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Claimed by the Omega by Kallista Dane – Extended Preview

She awoke with a start. It was impossible to know how much time had passed but the room was brightly lit again. She didn’t remember getting undressed, but she was naked under a thin coverlet. Her clothes were gone and so was the tray with the carafe. Instead, the table bore a pile of garments made of a slick white fabric.

Maia sorted through them. Head covering with a clear eye panel. Then, unlike the one-piece suits the aliens who brought her here had worn last night—was it last night?—she found separate pieces for her upper and lower torso, detachable sleeves with gloves for her hands, and two leg sections complete with booties to cover her feet.

As far as she could see, she had two choices—wear them or greet her captors naked. Maia normally chose simple gowns that flowed over her body and didn’t restrict her energy flow. She struggled with the unfamiliar garments. To her surprise, the segments automatically fused together when she put them on, encasing her completely.

She’d barely gotten dressed when the door opened and three aliens came toward her. Shorter, less muscular than Kadan and his crew. All three clad in the shiny metallic garb. It covered every inch of them, so only their eyes were visible. She assumed it was protective gear, worn when dealing with unknown life forms. They brought in a metal table with wheels. Before she could react, they’d lifted her onto it and strapped down her wrists and ankles. Maia struggled to free herself, but the garment she wore tightened around her body so she could barely move a muscle.

“Stop! Wait! Where are you taking me?”

Instead of answering her, they addressed each other, short utterances in an unintelligible tongue. They wheeled her out, down a long gray corridor lined with doors, and then into another, larger room. Brightly lit, with strange machines lining the walls.

This was not what she’d volunteered for. The diplomatic mission to Tyrendia 3 was supposed to be a cultural exchange. An opportunity for Earthers and Tyrendians to share knowledge and customs. Their people had never learned to harness the healing powers of the Universe and she’d been selected from among hundreds of volunteers in her area of expertise to conduct seminars and demonstrations.

The idea of going to a world whose inhabitants were unable to project their thoughts and emotions into each other’s heads was especially appealing after what she’d been through with Jarod. Her teacher, her mentor—and her ex-fiancé. When her abilities started to surpass his, he’d fucked with her mind as well as her body.

The worst of it came when a troubled young man committed suicide a few months after a session with her. Jarod used that bad experience to implant doubts and fears in her head. Rather than share the young man’s long history of mental illness with her, the bastard tried to convince her it was her fault. She was ready to give up her calling, frightened that she’d end up harming her patients rather than helping them. He almost crippled her before she realized what he was doing.

She’d trusted Jarod, allowed him into her mind—and her heart. By the time it ended, she didn’t even want to be on the same planet with him. When the offer came to join Qui Jin Chang’s mission, she jumped at it. By the time she returned to Earth, he’d have been gone—and she’d hoped the ache in her heart would be gone too.

Suddenly Maia was faced with the fact that she’d gotten exactly what she wanted. She was in a strange world, with no idea what the inhabitants believed and held dear. No hint of what they were thinking.

“What are you doing? Where are the other women?” Muffled by the headgear, her voice sounded weak. Weak—and powerless. She was alone on this alien outpost, cut off from her companions. Strapped to a gurney, unable to communicate with her captors. Maia tamped down a stab of sheer terror.

Ignoring her outburst, they went straight for her tits. One of them began rolling the tip of a glowing yellow rod over her chest. The slick fabric disintegrated everywhere it was touched. Simply disappeared, leaving her right breast exposed. Embarrassment warred with the fear.

He put down the rod and reached out with one gloved finger, poking and pressing it.

With the rest of her body still restricted by the garment and the restraints, she couldn’t do a damn thing to stop him. She tried reaching out with her mind, communicating directly to him with her feelings, but it was like projecting her thoughts onto a stone wall. No connection. No response. She realized how much she’d relied on reading the thoughts and emotions of others in her life. Being in a world where her gift was useless made her feel lost and vulnerable.

The second male stepped forward and joined in. At least she assumed it was a male, from the low grunt she heard when her nipple hardened as he tweaked it. She hadn’t seen any females other than her companions since she Awakened.

They exchanged glances and moved aside, allowing the third one access. He swept the rod over the rest of her chest, baring it completely. He seemed fascinated by the fact that her right nipple stood out, tightly puckered, while the left was soft. Deliberately, he ran his gloved fingers over the hard peak. He fondled it, then gave it a pinch. She jerked as a jolt of heat shot straight to her clit. Ashleigh’s not the only one who hasn’t been laid in a hundred years.

