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Claimed: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Chloe Kent – Extended Preview

The Ultaens helped us simulate tests to prove the viability of breeding with a human girl with an infinitesimal chance of failure. You can save Asarog,” he said. “While other Asarogian citizens can mate with other species and produce offspring, it is only possible for Asarog kings to breed with an Asarogian female or with a human female. You can carry our seed and grow it into our heir, inside you, and the four of us, me, Airyck, Wistan, and our child can plug into the hub and power up our sphygmic hub to restore Asarog to the way it once was. You can save Asarog. You can help us do that, little one, because without a fourth Asarogian we just don’t have enough power to reverse the damage.”

Skyler took a labored breath. The immediate thought that she might fail them stuck in her throat. “What if I can’t?”

“Then we will lose our kingdom. Most of our people have already left to live on other planets. We encouraged it while we tried to save our planet. Those who stayed will be leaving shortly too. And if we fail, we will have failed our entire heritage. Failed our fathers. Our history will be wiped out and our race with merge with others until there is nothing left of Asarog. Without Asarog, the history of Asarog will die with it too.”

“You won’t be kings anymore?”

“Without Asarog we cannot be kings.”

She couldn’t imagine them being anything other than kings, frighteningly imperial no matter what. She understood their need to save their planet, their people.

“What you’re feeling…” Leaning onto a surface, he turned her around and positioned her to sit between his open legs. He lifted her dress, his fingers running against her thighs. She gasped, wantonly opening her legs for him then pouted when he feather-lightly teased her pussy without offering her any relief. “Is us, inside you. You are our emulent and when we empty ourselves inside you, we leave a little part of us here…and that means reading you as our own will get easier.” He laid his hand on the whole of her pussy and she sizzled from the inside out, whispering incoherently for more. She needed something, anything to douse the heat crawling under skin, agitating her, making her needy for something that was still inherently new and utterly foreign to her. The act of wanting to come.

“But what you’re feeling is only a thousandth of what we’re feeling. Of how badly we want to fuck you, plug you, fill all your holes with our cocks, spread our seed inside you, everywhere until you are bathed in it, over and over again. Our emulent.” The husky heaviness in his voice melted her. His cock, tremendously large and hard against her robbed her of coherent thought. She had never felt this way before. This out of control neediness for another living creature. For three other living creatures. She ground herself against his cock. She relived the moment they’d ejaculated inside her, her body savoring the precious moments she sucked their seed into her cells until she felt it float through her veins, making her feverishly hot and wanton.

Drykin moved his fingers over her slit, rubbing her clit until she was leaking for him. She was so close to coming. So close that even the sound of her wet flesh couldn’t embarrass her. Until Drykin slapped her pussy. She shrieked in shocked frustration, but then he built her all the way up again, stroking her clit with the roughness of his thumb before he deserted her completely.

“Keep that for Wistan,” he said softly.

“What does that mean?” she asked, but he was already lifting her in his arms and carrying her off the same way he came in. He tossed her over the zok and slipped in behind her. He steered the beast with the same skill as he did before, and it felt as if they were flying through space.

She had every intention of cleaning up the sticky mess between her legs when she reached their private quarters. But the moment she stepped into their home, Airyck’s and Wistan’s gaze zeroed in her on, dark and foreboding before it dropped to the vee at her thighs. She blushed pitifully. Could they smell her? Did they know she was still wet and throbbing beneath her dress?

She made a quick getaway to the bathroom facilities, but Airyck reached out and gripped her arm, stopping her.

“Eat,” he said.

“But I want to—”

“Eat,” he ordered her this time and she knew better than to disobey him. He wouldn’t need much to flip up her dress and spank her, and then they would all know for sure how wet she was.

Keeping her chin up, she sat down and gingerly ate, and they were too happy to watch her. While there had been a feast of food at her wedding, she had been too nervous to eat anything and that they had observed that gave her heart a funny tug as she sat alone at the table laid only for her.

She tried not to squirm in her seat which was hard to do. Since her visit to the domes, the strange erotic energy inside her refused to settle. Their presence and their scent made it harder.

When she was done, she rose and sighed inwardly in relief that she would be allowed to escape to the bathroom at last.

