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Claimed: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance by Ivy Barrett – Extended Preview

“We protected you from the intensity of bonding fever. You have no idea what most conduits go through if their powers were suppressed.”

Kyrex’s head snapped around and he looked at Neloff. “That’s brilliant, brother. Let’s give her a glimpse of what she was spared. Maybe then she’ll realize how fortunate she has been. We coddled her, made allowances for her upbringing, and it left her with a distorted perspective.”

“My perspective is not distorted,” she sneered. “You’re just looking for a reason to punish me for doing something you don’t like.”

Kyrex signaled Neloff with a telepathic pulse and they lunged for her together. Neloff ripped the sheet away from her struggling body and Kyrex picked her up and tossed her onto the bed. She quickly flipped over onto her hands and knees, which worked perfectly for what they had in mind. Neloff shoved a fat pillow under her hips as Kyrex urged her shoulders down. She turned her head so her face wasn’t pressed into the rumpled bedding.

“Stop it!” She tried to kick and punch, but they easily subdued her. “I did nothing wrong! I do not deserve to be disciplined.”

“This isn’t discipline,” Kyrex told her. “This is a lesson in empathy.”

Working together, they secured her arms to the upper corners of the bed. Then they spread her legs wide and restrained them as well.

She continued to struggle, tugging and bucking as she cried out in frustration. “Let me up!” she demanded. “This is so unfair.”

Kyrex smacked her bucking ass four times in quick succession. “Be still and open your mind to this lesson.”

She stilled for a moment then let out an exasperated scream and fought even harder than before.

A flurry of hard slaps followed in response to her disobedience.

“I told you to lie still,” Kyrex reminded firmly.

“And I told you to let me up!” she countered, her tone angrier than his.

“Now you will be disciplined, mate.” Kyrex crossed the room and opened the narrow compartment inset in the wall. “Clearly, you’ve forgotten who’s in charge.”

He returned with a short-handled flogger. The strands were made out of synthetic leather. Eden preferred the flogger with soft velvet strands, but Kyrex’s mood was particularly dark. Neloff couldn’t blame him. Eden’s determination to ‘free’ conduits from needing their mates reflected poorly on them. If she wanted to be free from her biological functions then their courtship wasn’t going as well as they’d believed.

Neloff ached for her night and day. It didn’t seem to matter how often they shared pleasure. It was never enough. He wanted her by his side, sharing his life in every respect, forever. And he knew Kyrex felt the same way. But while they were working toward making that goal a reality, Eden had been plotting with her friends, trying to find a way to free themselves from their unwanted suitors.

Hurt and disappointed, Neloff pushed an urgent thought into Kyrex’s mind. I think she needs fullness now to help her feel empty and desperate once her lesson gets underway.

Wonderful idea. Kyrex swept his arm toward the compartment he’d just accessed.

“What are you doing?” Eden turned her head from one side to the other trying to see what was going on.

Neloff didn’t answer her. Instead he blocked her view with his back and gathered what he needed from one of the drawers inside the compartment. Keeping the items hidden as he returned, he moved behind her and triggered the cable release with a telepathic pulse. He pulled her closer to the foot of the bed then locked the cables down again.

“I just want conduits to have control over their own fucking lives,” she snarked, anger refocusing her mind on the original topic. “If that really is illegal then the laws need to be changed.”

Neloff paused to enjoy the view. Her bottom was still rosy from Kyrex’s hand, but it was about to get a whole lot redder. Her pussy gleamed with arousal, the folds flushed and ready to open for his fingers or his cock. Moving closer, he traced her crease, teasing her with a feather-light touch. A faint whine escaped her and her hips lifted just a bit.

“Such a soft, needy pussy.” He leaned down and traced the silken flesh with the tip of his tongue, brushing over her clit just once before pulling away. She was sopping wet, her hips starting to rock. Despite all her struggles and protests, Eden loved to be restrained. “Too bad it’s going to be a very long time before anyone fucks you.”

“Why?” she cried. “I’m trying to help other conduits. I do not deserve this!”

