach lurched. Those people had come here expecting to witness her punishment. Would Rossingham give them what they wanted? She had no idea what to expect but, by now, she had come to the grim realization that there was nothing she could do to escape. Whatever was about to happen, she would just have to survive it as best she could.

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