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Claimed for Their Use by Ivy Barrett – Extended Preview

Jessica couldn’t remember falling asleep, but the feather-light stroke of a large warm hand along her hip jarred her awake. She gasped softly then held perfectly still. Familiar scents filled her nose, instantly easing her fear. She smelled both Fortar brothers but Rook’s scent was slightly stronger, placing him in front of her.

The room was so dark she couldn’t see anything, yet she felt surrounded by heat and hard male flesh. Dare must be lying at her back, his body lightly contoured to hers. His arm rested around her waist and his massive cock pressed against her bottom, nestling into the crack between her ass cheeks. He was obviously naked. In fact, she was pretty sure they both were. Oh, God. She shivered, not sure if she wanted to rub against them or shove them away.

“I thought you weren’t going to bother me until morning,” she whispered, wishing she could see them. The darkness made her feel vulnerable, even more vulnerable than waking up in bed with two naked Ventori males.

Rook swept his hand up from her hip, skimming her ribs and the outer swell of her breast before coming to rest against her neck. “Are we bothering you?” His lips brushed back and forth across hers, but he didn’t really kiss her.

“That depends.” She turned her head to the side and he kissed his way to her ear, nipping the lobe hard enough to send a shiver down her spine. “What do you want from me?”

“Nothing.” Rook turned her head back around and fit his mouth over hers. Their breaths mingled and his scent filled her nose, but he didn’t use his tongue or touch her more intimately. He formed a physical connection, building a foundation for all the intimacies to come. “According to human timekeeping, it is now a few minutes past midnight, which means it’s morning. Are you ready to be honest with us?”

“About what?” Playing stupid wasn’t much better than lying. She just wasn’t quite ready to give in and let this scene unfold. Once it began, she knew there would be no turning back.

“Would you like us to touch you and taste you, bring you pleasure?” Rook caught her wrist and guided her hand to his cock. “Feel how much I want to please you.”

Left with no option, she wrapped her fingers around his shaft. Her eyes rounded in the darkness and she was suddenly glad he couldn’t see her. He was so thick her fingers barely met and one tentative stroke revealed his impressive length. It shouldn’t have surprised her. His entire body was oversized compared to human men. Why should his sex be any different? “This feels more like you want me to please you.”

“Later.” He pulled her hand away and drew her flush against him. Dare arched in tighter too, pinning her between them, making her undeniably aware of their cocks pressing into her much softer body. “Yes or no,” Rook persisted. “Do we have permission to touch and taste you? Do you trust us with your pleasure?”

Her bottom was still tender from her spanking and she always tried to learn from her mistakes. All they wanted was to quench the fire raging through all their systems. “Yes,” she whispered. “But I want to return the favor once you’ve had your fill.”

Rook’s chuckle was deep and wicked. “And if I never have my fill of you?”

Before she could answer, his lips sealed over hers. His tongue teased its way into her mouth rather than shoving inward as she’d expected. He drew her leg up onto his hip, fitting their lower bodies together more intimately. Dare’s hand moved up and down her side, sneaking forward from time to time to cup her breasts.

Rook pulled away and said something she couldn’t understand. Soft light filled the room and she tensed. She tried not to be ashamed of her body, had accepted long ago that her figure was on the curvy side. But Rook and Dare were physically perfect, the masculine ideal of strength and power. Yet they’d already seen her naked, she reminded herself. And they hadn’t seemed disappointed. Still she held perfectly still waiting for a rejection that never came.

Instead, Rook lowered his head and kissed her again. Dare’s touch grew bolder, exploring areas he’d avoided moments before. He squeezed her bottom cheeks, even dipping between her thighs to brush against her wet folds. Still, his touch was transitory, steadily building her arousal.

Gradually, she relaxed and returned Rook’s kiss with equal fervor.

“That’s right.” His lips moved against hers as he spoke. “Let us please you. You’re safe in our arms, always safe.” He kissed her again and again, his mouth more demanding with each exchange. As the kisses deepened, he urged her over onto her back. The brothers stayed on their sides, creating a wall of muscular flesh to block out the rest of the world.

They worked together, their movements perfectly synchronized. Her arms were drawn above her head and Rook grasped both her wrists with one of his large hands. Her thighs were spread, offering her bare sex to their hot gazes and searching fingers. She’d been horrified when all her body hair had been removed at the induction center, but Rook and Dare certainly seemed pleased by the result. Their legs trapped hers, ensuring she remained open and accessible.

She stared up at them for one breathless moment, mesmerized by the savage beauty of their faces and physiques. Their skin was dove gray with a subtle mottled sheen that contrasted sharply with their black lips and eyebrows. The intricate markings on their shoulders and upper arms were similar yet distinct. The pattern seemed darker now than it had been before. Was the change another indication of their arousal? Rook’s design climbed the sides of his neck ending just below his stubborn jawline. They were so wonderfully different from humans, exotic—alien.

Dare bent to her breasts, sucking one nipple while he teased the other with his fingers. Rook kissed her with all the possessive fire she was coming to expect from him. His free hand collared her neck as he kissed her, a silent reminder of his dominant nature. He wasn’t able to soften his approach without pretending to be something he wasn’t. She preferred honesty, even if his aggression frightened her at times.