Her immediate response brought an equally swift reaction. They formed a huddle, murmuring among themselves in that unintelligible tongue. Then the one who pinched her came around the side of the table. He took the stiff peak between two fingers, rolling it back and forth, squeezing just hard enough to make her eyes widen. She bit her lip, trying to ignore the sudden throbbing between her legs. Her nipples had always been highly sensitive. Apparently not having them touched for a century only heightened her responsiveness.

He motioned another of them to her left side. That one began teasing her other nipple until it too stood out. All the while they kept up a running dialogue. One of them waved his arm in the air and a clear screen popped up across the room. She heard a low hum as clusters of white lights began flashing on and off on a holographic image of her body.

The third alien walked to the end of the table by her head. He ran his palms lightly down her chest and over both breasts, cupping them, fondling them. His gloved hands must have had some sort of electrical devices built into the fingertips because everywhere he touched, she felt a mild tingling sensation.

He motioned to the others and without a word they backed away immediately. This one must be in charge.

Slowly, deliberately, he slid his fingertips across one nipple.

She gasped. Definitely some sort of electrodes. Now, instead of a mild tingling, they sent a pulsing current through her. Colored lights appeared on the screen over her nipple and her pubic area, flashing in time to the pulses. Yellow, red.

He came around the table so he could stare into her eyes and grasped both nipples between his fingers and thumbs. She squirmed, then let out a little cry. He’d ramped up the current, so it was right on the edge between pleasure and pain. Shooting through her body, hitting every erotic nerve. She squeezed her eyes shut but she could still see the lights strobing on the insides of her eyelids. Now they were everywhere on the screen’s image. Pinpointing the pleasure centers in her brain, her breasts, her clitoral area. Even lighting up the path of her vaginal canal when her pussy spasmed. Yellow and red with bursts of hot purple, flashing brighter and faster as her arousal built.

Meanwhile the other two ran their rods over her arms, baring her skin. The boss man, as she thought of him, moved his attention to those areas. Lightly, delicately running his fingertips over every inch of her skin. Though he’d backed off on the strength of the current, she flinched when he explored her armpits. The current tickled. Her reaction seemed to intrigue him. He came back again and again, testing her response there against other areas of her arms and upper body. Maia clenched her teeth, not wanting to give him any reason to continue, but the flashing lights gave her away.

She’d never thought her armpits were an erogenous zone but their leader proved her wrong. One at a time he unbuckled her wrists, raised them over her head and fastened them to the table again, giving him total access to the highly sensitive area. Then he increased the pressure of his fingertips, going from a feather-light tickle that had her struggling to avoid it to a slow, sensuous stroking. At the same time, the pulsing current strengthened a notch. Her eyes drifted closed and she allowed the waves of sensation to flow through her.

Dimly, she was aware that the other two were performing various procedures on her upper body. Running violet light wands over her bare skin, taking tiny snips of her fingernails and her hair. Her eyes popped open when the cool air of the room hit the soles of her feet. They’d moved the yellow rods to her lower body now, baring her feet, then her ankles. The garment disintegrated as they slid the rods higher. Calves, knees, thighs.

I hope he runs that pulsing glove over my clit. The thought popped into her head, followed by a silent shout. Maia, pull yourself together! They’ve done something to you. Drugged you, or hypnotized you with the lights and the pulsing current. These are aliens and you’re letting them do whatever they want to your body!

The realization shocked her into full awareness. Her eyes flew open and she began straining against her bonds, shouting at the top of her lungs.

“Let me go! Help, someone!”

“Stop it!”

The harsh command startled her into silence. With one flick of a glowing rod, the hood disappeared from her head. Shocked, she stared up into the eyes of the boss man and said the first thing that came into her head.

“You speak English.” Her tone went from surprise to accusation. “You speak English!”

“Yes. Since you and the other members of your species arrived, I have taken steps to become conversant in your archaic tongue. Now lie still and be quiet. These scientific and medical procedures are necessary if you wish to be released from quarantine and move about freely among our people. Your defiance will only make our task harder.”

“Harder?” She glared at him, fear replaced by an unaccustomed flash of anger. “You’re damn right, I’m going to make it harder. I’ll make it impossible! This is not a medical exam. You’re nothing but sick bastards, drugging me then groping me to get your rocks off.”

“Your statement is irrational.” He waved a hand at his suit. “You can clearly see there are no rocks on us.” His voice was expressionless. “As scientists, we are simply doing our job. Protecting our species against possible threats from alien beings.”