Neloff picked up the cock-shaped trainer and slowly pushed it into her pussy. It was larger than his fingers, but not as thick as his cock. She would feel the fullness without enjoying the intense stretch she’d come to crave. He slid the trainer in and out, watching her reluctant body bend to his will.

“Disobedient mates get their holes stuffed but they’re not allowed to come,” Neloff told her. Then to Kyrex, he said, “Isn’t that right, Controller.”

“That’s exactly right, Source.” Kyrex grinned at him.

At least they were on the same page. All they needed to do now was find a way to reach their stubborn conduit.

Leaving her pussy full, Neloff eased her bottom cheeks apart and positioned the second trainer against her other opening. Her pussy had been wet and ready, but he triggered beads of lubricant on the trainer before pushing it inside her tightest hole.

Eden groaned, helplessly lifted her hips as Neloff drove the trainer deeper and deeper. He slapped her ass as he fucked her naughty hole, wanting to make sure she understood how upsetting he found her new project. When her cheeks were nice and pink again, Neloff extended the anchor bar from the anal trainer and fastened it to the shaft in her pussy. This would keep the trainers in place no matter how hard she tried to expel them.

“She’s all yours, Kyrex.” Neloff moved to the side, wanting to watch his cousin work without being in his way. Kyrex was better at being cruel to her, and Eden’s refusal to listen or compromise had earned a little cruelty.

“How does that feel, epowki?” Kyrex mocked. He thrust the trainers into her hard and fast, proving Neloff’s point. “Does our naughty little bunny like being stuffed full of trainers instead of her mates’ warm cocks?”

“Shut up and whip me,” she snapped. “I saw the flogger in your hand. I know what comes next.”

Ignoring her order, Kyrex continue to fuck both her holes with the joined trainers. “I do not take orders from you, mate. The sooner you remember that, the sooner our night will turn pleasant again.”

“Pleasant?” she scoffed. “Controllers don’t know the meaning of the word.”

Kyrex drove the trainers all the way into her passages and then straightened and drew back the flogger. The strands covered one entire cheek and then the other. Lovely red marks bloomed on her pale skin as he swung the flogger over and over. She endured the discomfort in stubborn silence until he aimed for the middle of her ass. A sharp cry tore from Eden’s throat as the strands fanned out, sneaking into the valley between her cheeks and stinging areas of her body that were seldom touched.

Next, Kyrex aimed for the underside of her cheeks. Eden wailed, her hips twisting and bucking. She clutched the bedding and squeezed her eyes shut, trying to block out the pain and humiliation. Kyrex continued to rain down stinging slaps until her entire ass and the backs of both thighs were bright red and lightly welted.

He sat down beside her and lightly stroked her punished bottom. “Who do you belong to, sweet mate?”

Neloff sensed the wave of affection Kyrex pushed into her mind as he spoke the words. She needed to submit, to open her mind or the lesson would only reinforce her anger.

“I belong to myself, but I’m allowing you to control me. I want you to control me.” A sob escaped with her final statement, “I’m trusting you to control me.”

“We will not violate your trust, but this lesson is important.” Knowing what Neloff intended to do, Kyrex slowly drew the connected trainers from their mate’s trembling body.

Neloff liberally coated two thin rods with yahotu gel. The rounded tips and semirigid material would allow him to penetrate Eden’s body, then the rods would disintegrate. He inserted the first rod well into her pussy, making sure that the gel coated her clit as well as her inner walls. The second rod was pushed into her bottom. He coated her rippled opening then crossed the room and thoroughly washed his hands.

“Why don’t you want that to touch your skin? What the hell did you just put inside me?” she asked, her voice sharp and uncertain.

Yahotu gel,” Neloff told her. “It has healing properties, so it will not harm you. However, it also creates the sort of sensations needed for this lesson.”

“Well, nothing is happening. Can I get up now? I’ve had enough of your lessons.”

“The lesson has barely begun,” Neloff warned. “We’ll check back with you in half an hour to see if your attitude has changed.”

Both males walked from the bedroom and left Eden strapped down on the bed, ass in the air.

“Did you loosen the cables so she can move around? She has already been restrained for quite a while.” Neloff glanced back at the apartment door. Isolation was part of the process. Eden needed to focus entirely on what her body was telling her.