“Remove your dress, Skyler,” Drykin said, stopping her mid-step. What? She stalled, fiddling with the fabric of the dress before her attention flicked to Airyck, sitting all kingly in a chair.

“Now,” he said and leaned forward in his chair, linking his fingers together. He drew her focus to his hands, on purpose. She knew if she disobeyed, he would spank her, and the thought of being spanked at that very moment was too much for her to handle. She would end up begging for them to take her and she still needed to hold onto some of her control.

Closing her eyes, she lifted the dress over her head, then held it against her body. Her heart beat outside of her chest. What were they going to do to her? She wasn’t cleared to be penetrated according to Anaris…but Anaris had also added she was fine with clitoral orgasms.

For Wistan.

She jumped in surprise when Drykin cleared a part of the table she had been eating at mere moments ago. When he almost gently removed the dress from her grasp, then effortlessly lifted her onto the table, she lost all coherent thought.

“You weren’t given all the necessary information before due to time constraints, but your essence, your cum is what will help Wistan reach his state of demulcent sooner. We will not be fucking you while you are healing, but you will be able to manage this easily.” Drykin readjusted her on the table, then capturing her lips in his mouth, he lifted one of her legs until her foot rested on the edge of the table, exposing her completely. A hot flush sprang from her skin as he dipped his finger inside her then sucked off her wetness.

She had half a mind to seal her legs shut the instant he moved away, but the hotness between her legs was too much for her to bear.

With the atmosphere ladened thick with tension, their attention was fixed solely on her pussy. Her breaths came out in shallow pants. Her nipples pebbled and ached. She was going mad positioned the way she was for them.

“Touch your pussy,” Airyck said. He rubbed his jaw as he delivered the softly spoken words and every wall of defense inside her collapsed. She didn’t even understand how this was going to work. How she was going to help Wistan reach his sexual maturity? But her eyelids fluttered closed in defeat. With trembling hands, she reached for her center. Her gasp at the hotness of her flesh under her fingertips echoed around the room.

“Rub your clit,” Airyck said, and with her eyes still shut she caressed the tight bead that had become her clit. Their scent around her grew stronger. She bit her lip and rubbed harder, her need to come far exceeding her embarrassment at such an intimate display before them.

Wetness poured from between her lips and she used it to coat her clit. God help her. Never in her life would she have thought she’d be in this position.

“Stop,” Airyck commanded and flung her out of her euphoria. She couldn’t. She needed to come. She ignored him, frantically trying to get there. “Stop,” he growled, and even though he remained seated, the power and threat in his voice made her shudder. Panting heavily, she snatched her hand away and gripped the edge of the table with a deathly hold. She didn’t want to think of how wet her fingers were, that she was staining the table they ate on. That her scent permeated the air.

Her gaze flicked over them. The significant and unmistakable bulges in their pants added to her lascivious wants. She was burning up with restless energy and a split second away from begging them to touch her.

“Touch yourself again,” Airyck said and she didn’t need to be asked twice. She sighed in relief as her clit came alive again. She stroked herself furiously, trying to get an orgasm in before he stopped her again.

“Wistan,” Drykin said. She glanced at their youngest brother. Wistan took a deep breath and then undid his pants, his gaze never leaving her. Her senses tumbled backward as her eyes glazed over at the sight of his fully erect, magnificent cock. Even the memory of the utter fullness and the pain of him stretching her the night of their bonding melded into something sensuous. She was right there on the pinnacle of coming.

Wistan came toward her. He grabbed her neck and kissed her, his hand slipping between her legs where he caressed her clit so gently, she wanted to sob. He rubbed his cock against her folds, breathed heavily against her neck as his mouth moved away from her lips.

“Soak my cock, little one.” Wistan’s voice, deliciously husky and dangerously volatile, draped over her. He squeezed her clit and she forgot to breathe as a tumultuous climax careened out of her. He scooped up her wetness and coated his cock with it.

“Again,” he said, barely able to complete that one simple word. Pressing his cock against her entrance but never entering her, his thumb merciless on her clit, he leaned down and seized her nipple with his teeth.

Skyler cried out at the splendid burst of torture, her body absorbing the sharp clasp of his teeth until she came again wildly and blindingly.

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