“Exactly how does tying me down and fondling my tits protect your species?”

He ignored the sarcasm in her voice and started delivering his explanation in a calm tone that only fueled her anger.

“Long ago, our people were nearly wiped out by a highly contagious disease introduced by an alien species that visited our world. Both males and females could transmit the disease though mating, although only the females suffered its effects. Over time, it rendered them sterile. There were no outward symptoms and our birth rate dropped to nearly zero before we discovered a way to detect it early enough to administer a cure.”

She still wasn’t buying it. “You expect me to believe that pinching my nipples and watching the colored lights flash when they get hard is an accepted diagnostic procedure?”

“Yes, I do. This disease attacks the pleasure centers of the brain first, slowly diminishing the female’s ability to respond to sexual stimulation. Since every alien species has evolved differently, we routinely examine every possible erogenous zone of female aliens, tracking their levels of arousal, to make certain we do not unwittingly contaminate our people again.”

His mouth formed a grimace she guessed was his version of a reassuring smile.

“As for drugging you, our gloves have been coated with a mild substance found to reduce anxiety in subjects from other worlds while we examine them. If you prefer, we will not use it again. But only if you agree to submit to the rest of these procedures without further resistance, including the necessary cleansing to remove any alien microbial life forms from your body.”

Maia narrowed her eyes. “Exactly what do these procedures involve?”

His response shattered the last vestiges of the rigid control she’d always kept over her own emotions. Maia thrashed against her bonds, shouting out every curse word she’d ever learned.

“I said be quiet!”

The boss man glared at her. “How do you expect me to answer your questions if you persist in shrieking so loud you cannot even hear me?”

“No way you’re shoving probes up my pussy or my ass!”

He shook his head. “Certainly not. There will be no probes inserted. At least not until after you’ve undergone cleansing. Once my team has thoroughly inspected the surface of your body and determined what foreign substances must be eradicated, the proper chemical mixture will be prepared and you’ll be placed in the cleansing chamber where it will be administered.”

“Since you prefer not to be sedated,” he went on, “you must remain silent and unmoving during the rest of the inspection. It is for your own good. If you continue thrashing and jerking, we might inadvertently injure you.”

“I’m not cooperating with anyone until I speak to Commander Rowan.”

“That is impossible. She is unavailable. Besides, your commander has no authority here. Safety regulations require that you submit to these procedures immediately upon arriving in our World. You cannot have any contact with our people until we have deemed it safe for you to do so. If you continue to resist, you’ll be punished.”

Rowan unavailable? What had they done with the commander—and the others? The briefings she’d undergone for her journey to Tyrendia 3 hadn’t prepared her for dealing with a species unknown to Earth. A tremor of sheer terror rocked Maia as she came face to face with the realization that even though they might speak her language and have the same body shape, she was an alien here. A potential danger to their race.

She took several slow, deep breaths to calm her racing heart. Okay, she’d cooperate if that’s what she had to do. They seemed to have laws in place here. Surely if she posed no threat they wouldn’t do her any real harm.

“Very well. I understand. I will not resist.”

At least her protests accomplished one thing. Knowing she was awake and completely aware of what they were doing seemed to curb what she guessed had been randy remarks by the other two. They stripped away the rest of her garment and performed their inspection in a purely clinical fashion.

Apparently the head man was the only one who’d learned English overnight. Either that or he’d been outfitted with some sort of translator program. He continued to talk to the other two in their odd language, which seemed to consist of guttural sounds accompanied by jerky hand gestures.

The medical exam was unpleasant. They poked and prodded, stared into her eyes, her nose, her mouth. They seemed especially fascinated by her pierced ears.

“I had earrings on yesterday, attached to my body through those holes. And a necklace. When will I get them back?”

The head scientist stopped measuring the size of her piercings. “I told you to remain silent,” he said, a tone of very human annoyance in his voice. “The transition team will answer any question you have if you are deemed acceptable to enter our World after these procedures are completed.”

If I’m deemed acceptable?

Maia tried not to panic, but when the other two unbuckled her restraints and started lifting her off the table, she took one last stab at reaching out to the leader.

“At least tell me what’s going to happen next. Please.”

“Now you will be taken to the cleansing area.”

Cleansing. She sighed in relief. That sounded harmless enough. She desperately needed a shower. Maybe even a nice relaxing bath.

Two of them carried her into a small white cubicle, one taking her arms and the other her legs. They strapped her into a sling hanging from the ceiling. A wide band secured her around the waist. Other bands wrapped around her thighs and upper arms. One last strap ran behind her head, supporting her neck. Dangling four feet off the floor, stark naked, Maia’s heart sank. This wasn’t going to be a relaxing bath after all.