“Of course I did. Any controller who harms his mate is not worthy of her.”

“And you’re scanning her mind?” Neloff asked as they reached the end of the corridor. Of the two, he was the stronger empath, but Kyrex’s scans provided more detailed information.

“Every few minutes. If she grows too agitated, I’ll let you know. But we need to let this build. If we give in too soon, the buildup will have been for nothing.”

“I know, but I will want to run to her as soon as she starts to feel the heat. Needing to shelter her is my basic nature.”

Kyrex smiled. “I’ll hold you back, brother. I know this feels adversarial, but it’s the only way she will learn.”

Two hours later Eden was frantically humping the bed and moaning like a wounded animal. No matter what she did she couldn’t trigger an orgasm. Her entire body ached with unfulfilled desire and still she couldn’t come. The heat inside her built gradually until she screamed into the bedding, sure that her flesh was being consumed from the inside out. But gradually the burning sensations faded and carnal hunger took its place.

The second stage of her torture was much worse than the first. The loosened cables allowed her to move her arms and legs. She could arch and buck, but not turn over or reach between her thighs. Cycle after cycle of arousal swelled within her, dragging her right to the brink of orgasm. Her core would clench so hard she saw stars, but the tension never released. She maneuvered a pillow between her legs. She rubbed against the bedding. She thought about filthy situations, imagining orgies and graphic fantasies so twisted that she wanted to scrub her mind with soap and water. She even lay perfectly still and simply let the sensations wash over her. Nothing worked.

One cycle rolled into the next until near hysteria dictated her actions. She groaned and twisted, arched and thrust, desperately trying to find a position or motion that would give her body some measure of relief.

Finally, her stubbornness ripped open and she reached out for her traitorous mates. They had done this to her. But she also knew they were the only ones who could end her torment.

Please, mates, she sobbed harshly, tears streaming down her face. I’m sorry. I was wrong. Suppressants are evil. I was very, very wrong. She pushed her need across the mind link along with her apology. Please, help me. I need you so bad.

The door opened a few moments later and Neloff and Kyrex hurried across the bedroom. Her bonds released completely but she was too weak to move. The bed dipped and swayed as one of them crawled onto the bed. She felt him position his cock against her pussy. She didn’t even care which one took her as long as they gave her release.

The cock entered steadily, firm without being hard. Neloff. His warm hands grasped her hips and his hips began to rock.

“Thank you, Sir.” She lifted into each thrust, the only motion she could manage. His cock slid in and out four times and her long-denied orgasm erupted. The sensations burst brightly, but faded just as fast.

“Good girl,” Neloff praised then lifted her upper body until she rested on her hands and knees.

Her body was carefully rotated until her head was near the edge of the bed. This gave Kyrex access to her mouth. She licked her lips, easily anticipating what her controller required of her. Kyrex stood beside the bed, pants open, long hard cock ready to be pleasured. Neloff resumed his steady thrusts as she took Kyrex into her mouth. His pre-cum spread across her tongue, sending waves of tingling heat washing over her body.

Kyrex reached beneath her and squeezed her breasts. The pressure stopped just short of pain. Then he twisted her nipples and harsh sensations streaked from her chest to her pussy, making her clit twitch and tingle. She cried out around his cock, loving yet hating her need for pain.

“Head back,” Kyrex ordered. “Take it all.”

Eden sank deeper into submission as Kyrex fisted the back of her hair and drove his cock down her throat. She ignored her gag reflex and yielded to his control, opening herself for his pleasure. Tears rolled down her cheeks as he aggressively fucked her face.

Neloff grasped her hips and rocked faster. They alternated for a time; Kyrex’s strokes rocked her onto Neloff’s cock and Neloff forced her to take every inch of Kyrex. At some silent signal they paused and then drove into her together. Sensations shifted and her arousal spiked.

Please, may I come, she cried, barely able to hold off her orgasm.

“Come, epowki,” Kyrex groaned. “Come for your mates.”

Bright pleasure burst within her as they continued to enjoy her willing body. The synchronized rhythm felt so much better. Triads were meant to work together, live together, always be together.