Despite her surface acceptance, part of her still urged her to struggle. They were holding her down, skillfully bending her to their will. Yes, Rook was arrogant and domineering, yet he seemed to know exactly what her body needed most. She’d never thought of spanking as erotic. She’d found it painful and humiliating. So why did she grow wet just thinking about how they’d punished her? Rook might have dealt the actual swats, but Dare helped hold her down and he’d certainly enjoyed the view.

Rook released her mouth, but didn’t lift his head. His strange black and red gaze drilled into hers, demanding her complete attention. Dare caught her nipple between his thumb and forefinger, but he watched his brother, clearly ready to follow his lead.

“To whom do you belong?” Rook’s voice was deep and insistent, leaving no room for argument or demure.

“You,” she panted softly, already breathless and tingly. “You and Dare.”

His expression remained fierce and possessive as his hand swept down her body. He cupped her smooth mound, his middle finger slipping between her folds to cover her sensitive clit. “From this moment on, your pleasure belongs to us. You will come when we say and only when we say.”


He pressed down hard enough to make her gasp. “No exceptions. No compromise. Your pleasure is ours.”

Before she could argue again, he flicked the swollen nub, spiking her arousal with insistent focus. She wiggled and bucked as best she could, but their legs still pinned her to the bed, making any serious struggle impossible.

“Do you understand how it will be?” Rook persisted.

He hadn’t asked if she agreed with his conditions. Her opinion meant nothing to him. He was simply making sure she understood his directives, his rules. “Yes.” She ground out the word around her clenched teeth. Why did he have to be such an asshole? Just when she was ready to surrender, he pulled this caveman crap.

He caught her clit between his fingers, plucking on it like an instrument’s string. “Yes, Sir.”

“Yes, Sir.” Her words acquiesced but her gaze rebelled.

“I don’t believe you.”

He swatted her pussy and she went wild, tugging against their hold on her wrists, kicking and bucking to no avail. The pain had been sharp, erupting suddenly, then fading just as fast. Worse, as the sting faded, it left behind a hollow ache. Her body wanted this, wanted to be taken by her caveman, overpowered… used. Even the pain called to a dark inner need she’d never allowed herself to consider.

And they knew it!

Tears blurred her vision and she angrily blinked back the moisture. She’d signed the damn contract. The names of her masters might have changed, but she’d agreed to obey, to surrender to their needs for a year, maybe longer. “Fine,” she sneered. “I’ll only come when you let me.”

Rook gathered her wetness and lubricated his fingertips allowing them to slide over and around her clit. “Then come for me.” He used a tight circular pattern that soon had her arching against his touch. “Come now!”

The command echoed through her soul and her body helplessly obeyed. Pleasure burst beneath his fingertips, pulsing up through her core. She cried out and turned her face aside as the sharp orgasm gripped her. The pleasure was so piercing it was almost painful, more like a muscle cramp than a gently rippling spasm.

Warm fingers pushed into her passage as the final contraction passed along her inner muscles. Was that only two fingers, or was Rook using three? She glanced at him and found him licking her juices from his skin, which meant Dare was sliding his fingers in and out.

“Is this pussy ours to enjoy?” Dare asked, his tone nearly as gruff as Rook’s had been. Perfect. Now she had two cavemen. “Can we touch and kiss and fuck you whenever we want?” His hand shuttled back and forth, pumping his fingers in her aching passage. God, how she needed his cock there, stretching her, filling her, making her scream with release.

“Yes,” she whispered, no longer willing to pretend this wasn’t what she wanted.

“Say it,” Rook demanded. “Say ‘my pussy is yours, Sirs.’”

She’d already agreed. Why did Rook have to push things ever farther? She might enjoy their demanding focus, but she wasn’t a mindless slave.

“She’s still resisting.” Rook’s disappointment stung like a lash. She could match anger for anger, but this made her feel like she’d failed. “Turn her over.”

“No! I’m not resisting.” Even as the words left her mouth, she kicked at them, twisting and struggling as they flipped her over. They positioned her as easily as if she’d allowed each movement. She soon found herself on her knees, head and shoulders lowered toward the bed. Her hips were raised, ass in the air, legs wide open. They each straddled one of her legs, holding her in place with their knees. Rook gripped the back of her neck, ensuring she kept her torso down.

Fingers slipped into her pussy and began a smooth, slow fucking. “Now say it,” Rook ordered. “‘My pussy belongs to you, Sirs.’”

“My pussy belongs to you, Sirs,” she recited in a soft monotone.

The fingers suddenly withdrew and the same hand spanked her upturned ass. She gasped then glared at Rook, knowing without doubt who was touching her.

He spanked the other side, then swatted her pussy.

She cried out as heat crawled across her ass cheeks and sank into her core. An intoxicating combination of desire, anger, and shame twisted inside her, confusing and arousing her. Both areas were already tender from his earlier chastisements. Then his fingers thrust back into her pussy, fucking her fast and hard. He staked his claim, proving his point in the most direct way possible. She no longer had control of her body. She had signed it over to them. The thought should be terrifying, yet she felt calm and strangely empowered.