They began pulling hollow tubes out of the walls, positioning them a few inches away from her so the openings pointed to various places on her body. But when one of them adjusted the bands to pull her legs wide apart and then stepped between them with the end of another tube, she began bucking and yelling again.


The harsh sound echoing off the bare walls was as shocking as the sudden lick of fire on her bottom. She bit off another cry and whipped her head around, coming eye to eye with their leader standing behind her.

He stared back, his eyes cold, then delivered four more strong whacks. With his large hands, every stroke covered her entire backside. He’d turned up the sensors on the finger pads of his gloves, so not only did she feel the impact on her bare skin, his punishment carried a shocking tingle deep into her bottom.

She gasped, then let out a shriek. “You said there wouldn’t be any probes!”

He started spanking her in earnest.

“You… will… be silent. You… will not… move,” he ordered, punctuating his words with more stern whacks. “These are not probes. They are hoses. We will monitor your responses while they deliver the cleansing solution to your entire body, inside and out.”

The tingling sensation became a fiery sting, spreading through her bottom. Maia bit her lip to keep from crying out again, but tears welled up in her eyes. She’d heard of spanking. An ancient form of discipline Earther parents once doled out to naughty children. She had no idea it was so painful. Back home, this beast would have been removed from society and sent to reprogramming therapy.

The humiliation was nearly as bad as the punishment itself. She was completely helpless. Strapped into the harness naked and spread-eagled, with her burning bottom exposed for him to spank as long and as hard as he wished while the other two looked on. She did her best to endure it all without straining at her bonds or making another sound, hoping he would decide she’d learned her lesson.

Finally he stopped. She sagged in the sling, eyes half closed. He came around in front of her, stepped between her thighs, and held up one of the gray tubes. Watching her face carefully, as if daring her to disobey his commands again, he reached out. She cringed with embarrassment when he spread apart her labial folds with his gloved fingers and slid the open end of it inside her.

Maia gritted her teeth. She didn’t dare protest.

The hose was made of some pliable substance. Solid, yet able to bend and curve. It was smooth and cold, bigger around than a man’s thumb. He pushed it in slowly, watching her reaction the whole time. Though it seemed to go on forever, her brain told her he’d only penetrated her vaginal channel a few inches. Still, with her body in a heightened state of awareness, she felt every millimeter as he slowly inserted it. He finished by clamping the dangling hose onto the strap around her left thigh to keep it in place.

He turned around and pulled another hose from the wall, this one slightly thinner. Her eyes widened in horror as he stepped between her legs again. Despite her vow to behave, she started shaking her head wildly from side to side.

“No! No no no no no.”

He waved a hand, and one of the other men stepped behind her and delivered half a dozen sharp whacks to her rear. Though he didn’t have sensor pads on his gloves, the fresh assault on her aching bottom reawakened the vicious stinging heat. She was powerless to stop them and defiance only earned her more punishment. Maia closed her eyes and bowed her head in defeat.

This time, instead of watching, she kept her eyes squeezed shut. He adjusted the sling so her bottom was tilted up. With one hand, he spread her rear cheeks apart. With the other, he spread a slick substance all around her anal opening. She shuddered when one finger pressed against her tight sphincter, then invaded her bottom, coating the entrance to her rear passage inside and out. He pulled his finger out and began working the end of the hose into her bottom. She moaned, tensing her body, but he took his time, twisting and turning it, until she felt it snaking in.

Maia had never been penetrated there. Once he’d inserted it, the sensation of her bottom hole being filled along with the sting deep in her backside sent a wild shiver through her belly. She squirmed as the cold, hard object slowly slid inside her, deeper and deeper. Finally he stopped. She opened her eyes a crack and watched as he attached the hose to the restraints on her other thigh, locking it in place.

She concentrated on breathing. In and out. Slow and deep. When she felt his gloved hands parting the tight curls over her mound, she gasped. He’d activated the sensor pads again. They gave off tiny pulses and she began panting in spite of herself as his fingers explored, drawing nearer and nearer to her clit.

It was all too much. The deliberate stimulation of her nipples, the strange, erotic heat pouring through her lower region after the spanking. Then the firm, hard objects working their way into her pussy and invading her bottom hole. Her mind shut down and her body took over. Anger, embarrassment—even fear—gave way to desperate need. Shameless now, she instinctively arched her hips, aching for release.