“Oh, fuck,” Kyrex growled out, grabbing her face with both hands. He pulled back, resting his cock on her tongue as he spilled his seed in her mouth.

Another orgasm echoed the first as his taste spread across her tongue. Not willing to lose a drop of his cum, she tightened her lips around his shaft, sucking and swallowing.

Neloff shuddered against her as he came, his cock bucking deep inside her.

Feelings poured into her mind and cascaded through her body. Physical pleasure and euphoria. She absorbed the gift with greedy abandon, savoring each shiver, each tingle and moan. This was the magic of shared pleasure. It was not just their bodies that joined with hers. They shared their sensations and emotions too.

For a long moment they just panted and stroked her face and back, then both drew out of her trembling body. She waited for one of them to sweep her up into their arms, to comfort and cuddle her. Instead they traded places. Apparently, they weren’t finished with her.

“Bonding fever goes on for hours,” Kyrex told her as he thrust into her well-fucked pussy. “Sometimes days.”

She groaned. It didn’t hurt. She was too wet for true discomfort, but her inner walls were swollen and sensitized. Her clit felt bruised.

Neloff tilted her head back and looked deep into her eyes. “The female is often so desperate for cock that she doesn’t care who fucks her.” He drove into her mouth, not giving her the opportunity to reply. “A guard, her mentor, a total stranger, or maybe her sworn enemy. It will not matter to her. Anyone will do as long as they’re willing to fuck her.”

He tasted strongly of her pussy, a realization that reignited her responses. She felt dirty and ashamed, yet oddly at peace as they slid in and out of her body.

Kyrex’s strokes were harder than Neloff’s had been. “Come for me, mate. Come all over your controller’s cock.” His hands grasped her hips, holding her steady as he fucked her wet pussy.

Following his cousin’s lead, Neloff took her mouth more forcefully. She relaxed her throat and moved her head to a better angle for his deep thrusts.

A stinging slap landed on her ass cheek and Kyrex said, “I told you to come.”

The need simmered just out of reach and her body was exhausted. She concentrated on the evocative slide of their shafts in and out of her body. Ordinarily that was enough to push her over the edge, but tonight it made her want to relax and just let them use her.

“Come right now or I’ll fuck your tight little ass,” Kyrex warned her.

She knew damn well that’s what he’d intended all along, so she simply lifted her bottom in subtle invitation.

“Oh, I see. If you want my cock in your ass, naughty epowki, you’re going to have to beg for it.”

Eden was tired of the lesson, tired of wanting and not getting. She understood what they were trying to teach her. She could not change her basic nature. It was not just pointless to try. It was also dangerous. She was a conduit, and conduits were meant to bond with strict, yet empathetic sources and domineering controllers. She was powerful, even lethal, but she was also sexually submissive.

Unable to speak with Neloff in her mouth, she reached for Kyrex across their mind link. Please, Sir, let me have your cock deep inside my ass. I need to feel you stretching my tightest hole while Neloff uses my mouth. Please, Sir. My body belongs to you.

“Good girl.” He pulled out of her pussy and paused to coat her pucker with the slick combination of her juices and Neloff’s cum. Then he pushed into her bottom, driving steadily inward until his entire length was buried inside her back passage.

A low groan tore from Eden and she shuddered helplessly. He filled her again and again, each stroke an unavoidable claim on her willing body. A spontaneous orgasm rippled through her, dragging a cry from her throat. Pleasure blasted every nerve ending she possessed and her muscles spasmed painfully. She screamed around Neloff’s cock, sucking in air before he slid back into her throat.

They fucked her ruthlessly after that, and their domination triggered orgasm after orgasm. She floated in the savage bliss, surrendered completely to their mastery.

“Such a sweet submissive mate.” Kyrex pulled out and came on her still gaping asshole, allowing his cum to drip down into her swollen pussy.

Neloff pulled her up as he came. He started in her mouth but pulled out so the last few spurts landed on her heaving breasts. “Our perfect mate,” he whispered, looking deep into her eyes. “Forever and always, we belong together.”

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