“You are ours,” Rook insisted. “You are mine.”

She closed her eyes and pretended he knelt behind her and that his cock was working her just as ruthlessly as his fingers. Despite her outward reluctance, she needed him there, riding her hard and fast, offering no mercy. They’d barely begun to train her—and that’s what this was, they were training her—she had already known more intense pleasure at their hands than with any of her human lovers. As if to prove her point, an orgasm raced toward her and her inner muscles tightened spasmodically.

“Not yet,” Rook snapped, then someone spanked her hard, alternating sides, quickly driving back her release. Rook was holding her down with one hand and fucking her with the other, so Dare must be spanking her. He might smile and joke more often, but he was every bit as dominant as his brother. Dare’s slaps weren’t quite as hard as Rook’s had been, but Dare paused between each swat to stroke her burning cheeks. The caress spread the heat and gave her time to fully absorb the pain before he delivered the next set of swats.

She trembled, body tense and needful, emotions surging wildly. She felt out of control, lost, her frame of reference shattered. “I’m sorry.” The apology tore from her throat, accompanied by a harsh sob. She was confused and angry, and needed to come so badly her abdomen was cramping.

Rook thrust his fingers deep, but left them there, filling her. “Why? For what are you apologizing?”

Tears ran unchecked from her eyes, yet she managed to control the sobbing. “This is new and I’m afraid, so I resisted the pleasure you were trying to give me. I didn’t mean to, but I rejected you—again.”

His hand released her neck and stroked down her spine, the caress slow and gentle. The tenderness unexpected. “Thank you for being truthful. Honesty will be rewarded, just as lies are punished.” His other hand pulled back and his long fingers slipped free of her pussy. He touched her folds and her mound, even her inner thighs. Then he slid his fingers along her slit, gathering her wetness as he went. His fingertips teased her other opening, painting the tightly puckered skin with her own lubricant.

She tensed. “Why? I apologized.”

“This is not a punishment. It’s a lesson. Trust me with your pleasure.” It wasn’t a request, but he progressed slowly, giving her plenty of time to jerk away. She didn’t. She’d disappointed him twice already and she wanted to prove she was brave and willing to explore. Besides, she wasn’t a stranger to anal play, had even enjoyed anal sex a time or two.

Rook pushed his finger past her sphincter with firm, patient pressure. She gasped as her body released and let him slide farther inside her.

“That’s right. Relax completely or push back onto me, whatever feels natural to you.”

She wasn’t sure having things shoved into her ass would ever feel ‘natural,’ but it was easier to relax than to move. Rook continued to stroke her back as she adjusted to the slight fullness. Then other fingers drove deep into her pussy. Her eyes widened as she realized the significance. Dare was in her pussy while Rook was in her ass. Was this how they intended to take her? Excitement made her shiver and her core clenched down on Dare’s fingers, tightening her back passage around Rook in the process.

Dare moved first. His long fingers pulled nearly out before he pushed them deep again. Rook echoed the stroke, pulling back while Dare pushed in. But that didn’t have the effect they wanted, so they fucked her together, drilling into her ass and pussy at the same time. Rook twisted his wrist and carefully added a second finger. The stretch stung, but somehow the painful edge only heightened the pleasure.

The force of their thrusting rocked her body and rubbed her nipples against the cool bedding. Her clit twitched, begging for attention. She kept herself braced against the bed and each penetration felt harder, went deeper. They filled both her holes, offering a glimpse of what they really wanted from her.

A tantalizing image formed within her mind. She straddled Dare’s lean hips, impaling herself on his cock while Rook grasped her hips and roughly fucked her ass. It was raw and savage, unapologetically wild. And nothing had ever seemed more appealing. She wanted both of them inside her, filling her to the blissful edge of pain.

“I’m going to come,” she cried. “Please, Sirs, may I come?”

“Yes,” Rook told her. “Come all over Dare’s fingers, and let me feel your hot little ass squeeze me tight.”

She pressed her face against her forearms and let the urgency take her. Pleasure erupted with their next thrust and she cried out sharply.

“We’re going to fuck you just like this.” Rook bent over her, whispering the explicit words into her ear as his fingers ruthlessly fucked her ass. “This tight little hole will stretch around my cock, while Dare drills into your cunt.”

Dare filled her pussy just as forcefully, demanding her unconditional surrender. “I’ll stuff you full and ride you so hard we’ll both see stars. When I’m done you’ll be so full of me, my seed will drip down your thighs.”

She shuddered as wave after wave of sensation crashed over her. She didn’t know if it was their persistent fingers or their filthy words, but she felt suspended above reality, trapped inside a never-ending orgasm. She screamed and shook, clawing at the bedding in helpless wonder. Darkness closed in around her, so she rocked forward, collapsing face first onto the bed. Their fingers slipped free of her tingling body, and her masters followed her down. They lay on their sides and patiently caressed her as she recovered from the pleasure they’d given her.

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