But instead of his fingertips stroking her, she felt another cold hard object against her throbbing nub. Her eyes shot open. He’d positioned one last hose over her mound, this one ending in a wide circular opening that covered the entire area. Four long narrow straps hung from the sides near the wide mouth. He fastened them one at a time. Two straps around her legs right at the crease where her thighs met her bottom cheeks, two more winding around her hips, securing it in place. He checked all three hoses one more time, making sure they were fastened well, then motioned to the others. Without a word, all three filed out of the cubicle. She heard a loud click as the door locked behind them.

Then the lights went out.

Despite the threat of more punishment, Maia drew in a breath to call out, beg them to at least leave the lights on. But it turned into a shocked cry as the first stream of liquid hit her body, cascading over her hair. Another hose sent a gentle shower over her face. Warm, with an unfamiliar but pleasant scent. The streams of liquid alternated, coming off and on as others poured over her shoulders, her arms, and down her back. When the sensuous spray hit her breasts, she closed her eyes and simply let the liquid bathe her skin.

The sensation was surprisingly soothing for a procedure meant to rid her body of biohazards. It didn’t feel like a spray of harsh chemical substances. Maybe this was going to turn into a soothing shower after all. Eventually she began to relax and even felt brave enough to stick out the tip of her tongue and sample a drop of the liquid. Definitely not water. At least not like the water on Earth. The substance was thicker. Bland, with no chemical taste.

She sighed in relief. Then her eyes widened in the darkness as she remembered the hoses in her pussy and rear passage. If streams began flowing from those, the sensations would be strange and likely uncomfortable. She gave a mental shrug. If this was the worst she had to endure, she’d grit her teeth and bear it.


A jet of liquid shot deep into her rear passage, stronger than the flow from the other hoses. She moaned at the unfamiliar sensation, writhing around in the darkness. But there was no escape. The stream flowed on and on, until she thought she couldn’t bear it any longer.

When it ended abruptly, she breathed a sigh of relief. It turned into a gasp when the hose over her mound started pumping. The nozzle must have held dozens of tiny openings, because the flow alternated. First full out, then spurting and pulsing from one side or another. All aimed directly at her clitoris. The sensation was so intense she felt her orgasm building almost immediately. These aliens had definitely mapped her erogenous zones with the light show.

Then the third hose came on, the one in her pussy. Shooting bursts of liquid into her in time with the jets pulsing over her clit. The unaccustomed fullness in her bottom coupled with the direct stimulation of those centers of pleasure sent a wild shudder through her. When liquid began flowing again from the hose in her rear passage, the shudder became a wave that built higher and higher in the darkness until it crashed over her.

The flow stopped. Shut off abruptly, leaving her shaken and limp. Dimly she realized that the aliens must have been carefully monitoring her physical reactions to the new stimuli. The bursts of liquid, the pulsing—all of it timed for the maximum effect. She tensed, expecting them to come back in.

But the lights didn’t turn on. The door didn’t open. Instead, she was suddenly conscious of a sensation more bizarre than the others had been. The hose in her back hole had gone from flow to suction. Whatever liquid they’d pumped in was being drawn back out of her body. One part of her mind registered a sigh of relief. Her bottom had been filled so completely she was on the verge of calling out and begging to be taken to a bathroom.

When that procedure ended, the hoses trained on the rest of her body came on again. Bathing her in a gentle warm stream. Her body relaxed. Thank the goddesses. It must be nearly over.

The sudden spurt of warm liquid up her rear passage was nearly as shocking as the first. This time it came with a bite. A spicy heat that spread through her inside, leaving her quivering and writhing to escape. No matter how hard she strained, she couldn’t get a hand loose to remove the hose. She was at their mercy.

They didn’t fill her with the potent mix like they did with the other liquid. Just regularly timed short spurts. Enough to trickle through her slowly, taking the hot sting deeper and deeper, until it melded with the fiery heat from the spanking. Maia was panting now, jerking at her bonds. When the hose over her clit began pulsing again, the pain morphed into shocking pleasure. She ground herself against the wide nozzle frantically as the jets spurted from side to side over her throbbing nub, more desperate to climax than she’d been the first time. The flow increased, faster and harder, until she screamed and shattered.

Time ceased to exist. It went on like that, building her to climax again and again with pulsing streams. Sometimes only in one opening or the other, sometimes concentrating solely on her clit. Always changing location and intensity. She dangled there in the darkness, never knowing what to expect next. Each time she swore she couldn’t orgasm again, couldn’t go any higher. But each time the aliens proved her wrong.

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